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uhmmmsweetie · a day ago
Which character would take pictures of every meal before eating it?
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charmymemes · 6 months ago
feel free to tweak questions + all emojis r listed in text form bc i can't see some of them aAAaaAA! sorry if any of these questions are too similar i tried to avoid that but .. there's a lot lol! categorized by emoji type.
i wanted to make one because i could not find one on tumblr already that had a ton of questions. this was created by combining ones under the #oc ask game tag + my own contributions. hi charmymemes nation i'm back.
👁️ EYE - what colour are their eyes? do people notice their eyes? is there anything special about them (shows emotion easily, literally magical...)?
🤥 LYING - are they good liars? do they have tells to show they're lying?
👻 GHOST - do they believe in ghosts? what are their "ghostly experiences", if any?
💥 COLLISON - what emotions do they have trouble dealing with?
😭 CRYING - what makes them cry? do they cry easily?
👊 PUNCH - are they quick to violence?
💢 ANGER - what are some habits they have that will take some getting used to?
👪 FAMILY - what is their family like? what is your ocs relationship to them? does your oc have any siblings?
😨 FEARFUL - when scared, do they go into "flight" or "fight"?
💤 SLEEPING - do they fall asleep easily? what helps them sleep?
food & drinks
🥞 PANCAKE - what is their comfort breakfast?
🎂 BIRTHDAY CAKE - when is their birthday? do they like celebrating it?
🍩 DONUT - favourite sweet treat?
🍟 FRIES - do they order food often? or they prefer to cook their own food?
☕️ HOT BEVERAGE - do they prefer hot or cold drinks? what is their favourite drink?
🍓 STRAWBERRY - do they eat their fruit & veg? what is their favourite fruit or vegetable?
🍰 CAKE SLICE - favourite cake flavour? are they specific about types of cakes?
🍧 SHAVED ICE - do they still have any objects from their childhood? what significance does it have to them? what would their reaction be if they lost it?
plants & nature
💐 BOUQUET - create a bouqet for them! what do those flowers mean? are any of the flowers their particular favourite?
🌙 MOON - what is your oc's greatest wish? how far are they willing to go for it?
🌋 VOLCANO - how bad is their temper? is it a slow boil, or a instant explosion?
🌺 HIBISCUS - do they have any allergies?
🍁 MAPLE LEAF - what is their favourite season? why?
🍃 FALLING LEAF - do they enjoy being in nature? what is their favourite outdoor activity?
☀️ SUN - are they a morning person? what is the first thing they do in the morning?
🕷️ SPIDER - what is their biggest fear? do they have any irrational / mundane fears?
🌹 ROSE - do they like valentines day? have they been confessed to before? have they confessed to anyone before?
🙈 SEE-NO-EVIL - whats a side of your oc that they don't want to show other people?
🙊 SPEAK-NO-EVIL - what is something your oc will refuse to stay quiet about?
🙉 HEAR-NO-EVIL - what is the worse thing your oc could hear from someone?
🌱 SEEDLING - what is their most vivid memory from childhood?
🍀 CLOVER - do they believe in luck? are they lucky?
🌏 EARTH - will they give up the world for someone they love? is this decision easy for them?
🌌 MILKY WAY - what was the inspiration behind your oc? what was the first thing you decided about them?
⚾ BASEBALL - can they play sports? what is their best position if they play a team sport? what's their strong suit (speed, power etc.)?
🏊 SWIMMING - can they swim? or are they afraid of water? how well do they swim? how do they feel about swimming in the ocean?
📣 MEGAPHONE - how loud are they? what do they speak like? got a voice claim?
📖 OPEN BOOK - do they like reading? what's their favourite genre?
🪤 MOUSE TRAP - what will always lure them into certain danger? a loved one in danger? a promise of something they are always searching for?
📸 CAMERA - do they enjoy having their picture taken? what's their go-to pose? do they like taking photos? what do they take photos of?
🎭 MASKS - do they act differently around certain people? what's different between the way they act around friends, family, strangers, etc.?
✂️ SCISSORS - what is the "last straw" for them to cut someone out of their life? how easily do they let go of people?
💡 LIGHTBULB - is your oc a planner? do they write down every small detail or just wing it?
💎 DIAMOND - how rich are they? can they live the lifestyle they want to?
🎁 PRESENT - what types of presents would they be most happy to receive? are they good at gift giving?
🍼 BABY BOTTLE - what are their thoughts on children?
🔪 KNIFE - how do they react to injury / misfortune befalling their loved ones (significant other, family, friends)? do they put themselves at blame?
👑 CROWN - what does your oc want to be remembered as? why?
✏️ PENCIL - is there a particular quote / lyric that you associate with them?
🎵 MUSIC NOTE - what is their playlist like? their favourite artists? do you associate a particular song with them?
🎤 MICROPHONE - are they good at singing? what is their go-to karaoke song?
🎷 SAXOPHONE - do they play any instruments? are they any good at it?
📚 BOOKS - how were they at school? what is their best subject? what is their worst subject? do they have a favourite subject?
👖 JEANS - what is their go-to outfit?
🎨 PALETTE - can they draw? what do they like to draw?
🎡 FERRIS WHEEL - are they someone who wants to kiss at the top of the ferris wheel?
⏳ HOURGLASS - are they usually late or on-time?
🔫 PISTOL - do they trust people easily? how easily will they turn their back to someone? have they been backstabbed before? will they betray someone if given an ultimatum?
🎀 RIBBON - how would they fit into other worlds / aus? what aus would you like to try out? what fictional world would they fit / not fit into?
📎 PAPERCLIP - a random fact.
📦 PACKAGE - what are some "most likely to..." that can apply to them?
🖍️ CRAYON - what advice would you give to them?
⚙️ GEAR - what are your ocs thoughts on science & art? which do they give more importance to? how much value do they place on each?
🔧 WRENCH - are they good at fixing relationships? or do they tend to avoid doing so?
❇️ SPARKLE - what is their most prized possession? what do they value?
📏 RULER - is your oc well educated? where did they get their learning from?
🚆 TRAIN - what is their answer to the trolley problem?
🚲 BICYCLE - can they ride a bike? what do they remember from learning to ride a bicycle?
🌩️ LIGHTNING - are they scared of lightning?
💧 DROPLET - random angst headcanon
❄️ SNOWFLAKE - do people consider them cold? if so, what made them this way?
🌪️ TORNADO - what is the biggest change you've ever made to them? how have they changed from their original version?
🌈 RAINBOW - what advice would they give to their younger self?
🔥 FIRE - do they have any self destructive tendencies? what habits do they have that hinder them from becoming their best self?
☁️ CLOUD - a soft headcanon
🌟 GLOWING STAR - what do they think about when they look at the night sky? is there someone they want to star gaze with?
🌠 SHOOTING STAR - if they could make any wish with no repercussions, what wish would they make?
☄️ COMET - what do people assume about them? are they right?
💓 BEATING HEART - what gets their heart racing?
💘 HEART W/ ARROW - what traits do they look for in a relationship? do they believe in love at first sight?
💗 GROWING HEART - if they have a crush, is it noticable? what changes when they're in love?
❤️ RED HEART - their love language(s)?
💙 BLUE HEART - do they miss their s/o easily? how do they act when their s/o isn't around?
💚 GREEN HEART - what things make your oc feel comforted? hugs, kisses, food?
💖 SPARKLING HEART - are they a subtle or a showy lover?
💌 LOVE LETTER - do they like love letters? what kind of messages do they leave for their partner?
💔 BROKEN HEART - what could their partner do that would absolutely break their heart?
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oc-growth-and-development · 5 months ago
Reblog to send your OC through the plinko
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koishua · 17 days ago
→ enemies (to lovers) prompts
"fine, continue to act like you hate me."
"don't you dare look at me that way. not now, after every vile thing we've done to each other."
"i hate you, i hope you don't forget that after tonight."
"why can't we just let whatever this pointless rivalry is go?"
"oh really?" / "yes, really." / "lying doesn't suit you, sweetheart."
"last time i checked, you guys were at each others' throats. how come you're sending heart eyes every time you see her now?"
"i might not be the best at this thing, but like hell i would let you be better than me."
"this is a one-time thing only. don't let me being nice to you get to your head."
"well, well, well. look who's running back into my arms. i told you that i'm irresistible, didn't i?"
"i am not driving home with you, are you crazy?"
"i may not like you, but i'm not heartless."
"say goodbye to being first place, asshole."
"you sound pretty hot when you shut up."
"you know, i still don't really know why i used to despise you."
"happy second anniversary, honey. remember when you first dumped an entire bowl of soup on my lap?"
"the world could really use some of your silence right now."
"your opinion doesn't matter. next, please."
"it seems like i'm out of fucks to give, oops."
"i don't need your pity."
"there are only three things in this world i truly cannot stand: you, you, and you."
"any time something bad happens to me, you've always been there. are you cursing me or something?"
"take your time, darling. hell's happy to wait for you."
"fuck you." / "i'm flattered, really, but no thanks."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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keldabekush · 8 days ago
-take a picture of yourself in whatever outfit you happen to be wearing, in whatever pose is most comfortable.
-set a timer for 20 minutes
-draw the OC you mentioned most recently, in your current outfit and pose
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liliamoon · 9 months ago
✧ OC Asks! ✧
I compiled a short list of some questions that I hadn’t seen yet to help you (and me) have some fun while developing OCs. Feel free to answer these yourself, or ask someone else!
1. How does your OC feel about their full name?
2. What do strangers notice about them first?
3. How does their social personality differ from how they act when they’re alone?
4. How do they act around a crush?
5. Do they have a “tell” for when they’re lying?
6. What do they smell like?
7. What is their hair texture like?
8. How much jewelry do they wear, and do they have a favorite or distinguishing piece?
9. Do they have a word or phrase that they tend to overuse?
10. What is a weird quality that they have (ie their hands are always cold, they’re always hungry, they snort when they laugh, etc)?
11. What color do they look strikingly good in?
12. How do they show affection to someone they love?
13. Do they make strong/frequent eye contact when they talk to someone?
14. What attributes do they have that are inherited from their parents or shared with their siblings/other relatives?
15. Are their greatest flaw and their greatest strength related and in what way? (ie very caring and helpful but a doormat, or very observant and shrewd but often paranoid)
16. How has their childhood affected the way they view an aspect of their life (people, education, society, themselves, etc)?
And that’s all! Remember to reblog with your answers, I’m genuinely curious to hear about other people’s characters/writing processes!
Part II: https://liliamoon.tumblr.com/post/671647292219097088/oc-asks-part-ii
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peachieprompts · 28 days ago
Dialogue Prompt #222
“Surprised to see me?”
“Hardly. You’re like a cockroach.” 
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heywriters · a month ago
my oc was born in the '70s, traveled to another dimension in the '80s, lived there without aging for like sixty years, came home to the '00s and started aging again, became pseudo-immortal, and now when people give her crap she just says "I'm older than you" but she doesnt know how old she is so she just makes up a different age every time
reblog and describe just how messed up your character's age is
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draw-your-oc · a month ago
Draw Your OCs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cursedspaceofair · 8 months ago
dialogue prompts for sexual tension
“try me.”
“make me.”
“bite me.”
“where do you think you’re going?”
“wanna bet?”
“what’s in it for me?”
“oh yeah?”
“yeah, right.”
“you really think you can win?”
“give it your best shot.”
“i dare you.”
“prove it.”
“oh, really?”
“i doubt it.”
“what’s my reward?”
“is that all you got?”
“c’mon, you can hit harder than that.”
“put a little more effort into it.”
“well fuck me.”
“c’mon, ___. dance with me.”
“try again.”
“want me to go easy on you?”
“you’re not tired already, are you?”
“if you beat me at least once, i’ll do whatever you want.”
“come here.”
“close the door.”
“ah, ah, not so fast.”
“did you really think that would work?”
“shut up.”
“hello, sweetheart.”
“enough with the chitchat—let’s talk business.”
“let’s get started, shall we?”
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Writing Prompt #1985
"Why not just give up?"
"Then who's going to fix things? I can't just rely on other people and hope it goes in my favor."
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oc-factoids · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tag the OCs
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promptful · 3 days ago
Oddly obscure Friends-to-Lovers prompts that I'll probably add to.
I'm uh, sorry? Requests are open, and please do not add to this list. I'm sure I have more somewhere in my brain, lol.
WARNINGS: Mention of drowning, mention of death, possible cursing. Alcohol.
1: We’re having a movie night, just like we’ve always done… but your thigh is touching mine, and my thoughts won’t stop wandering. Your warmth, your touch–I never realized how much I craved it until now. (Bonus points if you are thinking the same thing) 
2: We both just got off work, and I’m walking you home just like any other night, you trip on an unfortunate pebble. Just before you hit the ground, I caught you with one arm around your waist, one between your shoulder blades. Is it just me, or are things a little warmer than they were? 
3: Throughout our childhood, it was always you getting sick, never me. You coughed, sneezed, wheezed, and nearly passed out next to me with fevers higher than imaginable, but I was fine, and helped you through it all the same. But this time, I’m bedridden and you won’t stop freaking out. I have half the mind to pull you into bed with me so you’ll stop running around. 
4: This is your favorite song, and apparently there’s an option to sing a duet. Oh… you want me to sing? It’s a love song? We’ll be right next to each other? Oh. Okay. 
5: You’re drunk, bent over a bar with a grin splayed on your lips. Come on, up you go, I’m taking you home… but you’re clinging to me, and won’t let me fish your keys out of your pocket/bag, guess we’re taking my car. And for the rest of the car ride, I have to pretend that you’re not clinging to my hand/shoulder. How am I going to be able to look you in the eyes tomorrow? 
6: I step outside to find a thank you note for helping you/picking you up/getting groceries for you, stuck to a plate of baked pie/cookies/cake. Oh my god, this is really good? When did you learn how to bake, and how can I make you do it more? …Why are your cheeks red? 
7: My roommate/ex/family kicked me out into the rain. I have nobody else to call but you. I’m sorry, but when I thought of my friends that I thought would care enough, you were the only I thought to call. 
8: Your roommate/ex/family kicked you out, and it’s pouring outside. In my pajamas/loungewear, I ran to my car to pick you up. How dare they? And… I’m glad that I’m the one you called, y’know? 
9: This is the stupidest thing we’ve ever done, I tell you, fully on-board to do the stupid thing because I can’t just ignore the grins you give me. They’re cursed, I tell you, some sort of cures that elicits butterflies and makes me smile. Plus, I just don’t have the heart to remove your fingers from my wrist. 
10: You’ve always been a stoic nightmare who never smiles, laughs, or does anything remotely animated. But one night, you actually laughed and I think I felt my heart skip a beat. Or three. You’re so pretty/handsome. 
11: There’s one bed, and I know we’ve shared beds for years, but your arm is around my hips, my back is against your chest, and your breath keeps brushing my neck. I really hope my heartbeat doesn’t wake you up, because I can’t think of anything but how right this feels. 
12: I’m trying to hold you, and I can feel every little thing about you. Your breaths and heartbeat, even the little shifts you make to get comfortable. It’s… intoxicating. Why did I agree to sleeping here with you again? 
13: Ohmygod, I know I just said I love you, and I truly did mean it, but I know we’re just friends and it’s too soon and I’m so, so sorry, but then your eyes flicker with something I’ve never seen, and maybe I don’t feel so bad anymore? (Bonus points if you pull me into a kiss.)
14: We’re arguing because of something stupid, and every single time I think it’s finally over, you scream, “But why do you care?!” And I respond with the only thing I can think of, “Because I love you!” @screnwriter lmao. 
15: Saying I love you after I just nearly drowned shouldn’t be as hot as it is, but I can’t seem to stop staring at your lips. Whoops?
16: We’ve been friends since childhood, and I’ve accepted that we’re just not meant to be. I’ve moved on, or at least tried, and throughout it all I’ve encouraged you to follow your dreams. I didn’t– I didn’t know that your dream was me. 
17: You and I’ve been friends since we were kids, and suddenly when I’m about to leave for vacation/college/moving, you let out that you can’t let me go without saying I love you. Why did I never know… and how can I make it up to you? 
18: All week, you’ve been on my mind, and I can’t make you go away. Finally, after suffering in silence for so long at the thought of your lips, your laugh, and your smile, I give in and ask you to come to my apartment. God, I love you. 
19: What the hell are we doing in this closet? Why did you drag me in here? Why are you so close? Why do I want you to be closer? 
20: “This is bad,” I whisper, with my hands wrapped around your hips, because I know that if you give in, I’m wrapped around your finger. “Maybe,” you whisper, leaning closer, “maybe this is a good kind of bad, hm?” and pull me into a kiss. 
21: You need help tying the back of your dress/fixing your cufflinks, and my fingers keep scraping against your skin. How are you so warm? And how are you acting like I’m not right behind/in front of you? 
22: We’re ice skating, just like we used to when we were kids, but then you slip. I break your fall by offering myself up for tribute, and suddenly, we’re a whole lot closer. How do I– where do I move? Why are your eyes dilated? 
23: You offer to make me tea when I’m sick, and for some reason, I have the urge to kiss you. Deliriously, I ask if I can. We came to an agreement that I can kiss you after I stop sneezing. 
24: I know you love rollercoasters, but I get so sick while riding them, and I’m not sure if I can stomach another one–oh, you’re holding my hand? That’s… that’s a lot more distracting than the wind whipping and the sounds of screams… for some reason. 
25: Every Sunday morning before work/church/school/a hobby, you come in for coffee. We chat a little bit each time, and I feel like we’re some sort of friends now. Today, I finally gained the courage to write my number on your cup. 
26: Family vacations are a whole lot more awkward when you and I can’t stop staring at each other, and you know that they’re going to catch on if we don’t stop, right? But we don’t, and instead, it just gets worse. 
27: You’re in a swimsuit. I– don’t… know what to do but stand here and look awkward and try not to wheeze up a lung, because that’s more skin than I thought I’d ever see on you. You’re so beautiful/pretty/handsome/cute/dazzling. (Bonus points if you won’t look at me for the exact same thing.)
28: We’re roommates, and I walk in on you changing. You yelp. I yelp. I never forget what I saw, I’m sure you never forget what I walked in on. I think it’s time we have a chat about this. 
29: Did you know that if you love someone enough, your heart can palpitate? I didn’t, well, not until you walked into the room.
30: It’s your birthday and everyone forgot. Everyone except me. We sit down at a nearby park/in your apartment/on the roof/in a tree, and I finally give you my present. After opening it, you kiss me, and everything feels right.
31: You just got rejected from a date/prom night, and I promise you, your crush is missing out on you. I don’t know how to convince you other than sit here, hold you, and pretend that I don’t wish you’d see what’s in front of you.
32: I never wanted to ruin what we had, but you’re making it so hard not to utter those three words. Especially when you invite me to a family event/over to your apartment/somewhere quiet, and I just have to sit here and pretend you don’t look as pretty as the night sky. 
33: I know you’re angry that I got hurt, and I know you’re angry that I sacrificed my health for you, but you’re patching up a cut on my face/chest, and you’re– you’re really close. It’d only take so much of a slight push to press my lips to yours. (Bonus: our eyes meet and suddenly, I don’t want to hold back anymore.) 
34: I invited you over after a rough night, the stench of cheap beer on both of our breaths. It isn’t like any other night you’ve come over, but for some reason I can’t get my mind off of the way you laugh, or how you threw everything aside to come comfort me. (Bonus points if you say I love you after a stretch of silence.) 
35: I’m trying to work up the courage to tell you how I feel, but everyone and everything seems to be against us doing this. Your friends, my friends, a random phone call from a telemarketer that I nearly cussed out. Okay, look, I love you.
36: Work has me exhausted, and I don’t want to think anymore. But you’re right there with your arms open, and for some reason, giving me comfort that nobody else would offer, and I just can’t hold back from mumbling I love you into your hair. Uh, sorry.
37: We always snuggle, and this shouldn’t be any different, but I’m trying not to press my lips to yours because they’re right there and I don’t want to pass up another chance, but you take initiative and do it yourself. Oh. 
38: Your SO doesn’t treat you right, and you know it, and I know it, and everyone else knows it. But I don’t know how to convince you that maybe they’re not right for you without giving myself away. And of course when I try, it fails. Crap. 
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oc-growth-and-development · 11 months ago
Reblog to give your OC a lil smooch on the forehead
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 9 months ago
Let's play a game! How would you describe something vs how would your character describe it?
This can be a fun way to get to know your character(s) more! Depending on their thoughts, feelings, self-esteem, etc, they may view themselves differently to how you see them. For each of the following sets of questions, answer both of them and see how they compare or differ!
How would you describe your character's physical appearance? How would your character describe their own physical appearance?
How would you describe your character's personality? How would your character describe their own personality?
How would you describe your character's fashion sense? How would your character describe their own fashion sense?
How would you describe your character's flaws? How would your character describe their own flaws?
How would you describe your character's sense of humor? How would your character describe their own sense of humor?
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ultraviolet-prompts · a year ago
what is a trait that you give way too many of your ocs
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liliamoon · 6 months ago
✧ OC Asks Part II ✧
Since my original asks post did so well, I decided to make a second part. Feel free to answer these yourself, or ask someone else! Have fun!
Part I: https://liliamoon.tumblr.com/post/662398743322279936/oc-asks
1. What are your OC’s best and worst qualities? What do they think are their best and worst qualities?
2. Is there a meaning behind their name, or a particular reason why they have it? (either in the story, or why you as the author decided to give them their name)
3. What does their voice sound like, in a couple of words? (ie soft, scratchy, seductive, high-pitched, etc)
4. Do they have any underlying motivations? (ie they seem hard-working but secretly just don’t want to fall back into poverty, etc)
5. Does their fashion sense reflect an aspect of their personality? (ie bright and colorful outfits symbolizing that they’re an upbeat person)
6. Do they have any tattoos? What are they, and why did they get them?
7. What is their biggest insecurity?
8. What is their coping mechanism?
9. What is their main love language? (gifts, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation)
10. What is their MBTI type?
11. What kind of person are they most compatible with? (platonic or romantic)
12. How do they feel about romantic relationships? Are they into casual flings or more serious, long-term romances? Or are they uninterested?
13. What are their views on marriage? If they want to get married, what would their dream wedding be like?
14. How is their relationship with their family? Which family member are they closest to?
15. Has their personality changed at all since they were a child? Why?
16. How do other characters in the story view them?
17. How many hours of sleep does your OC get on average?
18. Where do they see themself in ten years?
19. If they had a theme song, what would it be?
20. What AU would they belong in the best?
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peachieprompts · 2 months ago
Dialogue Prompt #178
“If you hate me, why does your heart beat so fast around me?”
“That— that could mean anything!”
“Right, right. I shouldn’t ruffle those perfect feathers.” 
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l0s3r95 · 5 months ago
lovesick/obsession writing prompts🌹💌
Trigger Warning!!!! Mentions of manipulation, g0re, bl00d, etc. (Potential yandere themes)
Sorry for posting this haha 😬
dialogue prompts:
"I'll be yours, no matter what."
"How did I ever get so lucky…?"
"I'm in such pain every second we're apart."
"Thinking about you is my favorite hobby..."
"I would hurt myself much more if it meant you would take care of me."
"I need you more than I need air to breathe."
"I will love you until the day I'm dead."
"After I'm done with you, your thoughts will be plagued by me."
"You deserve the entire world's attention!!"
"I've completely dedicated myself to you, why can't you do the same?"
"I actually went to see you last night… you didn't notice, but you looked so cute!"
"I don't want to hurt you, honey."
"If they ever become a problem, let me know. Okay, love?"
"The emotions you make me feel are too special, we must be destiny."
"The next time they touch you, I'll cut their wretched limbs off."
"I want to tell you how much I love you until my throat starts bleeding."
"All I want is to see that smile!"
"I would only hurt you if you really wanted me to."
"Take out all your anger on me; as long as I get your attention, I don't care!"
"I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever!"
"I'm always willing to go further with you..."
"Nobody needs to know."
"I'll gouge your eyes out myself so that the last thing you see is my face~!"
"Don't you dare leave me alone."
"Your blood looks so pretty…"
"Don't say such things about yourself, you angel-!"
"I know all there is to know about you, my love."
"I am jealous. I'm so horribly jealous."
"I will change into the person you desire… you deserve the best."
"I want to taste you, to breathe you, to be smothered by you…!"
"Please, make me bleed."
"Controlling all these emotions is just too hard."
"I can't lose this feeling, I can't lose you!"
"Isn't it romantic~?"
"Hit me. You'll feel better."
"I feel like I'm losing my mind-!"
"I can't calm down."
"My heart just won't stop p-pounding."
"I'm madly in love with you!!"
"I'm drowning in your scent…"
"Beautiful baby! So lovely, so breathtaking! Captivating! Alluring!"
Staring, watching, fantasizing
Confusion, denial, refusal
Worship, hopeless devotion, smothering
Endless praise, compliments, obsession, hyperfixation
Vulnerability, weakened senses
Choking, emotional manipulation
Decapitated body parts, explicit gore
Praise, idolization, drugging
Crying, struggling, infatuation
Stalking, hunting, trespassing
Erotomania; delusional disorder that causes a person to believe that their fate requires a certain relationship
Possessive, violent, clingy
Sobbing, begging, pleading, praying
Starving, craving, aching
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draw-your-oc · a month ago
Draw your oc with the color pallatte of their love interest
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