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#oc rpg
cursedspaceofair · 14 days ago
enemies to lovers dialogue prompts
“you?! why are you here?!”
“can’t believe i’m stuck here with you.”
“just stay away from me, okay?”
“shut up and mind your business.”
“wow. you suck at this.”
“i hate you.” “no you don’t.”
“you know you love me.”
“listen, let’s just get this over with, okay?”
“don’t touch me with your filthy hands.”
“why did i have to end up partnered with you of all people?”
“listen, just let me do all the work, okay? i’d rather not have you ruin everything.”
“stop acting like i wanted to be paired with you!”
“why do you hate me so much?”
“i’ve hated you since we were kids.”
“go away. i don’t wanna be seen around you.”
“god, this is why i hate you.”
“get out. you weren’t invited.”
“can you just pretend that you like me?”
“my friends always said you were terrible.”
“we belong to different types of people, okay?”
“don’t waste your breath talking to me.”
“hey-,” “shut up.” “i haven’t even said anything yet!”
“ha! you’re so stupid!”
“you’re such an asshole!”
“aww, are you gonna cry?”
“you’re sickening.”
“because i’m jealous of you!”
“i hate people like you.”
“please. we could never be a thing.”
“me? with them? you must be joking.”
“they hate me, and i don’t know why.”
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anez-erynlis · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
He's back! Well... is he? :) Molly or rather Lucien is back.
I was almost certain that he will not remember anything. Still it was sad to see whole MN with absolutely no clue what to do next and so disappointed after hearing what he said to them...
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cherylxxbombshell · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank GOD that hellish nightmare of a ‘trip’ is over. I’m more than happy to be back in the comforts of my own room. And now I need a vacation from my vacation. I need massages, hair washings, baths, and plenty of earth-shattering orgasms. Volunteer or I’ll start pulling names. Let’s hear it, little gremlins. 
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actress415 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Characters :: Rafe Cameron, Danielle Shoupe, Barry, Ward Cameron (Mentioned)
Warnings :: smut, explicit material, insecurities, unprotected sex, mentions of age gap relationships, mentions of grooming
Summary :: Rafe still holds a great deal of insecurity with the knowledge that his girlfriend lost her virginity to his father when she first moved to the OBX. Now in a polyamorous relationship with Dani and Barry, Rafe again feels like he's been put on the back burner.
"What the **fuck**, Danielle?" Rafe shouted, his hand slamming down on the counter as the blonde jolted from the force. Barry had just left the two, opting to meet up with some of his clients rather than having them come to the trailer… Which then left Dani and Rafe alone. The two had their fair share of intimate moments, but every one they had included Barry. As far along as their relationship was, you would think that Dani and Rafe would have made an effort for some one on one intimacy, however everytime that they attempted something would come up.
"Do you not see that I care about you??" Dani asked, gently taking Rafe's wrist as the boy's fist clenched on the counter. He wouldn't dare hit the girl, but the fact that she slept with his father was left to simmer in his brain since the day he found out. Rafe wanted to be Danielle's first… or he at least wanted it to be Barry if not him… Why it had to be his own father to deflower the blonde was beyond him. Yanking his hand away, Rafe clenched his teeth as his tightened jaw protruded from his skin slightly. His tearful and reddened eyes made the boy look even angrier, especially when he tried to hide the hurt. When it wasn't *Ward This* or *Ward That* then Dani had hearts in her eyes for Barry. With his family… with his lovers… Rafe, he felt like the black sheep… The last one to be loved and cared for, but that was so far from the truth.
"I don't know, Danielle. Do you care about me? Or do you just care that I'm a Cameron since you can't fuck my dad anymore?" Rafe asked, his blue eyes locked on Dani's as his knuckles cracked slightly from how tightly his fist was clenched.
"Are you serious? You really think I-" the blonde began, truly astounded by Rafe's accusation.
"Do I really think what? I mean… fuck, Dani… You screwed my dad, do you have any idea how messed up that is??" Rafe asked, his index finger tapping his temple to enhance his point before Dani took Rafe's hand in hers to pull it down. Her thumbs lightly grazed over Rafe's veiny hands, this wasn't a new discussion for the two.
*"Dammit, Country Club, if you had only seen the shit your old man did to her." Barry would defend when he heard Rafe bring up Ward.
"Poor girl followed that man around like a lost puppy… shit... and you think she doesn't regret any of that?" He'd add.*
Barry always had Danielle's back about the Ward situation… He saw how badly Ward Cameron had little Danielle Shoupe wrapped around his finger. He saw the lies…
"How do I make this right?" Dani asked Rafe softly, gently moving her small hand up Rafe's shaking arms before cupping his face.
"If I could go back… If I was smarter… or I could see what was happening then it would've been you." Dani said softly before Rafe rolled his eyes back, his fingers hooking onto Dani's wrists.
"Bullshit… Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Danielle! It would've been Barry, you and I both know if you weren't fucking my dad then Barry would've popped your cherry!" Rafe shouted, yanking Dani's hands from his jaw before turning to walk away only for his fist to hit the screen door in a rage induced punch.
"RAFE!" Danielle shouted, moving in front of the boy before he could send another harsh blow, his hand stopping just inches from the girl's face causing her to flinch. Rafe stayed silent for a moment, his hand frozen in front of Dani as her scrunched eyes opened slightly. That was when it happened, the poor boy began to break down as he fell to his knees in tears. He let his insecurities take over, and this almost cost him the girl he loved most… Dani looked down when she saw Rafe collapse, her arms quickly wrapping around his body as she held him close, the two rocking slightly. Rafe's tears stained Barry's white wifebeater that Dani had been wearing as he sniffled in attempt to control himself.
"Shh… You can cry…" Dani said softly, her fingers lightly running through his hair before pressing her lips onto the boy's forehead. She blamed Ward for all of this… He was the reason that Rafe was so fucked up… and the fact that she went ahead and slept with that monster?? Sometimes the guilt just ate her alive.
"Rafe… I love you…" Dani said softly, her hands lightly cupping the boy's jaw as she forced him to look at her.
"I love you… All of you for exactly who you are… You don't have to hide any of this from me…" she told him, thumbs lightly grazing along the boy's tear stained cheeks. That was all he needed, really… Affection… Someone to be there for him, someone to believe in him for once. Pursing his lips for a brief moment, Rafe felt his heart skip slightly before he leaned in closer. His lips pressed against Dani's with a great force, it was like it was going to be his last time ever kissing her. Danielle, of course, did not waste any time as she let her lips move in sync with Rafe's. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt Rafe's hands explore her body, gripping and releasing the wifebeater before bringing the fabric up slightly.
"Sleep with me…" he mumbled, pulling away just for a second to nip at Dani's lips.
"Just with me… pretend I'm your first…" he pleaded, lifting himself up slightly onto his knees as the slight bulge in his crotch pressed against Dani's leg.
"Okay…" she agreed, feeling the lust begin to boil inside of her as well… Anything to forget about Ward, and deep down she wished it were Rafe to take her virginity. The boy moved Dani's legs enough to allow them to wrap around his waist, lifting her up as he stood to his feet himself.
"Tell me… Tell me you want me to be your first…" Rafe begged, his sweaty forehead resting against Dani's as her arms wrapped around his neck to secure herself.
"I want you to take me… you may not be my first, but you will be my always." she said softly, phrasing her words carefully.
That was apparently good enough for Rafe dropped Dani to the squeaky old mattress where the two had been intimate before with Barry, but this was their first time alone. It was Danielle's turn to be nervous, feeling Rafe pull her thong off as she covered herself slightly. Ward wanted her clean shaven, bare with no hair. With everything happening lately, Dani hadn't really had time to keep herself hairless as the hem of the wifebeater covered her nether regions.
"Wh- what are you doing?" Rafe asked softly, his hands lightly gripping Dani's wrists.
"I'm… prickly…" she admitted softly, her bashfulness was enough to cause Rafe to let out a small chuckle.
"Prickly, huh?" He asked, moving her hand away before kneeling to his knees.
"I don't mind a little hair." Rafe said, lifting the wifebeater slightly as he licked his lips only to trail them along Dani's thighs. The feeling of Rafe's tongue and lips on her skin sent a burning sensation through her body before his focus was on her slit. Giving one quick lick, Dani felt her body shake with anticipation.
"You've never shook like that before…" Rafe commented, wiping his lips slightly before moving his hand down to the girl's cunt.
"Do it again…" He said, pushing two fingers inside of Dani causing her back to arch in pleasure. The intrusion was exhilarating, her legs quivering slightly.
"Please…" Rafe begged softly as he brought his lips to Dani's clit, licking and sucking as his fingers began to piston themselves inside of her. His other hand made its way down to the bulge in his trousers, his palm rubbing the protruding outline before he pulled himself back.
"Take off that shirt… I want you to wear mine." Rafe said, slipping off his coral polo and tossing it to Danielle. His trousers and boxers soon followed, the boy's veiny length springing free and twitching with need. As Dani slipped off Barry's wifebeater to replace it with Rafe's polo, the boy leaned down just enough to move the hem of the shirt up and into her mouth.
"I need a view…" He said, positioning himself at Dani's entrance. His member twitched at the feeling of her slick slit, it was a different kind of feeling to have her to himself… He didn't want to miss out on this opportunity as he pushed himself inside of her with a steady trust. Rafe was good at sex, he had his movements perfected almost. He knew what felt good for himself and for his partner and used that to his advantage… And the fact that he was a bit bigger than Ward or Barry seemed to only add to the pleasure as his eyes rolled back in his head.
"Ah… shit…" Rafe mumbled softly, his hand running over his chin briefly before his body toppled over on top of Danielle only to support his weight with his palms. It took him a minute to get a rhythm, his thrusts deep and slow. He was never one to really speed things up in the bedroom, wanting to relish in every second he was with his partner.
Dani, on the other hand, was quivering and shaking underneath the boy. Her breasts bounced slightly with each of Rafe's agonizingly slow yet powerful thrusts before feeling his teeth graze against her perky buds.
"Dammit…" Rafe mumbled into Dani's beast, his tongue tracing small circles around her nipple before moving over to the left side of her chest.
"Rafe… Rafe- I-" Dani tried to get out, her fingers lacing in his brown locks before trailing down his back. She could hardly speak, her teeth clenching on Rafe's polo while her drool caused a wet mark on the fabric. 
"You can scream, doll… Let me know how good I'm fucking you… tell me I'm better than my damn dad!" Rafe grunted out, yanking the shirt from Dani's mouth as her muffled cries turned to screams.
"Yes! Oh fuck, Rafe!" She yelped, her cries only making him speed up.
"You're- ah! The best… the biggest!! Rafe!!" She screamed, her nails digging into her boyfriend's back to add to the preexisting marks. Rafe loved to be marked up… Hickeys, scratches, bite marks… He liked being able to have something to call his, which was why he wasn't against sucking violently on Dani's neck and chest in an attempt to cause love bruising.
"I'm the best, huh?" He teased, moving one hand to Dani's mouth as his finger pressed passed her lips. The cold metal of his golden ring pushed on Danielle's lower lip as Rafe began to speed up. The bed beneath them squeaked and creaked with each movement before Rafe felt his balls tighten. He was close, and he could tell from how Dani's walls would tighten and release that she was nearing her release as well.
"Where… oh shit… where do you want… fuck!" Rafe tried desperately to get out, his movements causing Dani to wrap her legs around his waist to hold her boyfriend inside of her.
"Dani- Dan… I- oh shit…" Rafe grunted, his blue eyes lingering on the blonde beneath him.
"I know… Ah- I know… go ahead…" she whimpered, tugging Rafe closer to her face. She knew what Rafe could be the first at.
"I want you… Ah… First to come…" Dani whimpered, her lips desperately crashing against Rafe's as she held him close. Heading that she wanted him to release inside of her was the switch that needed flipped. After a couple more shallow thrusts, Rafe felt Dani's core clench violently as her juices gushed around his frozen member. That was enough to cause a couple needy twitches, Rafe finding his release inside of his girlfriend as the two let out a loud groan of pleasure.
Frozen… It felt like time was frozen as Rafe's seed tried to drain from Dani's core desperately, her juices mixed with his was overflowing out and dripping onto the sheets below them. Rafe pressed his lips to Dani's, giving a few more weak thrusts before he finally toppled over next to her.
"Damn…" he breathed out, desperate for oxygen as come dripped from Dani's hole.
"You were the first…" She said softly, glancing over at Rafe. Her words caused the boy to grin with delight before he sat up.
"And the best?" He asked playfully, going into the bathroom to get a warm cloth before cleaning up the mess the two had made inside of the blonde.
"The best of the best…" Dani said softly, neither her nor Rafe had heard Barry come home.
"Damn, kitten… you got some nerve saying Country Club here is the best." Their third lover teased, walking over to lay next to the two. Barry, however, didn't waste any time to move his fingers to Dani's soaked core as Rafe grinned.
He may have not been Dani's first, but he was happy to know that he would be her last.
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euphoriepudding · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just let your silence swallow me up the ring in my ears tastes like blood
I should’ve said something (but I just said nothing)
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themegglesart · 4 months ago
❤Eres Dolohov❤
Tumblr media
Eres is my sweet and beloved D&D character. She is a fierce tiefling and loyal to a fault. ❤
Yes, Im back on Tumblr. Brand new page! I've always liked Tumblr, despite the changes, I wanted to start fresh!❤
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forgottencoopersub · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s official! Fall is here friends! I saw a tree’s leaves starting to turn on my walk this morning and I couldn’t be more excited! Bust out those sweaters and you can always find me for some hot apple cider all month long!
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constermonster · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Did this meme, I guess it p much sums up our whole campaign
Template by @thefluffmother on Twitter
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aspiring-migratory-bird · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A rainy spring evening on Beebalm—perfect weather for cozying up in my cottage in the woods.
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ferry-man-sam · a month ago
Tumblr media
Do you like The Owl House?
I was considering starting a small rp server set in the boiling isles! It would be mainly ocs, so if you wanna just fuck around and have fun and infodump about your ocs, let me know if that’s something that you would be interested in. (14+, SFW, LGBTQ+ friendly, etc.)
I could set up classes on magic, special events that might feature canon characters, and cool stuff like that!
Like or reblog if that’s something you’d be interested in, because I won’t make it if I’m not sure people want it!
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darkesthourrpg · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
HAYDEN DEKCER (Kristin Kreuk) is looking for the SIBLINGS (2/4) connection. Please message NATASHA for more information regarding this connection. The connection is OPEN.
First name UTP, last name Decker 
36-37 and 34 and under ranges 
UTP but keep in mind their father is a hunter 
Their father is white so any fc that is half white, preferably POC 
Looking for 4 half-siblings 
Christopher Decker comes from a hunting family who has been in NY for generations. He has never gotten married but has had many short-term relationships resulting in six children. The oldest is Hayden (38- Kristin Kreuk), and another is Lark (35- Francois Arnaud). Looking to fill 4 more half sibling spots, no twins.
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fangirlingss · 3 months ago
Here’s some picrews of some dnd characters I have before and after their story arc:
Rava “Moonshine” Atarr // Half-Orc Bard Rockstar
Tumblr media
Rava after losing everything and failing to save her family and friends back home
Tumblr media
Avalina Serana Hurstmore // Merfolk Cleric Princess of the Deep
Tumblr media
Avalina after her home is destroyed and she is cast out from her people and enslaved by an evil sorcerer
Tumblr media
Alina “Quinn” Dorrieth // Human Warlock Jester
Tumblr media
Alina after her patron abandons her and leaves her powerless
Tumblr media
Tasia of the Briar // Satyr Wizard Sage
Tumblr media
Tasia after returning home having lost her whole adventuring party
Tumblr media
Rilith Mabis // Tiefling Fighter Royal
Tumblr media
Rilith never finished her story arc - she died saving the rest of her party
Tumblr media
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actress415 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings :: Smut, 18+, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Slight Bondage, PWP
Heat… Warm weather… It only made me miss the cold more. Snowy winter evenings, chilly mountain tops… The closest thing I could get to a simple breeze was the wind that hit me on the back of Barry’s motorbike. Resting my head on his back as his dirty white wife beater pressed against my helmet. He smelled like marajuana and soap, a scent I found all the more comforting lately. The cool breeze came to a stop as I sat up slightly, Barry turning off his bike before slipping his helmet off.
“Lemme see those frizzy curls, blondie.” Barry teased, turning to face me before taking off my helmet as well, tossing the protective headgear to the ground with a small thud. 
“The heat doesn’t do my hair justice.” I teased back, letting my eyes linger on him for a moment before attempting to climb off the back of the bike only to feel Barry’s tight grip on my arm.
“The hell you think you're going, Kitten?” He asked me, tugging my body closer as I slid down the seat of his bike.
“I didn’t bring us up here for you to go on walking.” Barry said, finally removing his hand from my forearm before bringing it to my neck. His fingers wrapped around my throat slightly, but he wouldn't dare squeeze unless I asked. This was a side of Barry reserved for me, the once hard drug dealer seemed to hold a soft spot. I’m just lucky to be the one to see this side. Before I could even give Barry permission, before I could even say yes, his lips were already on mine. There was something about his kiss, the slight crack in his lips grazing against mine… The way his tongue tasted like beer and cigarettes… The way his dirty nails dug into my throat… I shouldn’t want this, I shouldn’t be quivering under his grip wanting more… But here I am, tugging at Barry’s old wifebeater before lifting it over his head, strands of greasy brown hair falling into his face before his lips moved down to my chest.
“Shit, kitten… I would’ve loved to be the first one to go down on you…” Barry moaned, one hand still wrapped around my neck while the other palmed the growing bulge in his loose shorts. I couldn’t help but quiver and shake as I felt the tingling in my core grow. I never thought I’d be hooked on sex… Hooked on the feeling of someone inside of me, but Barry had his ways. In a sense, he was better than Ward… He actually had feelings for me… He wanted me for me… 
“Just… Just do it…” I managed to whimper out as my brain started to go haywire waiting on him. 
“Please…” I whined, bucking my hips forward as I scooted a bit on his bike. It was as if I could see Berry’s ears perk up at my words. *Please*
“Beg.” He grumbled, yanking the collar of my V-Neck down just enough to lick and nip at my cleavage.
“I wanna hear my kitten beg…” Barry grumbled, giving a particularly hard bite to my chest causing me to gasp. Smirking at the red bite mark he had left, Barry used both hands to rip open my shirt before I sat up to cover myself.
“Barry!!” I yelp in shock only for him to make quick work on my bra.
“Ah, hush… You can wear mine back.” He said, tossing the torn up top aside before my bra followed. I could visibly see his eyes gloss over at the sight, pupils completely lust blown before his crooked teeth grazed against my perky nipple. Small gasps made their way past my lips, but it was the sudden sting from Barry’s teeth grinding on my perky bud that caused me to whine.
“Ah, kitten… I know you’re louder than that…” Barry mumbled into my flesh as his hand moved away from his crotch to palm my soaked heat.
“Moan for daddy…” He grumbled, pulling my shorts to the side just enough to insert one finger into my cunt. 
“Beg… Tell daddy how much you want it…” Barry added before biting down even harder on my breast, removing his hand from my neck to take my wrist, guiding my palm to his bulge. 
“Please…” I whined out, gripping the outline of his member before Barry pulled his hand away from my core to wrap his fingers around my golden hair.
“Please what?” He asked, his face now inches from mine as his dark and glossy eyes examined my face. He wanted me to say it… He wanted the power that came with the kink…
“Please… Daddy…” I whimper, and that was enough to cause Barry to stand up with a sense of eagerness that was unmatched. My shorts were the first to go as Barry pushed me back on his bike, my trousers and underwear flying into the grass before his pants followed.
“Tell daddy what you want, kitten…” He said, stroking his already throbbing member.
“You want me down your pretty throat, huh? Or in that tight little pussy of yours?” He asked as my brain turned to mush. I couldn’t answer… I couldn’t even think straight before I felt him bend down over me, his breath hitting my face with a hot breeze as his fingers found their place around my throat again. 
“Say it… Say it, kitten, and it’s yours…” Barry said, his cock rubbing my wet slit as he teased me. A low groan rumbled from deep in his throat as his grip tightened ever so slightly around my neck. 
“Tell daddy what you want…” He repeated and all I could respond with was a nod. Well, he certainly didn’t like that as he tightened his grip on my neck. 
“Say it.” Barry growled, the tip of his length now slightly pushing into my soaked hole. I felt a splash of spit hit my face from his eagerness before I arched my back enough to push him in a bit more.
“Fuck me daddy…” I finally gave in, the intrusion of his cock filling me up was exhilarating.
“Ah… Shit, kitten…” Barry groaned, finally fitting his full length inside of me before leaning down to press his chapped lips to mine. Barry was big, the intrusion was beyond noticeable as I whined. His lips went to work quickly on mine before slowly tracing down my jaw and neck. This isn’t the first time that Barry and I have had sex… No, at this point it was pretty much a daily thing… However, the feeling was brain warping everytime as he began to thrust himself inside of me harder. 
“Gah… Fuck, kitten… I want you to be a good girl and… ugh, scream for daddy…” He groaned, sweaty and greasy hair falling into his face as each strand managed to swipe along my chest. 
“Fucking! Scream!!” Barry shouted, pulling away completely before flipping me onto my stomach. With a quick swat, his hand left a red mark on my left ass cheek before he rammed himself inside of me once more. It was nerve shaking feeling him so deep... However, when his hand gripped my hair, yanking me up to his chest as my back arched it felt like he was deeper than ever before.
“You wanna be a good girl, kitten? Huh? You wanna make daddy *real* happy?” Barry growled into my ear, his teeth nipping and biting at my earlobe causing my earring to press against his lips causing a chill to run down his back.
“Then fucking scream!” Barry shouted, pushing my chest back down onto the seat of his motorcycle as he rammed into my core relentlessly. My body jerked with each movement before I felt the clanking of Barry’s motorcycle. 
“Barry… Ba- oh fuck… We should… Ah!!” I yelped, unable to get a word out before his thrusts began to sputter.
“Dammit… Ah! C’mere!” Barry hissed, pulling himself away completely before he picked me up from the bike. He was obviously worried about it falling while we’re going at it like wild animals… My legs wrapped around his waist as Barry slipped himself back inside of me, my body gliding down his glistening cock with ease before he bounced me.
“Ride daddy, baby… Ride daddy…” Barry grumbled, helping my body bounce on him as he leaned his head back with pleasure. It was a different view seeing Barry from this angle, seeing the pleasure etched into his features before he came. 
“Ah!! Oh fucking shit!!” Barry shouted, his grip tight on me as he held my body down on his twitching cock. Gooey, white seed dripped from my cunt as it ran down his member with a streaking stain. We were silent… My nails lightly dug into Barry’s shoulders as I felt myself release to the feeling of his twitching cock deep inside of me. After a moment, Barry pulled himself back before sitting me down on his motorbike as his length fell soft.
“Goddamn, that’s the best pussy I ever had, kitten…” Barry commented, pulling his shorts up from his ankles before grabbing his wifebeater and slipping it over my head.
“And hot damn, my girl looks damn good in my clothes…” He added, allowing himself to take in my post sex appearance before he picked up my torn up shirt to wipe the drizzling cum as it forced its way out of my slit. I watched Barry’s veiny hand rub the torn up top along my clit before he balled it up and stuffed it in his pocket.
“I’ll get you a new one, kitten… Once I get my cabbage, anything you want is yours.” He told me, leaning in to press his lips to my forehead with a deep and gentle kiss. This was the side of Barry I loved… He was gentle… He had his own sort of gracefulness to him... 
“I love you, Danielle… I fucking love you with all I got…” Barry told me, pulling away to grab my helmet that he discarded before slipping it on my head so he could finish cleaning up our mess.
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paprikaries · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
“Special Mystic Team” _ WIP Character Design ideas: Fantasy Team Original characters Genre: Detective story / fantasy I was tinking about an rpg game (something like dragon quest) or to a cartoon. I’m not sure. Maybe both. Maybe just a comics.
I’ll make some character sheets with their description, so I’ll explain why some angel have wings, and aureole, and other don’t, as well as the difference between angels, spirits and demons and why the spirit looks so different in style. I’ve some stories in mind. 
I’m having fun working on these characters! :)
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nyc-blacklist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month, Blacklisters! In the spirit of love and self in all of their many forms, we've put together a little ask meme for you all to get involved with. Just send a colour to any amount of characters of your choice and let's find out what love and identity looks like to our fellow Blacklisters. Anon is optional!
Pink: How do you flirt? How do you like to be flirted with?
Red: What are you passionate about? What do you love?
Orange: How have you changed in your life? How would you like to change for the future?
Yellow: What qualities do you look for in a friend? What qualities make someone a bad friend in your eyes?
Green: Where or when do you feel the safest and most at peace?
Blue: What makes you anxious or sad? What can pull you out of that?
Indigo: How does someone gain your trust? How does someone lose it? 
Violet: What do you like about yourself? What do you dislike about yourself?
Black: If you had one hour left to live, how would you spend it?
White: If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?
Brown: If you had to swap lives with another Blacklister for a week, who would you choose and why? 
Please remember to send out asks to other members if you'd like to participate in this yourselves. Ask away!
Tumblr media
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ellethsart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ref sheet commission I did for the lovely @alistairs of Stazi, a character from their Iron Kingdoms rpg ❤️ thank you so much for commissioning me 🥰
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constermonster · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I finally finished my piece for my monster of the week campaign run by @forgottenlunarium ! We just finished our final session and I had such a good time! This drawing took way too long (abt 50hrs) T-T
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