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#oc x canon

random oc x canon headcanons

 I’m not having the best time right now so uh,, I thought I could try sharing some of my headcanons regarding my main oc x canon ship. eh,, this is my first time writing actual headcanons and not just random words that seem to be relating to eachother while having keysmashes, !!!!!! and ,,,,,,,, everywhere in between. there’s gonna be a few so, i’ll put them under the cut, since i don’t want to annoy people with scrolling XD

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Hi everyone!!! im interested in doing an OCxcanon character RP. You would also ideally have an OC so we would each be writing for our own OC and the Canon character who is the love interest of the other person. Ex: id write my OC and your LI. I am willing to write for Walking dead (early seasons would love to do this) , MCU, supernatural. I would prefer someone 18+ just cause im 22 and would feel better lol. Message me if interested. Would be doing the RP over messaging here on Tumblr. Dm me if you’re interested. Thank you all!!!

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I have so many sketches with my Sona/Selfinsert and they’re still getting more and more. I still have some left but they’re mainly the family I made up for her, so not too important.

I’m also sorry for the amount of SonaxMedic, I have a huge obsession with him, sorry. 🥴💕

The girl with sniper on the last page belongs to my friend @midnxght_mint on Instagram. She requested Sniper in a dress and then with her lil Assassin lady. No regrets.

Some other Nurse stuff is under the cut, including some weapon designs.

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Here is another of my OCs for my 009verse lore thing whatever I have going on


His pronouns are he/him. I forgot to add that on the sheet

Copy pasta from my notes about his character


  • Michael and Lucifer used to be one, made out of the same Ray of light but got ripped in two halves.
  • After the rebellion and the fall  God feared this could happen again so because Michael was too similar to Lucifer he ripped him in two parts again. So far his official excuse if he ever would have to. Actually God ripped them into two halves because Michael acted on his own. The order was to kill Lucifer but Michael didn’t kill him. He couldn’t. Neither did he want to. So he just exiled Lucifer. He tried to cover it up but God knew already. So this basically served as a punishment whilst the excuse God came up with was actually a real fear he had since none of his angels but Lucifer and Michael acted on their own.
  • Furthermore God spread the lie that Michael passed during the fight with Lucifer which is why Orion now functions as his replacement.

about Orion:

  • Orion was left with the killing drive and all that holier than thou attitude. To prevent another rebellion, God took away his most dangerous powers and gave them to Mikey (since no desires to fight reside within her and she got too much empathy to ever want to really harm someone) but he kept Orion powerful enough to slaughter and obliterate and to keep leading wars under Michael’s name if needed. However after the fall there weren’t really many wars. Most of the time it was whispering humans into fights against their own kind. So was Orion behind Joanne d'arc and acted as Michael.
  • God forbid the angels to tell humanity that Michael passed and was replaced by Orion. Orion actually looks closer to Lucifer than Michael did so what humanity knows about Michael is more likely a lie

  • Orion is the loyal knight, the war machine, entirely male and proud. (all angels except him and Vela/Mikey are intersex). He only does what God wants him to do, he doesn’t ever act on his own will. And he is merciless in acting out his orders as accurate as possible.
  • Just like Mikey, Orion doesn’t remember anything of his past as being Michael together (the angels don’t talk much about Michael. And don’t wish to. He is a very missed entity)
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Hello, so I figured I should probably do a pinned post because why the hell not? Some asked about my OC’s that I introduced recently and I use these OC’s to RP, so I feel like people should know about them.


Before that, I should probably introduce myself. You can call me Cherri or Coke whatever you want really. It doesn’t matter. My pronouns are She/Her if anyone cares about that. I’m 22 and love My Hero Academia, as you could probably tell. I mostly do edits and eventually start to color manga pages.

Yes, I roleplay, but I feel more comfortable RPing with people 18 or older. Not that I have anything against minors and all, but I’m an adult. So please respect my wishes. :)

If you’d like to add my other socials, feel free. :)

Discord: Roo Yagiiii👻 #0227

Twitter: Sugar_Pillz (Main)

Roo Yagi (RP/OC Account)

Deviantart: WispyQuirks

Insta: WispyQuirks


Now onto my OC’s. I only have three introduced, but once I add more, I’ll edit this post. I’ll start with my most developed OC.

Roo Yagi

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Height: 149cm (smol girl)

Class: 1-A

Birthday: 10/29

Favorite Song: Hero of the Day (Fabvl)

Quirk: Ghost Body

The user can do anything a Poltergeist can do. The abilities range from levitating, invisibility, telekinesis, and emitting white orbs from the palm. With many abilities, it takes a toll on the actual body. The user’s skin color is incredibly pale, and Vitamin D Deficiency is one of the major set backs.

Personality: Roo is known to be a very bubbly girl that wants to prove her worth, especially with her height. She loves her classmates like family and will work til she can’t anymore just to make sure they’re safe and sound.

Her family is a bit weird. Around the age of 3, her parents passed away in a villain attack. Her and her older brother, Ryder were supposed to be sent to an orphanage, but All Might or Toshinori Yagi decided to adopt the two and take them back to Japan. Hence, Roo meeting Izuku in kindergarten.

All Might taking care of kids on his own, still makes me laugh.

Yes, I ship her with Izuku, cause ain’t that a lovely, yet played out trope? XD

Alrighty, onto my favorite boi.

Scar Kitsune

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Height: 160cm

Class: 1-A

Birthday: 12/15

Favorite Song: Broken Souls (Blacklite District)

Quirk: Time Manipulation

The user can manipulate themself or objects to either speed up or slow down. When in a slowed down pace, the user doesn’t have any setbacks. Once they put themselves into a faster pace, and for a long duration, they will start receiving motion sickness.

Personality: Being the laid back guy that he is, he can sometimes stress over little things, like exams, internships, and deadlines. He will make it a big deal, even if it’s not. He just wants to try his hardest to achieve his goal.

His family is the end product involving “Quirk Marriages” His mother and father started dating after finding out each other’s quirks. Both of them involving some kind of time related quirk. They ended up having three kids.

Tech Kitsune (26)

Scratch Kitsune (24)

Scar Kitsune (16)

On another note, during Scar’s time in kindergarten, he met Jeffrey Bairiski (@heavyarmasguy OC). I still need to figure out the story, but the Kitsune family ended up adopting Jeffrey, after finding out his home life.

Now for one of my faves lol

Patta Felyne

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Height: 155cm

Birthday: 6/18

Favorite Song: Who’s On My Rocket? (Miss Amani)

Class: 1-A

Quirk: Shooting Star

The user can create whip like beams from the body, mostly from the palms or soles of the feet. The beams burn on contact towards opponents. They are a brightly colored beam, sparkling as well. The only problem with this quirk is that it is very easy to get tangled up in.

Personality: Patta is the actual definition of “Cinnamon Roll.” She’s incredibly sweet and will take a bullet for just about anyone, but that’s also her weakness, she has a difficult time saying “No” to her classmates. Thank God for Scar being there to save the day.

Her family is pretty basic. She has a mom, who is currently a Pro Hero and a dad who is working along other scientists, researching Space and it’s mysterious existence.


Well that about does or for me. XD

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please don’t be afraid to ask. Chow! :)

OC Appearances

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