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jord-w-bush · 6 minutes ago
Turn Off the Dark: Chapter 3
Hey y'all! Here's Chapter 3 of Turn of the Dark! I promise that Josie and Peter aren't going to be at odds much longer. I hope you enjoy this chapter!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Josie readjusted her grip on the cake pan in her arms and opened the front door to her parent’s home. She could hear her father and brothers shouting at some game on the TV in the living room, and the faint sound of pots and pans being moved around from the kitchen.
“Hey! I’m here!” She called out to whoever was listening. The clamor in the house dulled for a moment, and she heard her mom call her into the kitchen.
She slipped off her shoes and headed toward the back of the house. As she passed the living room, she poked her head in and smiled at her dad and two brothers. Her smile faltered slightly when she saw the back of Peter Parker’s head sitting on the floor in front of the TV. He had never responded to her text, which she really hadn’t expected him to, so she was more than surprised to see him sat among her family. Before she had a chance to turn her gaze away, he turned around and made eye contact with her. He gave her a half-hearted smile and wave, before turning back to face forward.
Her younger brother Greyson jumped up from the couch and threw his arms around her. Even though he was two and a half years younger than her, he stood almost a foot taller than her at six feet four inches tall. He had gotten his height from his father. In fact, all three of the Butler boys were taller than six feet. Greyson just happened to be the tallest. Josie grinned at her brother and pinched his cheek-which she knew he hated.
“Hi, bubby! How’s everything out west?” Her brother rolled his eyes at his childhood nickname and shrugged his shoulders.
“It’s fine, I guess. Not nearly as exciting as here. But I mean, we knew that” He replied. Greyson was in his first year at Arizona State University on a basketball scholarship studying forensic science. Before he passed, Greyson had looked up to Captain Stacy, Gwen’s father and the chief of police in New York City. He inspired Greyson to pursue a degree in investigation. He was back in town visiting his family over his spring break. They missed him, but Josie knew that he was on the right path.
“I’m glad you don’t hate it, though. That would make me big sad for my little bro.” Josie ruffled his hair and he swatted her hand away. They playfully shoved each other for a bit before Josie’s mother called her name from the back of the house.
Shaking her head, Josie continued her journey to the kitchen. “There you are! I was starting to wonder if you had gotten lost on the way from the front door!” Her mother exclaimed pulling her into a hug. Josie smiled widely. Josie and her mother had always been incredibly close, even when she had been younger. She strove to always make her mom proud, and become an incredible woman like her.
“I brought a chocolate cake! I had some extra time on my hands today, so the frosting is homemade too!” Josie glanced proudly at the dish in her hands before placing it on the empty counter. She then turned her attention to the other woman occupying the kitchen and rushed over to her, pulling her into a tight embrace. “It’s so good to see you, Aunt May! I’m sorry I didn’t stop by the last time I was over, I ended up getting caught up with my mom and had to rush to the show!”
May Parker pulled away from Josie slightly, and held the young girl’s face in her hands, “Oh, it’s nothing to worry about now, dear. I’m so happy to see you. I’ve probably watched your performance on Good Morning America one hundred times by now. I am so proud of you!”
Josie smiled and followed her mom and Aunt May over to the kitchen table. Her mother poured her a glass of water and the three women began to catch up on their lives and enjoy each other’s company.
“Josie, I would love to come out and see your show soon! Any idea how much longer it’s going to run?” Aunt May eventually asked, turning to her surrogate niece with a smile.
“I’m not sure! We haven’t heard anything about it closing any time soon, so I hope we’re open for the foreseeable future. Do you want tickets? I’d be happy to get you one.” Josie replied. She hadn’t wanted to pressure the Parker matriarch into coming out to Manhattan alone to see her show, since she assumed Peter had little to no interest in coming out to support her as well.
“Of course! Peter and I would be happy to cheer you on! If your TV appearance was any indication, this is a show we won’t want to miss!” Aunt May smiled proudly at Josie, and Mrs. Butler chimed in.
“It really is something so special, May! Josephine truly is spectacular in this role. I’m sure you will absolutely love it!” Josie smiled at both women. Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the kitchen timer going off, signaling that dinner was ready to be served. Josie felt her heart rate increase slightly, because she knew that once dinner was on the table she’d have to sit awkwardly in the same place with Peter. And she hated feeling awkward. Marian called to the men in the living room that it was time to eat, while May and Josie set the table.
The Butler men and Peter filed into the dining room and sat at their respective seats at the table. Ever since they had moved to New York, when they’d have the Parkers over for dinner, everyone sat in the same place every time. Sam at the head of the table with his wife to his right and his oldest son to his left. Josie always sat next to her mother, with her youngest brother beside her. Peter sat across from Josie next to his Aunt, and when he was alive, Ben Parker sat at the opposite head of the table furthest from Sam. Sam led the group in a quick blessing over the food, and then everyone dug in.
“Sweetheart, this pasta is so so good! Is this a new recipe?” Sam asked his wife. Marian nodded her head, and then there was silence again as people enjoyed their meals and allowed it time to digest. Eventually, May cleared her throat and turned to her nephew.
“Peter, honey, Josie offered to get us tickets to her show! Isn’t that so sweet of her?” Peter nodded slightly.
“Yeah, that’s uh, that’s great Aunt May.” He said without making eye contact with her.
Josie had a feeling that only one of those tickets would end up being used, but she held out hope that maybe she would be wrong.
Once everyone had finished eating their dinner, Marian served the cake Josie had brought over. She had only taken one bite before her father blurted out:
“So, did you guys hear Spider-Man saved Josie the other night?” She choked on the cake she had in her mouth, and everyone but her mother’s eyes grew wide in surprise. Josie looked down in embarrassment.
“Really?? Cool!” Tyler said. He was always excited to hear about Spider-Man. “What happened?” he asked.
She cleared her throat and set down her fork. She retold the story of her recent mugging attempt, and noticed Peter shift uncomfortably at the mention of Spider-Man’s heroics.
“Something wrong, Pete?” she asked him.
He shook his head quickly, “No. No. Just, ya know, I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you.”
“Yeah, it was pretty wild. You know what’s funny, in the moment, I couldn’t think of anything else but how scared I was. But later? All I could think about was how great of a picture it would have been. Him up on that dumpster with the light from the street lamps on him. The pictures you take of him are always super impressive, Peter. I feel like you could really make some major money with those. Probably more than the Bugle pays you.” Josie laughed slightly at her father’s expense. He chuckled back and looked at Peter.
Peter mumbled a quiet thanks, which she wouldn’t have even caught if she hadn’t been looking at him. Josie scoffed lightly, and hummed softly, “Yeah no problem.” She stabbed at her slice of cake on her plate and shoved a bite into her mouth.
Everyone at the table awkwardly looked between the two “ex-best friends”, unsure of how to move on with the conversation. The silence only lasted a few seconds longer before Josie stood up suddenly.
“You know what? I don’t have to deal with this. I’m sorry Aunt May. I’ll try to stop by tomorrow morning after he leaves for the day to talk with you about the tickets. I need some air.” She glared at Peter, before pushing her chair back in and stomping toward the back yard. She grabbed a blanket from the shelf beside the door before slamming the door shut behind her, and plopping down into the porch swing.
May looked at Peter with a disapproving gaze, before standing up and offering to help Marian with the dishes. Peter also stood up quickly and without a word, marched out the front door and to his own house. The two women looked at each other.
“I’m so sorry about this Marian. I don’t know what’s gotten into him today. I knew that they hadn’t spoken in a while but I wasn’t aware that they were…angry with each other.” May excused herself apologetically and followed her nephew out the door.
After the door had closed behind her, the tense energy between the pair still hung in the air.
“What the heck just happened?” Sam asked to no one in particular.
Marian threw down the dishtowel that was hanging on her shoulder to the counter with determination. “I’m not sure,” she said, “but I’m sure as hell about to find out.”
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walrus--queen · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎶 It is a wonderful my life Please could you kiss my name? When the music's over Turn off light It was a such a sweet time Could you pray for me, my friend? It's starting over time  🎶
- Wild Side - ALI
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themerriweathermage · 6 minutes ago
Wildfire Pt. 7
Ruivenis takes another chance to ask Lindir to a Night of Courtship during the fall solstice. 
A/N: And that’s a wrap! At least for the series. I’m expecting to write some key moments going forward and post a few one-shots to be included as a part of the series as well.
Forever Tag: @bonjour-rainycity @theelvenhaven​
Warnings: OOC Glorfindel
Tumblr media
Elvish Translations: 
Hervenn - Husband
Meleth-nin - My love
Maethron - Warrior
Nost Celebhan- House of Silversmiths (What I think is the appropriate term anyways)
Ilmare - Starlight
It didn’t come as a surprise that Lindir reverted back as soon as they stepped foot inside the borders of the city. Ruivenis wasn’t sure whether it was because he had an image to maintain or because he was genuinely more comfortable working as a minstrel. She suspected the latter and for now, that was fine. They slowly fell back into routine with each other, the days of summer passing into fall, into the harvest solstice. With every new season, came a new day of courtship. To say the least, Lindir was nervous.
“Anything new for the celebration of the solstice?” Erestor leaned over the counter where Ruivenis was working.
“Gildor commissioned a pair of robes. No doubt he has utter plans to woo his sweet little warrior on the Southern borders.” Ruivenis looked up. “And you? Something in peach?”
“Don’t tempt me.” Erestor laughed. “Glorfindel is working so I’m doubtful I’ll be in attendance.”
“Yes, I do apologize for that.” Ruivenis murmured, going back to her work.
“Well, he showed his ass to you so it doesn’t surprise me that you found him unfit as a Captain right now, demoted him, and forced him to march patrols like the rest of them.” Erestor murmured.
“Too harsh?” Ruivenis asked. “Judging by the golden band on your finger, I’d say he’s having a hard time in the field and out of it.” Erestor snorted.
“Don’t push your luck, sister.”
“I’ll hold my tongue, brother.” She replied.
“So, are you going to ask Lindir? I noticed you’ve become... publicly... closer.” Ruivenis chuckled, a small smile coming to her lips as she continued to dye the fabric, a deep rich ruby. “Even the Elvenking would be jealous of such a rich color.”
“Well, if he shows up, then he can be jealous.” She murmured.
“You play with fire with that one.” Erestor contented to browse through the racks.
“It has nothing to do with me.” Ruivenis murmured. “I’m not the one who threw a glass of wine in his face.” Erestor peeked around the rack of clothing.
“Tell me you’re joking. Lindir?”
“He’s got more balls than I thought he did, hey!” Erestor dodged a wadded up tunic as Ruivenis shook her head at him. “Should I leave you to your work then?”
“It’d be appreciated.”
Celebrian was fussing over Lindir’s hair when a servant delivered the package to Elrond’s office. “For Elrond?”
“For Lindir.” The ellon bowed respectfully and backed out, leaving the paper wrapped package on the desk. Celebrian eyed it, letting go of Lindir to let him retrieve the package. Who knew if there was a new circlet in there? Eru only knew he could probably use another one. Lindir unwrapped the twine hesitantly, his jaw dropping at the golden circlet laying nestled among rich wine red robes, with a note bearing only two words. Join me?
Celebrian giggled softly. “I would say that someone most adores you.”
“They’re beautiful.” He unfolded the clothes delicately. “Like something an Elven Prince would wear.” The cloak glimmered with a golden sheen, his House symbol nestled among the folds. “Ohh...” 
“Go change!” Celebrian hissed, pushing him towards the bathroom. He stepped out tentatively a few minutes later, fitting the robes to his form, offset with rich deep brown leggings and form-fitting boots around shapely calves.
“Well.” Elrond remarked quietly. “I see my wife has helped herself to your attire.”
“Not my design, hervenn.” Celebrian murmured, pressing her head against Elrond’s shoulder, laughing. “But isn’t it marvelous?”
“Ruivenis?” Elrond asked, arching an eyebrow. “She certainly has a fine taste. But that doesn’t surprise me at this point.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” Lindir asked, handing the circlet to Celebrian.
“Well, she likes you, doesn’t she?” Elrond teased quietly, only to make the minstrel turn as scarlet as his new robes, taking a seat on the floor as Celebrian worked his hair around the circlet, tying it in neatly. Lindir breathed out shakily, standing and grabbing his harp before he could forget it.
“Thank you!” He nearly bolted from the room, praying he wasn’t late.
“Well he’s a bundle of nerves.” Celebrian murmured.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if they were wed by the end of the night.”
“Elrond!” Celebrian chided him quietly.
“They’ve been dancing around one another for years, meleth-nin.” He whispered, giving her a smile as he tipped her chin towards his, peppering her in soft kisses.
Lindir skid to a dead stop at seeing Glorfindel in the hallway. The warrior looked a little more than peeved, wiping filth off his armor. His eyes alighted on Lindir, narrowing, and shook off his hands in Lindir’s direction, sending mud splattering everywhere.
“You should have considered going to the armory to clean your armor before you sullied the floors of Elrond’s house.” Lindir replied, narrowly avoiding the spill of dirt. Glorfindel bared his teeth.
“You. You are the reason I was demoted.”
“Oh no, you did that by yourself.” Lindir avoided the sideswipe of grubby hands, fleeing down the rest of the hallway with Glorfindel in thundering pursuit. The edge of a blade at the end of the hallway, he ducked beneath, but it slammed into Glorfindel’s armor, stopping him short. 
“I believe my brother is expecting you. And whether or not you clean that armor before or after he has his night with you is entirely up to you. But it’d better clean and hanging up in the armory in the morning, or you can expect that this demotion will last longer than you think, maethron.” Ruivenis was around the corner, sword sheathed at her hip as she stepped out into the hallway, in a beautiful ruby red dress and sheer silken wrap. “Interrupt again, and you can consider yourself back on patrols, instead of... a night of paradise.” Glorfindel growled but stepped back into line, keeping himself in check.
“Is that really necessary?” Lindir whispered.
“I do not tolerate insubordination in my ranks.” Ruivenis replied, leaving Glorfindel to his musings, and taking Lindir’s offered arm. “I see my gift is well received.”
“Had I known you were sending one I would have offered something in return.” Lindir murmured.
“It’s nice to have you at my side. That’s gift enough.” Ruivenis chuckled, sweeping into the night’s chill and gathering the attention of more than a few courting, wedded, and potential couples. But they didn’t stop there for their view of the stars, instead choosing a tower balcony, far up and away from the others, decorated in soft plush and pillows, a table laden with food and wine, freshly harvested. The pale moonlight decorated the circlet atop his brow, gleaming brightly as they settled into the luscious spread.
“I see you spare no expense.” Lindir murmured, sinking into the comfort of the blankets and pillows.
“I’ve spent many nights atop the roof, keeping watch over Imladris, keeping watch over Arda, sleepless nights, feeling evil move among the land. Elrond doesn’t recommend it, but I’ve always had such a sense of freedom. You can see everything from up here.” Ruivenis patted the lounge beside her. “When he realized he wasn’t going to coax me out of it, he let the tower be furnished. And so established Nost Celebhan, the last Feanorian House to stand watch over Arda.” Lindir sank to her side with two glasses of wine, offering her one.
“I figured you wouldn’t be one for much more public speculation. The tower is private, just us and the night sky.”
“It’s beautiful.” Lindir admired the stars quietly, taking a sip of his wine, mulling in the sweetness. “Pity I never had the courage to join you sooner. Certainly beats sitting on the top of my talan to watch the stars. But you didn’t invite me here just to watch the stars.”
“I...” Ruivenis blushed. “No. I didn’t. I know it is no night of crafting but we know each other’s skills. We are close, like we were before, and I want that, Lindir; I want that for forever with you. No one else. And I know... I know a courtship with me won’t be easy; hells, you’ve seen what other elves in power think about me.” 
“I don’t care what they think.”
“As much you’ve proven. I want to court you, Ilmare, my sweet starlight, so that I may have and hold you for forever.” Lindir blushed, hiding behind his glass. “Will you allow yourself to be courted by me?”
“Only if you will allow the same of me.” He replied, intertwining their fingers together and leaning in, letting her rest her head on his chest, his heart thundering beneath his robes. He could feel the smile as she nested against him, only pausing to take a sip of her wine. It wasn’t long before the tender moment was interrupted by their giggles as they partook in a meal, watching the skies and the fireflies below, little lights flickering a soft yellow. Only a dull hum of chatter and soft music reached them, wrapped up in their own world, as they leaned into each other’s touch, bellies full and heads buzzing with the warm lull of the wine.
“I love you.” Ruivenis murmured. He couldn’t help the smile that twitched on his lips, leaning in to press a kiss into her cheek.
“I love you too.”
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liverandom · 7 minutes ago
The spring tournament is finally upon them and Sayuri is excited to watch Karasuno win their games. When she's going to find the team, she just so happens to run into a player from another team. He finds her particularly interesting much to her annoyance.
Another chapter is up! I hope you all like it!
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fuwon · 20 minutes ago
Debt Paid in Full
(A/N: hahah got really stressed today so I wrote something self-indulgent I'm sorry shdjrkr I promise to get that reader insert story done soon!
WARNINGS: hints of torture, Childe is a bit unhinged here, slut-shaming from the general populace)
"Listen very well, comrade," there was a dangerous edge to the Harbinger's tone as he harshly draped his arm across the offending party's shoulder, "I particularly don't care whatever slander you talk about towards myself. Celestia only knows how true some of them can be." Though he was smiling, the terrified person knew that there was no humor underneath the cold press of his lips upwards.
His face is the very essence of a calm, cheery diplomat but his dead blue eyes say otherwise.
He wasn't Childe, Liyue's Mist Flower's spouse. He was the Eleventh Harbinger, Tartaglia, at that moment.
"However, the moment I hear any ridiculous rumor towards my darling wife, well..." His smile turned sharper as cold sweat poured down the poor victim's head.
"Each word of lie should be returned, as per agreement, yes? Is Liyue not the nation of contracts?" Tartaglia reasoned out, as each word of lie he heard began echoing in his head.
'Big Brother Yue's death anniversary has arrived once more.'
'What is his murderer doing here?'
'She had the gall to visit his memorial when she's using the very vision she stole from him!?'
'She's probably using this as a publicity stunt to get more customers to sleep with.'
'Yeah, that slut pretending to be all aloof and cold.'
'What a bitch! Why do people even like her?'
"For each lie stated, let it be paid in blood." Summoning his hydro blades, he slashed the side of the man's head as the terrified man screamed from the small slice left behind by the sharp blades. The Harbinger slammed him to the wall earning a whimper from the sudden action.
"Fortunately, my wife is magnanimous. She would not want a bloodshed to clear her name." His grip loosened and the man fell down on the ground. He kowtowed, begging for the ginger-haired man for forgiveness as said man simply laughed in response.
"Oh aren't you quite the funny man! You think you could spread malicious rumors about my wife and get away with it?" He glanced at the two Fatui Agents beside him, ordering them to seize the man and drag him away.
"I said that my wife does not want bloodshed to clear her name. So, there would simply be bloodshed in my name instead." With a satisfied huff, he moved on towards the next building, clearing out each individual on the list provided by his informant.
The next day, people were quiet as Yun lit up some incense for her brother. She smiled at them as they all looked away from her.
There were no more rumors circulating about her for quite a bit.
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btschooseafic · 30 minutes ago
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Tumblr media
Pairing: platonic!oc x ot7
Details: manager!oc, predebut/idolverse, partial BTS World!verse
Summary: Jungkook graduates middle school.
Warnings: This is a fictional story based on real events. The characters presented here are not the same as their real life counterparts. [Masterlist]
Track 17: Jungkook Graduates Middle School
Graduation- Vitamin C
“So if we get the big jobs, and we make the big money
When we look back now, will our jokes still be funny?”
February 7th 2013
The day before Jungkook’s graduation, Jin and Aviva went to buy flowers.
“Here you go, dear,” the elderly florist said. “An extra flower for the extra handsome young man.” Jin blushed and bowed as Aviva tried not to laugh. He studied the small rose as he walked Aviva back to her apartment, where she was keeping the flowers so JK wouldn’t accidentally come across them, and the boys wouldn’t accidentally ruin them somehow.
“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Aviva offered, worried about Jin’s distracted attitude.
“Ah.” He looked up, smiling weakly. “Wish I could, Viva-yah, but you know those boys can’t fend for themselves.”
“I happen to know you have leftovers tonight, and at least half of those boys are capable of using the microwave, but you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” Aviva told him. Jin rubbed his neck.
“Is Soonyoung-ssi...” He trailed off as Aviva opened the door and Soonyoung waved at them from the couch. She was wearing a tank top and short-shorts, normal for a night in, but Jin flushed and tried to hide behind the much shorter Aviva.
“Soon, you’d better put more clothes on before he faints,” Aviva called out, automatically in English, which they often spoke when it they were at home. Soonyoung nodded and quickly disappeared into her room. Aviva was a little surprised she hadn’t taken the opportunity to tease Jin further.
Jin squinted at Aviva.
“I... no faint,” he replied in halting English. “Too... handsome?” He shot her a questioning look.
“... I mean, not logical,” Aviva said, switching back to Korean. “But, like, not too far off from anything you’d usually say, oppa.”
“Okay, okay,” Soonyoung said, coming back over in sweatpants and a baggy cardigan that Aviva was pretty sure was hers. “I’ve covered up, won’t you come in, oppa?”
“Ah, okay.” They took their shoes off and then stepped into the apartment. Jin held the flower out to her. “For you.”
Soonyoung smiled softly.
“Really? Thanks.” She turned to Aviva, who was smirking at them. “Do you think it’s small enough to press it and save it like you did with that bracelet Hobi made for you?”
Aviva blushed as Jin laughed.
“Did she? He would love to hear that.”
“You know what? I retract my dinner invitation,” Aviva told him.
“Now, now…” Soonyoung said, taking their hands in hers and walking backwards leading them further into the apartment. “Let’s not be too hasty.” She pushed them down onto the couch. “Why don’t you two sit down and relax, and I’ll make dinner?” She left the room.
Aviva and Jin sat in silence on the couch for a moment.
“…Want to watch TV?” Aviva offered.
“Ah… maybe?” Jin said uncertainly. “Are you sure she doesn’t need any help?”
Aviva clicked her tongue. “Well, she told us to relax, so she might be annoyed if we offer to help,” she thought.
“But cooking is relaxing for me,” Jin muttered. He stood up. “Maybe I should—” His eyes widened as Soonyoung stepped back into the room, her frilly apron draped loosely around her. She had a hair tie clenched in her teeth and her hair gathered up in her hands. She looked expectantly at Aviva.
“Sure,” Aviva said, easing the hair tie out of Soonyoung’s teeth, rolling her eyes and laughing as Soonyoung snapped playfully at her.
“…Do you two communicate by telepathy?” Jin wondered as Aviva started putting Soonyoung’s hair up into a ponytail.
“Practically!” Soonyoung said cheerfully. She gestured. “Oppa, can you tie me up, please?” Jin blinked.
“…Yes.” Despite his slightly shaking hands, he tied the back of her apron in a neat bow. “I was right,” Jin said, after Soonyoung had left the room again.
“Hmmm?” Aviva asked, already sitting down again and switching on the TV.
“She’s adorable in that apron.”
Aviva nodded. “True.”
After dinner, Soonyoung dragged old photos of her and Aviva’s middle school graduation up on Facebook. Jin laughed hysterically. Aviva’s hair was long and shaggy, her black band t-shirt and cargo pants several sizes too big. Soonyoung was wearing a tracksuit and a sideways cap.
“Why would Yoongi-yah wear both of these outfits today?” Jin said, once he could catch his breath. Soonyoung grinned as Aviva dissolved into laughter.
“I can’t believe little Jungkook-ah is graduating Middle School,” Soonyoung said, shaking her head. “They grow up so fast, huh?”
February 8th 2013
Having cleared her usual hectic morning schedule for Jungkook’s graduation, Aviva had a slow wake up with a cup of coffee on the couch, still wearing her pajamas.
Her phone rang.
Eh? Jungkook? What was he doing up? He would usually relish in the chance to sleep in. “Jungkookie?
“Wake up, wake up!” Jungkook sang cheerfully. “The sun has risen~ Time to get up!”
 “…Huh? Kook, it’s early, you still have plenty of time.”
“Ah, is it a little too early?” He yawned. “I guess it is pretty early… Well, my eyes snapped open when I thought about graduating. Well… I’m not excited about it or anything…”
“Sure…” Aviva said, smiling to herself.
“Huh? You were thinking I was ‘cute’ just now, weren’t you?” Jungkook said accusingly.
“Maybe~” Aviva sang. “What’re you gonna do about it…cutie?”
“Aish! ‘Cute’ is prohibited! I’m graduating middle school!”
“Hmm. You know, I’m still getting used to the different split between Middle School and High School here, combined with the difference between Korean age and International age...”
“Ah, yeah. Jen-ah explained it to me! Anyway, I can watch age 15+ restricted movies, I’m pretty much an adult, okay?”
“Hmm, I don’t know about that. 15 is still pretty young, by most standards,” she thought. He huffed. “Anyway, what’d you call for, JK?”
“Hm. I was just checking to see if you’re still coming today.”
“Of course I am! Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
“Yoongi-hyung woke up early to wash up.”
“He did?” Aviva laughed. “He’s such a softy.”
“Yeah, right?” He laughed too. “Why’s he putting so much effort into looking good for a middle school graduation?”
“Well, because he’s proud of you,” Aviva said honestly. There was a long pause. “...Kookie? You didn’t fall asleep, did you?”
“No! I mean, it’s not like I was worried they weren’t going to come, or anything like that!”
“JK, I promise you we’ll be there, okay?”
“You’ll bring your nice camera?”
“Yes. Got it all charged and ready to go.”
“And you know where the school is, right?”
“…Jungkook-ah, I dropped you off there just last Friday,” she reminded him.
“Oh? My phone made the low battery sound. I better go charge it! I’m going to school firs, so I’ll see you later. Bye!” He hung up.
By the time she got to the dorm, almost all of the other boys were gathered in the living room, except for Yoongi and Jimin.
“Aw, Avi dressed up,” Hoseok cooed, when he saw her.
Aviva was wearing a light blue dress, with darker blue leggings, and her nicest pair of boots. She was wearing the barest amount of makeup, which had still taken her about twenty minutes to put on.
But she had the extra time before she had to go, and she knew Jungkook would appreciate the effort, so… why not?
Hoseok took her hand and spun her around, whistling appreciatively as her skirt twirled. She laughed. “Hobi, you’re gonna make me dizzy!” She warned him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to catch you if you fall,” he told her.
“Why don’t you two stop flirting and help me find out where Yoongi-yah and Jiminie have gotten to?” Jin said, popping up next to them.
“Don’t be jealous, hyung,” Hoseok said, reaching up to gently touch his face. Jin dramatically karate-chopped him off.
“What is there to be jealous of?” He scoffed. “Avi-yah may be pretty as a princess, but I am the most handsome prince!” Aviva made a face.
“No, no,” Tae said, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “She prefers to be called handsome. You said you’d allow it, Seokjin-hyung.”
Namjoon snorted. “I don’t think they were being serious about it…” He paused, eyes widening as he watched Aviva. “Ah, maybe you’re right, Tae—she looks happy.”
“Shut up!” She shoved him.
“If you prefer handsome, we should take you shopping for some nicer suits,” Hoseok thought. “Not like the stuff you wear for work.” He turned. “What do you say, Yoongi—wanna come?”
“Eh, when did Yoongi-yah get here?” Jin wondered.
“See…” Hoseok motioned at Yoongi. “This is a handsome suit.”
“This?” Yoongi looked down at himself, smirking. “It’s nothing.”
“He woke up early to get ready,” Jin stage whispered to Aviva.
“So I heard,” she replied in the same tone. Yoongi scowled at them.
“Eh? Yoongi-hyung, you said your styling concept is to look nice but not like you’re trying too hard,” Taehyung said savagely. Yoongi hissed and made a move as if to lunge at Tae, but Jin caught him in a hug, sighing wistfully.
“Is this what parenting feels like? Jungkook-ah is graduating already. I feel like I raised him…”
“Eh, you helped,” Namjoon said dismissively. “Me and Avi-yah did most of the heavy lifting.”
“This is just middle school, imagine what they’ll be like when he graduates from high school,” Hoseok said to Tae. Taehyung smiled.
“I’m ready!” Jimin came running towards them, holding a rolled up piece of black paper under his arm. “Let’s go!”
“Hold on, Jiminie.” Aviva reached over. “You’ve got glitter…” She brushed it out of his hair. He flushed slightly.
“Ah. Thanks, noona. You look cute. Not that you don’t always look cute, but this is… different? Than what you usually wear.”
“…Maybe I should change,” Aviva thought aloud.
“Eh, no, I didn’t mean—” Jimin unfurled the paper. “Look at this!”
Everyone oohed at Jimin’s congratulations banner.
At the graduation, Aviva clapped and smiled, and took photos, but inside she was feeling worn out.
“You okay?” Yoongi asked from behind her. She turned, still wearing a smile.
“I’m fine.”
He frowned. “That…” He pointed at her face. “…is not your real smile. What’s up?”
Her smile slipped, and she chewed her lip. She looked around, making sure no one else was listening. They were all busy congratulating Jungkook.
“I know this is only a middle school graduation,” she said quietly. “But it’s got me thinking about how I never graduated high school. I guess I’m just feeling a little… jealous.” She waved her hand. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of him, I just…”
Yoongi studied her. “You came here to follow your dream, right?”
“Well, to follow Soonie’s dream, really, but later I realized I really do love supporting artists like this.”
He smiled softly. “Then it was worth it.” He rubbed his neck. “At least, in my opinion… do you think so?”
She tilted her head. “Yes. Although sometimes I’m not as sure.”
He nodded. “Okay. If you ever want to talk when you’re feeling unsure…. I’m… around.”
“Thanks, oppa. I’m happy to have met you.”
His face flushed. “Shut up. Let’s congratulate the maknae… if that’s okay with you?”
She nodded. “Let’s do it.”
Tae was disappointed he couldn’t be in any of the official photos, so Aviva waved him over and took a bunch of silly selfies with her, him, and Jungkook to send to Jenny.
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Chapter 19 of Where the Light Is is now up. Here’s a very short preview:
As you all watch the movie, you resist the powerful urge to lean against Ford. If Mabel were to see, she would no doubt make a noise like a fire engine, and you're not up to dealing with that.
Soon Dipper comes in, smelling of grass clippings and wearing a strange expression on his face. Stan sits up straight in his chair, frowning at him. "Okay, there's no way you've finished with the lawn already," he tells him. "What gives?"
"I almost ran over a bunch of gnomes with the lawnmower," the boys says matter-of-factly, scratching a bug bite on his arm.
Read the rest on AO3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bleeding Hearts and Broken Angels
Summary: Since her mother's death Amelia is not amazed by the world anymore. Everything is overwhelming and there's little hope for the future. The only thing distracting her is a man she can not face. Grace left a whole on Thomas and this awakaned a scary part of him, that he does not know how to deal with. What will happen when these two suffering souls clash?
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x OFC
Tags:  angst, mentions of death, grief, depression, canon divergence, violence, a somewhat dark!Tommy (eventually), smut (eventually).
A/N: I do not own the images and i also don't know who the author of the quote is (so in case you know please tell me, but there is a edit of tommy with this quote here: link ) Hello everybody, this is the first fanfic that i post (EVER) and i am extremely nervous about it. Don't be shy to comment and/or rebblog, i will absolutely love to hear your thoughts. This is not and will not be a light story, eventually some heavy themes will explored so keep this in mind while reading. English is not my first language and i don't have a beta reader, so forgive me in advance for any grammar erros and typos. Enjoy!
The story is also on AO3: link
Word Count: 2.145
Chapter 1
POV Amelia
March 1920
“I’m a sad girl
I’m a sad girl”
Sad Girl – Lana Del Rey
Amelia was wondering when she was going to fell human again. Everyone was displaying a smile and the air was filled with chuckles. She couldn't comprehend the reason, it was an... odd atmosphere. No, it was not odd, it was actually the normal. She just couldn't accept all this happiness when the void and the pain were consuming her. The world moved on. Actually the world never cared about her mother in the first place.  
That amazing woman who lullabied her to sleep, taught her to read and made the impossible to save her from this wicked world. When such horrid feeling stops? Of course, it does stop when he enters the room. Because all of a sudden the pain is replacet with shame.
If only that letter never been wrote... Ah to be young and naive without thinking about the consequences.To be fair the world was in the brink of a war and Amelia had the right to waste her heart in paper, pen and ink confessing her feelings. She just never expected to encounter him ever again and work on his office was never in her plans. But she needed the money, this job was really a miracle that Peter performed. Perhaps one of the perks of being a peaky boy. For her relief Mr. Shelby seemed to not even notice her presence, so the chances of him recognizing her were small.
Shifting between grief and embarrasment isn’t doing any good.  
‘Concentrate on Peter’
Oh yes, her fianceé. The man who charmed her with dandelions and kissed her passionatly under the stars. The one who hold her hand on the day of her mother’s death and didn’t let go ever since. Soon they would be married and she would start her own family, and maybe then the pain will faid away. ----
Amelia was two steps behind Mr. Shelby, following him to the stables. His broad shoulders and lean figure towered over her.   'Don't overthink. He only asked you for take notes' The horse that won the race that day brought money than expected, that was the reason for all the cheering earlier. But now the animal needed a rest and Mr. Shelby was going to pick the next champion. That was it: he randomly chose her only to take notes on the state of the horses. 'But what if?'   In fact what if he remembered the letter? It's not like he was going to public humiliate her for her teenager fantasies. In the great scope of things she was nobody.  
'But what if?'
There was a secret part of her that gazed at the possibility of being noticed by him.
What would it be to become the princess of Small Heath? Be spoiled and worshiped by this powerful man. The thought was ridiculous, as if he would ever consider a relantionship with a black girl, daughter of a prostitute, and  Peter didn't deserve to have her think on another man. Walking beside Mr. Shelby was something else. The effect on people around them was both scary and delightful. There were the ones that avoid his gaze and crossed rodes for not being noticed. And there were the ones that smiled and complimented ( or even offered him gifts. He was both a saint and a devil.
So different from before the war. At that time he used to run around with the horses and smiled. A lot. Oh, his smile. Even now she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. But Amelia was certain that the man before her wasn't Thomas. Not the one she fell in love with at least. This was a Prince of Hell who decide to make Small Heath it's residence. Because of course, every man came back different, but there was enough of them left to be recognazible. 'You never even talked to him. How can you know that he wasn't like this back then?'
Finally they were standing in front of the stables, the walk felt infinite. She prepared the notebook and the pen while entering the high ceiling building, looking also to the floor avoiding excrement. Hay was definitely sticking to her clothes. Before Mr. Shelby could open the bay of the first horses, a noise broke the silence. A very animalesque but human noise. People were seriously banging here? Amelia could feel the blood arise on her face. She focused her gaze on the horse just to have something to occupy herself with. A heavy sigh came from Mr. Shelby direction. "Whoever is there has two seconds to get dressed and fuck off." He declared. The voice echoed in a scary tone. There were some muffled mumbling in response. Amelia could die in that moment from second hand embarrassment. Jesus, she wanted to go home.   "Mr. Shelby, i'm sorry for..." This was a very familiar voice. Amelia found herself staring at Peter. His appearance was messy in a way that just a hurried shag could provide. She never saw the woman before. As if mattered.
Was all a lie? All those beautiful moments they lived together? Did he ever intended to marry her?
The tears fell like a river, her vision became blurry and before she could control her feet she ran away. "Amy, wait!" Peter shouted. Stupid, how could she ever hoped that a man would actually love her?
POV Thomas
March 1920
“Uh, tell me why the fuck I feel so empty? This might be the reason that she left me Mama, what's the reason I feel empty? I might pop another, please don't tempt me Tell me why the fuck I feel so empty”
Empty – Chase Atlantic
He needs to fucking sleep. Get high as fuck and sleep. Hoping that the demons will stay away at least for today.
But before the wishes become true, his shoulder demands some stiching. Those fuckers did a nice job on cutting him like a pig. A little bit further and he would be gone.
The office is nearly empty when he enters. A few of the peaky boys checking on the books and the melancholic girl. No sight of Lizzie.  
“Do you know how to stich wounds?” He asks the girl.
“Yes, Sir” She responds with a expression similar to a scared little bunny.
“Follow me.”
Inside his room, he opens the drawer containing the needle and the thread and hands over to the girl. Her calloused fingers denounces her origins, such a soft face for such rough hands. But there’s no other way for a woman to survive Small Heath.
While trying to get the shirt out, his shoulder doesn’t appreciate the movement. He gasps at the pain. The relief of the body while he sits on the chair is tranquilizing.  
“I need alcohol to clean up the wound, Sir” Her voice is thin and he needs to concetrate on it through the cloud of pain.
“Use the whiskey”
Instead of puring the drink into his shoulder, she rubs a piece of cloth, likely containing the whiskey, that he doesn’t know where she took from. Perhaps she thinks that he will be mad 'cause of the waste.
The needle enters and the pain is way less than what he expects, no excessive force or unstable movements. He misjudged her hands, they aren't rough. It's quite the opposite they are very kind. Too kind for a man like him. Was this a special treatment? A echo of the love she felt all those years back that was poured beautifully in the letter? What would have hapenned if she appeared before Grace? Would he had given her a chance?
'You're only distracting yourself from the fact that you don't have Grace now' That fucking woman. That fucking woman and her powerful lying tongue. He cringes internally once again remembering of how much of a fool he was. All because of love. Or what he thought was love. He concluded a long time ago that what he truly felt was a desire for love. Being in love with the idea of being in love. At least is what he tells himself and sometimes he believes it. A nock on the door takes Thomas out of his thoughts. "Come in" He comands. Peter enters and the smile that he carries immeadtly dies. The boy acts a little stuned as if never seen a man being stiched before. He blinks in what apparently seems an atempt to recompose himself. "Your brothers are calling for you Sir, at The Garrison."  
Thomas wants to be fucking alone. After a exhausting day the only company that he truly desires is of a woman. And Lizzie is probably at the pub. He could call her but the fight that would ensued is not worth it.   "Tell them i'm busy"   With the definitive answer he expects the boy to leave. Wich he doesn't. Instead his gaze falls on the girl. "Is there anything else, Peter?" Thomas asks. "No, Mr. Shelby. That would be all." Peter eyes falls to his feet and he walks to the exit, but before he passes the frame he turns around. "You should stop by the pub later, Amy"   Great. Romance drama. The cherry on top for a shitty day.  
For the first time he feels a harder grip on his shoulder. "I won't"   This is also the first time he hears her loud and clear. He even turns around to testemony this change of character. The look on her face could kill at least ten men. So this was her breaking point, anger due to the cheating boyfriend? He highly doubts.
Peter doesn't try to argue and thank God he fucks off. But leaves the door open. Is Thomas being too lenient on his employees? This could be obviously a mistake, but the likelyhood is that the fucker is afraid of seeing his ex-girlfriend alone with another man. He would need to keep a eye on him. This could be a minor level of insubordination but resentment is built over time.
"It's finished, Sir" The thin voice is back. He's almost dissapointed. The rawness of angry it is something to be admired. "Thank you, Miss Smith. Could you give my cigarrets, please? Is on the left pocket on the coat."   He leans back on his chair doing his best to not further damage the sensitive flesh.
The girl is on the floor grabing his cigarrets just like he asked. Peter called her Amy. Amelia then. It suited her. Sweet on the tongue and rough on the meaning. Would her mouth be sweet on his tongue? Would she enjoy him being rough inside her? Probably not, she looked like the girl who would be pleased by slow love making. Lately this wasn’t the style of sex he could satisfy himself with.
Still on her knees she delivers the pack of cigarrets and the box with matches. She is beautiful, with golden brown eyes, big lips and soft curls. It is truly a shame that the only version that he knows of her is this. Eternaly sad. So concentrated on her own pain. Does he looks this phatetic? If things had gone different and they had ended up together for some reason, she would be destroyed. If a man like Peter could break her like that, Thomas couldn’t imagine the extension of the damage he would cause.  
Amelia gets up and straightens her skirt.
"Did he treated you nicely?" He surprises himself with the question. "Ah?" She looks confused. "Did Peter treated you nicely?" He can see the thoughts racing in her mind. "Why are you asking, Sir?" The suspicion on her face is nearly comical. "He must have or else you weren't be this upset" She is slightly uncomfortable, squinting her skirt. She doesn’t like attention. This is something that he already noticed. She never looks people in the eyes, makes na extra effort to not talk to anyone unless is necessary. Why she feels the need to be invisible? Why the fuck he bothers?
"He did treated me nicely. That's why it hurts, knowing that i was just a play to him."
The answer hits him deeper than what he could had expected. He should not relate to her pain this much. So both of them paid the price of vulnerability.
"Don't act sad. He may think that he's still have power over you. The worst thing that could happen to him right now is if you show zero fucks." He is anwering himself.
‘The past is in the past, Thomas.’
“I will keep that in mind, Sir. Is there anything else that i could do for you?”
“No, thank you Miss Smith.”
He almost wishes her presence a little longer. But a girl so broken like her couldn’t fill the void on his soul.
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Kenpoints - Kuroken
Tumblr media
(gif not mine! credits to owner)
Kuroken x fem!oc
summary: kuroo and yumi have this thing called kenpoints, where they playfully compete to see who can get kenma out of his comfort zone the most in a week
anime masterlist
A young girl skipped through the halls of Karasuno High, humming aimlessly to a song in her earphones and sipping on a chocolate milk. Her hair bounced a little in its half up-do with each little jump.
When she finally found the building she’d been looking for, she stopped by the door. Two teams played on the court, fighting to see who’d let the ball touch the ground first. Her green cat like eyes studied the host team’s movements, not letting any scape.
When the ball finally fell, the point going to the guests, the second year took an obnoxiously loud sip from the carton and spoke up, letting her purple headphones rest around her neck.
"You with the man bun" she pointed, entering the place "Why do you hesitate so much? Just hit the ball when they set it for you. You obviously know what you’re doing. Buzzcut, love your enthusiasm. Arms, you have nice receives, but move more with those legs, you have them for something" she let her gaze fall in the dumbfounded duo–. You two. Good quick attack. However, if you keep using it they’re gonna catch up to it, so either Tangerine acts faster or Blueberry changes the sets. Just change it up a bit" not even two seconds later, she smirked at the blond guy "Glasses. Try to look like you’re enjoying this a little bit, why dontcha? You’re looking dead"
There was an eerie silence in the gym. She took another obnoxiously loud sip.
"Hey!" the tangerine jumped "Who are you? What are you doing here?"
"Yumi!" a deeper voice called, and instantly the girl turned around "We’re trying to play a game! Quit your talking"
"Sorry gramps!" she bowed slightly, winking to the short boy "Good luck tangerine"
She walked to the other bench with a big smile, waving exaggeratedly at the players.
"Hey boys! How’s the game? I bought you all milk, but you have to wait until after the game" she patted her bag, pushing Yamamoto away when he tried to take a look inside "Now, do I have to let you know anything I’ve noticed about them or has Kenma already given you the rundown?"
"While you were talking to the tangerine" Yaku nodded.
"He was nice. Such a cutie of a person. Now go out there and kick his ass!" she cheered and slapped the ass of the two boys at her sides.
"Yumi" Kenma whined, only eliciting a smirk from the girl.
"Would you prefer a kiss good luck?" she whispered, snickering when her boyfriend looked away.
"Babe, you can slap my ass any time" their other boyfriend leaned down to say, an open toothy smile adorning his face.
"Stop slacking! You heard her. Go out there and kick their asses!"
Yumi didn’t know how many matches they had played, but she did know she’d enjoyed every last one of them. Now they all had sweat dripping down their chins and their breathings were heavy, but neither team looked like they want to end the small tournament.
But, time was a thing, and apparently not just an illusion, and they had a whole ride to Tokyo they had to take before it was too late or they’d all arrive home in the early hours of morning. So it came Yumi’s less favorite part: cleaning.
As caring and attentive as Yumi was, she was also disorganized. Among her friends it was common knowledge that she was the messiest of the throuple. Kuroo was always the one cleaning after her and Kenma.
"C’mon Ken, move! If I’m cleaning, so are you" she pushed her boyfriend, who was still with a volleyball in hand.
"But Yumi, he’s staring" he muttered, side-eying the rival setter, who was in fact staring at him.
The girl chuckled and looked at Kageyama. He was mumbling under his breath, and although he looked like he was trying to kill Kenma, his words said otherwise.
"Hey kid. Relax with that look, okay? I’ll send you some pointers on your sets, just stop staring so much. You’re gonna send him into a coma" Kageyama seemed to think about it for a moment, his frown deepening, before he simply nodded and went to pick up balls somewhere else.
Yumi turned back to the other boy with a smile. Kenma wasn’t as tense anymore, and he directed a small smile towards his girlfriend. However, she just pointed at her cheek and stuck out her head in his direction. Kenma rolled his eyes and glared at her for a second, before looking around and quickly leaning in to peck her cheek. Then, he rushed in the opposite direction.
"Oi Tetsu!" she called, and the rooster head immediately looked at her "I’ve got three more points than you do now" she announced proudly, laughing at how quickly his smile fell and he turned towards the shortest of the relationship.
They had a game, a playful competition to see who got Kenma to do more things outside of his comfort zone. That included things like PDA other than hand holding, talking to someone instead of having someone else do it for him, doing crazy stuff with them, or simply staying time without one of his consoles or his phone. And there was their favorite: being nice to people, extra points if it was Lev. Depending on what he did, the range went from 0-10 normally, and then there were bonus +5, +10, +20. They called them Kenpoints. The score restarted every week, and each week Kuroo and Yumi tried to find new ways of picking on their poor boyfriend.
Of course, the gremlin complained and whined, and glared and insulted them in every way he could think of —which could get as creative as their tries— but nothing made it stop. Deep down, he enjoyed it too, and it warmed his heart that his significant others cared so much about him.
"Yeah, suck on that, Kuroo!"
"Kitten, I’ll get ya. Just you wait" he narrowed his eyes at her, getting a flying kiss in return.
By the time they had gotten back home, all three components of the relationship were almost dead. Yumi was on Kuroo’s back, slurring some words about her morning with Lev and how the poor boy was clueless in math.
"But he’s so cute when he finally gets it!" she mumbled happily, a yawn cutting her off "And he never gives up. It’s like you and your games, Ken"
"Don’t compare me to Lev" he grumbled instantly, taking his eyes off his console for a second just so he could show her his disgusted face.
Kuroo chuckled and moved his head to press a kiss on Yumi’s cheek.
"By the way, Kitten" he told her softly "Thank you for coming today after tutoring the kid. It was a trip all the way from Tokyo"
"It was nothin’" she smiled sleepily "I love you all. You two more, but don’t tell the others"
Yumi was drunk when she was sleepy. Ironically though, she wasn’t a sleepy drunk. The winning melody came from Kenma’s videogame, and he finally put it down, shifting slightly closer to the other two. They were about to arrive home, and Kuroo was thinking which house they should leave Yumi at. While Kenma and him lived next to each other, Yumi was across the street, so the three of them had just arrived to one of their homes to crash many times since they were little.
"Yumi, where do you wanna sleep?"
"I want cuddles" she slurred, her heavy eyelids barely holding up.
"My house it is" the tall boy nodded "Babe, can you go tell her dads?" when Kenma nodded silently and left to Yumi’s house "That’s five more points for me"
"No way, Ken loves my dads. That’s barely out of his comfort zone"
"I’m still taking the points"
That night, after the boys changed their girlfriend’s clothes, the three snuggled closer in Kuroo’s bed, falling asleep almost instantly when they found themselves in each other’s arms. Kuroo held onto both his partners at his sides, who had their arms over his chest, hands one on top of the other, and six legs a complete mess a little below.
Training camps were absolute paradise for Yumi. She’d been attending since both Kenma and Kuroo became part of the volleyball club, even if she wasn’t the team’s manager.
"Ladies!" she greeted the other team’s managers "Guess what"
"You have snacks"
"I- yes, I do, but that’s not it" she took out a candy bar for her favorite Fukurodani manager "Look at my jacket"
"It’s Kenma’s" Kiyoko said.
"What? No it’s- Oh yes it is, look at that. This gained me 5 points and a bonus of 10, mind you. Kuroo’s still winning though" she rambled, pouting a little at her last statement "I’m just gonna say it. I am Nekoma’s new manager!"
"Oh we know"
"Yeah, we heard Yamamoto gush to Tanaka about how they had an official hottie as manager"
"That idiot can’t keep his mouth shut for shit. Reminds me of Lev" she turned around in search of said idiot, spotting him in the field against the owls "Hey Big Guy! Next spike, aim it at Yamamoto!" she called "I’ll give you his snack!"
"Hey, hey, hey! You got it, Yumi!" Bokuto cheered, saluting the short girl.
Satisfied with the terrified look on the mock gangster’s face, she smirked, letting out a small “Ha” and examined the gym. The teams had certainly improved since they last encountered them. Then there was Karasuno. Suzuki tilted her head a little and narrowed her eyes at them.
They weren’t bad, they definitely had potential and enthusiasm, and they obviously wanted to learn. But they weren’t complete.
"Where’s Shoyo and his grumpy boyfriend?" she pouted "What happened to them?"
"Shoyo said they both failed their exams and they had to retake them today. But they’ll be here this afternoon"
"How nice! Then you’ll have your play friend!" she teased Kenma.
But the boy only glared and flicked her forehead, taking a seat next to her. All the teams were taking a break now, except the crows, who were doing run laps. A shadow casted over the pair, causing Yumi to look up.
"Hey Yu. Can I have one of those snacks you mentioned?"
"Lev!" the manager beamed up at him, side nudging her boyfriend, who had just let out a displeased grunt "Snacks are for later. You need to practice more of your receives. You have to crouch down with your legs a little, remember the technique"
"Got it. Kenma, will you set for me later?" still with his oblivious smile, he looked over Yumi’s shoulder.
The setter wasn’t really in the mood to deal with him. He was exhausted and the only thing he wanted was some peace and quiet, the presence of one of his partners and a video game. So he just shrugged, and that was enough for Lev to be satisfied.
"You’re not going to set for him"
"No" he repeated, not an ounce of regret or compassion in his tone.
Yumi chuckled as he slumped on his seat, placing it slightly closer to hers. They sat in silence for some moments, Kenma was still relaxing his muscles and she just embraced the whole environment they were in. The background noise filled her with happiness, voices blurring with a mix of high pitched excited words or arguing plays or just friendly chatter.
"Catch!" a wet towel landed on her face. She heard Kuroo’s hyena laughter, and threw the stinky towel right back at him "I told you to catch it!"
"I was spaced out! And it stinks, dude! What the hell?"
"Oh come on, babe. It’s not that bad" he smirked, going over to drop himself on top of her.
"Tetsuro, you come near me and I’ll bite your sweaty ass" she warned.
"Oooh, not here kitten. Your kinks are reserved for the bedroom" he winked.
However, the playful expression disappeared as soon as she threw a volleyball at him. Then she stood up, and fright settled in his dark eyes. Kenma had taken out his phone and hadn’t looked up to see whatever the other two were doing —it couldn’t be more important than feeding his Pou. To the rest of the team’s amusement, the manager started going after the captain, throwing whatever she could get her hands on.
"I’m dating children" Kenma sighed, seconds before the “children” crashed into his chair, all of them ending up on the floor.
They stayed there, none moving for a moment. Then, like acting with one shared mind —which had been the case since they were young— they all scrambled up, Kuroo and Yumi joining forces to escape the small beast’s wrath while Kenma chased after them.
Shoyo’s voice was the only thing keeping Yumi awake in that moment. She was in the midst of falling sleep with her head on Kenma’s lap. She knew she should’ve gone with Tetsuro and Bokuto, that would’ve kept her energized for a couple more hours, instead of listening to the small noises the PSP made. Yumi heard them complain about Lev and his height, but didn’t have the energy to defend the lion cub that time.
“I need to wake up. If I sleep now, tomorrow I’ll wake up too early” With that thought, she jumped up.
"Where’re you going?"
"To find Lev so I can cheat on you and Tetsu" she said playfully, earning just a glare from Kenma "I’m kidding, jeez. Don’t kill me like that, I prefer another type of death if you know what I mean..."
"Yumi! We don’t need to hear those comments" Yaku groaned, but the girl only laughed.
"I’m gonna go take a walk, come with me" she demanded "We’ll get Tetsuro and make it a late night date. You can bring the PSP but turn off the volume"
It didn’t take long to convince the pudding to come with her, and the two walked to the room where the Fukurodani players would sleep. Yumi barged in like she owned the place, marched to her startled boyfriend while the other stayed at the door playing, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him with her.
"I’m stealing him! Sorry Bo!"
"Wait, Yums! My snack?"
"Go ask Yaku for it, it’s in my bag. Bye!"
Once out, she gave Kuroo his jacket and started walking.
"What was that about?" he asked.
"I wanted to go out on a walk and I thought I’d bring you two with me" she shrugged "We’re on an improvised date"
"Hm. I like it" he grinned, passing his arm through her shoulders and bringing her to him "Ken, leave that thing. We’re on a date"
Although he released a few grunts under his breath, Kenma did so, taking Kuroo’s hand in his. The three walked aimlessly through the streets, comments of what they’d tried in the training, what they’d find interesting in other players, or just stupid banter between them. It was those kind of dates Yumi enjoyed, with no actual plan, just improvising and letting their subconscious do the rest of the work. They could go relaxed and chill or chaotic and surprising. It was great.
At some point, they stopped by a field and laid down. There weren’t many stars they could see, but the nice feeling was still there, and Yumi rejoiced in it as she laid between her two boys. A soft sigh left her lips.
"Hey Yumi" a hum to answer Kuroo’s call "It’s midnight"
"You mean we should probably get going?"
"No, I mean I won this week’s Kenpoints"
Kenma rolled her eyes and sighed, Yumi hit Kuroo, and he let out a loud laugh.
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band--psycho · an hour ago
Chibs x Reader-True Feelings
For the amazing @beeroses  who requested this amazing story for my 1.6k challenge! I hope you all enjoy it!💛
SOA Masterlist / Chibs Telford Masterlist
“I know her going out to dinner with Hale is bothering you,” Jax began, sitting down on the stool next to Chibs. It didn’t take a genius to see why the Scotsman was pissed off and it didn’t take a genius to work out why. It was all because of Y/n Y/l/n. Chibs had had a crush on her from the very first moment he saw her, but he didn’t say anything. Couldn’t trust himself to fall in love again and not damage her. He didn’t want to hurt her. He wanted to keep her safe. Which is why he never said anything about his feelings for her. In fact, it was pretty clear to everyone that both Chibs and Y/n liked each other, clear to everyone but themselves. Which is why Y/n said yes to going on a date with David Hale. 
“You should’ve said somethin’ to her, brother,” Jax continued, with a sympathetic look in his crystal blue eyes. He hated seeing how cut up Chibs was.
A frustrated sigh fell from Chibs’ lips, he knew Jax was right but it was too late now. He’d missed his chance and he knew it. He took a large swig of his drink, wanting nothing more than to keep on drinking to forget the ache in his chest at the thought of Y/n with Hale.
“You can’t keep acting like these feelings for her don’t exist, brother, if you don’t tell her soon you’re gonna lose her forever.”
“She was never mine to lose, Jackie,” Chibs sighed, feeling his heart break as he said those words. 
“She deserves to know the truth,” Those words were enough to make all of the pent up anger, hurt and frustration Chibs had been trying to suppress come out. 
“What truth?” He snapped, slamming his drink down on the bar, “that whenever she walks into a room I think I forget how to breathe, or how her laugh can suddenly make a shit day almost fade away. Or how just seeing her can brighten my entire day? Or how about when I heard she was going on a date with Hale I felt my heart shatterin’ because I know that’s the type of guy she deserves…” his voice trailed off at the end of the sentence, his throat burning as he desperately tried to stop himself from completely crumbling in front of Jax.
“Chibs,” a delicate, feminine voice said, drawing him back to reality. It took his mind a few seconds to realise who’s voice it was but when he did he felt his heartbeat increase. Y/n. Part of him wanted to turn round to see her. Another part of him just wanted to leave this awkward situation entirely. 
“How long have ye been standing there,” Chibs muttered, with his back still to her, desperately hoping that she hasn’t heard any of that conversation; but he knew that was unlikely.
“Longer than you’d like,” she replied back, only confirming his biggest fear. She knew.
“I’ll leave you two to it,” Jax piped up, breaking the awkward silence that had descended on the room. As he left, he placed a reassuring hand on Chibs’ shoulder, giving him a knowing look before leaving the clubhouse. Chibs knew he had to tell Y/n the truth…but he was terrified, he didn’t want to lose her from his life. 
A few moments of silence passed before Y/n moved closer towards Chibs. This time it was her chance to break the awkward silence. 
“Why didn’t you tell me, Filip?” She asked, her y/c/e fixed on him. But Chibs’ eyes were locked onto the ground, refusing to meet her gaze.
“Filip?” She asked again, her hand lightly reaching out to touch his. It was a comforting gesture and Chibs wanted nothing more than to enjoy it, but he pulled away from her touch as quickly as he could.
“Because I care too much about ye to involve ye in anything to do with this life,” Chibs muttered, sighing as he leaned his back against the bar. “But the thought of ye and Hale together…” he ran his leather gloved hand through his hair; sighing in frustration as his thoughts ran away with him.
“David’s a good guy-”
“Aye,” Chibs bluntly interrupted, rolling his eyes slightly as he moved slightly, his arms now resting on the bar. 
“You didn’t let me finish,” Y/n began, moving so she was now next to Chibs, “he’s a good guy but he’s not you.” 
Chibs furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, trying to work out if Y/n had actually said those words or if he’d just imagined it, 
“Filip I’ve liked you for months now, I thought I made it obvious but when you didn’t give me anything back I just thought you weren’t interested so-” in that particular moment in time, actions were louder than words. Chibs couldn’t say anything, he was speechless from Y/ns admission so he did the only thing he could do. The one thing he’d dreamt of doing for so long. He kissed her. His hands moved to her face, his leather gloved hands caressing her cheeks as he deepened the kiss. A few seconds passed before Y/n melted into the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.
“Does that show ye that I’m interested,” Chibs whispered against her lips, his eyes staring into hers. Y/n couldn’t say anything, her mind still processing what had just happened, so she simply nodded, feeling a small smile tug at her lips as her cheeks grew hot. A breathy chuckle left Chibs lips as he stared at her, not wanting to look away from her for a second, falling deeper for her with every minute that passed by.
“What?” She muttered, furrowing her eyebrows slightly. 
“Ye’re cute when ye blush,” Chibs cooed, delicately moving a stray strand of her y/h/c from her face, only making the blush on Y/ns face intensify.
“Come on,” he said, moving his hand to hers, intertwining their fingers together as he lightly pulled her with him.
“Where are we going?” Y/n asked, the confusion evident in her voice. A devilish smirk graced Chibs lips as he whispered in her ear, “I think I’ve got a lot of making up to do,” and without any warning whatsoever, he picked her up, a small squeal left Y/ns lips as her feet left the floor and Chibs practically threw her over his shoulder but very quickly the squeal that had left her turned into laughter. The sound of her laughter was enough to bring a beaming smile onto Chibs face as he carried her towards the clubhouse bedroom; where he was going to make sure he worshiped her the way he’d always wanted to. 
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Tumblr media
You witness her protecting you from ethan by the time you go looking for her, it's too late
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entertainmentnerdly · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Niagara Falls, early evening [3024 x 4032, OC] via /r/EarthPorn
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one-more-fangirl · an hour ago
anime masterlist
other masterlist
Kenpoints: kuroo and yumi have this thing called kenpoints, where they playfully compete to see who can get kenma out of his comfort zone the most in a week
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chaotickpop · 2 hours ago
When Worlds Collide
Tumblr media
Chapter 14: Rumors Started Part 2 (Warning: Contains Sexual Content)
We arrived at our destination, which was a traditional house in Hanok and got out of the van. The film crew was already waiting for us as we walked over. My phone kept buzzing so I swiped away the notifications from Twitter and Instagram before putting it on silent mode and placed it in my bag. The crew put mics on the guys as I went over to the director who told me what the mission for today was. I turned my back towards the guys to hide my face as I tried not to laugh. "We're going to have you do it as well," she said, catching me off guard. "Wait, what?" She ignored me as they began filming, the guys doing their intro before receiving the mission. "Today, we must find our Ang mate (soul mate)," Wonho read, everyone muttering as a board was set up.
Jooheon pulled out candy, attempting to win someone over, but he ran out. "We're seven. You should've brought more," Hyungwon scolded. "I thought there was more," Jooheon said. "Wait a minute," Minhyuk chuckled, "you tried to win me over, right? You gave me two pieces of candy and gave Shownu one." Everyone laughed as Minhyuk gave Hyungwon the extra candy. "The last person who eats it is on my Ang index," Jooheon announced, pointing at Hyungwon who quickly spit the candy out. Changkyun looked over towards me, a small smile on his face as Shownu read the rules for today's mission. The director asked the guys who looked attractive to them the most today. Shownu walked up and voted for Changkyun. Changkyun walked over, trying to make up his mind as he looked at the others. Wonho picked up the board that had fallen to the ground and set it back up. Changkyun turned back around, looking at me and almost said my name before clearing his throat and voted for Wonho. Jooheon stepped up and cupped his mouth, picking Shownu. Kihyun walked over and voted for Jooheon. Minhyuk and Wonho raced over, Minhyuk making it over towards the camera first and voted for Wonho. Hyungwon walked over and hesitantly voted for Jooheon. Wonho finally gets his chance and voted for Changkyun.
"Here are the results," the director announced, "three people had the most votes. First was Jooheon. Second was Wonho. Third was IM." Changkyun looked shocked, as if he didn't think that he could have won. The director looked over towards me with a grin before the camera turned towards me. "Who would you vote for," she asked, all attention on me now. "Why are you asking me that," I blushed, "I pick all of them. You're not putting the pressure on me." Everyone laughed as the camera was back on the guys. "The first game is the stick biscuit game," she announced, Changkyun, Minhyuk and especially Wonho whined and protest against it. "And Ashley will have her own round to do as well," she added. "Why are you picking on me?!" She laughed as I sighed, trying to figure out what to do. "You each draw a question and then you eat the biscuit with the member in question," she explained before looking at me, "and for every question that you guys pick, Ashley will also have to answer the same question." "That doesn't sound too bad, but I feel like this is a set up," I said as she smiled at me and got the questions ready.
Hyungwon decided to go first and drew a question that said "For whom do you feel sorry for?" He hesitated at first as he looked around before picking his target, Changkyun, who quickly tried to run away before getting caught. "One night, IM stayed up all night for me," Hyungwon revealed, Changkyun instantly regretting it. Changkyun put the biscuit in his mouth as Hyungwon hesitantly started eating the other side, both nearing each other before stepping away. "Ashley, do you want to go now," the director asked me. "No thanks. I rather do all of the questions at the same time so I'll wait until their rounds are over," I said as she put the question to the side. Minhyuk walked over and grabbed a question. "Pick an easy one for me," I yelled at him. "Don't worry. I will," he said confidently as he looked at his question and got happy. He looked around and smiled before revealing his question which was "Who would you like to have as the "bed" of the day?" "That's not an easy question," I whined, covering my face. "I'm sorry, Ashley. Still love me," he asked. "No I don't!" He laughed before turning his attention to his band members. "This question is very specific," he explained, looking around. Kihyun walked over and pushed Wonho out of the way. "Don't do that. It's not me," Wonho chuckled. "Don't worry, Wonho. It's not you," Minhyuk said before looking at Kihyun. "Don't look at me," Kihyun immediately says, looking away. Minhyuk walked around and put his hand on Wonho, pushing him forward. "What? You just said that it wasn't me," he said. "You're the only answer to this question," Minhyuk said as everyone tried to guess the question. Minhyuk put the biscuit in his mouth and they grabbed each other's hand as Wonho ate the biscuit little by little until he got closer to Minhyuk and stopped.
Kihyun decided to get his turn over with and picked a question that said "Who does my mom like the most?" He looked at me and I shrugged, not sure what to say as he had an internal dilemma. "I'm going to pick from behind," Kihyun said, walking behind everyone before pushing Jooheon to the front. "Me? What was the question," Jooheon asked, but Kihyun ignored him and put the biscuit in his mouth. Jooheon, in his true form of making everyone laugh, pumped himself up. "Wakanda forever," he yelled out before eating the biscuit as fast as possible. Kihyun stood as still as possible despite how close Jooheon came as they finished the challenge. Jooheon walked over and picked a question which read "Who is the strongest baby?" Jooheon thought to himself as he turned around. "He's very passionate," he announced as everyone started guessing. "It's not me. I'm not passionate at all," Minhyuk chuckled as everyone singled out Wonho. "Stop talking about me," Wonho laughed as Jooheon picked his answer, Minhyuk. "Wait. I'm not passionate at all," he declined. "To me, you look very passionate," Jooheon said. "I'll be competitive and live up to your expectations," Minhyuk said as Jooheon put the biscuit in his mouth and started making faces, making Minhyuk laugh, "stop doing the double eyes." He took a deep breath and started eating on the biscuit until Jooheon panicked and moved away.
Shownu walked up and picked his question which was "Who made you feel most excited?" "How am I supposed to answer that," I sighed as everyone tried to figure out the question. "It must be a tough question if Ashley can't figure it out," Minhyuk said as Shownu looked at everyone. "This question isn't special. It's an ordinary question," he explained before singling out Hyungwon and Jooheon. Shownu walked over and picked Jooheon, who's been popular the entire time. "When we were at the concert, I got excited that we would be performing in the same unit," Shownu explained before putting the biscuit in his mouth and Jooheon proceeded to eat it. Changkyun walked over and picked his question, chuckling when he saw it. "I'm sorry, Ashley," he said, revealing the question "Who looks the ugliest today?" I covered my face, shaking my head as I tried not to laugh. Changkyun looked at the group, Minhyuk pulling Jooheon, Hyungwon, and Kihyun to the side with him, thinking that it was a safe zone. Changkyun made a motion for Kihyun to step forward. "Me," Kihyun asked, but Changkyun ignored him. He put the biscuit in his mouth as Kihyun mentally prepared to take his first bite when Wonho licked his lips, which made everyone laugh. "My lips are dry. Don't misunderstand me. It's just because my lips are dry," he explained before standing next to Jooheon. Kihyun refocused his attention and started eating, Changkyun aggressively ate his end until Kihyun stopped.
Lastly, Wonho picked the remaining question, yelling and dropping to his knees. I raised an eyebrow as he looked at me. "I don't want to show it," he chuckled, looking at the question again. "You have to. Just show us," the director said. Wonho sighed and held up the question "If you were a girl, who would you marry?" "That's the worst question ever," I yelled, standing up and yelled in my hands, "I'm not doing that question!" "You don't have a choice," the director said as I protested in German, throwing my hands up as I walked around in circles, blushing as I thought about the question. "I'm sorry, Ashley! It's a hard one for me too," Wonho tried to reason, but I ignored him, puzzling my brain. "Dear members, I chose him because he's good at cooking ramen," Wonho said as Minhyuk, Changkyun, Jooheon, and Hyungwon stood happily to the side. Shownu and Kihyun were singled out until Wonho told Shownu to join the others. "Me again," Kihyun asked as everyone laughed. Wonho placed the biscuit in his mouth and Kihyun careful ate his end until their noses touched and it was over. "Anyone changed their minds," the director asked. "I did," Wonho, who's pick was Changkyun, said. "I'm confused," Minhyuk, who's pick was Wonho, said. "Everyone else didn't change," the director asked and everyone else nodded before she turned to me, "your turn."
I sighed and walked in front of the camera, grabbing the question and showed the camera before looking to see that it said "Who would you like to have as the "bed" of the day?" I whined and covered my face, shaking my head. "Off to a bad start already," Hyungwon said. "I bet she got my question," Kihyun said as I puzzled my brain. "No. She definitely got mine," Minhyuk said. "Shut up," I said as I looked at each member, "I think for this question, I have to go with the most logical answer." Everyone nodded at my explanation as I sighed, trying to decide. "Just walk up to someone," Jooheon shouted as I made my decision and walked up to Wonho. "Why me," he chuckled as we stood in front of the camera. "You're the only one who makes sense for this question," I shrugged before putting the biscuit in my mouth. "This is so weird," he chuckled, scratching his head before placing his hand on my hip and slowly ate away at the biscuit until our noses touched and he quickly moved away.
The next question I picked was "For whom do you feel sorry for?" and only one person came to mind as I turned to face them. "Probably the easiest question that I can answer," I admitted before walking over to Changkyun who raised an eyebrow. "So a few months ago, I was injured and had to be rushed to the hospital. That night, IM kept calling nonstop until I could answer to check on me and I thought that it was really sweet," I smiled as we stared into each other's eyes, a secret message sent between us before I put the biscuit in my mouth. "I was worried, but I'm glad that you're okay now," he blushed, placing both hands on my hips as he took a deep breath, seemingly trying to control himself as he began to eat the biscuit until our lips brushed against each other and for a split second, we almost kissed until he moved away, winking as he walked away. I pulled the next question and immediately regretted it when I saw "Who looks the ugliest today?" and shook my head. "Uh oh. Another bad one,"Minhyuk said as I scratched my head. "Okay so," I sighed, "whomever I pick, don't hate me or get mad at me." "I think I know what question you got," Changkyun said. "Shut up. This is your fault," I said before walking over to Jooheon and pulled him to the front. "Wait. Time out. What was the question," he asked and I ignored him, putting the biscuit in my mouth. "Ashley, make it interesting," Minhyuk shouted. "I can do that," I said, taking the biscuit out and putting it in Jooheon's mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him towards me, biting the biscuit in one swift movement before walking away. Jooheon looked at me before looking at the others. "What just happened," he asked as everyone laughed.
The next question I picked was "Who does my mom like the most?"and the answer was obvious as I immediately walked over to Changkyun. "Again? Why me," he asked. "It's a pretty basic, straight forward question. Nothing too dramatic," I said, putting the biscuit in my mouth. "IM, make it interesting," Jooheon teased. Changkyun shrugged and spun me around, dipping me low and ate the biscuit, our lips becoming close once more before he stood me straight up on my feet again. My heart was pounding in my chest as he walked away confidently. I composed myself as I grabbed the next question which was "Who is the strongest baby?" and started puzzling my brain. "This one, I was confused about so I'm just going to choose based on personality," I announced as I looked around before narrowing my choice to Hyungwon and Minhyuk. "She's focused on those two," Kihyun said, pointing towards the two. I thought for a moment before picking Minhyuk. "Really? Why," he asked. "You're very kindhearted and very passionate," I explained as he placed the biscuit in his mouth and I swiftly ate it without hesitation. The next question was also somewhat easy, the question being "Who made you feel most excited?" I thought for a moment as I walked over to Hyungwon. "Really," he asked and I nodded. "When we first met and I learned that you're basically the main dancer, I was excited to meet you because I love to dance and figured that I could learn a few moves from you," I confessed as he smiled. "I will teach you some one day," he promised as he ate the biscuit from my mouth.
The last question was the question that I was dreading the most which was "If you were a girl, who would you marry?" I squealed and covered my face as I stared at the director who simply smiled and motioned for me to move on. I turned around and looked at the group, blushing as I tried to explain this. "I don't even want to say anything," I said, my face heating up. "I know the question," Wonho teased, "I'll help you out." He smirked and walked over to Changkyun, pushing him towards me. "She didn't decide. You can't pick for her," Changkyun said. "Actually, you are my pick so he saved me a walk over there," I said, trying to relax, "I'm not going to explain anything. It's just.....I know that you're the right choice." Changkyun raised an eyebrow as he put the biscuit in his mouth. I cupped his face as I ate the biscuit, using my hands to hide the secret kiss we shared before stepping away. "Now Ashley, you must choose your mate today as well," the director said as I walked back towards her. I smiled and whispered Changkyun's name as the camera returned to the guys as more missions began. I helped with setting up a wheel for them to spin and do challenges as the show went on.
The next set of challenges were harder than the last, but the winners won stickers. In the end, Changkyun and Jooheon won five stickers each. "Just play rock, paper, scissors for the winner," Kihyun said. "I'm going to pick rock," Jooheon said, trying to trick Changkyun. "Alright," Changkyun said, seemingly believing him. "I'm serious. I'm picking rock," Jooheon said and Changkyun nodded as Kihyun counted and everyone laughed. Jooheon threw scissors while Changkyun threw rock. "Why would you do that," Kihyun laughed as Changkyun was declared the winner
The next game involved them making a strange sound with their noses and I couldn't stop laughing as they struggled to play. The camera man didn't know whether he should be filming them or me as I couldn't contain my laughter. The next game involved reciting something ten times, spinning ten times, running to the little pool, grabbing a rubber duck, running back to the beginning without dropping the duck and recite ten times again. Changkyun ended up winning the competition and won the date. "You can choose two members to go on another date," Kihyun explained as Changkyun walked over and looked at his options. "Let me give you some advice," Minhyuk said. "Please don't," Changkyun said as he thought about his options. "Please listen to me. I think the classic would be the better choice unlike the overboard choice," Minhyuk said. "I think I'm going to go with the overboard choice because it was calling for me," Changkyun said, completely blowing off Minhyuk. "Who will be your date," the director asked as Changkyun looked around. He stood behind the others, walking back and forth, trying to decide.
Ultimately, he chose Wonho who was extremely happy. "Now pick two for the classic date," Kihyun said as Changkyun looked at everyone. "Shownu and Kihyun," he said as Jooheon, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon cheered and hugged each other. "You know, I had a thought of someone else joining us," Kihyun said. "I already know. Minhyuk, you go," Changkyun said as Jooheon and Hyungwon hugged. "It's settled," the director said as everyone grouped up. "Hey! Can I go hang out with Jooheon and Hyungwon," I asked as everyone looked my way, "I don't have anything to do so we could go hang out somewhere." Jooheon and Hyungwon welcomed me with open arms as I walked over to them. "You don't want to come with us," Wonho asked as Jooheon hugged me protectively. "Hey, man. She's hanging out with us. Don't try to steal her away," Jooheon warned. Wonho held up his hands in surrender as everyone split off to do their dates. I spent an hour with Jooheon and Hyungwon before I told them that I wasn't feeling good and that I was going to go lay down for a while. I left and was driven to another location where I got ready for tonight's prank.
After the dates and trip to the arcade, it was finally time for everyone to pick their mates. "Where's Ashley," Kihyun asked Jooheon and Hyungwon when they saw that I wasn't with them or behind the camera. "She said that she wasn't feeling good so she left," Jooheon told them, but it wasn't true. I was actually busy getting dressed and made up in my gear. I put in my black contacts and painted my face, applying black and white to look like a demon that I used to portray when I wrestle. I smiled as I looked at myself, memories of wrestling washing over me, but I shook them off as the director looked at me and smiled. "It's show time," she smiled as I nodded.
Hyungwon decided to go first and turned his back to the others. "If you had Hyungwon on your mind, please move forward," Minhyuk announced. At first, no one moved, Jooheon squirming as he tried to figure out what to do. "Turn around in three, two, one!" Hyungwon turned around and Jooheon was there, laying down. Now it was Minhyuk's turn which was a mystery to all as he sat in the front with his back turned. Changkyun and Wonho both sat behind him. "Turn around," Kihyun instructed. Minhyuk turned around and was shocked to see both of them sitting there. "Who was the person that you had in mind," Kihyun asked. "Thanks for coming, IM," Minhyuk said, shocking everyone, especially Wonho. Shownu went next and sat up in the front. The person that he had in mind and the one who sat behind him was Kihyun. Now was Changkyun's turn and after the confusion with Minhyuk, things just got more interesting. "If you want to break up this relationship, please move forward," Hyungwon chuckled. Without hesitation, Wonho rolled towards Changkyun. "Jooheon, can you come to the front, please," the director asked and he moved forward, confused. "What's going on," he asked as the director smiled. "You actually had a secret admirer the entire day today," the director said as I hid behind the door. I covered my mouth to stop from laughing as everyone muttered to themselves, trying to figure out who she was referring to.
"Your secret admirer is waiting for you outside of the door," she said as all eyes were on the door where I was. I grinned as Jooheon walked over and slowly opened the door. I grabbed his ankle, making him look down as I growled, making him scream and run to the other side of the room as I laughed. "Ashley?!" I stuck my tongue out as I slid into the room as Jooheon stared at me. "Why did you do that," he pout as I giggled. "Sorry, honey. I was told to scare you so I was just doing my job," I smirked, putting on my skull cap with my horns on it. "That wasn't funny or nice," he continued to pout. "I'm so not sorry," I teased as everyone laughed. "Ashley, you still need to pick your mate," the director said. "Yeah. You did join in on our missions today. So who was the one on your mind today," Kihyun asked. "All of you guys," I answered simply, "I couldn't pick one so I pick you all." "I can accept that," Kihyun said, everyone agreeing as they wrapped up the episode, thus bringing the season to an end. The crew helped us remove our mics and started cleaning up. The director and crew had paid for us to spend the night at the traditional house and I had packed and brought everyone a fresh change of clothes and pajamas for the night. Changkyun walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me, feeling completely relaxed. "I'm so glad that we're finally done," he sighed, looking at me, "also you look very scary like this." "What, you don't like having a demon girlfriend," I giggled, "this is actually my ring gear. I used to paint myself like this before I signed with WWE. I kind of missed this look." "Whatever look you do, you always look beautiful, baby," he smiled, kissing my lips. Minhyuk walked up, phone in hand. "Can I take a picture with you," he asked and I nodded, Changkyun joining as we took the picture. Jooheon walked over, still pouting before smiling and taking a picture. "Forgive me," I asked with an innocent smile. "I forgive you," he chuckled, taking my cap, "but I'm keeping this." I shrugged and gave him a hug as everyone finally relaxed after a long day.
Everyone was spread out throughout the home after saying their good nights. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth after taking a shower when Changkyun walked in. He stood behind me, resting his hands on my hips as I finished and wiped my mouth. "Did you enjoy yourself today, baby? I kept seeing you smiling and laughing," he asked as I turned around to face him. "Yeah. I had a blast. My stomach was hurting from laughing so much," I giggled, "I'm surprised that you had a lot of self control during the biscuit stick game." "It was difficult, but I managed," he smiled, walking us into the room. I stretched before plopping down onto the bed, glad to finally be off my feet.
He climbed on top of me, raising my hands above my head and pinned them down as he looked down at me with lust filled eyes. "Kyunnie, everyone's asleep," I giggled as he kissed my neck slowly. "They're on the other side of the house. It'll be fine," he whispered in my ear. "One more thing," I whispered with a smirk as I raised my right leg up and rubbed his crotch slowly, causing him to loosen his grip on my wrists. I took the opportunity to flip us over so I was sitting on top of him, pinning his arms down to the bed. "That's really cute that you thought you could pin me like that. I'm a wrestler so I can escape all of your pins but better luck next time, Kyunnie," I smirked and kissed him, slipping my tongue into his mouth, earning a groan from him as I felt his member slowly hardening in his boxers. I sat up and peeled off my tank top, Changkyun sucking in his breath as he looked at me. "I think I like this view a lot better," he whispered, grabbing my breast and squeezing them together before playing with my nipples. I moaned softly as I started grinding against him, making him groan as he released my nipples and grabbed my ass, pushing me down so I could feel every inch of him through his boxers. "I want you, pretty girl," he groaned, rolling his hips so his erection rubbed against my clothed core. I bit my lip and climbed off of him, grabbing the waistband of my shorts before turning around, shaking my hips as I wiggled out of my shorts. I heard the bed shift followed by something hitting the floor as I grabbed the waistband of my panties, shaking my butt as I dropped them onto the floor. I turned around and saw Changkyun laying down completely naked and stroking himself, precum forming at the tip. "Come here, pretty girl," he groaned as I climbed back on top of him and he pulled me in for a kiss, groaning as he rolled us over, sliding his hand down my chest and stomach and going to my core, his fingers rubbing circles on my clit as I moaned against his lips. "C-Changkyun," I gasped as he slid two fingers inside of me, brushing against my sweet spot. "You're so wet for me, pretty girl, and I barely touched you. Do I turn you on that much," he whispered in my ear, thrusting his fingers faster inside of me. I gasped, my hips moving on their own as I felt my orgasm nearing. "Are you going to come just from me doing this? That's my pretty girl," he whispered, kissing me to swallow my moans as I came on his fingers. He removed his fingers, sucking off my juices before grabbing a condom from the nightstand and put it on.
He slowly pushed inside of me, groaning as he began to thrust inside of me, not giving me time to recover from my first orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him, allowing him to go deeper with each thrust. "I love you so much, pretty girl," he groaned, kissing on my neck, "you're all I want. All I could ever dream of." His thrusts became faster and harder, causing my body to shiver as he kissed me once more, wrapping his arms around me as our pleasure heightened and our bodies became one. "I love you, Kyunnie," I moaned against his lips as his movements became sporadic, signaling that his climax was near. "I love you too, pretty girl," he groaned, kissing me as he came, my orgasm hitting after his. He rode out his orgasm before pulling out of me and got up, walking into the bathroom to get rid of the condom before turning on the shower. "Care to join me," he smirked as I got up and walked into the bathroom and joined him in the shower for what ended up being round two.
We climbed back into bed after our shower and cuddled up. I had my head resting on his chest as he looked at his phone, his other hand in my hair, relaxing me as I started drifting off to sleep. "What," he mumbled, looking at something on his phone. "What's wrong," I asked, seeing the strange look on his face. "You're trending right now," he said, scrolling. "That's nothing new. People are probably wondering when I'm returning since I've been making gaming videos again," I giggled, but from the look on his face, I was wrong. "No, baby. People are saying that you're engaged and that you're going to retire and marry one of us," he said, causing me to sit up. "What are you talking about," I asked as he showed me his phone. It was an article posted by a wrestling blog that stated that I was engaged and will be done with wrestling to focus on my new life. I scrolled down and saw my selfies posted with circles on the ring that Changkyun had bought me. People started posting my selfies with the guys, trying to figure out who I'm dating, some people slut shaming me while others were shipping me with different members. "This can't be happening," I said as I scroll and froze when I saw a picture of me and Jooheon hugging at the clothing store with the caption "Ashley's new man" with a bunch of question marks. "Someone was spying on you and spotted you two," he said as I refreshed the page and a new picture was posted. "Kyunnie...." He looked at the screen and saw a picture of us leaving the restaurant the night of my birthday and Changkyun had his arm around my hips. "What are we going to do," he asked as I sighed. "We might have to tell everyone that we're together before too much damage happens."
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Tumblr media
hello genshin gays I drew this like. a week ago and never posted it.
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kingkarate · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dutch & Tina // Malibuniverse
You practice sweet seduction, and I'll follow your instruction now. [x]
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sanguine-saber · 2 hours ago
What do you wanna see first???
I still have a few smut prompts to go through, but I also wanna work on SHIELD Bearer Chapter 2. 
Lemme know what you wanna see first from me :) 
Masterlist is my pinned post
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gaiuswrites · 2 hours ago
I’m totally in my yoga!Din feels tonight. A new yoga studio just opened in my town that’s open late, so I can go after work...and it’s been some years since I’ve gone to a practice. So of course I’m a little sore. And I’ll I can think of is Yoga Teacher helping Din stretch things out after, rubbing his ankles and knees...which of course leads to rubbing other things 👀👀
SAM! 💙 Omg. Uhm bless you for this ask. I’m hoping I did your lovely thot justice. A little spicy spice under the cut so no minors pls and thank you!
I know it’s uncommon to tag answered asks/drabble but here we are hehe. Just thought I’d give the Yogis a little love (sorry it’s been so long between yoga!din updates!) I randomly tagged some interested parties IDK sORRY TO BOTHER YOU PLS IGNORE ME. ✨
She’s gonna be the death of him.
A snarl gravels through Din’s mouth and he fights the urge to twitch out of her grasp.
She’s perched on folded knees between him—his legs sprawling out long on the couch on either side of her. He’s got a foot propped on the plain of her thigh, wriggling as she burns the pads of her fingers deep into his sore tissue.
“Sorry, does that hurt?” she simpers, peering through her lashes with soft doe-eyes—all too fucking innocent for the level of torture she’s inducing.
“No,” he huffs. “Doesn't hurt it just—fuck,” he hisses, head falling back onto the padded arm of the couch, fisting into the cushion with a gasp. “Christ woman, you’ve got knives for fingers.”
She doesn’t respond to the comment, leaving him with only a smirk as she continues to paw at his calf. “Your soleus is tight,” she remarks calmly—ever the fucking monk.
“My what?” he groans, clipped.
“Your soleus,” she repeats, “this—” She digs into the fleshy underside of his leg right above the swoop of his Achilles, and a strained sound heaves from his chest.
“Yeah, no shit,” Din grits out, his grip dimpling the plush fabric beneath him, an ugly wrinkle dimpling his brow.
“Breathe,” she coos—like ocean breeze, passing serene and glassy over him—before bunching up his gym shorts and exposing more of his tanned skin, the faint sheen of hair stippling the crest of his thighs catching on the dimmed light overhead. Din mutters something incoherently—something she mindfully disregards as she makes her way up his legs, delving her knuckles along the taut strands of his quads.
She makes a sympathetic noise, somewhere between a tsk and a cluck. “Mm god, you’re tense. Can you relax this for me?” she asks, padding at his leg. Din’s coiled knots of muscles seem to bray and scoff at the mere suggestion - relax, hilarious - and he clenches against her.
“Easier said than done,” he grumbles, flinching as she massages into his inner thigh—his vastus medialis, she tells him.
She hums, shifting forward off her heels to hover over him - table top pose, he thinks—and fuck him for knowing it - using her weight to press into his sartorius—that long band of sinew that stretches diagonally up from his knee towards his hip. Din groans again, tipping his chin up from the awkward angle his neck had been jutting out at over the arm, all to get a glimpse of her—the flex of her forearm as she buries into his aching flesh—how she concentrates on his body; how she pays such diligent attention to his cues, his body language, the hitches in his staggered breathing.
Finally, and only after he’s griped himself tired in circles, does Din go pliant beneath her—unspooled like cotton in her hands and fuck—fuck, she’s strong. She’s a lithe little thing—all grace and supple, elegant lines— but she’s fucking powerful. She’s got a strength that he could never have—a quiet one. Balanced. Nothing like his brutal bursts of force, nothing like his raw, free-flowing aggression.
And she’s taking him apart with it, muscle by muscle, unwinding the cords of his tendons like it’s fucking nothing—and Christ, it feels good. He’s gone jellied. He’s limbered and lulled and her hands are so fucking warm and perfect and his cock is damn near whimpering in his shorts—knowing full well what those hands can do, how they can unmake the tension riddling him rigid—how he’d love them somewhere else.
It’s not intentional.
He doesn’t mean to buck his hips into her, he doesn’t mean to dig his heels into the couch and shift himself closer to where she’s working, but he does it all the same. It’s something innate—something prehistoric and primal; need running like an oil slick through him. Blackened. Viscous.
She notices. Of course she fucking does.
“Relax,” she soothes, but the serenity that had claimed her before has since vanished; she’s feeding off him, off the heady energy he’s casting out in tangible, palpable waves. She’s grown dark and furtive alongside him— her sea glass exterior turned to amber as she snakes her palms higher and higher to the swell of him, bulging against the thin, sporty fabric, and rests them heavy at the dip of his pelvis, the pads of her fingertips finding the waistline of his shorts.
Slowly, bewitchingly, she ruts a digit under the elastic and begins to peel the material lower and lower and— she doesn’t break eye contact all the while. This goddamn siren, lust pooling in her gaze, she holds Din’s stare as his dick springs to his stomach, a relieved sigh whistling from his lips.
“So tense, baby.” She pitches forward, a satisfied grin flirting with her features. “Lemme help you.”
The words come out like murmurs, tutting and teasing and fanning over his throbbing length, before parting her gorgeous mouth to tongue a narrow stripe up his cock.
Din's head knocks backwards, the nape of his neck bending uncomfortably over the armrest once more. His eyes pinch shut as she takes him fully into her mouth, hot and wet and hollowing out around his girth, her fist cupping at his base and squeezing. A low moan chokes out at the broken swallow of his throat and his hand snaps to her head, weaving into her hair as she bobs and bobs and bobs, spit leaking down his shaft, dripping messy over her knuckles.
She’s gonna be the death of him.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New Widget Sprite-!!! Done in Clip Studio Paint which i am SLOWWWLY falling in love with!!! Soooo yeah, Widget’s undergone some design changes lol! I love her still tho, and she’s still shipped with Kuprum (and Folykl of course ahghaghahg)
old sprites below the cut!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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