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Seasons Week (22-31) in OCtober 2020 prompts

  • 22. Autumn. @alena-1987 You’re the only other one who knows of Aiyana and honestly I think of her taking Krux’s outer coat and he’s just thinks it makes her look so small compared to him and he finds it cute to the point where he says she can keep it.
  • 23. Winter. Mariana, originally a Bengal Fox now a traditional Red Fox mutant instead since one was more common than the other. She wears a fluffy coat even though she probably doesn’t even need it with her fur but the colors contrast hers nicely.
  • 25. Spring. Here’s Apollo the mutant Crocodile Monitor. He likes Spring more than winter because it gets warmer for his liking but not so warm as to lay somewhere on the rooftops and fall asleep.
  • 26. Summer. Melusine, wife to Knucker and ally/member of the Serpentine Rebellion. Just because she’s a fighter doesn’t mean she can’t look pretty too.
  • 27. Star. Well, Dr. Kitty Saunders was the star of this blog so it’s fitting that they’re here.
  • 28. Cosplay. Spec Ops guy is awesome so I had my Triceraton boy cosplay as him because well the roles they play and their heights are fitting.
  • 29. Cafe AU. @glitchthenindroid Could you imagine an AU where Akumu just goes to a cafe regularly, probably hiding in back tables so he doesn’t scare anyone, but then he sees Gale coming up to him and he’s just “*gasp* oh no she’s pretty” and she’s just nothing but nice to him? Of course she has to be being a worker and all but he’s the only one that’s actually polite to her and even tips her more than anyone else does, so eventually somehow they get to know each other.
  • 30. School uniform. Inizio (name meaning “beginning”), otherwise what you guys will eventually know him as Drako Reformed because I don’t see why he couldn’t be allowed to restart like the Daimyo’s son did.
  • 31. Halloween. Umber the mutant long eared bat would fit right into the crowd. Though she may not be on the ground, she’ll like not having anyone point her out even if it’s for one night.
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RPG week (15-21) of the OCtober 2020 prompts

  • 15: Knight. Knights are meant to be noble and honor bound. So it’s no secret that Tezca would fit the knights armor, albeit it had be modified for his form. He is the Basilisk Prince of the royal family who got chased out of the Ninjago realm to another one. Knighton had been their home for barely even a few hundred years. He prefers the older armor compared to the technological aspects of the newer ones. Too complex he says, even though their temple has its own mechanisms and wards in place.
  • 16: Mage. Vanessa. In my AU, she’s grown so much. Her beginnings were so wonderful that you’d think she’d turn out okay. Well, after fighting a Fangpyre and being permanently stuck in between it wasn’t easy.
  • 17: Rogue. Look at the baby Venomari boy just ready to go. No he does not have dead parents like most rogues, but he does have sneaky skills, bombs, sleeping gas and a knife that goes stabby stabby.
  • 18: Bard Welp… Self insert bard just because I found General Magmar hot?.. Yes.. Imma need fire resistance magic. (Yes I looked it up. Lava does fire damage so gimme that resistance magic!)
  • 19: Cleric. Cecelia is the closest I have to a Cleric. Mama rat who cares for the younger mutants she rescued but still grieves over losing a few in the chase? Yep. She makes sure everyone is well enough to fend for themselves.
  • 20: Chef. This is Spike @glitchthenindroid OC. I didn’t have a chef OC of my own so I tried to draw Spike from memory and here he is.
  • 21: Alchemist. Uhh.. Well you know how I’m catching up to the AC franchise?.. Yeah.. Say hi to the so called “alchemist” who’s studying the Apple.
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6: Rivals from these prompts

I’ve been needing some proper rivals and I think these two fit.

  • Lochan (“the eye”) the Anacondrai, missing an eye and searching for the one who has his eye. He only lost it because it was his punishment after he scratched out the person’s eye and he needed to have his own replace the one they lost. Even after the years he was locked up, he grew ever so bitterly angry to the point of vengeance and not wanting nothing to do with Pythor’s cause in releasing the Devourer.
  • Orochi, a Venomari soldier who attacked the Time Family’s home during the first serpentine war and severely wounded the time siblings’ mother before Krux reversed time and shielded her, receiving a scar across his back. In turn, Acronix managed to grab a heavy garden tool from their neighbor’s yard, fast forwarding himself and swinging it across his snout, dislocating his jaw and even causing a fang to break and fly out. (I forgot to add in his scar.)

They’d have to meet sometime in the afterlife because boy the Time Family wasn’t so forgiving to the Serpent that dared hurt mama during the First Serpentine War. No one ever dares to hurt their mother and get away with it. And Lochan would eventually be killed by the time Skybound would’ve not happened.

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5: Kiss of these prompts

  • Would DarkDragon be a good ship name for Luther and Clara or is it giving off a bad vibe? I’m not sure. Well either way, I need to call them something because they’re nothing but sweet and honest to each other. (Don’t need to go into details about Luther’s other endeavors and it’s all fine.)
  • @glitchthenindroid I think of Desolate and Bethany and I go “hehe two hybrids like each other, so cute”
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4: Siblings from this prompt

  • “Adopted siblings are valid!” Mikey would scream this from the rooftops because he knows it’s true, especially when it comes to their baby sis, Isabella. She may look nothing like them being a leopard gecko but it’s not gonna stop any of the turtle bros from loving her like family.
  • The Erebus-Lane family. Clearly Luther and Clara didn’t stop at just their son, Xander. Nope, not at all. They got twin daughters (Veronica and Morgan), a younger girl (Katherina), and their latest addition to the family had been Tsukiko. Of course they had these kids after the wars they went through, more for their safety and each other’s sake. They even tried to get away from their old friend to make sure none of them had to go through troubles like they had. (Which is why Luther was upset at Wu initially for not notifying them after their third daughter had been found by the old sensei)
  • Ah. The beloved three hands of time. People seem to forget that there’s a hand for the hours, another for minutes, and one very small hand for seconds. So Wu, you wanna tell your old friends, Krux and Acronix, why they feel like their missing someone?
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3: A friend’s OC

  • @alena-1987 Amanda Smith, an adorable bean who somehow had the power to make the villains go soft on her after giving them much needed therapy.
  • @spinning-ninjas @samzart Samantha is a very old OC that belonged to my DA friend first. She’s sweet even though she’s been through so much.
  • @glitchthenindroid Bethany, a half kitsune girl. Somehow she’s in her teenage years and yet has multiple tails, not even she knows how that’s possible.
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The first things to be refitted were the old slave quarters. Dominus had had comparably few slaves, all of them treated well, but he had tended to leave the upkeep of the entire villa to chance on his best days, in favour of his books. Ludus had the quarters gutted and remade into a small suite of rooms for the Housemistress and a few of the smaller rooms on the east wing were given over to the rest who had elected to remain. A lot of the furnishings were stripped in the more deserted rooms to sell and cancel as many of the estate debts as soon as possible before probate was granted, and all books were moved into the temporary library that Cornelius had set up for him in the driest cellar. For all that was remaining of the antiquities, his assistant had catalogued them anew, (Ludus couldn’t bear listening to his tutting over the old, outdated ledger anymore), and put them into storage as well. 

With an apology to Dominus in his heart, although he knew the old man wouldn’t have cared less, Ludus replaced as much as he thought he’d be able to get away with with more sneakily Southern designs, even indulging in some more ‘Elvhen-inspired’ furnishings. Although he wouldn’t have the first clue what that truly looked like, it satisfied something in his heart to see the undulating, organic shapes.

The more minimalist surroundings were already setting a good mood for all of the villa’s residents, which was helped somewhat by the fresh Spring weather. He’d spent almost the whole day after the last lot of it had been packed away wandering around the villa, amazed at the difference. He felt truly satisfied that he could now begin the real work.

OCtober 2020

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He woke early in the morning - before dawn, far earlier than usual - to some noise in the villa or perhaps just thrown from fitful dreams. There was an unaccustomed warmth by his side, the sleeping form of his companion breathing steadily. 


He’d arrived quite late in the evening, exhausted from his travels. Unusually, they’d taken an evening to themselves, Ludus welcoming the ready conversation, the kisses and caresses of his beloved after a long absence. It hadn’t gotten any further than that; both of them were ready to sleep the night through with the promise of morning having them remain close, nose to nose as they fell asleep.

Ludus watched him sleep, a hand resting on his back over the covers, letting it rise and fall with each deep, even breath. Eventually, the motion and the peace of it carried him off again, his eyes drifting closed, thinking of the morning to come.

OCtober 2020

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I forgot to post the remaining OC-tober drawings here, so here they are. In the end, I didn’t draw all the prompts I had prepared, but chose some I liked more. So there’s a whole bunch of Ilmarinen and also a new OC - a villain from Abel and Kain’s story, Einar with his ferret Fenris~
I was planning to only use black, white and grey in these, but making the blood in the second one red was too tempting.

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OC-TOBER 2020 :: Day 20 :: Aesthetic

The Just Shapes & Beats aesthetic. Love the hot-pink on black designs seen in that game. This character seen here is technically Viiveh, but more accurately it is the humanoid form of the drill boss fight animation I’m working on, which was loosely based on Viiveh. 

You can check out a WIP of that animation here.

This took me 3hrs.

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