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#oc: Ji ae Choi
Also, did you think about making Ji-ae nonbinary? You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, I'm just curious.

I’ve actually thought about this before and I think she’s kinda always been nb in my head, she just uses she/her pronouns.

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Would Ji-ae ever do one of those 24 hour charity livestream things? Or has she? What would Saeyoung do if she was doing something for youtube and it was taking a really REALLY long time?

Yes, absolutely!  She’s done at least one and loved it so much that she would do it again for sure.  Omg Sae would probably be up with her the whole time cracking jokes and bringing her snacks and such.  Also I hc that he often moderates her comments to trolls any trolls and ban anyone that’s mean.

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For the AU ask game, I really love soulmate AU's and time travel AU's if you wanted to do either of those!

Oh goshh these are both gooood! I tried to come up with a time travel one but couldn’t think of anything, while the soul mate au jumped into my head immediately for Saeyoung x Ji-ae.

Their Backgrounds:

  • Their backgrounds are similar to in canon. At the start neither is really happy.
  • Ji-ae is a college dropout that lives in seclusion grappling with depression and anxiety
  • Saeyoung is a hacker and secret agent who hates his life, but is doing what he has to to survive
  • When Ji-ae was young she looked all over, inspecting her body to find the mark of soulmate’s name so she could forever be on the lookout for them.
  • She’s gone on a few casual dates but thought of them as a waste of time since she knew they weren’t her soulmate.
  • Saeyoung also kept the name of his soulmate in his mind and close to his heart for a while… until he joined the Agency.
  • He knew that then even if he met his soulmate he would never be able to have a future with them since relationships were liabilities, putting both parties and risk and he couldn’t stand the idea of his soulmate getting hurt because of him. So he buried the hope of finding them down deep in his heart.

How They Meet:

  • Through mutual friends at a party neither of them wants to be at.

First Impressions:

  • When Ji-ae introduces herself Saeyoung’s heart jumps into his throat… he knows that name. It’s been written on his skin since he was a child.
  • There’s an instant attraction, so strong it makes his chest ache, though Saeyoung is reluctant to admit it. He knows that even if he did, it would only make things harder.
  • When Saeyoung introduces himself to Ji-ae he uses his Baptismal name, so she doesn’t realize that he’s the one she’s been looking for all her life.
  • All she knows is that he’s cute, has a sense of humour just like hers, and that she feels like she’s known him forever.

How Their Relationship Progresses:

  • Slowly
  • Saeyoung knows he should keep his distance, but he finds it impossible to stay away from her.
  • They text daily and late into the night, talking about anything and everything — from memes and trivial matters to insightful meaningful conversations.
  • Each day if Ji-ae wakes up first she sends him a good morning message & if he is up first (or hasn’t gone to sleep yet) he’ll leave her something to wake up to.
  • Ji-ae thinks she knows “Luciel” isn’t her soulmate bc the name doesn’t match up, but she likes him too much to stop talking to him, even though her brain is screaming at her to forget about him bc they’re not destined to be together.
  • Saeyoung’s work quality starts to decline bc he can’t keep his mind off her, even his partner Vanderwood can see he’s distracted, tho he doesn’t know why at first, until he sees Saeyoung texting her.
  • Confronting him Vandy wheedles out the information he’s looking for and warns Saeyoung he needs to stop seeing her.
  • Saeyoung agrees tho he doesn’t want to.
  • Vanderwood realizes afterward that her name matches Saeyoung’s birthmark and feels for him. He knows Saeyoung well, so he had a feeling it had to be someone important for him to even allow himself to get that close to her
  • Saeyoung asks Ji-ae to meet with him in order to break off whatever they are before it becomes any harder for him.
  • However when he sees her his resolve falters and he gives in and ends up kissing her, feeling himself fall even deeper.
  • Meanwhile Ji-ae is having a similar dilemma, but only bc she thinks he’s not her soulmate. She’s fallen for him and she thinks it’s only a matter of time before he moves on and leaves her heartbroken.
  • Saeyoung continues to see Ji-ae, lying to Vanderwood about it.
  • Finally one night when things start to get heated between them Saeyoung stops before anything can happen, pushing Ji-ae away.
  • Hurt and confused Ji-ae asks him why. Not bearing to see her cry he starts to try to explain, but Ji-ae leaves.
  • Saeyoung nearly goes after her but stops, Vanderwood’s words ringing in his ears.
  • For several days Ji-ae can’t bring herself to leave her bed and cries. It makes it even worse when Saeyoung hasn’t texted her.
  • Finally needing food Ji-ae leaves her apartment but one of Saeyoung’s enemies is laying in wait for her and she gets abducted.
  • Saeyoung keeps trying to make himself work but he keeps making more mistakes unable to keep from worrying about her. Then he gets a strange message.
  • Inside is a video of Ji-ae tied up, her eyes afraid and pleading; along with a demand that Saeyoung get them what they want or his gf will be killed.
  • Disobeying orders Saeyoung takes his hacking equipment and goes after Ji-ae. Figuring out where she’s being held is the easy part, storming the place to rescue her is a bit harder.
  • Saeyoung ends up getting injured in the process but he manages to get Ji-ae out and takes her back to his bunker. Vanderwood throws a fit but he lets Ji-ae stay.
  • Saeyoung tells Ji-ae the truth about his job and his real name and why he lied to her while she patches up his wounds.
  • When he tells her his real name Ji-ae gasps. Everything she’s been hoping for is true. Luciel is really Saeyoung, her soulmate and he loves her. She breaks down crying and Saeyoung holds her, promising he’ll never leave her again.
  • There’s just one problem and it’s that as long as Saeyoung continues to work for the Agency Ji-ae will be in danger.
  • They concoct a plan to get Saeyoung out, asking Vanderwood for his help.
  • Saeyoung hacks into the Agency’s mainframe and exposes key personnel to the public, creating chaos, which he uses to his advantage to delete any and all information on him, Vamderwood, and Ji-ae.
  • Now off the grid Saeyoung is free to live with Ji-ae without having to look over his shoulder constantly in fear.
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Coffee shop au with Ji-ae and Saeyoung ♡

i’m not sure if this is the traditional coffe shop au or not since i’ve never actually read any coffee shop fics >_>;;;

Their Backgrounds:

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung work at Jaehee’s cafe as baristas.
  • They’re both really good at it but Saeyoung kind of slacks off. It irks Yoosung that he’s so good when he doesn’t even have to try and that he doesn’t even like coffee
  • Ji-ae’s in need of a job so Jaehee hires her as well.
  • However it turns out that Ji-ae is not good at making coffee. At all. So she ends up stuck on the cash register while the boys make the drinks.

How they meet:

  • They already know each other as members of the RFA.

First Impressions:

  • Although they’re all close friends both Saeyoung and Yoosung have crushes on Ji-ae…
  • while Ji-ae’s hardcore crushing on Saeyoung and only sees Yoosung as a friend.

How their relationship progresses:

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung both realize that the other likes Ji-ae and start competing for her attention.
  • Ji-ae wants to get better at making coffee to prove herself to Jaehee and get off the cash register
  • So, both boys offer to teach her/help her practice
  • But Yoosung notices that Ji-ae spends more time with Saeyoung than him and is always texting him when he’s not working
  • They flirt constantly progressively annoying Yoosung and finally Saeyoung asks Ji-ae on a proper date (after Saeran tells him to stop pining after her and just make a move).
  • Poor Yoosung has to spend the next shift listening to Ji-ae gush about her date with Saeyoung and gets kinda snippy with her.
  • Ji-ae doesn’t understand why he’s upset, and feels kinda hurt about it.
  • Saeyoung and Ji-ae continue going out and Ji-ae mentions that Yoosung has been acting strange and she’s worried she did something to upset him.
  • Saeyoung decides to talk to Yoosung but they end up fighting and Yoosung storms off.
  • Finally Yoosung asks Ji-ae if she’d ever go out with him and she’s like ‘wait? on a date?! is that what this is about?’
  • Finally realizing that her friend likes her and that she has to let him down, she tells him that she really likes Saeyoung, but that her friendship with him is really important to her.
  • This helps Yoosung feel somewhat better and tho it takes him a while to be okay, he decides to support his friends.
  • The night before Jaehee’s test Saeyoung stays up late to help Ji-ae go over everything and they end up making out before Saeyoung asks her to be his girlfriend. They fall asleep together on the couch.
  • The next day Ji-ae has to make all the drinks on the menu for Jaehee to taste test and prove that she can make drinks for customers.
  • She passes and Saeyoung embraces her before Yoosung congratulates her and makes up with Saeyoung. to celebrate Jaehee comes out with a cake for them all to share.
  • Things calm down at the cafe and Ji-ae eventually moves in with Saeyoung :3
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Hey, I saw your post for suggestions and I have one ^^ I've reading stuff about Ji-ae and Ae-Cha having a fight and Saeyoung consoling Ji-ae. It can be fluff or NSFW, or both 😏

eeee I’m excited that you asked for my ot3!  I was trying to finish typing it up last night but I feel asleep;;;  Thank you for the cute request!

A Misunderstanding

SAeJi (Saeyoung Choi x @fiftyshadesofdes‘s Ae Cha Lee x Ji-ae Choi)
Word Count: 1982

“Hey Ji-ae!  Are you ready?”  Ae Cha bounced on her toes in excitement as she took one last glance at the mirror near the door, smiling at her reflection.  When there was no answer she frowned and checked her watch before venturing back into the bunker to see what was keeping her girlfriend.  She found Ji-ae sitting on the edge of the bed staring blankly at the floor.

“Ji-ae, you’re not even dressed yet!” she exclaimed.  “Here, let me pick out something cute for you to wear.”  Ae Cha went to the closet and began flipping through the colorful garments Ji-ae usually wore.  “Did you forget or something?” she called from the closet.

There was a pause and then Ji-ae croaked, “No”.  Ae Cha stuck her head out of the closet to send a puzzled look at Ji-ae.  “What do you mean?  Do you not feel well?”

“No, it’s not that…” Ji-ae mumbled, shrinking in on herself, feeling the beginning of tears pricking at her eyes.  “I just don’t want to go tonight,” she said in a small voice.

Not seeming to notice Ji-ae’s discomfort Ae Cha grabbed her hand, tugging at it playfully.  “Ji-ae, you promised me you’d go shopping at the night market with me!” she whined i’m her cutest voice, wearing a pout to match.  “It’ll be funnn!  Come onnn!  The longer we wait, the more packed it’ll be.”

Ji-ae blanched at Ae Cha’s words, imagining the noise and tightness of the crowds and her whole body tensed.  Her grip on the comforter constricted til her knuckles went white while trying to keep her emotions and her breathing under control.

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