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eternalsatan · a day ago
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witch333s · a day ago
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Visions of the Hereafter: Fall of the Damned, Hell, Terrestrial Paradise, Ascent of the Blessed
Hieronymus Bosch
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thecompleatwitch · 2 days ago
"Under the Protection of the Gods, 1908" - Watercolor Painting by Howard Carter
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polarissorciere · 2 days ago
I got a question for the peoples out here who dabble on occult/witchcraft/and such (could be other spiritual topics, feel free to join the convo - just, if you're skeptic about all that, don't need to be a jerk, just let us be, please).
Actually, 2 questions - but it is related.
1st - Has anyone ever felt so freaking familiar regarding another person, even if you just looked at them once? As if you've known them for your entire life? Especially when you look into their eyes, have you ever went like "wait up, I know you. I know those eyes. Who are you??" And you know the answer is there but it isn't?
How was your experience? And people who studied it, what do you think it means? Who are those people we know but don't know? And the frigging thing with their eyes...? (As examples: past lives, twin flames, soulmates, people from tour soul group...)
2nd - Have you ever had this strong feeling that sparks a memory from something you never lived? Something you know exactly how it looks like, a place you can clearly see, scents you can smell, clothes you can feel for just a spark of second? And then come the feelings, punching you like a bag of bricks? xD
Again, what's your experience? What do you think it means? What researches have pointed to? (Just as examples: Deja vu, past lives, glimpses of the future, messages to be interpreted...)
Just tell me what you got, 'cause I got nothing. Since I was a kid, I could see people who weren't really there, I have strong instincs that have saved my ass quite a few times (I used to call it the Force after watching Star Wars as a kid) and I know a few things before they happen - but I literally have no one to talk to about this.
But oh boy, I was just punched suddenly by one of those feelings while randomly listening to one of my favourite waltzes and I'm taking some time to breathe. I've never really learnt how to deal with everything I mentioned, so I'm just wanting to talk to some people who might have had the same experiences and/or researched the topics.
So anything you bring to the table is valid - I'm trying to gather as many resources and come to my own conclusions, and it'd be really nice to see if other people feel these things too and I am not insane.
Just be nice, it's my first time openly talking about this and asking for input :)
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malachitelibrary · a day ago
Theory: Simpler Forms are Easier to Astral In
Theory: Simpler Forms are Easier to Astral In
When on Earth, spirits can choose to take many forms to interact with those with the Sight. Sometimes, this may be their true form, in all of its detail and glory. But many times, they choose to present in simpler forms, such as orbs or wisps of light.  In my personal conversations with spirits, these simpler forms are often a means of saving energy.  And I realized, when astral travelling,…
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danskjavlarna · a day ago
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Many of us have been there, slumped in an armchair, the Ouija board on our lap upside down, our fingers tracing meaningless patterns over its surface ... our heads inclined at an odd angle, our eyes vacant, singing a little tune."  From Effigies by William K.
Here are all the vintage images I've so far encountered that, for one esoteric reason or other, are categorized as "occult."
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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witch333s · a day ago
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Hieronymus Bosch, Hell and The Flood
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albertvictoria-art · a month ago
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The last of the three illustrations I made last year for “Witchzine” fanzine. The theme was “Witches’ Pharmacy/Healing Witches”, so the idea of my illustrations was inspired by the preparation of a healing ritual.
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honeyglot · 5 months ago
shirt that says “as above” and booty shorts that say “so below”
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tag-devilish · a year ago
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Shoutout to the breakers of generational curses.
UPDATE: Patches are up for grabs now! Limited run!
Update: 11/23 WOW. Firstly, I’m totally overwhelmed and honored by the response this piece has gotten. Seeing it resonate with so many people has sincerely moved me. I’m so incredibly happy that it means different things to different people.
A couple people have sent me messages asking if they could have my blessing to get the Ouroboros tattoo’d on them.
The short answer to that is- absolutely. I would be honored. If you do so please tag me! I would love to see the final product=^} this is a very personal piece to me and I hope to get it on myself soon.
However; I am apprenticing to become a tattoo artist myself and while there is absolutely no pressure, I would greatly appreciate anyone using the design as a tattoo to consider donating to my donate links any small tip they could spare to help support my art as I pursue this career. It’s really tough now doing unpaid work during the pandemic and It would really help me since I can’t afford to currently reproduce any designs. (Donate: again, absolutely no pressure. I know times are tough.
If you feel inspired by the Ouroboros and would like to do your own artwork that is totally fine, who am I to stop another artist from expressing themselves? If you would like to draw this particular design on something (someone talked about painting it on their jacket, which I thought was really cool) I am cool with that as well. However; I would like to produce a small run of patches or pins of this design so I do ask that you refrain from selling products using my art.
If everyone who got this tattoo’d on them gave me 10 bucks, I’d be able for afford a proper tattoo machine, which would greatly help me during this apprenticeship.
=^) I love reading everyone’s stories about how they are ending toxic cycles in different forms in their lives and support all of you in your battles. Thank you all so much.
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micahulrichdraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The first damned.
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