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so @minniewalker and i are out for lunch and she wants to go to a steakhouse (bc idk stake it “nice” 🙄) and i wanna go to a 50s diner so ig we’ll do a poll

like this post for us to go to a nice aesthetically pleasing 50s diner

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my dad owns guns (for purely hunting purposes) and he manages to do it without any ethical issues bc he isn’t an ass - you guys are just obsessed with guns

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let’s do another week of WIP art from our upcoming graphic novel, Tales To Enlighten!  Khor, Heaven’s Assassinator and Sam’s father… artwork by James Edward Clark.

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Matt King & James Edward Clark

Satan’s Grandson and a reluctant killer robot murder their way across the multiverse in an effort to reach Enlightenment… but is Enlightenment all they thought it would be?! Satan’s Sado-Cult tries to intercept the duo and Amazon Warriors seek revenge… Enter MGA TRP, a cosmic dj and Space God that teaches them a better way of life through Peace, Love and Universal Brotherhood! TALES TO ENLIGHTEN!! (air horn fx here!!)

TALES TO ENLIGHTEN VOLUME 2, THE ANTHOLOGY with story art by Rian Miller, Tony Sedani, Dave Gordon, Johan Pedersen, Aitzuga Kun, Andrew Buck, MC Wolfman, Michael Ogilvie, Doc Zab, James Phillip Schmitt, Arter Eniac, Darren Väder, Marcus Cripps, Bill Biron Couture, Shlepzig, Erwin Papa and Phil Bratuhin!

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Shamanism isnt some ascended spiritual thing, you dont suddenly become a shaman when you ‘unlock your third eye’ or 'ascend to 5D’ or whatever else. It’s not some woke spiritual thing to call yourself a shaman. I am so sick of people (usually white people, even more often americans) making shamanism like this ultimate goal of being spiritual and whatever. I’m sick of it being viewed as this ancient mystical knowledge that ’you too can unlock!’ and sick of seeing posts on tumblr that are like ’awake your inner shaman!’ 'shamans are shamans because they are one with the earth, be like a shaman and become one with mother nature’ 'shamans are these higher beings because of thing-thats-not-connected-to-shamanism-whatsoever’ It’s put on a pedestal of the ultimate spiritual goal and for a lack of a better word, being fetishized in the occult.

Yes shamanism is beautiful and mystical and its powerful but its not powerful because its shamanism. It’s just different. It’s just another form of belief. You know what happens when you have a powerful journey of spiritual awakenings? You become spiritually woke. You know what doesn’t happen? You don’t suddenly become a shaman. You know what you do tho? You appropriate closed practices proving that you’re not actually spiritually woke. Why is it so difficult for some people to just be happy about their personal journey without using labels that absolutely don’t belong to them?

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25th January 2021 I Today’s Horoscope by Astrologer Deepali Dubey. In the Video, @Deepaliastro Ms. Deepali Dubey will Help you to understand day Astrology as per zodiac signs.

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Per request the complete Flux Arcana Tarot deck has returned to the shop link in my bio, while supplies last.

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From Julia Kiecksee’s ‘Garden of Angels’ Series

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Fátima Ruiz - Model: Saray Diaz

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Giotto di Bondone - Last Judgment in the Scrovegni chapel in Padua

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