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#ocean eyes
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This man does things to me ughh I love you Barry I’m simpin hard for real 😳
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female-physique · 21 days ago
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bloomingcoven · 3 months ago
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Pictures I love but wouldn’t normally post. 🥺🌺
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barnesandrogersfanfics · a month ago
Ocean Eyes - Part 15
Tumblr media
Approx words: 1900
Warnings: Light smut and swears.
A/N - well we all knew this was coming! 🤣 and things were going so well!
Thank you all for being so patient waiting for this update!
Getting our story out first seemed to do the trick, the other one being pulled last minute so they didn't make themselves look stupid.
The few photo's we allowed of the three of us practically went viral within the first hour of them being released. They were all over social media and gossip sites but this had to be done. We knew it would calm down eventually, something bigger and more exciting was bound to happen sooner or later.
By July things with Covid seemed to be easing, Chris was allowed to work again following guidelines, getting tested, wearing a face covering and staying in his "bubbles" and all that fun stuff that came with dealing with a pandemic. He hadn't done much to be honest still nervous about being around people and bringing anything back home to me and Mason.
So when he came out of his office after being shut away in there all afternoon and announced he had to leave for a few days it was a bit of a shock.
"I tried to get out of it but if it goes well it could be a really great opportunity" he told me looking pretty excited for whatever it was.
"Thats fine, you need to get back to work eventually you can't just stay home with us 24/7 forever" i shrugged acting like it wasn't a big deal but truthfully.... I was kinda dreading what things would be like once he was back out in the world being Chris Evans the movie star.
"I know but i hate the thought of leaving you and Mason"
"We'll be fine, besides you said it was only a few days right?"
Chris nodded as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.
"Like 4 days tops including travel time".
"You're gonna be gone for longer periods than that in the future" i reminding him with a sigh and a tight lipped smile and he looked down at me and nodded. It was just something that would eventually happen, we'd been here before only he wasn't as in demand back then, this time would be harder. I know i'd gone years without him before but now i had him back.... The thought of being away from him scared me. But i couldn't let him know that, i had to be strong or it would never work out.
"Im just so used to having you and Mason with me all the time now...."
"We'll be here waiting when you get back" i smiled pulling him down to kiss me again, my hands slipping under his t-shirt and stroking his lower back.
"You promise?"
"I promise" i nodded instantly "where is it you're going to?"
"London?! Jesus i didn't think you'd be that far away.... I think maybe you should take me to bed early so we can make the most of our time together"
"Thats the best idea you've ever had!"
"Plus Scott will be bringing Mason back tomorrow....."
"I love the kid but my god he has the worst timing. Ive lost track of how many times he's cock blocked me" Chris shook his head before we both burst out laughing.
"Joys of having a kid Evans" i shrugged before taking his hand and pulling him towards the bedroom.
"Oh my god.... When i said we needed to make the most of our time together i did not expect that many orgasm's!" I giggled feeling all kinds of happy from the amount of hormones flooding my body from the god knows how many orgasm's Chris pulled from me!
"I could probably get one more from you if i tried....."
"Oh god no i can't.... I'll be lucky if i can even walk tomorrow!"
"I don't want you to forget me while I'm gone is all"
"Id never forget you baby...... our son is the spitting image of you"
"Oh you little....." he dived at me tickling my sides and nipping playfully at my neck making me laugh and squirm until he finally stopped and just looked at me lovingly.
"What?" I asked with a smile running my hand over his bearded jaw.
"I love you"
"I love you too".
Tumblr media
When Chris told Mason he had to go away for a few days he cried, a deep guttural cry that broke Chris' heart.
"Hey buddy, don't cry, i'll be home in a few days i promise. You and mom can stay here with Dodger and Uncle Scott is going to come stay with guys too won't that be fun!"
Mason sniffled and mumbled a 'yeah' but he was still sulking.
"Babe, we'll have so much fun and dad will be back before you know it" i tried to help sooth him.
"But I'm gonna miss you"
"I'll miss you too bud, so much! I'll try and FaceTime you if i get time okay?"
"Okay.... You promise?"
"Of course!"
I looked at Chris and noticed he looked a little teary, he hadn't had to deal with the separation before.
Thankfully Chris was taking a late flight so he'd be leaving once Mason was in bed.
The night he was leaving he took Mason up to bed and read him his favourite story and stayed until he was softly snoring.
"Babe, you're gonna be late if you stay in here any longer" i smiled at him from the doorway where i stood and watched them.
"I know but its so hard to leave him"
"And here i was worrying that it would be Mace that id need to pry away from you".
Chris put the book back in its place on the beside cabinet before carefully getting off the bed. I couldn't help but smile as i watched Chris tuck in our son and place a kiss on the top of his head.
"Jesus, is it always this hard to leave him?" He asked as we walked to Chris' bedroom.
"the longest I've ever left him is preschool and the night he spent at Scotts.....that was hard enough" i shrugged sitting on the edge of the bed while he checked his bag again "i remember the first time i left him at preschool i sat in my car crying for 20 minutes straight worrying that he would need me and i wouldnt be there for him. Its easier now, i still worry though but i think thats just part of being a parent"
"That part sucks!" He sat down next to me and pouted before pulling me into his lap so i was straddling him while he gave me a tight hug.
"God, I'm gonna miss you"
"You'll be so busy you'll have no time to miss me" i mumbled against his neck where my face was buried against him enjoying just being close to him and smelling how good he smelt.
"I always miss you. I'll be counting down the days on this nifty little chart Mason drew me" he laughed pulling a folded piece of paper from his pocket that had the days of the week and little boxes next to each day for Chris to mark off "so i don't forget when its time to come home, he has a matching one".
"Oh my god.... That kid melts my heart!" I gushed, he was such a loving little soul and he made me so proud to be his mama.
"I cried!" Chris said with wide eyes.
"Lets face it Evans it doesn't take much for you to cry, you get pretty emotional"
"Shut up, i can't help it"
"I love that you show your emotions"
"Well i love how you feel sitting in my lap like this" he smirked as i felt him pushing his hips up causing me to grind down on his growing erection.
"As much as id love to do this..... you're gonna be late if we carry this on"
"I have 5 minutes...." He kissed me hard and pulled me closer. I rolled my hips over him and let out a moan, he followed with one of his own.
"Ah fuck keep doing that and I'm gonna cum in my pants like a teenager...."
"Thats not a bad thing you need to be quick remember"
Chris grabbed my hips and rocked me over his bulge letting out little moans that drove me fucking wild until he came hard biting down on my shoulder.
"Ah shit....." he squirmed feeling the wetness of his cum in his pants, i chuckled climbing off his lap.
"Go get cleaned up, leave those in the laundry i'll sort them out" i pointed towards his now ruined pants.
"What about you?"
"I'll jump in the shower once you've gone"
"Really..... now i don't wanna leave even more".
Tumblr media
I was making a cup of tea when my phone started to vibrate across the counter. I already knew who it would be.
"Hey babe"
"Hey dahlin'"
"how was your flight?" I yawned not long having been awake.
"Long. I didn't wake you up did i?"
"No, Im just making tea. I didn't sleep too well"
"Missing me already huh?"
"Must be what it is" i chuckled "so you settled at the hotel okay?"
"Yeah i checked in around 10:30 this morning i think, crashed for a couple hours. I've gotta go to a meeting later about this potential role and then they're taking me to this dinner thing"
"I hope it goes well, you'll do great i just know it"
"Thank you sweetheart. Hows Mace?"
"His still sleeping, i should go wake him up so he can talk to you"
"Nah let him sleep, i can try and catch him later. What time is Scott coming over?"
"Around lunch time i think"
"Good, makes me feel better knowing you guys aren't alone"
"We'll be fine stop worrying and concentrate on what you need to do there"
"I can't not worry knowing Brian's still out there"
"Theres been no sign of him for weeks..."
"I don't like it" he whined like a 5 year old.
"Noted" i chuckled "i miss you so much already"
"God i miss you too! Shit, i gotta go but i'll try and call a little later to speak to Mason"
"I love you both so much"
"We love you too".
As planned Scott turned up around 12:30. We went out for a walk with Mason and Dodger before heading home for dinner which consisted of frozen pizza.
"Mom whens dad gonna call?" Mason asked from where he was laying between me and Scott.
"I don't know bud" i smiled sadly, it was nearly 8pm so it would be nearing 1am in London the chances of Chris phoning tonight were slim.
"Maybe in the morning".
"Okay" he sighed before turning and cuddling up with Scott. 20 minutes later he was out like a light and Scott took him up to bed while i cleared away the dirty dishes and grabbed a bottle of wine.
Scott and I sat and finished the bottle of wine while catching up with the newest episodes of our favourite true crime documentary. We laughed and chatted about anything and everything until the early hours of the morning. Before going to bed i sent a quick goodnight text to Chris telling him how much we loved him before finally falling asleep.
Tumblr media
Scott's POV
I woke up with a massive headache squinting at the sun beaming into the room where clearly i had forgotten to shut the curtains last night.
My phone was constantly vibrating with notifications, sounding like the loudest thing in the world!
Grumbling i reached for my phone to silence it until i saw why my phone was blowing up.
"Ah fuck me...."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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izzyenough · 20 days ago
cillian murphy is quite literally the definition of ocean eyes
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dabreadtoast · 2 months ago
🎶I've never fallen from quite this high🎶
🎶Falling into your ocean eyes🎶
✨Those Ocean Eyes✨
Tumblr media
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beautifulklicks · a year ago
🔈 There are some breath-hold dives where the experience is so mesmerizing I completely forget about the burning sensation in my lungs. This was one of those occasions. As the whale song of a distant male reverberated through my body, this devoted mother humpback basked in the warm waters off the coast of Tonga – patiently waiting for her baby to grow, and building strength for the long journey back to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. I bid a silent farewell before gently floating to the surface so as not to disturb them. With @scott.portelli  Tonga under Special Interaction Permit (Regulation 13) from the Ministry of Tonga
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barnesandrogersfanfics · a month ago
Ocean Eyes - Part 16
Tumblr media
A/N- Another update so quickly?? WTF?! lol
Warnings: There's some talk of miscarriage in this chapter so you've been warned.
Words: Approx 2000
Tumblr media
Scott's POV
As soon as i saw that headline i rushed out of the guest room in search for Y/N, hopefully id be able to speak to that idiot brother of mine before she saw this.
I rushed down the hall to Chris' bedroom and swore when i found it empty, i stopped at Mason's room and found that empty too and suddenly dread ran through me. My cell started to ring and i looked to see Chris calling me.
"What the fuck did you do?!!" I whisper yelled at him not knowing where Y/N was.... If she was even still here! The house was unusually quiet.
"Jesus Scott its not what it looks like! where's Y/N? I've tried calling her but she isn't answering"
"Honestly? I have no clue. I've just woken up to see all this myself, she's not in your room and Mason's bed is empty too"
"Ah fuck..... Scott please tell me she hasn't left?"
"I don't know, can't blame her if she did" i said as i made my way downstairs looking for Y/N and Mason.
"I really don't need your shit right now...."
"How the hell did this happen Chris?? i thought you were happy with Y/N??"
"I am! Im so fucking happy! I promise its not what it looks like.... I just need to talk to her to explain".
When i walked into the living room i sighed in relief when i saw Mason sitting on the sofa watching something on the iPad with his headphones on.
"Oh thank god" i mumbled.
"They're still here, Mace is on the sofa watching something on the iPad which is why its so damn quiet in here"
"Where's Y/N?"
"I don't..... oh god" i spotted her sitting out in the backyard clearly crying wrapped in a blanket "i'll call you back"
"Did you find her?"
"Yeah she's in the back yard crying! I need to go...."
"Scott please tell her its not what it looks like! If she will just call me then i can explain!"
Tumblr media
I heard the door slide open and quickly wiped the tears from my eyes before turning around expecting to see Mason but instead Scott stood there.
"Oh honey come here" he said pulling me into his arms and holding me tight "i got worried that you and Mason had left"
"Im still deciding on what to do...."
"Well before you decide please talk to him, he said he's tried calling you and you didn't answer"
"You spoke to him?"
"I did, mainly to yell at him..... but he said its not what it looks like and he needs to explain"
"And do you believe him?"
"Yeah, i do. I know he's my brother and maybe I'm a little biased but he loves you and Mason so much. He wouldn't go to London and be caught with someone, risk loosing you both after he just got you back".
As if on cue Scott's cell started ringing and he held it up showing me it was Chris.
"What? Can't you give us a few minutes?....." he said full of attitude towards his brother "thats not up to me. Y/N, Chris would like to talk to you"
I took a deep breath and nodded, i needed to get this out of the way.
"Okay she'll talk to you. Im gonna go check on Mason, give you two some privacy".
"Thanks Scotty" i gave him a tight lipped smile and took his phone.
"Hey" i said quietly letting Chris know i was there.
"Oh my god sweetheart, thank you so much for letting me explain. I promise you its nothing like whats being said!"
"So what is it?"
"Right! Right okay, well she was auditioning for the same project i was there for. They took us all out for dinner and drinks after and then we shared a taxi back to the hotel. Thats all! Seemed silly getting separate taxi's to the same place. But i never touched her! She didn't come to my room, we went our separate ways when we got to the hotel i promise!"
I sat silently taking in what he was saying, i mean he could be telling the truth there were no photo's of them in any compromising positions. All the photo's showed were them leaving the same taxi and Chris at the main entrance while she was at a different entrance......
"Baby you still there?"
"Please baby, you have to believe me Im telling you the truth. You really think id risk loosing you and Mason again?"
"Its just hard Chris, its always going to be like this isn't it? I thought it was bad when we were together last time but now?"
"But we can get through it. I'd never do anything to loose what we have, not again. I've learnt from my mistakes i swear to you"
"Okay?.... Okay you're not gonna leave me?"
"I told you we'd be here when you got back didn't i?" I replied still having some doubts but they were more to do with my insecurities. I knew i wasnt anything special and Chris could do so much better than me.....
Chris sighed in relief and i swear he sounded a little tearful.
"Thank you for trusting me Y/N, I love you so much"
"I love you too"
"Hey listen I'm pretty much done here so I'm gonna try my hardest to get on an earlier flight home. I don't wanna be away from you any longer than i have to. I need to be home with you and Mason"
"And Dodger, don't forget him"
"Of course" he chuckled "I'm gonna go see about getting this flight. I'll call you when i know when it is"
"Okay, sounds good"
"Dahlin' you sure you're okay?" He suddenly asked, he must be tired i thought to myself hearing that Boston twang to him calling me darling.
"Yeah I'm fine just tired i guess"
"Yeah me too, i don't sleep very well without you now, i've gotten used to waking up with you".
"Well you'll be home soon enough. Chris i gotta go Mason is calling for me...." I lied just needing to end this call so i could try and get my head around everything!
"Okay baby, well i'll see you real soon"
"Tell Mason i miss him and love him. I love you too dahlin' so much"
"Love you too. Bye Chris" i ended the call once he said goodbye.
Tumblr media
After ending the call with Chris i headed inside to make some tea. While i waited for the kettle to boil i took the time to send messages to my mum and Hannah who had been trying to call all morning, telling them i was fine and would call later. Honestly if i spoke to either right now id fall apart.
"Hey, you doing okay?" Scott asked from behind me, i nodded without turning to face him.
"I'm okay"
"You know you don't have to put on a brave face with me right?"
"Yeah i know....." i sniffled still feeling the effects of the hours i spent crying this morning.
"So are you and Chris okay? You sort everything out?"
"Yeah i think so" i turned to go get the milk from the fridge and felt my head spin, dizziness hitting me from out of nowhere "ah shit...." I gasped grabbing on to the counter while i tried to steady myself.
"Woah! Y/N are you okay?" Scott rushed over.
"Yeah i just got real dizzy there for a second, its probably where i've got myself worked up all morning... maybe i just need to eat something"
"Come and sit down, let me get you something to eat...."
"I can do it Scotty I'm fine" i said as he led me over to one of the dining room chairs and made me sit down.
"I know you can but it'd make me feel better if you let me do it for you"
"Fine if you wanna run around after me be my guest" i chuckled "but i want my tea" i stood up to go finish making my tea and felt a harsh cramping in my side.
"Im okay stop worrying....."
"Y/N you're bleeding".
Scott stood in front of me looking like he was about to cry as i looked down to see blood spreading on the crouch of my grey sweats i was currently wearing. It was too much blood to be my period plus i wasn't due yet. When the realisation of what was happening hit me i felt my legs give way, luckily Scott was close enough to grab me and he lowered us both to the kitchen floor as i broke down.
"Sshhh its okay, i got you" he said quietly as he rocked me gently as i cried.
"Mace can't see me like this...." I started to panic but Scott assured me he was still occupied with the iPad before helping to get me to the bathroom where he left me to clean up.
I took a shower letting the water wash away the tears and blood, i just wanted to go to bed and forget today had happened. It had been a shit show from the second i opened my eyes and i was done with it.
I found myself pulling on Chris' sweatshirt that was left on the chair and sitting on the edge of the bed staring into space.
"Hey" Scott said after knocking on the door letting me know he was there.
"Hi, is Mason okay down there?"
"Yeah he's fine, i gave him some lunch and now his napping with Dodger"
"Thank you for that"
"Of course" he said as he walked over to sit beside me, his arm wrapping around me and pulling me in for a hug.
"Did you know you were pregnant?"
"Not a clue" i sniffed "god Scotty i feel so stupid being this upset about loosing something i didn't even know i had...."
"Its not stupid at all, its a normal reaction sweetheart".
We sat in silence for what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes.
"I feel exhausted" i mumbled against Scott's chest.
"Lay down and get some sleep, i'll take care of Mason and Dodger don't you worry"
"You're sure?"
I nodded, too tired to argue about it. Scott fused as he helped me get settled and tucked me in.
"Call me if you need anything"
"I will. Thank you Scotty, i love you"
"I love you too, now get some rest".
Tumblr media
Scott's POV
After leaving Y/N and checking on Mason i found myself sitting in the dining room dialling Chris' number.
"Hey Scott" he answered after a few rings.
"Hey" i replied trying to keep the emotions out of my voice "just wondering if you managed to get an earlier flight?"
"Yeah, I'm just boarding now actually. I tried to call Y/N but there was no answer"
"Thank god" i muttered to myself but obviously louder than i thought.
"Why? whats wrong?.... She hasn't left has she?" I heard the panic in my brothers voice.
"No! No shes still here"
"So whats wrong? Scott where's Y/N? Let me talk to her"
"Shes sleeping right now..."
"Sleeping? isn't it like 3pm there right now?"
"Yeah, she uh.... Chris she had a miscarriage" i felt the tears finally roll down my face as i broke the news to my brother.
"She didn't even know she was pregnant.... I think she's in shock right now. But she needs you thats why i was asking if you'd be back any earlier...."
"I'll be home as soon as i can.....shit!"
"Im sorry Chris.... And I'm sorry i had to tell you like this".
Tumblr media
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ragingemini · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes
I'm scared
I've never fallen from quite this high
Fallin' into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes
- Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish
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littlebluebarista · 10 months ago
I made a uquiz!
Which Owl City song are you and what does it say about how you see things?
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rjhpandapaws · 9 days ago
Ocean Eyes
Chapter 3: Into Unknown Waters Tw: Death mention
No one tried to stop him when he left again so soon after coming home, and he knew why. The general assumption was that his brothers knew where he was going and they would be able to track him down in the event he was needed. They wouldn’t of course, because he hadn’t told them anything. He had left a note though. It wasn’t so much an explanation or directions on where to find him, but a request that they not come looking for him. He didn’t know when he would be back. Connor would worried; he always worried whenever one of them ventured out on their own for too long. Silas would feel left out. Perhaps, in time, they might come to resent him for leaving them behind; or even think him dead. One day his name might number among the many tale that were used to warn young merfolk against venturing too far from the pod. Those were issued for when he got back; right now he had a promise to keep. This locket was important to someone. It was closure for both Gavin and the woman who had loved him. If he was able to return it, then Gavin would be able to rest. Maybe then Nines’s own restlessness would cease. As much as he doubted that, it was a nice thing to hope for. If not a little selfish; but a good deed was a good deed regardless of the motive.
He waited until they reached open water to speak. He wanted to be sure that his brothers hadn’t followed him. He loved them dearly, but this was something he needed to do on his own. “We should start at Siren Isles,” He said once he was sure they were alone. “Why?” Gavin questioned from just over his shoulder, “That’s just where I died.” Nines turned to stare at him and watched the pieces slowly come together. “Oh.” He remarked after a moment. “If we find your ship, maybe we can find a clue or something.” He clarified. He didn’t know much about how all this worked, and he hoped the plan at least made sense. Gavin bristled at the implication. “Do you not trust me to find my own way back?” He asked defensively. “You didn’t even remember your own name.” He pointed out, “So forgive me for being skeptical.” Gavin didn’t seem to have a retort for that so Nines began swimming again. The sooner they got to Siren Isles the sooner he could get Gavin home. Nines still didn’t know how long he had been lost at sea; there had never been a good time to approach the topic; but the unrest had to have grown old by now. Even if this Aliyah had moved on from her love of Gavin, he still deserved to find peace, and that was what Nines was after. Once Gavin was home safe Nines could find some other shiny trinket that hopefully wasn’t posses by a dead sailor.
He paused when they reached the mouth of Siren Isles. The plan had been to let Gavin get his bearings, but instead his dead companion continued past him. Granted Nines hadn’t known him long, but it was still the most purpose he had ever seen Gavin move with. So he followed under the assumption that there was something important further in that was calling to Gavin. He came to stop just before a shipwreck that was mostly rotted wood at this point. Some of the supporting structures were still in place, and Nines could swim through it if he was careful enough, but he didn’t have high hopes of finding anything useful. It was the way Gavin was looking at the ship though, that removed his doubt. This was the place. He waited for Gavin to acknowledge him before he swam into what remained of the bones of the ship. It was a precarious swim, and while there were many interesting things scattered around, none of them really struck him as things that would help Gavin. He found the crate sometime later. Most of it had rotted and crystalized into the reef where it had come to rest, but there was faded writing on the side of it. This was the first distinctly marked thing he had seen so it had to be important. Now he just had to figure out how to get it back to Gavin.
He ran into trouble the moment he tried to grab the crate, and it had nothing to do with it’s being calcified to the sea floor. An octopus had made it’s home in the box and didn’t seem to keen on the impromptu eviction. It tried to grab his hands each time he reached for the crate. “Look, I just need to borrow this for a bit.” He explained. He didn’t have the ability to speak to creatures like Silas did, but since just reaching for the thing hadn’t worked negotiating seemed like the next best option, “There’s a dead guy that needs to have a look at this so he can get his memories back and go home.” He didn’t get a response, and the octopus poised to attack when he reached for the crate again. Nines wasn’t about to give up. Gavin needed his help, but he needed to find something that would hold the octopus’s attention for a while. He came back with a box that made noise when the handle on the side was turned, and a slightly less pleasant one if it was turned over quickly. Hopefully it would be interesting enough for him to be able to get something done about the crate before the octopus figured out what was happening.
He showed the little guy how to use it before he dropped it into the crate. It gained him about ten minutes. Which he used to break off part of the crate that had writing on it. He couldn’t get all of it because the octopus noticed what he was doing and wasn’t too pleased about it. He had what he needed so he swam for the nearest opening so he could show Gavin what he had found. When he held it out to his companion he didn’t look all that impressed. He actually looked more confused than anything. After a moment he reached for the plank but his hand just passed through it. An unsettling reminder of why they were doing this to begin with. “This was the only salvageable thing I could find that had writing on it.” He explained in a rush, “It used to be part of a bigger piece, but there was also an octopus so this was all I could get away with. Does it look familiar?” Gavin looked annoyed and Nines was a little wary. “It’s familiar alright. we were carrying a lot for that bastard, but it doesn’t tell us anything.” Nines let go of the plank and let it fall to sand beneath them. “Thank you for trying though.” Gavin amended.
“So what’s next?” He pressed, “Did you remember anything?” “I’m sorry.” He replied shaking his head, “I don’t remember anything else.” “That’s fine.” Nines continued, he wasn’t going to give up on this yet, “It was a long shot anyway. That wreck was many seasons old. there wasn’t much left, just trinkets and baubles. Things that my brothers might like.” “What if we went to the surface?” Gavin cut it. “Why would we do that?” He echoed. Gavin had drowned, there would be nothing up there for him. It made more sense for them to keep looking under water. “I am - was - human.” He replied, “If I was going to recognize anything, it would be up there.” Nines felt like a moron after that. It made perfect sense. before he drowned, Gavin had been human, he would have spent most of his time above the water. He nodded to himself and swam for the surface as quickly as he could. The answers had to be up there somewhere. If they weren’t in this exact spot, then they would be somewhere else. It made sense that they would be where human roamed rather than beneath them.
He saw it the moment Gavin passed through the surface of the water. There was nothing here that he recognized and defeat settled over him like a heavy fog. He swung at the waves in his rage, and just like with the plank, his hand passed harmlessly through it. “This is fucking hopeless.” He sounded like he would have been crying if he were able to, “Just drop my locket and go back home. There’s no fucking point.” “No,” Nines replied sharply. It was his turn to be angry. He wasn’t going to give up just because they hadn’t found anything on their first day out, “Just because you don’t remember anything now doesn’t mean you won’t eventually. There is someone out there you miss, and I promised to bring you back to them.” He held the locket to his chest, “Just because you’re ready to give up doesn’t mean I am.” “There’s no fucking point Nines!” Gavin shouted as he turned to face him, “I don’t know a damn thing about the ocean! I’m never getting back to her. All of this was hopeless from the start.” “I know the ocean, Gavin.” He remarked coldly, “We can try other shipwreck hotspots. Merfolk live long lives. Something will come to you eventually.”
“Do you really believe that?” He scoffed. “One of us has to.” He said almost dismissively. If Gavin wanted to give up, that was fine. He could do this on his own. Probably. “Fine.” Gavin replied after the quiet had settled over them, “Just don’t be upset when it doesn’t work out the way you want it to.” He vanished but Nines rolled his eyes anyway before he slipped beneath the waves again. Gavin could sulk all he wanted, but Nines was going to get another look at that shipwreck. He must of missed something, and he had an octopus to apologize to.
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