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My 200th post on this blog!

This is Roger, Mira’s Townie friend and the only human in her story!

Not sure how I’m feeling about his hair -_-; but it’s the 80′s so I guess terrible hair is okay!

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[..]Through blurry vision he can see her using the momentum of shock to bring distance between them.
The pocket knife is somewhere at his feet and he can feel something wet coming from his eye,like sugar paste or running egg.
It burns like hell, his other eye is teary, and the taste of blood in his mouth mixes with what must be the inside of his eyeball
The world is pulsing,red and white.
She’s running now.
His own voice sounds foreign […]

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lance with a pot o honey, running for his life from bees probably

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Elias is so cute how is this possible

He Does have a lot of really cute mannerisms and all that, he’s basically Made 2 have friendly vibes afsda

Tho he can sometimes be a bit unpleasantly overbearing, and has done Some Other Noooot So Friendly And Tolerant things in the story. Don’t worry, it was kinda Deserved by the people on the other side of the whole ordeal

Doesn’t mean he didn’t almost face some pretty brutal consequences

Apart from all that hes still a nice and calm tin can man trying his best

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Fabian ask! How does Fabian like to relax/de-stress?

Fabien doesn’t de-stress. Fabien is a ball of intense energy constantly ready to act. But he does read a lot. And he attends the opera, which he finds pleasantly distracting for a while. He’s also very fond of good food and fine wine, so if you wanted to get Fabien to chill out at least a tiny bit, the best bet is to wine and dine him somewhere nice.

After he gets with Camille, though? Sex 😂 not even going to lie. Hate the infantilization of trans men as uwu soft innocent babies - Fabien likes sex. Nothing wrong with that. Getting a boyfriend was extremely good for him. Finally something that relaxes him for a while.

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So in case it isn’t clear, I feel really really awful today re; my top surgery being pushed back again to god knows when.

Please send me some asks about Fabien bc if I gotta feel crap at least my fictional trans man doesn’t have to.

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What are some small details/quirks your OC’s have that might be overlooked?

Ooh! Fun!

For details, Elisabeth has a small scar on her left eyebrow. Its in a ‘y’ shape, and not All that big. She also has a chin scratch and a scar that goes right across her lips. As for quirks she often finds herself scratching the inside of her palms when she’s either nervous, bored or anxious. She does it on both hands, even the mechanical one. She also clacks her teeth a lot and makes beats with them.

For her details, Annie has a scar across the left side of her waist she got when tinkering with something. Something in it popped and caused some metal to shoot out and cut her. It’s sorta faded, but still noticeable. For quirks she likes her tongue out a lot, even if she’s not working. She might bend over to pick something up, and her tongue just pops out to say hi!

As for Ryder’s details, he has ear piercings. He has two on his left ear lobe and a small cross on his right. He also has a few cartilage piercings. For quirks he paces a lot. It’s a nervous tick of his and he did it pre-war. A lot of pacing was done when Shaun was being born. He also doodles a lot and is surprisingly good at doing mini cartoons!

For details, Shepherd has a small scar on his right eyebrow. He got it pre-war from his job as a lumberjack. He was cutting a log and the axe blade flew off and narrowly missed his eye, and copped his eyebrow instead. He bought a lottery ticket after that. For his quirk, he’s always touching his hat, or stroking his beard. Sometimes he’ll be talking to someone, or doing something and catches himself playing with his hat or beard.

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