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Halloween is soo 🎃

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Shooting for @cool_magazine_taiwan
2020 十月大人物 高爾宣
2020 Oct. Cover @osn.osn

Star_ OSN 高爾宣 @osn.osn

Editor_ Afu ( @afu_aka_wtf )、Joy(@im_joyjoyjoy)、Ryan

Photographer_ @chriske417

Gaffer_ @ainwoods

Special Thanks_ @timberland_taiwan 、宏佳騰智慧電車 @amotor_taiwan、樂悠悠之口 民生東

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(572) This game does not look great on Xbox 360 but I’d advise playing it on a console rather than PC solely because it’s easier to purchase and the PC version is prone to crashes. I sadly ended up giving up on the end because the game would crash every 10 minutes or so and I literally only had an hour left max, that said I did have a great time and I’d really love a remake of the first game that plays more like this. Chris when he saw me playing said that this game’s art style reminded him of Fable which I have to agree with. It’s fantastical and colorful at least some of the time, it does have just as much of its time spent in drab color palettes though. I did watch the last little bit of the game on Youtube and its ending was good in ways and bad in others. I feel like the story is just the excuse for the gameplay, realistically you could describe the actual real-life things happening in this game in one or two paragraphs. It’s fun simple as that.  

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some of my fav fics ive read in oct :) [ateez]

**- nsfw content

the day bled away: seonghwa x reader @masterninjacow

online friend: wooyoung x reader @svteeez 

polaroids: seonghwa x reader @oikawasmilkbread

if the world was ending: seonghwa x reader @neo-shitty

therapy: seonghwa x reader @latte-fairytaekwoon **

special day off: jongho x reader @shrlyrid**

sweet like candy: yeosang x reader @luvteez**

a helping hand: hongjoong x reader @deobienthusiast

canopus: yeosang x reader @sanshinesbaby **

love song: yeosang x reader @svteeez

beautiful: wooyoung x reader @parkseonghwaaa **

sadistic jealousy: san x reader @p1r473-k1n6 **

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sometimes i dont want to talk to people daily & go radio silent just to see if anyone would be concerned but i cant do it bc i love the people i regularly talk to too much to bare the thought of hurting them like that anyway

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(571) Man, it makes me real sad this dude turned out to be a whack job covid denier and a person who thinks that the rapture is actually going to happen. Made some of my favorite old WoW Machinima and some incredible music. Use to watch his stream all the time and was regular enough he chatted with me off and on even got a signed copy of his CD MC Raiders. Welp.

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(564) I have goosebumps. Is it the most incredible writing? No, but it is super fucking cool, fresh, and what continues to be an interesting new way of presenting heaven and hell. I loved being able to kind of call the ending, I get not that complicated but I second-guessed myself thinking “naaaaaah”. Fuck Spirits fuck spirits so hard and please don’t say “they eazy baby enemies” because ya’ll assholes said that about Marauders (which kind of are) and they were like “HAHA, then have two of them then a tyrant at the same time”. I swear you guys complain again and those sadistic fucks are gonna put Spirits inside Marauders and then we’re all gonna suffer.

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