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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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A new stay-at-home delight:

Online scented candle shopping

  1. Climb under a warm blanket
  2. Open the Yankee Candle website
  3. Browse
  4. Try to imagine all the smells from their descriptions. (The crazier the smell name, the better)
  5. Have flashbacks to that one time four years ago when you sniffed through their whole collection at a store and got something for your home and then never used it because you got a cat soon after and oils are bad for kitty cats (and you love your kitty cat more than scented candles)
  6. Browse through the pictures of your cat back at home, then return to browsing candles. You can almost smell them at this point
  7. Get a few samplers. I mean come on, joy is about the small things, isn’t it? (Just remember about fire safety and the sanity of your housemates)
  8. Get into a nostalgic mood for the rest of the day and stare out of your window for a while, listening to the howling autumn wind
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OCtober day 24: Teeth

I am really tired so it’s gonna be a quick one for today, but hey it’s fun to draw some character’s teeth once in a while XXD

So for info here:
Sheiley is omnivorous and I really just wanted an excuse to draw 2 tongues
Maria is usually too lazy to change her teeth back to human shape unless she has to, but she is omnivorous as well.
Hazael is a vampire
Paltin is strictly carnivorous
Elaim is omnivorous but he is missing most of his teeth on the right, hence why we can’t see any (Nono I wasn’t just extra lazy and didn’t draw them)
Semale is mostly herbivorous (Well her specie can’t eat meat but they have grown to consume a lot of dairy products and are therefore not exactly herbivorous but it’s close to)

I added Semale at the end cause I was like: That is a damn lot of sharp teeth…

Tagging @oc-growth-and-development for the prompts!

Only 7 days to go after this one! (After that I’ll go sleep forever XXD )

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(My Morning Coffee Chat) it’s a cold morning here it’s in the 40s and I got to put on my mom heater and got to get a hot cup of ☕☕ to warm up ! Pray you have a wonderful day it will not get out of the 50s today so it going to be a cold one today that just letting us know that winter is coming and I’m not a big fan of cold but love to drink coffee and stay warm 🙌 and watch hallmark channel and YouTube and enjoy🙌🍂🍃🍁🎃 10/24/20 . (note) Since twitter won’t let you write alot then I got to go some where that will 🙌 but if you won’t to check out my Twitter @blesstoya 💖☕


Originally posted by cozyautumnspices

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📅 2020.10.24 ; it’s actually my birthday today :) so i’m gonna keep it short and sweet with a reminder to myself and everyone else who was also born today that not every obstacle will be possible to overcome, but some things that seem impossible at first will one day become second nature, and often it’s what you may least expect. 파이팅 🌺

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The 31 Days of Disney Villainy Continues! I’m counting down my Top 31 Favorite Villains from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film output.

This rogue is Quickest Rat in the Race…but never say that to his face.

It won’t end as nicely as that rhyme.

Number 8 is…Professor Ratigan, from The Great Mouse Detective.


Remember how I said that Ursula’s status was arguable, among Disney Villains? Well, that’s because this guy came first. Ratigan is basically the rodent version of Professor Moriarty, forever embattled with his rival, detective Basil of Baker Street – the Sherlock Holmes of Mousedom. In this particular film, Ratigan kidnaps a toymaker, planning to use him as part of an elaborate scheme to take over the kingdom, and eventually – you guessed it – the world.

So, what makes Professor Ratigan awesome? First of all: Vincent Price. Second of all: Vincent Price. Third of all: VINCENT. PRICE. For those who don’t know, Vincent Price is one of my favorite actors, and I’m pretty sure it was his work as Ratigan that introduced me to his powerful, versatile, and mellifluous voice. (I say “pretty sure” because there were at least three or four other possible contenders there in my childhood, and I’m not sure which came first.) Price named this as one of his favorite roles, and you can tell he’s having a BLAST every second the character is onscreen. And, once again, the voice and the character are totally in concert; as recognizable as Price is, you just never feel that “behind the mic” quality I’ve mentioned. He’s just…right there! He IS Ratigan, and Ratigan IS him! I think perhaps that’s why Ratigan doesn’t get featured as often as other Disney Villains (that and the fact that “The Great Mouse Detective” is a somewhat underrated feature, in my opinion): with other villains, even if their voice actors are gone, dandy replacement actors have been found to take on the mantles of the roles for various spin-offs. But with an actor like Vincent Price, it’s almost impossible to find a perfect voice impressionist who can handle that iconic sound and do it perfect justice. (Lord knows Maurice LaMarche has tried though, recently…if they ever put Ratigan in Kingdom Hearts, I vote using either him or archival audio for the voice.)

Price is not the only thing that’s great about Ratigan. As I said before, many point to Ursula as the villain who really set the standard for how Great Disney Villains work. I think several earlier villains had established the concept before, though you could argue Ursula cemented it, simply because others would follow her footsteps…BUT, I, personally, would say it was Ratigan who cemented it. There was a one-film-gap between this and “The Little Mermaid,” and considering the villain of “Oliver & Company” was, in my opinion, one of the most BORING villains Disney has ever put out (in fact, in my opinion, if we’re looking at only “The Great 58,” which is the focus of this countdown, he’s the second worst Disney Villain of all time), you can guess which formula they followed, in terms of how their bad guys worked. Ratigan, like Ursula, is equal parts funny and fearsome. Also like Ursula, this Napoleon of Crime does have ambitions of power, but he makes it VERY clear that the real reason he does what he does is because he legitimately just enjoys doing terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad things to people. Power is just a bonus, a means to an end.

On that note, I love how this character is arguably one of the nastiest and most bloodthirsty of all Disney Villains – his song literally describes him drowning widows and orphans, presumably just for fun, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – yet they actually manage to give him an edge of empathy. You see, Ratigan does not like being reminded that he is, in fact, a rat; it’s never directly stated in the film, but the implication is that he’s been prejudiced because of his species. Rats are typically seen as dirty, treacherous, sneaky, stupid creatures. Ratigan puts on the airs of a gentleman; he has an eloquent vocabulary, a sense of charm and elegance to everything he does, and dresses in fancy clothes that are very obviously too tight for his (relatively, to a mouse) massive framework. He tries everything he can to deny what he is and defy the stereotypes…yet, ironically, it’s his evil nature that only proves him the perfect example of how nasty rats can be. This is even evident in the climax of the picture, as Ratigan gives up the “battle of wits” with his hated enemy in favor of brute force, and lets his inner animal rise to the surface with terrifying intensity.

(Also, for those of you on Tumblr: Felicia. I think the influence she has on me liking Ratigan, by extension, speaks for itself. That or I like her by extension because of Ratigan; either way, I think you get it.)

Bottom line: aside from a couple of characters from “The Secret of NIMH” or “Redwall,” I defy you to show me a rat quite as menacing as Professor Ratigan.

Tomorrow, the countdown continues with my 7th Favorite Disney Villain!

HINT: “Now, Here is a Riddle To Guess If You Can…What Makes a Monster, and What Makes a Man?”

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