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#october 31st
pumpkindedication2 days ago
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everyone always asks "when's the skeleton war?" But never "how's the skeleton war?"
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oo0lady-mad0oo5 days ago
I honestly feel so bad for all my mutuals who aren't The Amazing Devil fans because this is all I'm gonna be raving about for the next 2 months... maybe longer.
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saintlopezlov3ra month ago
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Michael Myers 馃敧
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iwaizumitooru-chan3 months ago
October 31st is a horrible day, you know why?
The Valhalla Arc (Tokyo Revegers)
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change the location and we get the Shibuya Arc (Jujutsu Kaisen)
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And let's not forget this
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thefoxandspice20 days ago
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Head over to my聽Instagram聽for more fall stuff!
聽馃幀 Tales of Halloween
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autumncozy14 days ago
Happy Halloween! You鈥檙e all invited to this cozy Halloween party, with an assortment of limbs, brains and portal soup on the menu.聽
Eat, drink, and be scary!
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moony-to-ur-pads8 days ago
tw: major character death, mentions of war, implied sex
The first time James kisses her, he doesn鈥檛 think. He can鈥檛. He is enraptured by the feel of her, the warmth of her, the taste of her. When they pull apart, he blurts out鈥
鈥淎pples and honey. You taste like apples and honey.鈥
She鈥檚 red-cheeked and breathless, her eyes the colour of a dew-crusted Quidditch pitch. 鈥淲hat?鈥 she whispers, looking pleased and incredulous all all at once. 鈥淲hat, Potter?鈥
鈥淎pples and honey,鈥 James mumbles, feeling sheepish.
Evans doesn鈥檛 let him forget what he said for a week. Not that he鈥檇 ever forget.
James Potter is sure that that kiss, that very moment, will be engraved into his memory for the rest of his life.
At first, he counts their kisses.
The afternoon by the lake, when they鈥檇 told the others.
The drunken night at the Hog鈥檚 Head when he鈥檇 thrown up all over himself and she鈥檇 pressed him up to a wall anyways.
The evening at the Halloween feast, when she鈥檇 tasted of pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs.
One kiss comes with a hundred others, all wrapped up in one perfect afternoon.
Soon, he loses count. Their love is a fiery blur鈥攈e loses track of everything when he鈥檚 with her. As if her very presence is enough to wipe his mind clean and turn him into a sweet stammering schoolboy with a sweet stirring crush.
Their last night at Hogwarts, he begs for a lifetime with her. She tells him a lifetime would hardly be enough, that eternity with him would barely suffice.
He thinks she tastes like apples and honey.
That night, they stumble into territory there-forth un-walked. There鈥檚 nervous laughter at first, unsure hands and anxious whispers. Then all that melts away, disbanded in the mindless heat of passion.
He鈥檒l remember that night forever. So will she.
For a lifetime together, for eternity.
First year out of school, and he鈥檚 back to counting kisses, counting nights together.
They鈥檙e so precious, he treasures every one, spares each a special place in a secluded corner of his mind. When it all grows too much, when the darkness overwhelms him and the thunder of war beats him to jagged pieces, James retreats within himself鈥攖o that quiet corner, that safe haven. He think of green eyes, of warmth, of apples and honey.
One night, she whispers the words neither of them dare say.
鈥淲hat if we don鈥檛 make it through this, James?鈥
There鈥檚 a bruise on her cheek, a healing scab spanning a scrape on her forehead. She鈥檚 had it bad this time. They鈥檝e had quite the fright. James is exhausted. He has no idea what she must be.
鈥淲e will,鈥 he insists. 鈥淲e will make it.鈥
鈥淎nd if we don鈥檛?鈥
鈥淟ily, if you think a nose-less freak can keep us from each other, think again. We鈥檒l never be apart. Together, forever鈥攆or eternity, remember?鈥
He sounds like a child. He knows it. She does, too. They cling to childish innocence and turn their faces from the terrible truth.
They will make it through this.
She kisses him again, but this time, the kiss feels bitter. Laced with fear, with the knowledge that forever is nothing more than a sweet stirring lie.
She鈥檚 round.
He鈥檚 scared. More terrified than he鈥檚 ever been.
She kisses him, and the fear melts away.
They will make it through this. All three of them.
Once upon a time, a fifteen-year-old鈥攄ay-dreaming in a particularly boring History of Magic class鈥攈ad imagined his last ever kiss with Lily Evans.
They hadn鈥檛 even shared a first kiss at that point. But that had seemed beside the point.
To the school boy, to the child with only half an inkling of life鈥檚 cruelties and the eyes of a hopeless romantic, the last kiss had been something beautiful. There鈥檇 been a patio, a rocking chair. A sunset, if he remembered right. They鈥檇 whispered wise words of romance to each other, both on the far side of ninety, their blue-veined, liver-spotted hands clutched in each other鈥檚, as they let a lifetime together slip into eternity.
Reality proved rather different.
鈥淟ily, take Harry and go! Its him!鈥
As James Potter sprints into the hallway, knowing with unnerving calmness who lurks at the door, he finds that he can鈥檛 remember when the last time was鈥攏ot a swift peck on the cheeks or a brief brush of lips鈥攚hen the real last time was. Before Harry? No, that couldn鈥檛 be right鈥
鈥淩un! I鈥檒l hold him off鈥斺
The hooded figure raises His wand, and James Potter realises he鈥檚 come unarmed.
Together forever, he thinks, for eternity.
And he hopes, he hopes with all his might, that it would be otherwise. James would take an eternity apart from her, if He鈥檇 just let her live.
Cruel, cold laughter falls from His lips, and James Potter sees a burst of emerald light.
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