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#odaat season 4

I watched Supermoon.

I cried. I loved it. When they said this season would especially focus on relationships I thought it would be kind of annoying. But really it’s very interesting and I love it. And the end when they spread Berto’s ashes really got me. They still know how to make me cry.

Also I’ve seen people mad about Pen not wanting to marry…but I get it? I mean it’s not out of character, everything that happened with Victor fucked her up, I understand why she promised herself to never marry. But that doesn’t mean she will leave Max or whatever. They are commited to each other and they’re married in another way. They love each other and won’t leave. That’s what matters. And maybe one day she won’t have all those fears and will marry him. Who knows. But I’m happy about that.

Great episode, really. I mean the lack of time shows, before they had half an hour now they have like 20 minutes only so there’s less time to develop the things happening in each episode, so having that in mind, I understand

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i don’t think that the show is gonna go down this route bc (at least so far this season) it’s definitely been leaning hard into the comedy side and away from the heavier/emotional stuff.

that being said, i absolutely would not be mad if that’s what happens bc ever since schneider and avery got back together i really haven’t been into it. this is probably due to a combination of them entirely failing to address the conversations surrounding getting back together, how fast their story line is moving now, and the fact that it feels like avery doesn’t really like the alvarez’s/the avery and schneider storylines seem to be pulling him away from the family

tl;dr - the show doesn’t feel like it would go down that road, but i kinda want it to

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