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#odaat spoilers

watched the first ep of odaat s4 and like, penelope SAYS she hates smalltalk, but who starts a date by talking about siblings and highschool??

youre not gonna decide you like someone because youre both youngest siblings; id be asking what tv shows you watch, what hobbies you have. that stuff is for later when you already like the person and therefore any information about them is interesting

like of course youd hate smalltalk if you do it like THAT

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Confession about season 4 of one day at a time. I don’t like it. It’s reall just not that great to me. I’ve been following the show since season 1 and I fucking loved it. And now it feels like a shell of its former self.

Some things that perturb me:

•the fact that Max is just kinda ushered in as Penelope’s boyfriend

•Schneider’s character in general feels so fucking off, I feel like his depth is just gone?

•not addressing previous storylines what so ever

The newest episode (Supermoon) has been the only one to really remind me of the previous seasons. Where I really felt like these characters were them. It was the first episode to make me cry this season as well. Previous seasons, I cried almost every episode. I don’t know, I’m just disappointed.

Dont get me wrong I still really enjoy watching the show, but it feels like watching a reboot.

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byeohlet replied to your post “Thank you for saying all that regarding ODAAT! I’m sad this show I…”

I’m a bit dissapointed because I remember reading somewhere that season 4 was gonna deal with a bit of conflict about Schneider and his sorta clinginess to the Alvarez’, like he was gonna be between spending time with Avery and spending time with his “familia”, and I thought that sounded really cool and was hoping to see that but that’s obviously not the case 😢

yeah, i posted about that a couple of times myself! the version i encountered was a Todd interview after S3. i’m not sure if what he understood of the S4 plans changed during hiatus? but that was how he used to talk about the upcoming season plans, and i was really looking forward to them exploring that tension so i’m bummed that we’re just jumping right to ‘nevermind we’re all one big happy family now cuz babies are magic’

cuz now he says things like this in interviews, about the pregnancy reveal:

“I love it. I think it’s so cool. It’s such a great evolution for him, because he’s always been such a lonely guy. And so to now, I mean, last season find real love, obviously outside of the Alvarez family who he loves, but start to create his own little family in last season meeting Avery, and then potentially screwing that up by falling off the wagon and starting to drink again and driving Avery away… to see him come back now in Season 4 and have Avery be in his life, and then have this new development when you’re pregnant. He’s really putting down roots and creating a family that he’s always dreamed of.”

he already had a family! he wasn’t lonely anymore! how were we supposed to know he’d ‘always dreamed of’ a wife-and-baby kind of family when they literally never even hinted at that??? why does his ‘evolution’ have to be tied to avery, when it was so beautiful on its own? 

(this is not me hating on todd btw, i love him and he also says nice things about alvareider shippers in that article, i think he’s great–but boy i miss the show’s previous direction a lot, especially when it seems like this really is the new normal.)

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-It still feels a little like they’re working the actors’ relationship into the show wrt Schneider and Avery, but I do like “three of everything”

-I also thought I saw a continuity error with the bartender line, but all good.

-Tanya the barista! Finally some continuity this season! I ate stuff like that up in season 3.

-Also continuing the thread of Papito growing up means his trauma coming to the surface. Excited and scared.

-“I really freaked that dude out.” I unpause and now I’m laughing.

-Interestingly he’s more afraid of being Penelope than Victor.

-We get Pen and Max next! So, did Lydia set this up for Berto? I thought that even before Alex set up the bait.

-Leslie! Now did he make it for himself or Berto?

-Yep that urn!


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