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馃劜馃劙馃劷 馃厛馃劸馃厔 馃劦馃劯馃劷馃劤 馃劸馃厔馃厓?
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Turning to Dust, c. 2022
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thefabulousweirdtrotters 3 months ago
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Green house, made from recycled church stained glass windows.
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injuries-in-dust 5 months ago
Two kingdoms have been at war for centuries over a single piece of land. A simple hill which housed a magical well. Its waters are said restore health and happiness to those that drink them.
The kings of both kingdoms are both getting old and sick. Both have vowed to never rest until the land is theirs. Both desire some of the waters of this fountain, so their health may be restored and they can continue their fight.
They order their respective children, the prince of east kingdom and the princess of the western kingdom, to secretly undertake the long journey to the front lines to sneak up the hill and retrieve some of the water. Secrecy is a must, lest their enemies move against them.
Alone and in disguise the prince and princess travel their lands. They see the poverty and sadness that the constant war has brought to their kingdom and their people. Their hearts grow cold and hard toward their enemies and the havoc they brought.
In the dark of the night they sneak past the front lines. All alone they climb their respective sides of the hill. Slowly, to not get spotted. Carefully so they dont stumble and fall in the dark.
By the breaking of the dawn they reach the top, and the prince and princess meet each other for the first time.
In their respective disguises, the prince sees this common girl, while the princess sees this common boy. Both declare their need greater, both speak about how their fathers are sick and need the healing power of the water.
As the day approaches they speak of many things as they try to make their case. They speak of their hate for their enemies and the damage the war has brought.
Yet the more they spoke, the more they came to realise many things. Their people are in poverty because of the high taxes their fathers enforced to fund their armies. The people are starving because all the food they grow is sent to feed the soldiers. Homes and villages are in disrepair because every able-bodied young man has been conscripted into the fight. Homes stand empty because family lines have ended on the front lines.
Both come to realise that their enemies are not to blame. The kings are to blame. Their selfish desire to possess and hoard the waters of the well.
How many have died to try and take this land? And if they did take it, how many will die trying to hold it from their enemies?
And would the people, who suffered so much in the name of their king, ever sample any of the sweet waters and see any health and happiness from the magic of the well?
Both conclude that, no, they wouldn't.
And both knew that, as long as the selfish kings were in power, neither kingdom would ever know peace.
Prince Jack of the eastern kingdom turned his back on his father's quest and left the common girl to the water. He would take up a new quest. For the good of his kingdom and all of it's people. The prince would lead the revolution and remove his own father from power.
Princess Jillian of the Western kingdom left the common boy behind to return to her lands, call all of the loyal banners and people to her side that she could. She would not rest until she managed to remove her father from the throne.
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown.
And Jill came tumbling after.
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oddestoddish 3 months ago
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There they are, galartwo! The last image is a little blurry because tumblr apparently has a 10 image limit now so I had to combine the last two panales, and there鈥檚 some inconsistencies with the backgrounds and colors cause I鈥檝e been tired and busy lately, but I think it came out really well!
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crumykeyboard 6 months ago
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It鈥檚 getting cold
Art/edit cred: idk
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鈽 銆怬DD銆 銆 Pok茅mon 脳 Nike SNKRS 2 聽+伪 銆 鈽 鉁 republished w/permission 鈯 鈯 follow me on twitter
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The Collectors- Mark Bryan; 2011
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Resident evil door haha
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the pub
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injuries-in-dust 2 months ago
I'm thinking up some amusing curses. Not, like swearing, but more just general inconvenience that you can wish on someone.
You can feel free to add your own if you want to.
May your favourite food always arrive lukewarm.
May the wifi always be spotty around your favourite seat in your home.
May your keys never be in the first place you look for them, even if you know for sure you left them there.
May you be unable to find your preferred instagram filter.
May you always get a pebble in your shoe when you're in a hurry.
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