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#off mortis ghost

IME NOT SURE IF ANYONE REMEMEBRES JEZEBEL (and i camntrmemeber if I ever introduced the old jokiim and meshach) B U T!!!! I DECIBED TO REVAMP MY FAULTY GUARDIANS SO HERE THEYE ARE BETTER THANM EVER!!!!! Youvbe got……….corvid nun………YeeYee BeepBoop…….and snake :)


Jezebel, Jokiim and Meshach can alsoe be asked things if anyone would want tou!! :)

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He’s a normal kid for the most part. He likes comic books, coloring, and playing with his teddy. Since his mom doesn’t seem to be around all that much and the last person you saw taking care of him was a literal bird, you decide to step in and help keep an eye on him. You’ve since learned that the bird is thankfully not his sole caregiver, but you’re still glad you were around to help out. He’s a sweet kid and you suspect that his mom’s absence is really taking a toll on him emotionally. You also learn that he has some kind of illness, although he can’t pronounce the name of it very well so neither of you really know what it is. You try to remind him to take his medicine each time you part ways, even if he isn’t fond of the taste. Somebody needs to make sure he’s healthy, and you’re glad to be that person.

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