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Found out today he likely has cancer. Probably would have caught it months sooner if I hadn’t kept forgetting to call the vet about the lump. (I deeply, truly hate my ADHD right now.) I am so scared of losing my dog. He’s my best friend. This dog has changed my life so much, and maybe even saved it.

(Do not reblog, please.)

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wobbuffet’s default moveset of “counter/mirror coat/safeguard/destiny bond” sure is something in a nuzlocke

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it appears that i accidentally made my main oc just me but pink. oops !

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It is a reference to comedian John Mulaney’s joke about Trump! During his Netflix Special “Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”, John compares Donald Trump as president to there being a horse in a hospital. Basically he sets up that Trump is so unqualified and unfit for the Presidency it invokes the same level of confusion and concern as if a horse was loose in a hospital. It’s a GREAT analogy and I highly recommend looking it up.

With Biden being officially inaugurated today, social media is collectively making the same joke about the horse being out of the hospital (#John Mulaney is trending as I type this).

The post I reblogged is saying “hey yeah it’s great we got one corrupt politician out of an office they never should have been in, but what are we going to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again and what about the other bad politicians still in power ?”

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i’m honestly, like, sincerely sorry i don’t answer asks and/or make posts very often. ): i’m chronically ill and i basically spend about 80% of my time asleep and the rest at doctor’s appointments/talking with doctors.

— mod sayori 💗

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I’m gonna take today to be glad of the progress we’ve made. I just don’t have the emotional energy to keep fighting right now. Being on the otherside of the world means that all I can do is use my voice and hopelessly worry and I’m honestly burnt out just thinking of the number of unjust things going on in the world right now.

We’ve won an important battle. Take a breath and acknowledge that. That doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the rest of the war to come.

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I can understand that feeling. It is a bit strange indeed. I think that it feels strange due to the last few years having hardcore members of the Sonic community take part in these big projects. Having assurance that some member was apart of it—like Hesse with the Sonic Movie 1 and 2, as well as Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley writing Sonic Boom episodes—made it feel special. It was assuring to the fan to know that the material made by respected members of the fandom, knowing that there would be lots of love to it.

I’m hopeful, I am. I hope that it will be something spectacular!

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Awww! I’m best Tumblr mom!

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Hey there lovely people ❤


Just wanted to let you know that I opened an Instagram account for the incorrect bsd quotes.

It’s still super small and I’m only gonna share posts there that are already on here, but I figured it would be easier to interact with each other that way ✨ (also people can properly give credit when they repost the quotes on Instagram)

I already chatted with one of you there! And it was so much fun~ so don’t be shy! uh, in fact I’m the shy one but yeah.

So please leave a follow and some nice words 🙏

➡➡➡ Instagram

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I’m watching it live now. I think I’ve cried three times watching it. I’m brave—I’ll admit that I’ve cried happy tears or not. (I did watching Madam Vice President Harris and Second First Gentleman Harris come out of the White House to be introduced. That I’m 100% certain about).

My god, this is the most diverse administration that I’ve ever seen in the USA! Women, people of color, LGBTQAI, indigenous women! This is incredible!

**Alright, that’s it—that’s all of my “political POV” I will do today.


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Off topic but

As a Puerto Rican Woman, hearing Jennifer Lopez sing This Land Is Your Land made me super emotional. 😭

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when biden was like “this reminds me of a song” i legit thought he was about to start singing

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Nico: I think I’ll write a novel.

Hades: Oh that’s great. What’s it about.

Nico: It’s about two like zombies.


Hades: Zombies? That’s it?

Nico: I mean, no not just that

Nico: there’s a real love story in there!

Nico: Like the zombie falls in love with sam-

Hades: So sam isn’t a zombie-

Nico: no!

Hades: oh

Hades: So it’s like twilight, when the vampire falls in love with the human-

Nico: It’s not like twilight!

Nico: AT ALL.


Hades: But-

Nico: Okay but does twilight have a third love interest so it’s kinda like a triangle?


Hades: YES!

Nico: Well, does “twilight” have a wolf in it?


Hades: I- YES!

Nico: well is “twilight” set in Seattle?




Nico: well then, whoever wrote that is really smart.

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my ex made a new acct and is trying to add me on social media and i am Scared

well not really an ex just someone i fucked with long distance. he wasnt even that fuckable he only looked good when crossdressing. And his involvement with me had Consequences to say the least. I told him things had to end and blocked all his accounts without waiting for a response. This was months ago. Why is he doing this I’m engaged I can’t get involved again. 2021 is already a shitshow so here’s to 2022 i guess

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sorry if i mysteriously vanish for an as of yet undecided amount of time im getting real into bamboozling and general bewilderment

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Maryrose!! 😭😭😭💙💙🥺 thank you so much, this is so nice and reassuring to hear 💙💙

(Why am i feeling nostalgic for a fic I only wrote 3 months ago lol)

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TMA Book Project Update #12

I just realized that if I want to be caught up with the Magnus Archives proofreading for my book project by the time the final episode of season 5 drops, I need to be done by March 25.

Today is January 19, so I have basically 2 months to proofread 4 ½ seasons. That is…not a lot of time.

I can’t listen to the episodes that are being released while I’m also going through the proofreading, because my brain does not work like that. I gotta absorb the story in as Linear A Fashion As Possible if I want a chance at understanding it lol. So my only options, if I want to get to the finale at the same time as everyone else, are: 1) finish the proofreading in time, or 2) postpone the project til after all the episodes are released, in which case it’ll probably never get done.


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