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#off topic slightly

Thank you to @redobbo for the tag.

Top three ships: Undertaker and Claudia/Cloudia, Sebastian and Agni as friends, and a future relationship between Edward and Paula? All in Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

Last song: “Last Ride Together” — I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Last movie: Farhenheit 9/11

Reading: Kushiel’s Mercy (book 6 in the “Kushiel’s Legacy” series)

Tags: @briarwynthemorphling @ink-intheblood-ink-inthekeys @white-queen-lacus @guarddogclaudia @plague-of-insomnia and anyone else who wants to participate!

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Today on “Let’s Play Connect-the-Dots with Mell’s Various Weirdnesses”

Turns out hypermobility is associated with a significantly increased chance of having a ganglion cyst. Guess which mildly hypermobile person has had a ganglion cyst since she was a young teen lol

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For once, have some Assassination Classroom content from me that is not about Karma, but about Fuwa instead.

Fuwa Dubbing AU

  • Basically, Fuwa is really good at changing her voice
  • Deep girl voice, little kid voice, high and mighty old lady voice, raspy yet comforting voice, dreamy voice, she can do it all!
  • So when she felt like she was on top of her studies before E class, she started a channel of her dubbing mangas
  • She does all the different voices, edits in sound effects, even background music when the scene calls for it
  • Instead of mimicking the voices in the animes, she picks a voice for each character herself, going by her own headcanons
  • By the time final exams in the 2nd year at Kunugigaoka are coming around, she’s dubbing 2 different mangas, and uploading them all every two weeks
  • Not to mention that she has a lot of subscribers who have say that she’s like a beacon of light in the midst of exams
  • Let’s just say that she failed to balance studying and dubbing mangas, and dropped down to E class
  • She was so sad, and took a short break from the channel about two weeks
  • It would’ve been longer if it hadn’t been for this one guy
  • This one guy
  • Who had commented on every single manga she had dubbed with a new character for her to voice with an analysis on how well the voice she did fit each character
  • I don’t know about you, but being genuinely told that something you made was good? That is the literal best thing I have ever experienced, especially by a random stranger on the internet
  • Fuwa uploaded a video the very next week, and started getting things back in order
  • Since E class work was a lot less hard and stressful than her old work was, she had a lot more time for her channel
  • She managed to get one of them out of the way (finally, after all of those chapters!), and picked out a new manga to dub
  • She did a livestream so she could pick out the voices for all the characters while getting feedback from all of her followers
  • She faked her voice and wore a mask to protect her identity
  • Do you think I’m done here? Absolutely not
  • At some point, maybe near the start of the second semester, she and Takebayashi try studying together
  • Takebayashi helps her with science, she helps him with history
  • It becomes a semi-regular thing for them, and their love for manga and anime lead them to make a lot of metaphors and references to make things easier to memorize and understand
  • One day, Takebayashi decides that they deserve a little break, and shows her one of his favorite manga videos
  • One of Fuwa’s manga dubbing videos
  • She then notices the name of his account
  • Which turns out to be very familiar from her brief hiatus
  • Takebayashi was apparently the guy who had given her the analysis that made her snap out of her Sadness Time
  • She pretends that the video is new to her, because she thinks that he might judge her for doing that stuff when her grades are less than satisfactory compared to his
  • He finds out
  • Takebayashi somehow manages to find out
  • He does not, in fact, judge her at all
  • Long story short, after a fair amount of fanboying, he becomes her assistant
  • He helps her edit in the background music and sound effects, the manga panels being shown at each moment, and helps voice some characters
  • The upload schedule becomes a fair bit quicker with him helping, and they get another manga finished
  • The two of them do a new livestream together to decide the new voices and also to formally introduce Takebayashi
  • The fans are pretty happy
  • Some are a bit jealous, but hey, faster updates are faster updates
  • All is well
  • At least until Koro-sensei finds out
  • He is… very proud of them
  • Which is nice
  • But like
  • He also really wants to be part of it
  • They eventually cast him a very minor character to get him off their case
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Some goodies from 85°C Bakery. I got a curry bun, but the veggie one is the only curry bun option. I ate it before I even started the engine to leave the parking lot. 😋 Also got a cheese dog, a red bean paste bun, and a chocolate cookie bread (fluffy bread that tastes just like a chocolate cookie).

veggie curry bun
veggie curry bun
veggie curry bun
veggie curry bun

I want to do Undertaker cosplay with him eating red bean paste buns. The Ankou needs some anko…. 😉

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