purityoflust · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Not surprised, but kind of confused?
He doesn't eat. He can't eat, anyway.
He's extremely grateful, though.
Admires your skill.
Thanks you anyway
Unlike slendaddy, he can eat.
Sharp ass teeth mf.
Thanks you in a purr.
Happily eats.
He LOVES it.
He offers you a favorite colored rose as another thank you.
Luckily no strings attached, just a rose as a gift.
You let him give you one hug as long as he keeps his hands and tendrils to your abdomen.
He looks forward to you cooking for him in the future, if you're up for it.
He's a bit startled, but thankful.
"Thanks, doll."
He takes a slow first bite as you watch closely.
He sits there in silence for a moment before taking another bite.
And another.
And another.
Picking up pace with each bite.
You could swear his lidless eyes widened.
Next thing you both knew, his plate was empty.
A tint of pink crept up on his snow white cheeks as he looked away.
You take the plate with a smile.
He would love for you to cook for him again.
Playing video games in the living room as usual.
"Beeenn!" You cooed lovingly.
He turns his head to his left where you come from, plate full of food.
"Oh?" He rose a brow.
You lean down and set the plate beside him, resting a fork on the plate.
"Here you go, darling." You pat his head.
His blushes ever so slightly as he sets the controller down to his other side.
He lives off video game logic, so he technically doesn't need to eat.
But he can program himself to feel certain things, do certain things, etc.
So he can definitely consume and taste this.
You watch as he takes a bite.
His bloody eyes light up as he keeps eating and eating.
You giggle as you walk away.
Off to the next one.
Trying to do paperwork at the mostly empty dining room table.
The table only had him and a few others.
You walk up beside him and set a plate of his favorite breakfast beside him.
"Oh?" He looks to the plate.
Then to you.
He smiles under his mask before taking it off, "Thank you, Y/N."
You nod and pat his shoulder as you step back.
He takes the fork and eats slowly.
Then he takes another bite.
And another.
Faster than the other.
He loves it!
He makes humming noises to express his delight, devouring every single bite.
You feel relieved as he's pretty powerful among the others besides Slenderman.
You're happy you pleased him.
Doing work as well.
You come up behind him and wrap your arm around him to place the plate in front of him.
"Take a break." You speak softly.
You then wrap your other arm around him, gently taking his fabric mask from below and slowly lifting it up.
He relaxes his body and allows you.
"You've been working for hours."
You hug him softly from behind before pulling back and watching quietly.
He takes a bite.
He quickly consumes it all.
"M-mm- this is- really good. Thank you, Y/N."
You give him a plate of homemade waffles you had just fixed up for him.
He pulls down his mouth guard.
"Th-th-thank you, Y-Y/N." He twitches.
You giggle, 'You're welcome."
You gently rub his head.
He takes a forkful, only to eat as quickly as he can.
He's in love.
He devours it while you watch happily, proud of yourself.
"Oh, thank you."
She takes a sip of her coffee as you set the plate down in front of her.
She shoves her papers to the side.
She starts eating, immediately falling in love.
"This is so good! Thank you, Y/N!"
Proud of yourself once more. You love making them happy.
You know he isn't a fan of human food.
So you take the fresh kidneys of the victim in the torture room.
You season them lightly.
You take the plate to the eyeless demon in his bedroom.
You knock on the door.
"Yeah?" A gruff voice calls over from the other side.
"It's Y/N." You reply.
"Oh, come in."
You enter.
You step inside, going to Jack who sat on his bed criss cross.
You rest the plate of seasoned bloody kidneys onto his lap.
"Oh-" He had his mask off.
You smile, 'Enjoy."
He happily chowed right down, obsessed with whatever season you added.
I..he eats candy so you just give him that.
Loves it regardless.
Oh my God, she's a hassle to cook for!
But you know just what she likes.
You miss no detail, getting it just right.
Plate after plate, you give them to the little girl who eyed you with excitement.
You then place a cup of her favorite juice beside her.
You see her munch down as fast as she possibly could.
This honestly wowed the others.
She could make herself appear human. When she does so, she can eat.
"Thank you so much Y/N!!!"
You chuckle and pat her head.
She's simple.
She doesn't like anything big, so you just get her some hashbrowns with eggs.
You give her the plate with a cup of coffee.
She smiles.
"Thank you, Y/N."
She likes surprises.
You surprised her with a stack of fruity and chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup.
You get her some mocha peppermint coffee, as well.
She was at first surprised when you came up to her.
But she chowed it right down.
She LOVES it.
She wants to make something for you next time.
Oh God she's gonna burn it, for sure.
Simple as well.
You just give her some eggs and bacon.
She's happy.
She eats anything she's given.
You don't know her that well, so you just give her basic stuff like pancakes with some bacon.
"......Thanks." She quietly replies.
You nod and make your way back to the kitchen.
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mother-of-fuckers · a month ago
biting and chewing and shaking my favorite characters like a rabid dog
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sevikasstressball · 7 months ago
Sure, Creepypasta is cool and all, but do you remember when the last time your emotionally unavailable parental figure(s) said that they were really, truly, said they were proud of you?
Me either, give me the clown box.
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somewhat-crazy · 6 months ago
slender family members you didn't know about
spenderman the biggest shopper out there.
lenderman will loan anyone anything. there is high interest tho.
plunderman that one kleptomaniac uncle.
ilikemenderman no gay erasure here.
reminderman this dude remembers everything.
squanderman he's kinda broke.
blunderman he's an idiot.
transgenderman lol.
faultfinderman everyone hates spending christmas with him.
slanderman he's just plain mean.
goaltenderman he just wants to find someone to play sports with.
hellbenderman unfortunately he joined z*lgo.
suspenderman his tendrils are suspenders.
blonderman he actually has hair.
germanderman he can make frankfurters in 2 mins with only his tendrils.
husbanderman he's a family man.
wonderman willy wonka without a face.
venderman always carries chips, candy, and pop everywhere for some reason.
enderman he always just wants to talk about someone named steve.
genderman he hoards genders.
fenderbenderman he is a terrible driver.
rounderman the opposite of slenderman.
calenderman gives calenders to everyone at christmas.
distenderman sneak 100.
weekenderman his parties are awesome.
pretenderman poser.
surrenderman he's chicken.
bartenderman can get 4 people drinks at once.
commanderman takes charge of every situation.
woodlanderman lives in a cabin and wears flannel.
wunderkinderman he's one-of-a-kind.
standerman legend says he's been standing for the past 5,000 years.
yes, i'm the funniest one here.
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smoshpit · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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alice-morgue · 5 months ago
Can I request the slender brothers and Asa Emory headcannons with an y/n who can lacticate ( but she is not pregnant ) and she has “mommy milkers ” . What would be there reaction ?
Warnings: Sexual Themes (with Offenderman), Asa (who is a warning in of itself)
Note: Some of these seem longer than others. Very sorry. Also, about the cabbage thing: my mom, who has had seven children, used it a lot to help make the swelling go down. Also once a I heard a baby crying and I started lactating. Oh, the joys of boobies.
- Research fiend. Even if he knows much about things (seeing his age and because he genuinely likes researching), he still likes finding what he can to help.
- Learns that it could be a hormone imbalance.
- If you want help he's there to help you.
- If you're cool with it? He's still there to help you.
- Chances are he knew someone who had this happen to them as well. So he might know a little bit about how to alleviate any discomfort.
- "You probably have an excess of prolactin."
- "I'm aware of that, Slender."
- 50/50 he might bring it up in the bedroom (he's not as vanilla as you think).
- Probably noticed when he was taking measurements
- He's one of those people that prefers to measure on the skin rather than on fabric like a bra (says it's more accurate)
- "Oh? Y/n, are you pregnant?"
- "No? Oh! That, yeah, they do that."
- Honestly, this isn't the first he's seen of it
- Chances are this makes your breasts sensitive so he's constantly finding the softest and most comfortable fabrics for you.
- Mostly hemp fabric (aka the best fabric)
- Will give you cabbage. Most of his friends are mothers that have said using cabbage helps.
- "??? Trender. I'm not-"
- "Take. It."
- *Sudden bell noises*
- "You can lactate? And you're not pregnant? Hm, that happened with my mom years after Trender was born." (Trender being the last one born).
- One of the many cabbage believers.
- Oh, you don't want the cabbage? Alright. He's hungry anyway.
- tbh now he actually wants kids. He loves kids.
- Probably the only one to actually be friends with someone who knows exactly what's going on (i.e Mama Slender).
- Mama Slender might come down one of these days and talk about it with you.
- Splendorman isn't as clueless as depicted. He's the oldest brother and knows more than he lets on. Hell, he's big into reading. Meaning he probably has a book on the subject.
- ???
- it was a few days after you met that he learned this
- Another one to give you cabbage.
- "Here, take this cabbage"
- "Why?"
- "just take it."
- "Fender, I'm not pregnant."
- he's honestly excited, yet concerned
- tbh he did sense something every time he used your boobs as pillows.
- just has that ability
- Will definitely suck on them when y'all are in bed or use his tentacles to squeeze at them
- Be prepared to get a lot of Mommy Milkers jokes
- Oh, and his breeding kink shows
Asa Emory/The Collector:
- he noticed quickly
- Chances are, as he says, it's probably from hormonal imbalance from medication.
- Probably is 50/50 on getting the imbalance fixed or just allowing it to stay like that. It's Asa.
- Definitely runs random little tests.
- Considering it isn't from pregnancy, he wants to see how it would affect a human to consume it.
- So naturally, he asks if you can get some in a cup so he can give it to someone in his collection just to see how long they can live off of it.
- Might bring it into the bedroom as well
- He most likely has notebooks filled with his findings on all his little pets, he has one specifically for you (someone he doesn't count as a pet). There's an entire chapter based on your lactation alone.
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nunsongici · 2 months ago
maybe I shouldn't just draw whatever I want
idk I just had this thought of Offender looking up his and his brothers' names on the internet only to find weird Google searches~ Unfortunately Slender doesn't know internet culture that well
warning, little nsfw;;;
Tumblr media
✨made a whole tiktok about my problem do not worrey✨
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channydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I drew the others
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azuli-bean · a month ago
Tumblr media
he needs some love XD
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xxx-rozes-xxx · 4 days ago
Trenderman Headcannon and Lore
I feel as if Trender never got the traction he deserved like the rest of the slenders, always being considered 'memeish' most if not all of the time so I shall stand here and do this man justice by giving him my own serious and creepy headcanons.
The Trenderman;
The idea of The Trenderman has so much potential behind it but was always brushed off
Always the 'brother' who came last. Not even Slenderman's brother but his cousin.
But if you had to ask me He wants it that way.
He wants everyone to turn a blind eye to him and brush him off as a joke, Hell, even his brothers see him as a joke
Yet no one questioned where he stayed and what he did, figuring all he did was upload on fashion blogs and ignore the horrible style chooses of certain humans
And yes he did do that, but that wasn't the whole story.
Like his brothers, He stayed somewhere abandoned but akin to who he is, in my eyes, a dead mall. One that didn't have overgrown greenery or flooded floors but one that was simply a ghost town with some interior falling in on itself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The perfect place that once was in has come to die, and I think that suits him quite well.
All of the Slender brothers have a so-called "target market". The type of people they attract and influence.
Splendor's is children with wild imaginations, a troubled home or a sense of wonder, or even adults who still have that child like wonder to them.
Slender's is the troubled teen, the outcasts, those who have a hate towards society and the ones around them, the ones who will bend so easily to commands when given the right of passage.
Offender's is the fear of all women reaching their maturity. The idea of the male gaze incarcerated into a being of eldritch horror, the dark allure of being a woman in a society that would not allow you to say no, and in saying no, will lead to an unfortunate and untimely death at the hands of the man who cannot be rejected.
Then... there's Trender. A creature who lurks and has no mind paid to it, yet we don't know who he influences. You only ever know when it's already too late.
I'd like to imagine him as one of the more cruel-ish brothers with the silence of The Slenderman yet the viper-like words of Offenderman. No crude behaviour yet immorally mean. Who he influences, however, would he exact opposites of Slenders Proxies.
The ones who try to fit in, the 'wanna-be trend setters', the insecure, the people who try so hard to look better, people no matter what sex or gender who try so hard to be a standard that it kills them, quite literally. An epidemic of attempting to be perfection in the public eye yet dying before ever reaching that goal.
Those with their own confidence, aware of their own self-worth wouldn't be affected by him. But those who fall prey to the idea of what could be would sure to fail.
A slender sickness on its own, the feeling of wanting to fit in. Not even excel in what they do or wear but just to get validation from the subtly loud voice in their head. I̷t̷ ̵W̷a̴s̷ ̴H̷i̶m̷.̵
It's well known that Trender is the most tech-savvy of the bunch, so who is to say he is not the one pulling the strings. The ideas woven into the code of the interweb are secretly being trained by him.
After all, is he not based off of a mannequin? The ideal being yet has no face, no voice, and no personality. Its only job is to advertise perfection, ideal clothing, and style. Frozen in time, not affected by age, only by the trends of the world.
"It's truly sad seeing some humans throw their potential away, isn't it? Watching them live such uncivil lives, not even close to the times. And what better time is there to live in than the present! Oh, they'll see just how well they could fit in and if they refuse... they're forgotten like the rest."
His sickness never caused by his direct interference but yours. Starving yourself, changing yourself, not resting nor recuperating because Perfection doesn't wait. Trends never stay the same, its quite difficult to catch up if your left behind.
And what would be left behind of you, you ask. Well, to put it simply you would be "perfection" for a few hours, those hours being the last few moments before death.
See even if you survive the onslaught of urges to destroy yourself as a person what would be left of you would be nothing but an empty husk. Your skin turned to plastic and your head empty as you'd stare into the mirror with a blank expression. No longer eating, no longer feeling, no longer breathing. Perfection, as he would call it, frozen in time. Like a mannequin. Like him.
Trender is the least violent brother but that doesn't dismiss his danger. We should all be grateful that fashion and style are one of the only things he seems to care about influencing because a power strong enough to manipulate others into changing themselves for the ideal world, could kill millions if politics is what he is obsessed over.
But that doesn't matter, just stay away from the media and be confident in yourself; it's not like those mannequin people come to life just to kill those who don't follow the trends, right?
Jeez, that was a lot of writing. I apologize for it. This was just my interpretations of what his character would be like as an actual scary Creepypasta but I still have a lot more head cannons to his character and how he lives, the mall and his journals, and those creepy mannequin people but I'll save that for a later post if you guys like this idea, also don't be shy to share your ideas with me ;-}
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intimidating-fettuccine · 3 months ago
Can we have Offender and Slender with an S/O who bites to show affection? Not in like an abusive anyway just like... They're having a pleasant cuddle session and then *chomp*
I have seen this,, all over my tiktok fyp,,, and I will never understand it, but I will do my best to provide
Bites back. He won't judge you for biting him, leaving little nibbles when you're content and snuggled up to him, but you also need to understand that this man will absolutely do to you whatever it is that you do to him, and considering he has sharp fangs for teeth, I hope you like pain because it's coming. Well, to be fair, he won't always bite hard enough to cause you any real pain (unless you're into that), but he will clip you with his teeth enough to give you a jolt and remind you just who and what it is that you're nibbling on. Also probably tries to come up with a bunch of teasing nicknames based around the fact that you like to bite him, like calling you his Little Shark or something.
Doesn't understand it. Like, he sits there, possibly with you nibbling away, and he just thinks and thinks trying to figure out why it is that you use him as a chew toy whenever you're comfortable, and for the life of him he can't figure it out. When you explain it's just how you show affection when you're comfortable that gets him even more confused and has him questioning humans. Is this normal human behavior? Are humans evolving to bite more? Is it a way to claim your partner? He just finds himself more and more confused as time goes on, but it seems to make you happy so he just decides it's best not to question it. Just make sure you don't bite him when he's in his nice suits, or you'll fully be getting punished for that.
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purityoflust · 8 months ago
The pastas and Y/N at the dinner table
Y/N: Daddy, can you pass the salt?
Jeff, BEN, EJ, LJ, Masky, Toby, Hoodie, A FUCK TON OF THE PASTA MEN: *Reaches for it at the same time*
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epicnessqueen25 · 5 months ago
1st Day Of Christmas (2021) Ice Skating: Slender brothers (creepypasta) (Yandere)
[Hello My Sexy Readers and welcome to First day of Christmas which the real 12 days of Christmas is from the 25th to the 5th of January I think So I am doing My 12 days of Christmas as the 12 scenarios I made with various yanderes they may not be updated everyday but from the 1st of December to end of December is how I want them done if not finish before Christmas so please enjoy
this chapter is The slender brothers Trender, slender, offender, and Splendor. Hope that enjoy and happy first of the holidays]
(Slender Brothers: Splendor, Trender, Offender, Slender) (Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa)
(No One's POV)
The Four brothers planned a nice day for their darling she has adjusted so well to life with them. Yes they had kidnapped her and pretty much broke her spirit and manipulated her into staying with them. But she was happy now. And with the holidays coming up they wanted to spoil her. Slender made sure the lake was truly frozen solid. Splendor got the ice skates. Trender made sure there was nice warm clothes with style. And Offender kept their darling busy as they did this.
The next morning they blindfold and led her through the woods.
"Okay guys why am I going to get the feeling your going to kill me?" She jokes. "I mean the blindfold, and taking me deeper into the woods, kind of sus."
Offender chuckles. "You will see~" He purrs
"Mmm dont say it like that like your going have sex in the snow your horny thing." She laughs.
"Maybe I am~"
They stopped and suddenly Slender tentacles picked her up and switch her shows to (fav color) ice skates.
"Wha?" she asks confused.
They took off the blind fold and set her on the ice. Trender holding her steady.
She grinned happily and instantly kissed all four of her lovers. Then race off skating with them. It was precious.
Slender skated same as Trender at their own pace and nothing fancy. Splendor of course was the pro and Offender was trying to impress their darling.
"(Name)!" He calls and skates. "I can legit do this!"
He spind in on circle and she cheered him on and then the ice cracked and his foot got stuck. He started to his not liking how cold it was and she laugh her ass off as he was like a cat that just got wet as he then fell into the icey water.
They got him out and then went back home. Slender and Trender made hot chocolate. While (Name) comforts her ice cold lover.
(Offender's POV )
"Ah you were cool baby." She says and snuggles me keeping me warm as I cling to her.
"Never ice skating again." I hiss dramatically and she pats my head.
"Never say never." She teased and I growl clinging to her more she is mine and I am not letting her anywhere near that death lake!
(Splendor's POV)
Oh dear me, I was so happy that our darling was happy but I did not like the idea if she fell in the lake. She is still human and could have easily been pulled under. We would not be doing that again at all. I refuse to let My Sweet little (Name) to be hurt!
(Slender's POV)
I swore I checked that lake all the way! How could I have missed it! (Name) could have fallen into the ice she could have drown or froze to death! I was foolish today but it will not happen again. We will not be ice skating anymore this year that was for sure. (Name)... we will have to keep our darling safe and happy maybe a different activity.
(Trender's POV)
I finished making the cocoa and started to pour it. My mind racing the chance the ice cracked under her feet... She could have fallen. But she did not. That is why we keep her in the mansion. The world is to dangerous for her. Worse someone from town could have spotted her. Recognized her from a missing person website. Or worse she could have ran away! Today was to much of a risk.
We will have to make sure to lock her in our room again. Maybe start chaining her to the bed once more. Just to make sure she does not get any ideas.
We can not... I cannot loose her. Ever She Belongs to US.
[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This was pretty much going through all their heads and they all came to the same conclusion with it ending on Trender. This seems to be them as yanderes together and I hope you all enjoyed and stay sexy and happy holidays!]
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deblar · 8 months ago
Slenderman is clearly not happy with this :/
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stuffwithart · 3 months ago
My Creepypasta List (Headcanon)
Hello I Just wanna note I am a fan of creepypasta and I like the stories and artworks of it I think the ocs and original characters are really creative.
This is Just My Personally Opinion and No One Elses
The Slendys Plus the A-hole
Slenderman - Rightful Owner
Splendorman - Neil Cicierega
Trenderman - Rightful Owner
Offenderman - Arcanineryu
Zalgo - Rightful Owner
Ticci Toby - Kastoway
Tim Wright - Marble Hornets
Brian Thomas - Marble Hornets
Jay Merrick - Marble Hornets
HABIT -  EveryManHybrid
The Observer - TribeTwelve
The Chaser - Slender The Arrival
Charlie Matheson jr. ,Lauren & C.R. - Slender The Arrival
Xvirus - Rightful Owner
Wilson The Basher - LazyCatLady
Rouge the Proxy - LazyCatLady
Nemesis - darkangel6021
Hoaxton - Dav-Ink
Weeping Forest - Rightful Owner
Nightmare Ally -  InvaderIka
Jeff The Killer - Rightful Owner
Homicidal Liu - Rightful Owner
Jane The Killer - TheLadyBlackWolf
Eyeless Jack - Rightful Owner
Vailly Evans -Nasuki100
Clockwork - Leafcrowns
Zero - ZombiePunkRat
Judge Angels - yaguyi
Bloody Painter - DeluCat
Nurse Ann - yaguyi
Dr Smiley - Rightful Owner
Dr Pain - Alloween
Hobo Heart - ChrisOzFulton
Anna - ImaginemonsterVi
Chris - 0ktavian
Erin The Killer - To me
Ron - To me
Vengeful Spirits
The Puppeteer - BleedingHeartworks
Emra - Highwind-Valor
Suicide Sadie - pnckes
Kagekao - Jinbeizamezama
Wendell Wilson - ijustwannahavefunn
Daisy White - ijustwannahavefunn
The Roadwalker - obsoletegoat
The Bartender - PaxArsenal
Jay Wolves - To me
Carnival Creeps
Laughing Jack - SnuffBomb
Isaac Grossman - SnuffBomb
Frankie - SnuffBomb
Laughing Jill - SabrinaNightmaren
Candy Cane - DanceOfAngels
April Fools - Promptus
Candy Pop - DanceOfAngels
Papa Grande Di Magico - MysticalSorcery
Jason The Toymaker - Krisantyl
The Doll-Maker - Chisai-Yokai
Nathan The Nobody and Crystal - IvyDarkRose
Blood Moon Dancer - eve of halloween
Knives Lollipops - To me
Clown - To me
The Item Stealer - GhostfaceNikol
Nightcrawler - GhostfaceNikol
The Skroll - GhostfaceNikol
Young Spirits
Lulu - Chibi-Works
Lazari - Chibi-Works
Sally Williams - La-Mishi-Mish
Lifeless Lucy - NightmareQueenKasei
Lily Kennett - NaughtyKittyDV-1992
Sam Williams - CamyWilliams9
Oliver Henderson - Cupcake889
Wendy Wilson - ijustwannahavefunn
Ben Drowned - Rightful Owner
Lost Silver  - Rightful Owner
Glitchy Red & BRVR  - Rightful Owner
Herobrine  - Rightful Owner
Entity 303  - Rightful Owner
Sonic.exe & Tails Doll - Rightful Owner
Candle Cove  - Rightful Owner
Red  - Rightful Owner
Suicide Mouse  - Rightful Owner
Oso Don’t Bother Asking The Creators About This Please.
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world-of-horrors-au · 4 months ago
The Revisionist (Trenderman) is a twink. Very little muscle mass. You can break him over your arm or a desk
The Sadist (Slenderman) is slender but under that suit is a lot of lean muscle. He is much stronger than he looks
The Enthusiast (Splendorman) has impressive arms and legs because he needs to wrangle and chase after rambunctious children.
The Hedonist (Offenderman) is a brick shithouse. He goes around shirtless with skin tight pants for a reason
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Offenderman Headcannons
TW: Ped0phila, [email protected], B3astialty, Sexual Themes, Death
Lets clear this up, he’s a freaky dude but would NEVER, EVER do anything with children, animals, or anyone who didn’t want to do anything sexual.
He thinks its fucking disgusting, if he found someone who did any of that shit they would die a slow fucking death. 
He’s also super iffy even with 18-19 year olds, children in general just make him uncomfortable. Its not like he hates them its just like he gets super anxious and is afraid that he’ll accidently hurt them. He’s had a bad childhood and doesn’t wanna be like his father in anyway. 
His mother taught him how to play the violin, because of this his father was dissapointed in him. His dad would compare Slender to him, which he always hated. His father would tell him how feminine certain things he did were. His mother was the nice one, she would tell him to be himself no matter what anyone else said. 
She was always encouraging the 4 siblings to be different, just do what made THEM happy. Offender ways always grateful of her kindness, and the way she handled things. 
He uses He/Him pronouns but if someone uses something different he really won’t care. He’s Pansexual 100%, he doesn’t care what you identify as or anything, he likes everyone equally. 
He’s pretty freaky. He’ll try almost anything, besides things that have to do with shit or vomit. (Thinks its gross as fuck) He’s more of a Dom leaning switch. He loves being able to grab ,hold you, tie you up, whisper the most vile things into your ear. He’ll always listen to you if your not into something, its honestly fine by him he still has you. He loves your face when you’re over stimulated or when you’ve been denied your orgasm. Beinig in control feels amazing to him but he also doesn’t mind you being in control of him. It feels amazing for him, he’ll melt for you. He’ll be on his hands and knees. You wanna put a collar on him? Fucking BET. Hes all for it, If your a tease he’ll flip it, you’ll be his little slut. He’ll make you beg, he’ll make you cry (if its ok with you), you’ll be filthy. Marked with bites, brusies, hickies, the whole mile. He can go for awhile, so be prepared for that babes. 
NSFW over
He’s a VERY tall man, even in his human form he tall AF. In his regular form he’s about 9′6ft (2.9meters) tall and human form he’s 6′6ft (2meters). So yeah he’s tall, you’ll prob. have to look up. 
He’s kinda insucure about how he looks but with you telling him how handsome and hot he is will for sure help. 
Offenders human name that he goes by is Oliver. He also has a big pet python named Charlie. Charlie is big, around 5ft long. He also has a big tank for Charlie with everything he’ll ever need. Charlie is like his best friend. 
Offenders personality is laid back most of the time but he can (and prob. will be) a stubborn ass. He won’t lie to you about anything except maybe something like him eating the last chimichanga that you were saving for yourself and completely fucking dening it. That Bastard. When he loves someone he really does love someone,but he does get weird at first. Last time he LOVED someone and was in a serious relationship it backfired because the person he was with cheated on him and told him it was his fault because he was a “hideous monster”. He’s not a hideous monster, we love him. <3 So thats why when he feels himself faling for someone he gets distant for awhile, trying to see if they’d ever do such a thing. When they ask whats wrong he’ll prob say that his mind has just been else where. He’ll see that they are a good person and give them subtle hints that he has a thing for them. He’ll even let them hold Charlie! And thats something he only lets Trender and Splendor do.
Fun Fact; When Trender makes clothes he sometimes tries them on to make sure they are fine and maybe where to change things in certain areas. He’s a big help to Trender.
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eve2001 · 3 months ago
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channydraws · 2 months ago
Splendor do you have proxies?
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(Nothing like a little toxic positivity)
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Offenderman i love you! <3
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