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#office romance
rabdoidal · a year ago
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im deeply attached to the idea of tim having crushes around the office
✨ kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous ✨
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the-modern-typewriter · a year ago
Hi! If you want, can you write a snippet about extreme romantic/sexual tension between a boss and their secretary? (m/m preferably)
There was nothing quite like the experience of walking into work on Monday morning and learning that your devastatingly handsome fling on the weekend was your new boss. 
Cillian looked equally shocked. At least, for a beat, then he went into Professional and Friendly mode. One of the first things he did was pull Declan aside for a conversational chat on the matter. Not that there was much pulling. 
The two of them had the top floor largely to themselves. 
“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” Cillian was saying, with a much too endearing earnestness. “Or to feel like your position at this company is in anyway compromised.”
“You don’t want me an compromised position, sir?” Declan replied, before he could entirely stop himself, honey dripping off his tongue. “You seemed to enjoy my position well enough on Saturday.” 
Cillian’s eyes went black at the memory. The smooth voice he’d adopted faltered out. He cleared his throat. His gaze flicked down over Declan, and his fingers tightened on the edge of the desk, like he was trying to hold himself back. 
Declan understood the reasons for this being a bad idea. The man was his boss. But he also remembered Saturday, and how much he’d liked the man, and really where were people who spent the majority of their life in the office supposed to meet each other if not at work? Well, a dating app, he supposed. 
Declan took a step closer, lowering his voice, under the pretense of picking up and organising some papers off the desk. Cillian straightened, near him, like he’d been electrocuted.
“You must understand,” Cillian tried again, “if I’d known we  would have been working together, I would never have done it. I have no wish to take advantage-”
“I rather enjoyed you taking advantage of me,” Declan murmured. 
He glanced at Cillian. Cillian, who closed his eyes like he was praying desperately for the strength not to bend Declan over the desk right there and then. His breath came out rather shaky. 
It made Declan feel a rather giddy rush of something that was probably improper, but god did it feel heady. He cleared his throat. 
“If you don’t want to go ahead with anything,” he said, more seriously, “I’ll understand. I’m not looking to make your life difficult or force you into anything that you don’t want to do. I like you, for what that’s worth. If you want Saturday to be the end of it all it can be. We can even let HR know and go down all of the official channels.” 
Cillian’s eyes had opened again, fixed on him. 
Declan’s own breath suddenly felt a bit shaky with the way that Cillian looked at him. It was soft and hungry all at once. 
“But…” Declan affected as casual a shrug as he could. He wet his lips, mouth dry, and Cillian’s gaze snapped down in an instant to follow the unconscious gesture. “This isn’t a deal breaker for me.” He tried for a smile. “Your call, boss.”
“Get to work.” Cillian’s voice was low, rough. “I need to think.”
It was not a no and they both knew that. 
Declan withheld a grin, offered up a wink instead, and sauntered to his own desk. 
It became something of a game after that - see how well he could do his job whilst driving Cillian Quinn quietly crazy. 
Quite the bonus. 
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sprousehart-x · a year ago
Tumblr media
magnus_berger: Nice running into you @colesprouse and @lilireinhart and talk shop and office romance.
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christinesficrecs · a year ago
Hello my lovely Queen of Sterek! I hope you're doing okay and that the quarantine is treating you right. I was wondering if you could help me find all the best Sterek Office Romance AU? I guess I must miss work... Thanks! You are the best ! 😘😘
Hey hun! I hope you are well!! I may know just a few office romance AUs ;) 
The Curve of Your Clavicle by WhoNatural | 6.2K 
Wherein Derek's office rival might be the same person keeping him sane at night when the loneliness hits.
wishing to be the friction in your jeans by thatworldinverted | 3.3K | Mature
Stiles is just trying to go to work every day and earn a paycheck. It's not his fault he keeps getting distracted by six feet of muscle and the angriest scowl this side of the Cascades.
That Thin Line In and Out of My Bed by fadedhues | 5.6K | Explicit
“Ow,” Derek says, scowling, rubbing his bicep where Laura hit him.
She retorts, “That’s what happens when you zone out and eye-fuck your new assistant, Derek,” crossing her arms and jutting a hip out.
So Press Pause and We'll Go by skoosiepants | 3K
Stiles is going to get drunk. Stiles is going to get super fantastic drunk, because he just tossed his Secret Santa gift to his boss under the Christmas tree. Or his boss-adjacent; Derek Hale is a manager of people who are near Stiles, but not exactly Stiles. And he not only hates Stiles's guts, but seems to hate holidays and merriment as well, if the sour look he's giving Isaac and Isaac's jangly elf hat is any indication. It's a shame that he's hot like burning and three hundred million miles out of Stiles's league, because despite the blatant animosity he's been showering Stiles with since Stiles started there six months ago, Stiles still wants him so bad his teeth ache.
the engagement by bibliosexual | 1.5K
“Stiles,” Derek growls the next morning, “why did Wanda just call me to congratulate me on my engagement to you?”
“Uh, because we are engaged?” Stiles tries. “We’re having a spring wedding with two flavors of cake, or did you forget? By the way, you still need to buy me a ring.”
Mythimoderna by tryslora | 24.9K | Explicit
Derek Hale hasn't dated anyone for five years when he reaches out to MythicalMischief online and starts talking about lace panties and corsets. They're just considering meeting up when Derek scores a dream job with Mythimoderna and his entire world is turned upside down by Stiles Stilinski. After all this time, Derek doesn't know what to do when he's falling for two people at the same time--the one he fell in love with without ever meeting, and the one he's attracted to but barely even knows.
Christmas Memos by greenleaf | 1.9K | Mature
Derek is the long-suffering president of Hale Corp, and the rest are testing his patience. Poor Derek.
Clank by LadyDrace | 4.5K
Derek Hale is the bane of the office, showering them all in obnoxious memos, and Stiles is sick of it. Sick of it to the point of maybe doing something a little rash... like holding Derek's lunch hostage.
No one ever claimed Stiles knows how to handle his crushes on assholes.
Mr Hale by SephrinaRose | 52.3K
It was only last week that Stiles had been a completely happy college student, laying about and playing Xbox. But, now, only a few short hours later, he was known worldwide as Mr Hale's bitch.
Oh shit indeed.
That Escalated Quickly by literaryoblivion | 4.7K
Stiles is running late to work on the day he has to give a big presentation, but luckily he has an assigned parking spot waiting for him.
Except he doesn't.
Because some jerk in a nice suit with a sleek black Camaro has stolen it.
The douche.
for science (this has nothing to do with science) by ericaismeg, foxerica (ericaismeg) | 5K
"I bought my friend a neon pink dildo as a gag gift but I accidentally got the presents mixed up and gave it to you instead and now I have to awkwardly explain what happened” AU
My Taco Sparkles by butyoureyessaidyes | 36.8K
The one where Derek has to battle corporate espionage, meddling family members, clothing turned choking hazards, and inappropriate feelings for his obscenely attractive new intern.
Scrubbing Bubbles by MargaretKire | 46K | Explicit
Stiles thought it would be easy doing janitorial work for an office. At first, it really was. The job only took a few hours in the evenings and it helped pay for rent and college. Sure, Hale Industries took up an entire floor in one of the downtown financial buildings, but the place was new and easy to care for. He didn’t even have to spend much time cleaning the huge corner office, because the trash was nearly always empty and the office itself was spotless, like no one used it.
It was basically the perfect college job. At least, until the boss started staying late.
total system failure by HalfFizzbin | 3.4K | Mature
In which Stiles is the world's most inappropriate entrepreneur, Erica is a menace, and Derek is terrible at his job no matter how hard he tries.
Business Skype by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) | 6K
He was positive the elevator doors hadn’t even fully opened yet when he heard the voice, someone literally standing right in his path and instantly demanding his attention.
“Have you met the hot new guy?” Erica Reyes demanded, blocking his exit.
He gave her an unimpressed look at the question. He still had his coat on, he was holding a coffee, he’d literally just arrived at work after two weeks off, and he wasn’t even out of the elevator yet.
“Hi Erica,” he said dryly. “My vacation was great, thanks for asking. Got a lot of rest and relaxation. I missed you while I was away, you didn’t text me as much as you said you would, we should grab lunch together later.”
I Thought You Would Like That by Emela | 7.3K | Explicit
Derek and Stiles get locked in a room together at an office Christmas party and end doing something about all that unresolved sexual tension.
Derek's Epic Love Story by arrowofcarnations | 11.5K | Explicit
Derek Hale is good at getting what he wants. Unfortunately, what he wants now is Stiles Stilinski, who doesn't exactly seem to be in the mood for his shit.
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grantcary · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Office Romance // Служебный роман [1977], is a Soviet dramedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov. The film’s plot is based on the stageplay “Co-workers” Сослуживцы written by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky. It is the story of Ludmila Kalugina, head of a statistical bureau, and her subordinate, economist Anatoly Novoseltsev, who come from mutual aversion to love. Office Romance was a box office success, the leader of Soviet film distribution in 1978 and still enjoys wide popularity in the former Soviet republics. Both romantic drama and screwball comedy, the film is noted for its scenes of Moscow in the late 1970s, and for its comical depiction of the everyday life and customs of Soviet society during the Era of Stagnation. [x] [WATCH]
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clairjohnson · 6 months ago
More BeetleTina stuff??? :)
Oh, Anon. I have it BAD for Miss Argentina x Beetlejuice. I’ve drawn so many WIPS - enjoy a few sketches I hope to finish soon. They’re cute, I love them, and no one can stop me lmfao.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mondya · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
ok i did it bcs office romances 
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What if Bakugo is always angry and irritable because he's always horny but scared he'll accidentally use his quirk on his dick? Man needs a good fuck.
that's why he needs an s/o to help relieve all the tension, in whatever ways are necessary 😉 don't let him use his hand, be there to offer him a lil help.
what if as a pro hero he needs relief around the clock and you, his side kick or secretary, were hired to help take the edge off? just ducking away in an abandoned alleyway or building and pounding out some of that frustration and anger. he's such a horny mess on the inside, but its hard to tell because any and everything just sets him off. he calls you into his office and bends you over the desk, hand over your mouth to try and keep you quiet. he just needs a quick fuck to get him through his next meeting. he would noticeably become more calm after you limp out of his office or back onto the streets. he's able to concentrate more while you're still composing yourself after the rough quickie.
Tumblr media
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tinyarmedtrex · 2 years ago
Office romance with reddie?
This got a little long so I put it under the cut. 
“Shut up! Someone will hear us!” Eddie hissed, glancing around nervously.
Richie, unsurprisingly, didn’t seem worried. “Eds, it’s fine. It’s part 7pm. Everyone is gone. ” He slotted his body against Eddie’s, pressing slow kisses to his neck. “Besides baby, you know I can’t be quiet.” He palmed Eddie, who couldn’t stop himself from keening into the touch. “And I know you like that.”  Eddie rolled his eyes but brought Richie’s lips back to his, trying to kiss the stupid grin off his face. 
At first it had been annoying, the way Richie flirted with Eddie every chance he got. He was in IT so, for the first few months, Eddie had seen a lot of him, it seemed like something was always going wrong with his email, his computer, his phone. Richie spent a lot of time under Eddie’s desk and Eddie spent a lot of time listening to blow job jokes.
He’d resisted Richie’s flirtations for months, telling himself that Richie just wanted to get a rise out of him. Until his resolved crumbled after one too many drinks at the office Christmas party. He had pulled Richie into a dark conference room,d tasting the liquored up eggnog on his lips as they kissed.
After that they’d started doing this whenever they could, Richie would pretend that he had a business question for Eddie and they would make out in the stairwell or Eddie’s mouse would suddenly stop working and he’d disappear into a supply closet for an hour. They hadn’t been caught yet and Eddie wanted to keep it that way.
Which is why he looked around and tugged Richie into a closet before anyone who was working late could spot them. Richie was back on him before the door closed, bringing Eddie’s lips to his with a surprising tenderness. “I should apologize for being eager but I haven’t seen you all week.” Richie told him, fingers brushing the nape of his neck.
Eddie closed his eyes to the touch, losing himself in Richie like he always did. “I’ve been busy. That Miller report is due next week.”
“Fuck the Miller report.” Richie said, undoing the buttons on Eddie’s shirt, his long fingers taking their time. He leaned in and whispered, “I need my Eds.”
“Well I’m running out of reasons to see you.” Eddie said, untucking Richie’s shirt and running his hands over his back, enjoying the contented sigh that came from Richie. “If my copier breaks once more someone is going to notice.”
Richie ran his mouth over the column of Eddie’s neck, nipping gently. “So meet me outside of work.” He said between kisses. “No fake copier needed.”
“Wait,” Eddie pushed him back just enough to see Richie fully. “Did you just ask me out? On a date?” They’d never talked about making this into anything more and Eddie had assumed Richie wanted it like that. 
Richie gave a little shrug then nodded. “I think I did. I mean, it’s been a while- this cute guy at work has been distracting me- but, yea. I did. I’d love to see you outside of work clothes. Though,” He moved in and gave Eddie’s ass a squeeze. “I do love how your ass looked in these slacks.” 
Eddie didn’t reply and Richie started to look nervous. “We don’t have to. I just thought maybe we could do all this not in a closet one day.”
Eddie pulled Richie into a deep kiss, ignoring his surprised grunt as they kissed. When they broke apart Eddie looked up at him and nodded. “I’d love to.”
I didn’t get a ton of these so if anyone wants to send me another the list is here 
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