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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Thank you for the ask 😊
3. a song that reminds you of summer: island in the sun by weezer
8. the best song from your favorite album: rosenrotttt
29. a cover that you like better than the original song: hurt, johnny cash

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4, with Schneider, Till, and Paul?

send me three names and a number

4. write a book with, read a book to, hit with a book

i’d write a poetry collection with till. it would be questionable quality (mostly from my side, i am not so good at writing poetry) i could also illustrate it too, so it would be fun and interesting!

i’d read to schneider, because i feel like if i tried to read to him in german he’d be very supportive and i’d be scared to do it in front of paul. i am very sensitive. ajhgjghg

that leaves me to hit paul with a book. i don’t want to, i don’t have anything against him. but i can tap him with a pocket book, i guess 🤡

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fist fight, get drunk with, share a flat with.

Fist Fight with Ricky I think I can get a good fight out of him.

Get drunk with Schneider he looks like a philosopher/ narrator drunk.

I’ll share a flat with olli I’m afraid of him and thus will be a good little flatmate.

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1.what song makes you feel better?

Cirice and He is by Ghost . Papa’s voice is soothing.

2.what’s your feel-good movie?

Guilty pleasure here anything with or directed by seth Rogen or Adam Sandler

26.what movie would you want to live in?

The purge for 3 reasons. Killing nazis , give myself a little shopping spree and stocking up on weed.

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💞Thank you for existing 💞 Send this to 10 people who you think deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox💕

sdjkfhdskdjfkjd thank you Amanda ;o; ~♡

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💞Thank you for existing 💞 Send this to 10 people who you think deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox💕


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What’s the sexiest Reesh guitar work you know? 👀

👀  Good question. While I can’t really decide on one in particular cause it’s hard to choose, I can still post my favorite guitar picture  of Reesh. This one is in top 5.

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3, 17, and 53? 😄

3. What’s your birthday? 
21 Jan 94

17. Can you solve a rubix cube?

Maybe if I wasn’t so impatient lol

What type of music do you like?
A lot of different genres. Rock, Classical, Acoustic, 80s, are ones off the top of my head, along with quite a few cheesy “guilty pleasures”

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7. Do you have any pets?

Nope, not rn but i am planning to get a dog in some time. Maybe a Shiba Inu or a Huski

58. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Im gonna go with sunset also bc i am not a morning person and it is more peacefull

105. Whats your favorite saying?

Well I guess that would be a something you can say here in northern germany before you drink a shot or something 😄it is called: „Nich lang schnackn, Kopp inn Nacken“ wich literally means don’t „Chat to long, head in the neck“ (well that sound weird in English 😂)

Thank you 😊!!

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Am I a fan: yess absolutely!!

First song I heard by them: Looks like Yoda

Favorite Song: Romance is Dead

Favorite Album: I really love - Don’t close your eyes, Horizons, Killing with a smile but also Deep Blue and Atlas i can’t choose between them ;-;

Favorite Music Video: I really love that they made a german version of the Void (die Leere) even if it is just a lyrics vid *_*

Have any Merch: I have a shirt from the Atlas era. I also have a football Scarf from them because they visited my fave football club St.Pauli and made a collab with them!

Seen them live: 4 times yet. First Show was the „Tour of the year“ back in 2014 with Heaven Shall Burn, Northlane and Carnifex.

Favorite Member: definitely Winston. I just love him!

Thank you this was so much fun!!🥳

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Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, and Pearl Jam from the music asks? 👀

Alice Cooper: My favourite type of music is definitely Metal! My taste is probably considered classic, but I love my Metal!

Bon Jovi: My favourite love song is ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, by Paul McCartney.

Pearl Jam: A song to drive to? First one that comes to mind is ‘Roadhouse Blues’ by The Doors.

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