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number5theboy · 21 days ago
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➤ Vanya & Five + parallels
[ID: An 18-piece-gifset of Vanya and Five Hargreeves from the TV-adaptation of the Umbrella Academy. The gifset showcases 9 story beats both siblings hit in their similar character arcs where them being isolated, incredibly powerful, and taken advantage of pushes them to become the most destructive, most reckless, most deadly version of themselves - a version that is both abhorrent and liberating to them. End ID.]
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albossharuland · 10 months ago
5 works tag game
Rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 (ish) favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!
Tagged by @ogaferoga
1. Destiny’s Playthings  (here the english translation) 
Destiny’s Playthings is a original story I’m writing, wich is based on an idea I had for a very long manga when I was a teenager. I tried to draw it when I was young and did like 4 pages and gave up because it was too ambitious. 10 years passed, not doing anything with it, and then I decided to write it as a ilustrated book instead of as a comic. I don’t think I’m specially a good writer, and is harder for me than drawing, but I’m can’t be prouder of anything than this story. I always feared I left proyects behind, but I’m happy to know that no matter how many years pass, that I can just pick them up and give them life. I didn’t start this on 2020, but it was this year when I finished book 1 (with 29k) and had half of book 2 written. And I’m so happy!! My teenagers ocs are alive!! I have like 10 people reading my story and commenting on it!! It’s the best feeling ever, and this story make me really happy and really helped me survive this year in the worse moments. It’s something I’m doing 100% for me and in honor of teen!me and it just feels nice to do something 100% appealing to yourself.
Anyway the story is an action/adventure medieval fantasy story about 2 characters, Dorward, a man accused of murdering the king that runs away from the law with his best friend, and Vainilarinne, a young girl that lost her parents (they are not dead just in another place) and helped a man about to be hanged to escape his execution, believing him to be innocent. 
2. Fake Trailer Glee Animatic - If I had my Time Again (Kurtofsky/Sebofsky)
I always dreamed of doing all kinds of animatics but I NEVER finished any of them! Then like some kind of energy spirit possessed me and I did this in like, 2 weeks. The experience didn’t repeat itself, sadly, but I really had fun doing this fake trailer animatic of one of my fave characters ever, Dave Karofsky from Glee (he has 0 screentime in the show but he is a main character in my heart) 
Also it was so fun to do!
3. Edeleth Kiss Animation (FE3H)
I learned animation to make my fave wlw ships kiss. That’s my power that’s why I have it that will be how I will use it. Also I discovered how to do coloring with sketchy lines and I’m so fucking happy cause I hate doing clean lineart unless people are paying me for it. 
4. Luther vs Gravity (TUA)
I had a friend telling me they didn’t like Luther until my cute fanarts of him where she saw him in a new light. I’m just drawing him to push my agenda of Luther love to convert the haters, now you know my secret. Anyway just for that I’m like hell fucking YEAH the power of cute fanarts 
5. I can’t choose anymore is too hard
Ok now in the 5th part I’m really like “I love all my drawings equally” so I’m just going to leave here my OCs tag and also my TUA fanart tag cause I have done so many of it and also a Dave Karofsky art tag cause that was my year basically 
Now I tag @ktfranceebee @starkurt @sambuclay @animaliae @missnnobodius and whoever wants to do it because I like seeing your cool art and writing and stuff again >:3 
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fivevanyaklaus · 8 months ago
⚡, 🤩, and 🍩 !!
⚡ You have to live with one of the Hargreeves’ powers for a day, which one do you choose and why? my mind immediately went five, five, five! teleportation! time travel! let’s go to ancient greece and party with aristotle, baby! but also. like. I think using his powers would actually be very complicated. I would mess up the time travel and end up somewhere in pompeii when everything is burning down, probably. I like a good barbeque as much as the next person, buuuuut I also like not being the barbeque. so! I’ll go with diego. trajectory manipulation is cool and I think it’d be neat to go swimming and just chill underwater for ages without worrying about breathing. 
🤩 Any headcanons which you accept as canon? the siblings would pretend that they didn’t care and/or would even pick on vanya in regards to her violin practice when they were kids, but after coming home from difficult or tiring missions/going to their rooms after a long day of training, the sounds of her playing echoing down the halls was actually pretty comforting. they’d never admit it, but yeah! another headcanon I’m down with is five being secretly smug that he’s taller than vanya. he may be stuck in his teenage body, but at least he’s got some height on someone. he’ll take it!
🍩 What’s your doughnut preference? there’s this locally owned doughnut shop that makes the most amazing maple glazed doughnuts with bacon pieces on them. I dig them a lot. also, those ones with apples and cinnamon. those are good, too! 
tua ask game! 
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wiitzend · 8 months ago
💀+ ⚡ !
💀 You only have one bullet: Leonard, The Handler, or Reginald?
 - i would shoot reginald with no hesitation
⚡ You have to live with one of the Hargreeves’ powers for a day, which one do you chose and why?
- i would choose five’s, since i’m usually going from one place to the other most days and i don’t drive. his powers would do wonders for me.
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capinejghafa · a month ago
Tumblr media
7k celebration & thank you!
first of all, thank you, also kind of wild that i reached this milestone. i truly appreciate to you all for just always being so kind and your comments (tags) always makes me smile. my mutals and followers just make being on here so much better, so thank you. to celebrate i wanted to do gif requests!
rules: must be following me | must reblog this post 
also, i primarily gif for the umbrella academy and shadow and bone. 
send a  💙 + ship (romantic / friendship / familial - no incest) / scene / character / quote 
i also wanted to take a moment to thank quite a bit of my mutals who have just inspiration, who’s blogs i love, and/or have been encouraging me irl. i really appreciate you all so much :)
@lilapittss @zavens @seance @inejz-ghafa @safinss @kazs-rietvelds @riietveld @rorigilmore @shaensss @crowbrekker @crow-club @ketterdarn @seance @allisonchestnuthargreeves @fivehargreve @pepperf @himbohargreeves @habibialkaysani @fivevanyaklaus @jameszmaguire @evakant @ogaferoga @panlyra @probiepanikkar @iridescentides @judsonryder @srslyimwriting @clarabosswald @924inlegend @wanderingrookie @marvinetta @housedanvers @cupcakesandtv @ofthedirewolves @inejsghafaa @el-hoppers @phantomofhogwarts @charlesxsavier @luciehercndale @maccahawk @ledomasdaniels
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iridescentides · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
hi friends! the end of this month (May 28, 2021) marks the two year anniversary of the first gifset i ever made! i have grown and progressed tremendously in my editing skills over the past two years, and i love expressing my creativity with gifs!
since last year’s celebration was so fun and connected me with so many incredible gif makers on this site, i am super excited to celebrate again this year! i am commemorating a personal milestone, but the overall goal of this celebration is to recognize, uplift, and inspire gif makers to love themselves and their art! absolutely anyone is welcome to join in, whether you’ve been giffing for a million years or just started yesterday.
throughout the month of May, please help me celebrate by interacting with the posts and/or participating in the activities listed under the cut:
to celebrate 2 years of making gifs, i will be doing/posting the following:
GIFTsets // all month long
send me a 🎁 and i’ll make you a little surprise gift! (mutuals only, please)
gif maker appreciation tag // all month long
this week i will be starting a tag game for gif makers, with questions that prompt them to reflect on their own work and recognize other creators who inspire them. i will tag lots of people to get the ball rolling, but please participate by answering the questions and tagging as many amazing gif makers as you can! the goal is to keep the game going for the entire month of May!
influential editors series // multiple dates throughout May
in an adaptation from last year’s creator spotlight series, i will be dedicating 5 days this month to the top 5 gif makers who i feel have inspired and impacted me the most in my personal gif making journey. my choices will be based on a variety of factors, like gif making talent and creativity, but also things like kindness, supportiveness, and leadership. the friends i have made on this site are so special and so skilled in their craft, so this will be my way of thanking the people who have pushed me to become better and also helped me feel like i truly belong in this community of creators.
each of these influential editors will receive:
a promo post talking about how awesome they are;
a day-long “takeover” on my blog where i reblog lots of their gifsets;
my undying love and admiration.
self-reblog marathon // May 3-9
we all have gifsets we’re proud of that deserve more love! from May 3rd to May 9th, i am encouraging you to be your own biggest fan! let’s normalize shameless self-reblogging, because we put lots of work into the things we make and we deserve for them to be seen! participate by reblogging as many of your own gifsets as you want, tagging them with #srb marathon, and talking in the tags about what you like about those gifsets. and if you see someone else on your dash who is also participating, reblog their creations too! let’s hype each other up!!!
gif love challenge // May 10-16
(not to be confused with the gif maker positivity meme (see below))
the gif love challenge is a way to give back to your favorite editors to thank them for the amazing content they make! it’s a week of love and encouragement that anyone can take part in, regardless of whether they are a creator or not! see the official post to find out how to participate.
gif makers respond // May 17-23
when it comes to creating gifs, everyone has a different experience. each day of the week from May 17th to the 23rd, i will post one gif-related discussion prompt designed to start a conversation amongst gif makers. to answer the question, just reply to the post or reblog with a response in the tags.
gif maker positivity meme (#gmpmeme2021) // May 24-30
back by popular demand! this is a one-week gif challenge meant to inspire gif makers to experiment, grow, and get outside of their comfort zones. please REBLOG the prompt list so it can reach as many creators as possible, and participate in the meme the week of May 24th to May 30th. make sure to tag your posts with #gmpmeme2021, and check the tag so you can reblog other people’s creations as well!
tagging some beloved mutuals:
@lizzie-mcguires @sambuckyws @seance @barchiee @favoriteliar @rockyblue @aleksandr-morozova @stilestilinskies @yuutta @dani-clayton @inejz-ghafa @deweyduck @molinareggie @montygreen @fabeldyr @crayonstoperfume @pietro-maximoff @sharonncarter @alexander-vlahos @eddiediaz @evakant @tisdales @ghostes @jonathan-byers @samthwilson @owenjoyner @wcameasromans @oretsevmal @magnusedom @miriammaisel @mikechvng @danielkalluuya @ariangrnde @owenpatrickjoyners @hennwilson @ourteeth @favreaus @tmhnks @aubrey-plaza @daggery @ansonmount @replayfootsteps @timothyolyphant @ogaferoga @lizzo @sonyarebecchi @denalifoxx @carterfreddys @rambeaus @alina-mal
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567hargreeves · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Each day has two options to choose from, and you may interpret these prompts as you wish. When posting your content from May 23rd to May 29th, please tag your post with #567week or #567week2021 so that we can share your hard work! You can also tag us @567hargreeves​. If you have any questions, feel free to message us!
Day 1 || May 23: Alone // Together
Day 2 || May 24: No Powers // Power Swap
Day 3 || May 25: Missions and Training // Careers
Day 4 || May 26: Free Spot
Day 5 || May 27: Turn Back Time // Reunion
Day 6 || May 28: Monster // Hug
Day 7 || May 29: Music // Memories
(NOTE: A reminder that if your content for 567 Week is meant to ship Five, Ben, and/or Vanya, we will not be reblogging your content as per our blog’s shipping policy. Thank you!)
Users that asked to be tagged under the cut. If you would like to be tagged when the event starts and didn’t get to indicate it on the interest check form, please shoot us a message!
@shizuoi @chekovv @deer-time @jettreno @minervaparadi-no @azarathianscribbles @tuafives @ogaferoga @benhargrieves @thetrueihaveaname @cest-la-vie-de-la-lee @zavens @andva-ri  @tua-cosmic-academy @kneworder @circumstellars @faithfulcat111 @ariyanaforever @the-stormy-princess @claracivry @iconsumeheadcanons @memorysdaughter @xgoldentigerlilyx 
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circumstellars · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
so i spent some time trying to (attempting) practise in Krita and was basically saved multiple times and getting coached by an extremely benevolent @non-plutonian-druid on how to suck a little less at drawing, and uh it was a lot of ups and downs and learning... but I honestly can’t stop won’t stop thinking about this post via @ogaferoga​. Allison is extremely supportive of sharing her twisty shirts. she’ll hold Luther’s hand and take him for a walk in the sunshine while they look cute. 
Tumblr media
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seance · 5 months ago
› gif maker appreciation tag
rules: answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love!
in honor of dia’s wonderful two years gif-iversary ♡ i was tagged by a bunch of cuties: @iridescentides / @flynncarter / @molinareggie / @miriammaisel / @juliesdahlia / @madeline-kahn / @malikjavaddzayn / @faeryglass / @winterfrosted
Link a gifset you’re really proud of:
on this old ass five gifset, i don’t know there’s something about it i guess, the fact that i managed to keep it simple (i have a problem with overcomplicating things, making them way too messy) but still got the point and the feeling i was going for across › NEVER FINISH A WAR WITHOUT STARTING ANOTHER
Link a gifset where you tried something new:
I WANTED TO BE STRONGER › this was one of the first gifsets where i really went all the way with the style experimentation and where i had the idea of the ‘blubble frame’ as i like to call it, which i love using from time to time
SHADOW AND BONE MAIN CAST › i actually first used this particular style in one of my assassin’s creed edit (NO BOOKS, NO WISDOM) but that never on my main so!
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY EDITORIAL › i still like this edit a lot, completely different from my usual style but it came out neat!
JATP SCRAPBOOK › experimenting with textures and blending modes!
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity:
WICKER PEOPLE › my favorite chaotic disasters and special mention to THE RAIN WILL EVENTUALLY COME because this poem just kills me.
Link a gifset that you want more people to see:
i think maybe my last shadow and bone one? HERE COMES JUDGMENT DAY just because it took forever and i’m kinda proud of that first gif + i made it feeling super ill so it’s double the value agsgs- 
Link a gifset that you had fun making:
this JATP + BODIES OF WATER one, cause i absolute love finding things to associate characters to and i’m very happy how the blending turned out in the end!
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series:
FAVORITE S1 EPISODE › when i still used to gif somehow normally ahah 
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile:
YOU WERE ALWAYS GOLD TO ME › this song and these characters just mean a lot to me and i poured my whole heart in this gifset!
Link a gifset that you made for someone else:
the love i feel for my friends is stored in the random gifsets
READY OR NOT for @overzonen
ON LOVE AND ANGER for @evakant
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs:
Oh gosh, I think I started around 2011 so I really can’t remember. I never really stopped but I had some kind of renaissance last summer, in july and I owe that to all the amazing creators in the Umbrella Academy fandom.
Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs:
@captainheroism @meliorn @ughmerlin and @nina-zenyk all make such unique use of colors, in their own personalized styles but with such consistency and I never fail to recognize their edits on my dash, they stand out in the best of ways!
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs:
I’m not really a fan of pale or bw gifs, I live and breathe colors but! @ciriofcintras is the only one I follow who edits  like that and the only one I need because everything she makes is amazing, neat, and sharp. Always the right balance of shades. special mention to my girl @mariathorpe use of muted colors that always fit the mood so well!
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love:
Well, too many to count I think. If we’re mutuals, there’s a good 90% chance that’s because you’re gifmaker too and we share fandoms! To name a few, @number5theboy you already know I’m ride or die for lizzie but the thoughtfulness she puts in each gifset makes it extra special! @andyoudoctor myra is constantly improving and dishing out amazing content
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets:
becca @inejz-ghafa engy @alina-mal and ava @anya-chalotra are my go to for this particular type of inspiration! their careful placements and gradient and font work is always lovely, you can feel the effort behind it. typhography is the thing i waste more time on when i gif so i can really appreciate their art!
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game:
miss ava for sure, becca again, @ogaferoga is a artist in their own right and no one does it like them. honestly ALL the people i’ve tagged here are the reason why i always strive to try new things and experiment more, i feel like we’re all learning together, at our own pace but together nevertheless and that’s so inspiring and comforting ♥
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from:
again, i won’t ever deny the huge impact @anya-chalotra had on my current style. i try not to go with the exact type of edits of other gifmakers, unless it’s a particularly popular trend that doesn’t involve a particular attention to composition both out of respect and because i like to experiment on my own. but that’s exactly what ava pushed me to do, her edits showed me how much potential photoshop had that i wasn’t really exploiting so i got down to learn more about it! she remains my # editing goals for sure ♥
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate!: i love you guys so much, keep doing your thing and being awesome! @arnos @alethiometry @milkovivhs @allisonshargreeve @rockyblue @evakant @dykejaskiers @arthurpendragonns @starkkov @jessiemeili 
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number5theboy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Five: *says anything* the universe, coming after him with the baseball bat of dramatic irony:
[ID: A twelve-piece gifset, six rows of two, of Number Five from the Umbrella Academy, showcasing times his words came back to bite him in a dramatically ironic way. Row 1: 13-year-old Five insists he is ready to time-travel. He then immediately strands himself in an apocalyptic wasteland for 45 years. Row 2: Five, back with his family, bluntly tells Vanya that she’s ordinary. Later he is almost killed by Vanya’s powers, powerless to oppose her. Row 3: Five says that Hazel’s presence proves that the apocalypse is off. Not even 24 hours on, Five has to watch the world end twice in the span of ten minutes, in 2019 and in 1963. Row 4: Five bests Lila in a fight, calling her “entirely average”. It turns out that Lila is anything but average, and she gets the upper hand against him in the finale fight. Row 5: Five explodes at Diego for trusting Lila, saying that he’s “the Oswald of this story, the goddamned patsy” in her scheme. Of course, Five was the patsy in the Handler’s plan all along, the fall guy for a high-profile assassination, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald. Row 6: Five sarcastically asks whether it’s too late to be unadopted. The finale twist is that Reginald unadopts the Umbrella Academy. End ID.]
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demelza · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! 
So i don’t usually do this but 2020 has been such a weird year and i wanted to say thank you to the people who have made it a little better. (I’m probably going to forget people so i’m sorry in advance <3)
@fairytalespond sára idk how i would have survived this year without you. i miss you so much and i can’t wait for this dumb virus to go away so i can visit you again!! thank you for letting me rant and endlessly ramble to you about aliens or kpop or whatever im obsessed with in the moment dfjhkj. ily 💖
@yelena-belxva thank you for always being so sweet and for sending me cute pictures of cows that keep me going 💖
@suzteel @rosaortecho @darlingnotso @haloud i am so thankful to have met you guys and for making my time in the rnm fandom more fun and less stressful ahah. and thank you for sharing your creativity through fics&gifs. 💖💖💖💖
@oetravia kim!! i know we haven’t spoken in a while but seeing you on my dash always makes me very happy 💖
and lastly thank you to all of you guys,
@jintae @ghostes @jinglebellrock @bimbojoon @timotheechalamed @adiwriting @daughterofelros @pleasantfanandstudent @ober-affen-geil @angsty-nerd @angsty-aliens @ninswhimsy @tasyfa @soberqueerinthewild @supervalcsi @ogaferoga @wyrd-syster @seance @almondchestnut @andyoudoctor @lilapittss @perhapsblues @necroprankster @lyrassilvertongues @nervousladytraveler @maryiofengland @gilmoregeller @mslyragw @beingcuteismything @vavaharrison @xxsparksxx @rather-impertinent @heywhereisperry @ourgraciousqueen @bisexualjomarch @emraanhashmi
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albossharuland · 8 months ago
🌑+ 🍩! ?
🌑 What’s your favourite Luther moment?
Oga foroga is like, fucking top tier moment of the show in general BUT.... I also really like when he gets his breakdown in season 1 when he discovered he went to the moon for nothing ú_ù (i also love to see it twice whaT CAN I SAY)
🍩 What’s your doughnut preference?
I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS A DIRECT REF TO THE SHOW OR JUST DONUTS but.... the ones who don’t have the hole in it and have chocolate inside
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fivevanyaklaus · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was tagged by the (always!!!) wonderful @andyoudoctor! thank you! ❤️
challenge: from your creations, choose gifs and do a split of before and after adding your coloring!
I don’t have anything insightful or interesting to say about my giffing process because, honestly, it’s A MESS. I mean. layers. and layers. and layers. that go back and forth and sideways and up and down, just constantly changing until I find something that I think looks pretty. there is no consistency to it and there probably never will be. I really, really like bringing out as much color in a gif that I can get away with without photoshop or tumblr yelling at me (the three of us are always at odds, man). besides that? I have no idea what I’m doing 99% of the time, but I’m here to have fun with it and if it makes a few people smile or entertains even a single person along the way then I’m happy! 
tagging: @number5theboy, @ogaferoga, @seance, @evakant, @lilapittss, @i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky, @iridescentides, and @veronica-lodge! if anyone else wants to participate feel free (or not if you don’t want to! apologies to those tagged if you’ve already done this!)
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currently watching hairspray the movie and thinking about how right @ogaferoga was about miss velma von tussle (Michelle Pfeiffer) has the biggest handler vibes i have ever seen only second to the handler herself
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iridescentides · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
hi friends! what a fucking year am i right??? not to sound cheesy but tumblr was genuinely such a safe and warm space for me this past year. there is no way for me to adequately explain how important the friends ive made on this site have been for my emotional wellbeing in a time when ive been largely isolated from my irl friends/activities. throughout 2020 this has been a place i could turn to confidently for encouragement, support, and good conversations. thank you all so much.
i wanna first give a special shoutout to the two amazing discord groups im a part of: Creatorhub and the GCWCA. through Creatorhub ive met so many incredible gifmakers, learned so many cool new things, and received so much love and support. in the GCWCA i get to gush about disney channel with people who really Get It™ and we all make each other laugh and smile. two amazing groups who have filled my year with so much joy.
so here it is!!! a friend appreciation post!!! to clarify: this is NOT just a laundry list of every single one of my mutuals (even though i do appreciate all of my mutuals) because i feel like that would be lacking authenticity and missing a personal touch. this is an appreciation post for a select group of people who, through their presence on my dash, kind messages, or just general support and enthusiasm, have noticeably positively impacted me in 2020. the people who i log onto this site for. people who i love to check on to see how theyre doing even if we dont talk that much, people who make my day by sliding into my inbox or DMs or tagging me in posts, and people who inspire me heavily with their creativity and passion. TLDR; if youre on this list you should feel special because you are!!!
a few extra special bud shoutouts before we get to the main list:
miranda @lizzie-mcguires​ for being a super supportive, very fun friend to me this year. you are so funny and kind and i dont know if you know exactly how much our friendship means to me. thanks for being one of my biggest cheerleaders and validating my niche disney opinions and introducing me to big time rush 😂
sima @filthyjanuary for being literally the funniest and most relatable person alive and just generally being so easy to talk to. you deserve nothing but good things in life 💙
saint @dindjharin for spreading unconditional love, support, and kindness. i cherish every single message you send me and each gift you have made me. im so glad we met this year.
emma @candicepatton​ BESTIE for being the sweetest nicest bestest person on this whole site, and for making my entire day with your tags and messages!!!
hiria @hiriahb for being my longest standing friend on this site. for showing so much enthusiasm in our conversations and talking to me so in depth about music. youre seriously the best and i cant even imagine tumblr without you.
other friends i appreciate so so much:
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567hargreeves · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to 567 Week!! Day 1: Alone // Together
Remember to tag your posts with #567week2021 and, if you’ve written fanfiction, add it to our 567 Week collection on AO3 (further instructions linked here). Feel free to tag us @567hargreeves as well! We’re so excited to see what you came up with.
Users that asked to be tagged are under the cut.
@shizuoi @chekovv @gncvanya @minervaparadi-no @azarathianscribbles @fivehargreve @ogaferoga @shrimp-colours @zavens @andva-ri @kneworder @circumstellars @faithfulcat111 @ariyanaforever @the-stormy-princess @claracivry @xgoldentigerlilyx @iconsumeheadcanons @thetrueihaveaname
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circumstellars · a year ago
Tumblr media
I KNOOOOOOOW. I misspelled my own handle! But it’s too late! I didn’t save this gif’s progress so R.I.P! Cricumstellars it is binch! ANYWAYS –
So in honour of hitting 100 followers on this new blog, I decided to do my first follow forever! I love and appreciate every one of you, whether we’re friendly mutuals, quiet acquaintances, or I just admire you from afar (usually how it goes). If you’re a TUA blog, or just looking for more content, I recommend these blogs (so far! More to be found everyday):
My special squad:
@glitchinthedark | @ahauntingsun | @hawkeyesex | @talkingcinemalight | @daisytwist | @sickboy-alice | @skipslipsnip (that’s the new url right!?!?)
Amazing blogs I follow:
@five-fucking-hargreeves | @kneworder | @klaus-is-the-real-number-1 | @margarita-umbrella | @cipherklive | @robertsheehanownsmyass | @rozzy-whump | @fiveyaaas | @kliego–dreams | @klive | @in-tua-deep | @villainapologism | @bluekato
@umbrellaacademyfun | @rozeluv | @diegohargreevz | @umbrellas-be-falling | @too-many-umbrellas | @transboy-wonder | @imakeficrequestsandthendisappear | @eh-meh | @hargreeves-ben | @five-fic-recs | @the-updog-academy | @robsheehanonline |
@fiveyasapphics | @fiveyavibecheck | @bisexual-five-hargreeves | @electra-xt | @achilleees-tua | @frogsarebxtches | @c0ffeebee | @kliegonetwork | @hargreevesklaus | @ogaferoga | @vareapix | @cultleaderklaus | @bentacles-hargreeves | @klausbens |
@fiveyas | @fivediego | @spacerum0ur-love | @wanderlustlover | @sarkywoman | @jubberry | @maywemeetagaincommandr | @electric016 | @art-e-m-i-s | @fiiego | @awesomesockes | @vanyathebomb | @the-michals | @vole-mon-amour | @spikeymarshmallows | @maundering-marauder 
@princesskittenoftardis | @kliegoshipperstuff | @benklaud | @klausthesexytrash | @veteranklaus | @seance | @deadliest-little-thing | @catboyben | @knifecatklaus | @kliego–dreamz | @xsleepylilgeekyx | @mynumberfivethings | @squishitude | @itty-bitty-rampaging-committee | @protect-luther-hargreeves | @tua-tingz
(In no particular order! I’m sure I missed someone anyway…)
Here’s to another hundred, and then another! Let’s keep each other good company this long hiatus until S3. All my love and drugs/alcohol/delicious snacks, whichever your prefer (all is an option). <3 Cricumstellar(s)
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