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#ogami ryo
asknarashikari · 32 minutes ago
My personal headcanon on where the other swordsmen were during the crossover: Ryo had family time, Ren was still moping over Desast’s fate, while Yuri was out trying to buy treats again/hiding from Tetsuo
I already mentioned how I hc the same thing about Ryo on my main blog
I personally think the thing with Ren would depend more on when the crossover happens in canon. It’s a bit tight timing wise but I’d place the crossover right before Storious starts the endgame, so between eps 40 and 41. Desast is still pretty alive and kicking then.
Yuri... I can definitely see him doing both of these things. Maybe at once. Lol
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gentokuboobwindow · 7 months ago
inspired by @r4bbitdragon, hope you dont mind but i saw the post and immediately had to make it. im honestly almost upset at how iasip-ready this scene is
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narashikari · 3 days ago
We’re getting Haruka next week!!!
Tumblr media
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kanacaecilius · 9 months ago
Kamen Rider Saber Cast Blog - 04 October, 2020
Where best dad Ogami Ryo’s actor Ikushima Yuki fanboys about Sophia’s Chinen Rina lol
Episode 5 "My friend, The Swordsman of Thunder"
Did you enjoy watching it?
The mysterious guy who made an appearance  on a flying carpet in episode 2 Fukamiya Kento
Who knew, he's actually Calibur's son!
He has not talked about it a lot until now but he seems to bear a big burden Of his "father's betrayal".
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ikushima Yuki, who plays Ogami Ryo.
This episode, I had a lot of scenes with Kento, so I had a lot of time with Aoki Ryo-kun.
Tumblr media
He's immensely friendly. He's one to go "Iku-san, let's eat together!" or "Iku-san, have you heard of this manga?" He's someone who's kind enough to be concerned about an uncle who's ages older than he is (lol).
Not only Ryo-kun. To be honest, I was worried if I can be close to these young ones in this one year we’re working together. But every one is such a good kid!
Everyone is different from the characters they play. Every one, in their own ways, Each have something they're good at.
Tumblr media
Uncle is blessed.
And here's someone I really wanted to interact with! That is Sophia's actress, Chinen Rina-san! Not quite hiding it, but I'm a big fan of hers since I was a teen!
Chinen-san's charm No. 1 - Her voice is exquisite. Her beautiful voice ringing through the Northern Base. Just listening to it heals you.
No. 2 - She is stunning. Just the way she stands in that Northern Base. I think Sofia is a character that's made exactly for Chinen-san.
No. 3 - Her personality is beautiful. Sometimes we'd talk in one corner in the Northern Base. Her graceful lips and gentle smile is again something that heals.
Tumblr media
I can talk about it some more, but I have summarized them briefly here.
Next time! A new swordsman is making an appearance in Episode 6! What kind of character he is, please watch out for it!
Ikushima Yuki, out.
PS. "That scene" I mentioned last time, is actually that part Ogami splashed soda on himself and Kento laughed. That was hard huh, Ryo-kun.
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prompt #1: ryo & any rider in need of a dad rider looking out for them, 21! other character can be from saber or any other season, whatever you're feelin!
A belated happy Father's Day, folks! Sento needs someone to make him eat.
21. "Do you promise?"
The last box of Sora's favorite pasta is on the top shelf at the grocery store, and normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that it's gotten shoved so far back that it's impossible to reach comfortably. Ryo grins at his son. "All right, you ready to help?"
Sora's grinning back. This is his favorite part of every grocery trip. "Yeah!"
Ryo lifts him out of his seat in the shopping cart and hoists him up onto a shoulder perch. "All right, grab me down the box of wheels and we'll get it in the cart."
Sora leans forward and grabs the box of pasta, handing it down with a little gleeful noise. "Pasta for dinner!"
There's a soft cough next to Ryo's elbow, and then someone else says, "Excuse me."
"Heck, we in the way? Sorry, lemme move the cart--"
"Actually, ah." Awkward laughter from the other shopper. "I was going to ask if your son could pass me another box while he's up there."
Blinking, Ryo looks over at the speaker, who's about his height but looks at least ten years younger than him, and probably thirty kilos skinnier to boot. Before he can stop himself, he says, "Sure, you look like you could use the calories. Shit, sorry, that was rude. Uh, Sora, you wanna reach down another box of something?"
"No, it's fine, I...probably could. I don't eat a lot." The young guy blinks sleepily, shakes himself, and then looks farther up to Sora. "You're very tall, did you know that?"
Sora giggles. "Dad's a giant! I'm going to be a giant too someday!"
"That seems like an excellent plan. Is there any elbow macaroni up there?"
"Yeah!" Sora tips forward again to grab another box and pass it to Ryo, who in turns hands it to the young guy, who accepts it with a polite nod and stows it in his own cart.
Ryo blinks. "You, uh. Do a lot of bodybuilding?"
Apart from the elbow macaroni, the young guy's otherwise seems to contain primarily instant noodles, a single jar of tomato sauce, a bag of carrots and one of potatoes, a bunch of bananas, and, inexplicably, an enormous container of protein powder. The protein powder is set into the top section of the cart, buckled in like it's a child. The young guy lets out another one of those awkward, quiet laughs. "No, that's for my, ah, my friend. Who I think is over at the butcher counter getting into an argument about chicken, he's got some very strong opinions about it."
"Yeah, I got a friend like that, I think he's getting into it with the fish guy right now." Ryo lifts Sora down and seats him back in their cart. "What's he do that he needs all the protein for?"
"Shoot fighting. I mean, not so much lately, but he likes to stay in shape."
"Why not so much, he retired or something?" They're walking now, the young guy having fallen into step behind Ogami with unexpected ease. He seems to be watching Ogami shop, like he doesn't quite know what he's doing and is hoping he might pick up some tricks. "I had a buddy who used to do shoot fighting, takes it out of a guy."
The young guy laughs again. "Not exactly retired? We're, uh. We're sort of new to the area. Not as new as we were, but--I mean, I guess we've been here a few years now, but there are. Complications."
"Really? Where'd you move from? Oh, you probably don't wanna get that brand unless you like your curry real runny. Actually here, hang on, I got a spare coupon if you like the House ones."
"I would appreciate that, thank you." The young guy accepts the coupon with a grateful smile and another tired blink. "I, ah. I guess I should introduce myself. Kiryuu Sento, it's a pleasure to meet you."
"Ogami Ryo. And this here's my son Sora." They're two aisles over from where they started now; Kiryuu seems pretty content to follow him and watch what he's doing. Like nobody ever told the guy how to grocery shop, and he's only just now realizing that there are ways to do it that don't just involve throwing everything in your cart and not having a plan. "You said your buddy's a fighter, what do you do?"
"I'm a scientist--well, I don't exactly have lab space right now, I guess...I'm an inventor."
Sora immediately brightens up. "Cool, what kind of science do you do? Uncle Tetsuo is kind of an inventor. Do you invent stuff that blows up?"
Kiryuu actually laughs. "Not nowadays, but I'd prefer not to get into my past. What do you do, Mr. Ogami?"
"I'm, uh. I'm in public safety."
There's a pause, in which Kiryuu's eyes flicker over him, and then a look that says, I know you're hiding something. Which, sure he's hiding something, "I'm a swordsman protecting the world from evil" is kind of a hard sell to some random guy at the grocery store. Except that it's also a look that says, I'm hiding something too, and it hits Ryo suddenly that this guy's air of exhaustion makes him think of someone else.
Makes him think of the novelist.
They come out of the aisle near the fish and meat counters, and Ogami says, "You know what, you said you're pretty new in town, you wanna come over for dinner? Couldn't hurt to know more people in the area. Long as you don't mind Sora grilling you about your inventions."
Kiryuu blinks. "I. Would love to, thank you, but I don't want to im--oh, what the hell is he doing?"
Despite the phrasing, he sounds more amused than annoyed, and Ryo follows his gaze to where a redhead in a bomber jacket is having a pretty intense-looking argument with Tetsuo in front of a display of cuts of tuna. "That your friend who goes through all the protein powder?"
Kiryuu drags a hand down his face in exasperation. "Yeah, that's him." He freezes. "And I'm guessing he's arguing with your friend who has the fish opinions. This sucks."
"Nah, don't worry about it, Daishinji's got opinions about everything. Kinda surprised to see him arguing in public, though." Ryo glances over at Kiryuu and grins. "So obviously now you both gotta come to dinner, Daishinji's not a real friendly guy. If he's chatting with your buddy like that they must've hit it off."
Kiryuu eyes him uncertainly. "If you say so."
"Sure, come on, Daishinji's kind of an engineer guy, you'll get along just fine." Another glance in his new friend's direction. "Besides, like I said earlier, you look like you could use the meal. And Sora can grill you about your inventions, like I said."
Sora bounces in his seat. "Yeah! If you don't make stuff that blows up now, did you before? Will you tell me about it?"
Uncertain but smiling, Kiryuu nods. "Sure. I, uh, I used to design stuff for...a superhero. I'll tell you all about him."
Even more enthusiastic bouncing. "Do you promise?"
"Sure, I promise. I'll tell you the whole story of Kamen Rider Build if you want."
Ryo feels himself blink several times. "You know, I think I might like to hear that one too."
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kamenriderlogik27 · 22 days ago
Ok, is no one gonna talk about how, in chapter 42, when Daishinji basically said that Sophia sucked at cooking without realizing that Sophia was the one who made the bad onigiri, and thus (knowing that Daishinji messed up BAD) Ogami, Kento, Touma and even Rintaro all just 'noped' it out there slowly to a corner? Like, that was seriously one of the funniest and most relatable scenes in Rider! Just omgosh that was pure GOLD!
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kanacaecilius · 4 months ago
Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Production Notes
The character Ogami Ryo is such a charming character precisely because of his awareness as a father.
Tumblr media
The lines that he delivers precisely because he has a child, his standing as the mature one among the swordsmen are something that the writers and the production team are all very aware of.
Ogami's resolve came through when he joins Touma and for the first time, he calls him not as "novelist" but with his name "Touma." When we first wrote Ogami, we've been thinking of that timing when he'll finally change calling him "novelist." We're very satisfied this moment has finally come for him to say this line. 
Ikushima, who plays Ogami Ryo, and Tenta, who plays Sora are really like father and son behind the scenes. They're always together in between takes, they get along so well. In behind the scenes talk like this, it's quite cliche to hear "they're really like father and son" but look at these photos. So many of them!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's because of this really good relation between the two of them that they can show us such lovely and convincing relation beyond what is in the script
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asknarashikari · 28 days ago Cute
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me right now:
Tumblr media
Edit: saw these again after coming home from a stressful day of work and was instantly cheered up... the power of cute tokuboys is undeniable
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gentokuboobwindow · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a lineup of the six hero riders from Kamen Rider Saber, depicted in a minimalist color-based style. Touma is made up of red rectangular shapes filled in with glowy fire-like texture, as well as his hat being on fire. Ogami is depicted in rounded rectangular orange with brown and grey hexagonal rock-like texture, as well as a few dirt-textured hearts around his head. Kento is a long-trapezoidal golden shape filled with lightning over a dusty purple, with electricity buzzing around his head. Ren is a green and triangle-based with lighter green and pink wind patterning and some leaves blowing swiftly past their head. Rintaro is made up of curved rectangles with blue wave texture and water droplets around his head. Daishinji is made of boxy bright pink trapezoid shapes with blue cartoony lines inside and blue/pink shock lines around their head. End ID]
SHAPES TIME! if the ~10 of you who followed be before i started saber posting were hoping id do shape renditions of the team, look no further! i went a little more detailed for this illustration than ill probably use in comics, but i think its fun!
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kamenriderlogik27 · a month ago
Alright soo........
I was browsing RiderWiki and found this....
Tumblr media
The same page (basically Ogami's page) later says that Ogami is 36 during the events of Saber. So that makes Rintaro 23 or 24 during Saber.... right?
If so... then either that's the age they want him to be, or they're basically going off of Takaya's age. and if they're going off of Takaya's age, then would that mean that Touma and Kento are 24/25?
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asknarashikari · 22 hours ago
Part 2 of the Kento kun destruction: Touma, Rintaro, and Kento go back to the base with a bloody tied up Tsukasa and explain everything to Mei and the swordsmen, who proceeds to have no mercy on Tsukasa for making the baby cry. Also Ise joins them and shocks him holding his newly repaired Kento kun, but not before papa tells his son he’ll stop complaining about the plushie if he gets more cuddles from his baby (bonus points if Touma and Rintaro tease Kento about tolerating the plushie)
Maybe Tsukasa will finally learn... this time...
“Where did those three go off to...?” Mei wondered aloud as she paced the length of the main hall, worrying with her rings. “Running off without telling anyone what was going on... What got into Kento, anyway...”
“Ah, I’m sure they’re just fine, little lady,” Ryo reassured, as he watched over Ise who was peacefully napping. A patched-up Kento-kun was tightly clutched in the little dragon’s arms, the ripped seam stitched back together with a thread that didn’t quite match the rest of the plushie.
“It’s not normal for them to just run off like that though,” Tetsuo pointed out. “Not to mention, the last time Kento did something like this was the whole thing with Calibur, and we all know how that went.”
“Don’t remind me,” Mei muttered, her brows furrowing.
“Lighten up, Mei,” Yuri told her with a gentle smile. “Kento has Rintaro and Touma with him, right?” 
Mei nodded. “Yes, but-”
“So he’s definitely gonna be okay!” Ren stated certainly. “Besides, they’ll be back soon enough, so don’t worry about them!” 
Just as Ren finished speaking, the main door opened and in walked the three aforementioned swordsmen, carrying a familiar, bloody, beaten-up lump of magenta, bound by rope and gagged. They unceremoniously tossed him unto the floor, and everyone stared at the trio’s prisoner in shock.
Mei ignored the unconscious Kamen Rider on the floor in favor of fretting over her swordsmen. “Where have you guys been? I was so worried- Why do you have blood on your clothes?! You’re not hurt, are you?!”
“Sorry for worrying you Mei,” Touma apologized, not sounding very apologetic at all. “And no, we’re not hurt. None of this is ours.” He gestured at his senpai. “It’s all his.”
“What- Isn’t that Kadoya Tsukasa?!” asked Ryo. “What the heck happened to him?”
“We just had a little talk with him.” Kento said darkly, eyes stormy and fists still shaking with rage.
“Apparently... Pinky here was the one that destroyed Kento-kun and made Ise cry.” Rintaro explained, his expression more schooled, but still frosty cold.
Immediately, the mood in the room changed and everyone glared at Tsukasa in anger. “He did what?” Ryo asked dangerously, his grip tightening on Gekido. 
And, of course, this was when the magenta-loving Rider stirred, blinking back to consciousness. “What...?”
Not even a moment after he awoke, he found himself with a pair of blades at either side of his neck. “Do you have any last fucking words,” growled Ren, as Tetsuo joined him by pointing Suzune in gun mode at the back of his head. 
Tsukasa glared defiantly at the swordsmen. “You should ask... that hedgehog of yours why I did it to begin with...”
“We don’t care why you did it,” stated the eldest of the swordsmen, as he hefted his sword and pointed it at his neck, too. “You made our Ise cry.” 
“And we don’t take kindly to people who hurt one of our own,” stated Yuri coldly. 
Tsukasa audibly gulped as the swordsmen started closing in on him, but then there was a buzzing sound in the air, and they- and their swords- all reared back with alarmed faces. Before he could be relieved at their sudden distance from him, he shrieked as a bolt of lightning struck him, zapping him back into unconsciousness.
“What- Ise?!” Kento rushed to his son’s side, crouching down to his eye level. “Were you awake this whole time?”
Ise nodded at his father, and tilted his head innocently at him.“Did I do good, Papa? Is he hurty like Kento-kun is?”
Kento, and the rest of the dragon’s parents, blinked at the dragon in surprise. “Yes, I guess he is.” Kento replied. 
Ise nodded, apparently satisfied. “And Papa? Don’t hate Kento-kun anymore?” he asked sweetly, giving his Papa the puppy-dragon eyes.
Kento sighed, unable to say no to his baby. “Okay, Ise. I won’t hate Kento-kun anymore.” He playfully poked the plushie’s smiley face. “But Papa was only jealous because Ise cuddled Kento-kun more than Papa. If Ise promises to cuddle with Papa more, then Papa promises to not complain about Kento-kun anymore.”
Ise smiled toothily at his Papa. “Okay Papa, promise!” The father and son shook pinkies, before the little dragon jumped into his Papa’s arms, giving him the cuddles he was so apparently deprived of. The hedgehog plushie rolled about on the floor, momentarily forgotten by its owner.
“Wait, what? Seriously...?” Tetsuo said incredulously. “That’s why Kadoya went this far...?”
“Good fucking grief,” Mei groaned. “What are we going to do with you...”
“Oh, Kento...” Touma shook his head. “How many times do we have to go through this...”
“Well... at least he won’t hold a grudge against a plushie anymore?” Rintaro offered with a teasing smile.
“Shut up and lemme cuddle my baby in peace.”
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Daishinji/Ryo + 24 pls
24. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Tetsuo hisses in disapproval as he runs his fingers along Gekido’s edge. “What did you hit with it, granite?”
Ryo shrugs. “No clue. Some kinda rock.” He pauses, and then, slowly, grins. “That’s what granite is, yeah? A rock?”
“Don’t, don’t pretend you’re dumb, it’s not going to make me less irritated with you. You know perfectly well what granite is. I hope it was attached to a Megiddo, at least, or did you go have some fun at the quarry just to get on my nerves?”
“’Course it was a Megiddo, you think I’m dumb or something?”
Tetsuo makes an irritated snorting noise and rolls his eyes.
“So can you fix it?”
“Of course I can.” He turns the sword over with shockingly little effort and begins to inspect the blade again from the other side. “You’re going to be out of the action for a week or two, but I can fix it.”
“I can live with that.” Ryo shifts his weight against the wall. “Kinda makes me jealous, though, watching you touch my sword like that.”
“You can wait your turn. And if you’re going to stand there flirting with me while I’m working then you can make yourself useful and hand me that bottle of--what was that flinch?”
Ryo freezes and pulls his coat closed. “Nothing.”
“Don’t give me that ‘nothing’ bullshit, Ogami, sit down and take your goddamn coat off so I can see what’s going on.”
After a moment of tense staring, Ryo sits down and shrugs his coat off onto the back of the chair. Then, as Tetsuo continues to glare at him, he pulls his shirt off as well, revealing that most of the left side of his torso is a mass of dark bruises, with a long scrape at their epicenter.
Tetsuo’s eyes go wide. “The Megiddo did that, I’m guessing.”
Ryo shrugs and then winces. “Yeah, it threw me pretty hard.”
“And why didn’t you tell me about that part? Also, did you disinfect that scrape yet? It looks horrifying.”
“Didn’t tell you ‘cause I dinged my sword off a rock when it tossed me, that’s where that nick in the blade came from.”
Tetsuo snorts. He’s already rummaging in the drawers of his work table, sorting through what looks to Ryo like a series of complicated messes before he comes up with two jars and a roll of bandages. One of the jars is of regular drug store antiseptic ointment; the other is glass, has a handwritten label, and is half-full of slightly ominous green goo. “So either you thought I’d be upset with you for damaging your sword on something that wasn’t actually a Megiddo or you were too embarrassed to tell me you got knocked on your ass. It’d better be embarrassment, because I will be angry if it turns out that you think so little of me that you assume I’d prioritize the edge of your sword over your actual rib cage.”
“Uh.” Ryo eyes the jar of green goo. “What’s the green stuff?”
“Bruise ointment. Reduces swelling. Family recipe. You didn’t answer my question.”
“I--ow, cut that out.”
“Don’t be a baby, if we don’t clean this you could get an infection. So what is it? Were you embarrassed, or do you actually think I’d prioritize Gekido over you?” Tetsuo wipes the excess antiseptic ointment off his hand with a a nearby cleaning rag and opens the lid of the jar of green goo.
“I, uh. I mean, it was pretty embarrassing, but also you gotta admit, you do usually focus on the swords.”
“I focus on other swords first.” Tetsuo doesn’t look up. The green ointment is a bit greasy as he spreads it on Ryo’s skin, but feels surprisingly good. Slightly warming, even. “Other swords, for other swordsmen. When it’s you that’s different.” His ears, poking up through the hair that’s escaped from his ponytail, are bright pink. Which is fair enough, Ryo’s ears are feeling fairly warm too.
The cleaning rag, already half-covered with antiseptic, picks up a separate coating of green goo at the other end as Tetsuo cleans his hands, and the lid goes back on that jar.
“Hold this end here.”
Obediently, Ryo holds one end of the rolled bandage flat against his side as Tetsuo begins to wraps it around his chest and stomach, covering bruises and long scrape and various ointments and all. He gives it a few turns before leaning forward with a wince and pressing his lips to the side of Tetsuo’s neck.
Tetsuo goes very still. “I’m trying not to wrinkle this, you know. It’ll be uncomfortable if there are wrinkles.”
“What, I can’t be feeling affectionate?”
“You can feel affectionate after I’m done wrapping this.” Most of Tetsuo’s face is hidden by his hair, but Ryo can see his mouth twitch a bit. “Anyway, once this bandage is fastened I think your sword needs more attention.”
“That’s what I’m trying to--”
“Like I said earlier.” Tetsuo wraps the bandage around again. “You can wait your turn.”
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asknarashikari · 8 days ago
Cracky minific idea: for some reason, Touma somehow is fused with Rekka and becomes a sentient sword like Yuri. Cue Tetsuo trying to “examine” him and his lovers going into “no touching our boyfriend” mode
Oh shit, run, Touma, run!
“Uh, guys...” Touma said hesitantly. “I don’t like the way Daishinji-san is looking at me...”
Honestly, it was disturbing how intensely and intently the other Rider was looking at him. If he hadn’t known the guy, and if he weren’t in the predicament he was in, he would’ve thought that the swordsmith was interested in him that way. 
But, alas, Daishinji-san was Daishinji-san, and he... was currently a sword. Rekka- his own sword- to be precise. Not that it made the situation any better, since he’d known Daishinji-san to have a fascination with his link to the first Seiken forged by man.
“Oh, don’t worry about me, Touma,” Daishinji-san said as he advanced towards Touma with slowly-widening, manic smile on his face. “I just want to study you... very closely...”
Touma squeaked as he tried to float away from the other Rider. “Kyaaa! Have mercy on me, Daishinji-san!” he begged. “I’m not ready to die yet!”
“Oi, don’t touch our Touma!” Kento growled, lunging after the crazed bladesmith. He tackled Daishinji-san to the floor, trying to pin him down, but Daishinji-san was struggling mightily against his younger teammate. 
“Geroff me Kento! I need to get my hands on him... I’m not going to hurt him! Just examine his new body!” Daishinji-san stated, licking his lips as though in hunger, or... Again, if it weren’t for who said it the implications would have been very different.
“Excuse me?! What did you just say about our Touma?!” Rintaro cried out in outrage. He too threw himself on top of the other swordsman, helping Kento to restrain the resistant Rider with a battle cry. The three Riders tussled on the floor, with the duo ganging up on their senior in defense of their lover.
Touma had cowered behind a very human Yuri and Mei, the latter in a defensive pose like she was about to punch anyone- or more likely, just Daishinji-san- who would come close to them. “Don’t worry Touma, I’ll protect you too!”
(Inwardly, Touma knew Mei wouldn’t really stand a chance, but it was the thought that counted.)
“Yuri, I’m sorry for ever making fun of your fear of Daishinji-san!” cried the author-turned-Seiken.
Yuri simply chuckled and patted Rekka!Touma. “Now you know how it feels to be me around him.” 
Meanwhile Ren and Ryo had watched all of this with tears in their eyes as they laughed and laughed at the Looney Tunes-esque antics of their friends. “It’s not funny you guys! What if Daishinji-san does weird shit to me and I get stuck as a sword forever!?” Touma retorted. “I don’t wanna be a sword! I can’t get cuddles if I’m a sword!”
“Yeah, what he said!” Kento, ever fond of cuddles, exclaimed. 
“That’s what you’re worried about?!” Ryo boomed, doubling over in chuckles. “Not getting cuddles?” 
“He’s probably worried about not getting other stuff too,” Ren remarked crudely, with a waggle of his brows.
“T-That’s besides the point! Also, what the fuck?!” Touma shouted, heating up in outrage. So much so, that he literally went up in flames. “A-Ack! I’m on fire! I’m on fire!”
“What do you expect, you’re the Sword of Flames-” 
“Shut up, Daishinji-san!”
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Daishinji/Ryo (&Yuri) + 13 for ask meme please
Anon, I would like you to know that your parenthetical there has brought me an inordinate amount of joy. Anyway, we’re not addressing when this happens, it is not part of the discussion.
13. “Am I doing it right?”
“Your sense of timing leaves something to be desired,” Tetsuo gasps. “As usual.”
“What, as usual? I’m tryin’ to be more spontaneous.”
The back office of the bookshop is barely fit for the conduct of business, let alone any sort of illicit activity. Tetsuo’s jacket is draped over a half-finished model of an Edo period village; the table he’s backed up against is covered in advance reader copies of upcoming novels. “Since when have you ever wanted to be spontaneous?”
Ryo shrugs. “Seemed fun.” His jacket is on top of the desk where Touma purportedly does the shop accounts. So is his shirt, although admittedly that one is Tetsuo’s fault. “We can stop if you want.”
“I didn’t say that.”
Sora looks up from his homework. “Are you really a thousand years old?”
Yuuri nods. He’s got a pile of comics at each elbow; volumes move from the right-hand stack to the left-hand one as he finishes reading them. “Slightly over that, actually.”
“Why are you wearing a blanket?”
“It’s very comfortable.”
Tetsuo pauses mid-kiss. “Wait. Didn’t Sora have a doctor’s appointment last week?”
“Were you reading women’s magazines in the doctor’s waiting room again?”
Ryo grins, shrugs, pushes several stacks of ARCs out of the way to clear a space on the table. “Sometimes they got good ideas. Anyway, spontaneous. You think I’m doing it right?”
Sora’s still peering at Yuuri. “Are you a swordsman too? Like Dad? You don’t look like the other swordsmen.”
“I’m not like them. I was a swordsman, now I’m a sword. A sword man.” At Sora’s confused look, “A man who is a sword.” He pauses, and delight blooms on his face. “I’m a sword, man.”
Sora’s nose wrinkles. “That sounds like a joke that Dad would make. What comic are you reading?”
“It’s called...Bleach? The hero’s sword seems impractically large.”
“Well, yeah, it’s comics, things don’t have to be normal-sized in comics.”
Yuuri nods solemnly at that. “Wise.” A glance around the room. “Where is Buster, by the way?”
“He’s in the back with Uncle, they’re probably taking care of his sword. Uncle says he doesn’t maintain it very well, so it needs a lot of work.” Sora scowls down at his worksheet again. “Do you know English?”
“I’m over a thousand years old.”
“So...” Sora’s forehead wrinkles. “No?”
Despite Ryo’s efforts, they’ve still knocked a number of ARCs to the floor. Tetsuo’s hair elastic is somewhere among them, which is a problem for later, as is Ryo’s wallet, which fell out of his pocket at some point when they were getting his belt open.
So of course, at this point the office door opens and Yuuri leans in. He looks at them and blinks. “Do either of you know English? Touma and Mei stepped out to get lunch for everyone.”
Tetsuo and Ryo both freeze, and and then Ryo groans and Tetsuo drags his free hand over his face. “I’ll help Sora with his English homework in ten minutes.”
“Fantastic.” A beat. “Have fun.” And the door closes.
“Daishinji says he’ll come help you with your English homework in ten minutes,” Yuuri says, sitting back down between his two stacks of comics.
Sora nods. “I figured.” He looks away from the worksheet again to squint at Yuuri. “If you’re a sword, does that mean Uncle is like your doctor?”
Yuuri blinks. “You know, I’d never thought of it like that. No, I don’t think so.” He glances back over his shoulder at the little hall leading to the back office and restroom. “I think he’s probably got enough on his hands already.”
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asknarashikari · a month ago
It’s father day in Japan now… so a minific of the folks at northern base celebrating it with Sora and Ise?
Ah... I remember that last year’s Father’s Day fic was the last fic I posted before I went AWOL on everyone 
Don’t worry I’m not planning to do that anytime soon again haha 
The swordsmen tiredly trudged back to the command room, despite the early hour. They had just finished a gruelling confrontation with Solomon at the wee hours of the morning, and even though they had prevailed, it had been very exhausting due to the extremely early hour. They all swore that the Master was resorting to such tactics to tire them out when he realized he couldn’t just overpower them, not with Touma wielding Xross Saber now.
“I’m wiped,” groaned Ryo, barely even able to carry his sword on his back. “I just want to go back home and lie in bed all day-”
The door to the command room opened, and Sora and Ise flew out of them like a hurricane, rushing at their dads who were caught unawares and were thus sent to the floor as their sons jumped on them.
“Father!” Sora bowled Ryo over with a huge hug.
“Oof, Sora!” Ryo grunted as he fell over, making sure that he got the brunt of the fall.
The three younger swordsmen had their hands full with Ise, who refused to get up from on top of them, showering them with affectionate licks and nuzzles. They couldn’t help but start laughing with all the ticklish gestures. 
“Ise, sto-haha!” Touma giggled madly when Ise covered his face dragon kisses.
“What’s gotten into you?” Kento asked, snorting as Ise’s mane tickled his neck.
“Ise, let us up-” Rintaro begged, shrieking when he got his fair share of tickles.
“Sora!” Haruka reprimanded, following after her son, Mei close on her heels. “You shouldn’t do that to your father, he might’ve been tired or hurt from the fight!”
“It’s okay, I’m fine...” Ryo waved off, rubbing Sora’s head absently, then paused and looked at his wife. “Wait... what are you doing here, Haruka?”
Haruka shook her head in exasperation. “Oh, Ryo,” she sighed. “You forgot what today was, didn’t you?”
“Wait... what today was?” Kento asked, frowning in confusion.
“You guys forgot too, didn’t you?” Mei giggled, gathering Ise into her arms. “Then again... you guys flew out of the house so fast...”
“Ah, of course,” Tetsuo suddenly said, looking down at the four of them. “It would be the first for these three, wouldn’t it?”
“The first- ooooooh, now I get it,” Ren said. 
“It’s Father’s Day, don’t you re-mem-ber?” Mei laughed, poking her three boyfriends’ noses for emphasis.
“Ooooooh,” the four dads said in unison, their eyes widening in understanding, and looking at their sons who grinned toothily at them. 
“Well, anyways, we got some breakfast ready for you guys,” Haruka said with a smile. “You know must be all exhausted after that fight, so we made sure to make lots of food!”
“Oh yeah! I’m starving!” Ren, ever excitable, rushed into the room ahead of everyone else. “Oh look at this spread! Hell yeah!” Tetsuo rolled his eyes, but followed the ninja in with a fond smile on his lips.
Ryo huffed as he stood up, carrying a clingy Sora in his arms. “Thanks, dear.” He kissed his wife’s forehead as they entered the room as well, leaving the polycule and their dragon baby in the hallway.
“Our first Father’s Day, huh...?” Rintaro said absently, running his fingers through Ise’s mane. 
“I never thought I’d be able to have that...” admitted Kento softly. “Because... you know...” he trailed off.
“Well... we’re here, aren’t we?” said Touma softly. “And we have this little one too...”
Ise chirped at his fathers, and Mei smiled at them. “Let’s go join everyone, shall we?” she asked, pulling Ise off his fathers so they can get up. “We might not be able to get the eclairs...”
“Eclairs?!” The boys exclaimed together, smiling like fools as they rushed inside for the treat. 
“Mrrp?” Ise looked up at his mother, who just chuckled with a shake of her head.
“Your dads really are something huh, Ise? But that’s why we love them, right?”
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