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#ogawa chise

Why am I about to cry? I know that Azusa misinterpreted what happened but he had just started to rely on Karino and trust him. My poor boy. Just when they were making progress, he finally had friends and had started a less toxic relationship with Karino. I feel like we all got back to the start. Azusa tried being nice and it got him nowhere, on the contrary gave him more suffering.

Now it’s gonna be on Karino to actually step up and acknowledge his feeling for Azusa and show him he really does care about him. Or he can fucking kill Eno that would work as well.

Did i mention how sad I feel for Azusa? Bc I’m really about to cry. Poor boy. Karino pls for once in your life TALK to him. You care about him. TALK. TO. AZUSA.

Also is the last chapter of vol. 6??? We are gonna have to wait for months???? My hearttt

Caste Heaven is not the type of yaoi that should make you cry. like. Not at all.

(scan credit to @aprilyroseee )

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My alternative happy ending 

So after Azusa finally gets the king card again he thinks of the perfect way to get back at Karino

But the ex king keeps pestering him tho

“ didn’t you say you would get your revenge on me? Come on I’m waiting”
“You’re all talk”
“ I knew it you are weak you can’t do it”

Then Azusa orders the students to get him karino in the kings classroom and to blind fold him and handcuff him.

“ So how do you feel now that you are in my hands karino? I hope you are prepared for it.”

He takes a knife and cuts karino chest until it bleeds while he sticks a vibrator around karino’s dick.
He then licks the blood in the knife

“ revenge tastes so sweet”

“ take these off”

“ don’t you get it? This is a punishment.”

Karinos starts to get desperate to see azusa’s actions because he is so turned on right now. That’s all he loves psycho Asuza finally paying full attention on him.

“Hey Karino, why are you so hard? Aren’t you ashamed? Well I was expecting this since you are a fucking pervert. ”

He them licks karino having fun with his suffering.

He sits on him and starts riding on his dick while he still blindfolded.

“ This doesn’t look like a punishment for me.”

“ Shut up I am doing this for my own release.”

“ Isn’t it good to be in control. I always thought you loved it. You are so perverted.”

“ shut up shut up”

“ but you will never cum like this”
“Untie me”

“ no”

“ untie me now”

Azusa then just loose the strings a bit and karino grabs him with force and pin him down.

“ I will show you now who is the perverted one.”

Azusa then start losing his mind on moanings while he is fucked senseless.
They get to the sofa and karino kisses him passionately.

They cum 3 times.

“ why does it feel so good with you? It isn’t right. I’m not like this. I’m not like my mom.”

“ what?”

Azusa that started crying but hold it in then gets on his feet and leaves. But karino stops him.

“ what did you say?”

“None of your business. ”

He then leaves.


They are at the school’s roof.

“ So I guess you gave up. Do admit you are weaker than me?”

“ not in a million years.”

Karino smiles.

“ so why did you stop?”

“ I realised something.”

“And what is that?”

“ Your obsession with me it’s your weak point. All the effort you put in becoming king while you never even care for any of that. You never get any girl you were always stuck with me even if you said that that was only harassment. I finally realise that after all these time the best punishment you can get it’s to never touch me again.”

Karino it’s stupefied.

“ do you realise that like this, it really looks like we are a couple like you said right? You are like the woman on strike.”

“ shut up.”

“ and did you realise your feelings? Or that rare epiphany moment was only limited at that?”

“ I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“ You do. If you don’t then you are really dumber than I thought.”

“ get out. I’m ordering.”

“Fine let’s see how you do it without me. Im’ pretty sure your body is already used to it by now.”


Karino and Asuza never talk again.
He ignores him and it’s easier since this time Karino is just a prep.

But it’s so annoying somehow.

He just wants to get his revenge in the traditional way. Maybe he could ask someone to beat the hell out of karino and than live his life.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

But when his sees karino playing basketball and taking off his shirt all sweaty he remembers all that memories again. And can’t help but feel anxious.
He hates it.
Hates how right karino was.
He is so used to it that only seeing him like this makes him hard.

He runs away to the bathroom and tries to jerks off, but he can’t. Even while thinking about karino. Which is the only thing that can get him hard nowadays. He still can’t.

He breaks the bathroom in anger and gets out just to meet karino on the outside.

“ need my help?”

He yelps but goes back to the bathroom.

“ do it quickly before someone come in.”

Karino grab him by his legs and fuck him while azusa entangled them around his hips.
It’s so fuckin good he cums in seconds.

“ you were really pent up weren’t you? I knew it you where going to ask for me.”

“ Karino just shut up and fuck me or I will.”

“Make me.”

Asuza kiss him until their lips get numb.

They fuck once again while karino bites Asuza’s neck.


“ son of a … he bites me!”

“ Azusa where are you?”

Karino is long gone and Kuze is looking for him. Don’t make sense but his is the Jack again and atsumu is the queen.

Yeah the fucking queen.

“ I’m going.”

He goes with them and they get lunch together.

They are like the royal of the royalty.
And karino is always missing actually.
Probably because he can’t be seeing with them.

“Does anyone knows where Karino is?”

“ Hm I think he was teaching the girls how to dribble.”


He then without knowing was there after lunch.
Right where they were playing.

“ Hey Azusa do you want me to teach you too?”

“ Don’t get ahead of yourself prep.”

“ So why are you here.”

“ I’m the king I can do whatever I want.”


Karino then follows Azusa into the kings classroom.

Karino pushs Azusa against the wall.

“ What are you doing?”

“ Don’t you want it?”

“ Who said I want you?! Get out before I ask someone to beat the shit out of you.”
“ Listen what happened yesterday will never happen again!”

“ Tsk. Stop it Azusa we both know you won’t last a week without me. ”

“ Well you will see.”


1 week later and he was totally fine.

2 weeks had past and he was even better.

It was just so pleasing to watch Karino freaking out that it was almost better than doing it.

In fact seem him get uneasy was better than revenge.
He already win it over just with it.

He couldn’t stop smiling and the joy was taking over him.

“ How are you still ok?”

“ Secret.”

Then Karino’s face got darker.

“ Who is this?”


“ With whom are you doing it with?”

“ Are you nuts Karino? ”

He was jealous. If it didn’t hurt his pride he would have invented a story saying that he actually did that with someone just to see his reaction.

“ So how you are not a bitch in heat right now?”

“ Because the only pervert here is you. Now get out of my way.”

“ I think I get it now.”

He then grabs Azusa and kiss him by force.
Azusa resisted at first but then gave in.

He can’t be like that.

Karino puts his hand inside his pants and start stroking him while sucking his nipple.

“You are hard.” He whispered.

“ Stop it.”

“ You don’t want me to. You are rubbing against me.”


“ See how we are a perfect match?”

Asuza them finally gets away of his hands.

“ No! Go away!”

“ What’s wrong now?”

“ You! Stop using me just for my body! Shit I’m not a fucking toy for your entertainment!”

“ Didn’t you said you realise it? My feelings for you.”

“ What?”

Azusa then gets red.

“ How can you be so clueless? You were right. My obsession with you goes beyond rational that’s why I did everything I did to you. And you never break. You are the strongest and sexiest person I have ever met so how could I not fall? You did that to me and you have to take responsibility.”

“ Why are you saying this now?”

“ Because I’m tired of playing games with you. Since the beginning it was never a game to me. You are the first one that makes me ever feel things.”

“That’s a joke right? You rapped me multiple times and now you are saying you like me? What is wrong with you?”

“Everything is wrong with me. But right now it’s you. You drive me insane.”

Azusa is so red right now that he goes next to the window to breath properly.

Karino follows him.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ What?”

“ I know what I did was wrong but I wanted you so bad.”

“ Yes you were a jerk. I don’t know if I can forgive you.”

“ I know I’m sorry.”

“ But you were the only one that acknowledge me. So you have credit with that. ”

“ hum?”

“And sometimes you weren’t such a jerk like when you saved me.”
“ A-and I can’t stay away from you. ”

Karino is looking at him with hope.

Azusa is so fucking red.

“ Can I touch you?”


Karino then kisses him with all the passion he has.

And for the first time ever the two of them make love.

Karino kisses Azusa’s whole body like it was a temple he was adoring.
His favorite religion.

He loved him multiples times to make up for the times he did just use him.
This feels so much better.
Hearing Azusa calling out his name, grabbing onto him and finally letting himself go and get lost in the lust was the most perfect moment of his existence.

“ You are so beautiful.”

Nobody ever treated him like this. He finally felt love from his actions. Karino was loving him. And it all felt perfectly right. Like he was born for that happiness.
To be his.
And both knew that he was.

“ Love me till I cum.”

“ Yes sir.”

The end.

Azusa and Karino was getting dinner together they seem to get a long well to atsumu and kuze that just happened to pass by them.

They grab some food and when things start to heat up and atsumu didn’t want to make out in the movies the went to a hotel. They run against azusa and karino there again.
They were at the same fucking hotel What were the chances?
Same of this new love working fine?
Probably not without some bickering.
Because you know that’s how love is.
Is always messed up ❤

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In a way I can’t blame Karino for this. I don’t think Azusa would’ve listened anyway. He’s Azusa. Stubborn. His pride always more important than thinking things through. Even though I know he’s actually smart. This was just not his moment. And he also isn’t the person who will settle with anything. Inukai was offering Azusa to change cards with him but Azusa rejected because the only card he wants is the king.

Thank you @aprilyroseee for providing us with this translation. ❤️❤️

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Idk why i wanted to do this but ok



Yumi: hey Karino, can you teach me math later?

Karino: sorry, im busy doing stuff later

Yumi: what stuff?

Karino: *looks at azusa who is sleeping peacefully*

Karino: *licks his lips*

Karino: “stuff”


Yumi: what-




Atsumu: what would you do if karino do “it” with another guy and left you?

Azusa: cut his d*ck off and make sure the other guy is dead

Atsumu: nO-




Karino: you are the queen in this class

Yumi: UwU

Karino: but you are not the queen in my heart

Yumi: 0-0

Karino: *put sunglasses on and left the classroom*




Azusa to atsumu: you are annoying

Also azusa: *smack the baldy with his bag after pushing atsumu*

Azusa: YoUlItTlEsHiT-




Atsumu & kyouko: *shines*


Azusa: my f*cking eye




Atsumu: love is like beauty and the beast

Kuze: love is what you’re looking at right now

Azusa: love sucks

Karino: there’s no such thing as love




Meh that’s all i got. If this get a lot of like i might make a part 2

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idk if this is a rant or wat but whatever

So I made a post a while ago on how Yamamoto Kotetsuko is one of the best mangakas of the boys’ love genre, because of her fluffy, cute and funny af stories/plots/characters, and somehow I really feel like I’m being a bit hypocritical because I really despise rape/abuse/pedophilia/etc in any genre of story, but somehow I became really interested in Ogawa Chise’s work.

Who’s Ogawa Chise? This mangaka is probably one of the most twisted writer I’ve ever read, because I’m a pussy and don’t read that much so I don’t have any other writer to compare. Going back to Ogawa Chise, this artist, apart from twisted af, is really versatile.

I came upon their work on youtube, there was a channel for a while uploading some short BL mangas with their respective BLCD, which I enjoy very much, because I’m obsessed with seiyuu-san; I saw first Gousan no Heart or Miscalculation of Heart, which is actually really fluffy (that’s how I was deceived into this artist in particular), if you haven’t read it, the story goes like this: Miki is a playboy and one day at school he listens to Udou, a honor student and all that crap bocchama gentleman bullshit, talking with a girl, more like the girl begging him to give her a chance to have him like her, which he refuses and Miki goes to the rescue and meddles in saying Udou is dating him, and you can guess what goes on later on. This story has a spin off that’s about Udou’s older brother and his friend from middle school and their story also develops blah blah blah and they are cute and fluffy, there’s another one that’s reaaaaaaally fluffy, it has a huge ass name so I’m gonna mention the characters’ names (or last names….?) they are Okachimachi (the top) and Fujima (the cute lil bottom) and also there’s one that’s like Arabian themed which I can not remember much, but it’s really soft and cute all over

I haven’t read all of their work, but I’ve read quite the amount? and Ogawa Chise’s work IS VERY TWISTED, like be careful if you read their work because it includes sexual/physical abuse, rape, incest (both between siblings and a dad and his son), there’s this really weird one shot about a demon at the stairs of a certain window at a certain high school, I can’t recall much because I was almost sleeping while reading it AND what I think is their longest running work, Caste Heaven, it does include all of the above themes, except, I think, incest/pedophilia idk.

I’m not gonna go much into detail about it, because I might trigger anyone and I don’t want to, but it’s weird. I got really trapped in the plot, more like I want Azusa to live in peace and Karino to stop abusing him, and I don’t want them together, I want anyone with Azusa but Karino, but smh the latest ch was actually kind of…….. They resembled an actual couple?????? i’m very confundida, like a part of me wants them to be in a healthy relationship like Atsumu and Kuze (they sort of areeee…? idk anymore, Atsumu grew up a lot throughout the manga tbh and it’s like the most rational character of this manga?……) but my rational half of my brain knows it won’t be that way and they’ll come to terms BUT their past relationship will be seen through anyways.

I usually read fluffy ass mangas, and avoid these ones the most, because if they get too psychological I have to go back and read all over again and I get bored.

I read Killing Stalking til the end and it made me sick, I couldn’t stand reading more than a few pages in one go because it made me feel really bad, tense and really anxious. I just read it out of curiosity because EVERYONE was like read it read it you won’t regret it, and boi i regret it.

Caste Heaven is really tense too but it’s a well thought plot, in despite of all of the disgraces that happen in the book, AND the mangaka usually includes a few bonus pages with some hilarious shorts in order to lighten up the mood a bit (the artist says so in those pages and they do actually cheer you up), it’s usually Azusa bickering with either Karino or Kuze.

It’s not like I’m freaking obsessed with this manga, I don’t find a word to replace ‘enjoy’, because I don’t completely enjoy reading it, but I’ll continue reading it because it is an interesting plot, and it’s well developed and I want Tatsumi and Senzaki back together, like I’m sad for them and for Inukai and Anji, their ending made me REALLY REALLY sad I actually cried and for the crybaby I am (which I am, I cry while listening to SNSD’s Into the new world, because of my S♡NE ot9 big fat ass), I don’t usually cry with manga.

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