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#oh I love this
iliothermia · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
[id: a man with long, sleek coily hair leaning over the top of a terrarium. A cocoon is inside, dangling from a branch. He dons one glove and a tassel dangles from the other arm. His exposed fingers covered in small cuts. Healed scars drawl over his back and chest. A small chalice with a symbol resembling a half-fingerprint has smoke wafting through the air.] Revamp of Matillo.
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wowwwmobius · 21 hours ago
"its so in character for loki to narcissistically fall in love with himself lol" is it really though?? if you go beyond the absolute surface level of his glorious purpose act he clearly hates himself, thinks he deserves to be alone and has massive daddy issues im sorry but loki was literally destined to fall in love with the very first dilf who paid him a few genuine compliments and said he could maybe be a good person if he tried
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i-am-robie · 23 hours ago
Hey!! Just wanted to share a funny little story with you. At work my coworker asked if I had seen Wedding Date and i was about to say yes when I looked up the movie it wasn’t until she was describing the plot that I realized I knew exactly what she was gonna say next and it clicked because of your AU. And I said oh yea I remember that then she said “I thought you hadn’t seen it” and I said no I haven’t and very weakly said “I’ve read it ?” (with the question mark at the end). She just stared at me like okay your weirdo but like how do you explain to a older Mexican lady with not extremely positive views on us the gays what fanfic is and why I was reading supercorp fanfic I just laughed to myself the whole shift
Ps. Never watching that movie your AU is much much better than what she was describing.
anon, to say every single thing about this (except for the lady not being cool with us queers) makes my whole fucking weekend is a massive understatement
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4.15 miles
Tumblr media
Day 7. Was feeling more optimistic in the second photo, than in the above video. 😅 I got so lost, but it was a nice morning to get lost.
Took a nice dirt path at the end of my run and I'm glad I did! Next time, I'll know to just turn around 🙃
I've made it 1 whole week! I'm super proud of myself and excited for what I'll be able to do in the future.
I love y'all. Have a wonderful Sunday. 💕
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mothwithteeth · 14 hours ago
could i request something with dabi 👀 maybe him fingering his fem s/o for the first time? a little soft dabi if i may ask too. thank you thank you
i am... so goddamn horny for soft dabi it makes me low key uncomfortable. what the fuck is an emotion?
soft and indulgent smut below <3
when dabi touches you between your legs, even over your clothes, you freeze. it's not intentional, but you certainly can't help it.
"sorry, I should have asked," he retracts his hand, but it doesn't interrupt his rhythm kissing your neck all that much; right back to the last thing you were comfortable.
"it's okay, it's just been a while. you surprised me."
"do you want my fingers?" he asks this time, soft in your ear. even that is enough to make you shiver.
"y-yeah," you swallow and nod; mouth suddenly dry.
"yeah?" he teases, hand slipping down the the waistband of your pants.
"yes," more firmly. a little impatient now. you're too cute.
but when he gets your pants down, you're not as impatient. maybe a little nervous.
"you okay?" a chance to back down if you want to, but you don't really want to.
"be gentle," you try to sound assertive, but you're definitely not feeling as confident as you want to look.
dabi hums, pressing his lips to yours again, so soft you can barely feel it, as if to remind you how gentle he is with you.
he's so careful with you. spreading your legs and massaging your thighs before he gets anywhere near your pussy.
he builds you up slowly, soft touches and deep, breathless kisses.
and then he touches your clit for the first time; so soft, over the hood, and it tells you that alright, at least he knows what he's doing.
that is, however, your last coherent thought for the night
every time you try to gather yourself, he changes it up on you. one finger sliding into you, crooking at your g-spot before coming back to circle your clit. it's tortuously slow, but you couldn't bear to ask him to go faster when you're already sure you might break from how intense everything feels.
you're ill-prepared for the orgasm that overcomes you. it's built so slowly, so fucking good, that you barely even see it coming before it washes you away, leaving you clinging to dabi with both your arms around his neck.
"do you want another one?" he asks, kissing your cheek.
another one? you don't think you could handle another one. you shake your head. can you even talk? fuck
he doesn't want you to "return the favor." you're both tired, and he just wants to snuggle; to hold you close to his chest. you could agree to that
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drabbles-of-writing · 18 hours ago
Wing AU. It would make sense for Raine to be a songbird cause bard, but have you seen a bat hawk those fuckers are cool as hell to look at. Raine & Eda grew up together & Eda & Raine would often spend hours singing together. Raine was willing to look past Eda's mixed blood & wild nature & just love Eda for Eda. The earring Raine wears is actually one of Eda's feathers, Eda has one of Raine's on a necklace she wears. Raine was head of the bard cove, but got caught earning a busted wing. -PunkAnon
best of both worlds,,,,,songbird bat hawk hybrid Raine,,,,,,
and yeah!! they'd find some rooftop or branches, depending on how Raine felt about people possibly hearing them that day, and practice singing. Raine was obviously great at it, Eda needed a little bit of practice but she got there. Eda of course gets very close to the 1 person who doesn't mind she's a hybrid and even when they get older and don't see each other as often, they still regard each other with nothing but care.
Eda was the first to gift her feather somewhere among their childhood and Raine later gave theirs to Eda. Eda went RIGHT to the deep end and gave a primary feather immediately, and it took Raine a little while later, but they gave their own primary feather to Eda, too. They started seeing each other less and less, but they had their own things to figure out so the two didn't mind. Course Eda was very surprised that when meeting Raine again, they had Eda's primary feather, not yet completely gray, as a prominent earring. Cue a gay panic
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ohsweetflips · 21 hours ago
let’s play a game called “who is more normal abt me being gay” is it my dad, who spent most of his life growing up on a farm in the midwest w/ a likely conservative family (if the fb posts are anything to go by) and i have no idea if he knew any gay people, or my mom, who was a hairdresser in the 80s and spent most of her 20s going to gay bars
the answer will in fact surprise you
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