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Love this lil dude
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馃崉 馃槧 // 100% used cursed speech on the stylist who cut his hair
[id: 2 digital drawings of inumaki. on the left, he鈥檚 pulling down his mask and smiling with the haircut he has in first year/jjk0. on the right, he is frowning and blushing slightly with his current bowlcut hairstyle, his mask tucked under his chin. in both images, he has a bridge piercing and is wearing a green sweater vest with an onigiri pattern over a purple collared shirt]
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vampires think they're using hypnosis on me but really i'm just doing whatever they want anyway because they're hot "you will turn your head and expose your neck" sure lol then what
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summerween circa 2017
[ID: A flat-color digital drawing of Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. They鈥檙e older than in the show, around their late teens, and they鈥檙e wearing costumes: Mabel is dressed as Stan, with a sign hanging from her neck that reads聽鈥淣O REFUNDS,鈥 and Dipper is dressed as Ford. Mabel is holding up a phone and taking a picture of the two of them as they smile widely and pose for the camera. Mabel鈥檚 phone case is hot pink with the Sev鈥檙al Timez logo on it, and her nails are painted yellow with one black capital letter on each finger, spelling out WHAT. Above her and Dipper is a text message log.
Mabel: check out our costumesssss (sparkle emoji) Stan: Kids these days (angry face emoji) No respect 4 their elders!!! Ford: Excellent craftsmanship! (thumbs-up emoji with six fingers) Stan: Yeah yeah you look great or whatever Mabel: (multiple sparkly heart emojis)
/end ID]
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when you just gotta give your girlfriend smooches while she鈥檚 journaling 馃А
馃専 Instagram | Twitter | Youtube 馃専
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one of my favorite examples of foreshadowing in tma is nikola repeating "can i call you elias?" its such a subtle line and is so in character that i didnt even question it during my first listen. i only realized the implications of this after listening to the episode again. she KNEW it was jonah.
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the blorbo and skrunky 馃ズ 馃槼
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can you believe jason was dead for all of mulletwing's publication... tragic聽
clearly we must amend this by giving dick a mullet again now, in the 21st century (alternatively: time travel shenanigans)
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the green arrows鈥 different reactions to green lanterns getting hit in the head
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Clean Up (Daycare Attendant x Reader) Sun Side
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Needy/clingy behavior. Sun has abandonment issues. Pretty much just fluff and reverse comfort otherwise.
Author鈥檚 Note: I headcanon both Sun and Moon with male pronouns, so that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 using (but reader is neutral as usual). I鈥檓 also going with the general popular consensus of the fandom of Sun and Moon being separate personalities in the same animatronic body.
The sequel is out and you can find that one here!
鈥淢an, they really got you good, huh?鈥 You muttered as you did your best to peel yet another glittery rainbow-colored sticker off of Sun鈥檚 body. The lanky animatronic of the daycare sat on the padded playmats in front of you, leaning forward to allow you access to his terribly vandalized surface. You weren鈥檛 surprised that the most recent hoard of toddlers had managed to cause such a mess, but you couldn鈥檛 help but cringe at the sight. There was everything from crayon scribbles, paint, and glue smears, to nearly every sticker known to mankind. You could hardly recognize the robot under it all.
Sun focused his blank eyes on you, tilting his head. 鈥淎w, they didn鈥檛 mean any harm! They were all just so excited to play!鈥 he exclaimed in his overly enthusiastic voice.
You sighed. It probably wasn鈥檛 even in the poor animatronic鈥檚 programming to deny requests like that from a kid, no matter how degrading it was. 鈥淵eah鈥ell, let鈥檚 just hope none of this paint got onto any of your circuitry. I鈥檇 hate for you to have to be shipped off to Parts and Services鈥︹ you said as you brought the wet rag up to try and wipe some more of the caked substance off.
The thought of you fussing over him like this gave Sun a strange warm and fuzzy feeling deep in his core that he couldn鈥檛 quite place. Before you could resume cleaning, Sun burst into motion. With a high-pitched squeal, he threw his arms around you and wrapped you in a tight hug. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, Friend! I鈥檓 just swell as long as you鈥檙e here!鈥 He practically shouted.
You instinctively winced at the new position. Metal bodies weren鈥檛 the most comfortable to be forcibly squished against after all鈥ot to mention you could practically feel the gunk rubbing off of him and onto your previously tidy Pizzaplex uniform. 鈥淎h, S-Sun! You鈥檙e gonna get me all dirty!鈥 you whined, biting back a chuckle at his childish affection.
鈥淥ops!鈥 Sun squeaked, pulling away immediately at your protest as if the thought hadn鈥檛 occurred to him. He worriedly scanned over the new paint and glue smudges adorning your shirt. 鈥淥h no, what a mess! I鈥檓 so sorry, Friend!鈥 He said in an anxious tone, using his hand to try and wipe it off but to no avail.
You couldn鈥檛 hold it back anymore and let out a low laugh, swatting away Sun鈥檚 hand. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, it鈥檚 okay. I was going to wash this later anyway,鈥 you assured lightly. Sun didn鈥檛 seem too sure, still hovering his hand in front of you as if trying to decide what to do to help. If he was capable of frowning, you were pretty sure he would be.
You took a moment to think over how to convince him that he hadn鈥檛 messed up or upset you. Your eyes scanned the floor around you, your gaze falling on the small pile of used stickers you had already pulled off of Sun鈥檚 body. With a grin, you grabbed a smiley face sticker and slapped it onto your forehead. It had just enough stickiness left to stay in place. 鈥淭here, now we鈥檙e both works of art!鈥 You added another laugh for good measure.
Sun reeled back slightly in surprise before visibly relaxing and joining in on your laughter.
鈥淣ow come on, let鈥檚 get you cleaned up before this place locks down,鈥 you said cheerfully, picking up the wet rag and resuming your task. It was a bit tricky getting Sun to stay still long enough for you to reach all the places you needed to. Even when he was sitting in one place, the hyperactive animatronic couldn鈥檛 help but wiggle and sway back and forth.
Of course, Sun was trying his best to stay still for you! It was just so hard to do when he was so happy. And how could he not be happy when his favorite friend was here with him? You always took time to come and visit him, sometimes even using up your precious break time when you were assigned to work somewhere else in the Pizzaplex. You even liked to help him clean up the daycare after a particularly rowdy bunch of kids left! None of the other employees liked to do that. You were so so nice! And gentle! And funny! And- oh wait, were you talking to him?
鈥淪un, hey, are you okay? You were kind of spacing out,鈥 you said with a hint of concern. You sure hoped those brats hadn鈥檛 damaged him.
鈥淥h! Yes, of course! Sorry!鈥 He said quickly, snapping out of his thoughts.
You frowned, giving him a worried look. Honestly, you probably should have taken him right to Parts and Services for a tuneup just in case, but you knew that the mechanics and other workers weren鈥檛 always very friendly with the animatronics. They were the property of Fazbear Entertainment after all. Why would anyone spend extra time and effort just to spare the 鈥渇eelings鈥 of glorified work equipment? You鈥檝e caught workers like the security guard yelling at the Glamrocks before, and you wanted to spare the Daycare Attendant that kind of treatment as much as possible.
鈥淵ou know鈥ou should be more careful,鈥 you said, thinking over how to phrase your next words as you dipped your rag into the bowl of water beside you and wet it again. You knew that Sun had a bit of a thing about messes, so you doubted that he was the one that suggested this 鈥渕akeover鈥 in the first place. As long as it didn鈥檛 break any of the daycare鈥檚 rules, he tended to go along with whatever the little guests wanted.
鈥淗uh?鈥 Sun hummed, tilting his head in confusion.
鈥淵ou鈥ou don鈥檛 have to let the kids walk all over you all the time. It鈥檚 okay to say no. Especially when something might hurt you,鈥 you explained gently.
Sun reeled back dramatically to look at you, his voice box sputtering in surprise. 鈥淲ell- Well I鈥e were just having fun! That鈥檚 what I鈥檓 here for after all, hehe!鈥 he insisted, sounding a little nervous as if he was trying to convince himself as well as you.
You nodded and shifted your position, rising up onto your knees so you could reach Sun鈥檚 faceplate. You wouldn鈥檛 keep pushing the topic if he was uncomfortable with it. 鈥淚f you say so. I just want you to know that it鈥檚鈥ell鈥t鈥檚 okay for you to stick up for what you want鈥r don鈥檛 want,鈥 you said as you carefully began cleaning his cheek.
If you had stopped long enough to notice the position the two of you had ended up in, you would have been more than a little embarrassed. You knelt in front of the Daycare Attendant, his large hands having drifted onto your shoulders as you wiped the colorful grime off his faceplate. Your faces were close, and he couldn鈥檛 focus his attention anywhere but your eyes. If you listened closely, you could hear the whirring of his internal fans picking up.
鈥淩-Really鈥?鈥 Sun squeaked out, his voice much quieter than his usual shouting.
鈥淥f course!鈥 You replied instantly, giving him a confident smile.
You were caught off guard when you felt one of Sun鈥檚 hands wrap around your wrist, stilling your hand as he stared at you.
鈥淚鈥 want you to stay,鈥 he managed to get out. His voice box warbled slightly with the force of the words.
You felt your heart twist at his shy request. Of course he was lonely spending all night alone, but it wasn鈥檛 like you could just live here. You had to go home sometime.
鈥淪un鈥︹ You sighed, your expression melting somewhere between worry and pity.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 like it when you leave. you're my bestest most special friend!" he whined, gripping your arm with both hands now. "Moon likes you too! We don't want you to go!" he added, hoping that might help sway you somehow.
you let out another heavy sigh, patting the back of his hands. "... You know I can't stay forever, right?" you asked, trying to be patient with him.
Sun gave a hesitant nod.
"But...I will always come back," you added, giving him a reassuring smile.
"... Pinky promise?" Sun asked quietly, lifting his right hand and sticking out his pinky finger.
You paused, looking at his outstretched hand. You wondered if it was a good idea to make such a commitment. You probably wouldn't work here for the rest of your life or anything...Eh, what were you worrying about? It was just a little pinky swear to cheer up your robotic companion. He would probably find some new worker to cling to by then anyway.
"Pinky promise," you echoed, curling your pinky around his and giving a gentle shake.
"Ahh, thank you Y/N! I feel much better now, hehe!" Sun giggled before wrapping you in another tight hug. It was astonishing just how quickly he could flip moods sometimes.
You chuckled, this time hugging him back. His joy was always so contagious. You had to admit, it was nice to feel cared about. Even if it wasn't a human doing the caring.
The two of you stayed like that for a little while. You were just about to pull away and get back to work when you heard the distant sound of the mall's automated voice over the speaker systems.
"Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex is now closed. Initiating Nighttime Protocols."
"... Crap."
"Language, Y/N!"
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That鈥檚 why it鈥檚 so painful when she hears this e-mail. Which isn鈥檛 true, right? Ava doesn鈥檛- She鈥檚 not there because she鈥檚 being paid. She does love Deborah. They鈥檝e developed this intimate relationship. [...] You want [Deborah] to have a partner, you know? And then it鈥檚 like ugh, fuck. This girl ruined it.聽
Paul W. Downs, on聽The Official Hacks Podcast: Quid Pro Quo (with D鈥橝rcy Carden)聽
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I started reading dc comics on a whim and i figured it would be one of those things where im interested for like three days and then forget about it forever but its been over a month,,
I generally don't like posting about a series or what have you until i feel like i have an adequate knowledge base about it and feel like i know what im talking about. But with comics theres just too much. So instead of waffling about it im just gonna post these now before i psych myself out of it again
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Bitter and dumb / You're my sugarplum / You're awful, I love you!
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Strophia in Ancient Art
A strophium (or strophion) was a band of cloth worn around the chest in the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds to support or shape the breasts.
Bronze Statue of Venus, Roman, 2nd Century AD. Private Collection.
Bronze Statue of Venus, Roman, 2nd Century AD. Private Collection.
Terracotta Figurine of Aphrodite, Hellenistic, 1st Century BC. Department of Antiquities, Cyprus.
Statue of Venus, Roman, 2nd Century AD. Roman Museum, Merida, Spain.
Statue of Aphrodite, Hellenistic, 3rd-2nd century BC. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Bronze Statue, Roman (?). Museum Burg Linn, Krefeld, Germany.
Terracotta Lamp Depicting Cupids Helping Venus Tie Her Strophium, Roman.
Mosaic of Women's Athletics, Roman, 4th Century AD. Villa del Casale.
Erotic Fresco, Roman, 1st Century AD. Suburban Baths, Pompeii.
Erotic Fresco, Roman, 1st Century AD. The House of the Centenary, Pompeii.
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shatterdome scenes
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British people and their absolutely wholesome relationships
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Vague TPOF Release Date
I just finished the last details on the game today :)
Tumblr media
All that鈥檚 left is to create a page for it on Steam, get it approved [ I鈥檝e been told this can take anywhere from 3 days to a month so I鈥檓 estimating generously ], and then complete a month of Beta Testing with my Patreon supporters while I create the bonus content [ extra art, character bios, etc ].
All considered, I鈥檓 hoping to have the Full Release available by Late May :D
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The first time Hunk saw it, he barely even registered it. The second time, he squinted a little, but let it slide. The third time, he paused, noting the pattern but unsure what to make of it. The fourth time, he sat in bewildered silence and wondered if he should ask about it.
The fifth time, he couldn鈥檛 hold back his curiosity.
Pushing his food around on his plate, feigning an air of nonchalance, he turned to Keith.
鈥淗ey, buddy,鈥 he started. 鈥淚鈥檝e noticed the, uh 鈥斺 he gestured with his spork to Keith鈥檚 torso area 鈥 鈥渨ardrobe change. Any particular reason you鈥檙e making the change to DIY muscle tees? Not that I don鈥檛 love it. You look great, honest. Just, uh, curious.鈥
Keith barely glances up, and continues shovelling goo down his throat. He unfortunately does not pause to answer, making Allura sigh and Hunk wrinkle his nose.
鈥淥h, I cut off all my sleeves.鈥
Luckily, Pidge speaks up, because Hunk is honestly not sure what he鈥檚 supposed to say to that.
鈥溾hy? Did you do that?鈥
鈥淟ance isn鈥檛 here.鈥
鈥溾kay. We鈥檙e not getting an answer from you, I guess.鈥
This makes Keith pause, blinking slowly at Pidge.
鈥淚鈥 just鈥 answered鈥 you?鈥
鈥淲hat does Lance鈥檚 absense have to do with your cut-up shirt?鈥 Allura translates.
鈥淗e鈥檚 not here to stop me,鈥 Keith says simply, as if that is a normal and logical thing to think or say.
鈥淥kay, but Lance is also not here to stop me, and my sleeves have remained on my shirt,鈥 Hunk says.
Keith shrugs. 鈥淚 dunno what to tell you. I woke up, decided sleeves were Not The Vibe, so I cut them off. Last time I had that particular impulse, Lance woke up and knew, somehow 鈥 I think he鈥檚 connected to my brain through Red, or something 鈥攕o he just suggested I don鈥檛 wear a shirt. He鈥檚 not here, though, and I forgot I could do that until later so off went the sleeves.鈥
鈥溾 I think we should maybe send you on all missions with Lance, from now on. If he鈥檚 that great of an influence on you, then it might be necessary. Hell, if he鈥檚 gone much longer you might try to see if you can juggle knives or something,鈥 Hunk jokes.
Pidge elbows him in the side. 鈥淒on鈥檛 give him ideas, doofus 鈥斺
鈥淥h, I tried that yesterday!鈥 Keith interrupts excitedly. 鈥淚 can juggle three at once so far, but my goal is five.鈥
鈥溾eah, no more separate missions for you two. I think I鈥檒l just Velcro you together for my own piece of mind.鈥
based on this iconic tumblr post
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angy tangy
alt second image under the cut 锟
Tumblr media
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