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#oh baby im proud of this one <3
elysianslove · 3 months ago
miss maam....i think i sent u an ask as a response (or not, tumblr's been eating a lot of my asks lately i think) and i don't wanna send another one bc i don't want to flood ur inbox but i have Thoughts™ rn....
for some reason i can't stop thinking about slow, morning sex and a dash of edging (also slight dacryphilia?) with osamu,,,a day where the both of you don't have do anything or be somewhere, and osamu just can't keep his hands off of you. starting slow, almost innocent — just a few kisses here and there, a gentle drag of fingers along your spine — until the mood gradually shifts and the sweet, lighthearted pecks turn into nips, until the soft caresses change into firm squeezes, until you feel him litter hickies all over your body — on your neck, your chest, anywhere he can reach — as he makes his way down, taking his sweet time with you as he parts your legs and bites the insides of your thighs, peeking at you through his lashes. and he keeps teasing you, keeps touching every part of you that he can except for where you need it most, and he doesn't stop, doesn't care even as you whimper and plead, and all you get is a breathy chuckle in return, a low whisper of patience, baby, before he goes back to his ministrations.
by the time he takes pity on you, you're so high-strung, so sensitive, that the moment you feel his tongue swipe up along your folds, your back is already arching off the bed as you cry out his name, thighs trembling as your hands scramble to tug at his hair — and even then, osamu still goes so slow, he doesn't let you change the pace, going as far as pinning your hips down when you try and grind into his face — and he builds you up up up, only to pull away at the last second, licking his lips as he looks up at you, relishing in your cries as you beg for him to just let you cum, despite you knowing that it's futile as you look at him, pupils blown wide and a cheeky smile on his face, telling you, "we've got all day, sweets," as he gives your thighs a squeeze, face already inching closer back to your cunt, "now stay still and be good for me." and he keeps going and going and going, till you've lost track of how long it's been since he started his little game with you — all you know is that by the time he stretches you and stuffs you full of his cock, you've been reduced to nothing but a babbling, crying mess, all for him.
COUGHS anyways. the whore levels today are astronomical, i'm telling u. i don't even write so i don't even know where most of this came from 😭 maybe it's cause i'm finally done with my exams 🤔 —🦊
been staring at the blinking typer thing for so long trying to formulate a response that could even come close to describing how i felt reading this are you kidding me. this is your “i don’t even write” ???? this is so fucking good oh my god. 
really feeding me so well ,,, just want one miya osamu to marry and have his babies PLEASE. i can’t thank you enough for this masterpiece like <3333 i needed this like badly badly badly <3333 
also!!! im so proud of you for finishing up your exams!!! i’m glad they’re finally over and i hope you get some rest soon and that you treat yourself 🥺👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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gaywatercolors · 13 days ago
i was tagged by @softestbabyblue to shuffle my music and list the first ten songs☁️🤍 (aka exposing that i only listen to cartoon soundtracks)
1 Run - COIN no comments
2 First burn - the first draft of burn from Hamilton this is so fucking good
3 Best of wives and best of women - oh boy there's going to be a lot of hamilton
4 Be my mistake - The 1975 i wish i could listen to this without crying
5 Russian Roulette - Red velvet MY WIVES
6 Good to be bad - from Descendants FUCKING BOP
7 Kidnap the sandy claws - from nightmare before christmas oh boy im not proud of this
8 Baby one more time - free britney spears
9 One of us - from mamma mia 2🥺🥺
10 Still the one - One direction FUCK YEAH
this made my taste in music look AWFUL which i mean, it is, but also all of these fucking slaps
i tag @lilcornetto and @ddarth06
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