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#oh boy 3am

Quick reminder to myself because I keep forgetting:

•Principal has no right arm and part of his torso is missing

•Baldis three extra eyes are colored too !

•Playtime is like, 10-ish? And bully is like,, 13(maybe)?? Learn to draw kids different from teens and adults! Ill-defined age is my style rn and I don’t like it

•please draw

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I don’t want your apologies, i want you to beg me for forgiveness, I want to haunt you in everything you do, I want you to drown in your guilt, I want you to tear your skin to shreds like I did, I want every thought in your head spewing like blood from your mouth like confessing sins to a God who you have to answer to, I want you on your knees begging someone for help like I had to, I want the feeling of being alive in your body to burn you alive. make my name a resident in your mouth then sew it shut, keep your sins hidden like I did, I want to be the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you fall asleep, I want to be your 3am thoughts, I want the sadness and guilt to eat you alive like mine did, tattoo the word “rapist” on every inch of your body so everyone knows what you did to me, let everyone know you killed me, let me, in death haunt you, let my sobs be the only thing you ever hear again, take a bath in my tears every year the day after Christmas so your body will be reminded of what you put me through. I don’t want to hate you. I don’t want to fucking hate you.

- November 13th, 2019

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I wonder if our spirit guides ever watch us like we are playing a game show and if they bet with each other on which decisions we make. For every wrong decision they lose money, for every right one they gain it. But I guess they would be cheating since they are supposed to tell us and show us what to do. Maybe it’s after they tell us and then they put it in our hands.

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Why is it that I’m terrified of most of the things that I find beautiful? When I was younger, all of my favorite animals were ocean animals and I just loved the ocean in general, but when we went to the beach I would never get in the water. I also love space and find everything about space and stars, but if I ever got the chance I don’t think I would go because it scares me as well.

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You’ve heard of “My Strange Addiction,” now get ready for:

“My Pretty Normal Addiction, Actually, but the Age in Which I Have This Addiction is Concerning”

ex.: “I’m Chad, I’m 5 years old, and I’m addicted to meth.”

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Primary through high school: remember kids if you don’t sleep you don’t succeed!

College: If you sleep, I’ll drop you to a 40% by morning

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