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#oh dear
my brother just rickrolled me
and then asked if I knew what rickrolling was
he better not be on tumblr or istg-
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Tumblr media
Nsfw Warning ⚠️ Sub!Billy. (Spitting, oral, penetrative sex, one slap)
A/N: I have no excuse. I'm sorry. I tried.
Tumblr media
"I want a taste." He says, looking up at you from his spot on the floor.
You make a face at him, barely glancing at his kneeling form, still fully dressed from your date earlier.
"If you wanted a taste, you'd learn how to ask properly."
He did know how to ask properly, he was just embarrassed at the thought of having someone observe him like this. But it was you, and he could trust you.
"Please, my love, can I please have a taste of your pussy? I need you so bad."
You smile at his sweet words, moving to sit at the edge of the bed, pulling the skirts of your short dress a bit higher to show him your lace underwear. He shuffles over to sit patiently between your legs, he knows better than to reach out and touch you without your approval. The last time he did that, he didn't get to play with you for a week.
Your punishments had to be harsh in order to keep someone like Billy in line, he hates not being able to touch you, and he hates watching you touch yourself.
"Have I been good this evening?" He asks gently.
You smile and cup his cheek, he closes his eyes and leans into your touch.
"Are you ever truly a good boy, Billy?"
He whines at the implication.
"Yes. I can be good for you, my love."
You can't resist a smile.
"Okay Billy, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You can go ahead and touch me."
He sighs in excitement, bringing his hands up to tug your lacy barrier down your legs. He takes his time, kissing the inside of your thighs, gently moving both over his shoulders, his eyes darting to your face every now and then to make sure you're still pleased with him.
Just before he kisses your pussy, he lifts his head to look at you.
"What is it, Billy?"
He blinks. "Thank you for letting me taste your pussy, love."
Your lips part in amazement at how easily he melts into his role.
"You're welcome baby." You grip the back of his head and guides him back down.
He gives a first hesitant lick before groaning and sinking his tongue deeper.
You taste so good to him, he can't get enough of your taste on his tongue. He wants to give you all the love he has, all the longing. He wants you to know how desperate and useless he'd be without you.
You mean so much to him, and he loves the way you own him.
"Ah! 'M gonna cum, Billy." You warn.
He can't say anything, with his tongue busy but he wants to tell you that every orgasm he has the pleasure of giving you is a gift.
You grip his hair firmly when you cum, holding him in place- as if he'd want to be anywhere else. He continues to lick at you even after you've cum, causing you to shiver with the slight pain of overstimulation.
You yank his head back with a huff, and he's looking up at you with wide, soulful eyes.
"You're being bad." You warn.
"Sorry, love, you just taste so good. Couldn't help it."
You study him for a moment, unable to get past how beautiful he is.
You run your thumb over his damp lips, thinking about what you're going to do to him.
"Open." You say, tapping his cheek. He groans, parting his lips, and extending his tongue, knowing what's about to happen.
You smile, leaning forward, sucking on your tongue to gather a little bit of spit. You let it slip from your tongue, and into his waiting mouth. He accepts it like an offering, breaths coming faster with arousal.
"Thank you, love." He says after he swallows.
You lean in to place a quick kiss to his lips.
"Get me naked." You order.
He thrums with excitement, taking his time to pull the zipper of your dress down. He doesn't want to seem overly enthusiastic, in case you punish him for being needy.
Even when you're fully naked, and he's fully clothed, you still have all the power. His eyes greedily follow your nude form as you circle around him. You help him out of his jacket, and you take your time pulling at his shirt. When you cup him through his pants, he can't help but covering your hand with his, pressing you palm firmly into his cock.
His eyes are shut tight as he grinds himself against your palm, and your eyebrows raise at the liberties he thinks he can take.
You tug your hand back and slap him. He moans at the sting.
"Dirty little boy thinks he can be bad and get away with it. You may be a Lieutenant and a CEO outside of this room, but here-" You grip his jaw, digging your nails into his face.
"In here you're just my bitch."
He moans louder, nodding his head in agreement.
You turn to walk away rom him.
"Take the rest of your clothes off and get on the bed."
You hear the unshackling of his belt and then the pull of his zipper. When you turn back, he's settling himself into the bed, his cock standing tall and prominent. His fists are clenched, no doubt trying to stop himself from touching. Some rules were more severe to break than others, and touching himself would probably get him two weeks without cumming. He couldn't survive that again.
You watch him carefully, his eyes are dark and lust-blown.
"Please love, please."
"Tell me what you want, Billy."
"Need you. Need you on me, need to be inside you. I'll be good, I swear, just... please."
He begs so pretty, you think. Can't wait to fucking ruin him.
You move your body over his, straddling his legs, right below his cock. You shuffle forward so that his cock is pressed against your mound.
You run a gentle finger over the tip of his cock and he hisses.
"Please." He gasps.
You glance up at his face. His cheeks are flushed pink, right up to the tips of his ears, his chest is also a light pink hue, breathing shaky. He licks his lips, giving you his best wide eyed look.
You smile, shifting up to seat yourself on his cock. He stutters out a moan as you take him in one motion. Your hands clench into the skin of his thighs, enjoying the burning stretch of his magnificent cock.
You pause a moment, watching him struggle not to touch you, trying his best to wait for your consent before he can.
You smile, rocking your hips on him slowly, circling your hips until he's gasping.
"Love- sweetness- please. You feel so good, feel so good around me."
You lean forward to catch his lips, he kisses you back hungrily. You begin to pull away from his mouth prematurely, which becomes too much torture for him.
He grips your face, bringing your lips back to his. You let him have his moments before you grab his wrists. He growls in annoyance when you pin his arms to the sides of his head.
"You filthy brat." You hiss against his lips. "You don't touch without permission, Billy, you know better."
"Can't help it, love, I just need you so bad. Need all of you. Need to belong to you."
You pull back a little, your hips stopping and he lets out a frustrated whine.
"Of course you belong to me, Billy, you're mine."
He closes his eyes, tilts his head back, exposing the long column of his neck to you. You lean down to suck a hickey onto his neck.
"Do you mean it?" You feel his neck vibrate against your lips.
"Am I really yours?" He asks quietly.
Your nose brushes his, "Do you want to be?"
"Yes." He says without hesitation.
You kiss at his pink lips.
"Yeah?" You say, beginning to fuck yourself harder on him, hands squeezing his, intertwining your fingers.
"Wanna be mine sweet boy? Is this my cock?"
He gasps when he feels you clench around him, he nods desperately.
"Yes love, this is your cock. I'm yours, I swear I'm only yours."
You moan, "You better fucking be. I don't share, Russo."
You sit up, pulling one of his hands down to press against your clit. He takes the hint and rubs quick circles on your nub.
"Oh! Billy!" You moan as you come around him. He cries out at the feel of your pussy clenching around him. His body tenses, fighting his orgasm with everything he has. You didn't give him permission, and he's not about to fuck up now.
You collapse against him, kissing the smooth skin of his collarbones and pectorals.
"Who knew you could be such a good boy, Lieutenant?"
He groans, "I'm a good boy," he agrees, "I'm your good boy."
You raise your head to look at him, he's got desperation written all over his face, in the way he chews on his bottom lip, the clench of his jaw, the unfocused look in his eye.
"Ready to cum?" You ask.
"Only if you want me to, my love."
You grin at his words, he really was gone.
You resume the rocking of your hips and he sighs.
"Cum whenever you're ready, Billy, I want my precious boy to cum."
You groan in bliss, feeling the sparks of another orgasm incoming.
He gasps out a quick thanks before he's fucking his hips up into you. You bring his hands up to grip at your hips, he squeezes the flesh of your body firmly, moving up to cup and knead your breasts.
"Tell me you're mine."
"Yes! God yes, I'm yours, love, only yours. You feel so good 'round me, shit-"
You bounce on him as best as possible, crashing your hips together roughly on every downstroke.
"Ah... Billy, I- I'm gonna-!"
You cum with a muted gasp, rolling your hips once more, feeling your orgasm spread like fire through your veins. He follows right behind you, pressing your hips together firmly as he empties himself inside you. His body contracts and relaxes, eyes watery with the intensity of his release.
You don't pull off him, opting to lean forward and rest yourself on his chest as you both catch your breath. You kiss the spot on his chest, right over his heart.
"My good boy." You praise.
He loves having his hair washed when he's in such a small headspace, and you love caring for him. You love kissing at his knuckles, knowing that outside this room, his hands are dangerous weapons.
He hums, "All for you, love."
After a lengthy shower, and some naughty groping and kisses, you help him with his nightly routine before guiding his naked body into bed. He prefers you both naked after nights like these, he wants to feel your skin against his, needs to make sure you're real.
Sometimes he thinks he's gonna wake up, and you won't be there, having been a figment of his imagination, and he's just in some medical tent in Kandahar dying. But then he thinks that not even his imagination could conjure someone as breathtaking as you.
He holds you tighter against him, and falls asleep to the sounds of your gentle breaths on his skin.
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section-69 · 6 months ago
hmm... apparently I am.... unusual...
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genshin-headcanons · 2 months ago
Xiao and Bennett met once while Benny and the Traveler were on an outing together. Between the bad luck and karmic debt, they nearly destroyed a third of Jueyun Karst.
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Tumblr media
req’d by @the-lonely-desolation
for yalls reaction images
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starstruckkittyangel · 15 days ago
When you're stuck in traffic and have a feeling someone is watching you. So you look to your left and see this 😳
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valleydean · 3 months ago
wait. so. was that the night before filming the love confession scene because i am slowly slipping into insanity
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chaoscommissioner · 2 months ago
When I was little, I didn't want to be a princess.
I either wanted to be a pirate, sail the open seas with no rules but my own, and nab all the shinies. OR be a dragon, soar the open skies with no rules but my own, and hoard all the pretties.
It's extremely obvious what my priorities were: freedom and excessive amounts of sparkly things.
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fuckyeahgoodomens · a year ago
Tumblr media
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 2 months ago
Vriska: Doctor told me I've got a thing going on where if someone just came up and surprise chopped off my head they'd get the moonlight gr8sword
Roxy: haha thats so crazy whats ur exact location?
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19silvermirrors · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Breathe, just breathe~ For @zutaramonth​ day 15 - Healing [ support the artist | more fire & water art 💙❤️]
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