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#oh fun!

@beesonestopcurioshop thank you for the tag hope you’re not disappointed with my answers 😆

Name: Nura or Shikin

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5'1

Hogwarts House: Last I checked it was Gryffindor

Sexuality: Straight

Favourite Animal: Penguin

Average Sleep Time: about 4 hours

Reason For My URL: Coz I’m a lazy ass who can’t think of anything else so my name it is🤣

Current Time: 23.59

Dogs or Cats: Both

Blankets You Sleep With: None. My country is 24/7 summer all year there’s no need for any.

When I Made My Blog: Gosh. I think it was 2013.

Followers: 210

Why I Made My Blog: Was looking for Richard Armitage stuff but then it ends up me geeking out on other stuff and then it become my to-go-to smutt fics 😏

Sorry for the lack of format for the post for doing this in my phone (either that I’m noob haha) My eyes got tired; too much staring at my laptop screen for work.

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*I whine quietly* Please~ Jun, I need more~ I need you~ *my eyes fluttering shut into whines and moans* Please, please~ - 😻 (pretty good, I'm out of the house this weekend.)

Jun: You need me~? What do you need from me? How do you need it? *egging you on even more with a smirk, my eyes dark and my voice much deeper than before* *moving my hand a little further down and slipping one finger inside of you with ease, curling it towards your g-spot as my thumb continues to rub your clit and I lean over to whisper in your ear, my hot breath hitting your skin* I need my baby to be a little bit clearer… 

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WAIT THIS IS SUPER FUN I HAVE LIKE 5 (and since your bi, let's do some fun mixups!): Chris Evans vs. Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Dormer vs. Eva Green, Scarlett J vs Ian Somerhalder, TOP vs. Lee Minho, Ailee vs Hyorin, Nana vs Kim Woobin

Hahaha, ho boy! Let’s see…

Chris Evans

Natalie Dormer <333

Ian Somerhalder




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