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#oh moment
passionfangjrl · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eddie are you sure you didn't have your -OH moment?
That's not the way you look at someone you consider friend
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miqojak · 3 months ago
Your ‘Oh’
Tumblr media
The First Meeting
Life is normal. It's scripted. It's functional. Then one day, you meet them, and...oh. You fix your posture, you're a little nervous, and it's totally possible you're just projecting - but this could be something. And the only thing that makes this different from the hundreds of other times you had that exact same thought only to be disappointed is...this is the time that counts. Things change. You were looking for someone whose very existence re-contextualized yours. Which is not to say that you were incomplete, but...aren't we all? Isn't that the essence of being a being who changes? And what completes us if not the love of something or someone beyond us? Sure it's still new, and anything could happen from here, but there's something in your shared brain chemistry that makes it feel like good things are in motion. How exciting!
This is both...right and wrong. Jak has never been looking for another person to be in her life, and would punch you directly in the throat for suggesting that love is what makes a person 'complete'. But yes, life was very scripted before a certain Wolf came along and did indeed make her stand straighter, and try harder; he was (and remains) different than others - and while she hadn't been on the prowl, really, the only kind of person worth bringing into her life would be someone capable of recontextualizing everything...someone with as strong of a personality as her own.
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Thanks for the tag, @bek-sc, @placesyoucallhome, @corpse-dancer and @flood-of-shadow - Sorry, once again, I'm a wee bit late on it!
Tag yourself if you haven't done it! I'm late, and it's late at night, and I'm too tired to know who hasn't done this yet.
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mimi-croissant · 2 months ago
Keith falling asleep in Lance’s lap, and Lance has his oh moment as he watches him, threading his fingers through Keith’s hair.
These are just my nighttime thoughts thank you
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vitamincunt · 2 months ago
jump back, what’s that sound?
yeah i feel i’m watered down
here it comes, that funny feeling again
the times are tough now, just getting tougher
working on this dream with you, oh baby
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heyitsyagirltrash · 9 months ago
I feel like we as a society do not appreciate fanfic writers enough. Imagine commiting to something you don't get paid for, not always appreciated, taking up a huge chunk of your time and the worst of all, some a**hole complaining that fanfic writing isn't actual writing.
So, thank you fanfic writers.
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spielzeugkaiser · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Season 2 reunion?? I think, as a character, Jaskier can be a petty man, but I also think, when it comes to Geralt... I could imagine it being easily forgiven. And honestly, I could see Jaskier only complaining about it afterwards, once they made up, in a overdramatic don't-think-you-actually-hurt-me-but-you-kinda-did-oh-well-no-confrontation-tho way, because... Abandonment issues?? *me thinking about hexer!Jaskier and crying* And, honestly. Jaskier is self-centered, but I can also see him being hurt (which he won't actually talk about) overriden by the joy that Geralt is safe.
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While I could easily spend life without being in a romantic relationship, lately I’ve been struck with the realization I hate sleeping alone. Like, d*mn, I just want the causal intimacy that comes with falling unconscious with somebody nearby that you love and trust, not even in a romantic, sexual sense but just like a familial, platonic sense. Sometimes I think about the time I slept squished between my two younger siblings and almost want to cry about how loved I felt in that moment. 
And I don’t know how to tell family and friends that that’s what I want--I don’t want a quick hug, I just want that causal arm slung behind your shoulder, leaning your head against my shoulder during a car ride, sharing a blanket during a movie night, hand-holding just because--all of that. But I don’t have friends and family who are comfortable with this level of physical affection and I can’t bring myself to ask for it.
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