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whatismordor · 2 days ago
Ronance because I can’t sleep haha 🔮
Robin is accidentally really flirty and Nancy is just like “holy shit wtf I’m literally going to combust????”
Nancy would literally never visit family video until she met Robin and now she visits twice a week and pretends to look at the movies, but she’s actually just (not very subtly) staring at Robin, who doesn’t notice her doing it, unlike Steve, who is just staring at the two being extremely gay and is just like ‘wtf bro 🧍’
One time Steve spent the night at Eddie’s house, so she had to call Nancy to come pick her up for work, and she was just rambling the entire drive there while Nancy was listening like her life depended on it
Nancy has offered to pay for Robin to get a drivers license but she refuses and says, “No I couldn’t take your money” but it’s actually just because she loves it when Nancy drives her to work
Robin confessed to Nancy first but Nancy is the one to actually kiss her first
Robin is really nervous when they first start dating but is actually really flirty once she gets comfortable in the relationship
Nancy: *says something romantic* Robin: oh my god… do you like… have a crush on me or something? 🤭 Nancy: Why am I dating you? 😐
Nancy is genuinely so flustered by how their height difference and Robin is very so clueless
When literally ANYONE looks at Robin the wrong way, she steps up to them and is like, “You got a problem, bud?” And Robin is standing behind her like “Jgsjdgsjsgdjdg 🧍”
Nancy also gets very jealous, so if anyone tries to flirt with Robin, she’ll either give them the death stare or walk up and put her arm around Robin’s shoulder
Okay that’s al I have for now but I’m literally in love with these two idiots <33
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not-nervous-jester · 6 hours ago
you know how we got all those little glimpses of Ed swooning over Stede in s1? like the little sigh under the moonlight, all those soft looks and glances that are just alive with his love for him? all these tiny moments where we get a peek into how Ed feels, where he shows it on his face because he can’t contain it?
yeah we’re gonna get that but with Stede in s2. it’s going to go both ways now. it’s going to go both ways.
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surinnitthesecond · 2 days ago
sometimes i love being me because i know how to draw buff men
Tumblr media
being able to draw is the best thing ever istg
also do not ever translate that text in spanish, and for the people here that know spanish, i am deeply sorry you had to read that
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thejadecount · a day ago
Tumblr media
You know I’ve been suspecting lately that I might have dyslexic but how could I have not noticed this for years until now—
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imminent-danger-came · 19 hours ago
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sebsxphia · a day ago
Bradley inviting Mav over to your shared apartment. You making dinner, maybe there’s a little puppy or kitten you’re both tending to so well. Mav is just so happy to see Bradley in a cozy little home with a partner abs it seems like he’s finally starting the family he deserves 🥺
“starting the family he deserves”
Tumblr media
i swear to god, these asks i get flaw me every time HOW DO YALL DO IT ALL THE TIME
he’d have to bite back the tears too, knowing how much goose would’ve loved to seen him like this.
screaming crying kicking throwing up
thank you so so so much for this soft thought dear anon!! 💌🥹
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fallingforeddie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I cannot express the love I have for this picture.
He is unreal.
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newts-and-sharks · a day ago
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landyacht-kewi · 19 hours ago
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eluzarxlap · 19 hours ago
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mental-math · a day ago
Tumblr media
Julien Baker and her band via cliff_em_all on instagram
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dirtblockpdf · 2 days ago
tribute to the dream smp has me in a chokehold. this entire... era. of Minecraft. this resurgence. is so huge. the dream smp, the new Minecraft YouTubers, they are carrying this legacy that started back in 2011. with captain sparklez, ssundee, crainer. all the original players. we are carrying this legacy forward. crazy how much a couple friends playing block game on a random server could mean so much to so many people around the world. this is huge. this is huge.
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harrygotmestressed · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cloudycleric · 2 days ago
waiting for byler script
Tumblr media
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robinruns · 9 months ago
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I am deceased.
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ladylilith91 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is freaking AMAZING.
Honestly I’m surprised we didn’t get a nightmare like this in Kenobi.
Credit to mosquitoes_suk on Instagram
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moonrosesworld · 3 months ago
I know everyone is making fun of Hunter's new man purse (which Flapjack stays in and it's adorable!)
Tumblr media
I couldn't help but be drawn to this little blue bow on it. I know the purse might be something he got from the trash or lost and found and it was just some girly accessory he didn't care about, but I looked up the meaning of a blue bow and here's the first thing I saw...
Tumblr media
😳 It stands for child abuse prevention and awareness. I don't think of it as a sad thing, but it adds to him becoming more aware of his horrible upbringing. Hunter is on the path to healing now, especially now that he knows people have his back. Still... right in the feels.
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