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#oh my god they were g a e
wrongyoungjustice · a month ago
Wally: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Artemis: I'm a knife
Zatanna, from across the room: She's the little spoon
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words-writ-in-starlight · 4 months ago
i keep telling myself i don't need validation for my ships, but finding your old posts about saru/michael really made my day... this hole is so lonely
WE ALL NEED VALIDATION, as such, here are a bunch of VERY disjointed Michael/Saru thoughts
I’m miserably behind on Discovery (the title of my autobiography will be “I’m Miserably Behind: The Starlight Story”, probably) BUT I am rewatching it and HEY WOW SARU/MICHAEL STILL BLOWS MY ABSOLUTE SOCKS OFF WITH HOW GOOD IT IS.  I’ve been subjecting some of my friends to a play-by-play of my Discovery rewatch and I recently described Michael and Saru’s dynamic circa Ep 3-ish as “She calls him First Officer Saru like someone doing three Hail Marys and an Our Father for her sins”, and I’m right about that.  Additionally, I said this at the start of Ep 4, and I’m also right about how GOOD this dynamic is:
"Had I been consulted, I would have said that the duty roster had no opening for a mutineer."  Ahhhhhh yes we return to my favorite thing, which is Saru handling his stress and guilt by being angry with Michael, and Michael handling her guilt by fighting with him but never actually defending herself.
Also, not to discuss Harry Potter in the year of our lord 2021, but it’s really important to me that Discovery is an object lesson in “what if we put an entire ship of diehard Ravenclaws under the command of an absolutely ruthless Slytherin, featuring two (2) lunatic Gryffindors for zest.”  This is important because, A, it’s never NOT funny to watch Lorca strangle on the frustration of how all these science nerds have no grasp of warfare, and, 2, if this was 2014 I would be getting in legitimate internet arguments about how Saru is a Gryffindor and I can’t just NOT care about that on cue, I guess.
On a related note, I’m up to the Mirrorverse episodes (the first ones, where Michael is pretending to be Captain Burnham of the Shenzhou), and I took a break from my rewatch so that I could deal with real life for a minute, but I’m going to rewatch the episodes where Mirror!Saru is Mirror!Michael’s slave and like.
I love a dark AU, I really do, but I ESPECIALLY love a plotline where someone is suddenly brutally confronted with a dark version of their own timeline (yes, Mirrorverse absolutely does do it for me on a visceral level, why do you ask).  And therefore I’m bound and determined--and have been pretty much from minute ONE--to write an AU where Michael spends longer playing her Mirror self, scrambling to lie well enough to hide her kind heart while still holding to her moral core.  Why, you ask?
Because I REALLY want her to loop Mirror!Saru in on what’s going on and try to save him.
Obviously, because I’m a cold-hearted sonofabitch, this will not end well for Mirror!Saru, but before it ends badly, I want him to tell Prime!Saru that he’s lucky to have had Michael.  DELICIOUS. AGONIZING. I WILL WRITE IT, BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL.
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pipskippy · 7 months ago
thimking. doing some researches. ive been wondering this ever since i got diagnosed w sensory input makes you think you’re gonna die sometimes disorder.. i may be autistic.. it would make a lot of sense :^]
#pip speaks#it would explain the eye contact thing and the sleep problems and the not understanding when ppl are making jokes if i don’t know them well#and the anxiety partly and the needing things to be the same routine or feeling overwhelmed and disconnected/detached when things change#also w the sensory stuff i def have a weird thing with touch partly bc i had this one friend who was like waaay too touchy and seemed to lik#e making me feel uncomfortable/embarassed but even other than that like...touch is REALLY hit or miss for me lol also my startle reflex is s#o out of control and it seems like it’s only getting worse it’s just rlly funny at this point bc ill just be sitting and then my mom taps on#the door and suddenly ive lost control of my limbs and i like skip consciousness for half a second and then I’m like wtf just happened to me#i don’t know. i don’t know but i mean maybe it’s just the sensory stuff plus the anxiety. but maybe it’s not and ive learned to mask. bc i k#know thats really common esp with girls. im just scared to ask abt it bc the place i went to for the sensory stuff was absolutely AWFUL and#i never want to go somewhere like that again#tldr the environment was hot and stuffy and loud and scented like something i forget and im 99% sure they had this all to test how i respon#ded to it because another worker came in the door with a kid during the intake and was like rlly fakely oh oops this room is taken :) and th#en on the report it was like no she doesn’t have any sensory issues because she didn’t have problems with eye contact or staying focused#[despite all the noise and other awful stimulus there] so we don’t reccommend any therapy :) like god. i was on the brink of tears and tryin#g to make eye contact to make a good impression bc she rlly seemed to be watching me and it was freaking me out and I didn’t want to be rude#and seem distracted bc i didn’t realize they were trying to observe me ????? (wtf) so i tried rlly hard to pay attention and not let on how#overwhelmed i was feeling. yknow like i a#always do. bc if i didnt id be having multiple breakdowns at school everyday. so yknow i was like fuck you to that place and my current#therapist actually has sensory sensitivity so um its quite a lot better :) than that evil place. im pretty sure they also do ABA therapy the#re which based on how they treated me is not surprising but i really do want to commit evil acts whenever i think about it#anyways idk why i typed all this i should sleep now. if anyone skips to the end bc i cant imagine anyone reads all this have a WONDERFUL day#/night i love you so much you did a great job today and i appreciate all the things you bring to the people around you. you deserve good and#you will love and be loved i promise. im here with u. good night :]
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jisvnq · 9 months ago
i was in the middle of wRITING then they--- now all my thoughts are gone thank u sm BSKSNSKSBSKBZKXKM
but sm BETTER treat all the old members + new ones (if ever) well or this shit just isn't it 🙄
my head's going WILD with theories related to this too so ig i'm not gonna be sleeping either 🤡
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everything i love about hunchback of notre dame
*the g-slur will be replaced with roma, romani, or something else and will have brackets ([ ]) surrounding it to indicate a word change*
Olim -  i love the build up at the end into bells of notre dame 
bells of notre dame -  ”and some say the soul of the city’s the toll of the bells, the bells of notre dame” the fact that it’s esmeralda singing it. we’re already off to a great start.  jehan’s voice is so nice it’s beautiful the foreboding saints after jehan dies and right into the “ahhhhs’ “and the saints regarded frollo from their stone facade and he felt their gaze as if it were the eyes of God” - the difference between the stone saints for frollo and quasi is so interesting. One sees them as terrifying, boring into his soul because of his darkness within, while the other sees them as his friends and aid on his journey.  the way frollo says quasimodo “now here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of notre dame” “what makes a monster and what makes a man?” - song by Quasi. It just makes me tingle, I love it.  the way this song sets up so many motifs is just so good
Out There -  the beginning is manipulation 101 (it is I alone, your only friend, how can i protect you, etc)  michael arden is an icon i swear. he is phenomenal. his e m o t i o n “but part of theeeeeem and Ooooooout there” “out there among the millers and the weavers and their wives”  “heedless of the gift it is to be them. if I were in their skin I’d treasure every instant” “i swear i’ll be content with my share. won’t resent won’t despair old and bent I won’t care. I’ll have spent oooone daaay out theeeeeeeeeere” Amazing, showstopping, what a way to open a show and introduce a character, I cry almost every single time
Topsy Turvy pt. 1 -  “somehow i can wander through this helter skelter without fear now. no one sees i’m here now out here in the woooorld!” ugh i love him  “on the sixth of januervy” too catchy
Rest and Recreation -  I used to hate this song but now i’ve matured and learned that it is amazing I just love the tune, idk, it’s so fun and catchy until you get to the bridge and that’s what i love “rest and recreaaaaaa- four years at the front...” that’s on ptsd “the air filled with a stench of bodies in a trench. whoever pays the most i call my liege.” just the bitterness when he says that line. Amazing.  “and whatever i do i’ll make sure this is true i will never go back again.” i literally adore this part so much. it gives him so much motivation. and then we go right back into him being flirty because he’s covering up his ptsd with fun “But for a few night fun is my mission” oh me oh my that’s very attractive he sounds so awkward talking to frollo im going to cry  “there is no time for rest and recreation,” poor guy
Rhythm of the Tambourine -  “flash of an ankle flip of a skirt...come see me dance, hey what can it hurt?” I just love how she sings this part its so well done the dance break music is amazing. it’s just so nice and a great vibe.  “this girl who is she” the layers!!!! all three of them doing it in rounds!!! I love it!!! “she dances like the devil//she dances like an angel//an angel” AHHHHH beautiful, great way to show the differences in characters “but with such fire// such fire” I am in love with this line oh my gosh. like frollo is thinking about hellfire and pheobus is just like heart eyes i am also in love with esmeralda thank you
Topsy Turvy pt. 2 -  “aren’t you going to join in on the competition?” she’s so cute and pretty and i love her “we asked for the ugliest face in paris and we found him, aye?” love  “eeev...ry..bod...y”  “Hail to the king....oh what a king...girls give a kiss...we’ve never had a king like this!” just so much fun to sing 
Into Notre Dame -  “how could you do this to me?” more manipulation  “like a begger recieving an alm.” i love a good simile “the light of notre dame” I love the way she sings this, it’s just so good 
God Help the Outcasts -  “were you once an outcast too?” i love this because the answer is yes. Jesus was treated as other because of His teachings. He was most definitely an outcast, literally cast out of so many different towns. And He does listen to her prayer and it just makes me so emotional.  i literally...there is nothing wrong with this song. everything about it is beautiful.  “God help the outcasts or nobody will” chills every single time “I ask for love I can possess. I ask for God and hos angels to bless me” right into “I ask for nothing, I can get by” I LOVE IT SO MUCH it’s so beautiful.  the chorus of this show deserves a raise “but I know so many less lucky than I” really helps to show Esmeralda’s character a lot I think. 
Top of the World -  such a beautiful song like I could write the entirety of this song here because I love it so much I love the saints part so much the part when the saints are singing and esmeralda are singing is just beautiful especially the part “here at the top of the world(E)//look at you sitting at the top of the world(S)” “the two of us sitting/the two of us sitting/the two of you sitting” right into “On top of the world!” one of my favorite parts of the entire show oh my goodness. The way Quasi, Esmeralda, and the Saints all blend together so well is just askjhfklafkj
Tavern Song -  I can’t not dance to this song oh my it’s so so so fun.  just like the melody especially during “in the dark of the night, in the dead of the winter...come keep me warm until morning” I LOVE  It gives me very much Jack and Rose vibes from that part in Titanic “with the taste of the wine, hold me close while we’re dancing, but I hear you sighing, winter is dying, you’ll keep me warm until morning” HER VOICE IS SO GOOD the cross between the tavern folk singing and frollo singing in the Hellfire tune is just so good. just so good. i’m going to cry this show is beautiful.  the fading “come keep me warm until morning”s is UGH so good
Heaven’s Light -  When I tell you how much I adore this song.... his voice is just so soothing. the little flute thing in the background is just so sweet the way he sounds so happy the first time he says “Heaven’s light” i love him so much “but” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i cannot  “I swear it must be heaven’s liiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” one of my favorite notes in the entire show i swear it’s so beautiful also the bells of notre dame going right into Hellfire....ICONIC
Hellfire -  One of my favorite villain songs ever. Especially in this version, you can really hear his inner turmoil over Esmeralda. and i just love it.  from the get go, frollo is trying to put him above everyone (”you know i am a righteous man”, “so much purer than...”) and yet he is still struggling with lust like everyone else...he’s still a sinner “i feel her, i see her, the sun caught in her raven hair, is blazing in me out of all control” SO GOOD  “Like fire, hellfire” go look back at what he says in rhythm of the tambourine because it’s the same thing and i just “is turning me to sin” blaming esmeralda for his own sinful thoughts. it is not her that is turning him to sin. he is sinning of his own accord. but also the desperate way he says sin is always so interesting  “it’s not my fault, i’m not to blame, it is the [roma] girl, the witch who set this flame! It’s not my fault, if in God’s plan, he made the devil so much stronger than a man!” I really really love this series of lines so much. I can’t really explain it, but especially that last part. it just breathes a supposed “holy man” who can’t accept that his sins are his own and caused by himself so he’ll blame every single other thing other than himself. i’ve known too many people like this. “protect me maria, don’t let this siren cast her spell, don’t let the fire sear my flesh and bone” just so good. I love the voices in the background.  “destroy esmeralda and let her face the fire of hell, or else let her be mine and mine alone” he would rather condemn an innocent woman than confront his own sin. again, so many people are like this today. it’s just so thrilling to see that mindset condemned in media. also, patrick page is amazing  “hellfire, dark fire” the tone switch from him being scared of the hellfire the first time he said it to now he’s using it as power (how many of us have had hell weaponized against us? raise of hands?) is just so frightening and amazing all at the same time “God have mercy on her, God have mercy on me” I cannot tell you how much I love this line. it is phenomenal, especially the way Page sings it. I think that it is one of the central lines to his character (along with the “wicked shall not go unpunished” which i’ll probably talk about later) just the emotion he has in his voice when he says this line....chef’s kiss. especially with the next line (”but she will be mine or she will burn”), it seems like he knows what he’s doing is wrong (hence why he needs mercy), but he’s going to do it anyway
Esmeralda -  easily one of my favorite songs in this entire show. what an amazing end of act song oh my  the trumpets!! at the beginning!!! I love it!! “being under suspicion of sorcery, witchcraft, and the arts of hell” that is not actually why he’s arresting her which doubly means he knows that what he’s doing is wrong the tune of this song is SO GOOD I LOVE IT “these are the flames of Esmeralda...” this dude is obsessed with fire feels very much like the mob song from beauty and the beast “with the might of Notre Dame” using God in such a vulgar manner is blasphemous and frollo knows it. he’s using God’s might and strength to hunt down an innocent woman because he can’t control his own desires. I’m losing my mind “but the madam, that whore, denied it and swore by the saints, the saints of notre dame” i have no idea why but I adore this line and i love the way that it was song. I used to think that the madam was actually just esmeralda in disguise which made the next part of the song seem all the funnier the little lute strumming after frollo says “very well, we’ll set fire to it” because pheobus is having a change or heart “and he held the torch that crackled like the [woman’s] voice....and he knew this was the moment he must make a choice” this is why i like the play phoebus and not really the movie phoebus very much. i just love it  the chorus singing God help the outcasts in the background...amazing...chills “you’d throw away a promising career” Frollo’s desperate attempt to get him to comply  “God help the outcasts, or nobody will!” I LOVE THIS PART WITH MY WHOLE SOUL IT IS SO GOOD sometimes i’ll listen to this song on repeat just to hear him say this “you’re relieved of your patrol” “consider it my highest honor.” Iconic. good. gives me very much “thank you for your consideration” vibes  the way frollo says kyrie eleison here is just so good frollo’s little speech is very cool with the chorus in the background I love Quasi’s little frantic verse there. you can hear his desperation in “fire, fire, smoke and flame” and then “is that all that I can do?” he wants to help his friend but he can’t and I know how horrible that feels phoebus part!!!!! I love it!!!! his voice is so nice!!! “with my career and body left for dead” nice, good, amazing.  “out there...” AHHHHHHH YES MOTIFS “somewhere she is lost//somewhere she is lost//Esmeralda!” love this bit so much  “the flames grow tall and sharp as fluer de lis” what a good metaphor, so good, so nice, I love the chorus they’re all amazing “all paris burns for esmeralda” now we’ve got burning again. are we talking about how paris is literally on fire because frollo is insane or is it the mob mentaility that is “burning” inside of them? good question.  “and still it all comes down to her and me” says three people. I love the melodies here. chills. so many of them. I love.  “the devil dwells in esmeralda//oh esmeralda//oh esmerlada//oh esmeralda” AHHHH again AHHHHHHH i love this bit (yes I know I say that a lot but its the truth) “wake up the city and sound the alarm!” good yes they’re all singing different bits and it’s growing and your heart is pounding until.... “these are the flames of esmeralda”  and then it all falls apart again oh my gosh it’s beautiful  until “the bells of notre dam!” and the “ah, ah, ah”s that I adore so much I love this song so much 
Entr’acte I can’t imagine how fun this would be to sing. it’s just a vibe Flight Into Egypt - I used to skip this song but I have since learned the error of my ways because i love it “then Quasimodo you can too” love that, just like he says it “and she gave it to you because she knows you’re smart” the fact that these are just part of his imagination so it’s really him telling himself he’s smart and i’m going to cry I love him so much “and this jewel must show where we’re supposed to meet” love his voice so much “it’s a map. it’s a map!” he’s so excited. he deserves the entire world.  “I’ll save esmeralda, her angel will be me,” brb crying  “for her I will be strong” still crying I love the entire end bit how their voices meld and the music swells all up until Quasi sings the last bit. it’s just so amazing
The Court of Miracles -  I’ve always loved this song. it’s so fun, but also sad.  “brother you’re there” YES  “but the dead don’t talk so you won’t be reveal what you found!” dead man tell no tales vibes “Not terribly different from bees in a hive” I love how erik says this line. claupin would be so fun to play oh my.  “where it’s a miracle...if you get out alive”  “any last words....i thought not *laughter*” obsessed with this  “but we must protect at all cost our secret, it’s our lives or yours!” and that’s the sad reality. that’s what makes this song sad to me.  “So you’re going to hang!” a lighter note as an end. very nice. 
In a Place of Miracles -  a few notes in and i’m already crying this song is so beautiful and i adore it. it makes me sad in a million ways but it also makes me so happy. the play did such a great job of making me love pheobus and esmeralda but also feel so, so bad for Quasi “but somehow you have made me someone new” yup i’m definitely crying “now i’m asking if you’ll let me come with you” you can’t see me but the tears are real “though our lives are tattered and torn, all i’m feeling now is reborn. i must be...” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Pheobus and esmeralda’s voices just meld together so well im gonna cry it’s so nice and as soon as the first chorus is over, the tears of happiness turn into tears of anguish because Quasi pulls up with his heaven’s light reprise and it tears my heart to shreds my heart breaks for him esmeralda and quasi singing at the same time gives me very much eponine and marius vibes from a heart full of love (we love victor hugo so much /sar) like the parallels in what the both of them are saying is just phenomenal “no more need for a heart of stone//better to have a heart of stone!” AHHHH STOP I LOVE IT AND IT HATE IT AT THE SAME TIME “that holds no hope in heaven’s light” stop i’m so sad and then the chorus come in and it’s just so beautiful “will we reach a friendlier shore, will we find a haven once more, where we’ll be in a place of miracles...” it’s so gorgeous “where’s my place of miracles//in a place of miracles” that sound? yeah that’s me sobbing in the corner and it builds again and i love it so much it’s just so beautiful 
Justice in Paris -  this is the least played song on spotify (by like hundreds of thousands) and I think that’s so funny but i think the chorus does such a great job here, as usual, because they just have that menacing sound to them
Someday -  another of my favorite songs. this one is hauntingly beautiful and I have so many opinions. get ready.  esmeralda is just so sad and you can hear it in every single word she says. god my heart is already breaking.  “that i’d live to see a day of justice dawn” i haven’t actually seen the stage version so i’m not sure if they have the part where she cries out “justice!” when quasi is getting attacked, but this part just hurts me to the soul because of that specifically. she cried out for justice and now she gets none. “and though I will die long before that morning comes, i’ll die while believing still it will come when I am gone” this line just hits so, so hard. i can’t even talk about it. just imagining her singing this and pheobus listening to her with tears in his eyes...nope i cannot...i will cease to exist and then he joins in and i can just imagine her feeling no longer alone because she’s hoping that it comes “someday” and he’s echoing it, assuring her that it will. I can just picture her trying to stay strong as she says “Godspeed this bright millennium on its way” but she can’t and so her words fall out as she’s saying “let it come” and she can’t finish but pheobus finishes it for her. “someday” and I can just see her breaking down. she’s going to die and she never gets to see it, but he assures her that it’s coming. and he starts it up again. he starts singing again, and I think that it gives her the strength she then needs to finish.  “someday, these dreams will all be real. Til then we’ll wish upon the moon!” of all the lines in the entire play, this is my absolute favorite. the way the sing it, the power they hold, their voices blending together so smoothly and perfectly. i cannot handle how amazing it is.  “one day...some day...soon” and just like that, i am sobbing. beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. 
While the City Slumbered - i love this little song. it’s so pretty and fast and it just gives us exactly what we need to know. love. 
Made of Stone -  Now to the last of my favorite songs. (Finale doesn’t count because although I love it, it hate it). You wanna know which song has the top score of making me cry the most? That’s right. This one right here. Let’s get into it. the talking at the beginning is a yes from me. “I only make things worse!” felt that also, the sound of him sobbing ruins me. “how do you know what I believe, what do you know of me? what do you know of all the things I feel? you’re only made of stone” finally him acknowledging that they’re not actually real and all apart of his imagination. “who is it that you see, instead of seeing what I am for real?” imposter syndrome? I understand that. “this twisted flesh and bone” the EMOTION  “you’re a liar” bro i cannot physically handle this. i can’t. I will cry. I am cry “would that I were made of stone like you,” back to that place of miracles song. i just he’s just so desperate. the only thing he could ever trust has fallen. He has nothing left. he can’t even trust himself (because that’s really all the stone saints by) “shut my brain down, if I were senseless, I’d prefer it” i totally understand the feeling of this. so often when thing go wrong in my life, i would like to shut down completely and stop existing and I think that’s what makes this song hit so damn hard “another gargoyle on this turret, spitting rain down to the stones below!” there is so much passion in his voice I love it so much. michael arden deserves the entire world for this performance “i’ve waste my faith believing in saints of plaster,” OUCH “the only one worth believing in was my master,” OUCH AGAIN “he’s the one who never lied. he told me it was cruel outside. he told me that i had to hide. his words were cold as stone, but they were true.” i can’t describe how emotional these lines make me. because he’s right but also it is such a painful, hard truth. ugh, i  “not like you”  “take all the dreams you’ve stone, take all your lies and leave me alone”  “alright Quasimodo, we’ll leave you alone,” that one hurt because as someone who pushes people away when they’re self destructing, the most painful part is seeing them actually leave you. even though you asked them too. “you’re right Quasimodo, we’re only made of stone, we just thought that you were made of something stronger.” now that’s a mic drop That would cut so, so deep.  “never again to wonder what’s out there” m o t i f s  “let it remain unknown. and my one human eye forever more be dry until the day i die, as if I were made of stone”  such a beautiful, heartbreaking, real song that I think so many people can relate to. I know I can. I have cried to this song so many times. I love it.  also, he holds that note for so long i’m impressed.
Finale - this song is long so get ready for it.  the crimes that Esmeralda is guilty for are not the ones that she was originally hunted for. he switched up his story. “the sentence is death!” immediate kyrie eleison (which i think is for frollo and not esmeralda) she spits in his face like a freaking queen “esmeralda!” Quasi’s cry is just so heart shattering and emotional I am so sad “he could remain stone no longer” I love that “sanctuary! sanctuary!” with the victorious sounds in the background are just so amazing “hear me, people of Paris, how much oppression will you allow?” with the chorus singing Someday in latin in the background?? I am not crying again “someday, your patience will finally break. why not make someday come right now?”  that part is just chef’s kiss. I love it so much. also, that’s the last we hear of pheobus. I’ve always wondered if he died so someone whose been in/seen the play, could you tell me? quasi’s prayer to the saints is just so good. i just love it so much. so beautiful. and it being similar in tune to Heart of Stone and having the part “raining fire on the stone below!” is just so good and then the moment between quasi and esmeralda is just... “you are home.” “home.”  and then we go to the top of the world reprise. haha. haha. ha.  “in my eyes you are beautiful too,” comparing him to the beautiful morning “i don’t think...forever...” “you’re such a good friend quasimodo” “yes your friend” and then she freaking dies and i’m so sad and then the music changes so quickly and it makes my heart drop every time “because of you” cut deep “at last we’re free of esmeralda. now that she’s gone, a poison dies with her.” to the tune of esmeralda. bitch i would have thrown frollo off that roof too “here in our sanctuary...sanctuary” “sanctuary? no sanctuary without her”  “even...loved her.” “love? what do you know of love?” I adore this part because Quasimodo finally realizes that Frollo’s treatment of him wasn’t love. It never was.  “no. you are the weak one. you the wicked one. And the wicked shall not go unpunished!” I cannot explain the fire that this lights in my bones. it’s amazing. just so good. and then all the voices, like the saints, come in “the wicked shall not go unpunished. the heart of the wicked is of little worth. the wicked shall not go unpunished” and they’re no longer on frollo’s side (they never were) the rising voices as quasi picks up frollo and is going to kill him *chef’s kiss* “You don’t want to hurt me” “yes you do” so, so, so, so, so good. i can’t even explain. it’s just good.  in to the abyss below! damnation! “the world is cruel, the world is ugly” yes  “but there are times and there are people when the world is not” i’m not 100% positive, but i’m pretty sure that’s jehan again and that’s just so beautiful. “and at it’s cruelest it’s still the only world we’ve got” the bitter truth “out there” yup yup yup crying you can’t stop me The bit with the chorus singnig someday in latin and english...i literally cant handle it. it is so freaking beautiful. and the violin? the woman singing is an icon. the voices blend together so beautifully. I am overcome with emotion. i- Quasi singing the last “someday” and then the blending into the beginning song and ugh “but here is a riddle to guess if you can, what makes a monster and what makes a man?” with the entire ensemble? yeah, that one feels good.  and being left off with the “ah”s
yeah, brb, i’m going to go listen to it again.
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genevievemd · a day ago
Hi Sara, I am here with an UNO reverse card of asks. I want to ask you more about the beautiful newlyweds G&E
there is a twist. You have to answer these as Gen and then some as Ethan :) NEWLYWED GAME BABY!
For both:
What did they wear on the first date?
Who is their embarrassing crush?
Who's the better kisser?
What is their star sign?
What's their weird quirk?
For Gen:
What was the best present he ever gave you?
How does he like his eggs cooked?
What is his worst habit?
Ethan takes your hand and pulls you to the dance floor. He say that the DJ is playing your song . What song is it?
What was his worst date?
For Ethan:
What is her pet name for you?
What is the first movie you saw together?
What's their most prized possession, or the item she'd save in a fire (apart from you!)?
What would Gen say are her worst personality characteristics?
What’s something that always makes Gen laugh?
Okay these are just starters, an appetizer if you will! I will be back soon with more!
the best uno reverse ever. And you're gonna come back!? I die.
(also I put a photo at the end of what they wore on their first date)
For both:
What did they wear on the first date? Gen: A red dress. Ethan likes when I wear red. Ethan: An all black suit.
Who is their embarrassing crush? Ethan: Bold of you to assume Gen is ever embarrassed about any of her crushes. But, if I had to pick, it'd be Josh O'Conner. If only for the fact that he plays Prince Charles, and G has a very strong opinion on the real Prince. Gen: Correct. Ethan doesn't have crushes, he hates everyone but, like, ten people.
Who's the better kisser? Gen: Ethan. Ethan: I won't disagree with that.
What is their star sign? Gen: Ethan is Capricorn. Ethan: She's a Libra.
What's their weird quirk? Gen: He can't stand when something is using electricity when it doesn't need to. Toaster not in use? Better be unplugged. Are you standing in the hall, no? Then turn the hall light off. Ethan: She loves the ocean, but won't go in past her waist.
For Gen:
What was the best present he ever gave you? "During my second year, before we were actually together for real, my mom's aunt, her dad's sister, was having this big party to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. All of my mom's family, my pepere's family was going to be there. Family I hadn't seen in years, some that still lived in New Bruinswick, in Canada were going to be there. And I was going to go, it was up in Fort Kent, Maine, which meant I was going to have to fly. But I couldn't afford the flights after we didn't get our pay increases as second years. I was crying about it, like 3 days before I was supposed to leave, and Ethan found me in the lounge and asked what was wrong and so I told him. And then at the end of the day, he told me to come to the office and he gave me my ticket to go see my family. When I tried to refuse, but he insisted and said my time off was already approved and that I should go see my family. He said to think of it as an early birthday present. We weren't together, he was just my boss, but he still got me a ticket, made sure I wouldn't miss seeing my family. I cried the entire flight there because I just couldn't get over how thoughtful it was."
How does he like his eggs cooked? "Not cooked by me. Usually in an omelet or scrambled."
What is his worst habit? "Being too overly critical, about everything."
Ethan takes your hand and pulls you to the dance floor. He say that the DJ is playing your song . What song is it? "'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley."
What was his worst date? "My favorite story! So he went on a date, after he came back from the Amazon and we were on a reset. Baz set him up on a blind date because he found out I was trying to date other people, since Ethan refused to accept that we were meant to be, and Baz knew it was making Ethan extra grumpy. So he set Ethan up on this blind date, and all Ethan knew was that she was a writer. Turns out she wasn't actually a writer, but a blogger. One of those superficial, super fit, self centered, vegan bloggers who things being vegan is the only way to live and it will cure everything and it makes you elite. Apparently she spent the whole night talking about herself, and how amazing she is and how it's so hard to be vegan, blah blah blah. And because Ethan is a gentleman, he didn't end the date early but sat through the entire dinner. He didn't talk to Baz about anything other than our patients for like a week."
For Ethan:
What is her pet name for you? "Babe. I used to hate it, it's juvenile, but it's grown on me."
What is the first movie you saw together? "The Princess Bride. It was while she was staying with me after the assassination attempt. It's her favorite movie, we sat on the couch and I held her the entire film. It was the calmest I'd felt since the funeral. Every time she watches it now, I think of that night and how thankful I am that she lived. That I was able to have forever with her."
What's their most prized possession, or the item she'd save in a fire (apart from you!)? "The watch her parents gave her when she graduated from Perelman."
What would Gen say are her worst personality characteristics? "That she cares too much. But I argue it's one of her best."
What’s something that always makes Gen laugh? "That damn clock app -- TikTok. She'd spend hours on that damn thing, laughing at the most asinine things."
Also, the first date outfits...
Tumblr media
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themanicgalaxy · a day ago
SPN 5X20 The Devil You Know
due to yeeting Places, we're doing this tonight
"if they were actually worried, they'd give the vaccines out for free" uhhhh
and the quick turnaround uhhh
boy this season is unfortunately relevant huh
croatian virus..?
quick infection but just swine flu
ah yes the crying statues
boy you are both TERRIBLE at lying oh my god
the unison East?
Shit that one actually got me too
oh they figure he knows about the colt not working
Sam is surprisingly angrier than Dean
Dean is Tired never mind
they're so bitchy to each other I'm cackling
ooo his lamp is red
he's so Angsty it's SO FUNNY
he's like..I'm a bit mad that he's so Tentative, but I think he's not used to being nice
he's a Rich Bitch
ooo he was tailing them nicenice
and makes sense
he's such a disney villainnnn
ah yes the admin, the worst person in this scenario
listen I understand the idea of "I'm doing my best" and the yell, but "do the best of somebody better" doesn't quite jive
he's got a hufflepuff tie
ah yes murder
to the surprise of No One
oh the line of best is from Pestilence
yeah it DID n O T read like his line
did he overplay
oh he DIDN'T
good manipulation huh
Dean you have to be smarter than that though
Bobby: yeah nothing's working let's go apeshit
Sam: understandable, have a nice day
ah Sam's sacrifice being set up
Satan himself Sam that's not gonna work
he is indeed Angry and Arrogant too I think
Don't you hate it when your demon ally doesn't understand morals and just SHANKS everyone
and yeah he's not coming with
Dean cmon man, he clearly had a plan
ah yes just fucking kill them
just exorcise them i stg
ah using the rings as bait
"who says I want them" ah that's off script
ah you're about to get FUCKED up dude
"rip it right out of your ass" that...was a weird expression
also he reminds me of homelander, like a lil bit
ah crowley left didn't he
genuinely shocked
"I Was manipulating you for the authenticity, so even though I'm on your side, I don't mind you getting injured because it makes sense to me" oh that's GREAT
and the devils went back to sophomore year of college huh?
"you introduced me to jess" oh the Jess/Ruby thing..oh
boy they really chuck trust around a lot don't they
and truth
huh this guy chameleons. like he matches tones and picks them up
I do appreciate how Dean's "drag sam away" worked like clockwork
hey the poof out reminds me of cas
I miss cas
ah of course Sam
"we're doing last words or no" pfft
that blood look is good though
yellow eyes set him up to get ... where he did
boy this villain speech was FUN
"you're going to live forever" the thing he was threatened with Ope
"Lovers in league against Satan" OH MY G O D CROWLEY
A H E L L H O U N D ?
Crowley what was your end goal
hey Dean the hellhounds are back didja miss them?
C R O W L E Y ?
"mine's bigger" "I'm invested" HOLY SHIT I LOVE HIM
"won't last that long" I love this guy
"it's on you" yeah that's not gonna work with him
ah yes the desperate villain speech
cool visuals though
"moderately successful literary agent" ha
"I liked this suit"
"you crap margaritas" HAHAHA
Damn Bobby does catch quickly
I love this motherfucker's intonation
"temporary loan for your soul" Oh my god
1. Crowley. Ok so I would have said a Bela type(chaotic neutral, can never tell what she does) but I'm wrONG! Crowley plays AGAINST his type! you expect him to betray, but really his sense of consequence is just messed up. He sounds like he's messing with you, but at least in this case, he kept up his ENTIRE end of the bargain, just with more sass. You don't expect it, and it plays with that by lingering the will they won't they, but always picking will. Like Bela is neutral type, Crowley is evil, but he plays against it while Bela's is a roulette wheel.
2. Demons as disney villains with varying speeches and sass. I just thought that was good.
3. Sam has Arrogance and Anger issues, and like...he has Main Boy syndrome. Like he thinks nothing can touch him. Which is worth a mention
Listen, seeing Disney Villain but Not Really Crowley MADE MY FUCKING DAY THAT WAS GREAT I'M SO GLAD THEY HAVE ANOTHER ALLY
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casey-stoney · 3 days ago
Hummels and snakes pleasseee
Send me your questionable (football) nut and what you find the sexiest about them and I will write you a crack imagine
cw for snakes; E-rated (children please don't read)
When Tinder showed you Mats’ profile, what a basic fuckboy, you thought, literally how does anyone with any standards hit that? There he was in the picture, shirtless, looking just above the camera with his head turned just so at a flattering angle and his lips parted. His hands were placed on the waistband of a pair of football shorts that have slipped dangerously low.
And yet, unfortunately, the man was jacked and your poospoos had been dry as the Sahara of late. As for standards, you sadly had none.
So, even if his profile only said “play ball, enjoy life 😎🔥” and “MUST LIKE SNAKES!!!!” you swiped right, and even went so far as changing your profile picture to one you had taken with a friend’s pet snake to improve your chances.
You did like them, snakes. They were cold and slithery and so very neat.
Mats, (whom you had matched with after all), breathed a sigh of relief at that, although a smidge of anxiety remained in his beautiful eyes still.
“You really mean that Y/N? Honest?” he asked with apprehension, as you admired his exquisite jaw.
You nodded emphatically.
“There is an element of danger and trust that make them more rewarding than most other pets, isn’t there?” You said putting on airs to appear aloof. “Being able to handle something that can go in for a painful chomp is really cool, I think.”
“Okay that’s great to hear because-” Here, Mats stopped and looked at you under his exquisitely long eyelashes.
“Because?” you echoed to encourage him.
“Because well…” Mats lowered his voice. “I know this will sound crazy but…Mats junior is an anaconda if you know what I mean.”
Oh dear, fuckboys and their endless delusion regarding the size and prowess of their dicks. You laughed politely, only to follow it with a suggestive look.
“I’m sure I can handle your anaconda baby.”
Mats shook his head.
“No Y/N, I’m serious, look.”
He gestured downwards and when you followed his eyes to his crotch you were left speechless. His trousers moved, as something slithered under them.
You could not help the gasp that escaped your lips. His anaconda was an…actual anaconda? Thoughts rattled around in your skull at such speed, you felt dizzy all of a sudden. You could imagine it so clearly- its scaly, slimy thickness thrusting in and out of your coochie, sending shivers of delight across your body in its wake. God, you were so turned on, you could have had Mats right there and then. But one thought gave you pause.
“Mats,” you said quietly, doing your best to find your voice, “will your anaconda bite my poospoos?”
“No babe,” Mats took your hands in his. “He is really well behaved. But the two of us will find your g-spot and nuzzle it with his tongue.”
Oh, you thought, your flower already wet as a rainforest.
Oh maybe there is a God above after all.
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v-larain · 4 days ago
Genesis 1:26-30
'I'm no stranger to you God. I've read your words, our relationship is strong, and in no way is this making me d o u b t your existence. You stated that we, humans, have dominion over the fish and the sea and the fowl of the air, over the cattle, and over all the world. That we have been created in your image God. YOURS.
What I saw, it wasn't you. It wasn't of this world. It was... No. No. Just no. This would mean that my life has been a l i e. I can't handle ANY MORE LIES. It's one after the next, after the next! God. Give me an explanation; Or better yet, give me the strength to find it on my own... '
I moved out; I had to get out of the house of oppression. For so long - perhaps too long - I've been stuck in a state of nothingness. There were few moments in life in which I allowed myself to care about something but never someone. Not since my father died when I was 10; I would say that's when the ability to flip the switch kicked in and I was thankful for it but now it's become a habit of avoidance, self-defense, and neglect.
The first time I saw the greek glory of a man was in high school and who would have thought a few years later I would be chillin', smokin' a joint with the guy, and practically livin' with him. Nothing ever happened between us, the temporary state of arousal when I had first seen him as a teenager was just that; Temporary. Yet, we did become good friends in the cloud of misery. Y'know, just like that commonly used phrase says - Misery l o v e s company.
I took the last drag and eased into the couch of the rusty little trailer we relaxed in - It didn't last long.
The next thing I knew he was flying out the bathroom door, slamming it against the wall, screaming. Not just screaming in panic but screaming at me as if he didn't know me. Petrified as he began to lean over me. I didn't know what kind of drug just hit him, I didn't even know he was taking something stronger than our usual.
He's stuck in a state of hallucinations; Who was I to him? I still don't know. I'll never find out either...
I took the first hit, the second, the third and by the fourth I was being picked up, thrown over his shoulder, and tossed out the trailer like trash. My face slid into the dirt ( eating and choking on it ), I couldn't fight back, I couldn't scream. I was too high to focus, too high to calculate, too high to - well fuck - I don't even know. I was just too-fuckin'-high.
I remember trying to crawl away, maybe get under the truck that I'd consider a safe haven from his trip. Nope. He grabbed ahold of me, pulled me back, and slammed a fist to my temple. Thank God it wasn't the glass jaw I had; I would have been knocked out instantly! Nevertheless, the attack jarred me, dazed me, but not enough to the point where I couldn't hear the gun cock back.
I flipped to my back and looked up at the man I used to think was so beautiful with a soul of gold, a heart that loved, and a mind oh so brilliant. That was not who my eyes gazed upon now. Nope. He was g o n e. My best friend, gone in the blink of an eye due to substances that chemically imbalanced him into a demon I couldn't name.
And just as I knew my life was about to end I heard my knight in shining armor hollerin' for his attention. "HEY!: A single word that saved my life. Why?
Who, what, where, when, and w h y? I was out in the middle of nowhere, on private property, isolated from the world, and yet somehow, I was found...
My killer changed the directions of his aim to the stranger. Everything I witnessed was like in a fish-eyes view from the ground, the sun blinding me at certain angles but I couldn't be blinded to the man leaping into the air from behind me and as he flew over my beaten self, he c h a n g e d.
Transformed. Morphed. Whatever-the fuck- you want to call it - Paws and claws that were once hands and nails dug into the flesh of my friend. BANG, BANG, BANG.
Blood splattered onto me, frozen in time I was. I could hear him scream, scream, s c r e a m. So much pain, so much agony, so much...silence. It wasn't until I felt the warm crimson pool beneath my body just before absorbing into the sand did I tune back into reality.
I opened my eyes, I didn't even know I closed them, to the beast hovering over me - naked - with a helping hand. There was a malicious smile spread across his pale skin, teeth exposed. Like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland mixed with the creepiness of the Mad Hatter.
Everything changed when I took his hand...
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coffeeleafdepression · 5 days ago
Idk if i already requested something before this not counting the demon MC thingy so if i did you can ignore this!! (I got a shitty memory LMAO)
If that's okay could i request Epel, Ace, Ruggie and Floyd with a MC that seems to not be ticklish but they're actually SUPER ticklish in only one spot in their body, their thighs.
Like, you could be even poke them by mistake and they will giggle.
Okay this is gonna have a little... um...
Tumblr media
Buuut it's just maybe 2%, most is just fluff and crack maybe! Hope you enjoy!
Floyd Leech
At first he didn't even know you were ticklish-
You never looked like you were.
That was until, you two started dating.
Like, when you were comfortable with him lying on you.
He laid usually on your shoulder
On top of your head,
your knees..
But one day-
He decided to rest his head on your thighs
y e s
And little did he know,
that was your most sensitive ticklish spot.
His hair poked and ruffled in contact with your thighs
and you giggled a lot
And he was confused at first
"Ne~~? Why?"
"I-It's- pfft- very ticklish- ehehehe!"
and let me tell you this adorable heathen
smiled so wide, it's so sinister-
dear god
he turned around to press his chin on your thighs
and used a bit more force to press
which you laughed even more.
And he just had the oh so brilliant idea to lick you-
"Mmm~~ So you really are ticklish~ From now on,"
He went up, lowering his lips next to your ear,
"I won't be merciful~"
Epel Felmier
You tickled him a lot-
Like A LOT
and he was kinda pissed-
but he can't get pissed at you-
you're his apple oh my shit-
at most he was annoyed that you always found and attacked his weak spots
and he just can't seem to find yours.
and he just went puffy cheeks with the small tears from his eyes from how much he laughed when you tickled him-
I see you are thinking about something else-
I know you are fantasizing-
I see you-
and like Floyd, he realized where your tickling spot is when you two started dating.
It was when you allowed him to lie on you,
just that he found it the first time he decided to lay on you,
which was your stomach
and he heard you giggling and laughing and he shot up like,
"Yeah, yeah, I'm just- I'm just ticklish there hehe-"
Oh shit hun,
you shouldn't have told him that-
He's getting revenge as he kept poking your stomach as you laughed and begged for mercy.
You got to be more weary now.
Ace Trappola
This little shit tried to find it in the most non pervert areas.
Like your palm,
But he couldn't find your ticklish spot-
and like most, he found out when you two were dating.
he wanted to kiss you
what a secretly sappy shit
and surprise you in your room
and brilliantly-
he decided he's gonna do it on your neck
next thing he knew he heard so much laughing-
"Wtf, you weirdo-"
Oh man-
this little shit-
this absolute HEATHEN
Well, getting revenge on him was easy,
just attack his stomach
and you have a started a tickle war-
good luck-
Ruggie Bucchi
You thought Ace was a little shit-
wait till you meet this ass fart-
He is
Like Ace
he tried finding it
but to no avail
big sad-
and he only found out when you two were dating
and he, like Ace, tried to surprise you
so he attacked your neck with kisses as well
And you laughed-
so hard-
"Shishishi~ so that's where it is~"
But this man
oh this BIG H E A T H E N
No correction-
Won't let you attack him as he dodge you trying to aim for his tickle spot
making it harder for you not to die-
I swear to god I will s t r a n g l e you B O Y-
Nah just kidding-
But you're still a little shit-
He only stopped when you really were exhausted and you wouldn't be able to tickle him.
R E V E N G E.
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foxglove-airmid · 7 days ago
And camila any work its just the overall song vibes but mientes works
Oh Zia, I don't think you understand how seriously I take my music. Prepare for a ridiculously long answer.
Okay live reaction time!!!
This has a lovely vibe???
His voice s so.......smooth!?!? Like.....okay like when you pour melted chocolate or honey?
Jesus I wish I spoke this language???
Is this a love song? It sounds happy and soft
Hang on I am looking for english lyrics
Oooohhhhhh 3:49 is my favourite part! The emotion in his voice?!
Ooooohhhhhh okay I was right it's a sort of love song but a bit less.happyand more desperate hope??
Zia this is beautiful hang on I have to pick my fav lyrics
"dry off the pain that drenches us" (excuse me sir who gave you the right????)
I will get rid of all that doesn't look us in the face, of the poets of empty words, of the noise that suffocates your favorite love song And breathe what is left to us, we will dance our tango in the salon if you dare, don't let me go (incoherent screeching)
I want a forest, a gap in the night a pause in the middle of all the mess I want a fight of kisses without restraints I want a canvas to make your beauty spots with colours. Today we will be in the afternoon news because we knew how to love each other, untouched by the disaster when nobody knew that (*dies* literally what the actual hell!?!?)
Okay. Time for Solamente tu. (M.keyboard keeps trying to correct the Spanish to Gaeilge so I apologise for mistakes I don't catch xxx)
Oh shit
Sorry but if someone sang this to me u think I would die?? Dear boy who sang Ed Sheeran to me when he were 14 up your mother f-ing game.
Give me your laughter as a gift, Teach me to dream With just a caress I lose myself in this sea Give me your star, the one that lights up this night full of peace and harmony, and I will hand my life to you. (AAAAAAHHHGGGG THAT IS OE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD?!?!)
This song is making me want a summer romance??? The kind that you know from the beginning wont last but that you treasure fo the rest of your days and you either reminisce over when you ae old in a rocking chair to your granddaughter before she goes abroad for her summer or the kind that the person runs in ans stops your wedding and you make the split second decision to run away with them!?!?! Please tell e you understand me?!?!
Okay I would literally just be copying ALL the lyrics this is beautiful
Okay time for Tommy Torres!!!!
Starting with the un beso one!
Oooooooo this is a different vibe to the last guy!!
I kinda want to dance this one? Except I have no rhythm (much to my dancer mothers disappointment)
Oh my god I am in love. Makes incoherent noises because his accent is doing things to me????
Men look for glory, it's on their nature and glory, I define it in the way you kiss me (!?!?!?!? FUCK)
I find the key to Heaven, the cure of all evils, of the whole universe even if they offer me all the world's gold, I will exchange it in a second for a kiss from you (this is the stuff epic poems and myths are made from holy mother divine)
Imparable now!!!
This feels much angstier even before I check the lyrics I just know it
Oh wow
Camila now!! Mientes!
Oh no this feels sad and desperate
O shit it's called you lie?!?!
Ooooo it's kinda a shouty one!
Oh holy mother divine sweet mary and Joseph and all the disciples
This is giving me hardcore Charlestairs angst vibes Zia
Oh no I absolutely REFUSE to copy these lyrics they hurt too much
Oh my god oh my god
In summary:
I have ben ruined. I bloody forget these wre even Thomas songs because I got so stuck in my feels?!?? God damn.
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chanluster · 7 days ago
a fish out of water | f (teaser)
“With Changbin you are a fish out of water, but a bird that can fly.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
collab oneshot | sports! au | approx. 10k words
Tumblr media
s u m m a r y >> being a waitress at your dad’s chicken shop wasn’t the most ideal job, but with dreams of attending the haneol sports university, you power through — even if it means dealing with customers such as seo changbin, elite swimmer and irritant extraordinaire. however, when that very boy catches you swimming in the university pool, you have to comply to his wishes in order to avoid consequences — arguing, spending time, and see what’s truly beneath that cheeky, muscled exterior.
w a r n i n g s >> weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo! au, waitress! reader, swimming major student! changbin, you and changbin are friends but like yall still annoying, changbin is hot and he knows it, you’re sick of hearing it, alot of teasing and making fun of each other, sooooooo much fluff, literally too much fluff, slight sexual tension but its still fluff cause im fearing god today, 2racha cameo, i guess a tiny bit of angst??? pressing (x) to doubt tho, also very stupid egg puns which will make you want to exit this fic
p l a y l i s t >> here!
t a g l i s t >> @aliceu @kookings @hyuckworld (send an ask if you wish to be added!)
a u t h o r ‘ s  n o t e >> hey yall i finally stopped being lazy and decided to write !! this is the teaser for my part in the @hanflix​ ‘kdrama’ themed collab!! yall have already seen me scream about weightlifting fairy so no surprise i wrote about them :’) anyway i hope you guys enjoy my changbin as my beloved jung junhyung <3
back to masterlist
Tumblr media
Because before you stood the last boy you wanted to see in this situation.
The shock of his presence had you collapsing in the pool again.
Splutters of laughter escaped him as a great splash! sounded from your impact, you rising to the surface laboriously as you wheezed in a breath. Your eyes widened at Seo Changbin, grinning like a Disney villain at your near-death experience.
“Wh-what…” you rasped out, holding onto the ramps. “What the hell...are you doing here?”
“Me?” he asked in surprise, pointing to himself. “I was gonna ask you that!”
You opened your mouth to argue with him, but then the realisation hit.
Of course. You’re not part of the swim team.
The boy carried on, watching you carefully. “I was ready to practice alone in the middle of the night, because you know,” he gestured his hands at his figure, “I’m actually part of the swim team.
“And who do I see before me?” he drawled, both hands on his hips. “The Birdie of Bok Chicken, swimming without permission in the university pool.”
He then paused. “Swimming a little too good to just be a waitress at a local chicken shop.”
You looked away, slightly embarrassed at his observation. “I usually go to the other public pool, but—shit!” you suddenly yelled. “That’s not the point!”
Hauling yourself out of the pool, you felt Changbin’s voice interrogate you. “How did you even enter? The place is locked after roll call.”
When your eyes stole a glance at the windows, he instantly noticed. “Oh my God, you climbed in?”
“I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking straight!” you whined, hugging yourself foolishly. “I just...whenever I deliver some food to you and your friends I see the pool behind you and…” you then groaned, wanting to hide your face in your hands. “I just wanted to swim here, okay?!”
Cocking his head, his gaze darted to the security offices beyond the floor windows of the building. “You’d be in big trouble if someone caught you.”
That had you gaping at him. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna rat me out!” you exclaimed, dread rising in your gut. Frantically, you wondered of the horrific consequences of his decision, if the matter would reach your father.
No doubt he would deep fry you along with his chicken.
“Don’t you worry, Birdie,” you heard the boy’s consolation. “I won’t tell anyone about you sneaking here.”
You were about to sigh in relief when you caught sight of his knowing smirk.
“On one condition.”
Sliding his hands in his track bottoms, he shifted on his feet, his chest snug in the tight black vest he adorned. Your eyes did not miss the tightening of his biceps, the twitch of his lips curving maliciously.
Oh, no. The bastard was not thinking of anything in your favour.
“What...and what would that be?”
Changbin found the courage to drop the terms.
The one condition he had been meaning to ask since the day you delivered him his first order of Bok Chicken.
“Go on a date with me.”
Your mouth fell to the floor.
What did he say to you?
“What did you say to me?”
The boy furrowed his brows. “I think I said it loud enough.” He took a step forward, shoes hitting the small puddle around you. “One day. One full day, you go out with me, and I won’t tell a soul.”
A scoff was what you first offered him. “I’ll drown myself before I go on a date with you,” you retorted.
Judging by the look on his face, that was not the right answer. “Okay, then, sweetheart,” he merely said, turning on his heel. “I hope the dean enjoys what I’m about to report to him!”
Widening your eyes, you instinctively reached out your hand. Grabbing onto his wrist, you held him back, he whirling his head to yours.
You didn’t catch his stare, darting to your strong grip, and then back to you again. “Why?” you got out, squeezing his wrist. “Why this condition?”
He parted his mouth at your question.
In truth, he didn’t know himself.
As he pursed his lips in thought, he wondered whether he would be able to tell you a valid answer. In full truth, all he knew was that spending time with you was a wish he didn’t realise he’d been harbouring. Sure, you both argued like little children, but within every retort and exaggerated scoff lay an inner longing to keep you near him.
Even if it meant he risked being floored by your god-awful scooter.
He would never tell you this, though. Not to boost your probably massive ego.
So he only offered you a knowing smile. “I just enjoy messing with you, Birdie.”
You then noticed the iron grip you had on him, your fingers digging into his warm skin. Quickly you broke the contact, locking your hands behind your back. “One day. No more.”
The grin that broke onto his face made you uneasy.
“You won’t regret it.”
A fearful bite of lips was your answer.
You weren’t so sure of that.
Not one bit.
Tumblr media
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dayseternal-blog · 7 days ago
Hiiiii days, I absolutely love your fanfics but I was wondering if you had any naruhina fic recs of Naruto being a clingy and loving boyfriend to Hinata??
Thank you queen💕💕💕
Hello!  I’m glad you enjoy my fics :DDDDD
Clingy, Loving Naruto, NaruHina Established Relationship
“Day 2: Cravings” from “NaruHina Week 2017″ by @hinatamyqueen - Rated T, Canon-Compliant, One-shot. She never knew she could hunger for another’s touch this way.
“The Urge to Touch Her” by @cherryjutsu - Rated T, Canon-Compliant, One-shot. The urge to touch her was a dangerous thing.
“Chapter 2″ from “Between the Trees” by @utsus​ - Rated E, Canon-Divergent, One-shot. Prompt: I just want Naruto and Hinata to be the most adorable tangle of sweaty palms and blushing cheeks walking around being completely inseparable with constant teasing remarks thrown their way because it took them long enough.
“Flirting” from “Orange and Lavender” by ReadingBennie - Rated G, Canon-Compliant, Short One-shot. “Oh my god.  Look.” Ino pointed.
“Close Quarters” by @spyder-m - Rated M, Canon-Compliant, One-shot. Much to the chagrin of their teammates, since becoming couple, Naruto and Hinata are acting much more open and affectionately around one another… Even while in the middle of missions.
“Technology” from “Walking Beside You” by @spyder-m​ - Rated T, Canon-Divergent, One-shot. Naruto and Hinata really were inseparable.
Untitled by @nekomamoru - Rated T, Canon-Compliant, One-shot. Prompt: “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.” 
Untitled by @waterrolls - Rated M, Canon-Compliant, Short One-shot. Prompt: Here, Naruto seeing Hinata with a high ponytail for the first time (they have gotten together in this time) and he was left in awe at the sight of her bare neck and all of sudden he felt the urge to kiss it. And before he realised, he already did and it caught them both off guard.
Happy Reading :D  This was a fun ask :D
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anniegetyourblog · 7 days ago
Random notes while watching all 6 episodes of Trese
My first watch was in Filipino; I'm watching the English dub right now and... I have thoughts. As what happens in any adaptation, any linguistic and cultural nuances will always suffer in translation.
(However, in this case, Trese's original publishing language was English, so... ack, I dunno. I'd only read the first two volumes of Trese and only managed to acquire (but not read) all the other 5 volumes plus side volumes Tales of the Diabolical and Bloodlines recently, so I'm just going by being an actual Filipino living in Metro Manila.)
So obviously, I prefer the Filipino scripting and dubbing of the show. While the English voice cast do acquit themselves well, aside from some stumbling over the Filipino language spells on Shay Mitchell's part, the Filipino voice cast capture the sheer tiredness that any resident of the metropolis experiences from living in this mad city. I actually love how in the Filipino dub, the Kambal exude EVEN MORE BIG HIMBO ENERGY than they do in English.
Anyway. Back to the notes. I'll probably cobble this together into a more coherent review once I've seen all three versions (yes, there's still the Japanese dub WHICH INTRIGUES ME) and if I have enough energy for it.
Meanwhile, I've tried to be as spoiler-free as I could; everything else is under [SPOILER].
Ep 1
God the MRT breaking down is too real, and for some reason almost always at Guadalupe. Well, there IS that slightly worrying history of car accidents on the bridge...
What is the percentage of theater actors in the Filipino VA cast? The line readings reveal all.
Good cops? In the PNP? SAY IT AIN'T SO
Missed a trick -- giant Choc Nut! GET ON IT, NETFLIX AND ANNIE'S SWEETS
(w English subtitles) So the subs have the spells in Filipino anyway? Must watch the English version later to see if translated, or will we be hearing stilted Tagalog? (later: oh my, yes)
Good lord, the level of detail in the background is staggering. I mean, I've been to those places! (later: people on my Facebook feed are taking screenshots of the anime and either posting them alongside real-time photos, or circling their homes/workplaces in red. PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T POST THE LATTER PICS IN PUBLIC, OH MY GOD)
Missed another trick -- public vehicles not showing the names of epal politicians? You KNOW Mayor Santamaria is a trapo of the highest order.
Wow, Hank looks and sounds buff.
Nokia 5110 ba yan?
That's a nice end credit song.
Ep 2
Colonel Hidalgo has GOT to be a theater actor. Gotta look up his VA
The Kambal exude Big Himbo Energy. Look at Crispin pointing at the girls with his mouth too, haha!
Yes, Taglish! Wind bimbos FTW
Subdivision = not necessarily village in the Western sense; these are suburban enclaves. And yes, with names like Livewell.
Meralco linemen got zapped, eh? Well, Alexandra Trese has beef with Meralco, AS WE ALL DO.
Who knew that the Meralco building could look so... forbidding? Speaking of, I wonder what happened to the giant koi fishes that used to roam the building's underground waterways? Scary-looking fuckers, they were.
Where else would the God of Lightning hole up?
From the Eng subs: Alexandra Trese, I didnt expect to see you here so late.
Me, inside: punyeta kayo, pag disconnection notice nakuha mo e kailangang mong magpakita sa Main Office
There used to be a lot of drag racing on the stretch of highway near my place. These days, (well, pre-pandemic) there was way too much traffic 24/7 to make it a bother.
Drag race. Kalayaan-Buendia flyover ba 'to? Yep. Then down Buendia into Ayala Avenue.
Hm. I thought human!Maliksi would be hotter.
Omg the Kambal are particularly himboish, Basilio specifically: "Bad trip, ang kotse!" = their reaction to their car [SPOILER]
BagyonG! Bagyong Lektro, Bagyong Kulimlim (later: oh, without the G? But it sounds... off.)
Ep 3
Y HALO THAR Datu Talagbusao
So, Dr Petra Gallaga = Vicky Belo expy? (later: nope)
Good god I have run into waaay too many Joberts
I've always thought Tiyanaks were the freakiest of supernatural creatures.
Ep 4
Oh wow, Truth in Television. Show pulls no punches when it comes to the shit cops
The English subtitles don't quite capture a lot of the nuances of Filipino. Ah well, that will always happen.
"We're just numbers to you."
OMG CAPTAIN GUERRERO IS PROBABLY THE ONLY GOOD COP IN THE ENTIRE CITY. (and ok, sure, let's add Tapia.) Don't @ me, I haven't watched a single goddamn episode of Ang Probinsyano.
Oh no, [SPOILER]! (later: They're ok!)
Ep 5
Ahhh, Bilibid Prison.
Mayor Santamaria sounds verrry familiar. *spits at the shitbird currently inhabiting Malacanang Palace*
OMG monobloc furniture in a dingy diner! I feel so at home
Again, I maintain Maliksi could've been hotter.
"Patay na ba si [SPOILER]?" != "I think [SPOILER] is dead."
Of COURSE [SPOILER] is the double agent. D'oh.
Ep 6
Oh so much expository monologuing from Talagbusao
Family > Blood
I really do like the end credit outro.
Post-credit scene!
OK I TRIED I CAN'T No, I am powering through
Sorry guys, don't do Filipino-accented English if you can't; Lou Diamond Phillips and the guy voicing Lieutenant Tapia sound like they just got off the set of Zorro the Gay Blade*. So far, the best one is the lady voicing the Goddess Ibu's emissary.
*sorry for the 40 y o reference; I was watching that a few days ago.
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