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#oh my god you put it into words

ugh do cishet white men ever get off their high horse and try to engage in a conversation with a woman without feeling entitled to have the last word and talking down on her patronisingly????

#as a woman.... this is all I've known in life#men who wanted to patronise me and lecture me and second guess my opinion#never putting themselves on par with me because they're highkey convinced that i have nothing interesting to say so they won't even listen#and im honestly so done with them#men who can actually listen and forsake their moral/intellectual high ground during a conversation are so hard to find#my bf is one of them i think. because he's rather unprejudiced and admits to being ignorant to most things that we talk about#but most men are just so presumptuous and self-entitled#and so not humble ..... you could talk to them about the literal hair on your head and they'd still think they know more than you about that#simply because they're men and you're just a silly inconsequential woman#'just go back to the kitchen or to sephora or whatever it is that women do these days'#and i feel that I can't even complain about this because I'll be accused of playing the victim and 'omg grow up feminism isn't about this'#oh really... keep living without ever listening to a woman's word or reading a woman's book or enjoying a diverse product of any nature#that wasn't specifically designed by and for men i suppose#and by all means keep thinking that you're smarter nd more well spoken than half the world population only bc you weren't born w/ an uterus#an irrational and emotional uterus#i want to treat them with the same disdain that they'd use for any woman they don't wanna shag and see if it changes something#a social experiment if you will#oh and god forbid you were a woman who's into the Forbidden Male Interests ™#aka sports videogames or nerdy stuff in general#you'll simultaneously be accused of being a poser e-girl who's only in it for the attention and also not a real 'gamer'#orrrr..... maybe they'll accept you into their midst but be ready to listen to them bleating about all the things they know more than you#mansplaining at its finest#they make for such a toxic community. especially online. especially when women are concerned#rant.txt
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default verse tags.

verse: litany in which certain things are crossed out.   /  /  childhood.

verse: we have not touched the stars nor are we forgiven.  /  /   celestial arc; default adult arc. 

subject tags.

is that too much to expect? that i would name the stars for you? ( satsumaimo )

some say god is where we put our sorrow. god says which one of you fuckers can get to me first? ( hidan | bredfaith )    /  /  @bredfaith

ship tags.

i want to tell you this story without having to confess anything. ( kimikarin | peachmuses )  /  /  with @peachmuses 

when is a monster not a monster? oh‚ when you love it. ( kimiyajuu | bredfaith )  /  /  with @bredfaith 

he touches you like a prayer for which no words exist and you feel your heart taking root in your body. ( kimijū | bredfaith )  /  /  with @bredfaith 

you the moon. you the road. you the little flowers by the side of the road. ( kimisaku | formerfool )  /  /   with @formerfool 

akatsuki verse.

verse: i’m hungry and hollow and just want something to call my own.     /  /    following the encounter at the celestial shrine, kimimaro is picked up by akatsuki. desperate for something to believe in and needing to be needed, kimimaro joins the hunt for the jinchuuriki. he is not as devoted as he was (and is) to orochimaru, but he is trying to make himself believe this is a worthy cause. due to his rapid regeneration and longevity, he is often paired with hidan ( @bredfaith ).

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