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#oh my god.
sunsweeties5 months ago
yesterday i overheard a young mother telling her friends that apologizing to a child undermines your authority as a parent and all of them agreed. some people should be forbidden to have kids
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lilaclyss6 months ago
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Tumblr media
I ACCIDENTALLY PAUSED AND GOT THESE TWO FRAMES... WHAT THE HELL????? LOOK AT JOE.. AND CHERRY鈥橲 HAND ??? Oh my god. Oh. my. god. joe looks so in love ??? joe literally leaned into cherry鈥檚 0.2s touch... i cannot do this.
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sems-diarie4 months ago
i just think bakugou is a pleasure dom because you're his first n only lover and the idea he would do anything but try and please you sounds so absolutely foreign to him.
in fact, 's so bad because he has any obsession with making you feel good. he's your good and strong hero - least you could do is let him fuck you nice and deep whenever he likes. least you could do - is letting him mouth at your clit while you're watching movies or up on the counter when you're making dinner. let him do what he's best at - making you cream.
how can he resist it - resist you when your body is so soft and warm and pretty? you're so beautiful to him - there's good reason you're so spoiled. pleasure first because he loves being able to make you feel amazing, loves the way you whine out his name when he sits you on his cock, plays with your clit and mouths every inch of your skin. you react so sweetly - pussy droolin' all over him. you've cum so much on him you've slicked all over his thighs n he thinks it's a shame it hasn't ended up in his mouth instead.
bakugou the pleasure dom who doesn't let you leave until you've cum so much you can't speak - n even then he'll sip water n spit it righ back into your mouth, make sure you can keep giving your pussy to him like he deserves. bakugou the pleasure dom who fucks while your body is hugged against his so your navel can rut against his belly - he needs you to cum more than you do.
pleasure dom bakugou who praises you for reacting to his every touch. trains your body to get wet for him whenever. will always make a good and pliant girl outta u.
tears r in my eyes. cant breathe. cant -
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whirlybirbs23 days ago
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bastardbvby2 months ago
chat: george you should wear a headband
george: no i don鈥檛 think so :/
dream: george just put on a headband
george: okay yeah i guess i should right?
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outercircuita month ago
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thursday, april 11, 2019
chinese grand prix, shanghai international circuit
漏 charles coates/getty images
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amygdalan-arm25 days ago
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katierosefun3 months ago
guys i just realized聽
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your girl officially has 100 works
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thecyndimistuff8 months ago
WAIT EVERYONE SHUT UP I just realized WandaVision straight up stole their plot from that one episode of Gravity Falls where Bill Cipher puts Mabel in a dreamworld prison she never wants to leave.聽
and. and in Gravity Falls her twin brother had to rescue her.......
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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