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#oh my goddess

#urbanShaman #MagesTribe #Witches 😉 Just A Moment To Relax And Remind You This 👇🏼 (in the name of the Goddess) 😌

Your own and complete existence, is the divine proof that the Gods and Goddesses has a plan, a huge plan, and this plan it’s manifesting itself through you 😌

You are bigger than you think, and you are part of something even bigger than what your eyes can see 😌 and although many try to make you feel small, very tiny sometimes, you are the most important piece in a board game, in fact, let me tell you a secret 🤫 you are the most important piece of all.

And for that reason some people are so intimidated by you, that they make an incredible daily effort to convince you otherwise, but that is only a reflection of their own insecurities and limitations, and none of what they do, it has absolutely nothing to do with you 😌

The Goddess once told me a secret in my ear 🤫😉 She told me that only the most important piece on her board could read this message 😌

#urbanShaman #Blessedbe #Somoteitbe #SafeSacredSpace

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