#oh my gohd .. 😭 '
devilbunzz-moved Β· a month ago
OH MY GOHD my art teacher asked me about nfts the other day 😭
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narcopharmacist Β· 9 months ago
Oh my gohd. Oh my gohd. Guys.
Our babes Suzue and Hoshino are in the poster of the magazine they released back in March.
For the love of gohd it took em more than ONE FVCKINGG YEAR to make a feature of our quad πŸ’—
I just saw the sneak peek but I haven’t seen the full picture. If anyone has it pls share πŸ’—
Here’s the sneaky link
Here is the sneak peek of Suzue βœ¨πŸ’—πŸ˜­
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