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I beat crystallized on expert plus! It took me so long but I finally did it!

(And I’m drenched in sweat)

For those of you who don’t know, beat saber is a rythm game, where the player has two Sabres: one blue and one red, the object is to hit blocks with matching colours that are coming at you I accordance to their arrow:


You also occasionally have to duck and dodge barriers and avoid hitting bombs; all to the beat of a song.

Now if that doesn’t sound impressive here’s a video of someone else (who admittedly did better than me) who beat it:

I also managed to beat the song: What The Cat, I don’t really like it, as it is kind of just auto tuned cat noises. but it is another camellia song and despite it having more blocks and beats per second it feels easier.


And here’s a video of someone else whose beaten it:

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