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#oh nice
demo-ness · 3 hours ago
google is so fucking useless sometimes. our neighborhood has a rabbit problem and since we have miniature breed dogs we’re like, pretty not into having holes that lead out of our yard? and you’d think it’d be self correcting since our dogs hang out in the yard, but these rabbits DO NOT give a shit, they’re so willing to outrun our youngest dog every day
google’s advice is stuff like “put snakes in your garden” and “make sure your wire mesh fence extends out an extra foot :)” and “buy a fucked up motion sensor spray bottle lol”
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larkkspuur · 4 hours ago
idk if i should clean up the lines. you can barely see the mistakes anyway. *cleans up the lines and compares uncleaned to cleaned*
Oh fuck yeah
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bell-flower · 6 hours ago
People are always like “what if the villain tempted the hero to the dark side?” NO! What if the fucking hero tempted the villain to good? What then? Is there anything sexier than the infectious seduction of good?? Moments of hesitance and guilt touching a stone heart? The hero’s “stupid” self-sacrifice and second-chances haunting a villain’s thoughts? Stop fucking with my enemies-to-lovers, my redemption arcs, my awkward redeemed!villain hangouts, my we-should-have-been-on-the-same-side-all-along tension just for the sake of grim-dark “live long enough to die the villain” bullshit! It’s not sexy!
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aeondeug · 8 hours ago
Me: I want everyone to be happy and well and full of pride in something <3 Also Me: i wish for my rivals to fail. i want nothing but shame for them. their titles taken. their victories rendered hollow. i will rise above them and leave only ashes in my wake and i will feel nothing for them save contempt.
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wantedtourist · 9 hours ago
tagged by @cobraking thanks!
coffee shop or flower shop • alternative universe or fix-it • enemies to lovers or childhood friends • angst or with fluff • love at first sight or pining • modern au or historical au • soulmate or unrequited reluctant soulmates • fake dating or secret dating secretly fucking • breakup and makeup or proposals and weddings • get together or established relationship • oblivious pining or domestic fluff • hurt/comfort or crack • meet the parent or meet cute
tagging @merv606
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transvalzhang · 9 hours ago
hi frankie!! yoir poetry is so ✨crisp✨ and im lowkey jealous. you have a very strong voice that shines through in your writing, and you know how to keep with a theme throughout a poem. and both of those things make your words feel so raw and powerful when i read them and YEAH i wish i could do that. i feel like i sound like an english teacher rn but rlly i am getting excited over your exquisite poetry writing skills hehe <3
Tumblr media
HANNAH !!!!!
this is one of the best possible compliments i could have gotten .. cannot express how nice this made me feel . THANK YOU SO MUCH 🥺🥺
like ,, idk it's just !! someone I lowkey look up to thinks I write good !!!!! heaven . heaven :-)
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baek1nho · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jiang yanli in the untamed (cdrama)
na bong sun in oh my ghost (kdrama)
im eun seob in i’ll find you when the weather is nice (kdrama)
li jian jian in go ahead (cdrama)
yoo eun jae in age of youth season 1 (kdrama)
thank you angela @mercurialhigh for tagging me!! i have a lot of favorite characters but there aren’t that many that feel like me. this was a fun gifset to do!! 
i’m tagging @moonlightsdream @therukurals @surii @lavenderbyun @zhouszishu if you want to do it!
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leias-left-hair-bun · 11 hours ago
Freaking THANK YOU for putting what I've been feeling over this discourse into words!! Someone's ship does not say who they are as a person, someone's kink doesnt say who they are as a person!! It just says what they like to read and/or experience, not what they wanna do to other people without consent! Purity Police need to stop, they dont speak for the whole fandom, they dont speak for the whole of their race or ethnicity, they're only speaking for themselves and what they personally do not like which is getting tiresome to go in circles over every, single, year.
you are SO very welcome and thank you!!! for putting this so well -
Purity Police need to stop, they dont speak for the whole fandom, they dont speak for the whole of their race or ethnicity, they're only speaking for themselves and what they personally do not like
this. this. all! of!! this!!!
i repeat myself constantly, but fandom is an escape, and the people who try to politicize it in whatever way, be it shipping or anything else, are just poisoning the community. and i keep coming back to it because it’s just such an obvious example, but people who ship anidala are not abusers and aren’t encouraging it. if we can understand that, we should be able to understand everything else!!
and gosh! yes!! you bring up another fantastic example - kinks. we all know not to kinkshame, so let’s stop ship-shaming, shall we?
and yes the going in circles - gosh, i’ve only been here a little under a year but i’m already sick and tired of it!!
i’ve spent almost a year watching people hurt each other and thinking ‘no i gotta be nice i gotta stay out of it’ (specially after i got hurt trying to help) but i cannot passively stand by and watch people bully others. i went through my own personal hell at the hands of real-life bullies for many years, and at this point i’d rather go through cyberbullying myself than watch others go through it without at least trying to help.
in conclusion! anon, you are automatically one of my favorite people ever on this site and i sure do wish i could give you a hug right now :D
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lemonadeguru · 14 hours ago
Welp, getting drunk tonight to forget all of my problems. Nobody bother messaging me, not like any of you care anyways
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must-be-art · 14 hours ago
Now I love the idea of a non-Wonderfam hero getting called in to stop Iacchus but he’s actually paying for some food at a grocery store and is being so polite during it like
Iacchus: Dude, I’m literally standing in line to pay the fuck do you- Oh, I’m in the armor, oops.
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fishymom-art · 15 hours ago
So I think I am asexual and I just need to know from someone who is asexual if you could tell me exactly what it is I think I know but just in case
well, everyone has their own reasons and experience. It can be completely different for you than for me, but i can tell some things haha
//mention of sex
You see, I realised I was asexual after I already had sex a couple of times. I was suspecting it before, but didn’t pay much attention to it.
I realised, that it doesn’t feel right for me. I always thought that it should be an important part of relationship, something you SHOULD experience with your partner. But I didn’t feel that. I felt like I forced myself. I mean, I did enjoy it, but I still didn’t feel like I actually wanted it.
I have a wonderful girlfriend. She is amazing, I love her very much, but I don’t feel sexual attraction to her. She is incredible, but I still don’t feel like it. Even after I had it multiple times, I didn’t feel right. I felt uncomfortable, strange, even disgusted sometimes. I didn’t want it. I couldn’t even start anything with it. 
So then I realised... I think I am asexual! I thought about it before, but now I am pretty sure. I still have intrusive thoughts, it’s normal, but it doesn’t mean I am less asexual.
As I said, it depends on experience. Sometimes it can be caused by trauma, sometimes it’s something psychological. It can be different. Asexuality means, that you aren’t sexually attracted to anyone. It doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy it, or can’t have it in general. It just means, that it doesn’t matter to you. You don’t feel like it 24/7 XDDD.
yeah... um, that’s what I have. I hope you’ll be able to figure out who you actually are! Don’t be ashamed to try different labels, finding out more about yourself and someday you will be comfortable knowing who you really are. That’s what I felt. A sigh of relief.
Thank you for your question, you fellow genderfluid asexual lesbian XDD
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