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#oh no
mistycmice · 2 hours ago
oh no
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skullryuu-blog · 4 hours ago
I'm reading a fanfiction and MC accidentally just drugged herself and Horrortale Papyrus with wild psychedelics (shrooms) I am losing every ounce of my shit, this is hilarious-
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smaragdine · 6 hours ago
Tubbo didn’t draw any of that art, even his iconic ugly square head icon he had forever was drawn by another artist who drew like a series of those for various mcyts. The art with light blue eyes stems from artist interpretation of his mc skin but changing the hair to brown like everyone does
he uh changed his skin that he found to have blue eyes to match his eyes in real life, pretty sure hes got blue eyes, the skin he is using originally had bright green eyes
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sukisushi · 7 hours ago
I lost my high school transcript-
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capregalia · 10 hours ago
hey i got uhh tagged in a raybans post... is uhh... is that back???
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swan2swan · 11 hours ago
Oh no
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owl-and-the-moon · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
My mother wanted a paint by number for her bedroom (she has wanted a painting for a while but I convinced her this will do) and while picking out her flowers I came across this owl and SO.
This is with the Forest only like at most 60% done.
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stormikaiiofspades · 13 hours ago
The Charlatan Thresher
Within Techno Reef lies a temple dedicated to their silent defender, Eudora. Stirling, her descendant, has made a promise that she will check in with the spirit and tell her how the Royal life is treating her. She was expecting the reef’s heirs after all. Techno Reef has been trying to deal with a thief problem, with store owners losing their most precious and expensive items, even some trinkets from the LED Palace were taken. The only think left behind was a four-petaled flower at the scenes of the crime. Stirling was asking Eudora to watch over the reef and chase away any of the Treasure Hoarders and thieves, unbeknownst to her that one of them is right behind her.
???: Well, If’t isn’t the Silva‘ Lady ‘erself~
Stirling turned around to see a Sharktroll dressed in Treasure Hoarder gear. On her hip was a purple gem glowing brightly. She has a tail longer than others. It was a thresher Sharktroll. Despite having a clear guppy bump, Stirling summons her trident, the Veil. The sharktroll laughs and takes out two daggers.
???: Seems I ’it a gold mine.
Stirling engages in battle against the Thresher. The explorer is calculating her first strike when the thresher whips her in the throat. Right in the jugular! This prevents Stirling from chanting or casting any spells. She coughs a bit when the charlatan approaches her with a knife. Stirling dashes out of the way after casting her Ice Mist Spell, temporarily blinding her opponent. Her trident glows with a royal blue aura, having the aura wisp into two whips on the ends of the trident.
The thresher throws a bottle of a stolen poison at Stirling. It hits her, making the classical seatroll poisoned. She can still fight. Stirling lunges at her opponent and swipes at her with her trident.
Stirling: So, you’re the troll that’s been causing trouble here lately...
???: Correct, dearie.
The thresher grabs Stirling by her scarf and jabs a dagger into her chest. It isn’t fatal. The dagger was electrified making her stunned. Stirling calls for help, but no one arrives.
???: My boss really likes you...such a shame you didn’t join the Treasure ’oarders...
Stirling is dropped to the ground. She lets go of her trident, making the aura disappear. She is curled up on the ground, crying. The thresher gives her one last whip in the abdomen, right where she was carrying the guppies. Stirling was sent flying into the statue of Eudora. She is knocked out and poisoned.
A trace was barely left behind from that fight. Stirling wouldn’t be discovered until Zips was exploring the temple during his rounds of guard duty.
Zips belongs to @sparklijam
Stirling, Eudora, and the Thresher belong to me
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trash-000 · 13 hours ago
I’m leaving the last 3 episodes of Outlander for tonight. I need another little break.
I’m so scared to finish this season because I know it’s a long wait for season 6... god damn I hate long hiatus’s....
And I have a feeling this one is going to kill me!
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thatmoss · 16 hours ago
Wild dream last night.
I was in this summer camp where they were trying to develop young people's superpowers. I took a DNA test and found out I have potential to develop animal powers so I was put into the animal class in the camp. Every day the teacher would have us eat a rice ball then immediately swim laps in a pool. Eat a rice ball, swim laps, eat, swim, over and over. Every few days one of the students in the class would start gaining animal features. One girl got panda ears after eating the rice. Someone else got cat ears. Eventually everyone in the class got some kind of animal features (ears, tail, paws, ect..) Except me. I went several days without developing anything. Until one day I ate the rice and was about to hop into the pool when I noticed someone was under me and I was about to step on them. I panicked and without thinking, ran across the surface of the water until I reached an empty pool lane. I had developed lizard powers. At that point I swam my laps as usual but then when I got out one of my classmates YANKED me away by my arm. He was the guy who got fox powers and he started dragging me away with this wild grin and he said "time to see what you really are, lizard boy. " And that one line struck so much fear into me bc apparently having lizard powers was really rare. I thought he was gonna dissect me. But turns out they just wanted to see the running on water trick again but in a pool that wasn't magically designed to bring out our powers. Oh also the fox boy that dragged me away was Jacksepticeye.... I distinctly remember timidly whispering "Sean, let me go. You're hurting my arm. "
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helenajohnson · 18 hours ago
Me: If I get up in the morning I can do my 2 short tasks early and not be worried about the time!
Me: *wakes up just before 9am*
Me: Nice!!
Me: *lies in bed for 2 hours*
Me: ....
Me: oh no
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