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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#oh no hes died
joof · a day ago
thinking about that two boys in my class were having a presentation about sexuality and they listed tampon as a contraceptive
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yumenosakiacademy · a day ago
matt: i give my extra life to gav so he can come back me, a matt fan: [sobs bc now if he dies hes Gone For Good n what if he doesnt get 2 finish his aviary b4 he dies]
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time-and-space · a day ago
God I'm just angry about everything after the confession yet again! I can't stop! It's ridiculous!
#last time cas died dean was in the same position#collapsed where it happened#unable to get up and move and help sam save the day#and that was without the huge speech of all consuming love!#and then afterwards dean couldn't find any joy he couldn't do anything without talking about getting cas back he couldn't accept that he wa#and he drops everything when he hears cas is back#but oh this time he's fine actually#gets over it pretty quickly#finds out cas is alive and goes huh that little scamp#what the fuck!!!#they could have latched onto the element of DISPAIR so much better!#everything sam and dean had is gone now#the people they loved and the people who loved them#they are alone and this is it#with their last breaths they will avenge those they have lost#and then it's done god is dead and they can rest but it's not over until they're back they have to get them back#they're not fighting for some vague sense of justice and righteousness#they're fighting madly and blindly for everything that has ever meant anything#and they have to get them back because if they don't get them back then what was it all for#what was all the pain and suffering and fighting and sacrafice for if they don't have them back#dean should be insensed because they've won but for once in his life he get's to be selfish and think what's the point in winning if he sti#but instead they made them stupid and cocky and even the amazing posibilities of showing their loneliness through their literally being com#they showed that cas was more important to dean than everything else he was motivated by by showing him ignoring sams calls#and they just did nothing with it#if the whole show is meant to be about loneliness and isolation and you can't even get that right then honestly what the fuck are you doing#im meant to be doing a maths paper right now actually but shhh#al is talking#al is mad as hell!#I'm so mad that the desktop version doesn't tell you when your tag is too long#trust me that i made some good points im just so mad
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Tumblr media
.......There are literally tears in my eyes right now oh my god-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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batshit-birds · 2 days ago
May i ask for some reverse batfam headcanon for dick pleaasseee
Ps i didnt log in trumblr for a while do the panini discourse thing came back ?
fuck this ask was sent so fuckin long ago i'm so sorry. no, the panini discourse didn't come back thank god, Shadow just made a brief blog cameo
And although I don't have specific hcs for reverse Dick, I've been itching to share how he meets Damian bc that's a whole can of worms that no one has opened yet. Cowards
Okay so i may have mentioned that when Dick is taken in by Bruce, Damian and Steph are still thought dead by the family. So he enters a grieving household with ghosts in the pictures lining the walls. Half of the family is barely even around.
So, understandably, Dick is not having a good time.
Jason tries his best to act like everything is fine for Dick, and Duke does the same when he's at the manor, but it always seems to fall flat. Bruce is also trying to be a good foster parent, but he's barely holding himself together as is.
Dick also isn't in on the big secret. It's pretty easy to keep him in the dark since Jason is taking a break from vigilantism at this point in time. Not permanently, though he intended it to be.
But Jason accidentally gets involved with a case (something about a spy organization or whatever) that his Outlaws friends are working on and need his help with. He goes with them, gets roped into a battle in Bludhaven, and briefly sees a very familiar face.
Jason goes home absolutely convinced that Damian is alive. Well, mostly convinced. He has a hunch. He ends up telling Tim and Maya. And guess who overhears that lovely conversation!!! That's right, Dick!
Of course, his eight year old brain immediately goes 'okay so if i go to Bludhaven find Damian and bring him back everyone will be happy'. So one night he sneaks out of the manor, somehow avoids getting caught, and buses his way to Bludhaven. Despite only having a picture of Damian. And not knowing anything about him beyond the few stories Dick has been told.
Long story short, Dick finds Damian, but he doesn't know Damian is Damian. To him, Agent 37 is helping him find Damian as a side project whenever Dick sneaks over to Bludhaven. It takes a while for Dick to figure the truth out, as on top of a mask that hides half his face Damian has the implant that makes his face all swirly. That, and Damian is still figuring his own shit out and slowly recovering his memories so he doesn't tell Dick
But yeah when Damian is moving on from Bludhaven, Dick decides to go with him. And Damian tries to leave without him, he really does, but Dick manages to sneak onto the plane Damian is on and doesn't reveal himself until they're 30 thousand feet in the air. In the end, Damian doesn't have a choice.
I'm gonna cut it there...for now...
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whotooklortan · 2 days ago
Okay but Santa Baby came out before Tom Riddle was even thirty. So I'm going to say that he knows it. And no one can stop me.
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polish-nugget · 4 days ago
i love how my friends try to convince me they know exactly what happened in bananafish whenever i tell them to watch it like, one of my friends is convinced that the only purpose of eiji is being the uwu soft boi and it's supposed to be sad that he dies at the end and another one thinks the only characters that acrually die r shorter & eiji like oH BOYYYYY I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR REACTIONS
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