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phantomrose96 · 4 hours ago
I watched some random bits of Naruto with friends (who haven't seen Naruto) this weekend, mainly the episode with Sasuke & Naruto vs. Haku (the ice mirror guy) from the first season.
VERY odd experience to rewatch something SO swamped in nostalgia while also watching it and going "oh wow, this is mediocre"
Like... That episode was THE first episode of Naruto I saw. And I saw it completely at random, on vacation, NO clue what the show was, when I was 9 or 10 years old. (It would be years before I even learned what show it was, and I remember being goddamn ecstatic when I did find it again because I was like "holy SHIT this is that same show as the ice mirror fight with those two ninja boys")
Like just... the execution of that episode is actually really just mediocre. The pacing is glacial (like well, all Naruto pacing). The whole "Sasuke sacrificing himself to take the hit to save Naruto, even though he hates Naruto", and Naruto being like "Why did you save me?", and Sasuke "dying" which sends Naruto into an unhinged 9-tail-fox rage... it's all just really cliche, corny, simple.
Yet at the same time, that scene was such a genuine awakening for me back forever-and-a-half ago. My tastes were SHAPED by that. My eyes were OPENED by that. 9-or-10 year old me was out of her MIND over that scene. I can't express enough how much this defined me back then.
Anyway I felt like I was watching two different scenes at once. One was a poorly-paced, 5/10 execution of some really cliche fight scene self-sacrifice. The other was the defining moment of my childhood. Still have NOT figured out how to reconcile that.
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angeltiddies · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh dean thesis
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lnniter · 4 hours ago
“noise time!”
all of the neurodivergent people watching:
Tumblr media
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viciousmollymaukery · 6 hours ago
i love the idea of Luxon Champion!Essek for a lot of deeply poetic reasons but I'd be lying if I said that one of the thoughts behind it that compels me the most isn't the idea of Essek begrudgingly taking up the mantle of this """divine""" entity that he has a deeply complex relationship with and the Luxon deciding that yes, this is their new son now and they are going to be the most supportive enthusiastic parent in existence bc they think he deserves it.
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ivecarvedawoodenheart · 44 minutes ago
Something about Chowder bringing Caitlin home and his parents being like “…were you at Disneyland when you were eight or so” and bring out the photo album that’s how C & Cait find out they were each other’s vacation best friend for a day and now have somehow found each other again
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enderspawn · 4 hours ago
YEAH SKDJD ranboo started guilting phil into joining by saying that he’d just start saying mean things about himself starting from the top of his head to his feet. he only got to like saying that his hair is terrible before phil joined
phil telling chat he did his best to tell ranboo to stop being hard on himself mid vod vs whatever the fuck this is, FIGHT
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morgan1011 · 4 hours ago
wilbur: sHUT UP technoBLADE. more like technoLAME.....i’ll kill you.
phil, trying to save everyone: inavideogamwinavideogame
wilbur, determined: no NOT in a video game
phil: oh jesus christ
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aro-culture-is · 53 minutes ago
aro culture is following cool art blogs and almost not wanting to check their linked main blogs anymore because a few times in the past you've come learn that the artists were aphobes. the disappointment.
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kimseokdotjpg · an hour ago
Tumblr media
a whole lotta links!! i guess this is technically a twitter thing but i thought i’d post it here too since i uhhh. worked pretty hard. i may have gone a little bonkers but this was a fun exercise in nailing down how I draw each of them differently. template is from @/whereisowl on twitter, link here! go check out theirs!
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jewfrogs · 2 hours ago
thinking about how the whole history of human writing is about inspiration and allusion and intertext we write things for each other and because of each other and we always have. every text connected to others like the vast system of tree roots in a forest. history is a web we weave ourselves into when we write
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httpskarlnap · 6 hours ago
listen. i know yesterday i said that george needs a haircut. but that fucking video is doing something to me and im ashamed,
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