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#oh no what must that be like
msmarygoodnight · 10 months ago
Americans: It's not reasonable to expect people to miss spending holidays with their families, even for a greater social good! Family comes first, always!
Retail workers, who have a time-off request blackout for all of November and December:
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bastardbvby · 2 months ago
anyone remember when bad singlehandedly called george out for being bratty because he hadn’t talked to dream all day
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
Danny Fenton may have walked out of his parents ghost portal with half his life but he still experienced a death. And death changes people. Oh part of it was the circumstances, the ghost attacks, the secret keeping. But having your life violently ripped away and then forced back into a physical body would of course have an effect. One the people in his life noticed immediately.
While was generally very lighthearted, always smiling and cracking bad jokes, his eyes were often shadowed. As if he wasn’t completely feeling the mirthful attitude he portrayed, like he was still trying to fulfill a role he’d grown out of. He almost became more reckless, more energetic in those early days to hold onto the lingering whispers of the old Danny Fenton. But by the time Junior year rolled around, he’d given up the ruse. Danny Fenton was no longer skittering or jokey. He walked with his shoulders back, his gaze sharp and his smiles were smaller. No less warm or genuine, but more restrained than most teenagers usually were.
His emotions were more variable too, more potent too. He was quick to anger, his good cheer turning bitterly cold in an instant with the most vile insults on his tongue. The moment would pass and he’d be all frowns and apologies. But he never used to fly off the handle like that before his accident. His joys too seemed almost uncontainable, and his grief would shake the world. All his emotions seemed so much larger, like it knew they weren’t supposed to be confined to such a small body. 
Friends and family and other people would look at Danny, be it working at school or laughing in the park with his friends or cleaning the dishes after dinner and just feel that something had changed. That something in Danny had been lost, when no one was looking, leaving this boy in his place. He was a good child, kind, honorable, distracted at times and carrying an exhaustion that had little to do with sleep. Soon, it wouldn’t be long before this Danny was just Danny. But sometimes they’ll pause in what they’re doing and remember how he used to be, before the portal. Danny Fenton may have temporarily dodged death but that doesn’t mean he escaped completely. 
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doodleodds · a year ago
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I always wondered what his claws were for!! Why does he have them but use a sword!!!!!!!! They look cool but Are They Practical????????
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ladyofthewolfsbane · 2 months ago
The Yautja: *release xenomorphs, a highly adaptable and invasive parasitic species into an environment*
Xenomorphs: *take over the environment*
The Yautja:
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citadelspires · 17 days ago
Casual reminder that Luz Noceda went far out of her way to and is still studying 9 times the material a standard hexside student does. Luz is almost certainly one of the best students at hexside and probably has a reputation for being really smart and academic.
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fuckmeyer · 6 months ago
I have GOT to know why you see Alice as the most evil Cullen, pls.
Also, Quill/EM would definitely be perfect together.
hi!! thanks for being patient while i gathered my thoughts! before i begin, i’d like to start w/ this: quil & embry co-op at the arcade, both love mint chip ice cream, em reads to quil & quil pretends to hate it, quil wraps his arms around em & rests his head on em’s back when they ride the motorbike, Q&E getting late-night hamburgers & eating them on the roof of quil’s car askjdsl
ok. preface (aka disclaimers):
i don’t hate alice. i’m not attacking those who like alice. my opinion aint objective. several cullens fall into Evil territory, including carlisle, the colonizer who came onto quileute land, forced them into a treaty, & then tested an indigenous teen’s genetics w/o his consent. edward puts his coven at risk so he can stalk & dategroom an underage girl. & last but DEF not least, jasper is a spineless confederate pos who fought a war so he could enslave black people.
Most Evil may be an exaggeration simply bc alice gets more book time & thus more examples. but imo alice is def in contention for most evil, & here’s why:
1. alice falls in love w/ a confederate & invites him to join the cullens
after becoming a vamp, jasper feels what his victims feel. he fell in love w/ & joined maria, a WOC fighting the genocide of indigenous mexicans. he left the vamp war bc he hated feeling death. he attempts to be vegetarian. my strategy here isn’t to paint him as sympathetic to sell my point, nor is it to gloss over his racism. what i am saying comes from a literary standpoint: jasper canonically has, on some selfish, minute level, examined his life, & the small character shifts we glean from his story pre-alice make it clear that he has changed how he interacts w/ certain others. (still is a racist, still needs a ~special ability~ to empathize, still a bitch - the fact remains)
& then alice comes along.
here’s my point: symbolically speaking, just as edward makes bella “good” by indoctrinating her as a cullen, so too does alice make jasper “good” by bringing him to the cullens. this is the last time we hear of any change in his character. being a cullen is the terminus & it is Good; therefore, jasper hale is good. in the end, alice (& his ascenion to cullenhood thru her) is what makes jasper more palatable to twilight fans.
sans literary symbols, she allows him to be complacent. nothing changes behind the scenes - he’s still a loud & proud bitchshit confederate. & he doesn’t have to examine his flaws bc she's his ~mate~ regardless. imo, loving someone does NOT mean you allow toxic behavior. unless you subscribe to the same beliefs. & we don’t talk about this enough imo, but truth is
2. alice is deeply racist
full offense but she’s a white girl from 1900s mississippi who married a confederate. canonically, she is racist: she uses subhuman descriptors for POC, calling the pack “dogs,” etc.
3. alice is greedy
it makes sense to make carlisle, a 400-yr-old doctor, wealthy. but why does alice play the stock market when they’re already set for eternity? $34 billion net worth means the cullens draw the att’n of not just their rural community, but the gov’t. & alice buys tons of impractical clothes that the cullens wear once or twice. neither behavior serves a purpose when the goal is to blend in, & since there’s no justification, imo alice comes across greedy & wasteful
4. she has control issues
alice controls much of the cullens’ lives, esp jasper’s. e.g., he attends high school & bella’s birthday party despite not having the control to do so - why? bc everyone assumes alice can keep him in line. (altho jasper blindly follows the cause du jour: confederacy, vamp war, the cullens...) she has been known to go behind the cullens’ backs to secure what she considers their best future. it’s been indicated she buys much of the cullens’ wardrobe on their behalf. imo her grip on the family’s decisions seems too tight to be healthy. & speaking of unhealthy relationships,
5. alice is a terrible friend to bella
the most illustrative example of her control issues is her friendship w/ bella. bella is supposed to be her best friend. yet every time we see bella & alice hanging out, bella’s balking at what alice deems fun. she’s guilted into being alice’s “guinea pig barbie.” bella’s 18th birthday fiasco happened all bc alice refused to listen to bella’s wishes. the wedding is the same situation sans fiasco.
& when it’s time for alice to step up & be a good friend when the cullens leave, what happens? alice ghosts her under the guise that it was edward’s choice to cut contact. ok. but it’s clear thru midnight sun that alice frequently advises him. she knew for months that edward was going to leave. she often meddles in their relationship & tries to shape edward’s opinion. yet she doesn’t meddle here? hm.
6. alice is a terrible sister
edward, despite his intrigue w/ bella, is uncomfortable at first w/ the idea of her being in his world. alice knows this. she also knows he’s stalking & grooming an underage girl. regardless, she pushes him to be around bella & take more steps to get closer. she even plays a role in edward’s abusive episodes, kidnapping bella in eclipse. all bc she sees that she & bella are best friends & things will work out. but does the 108-year-old vampire really want to be friends with an 18-year-old girl? or does she want someone to fill the best friend role? canonical evidence suggests the latter.
alice knows edward losing bella will kill him (he says so in NM - she’s in earshot). with every step, edward traps himself into a corner. best-case scenario, bella dies human & edward asks the volturi to kill him. worst-case, edward kills bella & kills himself. likely, bella becomes a vampire & thus becomes “soulless”. it’s his responsibility to examine his choices. but he values alice’s opinion & visions. he trusts her. if she cared for edward, why does she encourage him into a Point of No Return situation? she could say, “i will no longer show you my visions & participate in a situation where you have to choose between killing yourself or killing bella.” OR, better yet, “i see edward struggles with this human girl; it would be best for him & bella if the coven moves away.”
she says neither bc her main drive is becoming bella’s best friend at any cost.
7. alice first sees & moves forward w/ turning a young girl of 18 into a vampire.
this last one’s based on my suspicion that bella’s not better off as a vampire. imo by the end of breaking dawn, bella is trapped in a nightmare but does not yet know she’s living in one (tho the cullens do). while that may not be the case, it does give this last point, for me, more weight.
bella doesn’t know what she’s getting into. she is young & has a life to live. edward knows & acknowledges it. but tbh he’s too weak to reconcile this truth w/ the idealized version of human bella that he worships. edward is to blame for not prepping bella for vampirism & for getting involved w/ her in the first place.
but alice has a role here. she faces the reality more than edward does: bella will be a vampire. she also knows firsthand the hard reality of vampirism. she has the power to give bella an informed choice. but she doesn’t. ever.
& after edward finally puts his foot down & makes The Impossible Choice to leave bella human, alice invalidates it. she promises bella vampirism. she directly goes against her brother & shuts down all other futures in bella’s life without bella even realizing it. in the end, she betrays her brother to kill her best friend. presumably to save them both. but is she really saving them?
edward cullen should’ve died at the end of new moon. alice should have never dragged bella to italy, should have never promised bella vampirism, & most importantly, should’ve never bought bella to the volturi. bella, edward, alice, & potentitally all the cullens could’ve been killed for revealing the secret of vampirism to bella. alice’s biggest fuckup is made to seem like a caring act to “save” her brother & “best friend” when in reality it was a selfish, risky gamble that guaranteed the death of 1 person & risked the lives of 7 others. & for what? so bella can become a vampire & spend eternity drinking the blood of animals?
imo, alice’s long game was to make bella a vampire so she could secure a bff for all eternity, someone who caves to alice’s demands in the same way that jasper does. & she succeeded.
tl;dr i gather that alice lacks empathy, even for those she claims to love most. she is toxic & greedy. she excuses, engages in, & encourages the mistreatment of others, especially if it results in futures she wants. i see no remorse or change in her behavior. all the other cullens, based on their backstories, have on some level recognized some of their shortcomings & have worked (& all failed) to correct them. alice has not. i admit that Most Evil may be an exaggeration. but there are so many examples in text that imo you can make an argument for it. & since i bear responsibility for bringing it up, here is mine
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lucinferno · a month ago
i've had this headcanon that post-s2, when mc is beginning to practice sorcery, night-mares started to appear in the dead of night, the growing power in their soul becoming more and more attractive to demons and denizens of the dark. this causes mc to suffer terrible nightmares- until they realize sleeping besides one of the princes of hell staves off the night-mares, the demons frightened that one of the brothers might just swallow them whole for messing with their lover!!!!
about lucifer:
*his alarm went off and he shook off mc's arm as he got out of bed, readying to start his day of being the king's advisor. as soon as he stepped away from the bed, mc whispered his name, their hand reaching out for him. 'i don't get the nightmares when i'm with you. please stay.' lucifer faintly remembered reading about night-mares targeting young human sorcerers- never again did lucifer leave mc alone while they slept, all too worried about his partner!!!!!
*lucifer would fix up his office to accommodate a sleeping spot complete with comfy blankets + pillows so mc could sleep in his office while he had some paper work to complete. mc would drink their sleepy time tea and he'd drink is triple-shot espresso and then they'd do their own thing <3
about mammon:
*mc kept asking to pull all-nighters with him- playing cards, watching movies, going out to parties- whatever. mammon was getting worried when it looked like mc was barely hanging on- they were making him a bowl of cereal and poured orange juice instead of milk. mammon's like ... ok mc what's wrong? why aren't you sleeping? you know humans need like, 14 hours of sleep a day? [<- he doesn't know what he's talking about but loves to pretend he does] the human avoids eye contact, a meek expression upon their face. 'it's these nightmares. ever since i started practicing with solomon, there's these whispers... these faces... i can't sleep.' mammon's heart broke!
*he would spend all night awake besides the human's side- watching the human like a hunter waiting for something to take the bait. the night-mares caught on that the second prince of hell is protecting his human- clearly they aren't worth the effort [no way are they going to try and square up with the great mammon!] the next morning, mc gave a kiss on his cheek & a thank you for the wonderful night's sleep. the next night, he did the same thing in hopes for another kiss in the morning- but mc instead pulled him into bed and he got his wish a bit earlier than expected ^-^
and for fun! about solomon:
*solomon knew all too well the night-mares that plagued naïve sorcerers- when he first dabbled in the arcane arts all those centuries ago, he would have the worst visions haunting his sleep for years upon years. it wasn't until he became strong enough that he could dispel demons paralyzing him at night, finally being able to sleep again. he wouldn't wish it upon his worst enemy- so when the human knocked upon his door late at night, tears in their eyes, hands shaking, he urged them inside, embracing them to help calm them down
*he'd feel far too indulgent just being besides them as they sleep. he would instead give them an item imbued with his magic that casts away demons as they sleep. he rummaged around his dressers, looking for some sort of item that the human can easily put on them and keep on while sleeping- a small ring found its way into his hand. huh, a perfect fit for mc as well... he whispered a spell, and the ring glowed- he slipped it onto their finger with a flushed face. 'you'll be safe with this. it'll ward off any unwanted spirits.' the human looked at him with bright eyes, sparkling with reflected moonlight: thank you solomon!
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justiceforallura · 4 months ago
also help the last @voltron post is from december 29, 2018 which is so stupid funny. do you think they lost the password
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oetravia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 4x21 [1/8]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#brainiac 5#querl dox#see this right here is why it was next to impossible to keep up with who knew what in terms of secret identities#did Lena know Nia was Dreamer? I can’t really remember anything from before this episode suggesting she did#but if she didn’t she MUST have by the end of 4x22#when you have this love sick alien puppy declaring his feelings for Dreamer and being all loved up with Nia on game night 🤦🏼‍♀️#even so the way Brainy looks to these two for approval for this plan in the most little brother way possible 🥺🥺#Lena’s immediate 😳 reaction before realising Brainy needs encouragement#and Alex being such a clear mixture of now is sooo not the time and F I N A L L Y#poor thing had been doing ALL of the heavy lifting in terms of helping Brainy figure out his feelings for Nia since the rooftop#anyway the superfriends really are the best of the found family trope and I love them 🥺#but alex and lena with their little brother in particular always gets me good 🥺🥺#also I really wish the timelines in this show were clearer#how long has he spent since 4x19 deciphering his emotions before that ‘oh ✨this✨ is what love feels like’ moment#and it’s funny how different his attitude is here vs with J’onn#here he seems excited to tell Nia with J’onn he’s telling her out of necessity because#having these feelings for Nia and not telling her is becoming a major distraction for him#anywaaay#(can’t wait for this one to get notes purely for Lena 👀 I saw you all with that 4x19 set 👀👀)#mine#my gifs#*ebs#r: little boxes comrade#r: all aliens deserve an alex danvers
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masterplan · a month ago
i keep thinking about that tiktok that says essentially “when a trans man says ‘i’m a lesbian’ ... KILL YOURSELF” and it makss me angrier every day oh my god like the lack of awareness of the history of lesbian and FTM communities is astounding! where the fuck do you think it all began!!!! for real!
i’m not joking when i say that being told they must forcibly cut themselves off from their former lesbian identity is one of the more isolating and upsetting things that happens en masse to trans men these days. i have been that person and i have seen it firsthand (i have two FTM friends who found their way back to that label in the past few years; one passes as male pretty much constantly! and it doesnt hurt him to call himself a lesbian lmfao) like you truly dont fucking understand how isolating it is to try and be like uhhhh im a straight guy. when that, for lots of people, makes zero sense contextually. i think trans men who are not exclusively attracted to women sometimes misconstrue this, and in their lives they were pushed to falsely identify as lesbians before coming out, due to any sort of “tomboy” behavior being viewed as a sign of gayness rather than simply an acceptable mode of being for any sexuality. and that rly sucks that that happens to them. imo there needs to be a lot more “huh, never thought of it that way!” listening being done between different identity groups bc it straight up seems like some trans men cant imagine any other WOULD feel a strong connection to the lesbian community even after physical transition.
call yourself whatever you want, idc, but do NOT come up to one of the most despised sexual/gender identity groups and make these blanket statements that show such a blatant ignorance for any of our history! trans men’s culture and diverse identities did not begin with “mlm tumblr” in 2018 contrary to what tiktok may say. there have always been trans men in lesbian communities and its not hurting anybody
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