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#oh pretty!
somftbitch27 minutes ago
The only thing i know for sure is Epithet Erased because i followed u for your OCs but if i had to guess something in me says probably either
-love live
-v*ltron ((but like, forever ago))
otherwise i think u just enjoy vibin to media whenever it comes ur way
You followed me for my Epithet ocs??? 馃ズ Anon I am so sorry nhsnfhsn Now this makes me think of doing something with those girls again...
Besides EE tho, I can say for sure I never touched either Love Live or V*ltron,, Ur right about media tho, as soon as I see something I like I absorb it into my brain :>
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star-dust-2317an hour ago
A distant memory, a reel from my future
You're everywhere I find you.
Your blood-stained lips utter words into mine as they find themselves etched onto my mind
You colour me with colours you feel and the sounds you see,
And wondered why people said love was hard.
You saw forever crashing down on you and held me closer, whispering promises into the empty space between us.
The harbour lights and stars seemed all the same to you, empty and incandescent,
Brimming with emotions left behind by unsaid words and unfinished promises.
You said you found me among all those reveries, broken and new, and felt infinity.
You found forever in my bloody hands, and took me to the graveyard beneath the stars,
And painted me into the shadows to immortalize my spirit,
As your sins found their way into mine, intertwining soul and spirit.
You sat between my legs on the kitchen counter and held me a little too tight,
And saw the tides meet the orange sky, feeling magic once again.
You wished to become one among the graveyard of stars, and wanted me by your side,
So pushing me below the tides outside our window felt like love to you.
Ephemeral and clandestine, our love shined a bit too bright,
Love, if that's what you call it, seemed a bit too easy.
Tell me darling, was me not walking bloody on shards of your insecurities not enough for you?
Was it not enough I found you among those harbour lights and felt infinity too?
Did the forever you found in my hands not keep you happy? Or the shadows I dived into were too dull for you?
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maraczeks4 hours ago
litp stars in the house reunion thread pt 1
#june 13 2021#i'm coming home :')#...if the wifi ever connects oh frick my family's coming this weekend the wifi's gonna go even worse and it's already like a 6/10 job lawd#...the wifi is not connecting .... but it's fine on my phone ....#gave up on tv YAY LOOK KELLIS SO PRETTYYYYYY VICTORIAAAAA MY BELOVEDS I LOVE THEMMMM THEY CALL EACHOTHER MOTHER SHUT UP#kellis hair is so long oh my gosh#:$:&;&;& did vicki just imply margaret and his character had an affair :&@:@;#VICKIS SO 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ I LOVE HER#matthews so annoying god bless#godddd victoria margaret everything we don't talk about it enough#VICKIS ADORABLE LAUGH SNORT SHE CALLED KELLI HONEYYY HBSNSJSNFNCJDJXJJXKSKWNDDN IM ASCENDINGGGG#VICKI AND TEAL SAME PERSONALITY GODJSSHHHD#SHSHHAHEHDHDHEHEJEFJJFEJHSHDHSH#VICKI SI ADORABLE LOOK AT KELLI LAUGHING AT HERROKCJFNBFDNNE#think abt vicki and amys photos from 2005 tonys all the time#actually i've never seen litp proshot i really should best score ever holy#kellis shoulderrrsssss#kelli so pretty#wahhhh i love this score#SCREECHING LOOK AT KELLI DOING HER LITTLE GLISSANDOS#NEED THEM TO REVIVE IT SO I CAN SEE IT LIVEEEEEEEEEEE#I REALLY NEED TO SEE THE PROSHOTTTTT i havent bc it's not kellz </3#kelli and amys attitude toward what they do is so similar and full of heart#BEAUTY IS !!!2jjdkdkdjkdkd#i forgot they were in south pacific tgt 馃槶馃槶#KELIZODJDHD#cannot get over seth showing straight up boot footage to the actors IT SENSDSSSSSSS#they're so cute i frickin love them so family even 16 years later 馃檨馃ズ#wait aw shes at her daughters graduation that's so cuteeeee#they all know her kid that's so cute shut up i don't even know sarah
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k-e-r-r-i-o-t4 hours ago
It's 4 am, going on 5, and I'm kind of just laying in my bed thinking. So, some of the things I've thought about so far:
Also, trigger warnings before you read: Mentions of cancer, speculations on the after life, mentions of death, honestly this includes lots of science-based thoughts so just in case, also negativity a bit. Not super bad but it depends on your response to just existential thoughts I suppose.聽
You start out as a liquid, end up as a solid. If this is a kind of聽鈥榤ind blown鈥 thing on the internet, (and it probably is) then I鈥檓 sorry this is basically not new to you. I just thought it was funny that I randomly thought about it. Having the power of self-regeneration makes you more susceptible to cancer. If you don鈥檛 know, cancer is essentially the uncontrollable and unregulated production of various cells in the body. So because a person who has the ability to heal and regrow is already prone to reproducing cells rapidly, it means its far more likely that they are capable of experiencing a higher mutation rate and thus can have their cells cluster together forming tumors. I can鈥檛 help but think of this as a good limiter to that power. You have the power to regenerate cells far faster than any human being, but using this power can have severe consequences to your body, and can potentially cause cancer in what you regenerate.聽
I hate the fact that evil villains' with computers don鈥檛 more often have epic gaming set ups. You know, LED flashing keyboard with an epic LED glow tower. For once I want a diabolical evil mastermind to really be just a super spiteful and pessimistic gamer who just decided to be an agent of chaos.聽
The fact that no one has ever had an original thought. Seriously. I鈥檓 not making that up. No one has ever had a single thought completely original because all of our ideas are just electrical impulses in various patterns to be decoded. Our ideas are just feedback from what we interpret and therefore, we as animals are only capable of response and recollection.聽
The fact that economics and the sociology are way more philosophical and applicable to everyday life than they should be. Like, I鈥檝e had this thought a while ago, but in economics there鈥檚 this idea of paradox of value, in which what is rare is seen as valuable even if it has no practical use in society. But apply that to people, and suddenly what you see as value may or may not have a practical use, but it makes you think of why you like that thing. Just sitting down and thinking about why I love family so much, but others don鈥檛 even if they experienced the same childhood I did just kind of makes me a lot more aware of how different I actually am.聽
This one is pretty common, but still a random thought. I will wake up one day, and it will be the last time I wake up. I might not even wake up. Just the idea that I will go to bed, wake up (possibly not even wake up), and that will be the end of my physical and possible mental existence. That鈥檚 a crazy thought. And yet even thinking about that, the only question that really comes to my mind is,聽鈥淲hat will be the last anime I ever watch? The last videogame?鈥 And it seems strange to think about that but I think the reason I feel that way is just because those things bring me so much joy I can鈥檛 imagine being incapable of enjoying them. I鈥檝e imagined death my entire life, but imagining a life without what I鈥檝e enjoyed my life with suddenly is so foreign.聽
Adding on to the last thought, there will come a day where I wake up and never see my friends again. Or, in vice, there will come a day where my friends wake up and never see me again. What will my last words to them be? If I pass away, do I feel like they鈥檒l be ok? When I imagine the idea of death, it鈥檚 strange. Because I don鈥檛 find myself as fearful of the loss of my life as I do the guilt of leaving my friends. Strangely that's just scary to me.聽
There is no such thing as originality. This one is pretty much the same idea of no one has ever had and original thought. Logically, our entire lives our surroundings and capabilities influence our personalities. No one is genuinely unique because everything influences you to be the same. And I think a big fault is that we see that as a bad thing when it doesn鈥檛 have to be. Every experience builds us to be who we are. Even our birth, whether on the street or a sanitized hospital, influences us. And so every person we meet we carry apart of them with us. The good and the bad. And I think about this when I think about death. Because when you loose someone you love so dearly, you feel as though you are lost without that person. And maybe a small part of you is. But if it brings you any comfort you know that you were apart of their life. For better, and for worse. And regardless of how big of a part or how good of the effect, you were a person who made them the way they in the same way they made the person you are.聽
Ok this is pretty long so one finally thought. As people, as animals, our emotions are nothing but self generated hormones. Our body, our minds, regulate how we feel, even if we have no reason to feel that way. And some are much more in control than others. So never feel as though your emotions are invalid. Because they aren鈥檛. And in the same way they aren鈥檛 invalid, let it know they aren鈥檛 a battle. I know to some people it seems as though our minds are a warzone, but in actually they鈥檙e more like a conversation to me. Intrapersonal communication in which you just kind of talk to yourself and work through it all. As I said, we as humans only know response and recollection. Every aspect of our mind is designed to recollect, store, decode, and encode. And because of that, we can feel so many different things because its all about how we respond. Sit and have a chat with yourself.聽鈥淲hy do I feel this way?鈥 Remind yourself why its valid to think to yourself, to enjoy whatever it is that brings you value, how every idea isn鈥檛 original and so you don鈥檛 have to be original. The world is all about perspective. How you see life. And I think that a lot of people assume being a realist means you have to be a pessimist. And you don鈥檛. Because being a realist is just looking at what is real. What is possible. And really, because of that its just looking at all the facts. What makes you respond sadly. What makes you respond happily. Why you might respond those ways.聽
Just random thoughts.聽 聽
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fonulyn5 hours ago
Lolol after watching u struggle with the Leon screenshots I'm almost afraid to ask, but how about top 5 Chris screenshots?
lmao well Chris is easier :'D because for Leon the main problem is re4 and the fact that I'm ridiculously obsessed with how damn pretty he is in that game so it's... hard. and it would've been even harder if I'd taken Damnation and Vendetta into consideration which I... didn't. and I will also ignore the existence of Vendetta when it comes to Chris lmao.
also I don't have any screenshots from re8, sadly. so no hunky dilf!Chris for me.
oh, and i only chose ones where Chris is the focus, although there are some rly good ones with him and Leon or Jake or Piers or so. but this is about Chris.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also honorable mentions? honorable mentions.
these are just him being really pretty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this one i absolutely love but it didn't make top5 bc chris isn't super visible in it
Tumblr media
and c'mon the panda has to be mentioned
Tumblr media
also, lastly, his slightly weird orgasm face :'D
Tumblr media
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tiaskofi6 hours ago
actually I did cast an entire panto with all the druk series 2 queens just after the panto runway happened but I don鈥檛 know where I put the piece of paper I wrote it on
#I remember Ellie was the princess bc that was obvious casting#Ginny was the dame Joe was the Rat Queen and veronica was the Good Fairy#I can鈥檛 exactly remember the rest#I think sister was like the sarcastic butler to the king and queen?#the panto was Dick Whittington btw because I thought it had the best opportunity for dick jokes and also it was the last good panto I saw#OH I remember now tia was dick whittington and asttina was the cat#because her costume in rats just looked like a cat costume#of course I cast tia as the lead what else would I have done I鈥檓 me#but it鈥檚 the type of panto where the first boy role is played by a woman#so it鈥檚 subversive because it鈥檚 a drag queen dressed as a woman dressed as a man#cherry and tayce were the king and queen it doesn鈥檛 matter which one is which or if they鈥檙e both queens#let鈥檚 do it let鈥檚 have lesbian queens#who else am i missing#oh lawrence was like the buttons equivalent character I can鈥檛 remember the name#and a鈥檞hora and bimini were the rat queen鈥檚 minions and basically they鈥檙e dysentery and depravity from rats the rusical#is that everyone#yeah that鈥檚 everyone I think I鈥檓 pretty sure I remembered right#a progressive panto with a nb dame and lesbian queens#wait there isn鈥檛 anyone to play the mean shopkeeper#we鈥檒l have to open cast that one#anyway I鈥檓 picturing a line where Dick broke something accidentally in the shop or something so he鈥檚 hiding from the shopkeeper#the shopkeeper is like 鈥榃HERE鈥橲 THAT DICK? and Dick in his hiding place is like to the audience 鈥榟e could start by looking in a mirror鈥#alternatively the dame could reply 鈥榳ell if you don鈥檛 know where it is by now then I鈥檓 not gonna show you鈥#dick jokes aplenty in my script
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lotchairy8 hours ago
well fml i fell off a little bit today
there were a lot of bad vibes and being stuck inside all day made me snack more than i wanted
i鈥檓 thankful i didn鈥檛 fully binge (and saturday鈥檚 are usually worst of the worst for that) but i definitely ate way more than i have been but i stopped myself before going crazy鈥 and i also couldn鈥檛 handle how many calories that was so i did end up purging for the first time in awhile
oh well!! day鈥檚 over and i can get back on track tomorrow. no need to turn a day off track into a week
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fanartandvents9 hours ago
Going through this list of Pokemon I have for personal stuff and listing it in alphabetical order has made me realize that I don't remember the alphabet
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thecharactergrabbox9 hours ago
Fukur艒dani Current Concerns
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji: "I want my physical power level a bit higher."
(serious baby go brrr)
Bokuto K艒tar艒: "...How do you spell 'concern'?"
(My poor baby awww)
Komi Haruki: He doesn't get time to take a nap after lunch.
(guys he's my height :D also that's a very serious concern my dude)
Konoha Akinori: He's started to get the feeling that if you look at Bokuto's stupidity from a slightly different angle it's actually kinda genius and that pisses him off.
(did he lie tho. Bokuto got that smart stupid :3)
Onaga Wataru: Some of his classmates call him Omonaga-kun (long face-kun) in genuine error.
(don't you hate when people make their own version of your name?)
Sarukui Yamato: He's been told to stop smiling when he's not actually smiling at all.
(he looks sneaky)
Washio Tatsuki : A child he'd just met took one look at him and started to cry.
(aw he's so sweet tho.)
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angelicamerlinbarnes10 hours ago
If someone who works at Warner Bros studios AKA the Hogwarts set museum could just kindly move Sirius and Remus鈥 dress mannequins so they鈥檙e holding hands instead of Tonks and Remus I will literally love you forever and be your personal house elf
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l-c-marques10 hours ago
okay but the fact that poki and rae recently went to a club in vegas, similarly to your fic,, plus rae's cute reply to poki's outfit pic on her alt account?? i love them
Do you mean the one she literally took a gif from Yuru Yuri ????? Cause that's the gayest shit I ever seen a straight woman do! istg she's trying to kill us
about the realism.. i watch them all way too much. after 500 hours of content people become more predictable lol it's how I started writing about Toast coming back to America before he did too. glad you like it 锛锯柦锛
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steponmeasra11 hours ago
to be honest, your fics on ao3 are what made me want to start writing for the arcana! it felt really refreshing to write for a new fandom, and i'm seriously grateful to you for posting!! i love your content very much!!
This is such a high compliment, I'm a little speechless 馃槼 Thank you, darling 鉂わ笍 I'm so glad you enjoyed them, esp because my trash brain routinely resets and every time I remember I just have a whole ass public compendium of kink fics about a fictional magician I momentarily panic before I remember that is not even remotely the weirdest thing about me 馃槀 like brain pls we had a whooooole ass twilight phase being in love with some hot fictional Vesuvians is literally nothing dhehhandbd
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