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#oh the change over time
belligerentbagel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
clearing out the elephant graveyard; eternal wips 😔
#manifesting the 'oh no! ...............anyway.' mood#on feeling Very Neutral about the end of the mighty nein campaign#i think the aeor arc (coupled with 3+ months of not being able to tune in for the livestream) just ended my investment?#things i like in a campaign: travelling around. meeting people. solving problems that are relevant; that you feel like you have earned.#things that suffocate my interest in a campaign (also happened with taz graduation): being tossed a WORLD-ENDING PROBLEM of IMMEDIATE IMPORT#(and episodes that only feel like inching towards progress; or tedious fights that dominate multiple hours; or circling indecisively around)#i think the somnovum stuff felt like an intrusion on several strands of character and arc development#(which imo would have been fine if the somnovum arc was only a detour!)#but it quickly took on a life of its own (ha) and truncated the story - because where are you supposed to go; after saving the world?#it's strange to feel completely dispassionate about the ending of something that once consumed my every thursday#it's over. i'm glad it's over for the sake of the cast; it seemed like they were getting strung out trying to maintain tension & drama#(full acknowledgement that ofc the changed setup for pandemic safety was; unavoidably; something that muffled table dynamics)#i'm glad that some things happened; i think that many others deserved to be given more time and thought and development#if you enjoyed the finale and found it fulfilling and satisfying; i am glad that it worked for you#critical role#wip#anyways i'm fond of that jester piece and am actually a bit sad that i can't muster up the care to finish the painting
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bortmcjorts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: the first picture is a colored doodle of tommy playing an accordion and serenading darnold, who’s leaning against the railing of a small balcony and smiling fondly back at tommy, as heart shaped music notes float between them. they are both wearing sweaters, but tommy has a skirt and darnold is in pajama pants. the background is a vague cityscape and night sky, and the picture is colored with an off-white to dark purple scheme.
the second image is a little sketch showing that darnold’s balcony is on the second floor, and tommy is being held up by benry, who is sitting on gordon’s shoulders. gordon is struggling to hold them both up, and darnold is looking down with a worried expression. end ID]
so i got an accordion...
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batshit-birds · 5 months ago
alright so I spent like....four hours drawing the reverse au Wren uniforms for Damian, Tim, and Jason last night/this morning. And i'm not gonna let them just sit in my drafts so y'all are gonna see them and i'm gonna ramble about them
don't bother clicking on them for better quality, these were really really tiny sketches so they're grainy as hell zoomed in. also just assume all of them have padded knuckles, I couldn't be damned to put effort into their hands lmao
Tumblr media
first up we've got Damian. I took inspo from his iconic Robin look and his new outfit from his upcoming solo (im so fucking stoked).
It's a little artsy, but not very bold. He's going for a more stealthy look like the goth bastard he is. The inside of the cape is a slightly lighter red to break up the monotony and make the uniform as a whole easier to look at. The back of his cape has a built in sword hilt, and the boots are toe boots
Tumblr media
Tim's next! Ah, look how happy and healthy he looks. Rest in peace bro
This one takes inspo from some of his Robin looks and Damian's Wren uniform. Though, Tim did actively design it to be distanced from Damian's, so that it didn't seem like he was copying Damian or replacing him. Tim's is more simple with a brighter red and it focuses on the symbol. His boots are steel toed for more kick, and a...forearm computer? Y'all know what i'm talking about hopefully. Anyway that thing is strapped to his right arm over his glove. Also Tim culture is saying 'fuck sleeves'
Tumblr media
and finally we have Jason. For some reason his skin saturation got a lil fucked up. Ya can't have shit on Tumblr
Jason snatched inspo from both Damian and Tim, while still stylizing it to suit his personality. He went for a bolder contrast with an even brighter, almost peppy red, going so far as to make his entire cape the same cherry color. The cape is back to the classic 'tastefully tattered' look, though on this Jason isn't copying Damian, he's copying his dad
Fun fact - there are three trackers and two panic buttons on/in Jason's uniform, just to be extra careful. Which is endearing until you think about why
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rains-pace · a month ago
Tumblr media
so. new c!Wilbur lore huh?
#dream smp#mcyt#wilbur soot#ranboo#this isnt from todays stream but well it takes me a while to finish things haha#ahhhh ive been loving these streams i really like how these three (including tubbo's stuff from today because oh my god) like act together#and how wilbur plays out character actions so well just by how he moves in game#theres so much interesting dialogue to read into in these vods and im so excited to see where the story goes#this was my favorite part from the last wilbur lore cuz he started crying from just like 'yeah you're fine'#like ahhh please get therapy /lh#and then the way he hovered over the tnt in his inventory while ranboo talked about believing in change#like you KNOW he was thinking about all the time he spent in limbo and how much he (presumably) wants to prove to everyone#that he's changed#dont even get me started on todays stream#they all nailed it and tubbo's acting?? and the whole scene of him crying and singing the anthem like i just#theyre really pulling out all the stops#things i noticed that i want to talk about somewhere:#wil is still doin that thing where he builds up to be taller than people#like he built up to apologize to tubbo then went on eye level when tubbo forgave him#then he built up again when he realized forgiveness is not the same as trust#(btw good on c!tubbo for asserting himself like that. its major growth for his character)#(and im SO happy to see an exploration of his feelings about the execution he has such an interesting character)#another thing i noticed bc i rewatched the tommy video when jack got added to the smp#tommy referred to lmanburg as paradise when he introduced it to jack#and i cant help but feel like its not a coincidence that the new burger van is also being called paradise#hmm#anyway thats enough rambling this was hardly even about this drawing#i just hvae so many thoughts abotu this lore and im excited about it lol
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medicinemane · 4 months ago
There's such an obsession, at least in the US, with memorizing things almost just for the sake of memorizing things and it's honestly such a waste of everyone's time, especially the person being forced to memorize needless junk
The thing is, the stuff you need to know you'll start remembering more because you use it, and the rest it's fine to look up
Examples, I used to be terrible at spelling in part because I'm dyslexic. For some reason in the US people really care about how well people are about to spell, not as in "hey... don't know what this word is supposed to be, it would help if you could spell better", just like this... almost offence at the concept of someone being bad at spelling. At least, that's how it felt to me growing up terrible at spelling
Want to know what fixed it? Talking online with people, even more so once I had a spellchecker and stuff. Having to write words more often got me used to the spelling of those words because I was using them a lot, and the spellchecker let me see how to spell the stuff I was getting wrong
Same for me and typing. Used to do a pretty fast chicken peck, but when I started talking with people a lot through text I just kind of found one day that I could type pretty fast without looking. Didn't train it or anything, don't know if I do it the proper way, though I know it's pretty close
When I was taking chemistry, I knew the atomic weights of the elements that came up a lot, looked up the rest. Pharmacy, you get a good grasp on the meds that come up a lot
I'm not saying studying or trying to memorize things is bad, I just think we focus on the wrong stuff a lot of the time. It's better for someone to know how to look up how to get the right answer than to just have one specific answer memorized. If someone can quickly identify which formula they need for a math problem and know how to apply it, there's no problem with just looking up a formula they rarely use whenever they need a refresher
Method is just so much more important than minutiae, and no matter what it is the stuff that you use all the time you don't forget
#if you're wishing death on people you might just take a peek and make sure your moral compass#is where you want it. You don't even have to change it just check on it real quick#so you like nazis and pedophiles?#oh so you don't think people should learn things? you think knowledge is bad?#I really wish I knew how to say things without making it a huge wall of text#I might just say that last sentence but... you know tumblr makes me need to over explain and qualify every idea so much worse#still remember the time I made a post saying#and I had a couple people hop on that post and be like#and it's just like... ok#that post was about something specific I saw actually but like... I'm not giving a whole backstory for it just to justify it#anyway though if people can twist your words on something like that#what's to stop them from looking at the short version of this and being like#or something equally insane#and in many ways it's not that I really care#it's just I try to stay away from online drama and I don't need it finding me over nothing#I don't know this is a long pointless rant probably because I'm tired#but like I said... that kind of stuff is why I over explain even more these days than I always have#I'm generally very choosy with my wording which isn't a bad thing usually#it means I take time to think about how someone could take my words and I think lets me rework it so as to be as supportive as possible#one on one I think it's mostly a good think though I hate how much more I talk than other people#it makes me feel so annoying#and like I'm talking over them#anyway... thankfully despite having more followers than makes sense no one really bothers me#I can't know all the people who follow me but generally everyone seems cool#anyway... really want to go to bed here so hopefully I can break free and do that
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otomes-and-tears · 3 months ago
Hello, I hope you're having a good day! I was wondering if it might be possible to ask for a one shot of Ezarel receiving news about Erika/Guardienne's awakening (whether by HQ letter, or maybe smth overheard idk)? ; o ; I miss that blue boy so much aaaaaa
A/N: Nevra and Ezarel are penpals. I don’t care what canon says, I will stand by this.
If you want to read Ezarel’s return to Eel and his reunion with guardy, click here!
Ezarel finding out that the Guardian is awake
Ezarel always looked forward to Nevra’s letters.
Not like he’d ever let that smug bastard know, his ego was already too inflated for his own good, but it was still nice to hear from his old friend.
Nevra’s letters were lengthy— usually several pages long and detailed the shenanigans that the ones that stayed behind were going through. Life in the HQ was quieter than it was before, but still busy, so he could forgive his friend for not writing too often.
That’s why when Twylda came running to him on one afternoon, with a letter in hand from the HQ he got worried.
“You received one less than a month ago, didn’t you?”
He looked at the papers in his desk. The reply he was still writing.
Ezarel held the new letter with a worried glance.
“Do you think... That something happened to him?”
“There’s only one way to find out.” She says “I’ll give you privacy but... Please call me if you need something.”
He nodded. They didn’t really get along well at first, but with time he started really appreciating Twylda’s company. She was sweet and motherly, and seemed to know just what to say to make him feel better.
With a sigh he grabbed his letter opener and reached for the contents inside. It was only one page long and written hastily, which was unusual for the vampire.
His eyes skimmed through the text, and his heart almost stopped beating in this chest when he processed the words written in front of him.
They were alive.
The guardian was alive.
They woke up in front of the Crystal almost two weeks ago now.
They are awake and okay and they asked about him.
Ezarel’s first thought was “this must be a joke”. But this was clearly Nevra’s handwriting, even if it was messy and lacked its usual flair, and the letter was closed off with his seal. Nevra has a weird sense of humour but he wouldn’t joke about something like this, and everything pointed to the fact that he found out about it and immediately ran to write to him about it, as he promised he would.
Ezarel’s hands were shaking. He was embarrassed to admit that he wanted to cry, and was glad to be alone for now.
He didn’t know what to do.
Should he write back and ask for more information? Should he just march over there and see it with his own eyes?
His eyes scanned over the letter one last time, and he watched the contents of the letter he was still writing on his desk.
No. He had to be there.
With a surge of decisiveness, the elf got up to look for his bags.
He just hoped the guardian would still be okay by the time he got there.
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worstloki · 10 months ago
Loki: Adoption is just so difficult, I don't know how Odin did it,
Thor: We've been here for hours, please, just pick a pumpkin already,
Loki: but I wouldn't want it to feel like I was obligated to take it home and it inherently owes me for it's life
Thor: Loki, Brother, please just pick one,
Loki: I sure hope none of these want to remain that orangey colour, because I'll be painting over them in 'proper' skin tones later
Thor: LOki, pLEASE,
Loki: I'm having a hard time deciding which would react badly or well when they find out they're a pumpkin when they're older
Thor: LOKI, PLEASE, not in puBLIC,
Loki: because obvioUSLY I WON'T BE TELLING THE PUMPKIN THEY'RE ANY DIFFERENT TO THE REST OF THE FAMILY TILL THEY FIND OUT ON THEIR OWN-- [thor tackles loki in the middle of the supermarket to get him to stop yelling]
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eddiediazbeloved · 3 months ago
thinking about eddie staring at the ground with the blankest expression before buck walks into his room to tell him they're almost good to leave the hospital. thinking about how he’d been stewing in his thoughts since buck sat by his bedside and said it would’ve been better if he got shot instead. thinking about how up until the moment he tells buck he wants to talk to him about something - he’d been trying to figure out exactly how to tell buck that he’s wrong and that he matters and that he’s such an important part of eddie’s family that he made it legally binding a year ago. thinking about how he’s realizing that it’s time to tell buck about the will......and maybe realizing that part of the reason why he hasn’t mentioned it yet is because he’s scared of what it’ll reveal......but buck needs to know that he’s important and that eddie and chris need him so......he decides to tell him....
Tumblr media
#using that picture as both an example and a reaction i#he's thinking SO hard#he’s so deep in thought that he’s startled when buck walks back in#‘i’ve been meaning to talk to you about something’ he says like it hasn’t been A YEAR.#just dying to know what eddie’s been THINKING this whole time#dying to know what he was thinking when he put buck in his will and made the conscious decision NOT to talk to him about it#dying to know if at any point over the last YEAR he ever considered telling him#dying to know what kept him from telling him#a year eddie.......a year........#a whole#........#eddie#bestie i’m dying to know what goes through that beautiful head of yours bc oh my god#like literally why didn’t you talk to him BEFORE you made the change#why did you just SIT on this#what’s the reason eddie. what’s the reason.#al talks#having a rough day so logically thinking about the will is how i'm coping#ana while sitting in the hospital with eddie: so do you think maybe we should talk about this experience?#eddie: buck said it would've been better if he got shot. why would he say that? why would he think that?#ana: ...okay no you're the one that got shot maybe we should talk about how YOU feel?#eddie: ...why doesn't he understand how important he is? did you know he's christopher's legal guardian if i die? it's in my will#ana: it's..........what#eddie: i haven't told him. should i tell him? do you think that will make him realize how important he is to us?#ana: ........#no i'm not ever getting over this#sorry
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mummer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
love this passage because.. winterfell has already been destroyed. by southerners, who soon will camp there tearing at each other’s throats worse than any giant would. cannibals in the wolfswood, why not? ramsay’s already there hunting women. chariots across the barrowlands? why fear that when even now jeyne poole is being escorted to her torturer across the same land. the fishwives of the stony shore are being stolen for thralls by the ironborn. even the daughters of white harbour are being traded by their fathers to men they do not know. what must follow? better turn your eyes south, jon! it’s already happened! it’s happening now!
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transcas · 3 months ago
being trans in the uk is a paradox because the gic want you to "live" as your chosen gender for 2+ years before medical transition, but for a lot of trans people that's both humiliating and straight up dangerous. they want you to have legal documents stating you've lived as your chosen gender but in order to get those legal documents you need a note from a gender clinic to prove that you have gender dysphoria. they want you to have no mental illnesses then have 2 year wait times between referral and first appointment (if you're lucky and get into a clinic with a short wait time. otherwise you're looking at 4+ years)
#um.txt#trans#like god i consider myself very lucky with my transition the only setback was a medical issue that stopped me from going on hormones for 1yr#and the gic sending an appt letter in the post and it getting 'lost' and them just assuming i didnt want thr appt#(big tip if ur with a gic particularly chx is just fucking bug them bc their post always gets lost)#and from first referral to top surgery it will have been about 4 years#which btw is INSANELY fast for a gic#like i cant stress how insane it is to see some countries' hormone process taking a few months#bc here private doctors arent an option either since their waiting times are inssne#aside from gender gp but theyre slowed down by the government constantly suing them lol#tho gendergp are very good i emailed them once for info and the head doctor and i had an email convo over the next few days#where i got resources it took the gic 2 years to give me..#if ur waiting for a gic id definitely recommend just talking to gendergp since they can give free advice#anyway what was i talking about ummm#oh yeah i tried to get a grc but its so hard im gonna get my passport marker done firdt#OH ANOTHER THING is that the government tries to trick you into getting a £200 enrolled deed poll#DONT DO THAT . find a template online and make your own for free unenrolled deed polls are currently still valid#tho the gov are looking to make them invalid so id recommend changing all ur info asap#changing my name at my bank rly helped with legal stuff#who is reading this why am i giving this info#its late i napped and woke up now i feel weird
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