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#oh to be manhandled by adora
seasinkarnadine · 2 years ago
one of the first times glimmer teleports in on them making out and adora slams catra against the wall in panic, i *guarantee* as soon as glimmer left adora was like “oh god i’m so sorry are you hurt??” and catra was immediately like “that was hot” and that’s when adora learned about kinkshaming
Wrong.That’s when Adora realizes Catra has a kink for being manhandled. Cue further experimentation where Adora slams Catra up against walls, pins her arms, tugs the base of her tail, presses her face down into the mattress while she strokes the backs of her thighs, Adora getting off on the high of hearing Catra’s desperate little mewls of pleasure every time Adora is rough with her(Also Adora does love to tease but I don’t think she would ever make fun of Catra for something Catra might feel vulnerable about…)
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