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Hello! I'd like to make a request.. I need. So I wanted to have a Phobos x Reader done, and I have some small details I'd like for the reader personality, and I'd really enjoy a story with angst! The personality is bold, willing to take risks, but does it to the point of being too reckless, and wouldn't want to be loyal to anyone. This includes Phobos. Other than this little detail everything is free game! Hope this isn't too major of a request though c:
the man, the myth, the legend, the fruit rollup
not at all bestie! Im not really in the mood for angst but I can try my best for u <3/p
Just letting you know there will be fluff somewhere in this, u know me
Midway writing Mask: holy fuck this is long, the rest of the fic will be under the cut!
Daring - Phobos x Reader // [fic | angst/comfort?]
Its been a good few months since you met the Director, you met him in a battlefield.. well- sort of-
He was taking a small stroll when you bumped into each other, he heard a bit of quiet struggle coming from an alleyway, curiosity taking the best of him, he sneaked over to investigate
Upon peeking in the alleyway, you and two thugs were fighting, you had just accidentally stumbled upon something you werent meant to see, and the first instinct they had was take you off the face of the earth
You didnt back down a single turn, as much as they had done a number to you, eventually you took both of them down by smashing their heads hard together, both falling unconscious on the hard cement floor
As you took a moment to catch your breath, you spotted the Director's red goggle staring right at you
You stepped back as he made himself more visible by walking into the alleyway, clenching your jaw and balling your fists, you knew who he was, of course you did, his 'face' is all over the city
But that wasnt going to stop you from fighting if things went south
"I must say, I am impressed by your resistance to those two." He spoke, voice echoing through the mostly empty alleyway
"your fighting could use improvement, however." With a smirk behind his bandaged mouth, he held back a chuckle
You sneered, face scrunched up in annoyance as you wiped the blood off your mouth with the back of your hand
"what do you care? Dont you have important matters to attend to?"
"shut your mouth, peasent, and know your place." In a blink, he was right in front of your face, roughtly grabing your chin to force you to look up at him before shoving your head back
You grunted as you hit the scraps behind you, annoyance becoming anger, you got back on your feet
"what? the grand Director doesnt know how to mind his own business?~" you mocked, a smirk growing on your face as you glared
"Daring, are we?" His tone darkened as he loomed over you, you crossed you arms "you clearly dont know who you are talking to."
"oh no, I do, I just dont give a shit." You simply stated as you tried to step around him to leave, but suddenly he grabbed your arm, and threw you to the wall, you yelped with a hiss by the impact
When you looked, he was looming over you again, arms placed on the wall beside your head, making both of your faces be extremely close
"oh but you should care, I could kill you right here right now and no one would do anything about it."
"do it. You wont." You glared as you leaned forward a bit, the movement made Phobos' head reel back slightly
The tension around you both was think enough to cut with a knife, neither of you broke the eye contact for what felt like hours, soon enough, Phobos scoffed
"You're too daring, that'll get you in bigger trouble one day."
"I like taking risks."
"your risks are dangerous."
"why do you care?"
"I dont-"
"then why are you trying to scold me?"
That managed to make him reel back a bit again, speechless, you had a point but he wasnt going to back down..
".. I am not 'trying', I AM scolding you."
"yeah but why? Im not a child."
"you sure act like one."
"says the man with cape so long it almost trails on the ground-"
"Shut. Your. Mouth."
"shut me up then."
Your retorts were... Amusing, to him, sure, its a bit annoying but this was quite entertaining, he dwelled in his thoughts, so many ways to make you shut up without killing you... How could he chose one?
No one was around anyway, so his image wouldnt be damaged if he did anything... He focused back on you, quickly placing a hand on your mouth and the other pressing your abdomen againt the wall so you couldnt flail as easy
You were a bit shocked, he actually shut you up, you didnt think he had the nerve, but now youre stuck, bickering didnt seem like such a good idea now that you thought about it. Your hands gripped his wrist, trying to pry his hand off your mouth, useless, how is his grip so steady??
".... Your arguments are childish... But your attitude is of steel, you could prove useful within Nexus Core.."
You could only glare at his stupid bandaged face, growling under your breath "say, why dont you join me? Become an agent, be respected.. win power? Of course it'll pay you very well too."
You struggled within his grasp, finally, he uncovered your mouth, his hands returned to it's previous spots on the wall
"... Thank you for considering me for this position. Unfortunately I can’t accept the proposal right now, maybe if I decide to be loyal to some faction for once I'll consider it."
And as quick as you said that, you ducked, slipped below his arms and out of his trap, making your way out of the alleyway while wiping the dried blood off your face.. damn you really needed some ice
You left the Director there, genuinely too stunned to speak, no one has ever left him like this, or turned down a power offer... Are stupid or up to something? He couldn't tell.. whatever, you loss, dont come crying to him when you need a job
Which leads you to current times, you both bumped into each other a few more times across these months, you both still butted heads a little, snarky remarks and small comments everyone around you both flinched to, and where extremely surprised when the Director did nothing but retort it, usually he'd behead anyone who said such things
Yet, he seemed to humor you, not even the Director seemed to know why he did so, since upon carefully asked, he would always take a moment to think and then shrug it off, ordering the person not to ask about it again. some began spreading a few rumors
'do you think they're together? Like, dating-'
'thats the only logical solution, why would the director not killed them for saying those things?'
'what if they're old friends?'
'what if they're family?'
They spread like fire in dry grass
It was oddly enervating to walk around and hear a few whispers about you and the Director's relationship, you sighed, sipping on the boba tea you had just gotten, keeping a few of the pearls in your mouth and took out the straw on your drink, you turned the the whispering grunts behind you, aiming with the straw in your mouth and shooting the pearls at them
It was hilarious, the pearls struck to their clothes and faces, they panicked at the sudden feelings and frantically patted themselves, you chuckled and shoved the straw back in its hole
A waste of pearls, but a worth it one. You sipped your drink again as you began making your way to the local park, maybe just relaxing on a bench will get you some peace
Passing by an alleyway, you caught something from the corner of your eye, you quirked a brow as you looked into the alleyway, too dark to see anything... Maybe your eyes were playing tricks on yo-
Hands grabbed your arms from the darkness, pulling you into the shadow filled alleyway, you dropped your drink and it splattered on the ground, the only sign that your were even standing there at all
You struggled against the grip, freeing one of your arms and punching the unknown figure, fight or flight kicking in as you frantically tried to free yourself from the person, a smart idea would be screaming, but that could only attract more of this figure's friends
And you were right, for the most part, you felt more hands grab you, restraining you as much as you struggled
"who the hell are you?! What do you want-!!" You yelled, kicking and flailing, however, the only response you earned was hits. They punched your chest once you yelled, you chocked, coughing and wheezing for air knocked out of you, they continued to beat you up;
Phobos was one yet another stroll around his precious city, fresh air is good for you, after all.
As he walked along the sidewalk, he was lost in his thoughts, why did he put up with your attitude?... It was confusing to him, he never put up with that kind of attitude until you came along
You were... Interesting... Daring... No one's ever been so... Reckless, to say such things to him...
Your challenging tone.. your stupid smug grin.. playful glare whenever you decided to snark at him.. the way you crossed your arms and raised your head, not only to look up at him, but as if to say 'I win this argument'... It drove him crazy
He sighed aggravatedly, how dare you cause such an effect on him... What did you do to make him feel this way? Were you a Magiturge and cursed him or something? Why did he feel warm whenever you looked at him? Why did he feel so flustered when you spoke in that- smooth stupid little tone you did when retorting him??
Was he dying???-
The feeling of stepping into something soft and wet snapped him out of his thoughts, he didnt step into dog shit while he wasnt paying attention, did he?
Looking down, he noticed those where boba pearls and tea... He had just cleaned these boots, god damnit..-
His head snapped to the alleyway beside him, hearing the faint sound of grunting and gasping, along with the sound of fists punching something
Once again, curiosity gets the best of him, the sounds sound far, must be deep into the corner... He takes cautious steps in, surprisingly quiet for someone so huge
At this moment he's glad he asked for his goggle to have a night vision mode to it when he did, pressing a small button on the side of his goggle, he blinked as his vision got adjusted to the green hues
At the end of the alleyway, he saw a group of grunts beating up another, restrained by two others, now thats unfair. He turned his head away before he had to double take, looking back- wait... That was you..!
... Oh...
Within seconds, he found himself running full speed at the one punching you, charging a puch at the guy, who went flying by the impact and into a wall, his friends who weren't holding you attempted to stab him, he dodged quickly, taking out his sword and beheading them just as quick, turning to the two retraining you, he yanked one by the head and threw him across the alley, they other was stabbed through the chest as they attempted to run away
Oh now that just wont do...
He breathed heavily, fists clenched as he came down from the small adrenaline rush, hearing a soft thud and heavy breathing near him, he looked over, calming down slightly at seeing you just fell from your standing position... He sheeted his sword again
Jesus... The really did a number on you...
Meanwhile, you were internally freaking out, you gasped for the air previously knocked out of you, you wouldnt be able to fight too well in your state if whoever this new figure was tried to kill you
You felt them kneel in front of you, you looked up quickly, just to be met with a bright red light... You knew that light...
"... Ph- Phobos?-.." you chocked out, strained from the pain, you saw the glow of his goggle highlight a few of his own features in the darkness, parts of his bandages and helmet slightly in view, as well as your own face from him looking at you
"yes... I am here, [Name].. my stars, they really fucked you up, havent they?.."
You let out a strained laugh "no shit.. Sherlock..." You said, wiping the blood from your nose with your hand
You felt his hand brush a strand of your hair off your face, your breath hitched as you snapped your attention back to him
Your eyes met, for a few moments, it felt like you werent just beat to pulp, it felt like only you and him existed as his hand lingered on your cheek, you subconsciously leaned into his touch, his hand was so warm...
"... What... Are you doing...?"
He didnt answer, only wiping the blood seeping from the corner of your lips, you felt your blood rush to your cheeks with a strained inhale
You soon felt your eyes heavy, you struggled to keep conscious. Noticing this, he gently picked you up bridal style, that waked up up a bit more
"wh-.. what are you.. doing-..." You weakly gripped the hem of hi cape, feeling being to high off the ground you slightly feared falling, even if he wasnt going to let you fall
"getting you to a medic." He simply responded, and began walking out of the alleyway, you sighed, slightly pushing his chest
"I can- I can walk.." you insisted, he stopped, deadpanning down at you
"you can barely hold yourself awake, I dont buy that." he said in a monotone, then continued walking, you groaned, giving up and just leaning your head on his shoulder, keeping your breathing steady as you relaxed... You felt safe... He was so warm...
You nuzzled into him and closed you eyes, he gently poked your arm with one of his hands
"dont pass out now. I want you alive."
You hummed, looking tiredly up at his glowing monogoggle
"what'd'you mean 'want me alive'..? What'd'ya want me for...?" He seemed to tense slightly, and just kept quiet, you figured he had no answer to that, too tired to argue, you just hummed again and relaxed, sighing quietly... A nap wont be so bad right..?
He wont notice... Right?... You closed your eyes, and almost immediately gave into unconsciousness...
You slowly fluttered your eyes open, groaning at your sore body and bright lights in the room you were in... Where even are you?-
You tried to sit up to look at your surroundings, though you felt a hand pushing you gently back down
"dont sit up, you need to rest."
Oh.. yeah, Phobos.
You looked to your side, low and behold, there he is, looming over you with his height as always, you gave him a confused dazed look, he took his hand off once you were fully laying down again and leaned back on the chair he sat on beside your bed, he let out an aggravated sigh
".. do you know the scare you gave me?"
You blinked
"you almost gave me a heart attack when you passed out.. I thought your heart actually gave out..." He spoke in a cold and monotone tone, almost as if holding back anger, or any other feeling from seeping into his words... It kind of squeezed your heart
"d'aww.. was little Phooby worried about me?~" you mocked weakly, a grin on your face with a small laugh, he grumbled, lightly pinching your arm
"do not call me that." You giggled again, he sighed "even after being beaten to pulp, you still have your childish behavior...do you know what that was about?"
"hm? The weirdos? Uhm... Not sure..." Your gaze traveled up to the ceiling as you tried to remember... The fight was most of a blur "... I cant remember..."
"hm.. maybe they tried to kidnap you for blackmailing me over those stupid rumours, extremely poor execution.. amateurs." He scoffed and shook his head, you chuckled, looking back at him with a tired smile
".. thank you."
"thanks.. for saving me back there... Even if I would've gotten control of the situation soon enough-"
"uhuh, sure you would've.. you're very welcome."
He got up, the chair creaking in relief, he held his hands behind his back
"well, I shall leave you to rest.. I believe you know how to call a doctor if anything's to happen." He began to make his way to leave the room, you just watched, slightly upset to see him go. You hummed, gaze returning to the ceiling as you began to doze off again
Phobos looked back at your half unconscious form on the bed, he stared for a moment until you gave into sleep
".... Rest well, [Name]...."
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oh to be a middle class lady in the 19th century who has nothing to do all day but have time to think about her romantic afflictions and her beloved
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Lab Partner | TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Pairing: Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker x Reader
Word count: 3.0K
Rating:  ⚠️Juicy lemon. Smut is a head. 
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve known Peter since high school, and maybe you just had a little crush on him. Now that it’s your 4th year of college, you thought that perhaps you should let him know. Well, the universe is on your side because you and him are assigned to be lab partners for you biology lab project. A little banter turns into something more after you discover his secret.
A/N: Um so this is my first time writing anything Peter at all. So sorry if the characterization is off. I just really love AG’s Peter, and he has me in a clutch right now. Comment and reblog are great appreciated and encourage. Any mistakes are mine because i’m writing this on an auto pilot.
Tumblr media
You and Peter haven’t been seeing eye to eye since your junior year of high school.
It’s not like you hate him, just sometimes the awkward, 6 foot tall, doe eye Peter just being a complete smartass to you. It has gotten worse though when you found out that he and you are going to the same college. Every time you see him strolling into the library, you just want to do something to him…
Like, kiss his stupid face so he would shut up.
To say that you’re having a little crush on him is an understatement. You have a massive crush on him, and that crushing has only grown stronger when you get to college. Something about the way he strolls into class with that subtle confidence makes your heart skip a beat. Now that it’s your final year together, you really think about telling him…if you think about it, if he ends up not feeling the same way about you, you can just move to another state and never see each other again.
It seems like the universe is answering your prayer because you and Parker are assigned to be partners for your final lab project. On the inside, you are thrilled, yet on the outside, you have to pretend that this is the worst thing that can happen to you.
“Well, geez Parker, I do hope you don’t fucked up my grade this time around,” you mutter in annoyance, though your eyes can’t seem to meet this. Something about his brown eyes and poofy chestnut hair makes you feel stupid. He smells of sweet…like that kind of warm coffee that someone might have added too much milk and sugar in it. 
He chuckles softly. “Hmm, trust me. That’s the last thing you want me to fuck.”
Your head snaps in his direction. “Language, Parker. You kiss your mother with that mouth?”
“You can find out yourself,” you wink before he quickly goes back to writing down the notes from the TA. Your mouth hangs agape, clearly, you’re shocked and a bit flustered by his response. Since when has he become this bold?!
You can feel your body heating up. Warmness envelops your body as you shakily try to focus on what the TA is saying. By the end of your 2 hours lab, you feel like you’re losing your damn mind over this.
“Here’s my number. Let me know when you’re free so we can work on this project as soon as we can,” you say quickly, writing down your phone number in his notebook. 
“What about your place?” he suggests. You look up to see those warm, liquid browns so close to you that you can feel his sweet breath on you again, and you swear you can feel your heart about to burst right out of your chest. 
“Sure,” you answer exasperatedly, hiding the fact that this man literally takes your breath away.
Peter smiles. “Cool, I’ll text you so you get my number,” he flashes you his pearly white teeth and you’re really grasping on your lab manual hard, trying to not lose your damn mind then and there. “Is this Friday, ok with you? If not, it has to be Sunday morning. I’m scheduled to work this weekend.”
You nod. “Yeah, sure. Fine, whatever. I’m free all weekend.”
“Cool! I’ll see you then,” he says before he gathers his things and quickly heads out of the lab. You’re just standing there, trying to gather your thoughts. The TA, which just happens to be your best friend's older sister. 
“Oh, he’s definitely cute.” You can hear the smirk in her voice and you want to groan loudly.
“She told you, didn’t she?” The TA nods with a smile. 
You groan before quickly making your way out of the lab. You are going to kill your best friend for this.
🕸🕸🕸Friday Night🕸🕸🕸
“Hey, sorry I’m late. Uh, I kind of got lost a bit here,” Peter says as he steps inside your apartment. “No roommate?” He looks around, only to see that you’re living in a small studio, perhaps a bit better than his dingy one. 
“I’d rather stab myself in the foot than live with another human,” you reply sarcastically as you usher him inside...
“Well, jeez. You really have no chill,” he mutters as he settles his backpack and his skateboard down on the wooden floor. 
“Only with you Parker,” you mutter back as you sit beside him on the couch. Because there’s not much space inside your studio, you’re opting for just a loveseat and a decent coffee table. Your bed is not too far from where you and he are sitting. The thin partition is the only thing that hides your unkempt bed.
Both of you begin to work silently. There isn’t much talking except for your little jab here and there. Peter excuses himself to the bathroom an hour and a half later. You feel a bit relieved of course. Perhaps a bit more relaxed as you lean back against the couch. Your foot accidentally kicks his backpack and tips it over, spilling the contents inside onto the floor.
“Shit,” you mutter as you quickly kneel down and try to put everything back into his bag. You frown when you see something red.
“Hey, uh, I think you should buy more hand soap. It’s—”
“Parker, what is this?” you ask as you lift the familiar mask you’ve been seeing on the news lately. Your eyes are practically bulging out of your head as you’re staring at him. He points at you and then at the mask.
“I can explain!” He’s panicking as he quickly grabs it out of your hand with a speed that you don’t think is possible. “It’s for Halloween, y’know.”
“Halloween is like a couple of weeks ago, Peter. Are you–”
You cannot get the words out when you find his hand clamping over your mouth.
“Look I’m really sorry, but can you just not say the word out loud?” You look at him momentarily before you nod. “I mean it, Y/N.” 
You nod again before Peter slowly releases you. You’re practically gasping for air. Peter just sits there, raking his fingers through his chestnut hair after he stuffed the mask back into his backpack, cursing under his breath as he frustratingly zips it up and places it far from your reach. Both of you stare at each other for a long moment before you start again. “So…”
“You promise that you won’t say anything about it,” he points out.
“Yeah…But I have so many questions about it.”
“I’m not going to answer you,” he crosses his arms. You glance at his forearms and swallow at the way the hard muscles flicker and strain. Peter catches that and he narrows his eyes at you. He's suspected that you may have some feeling for him, but when you’re always mean to him, the thought really is always just a thought. There are moments when he caught you staring at him a bit too long, and there were times when you couldn’t look him in the eyes. For years, he thought that you hated him or something. But now, he can fully confirm his little hunch.
“Ok…well…Um, at least tell me about how the web thing works…is it synthetic or do you…y’know produce it…from fluid?” you ask awkwardly, hands tapping on your laps nervously. You’re still avoiding his eye contact as usual.
Peter smirks in amusement at the way you can barely look at him. “Wanna find out?” That catches your attention and you look up. “I’ll tell you about it if you promise to answer my question truthfully?”
You narrow your eyes at him before you nod, oblivious to the fact that he knows that you have a crush on him. “Fine. Go on, Spider boy.”
Peter rolls his eyes. “First of all, it’s Spiderman. Second, you like me, don’t you?”
The statement makes your heart skip a beat. Heat crawls up to your face and to the tips of your ears. You can feel your heart drumming heavily against your chest as you stare at him with your mouth hanging agape. “And I’m right,” he smirks. 
“Tha–That’s not a question, Parker!” you exclaim out loud as you quickly stand up, only for Peter to pull you back down, right onto his laps. Your eyes widen as you stare at him. “What are you doing?”
“You are free to go if you want,” he says as he opens his arms, allowing you to easily leave the warmth of his body. But gosh, you don’t want to! He smells even sweeter than this morning. “I’m not trapping you.”
You think it over and clearly, he knows about how you feel. What would be the point of denying it when you’ve been pining after him for the past 5-6 years. You just look at him now, trying hard to hold onto his gaze, when in reality, your heart is about to burst out of your chest. “Don’t make fun of me,” you mutter, though refuse to leave his laps.
Peter chews on his bottom lip, obviously trying to hide the smile. He has always found you cute, even when you’re being mean to him. You always remind him of that meme where Kirby is frowning and holding a knife…yeah that’s what you remind him of.
“I’m not. I gave you a choice, and clearly, you chose to stay here…which confirms my hypothesis about you.”
“Which is…”
“You like me.”
“So?!” you turn to face him now. 
“So…nothing,” he bites back another smile. 
“Don’t make fun of me!” You’re now squirming in his arms.
“Hey, stop that! Stop–” Before you know it, you find yourself straddling him on the sofa. 
“Urggg….” he groans.
You just stare down at him. All of your rational thought seems to leave your brain then and there as your eyes shift down to his lips then back to his smoldering gaze, then back to his lips again. 
All you mutter is “fuck it,” before you lean down and kiss him. 
Surprise is an understatement because Peter finds himself frozen in place as he lays there with you right on top of him, kissing him. YOU! KISSING HIM?! The rational half of his brain seems to shut down momentarily, and  It takes him a while to digest what just happened. Peter slowly wraps his arms before slowly, but surely returning your kiss. 
He’s shy at first. The small timid lick from his tongue on your lips only makes you melt further into his body. You slowly part your lips, opening yourself to him, urging him to kiss you deeper.  He tastes just like how he smells, sweet of milk coffee, and sugar. His hair is as soft as you had imagined for all these years. 
His tongue glides and grazes yours, licking and flicking at it, making your moan out deep into the kiss. You can feel him smiling as his hands travel down to the curve of your back, just lingering there, unsure of whether he wants to touch your ass or not. With a huff, you guide his hand in yours and place it right on the round of your butt cheek. You can feel his heart beating frantically on his chest as he gently squeezes your soft flesh. 
The kiss feels like an eternity as the two of you spend time exploring each other, tasting one another till you withdraw first as you pull away to catch your breath. You stare down at him momentarily before you get off of him to sit at the space beside him. Peter quickly sits up beside you, though his mouth seems to find its way along your jawline, then down at the column of your neck, then to your collar bones.
Your eyes flutter shut as you try to focus on the feeling of his soft lips against your skin, wishing that he would do more…
“I love how your skin feels,” he murmurs against your skin, sending a vibration through you that makes your nipples strain against your bra and your panties dampen. His hands seem to linger awkwardly at your thigh, stroking it up and down, but he seems unsure of whether he really wants to touch you. 
Frustratingly, you grab his hand again and place it over your clothed breast. Peter swallows hard as he stares at your chest then at you. “Parker, I swear to God if you don’t fuck me know, I am going to fucking scream really loudly and maybe kick your ass.”
The words make him chuckle before he leans in and kisses you again, this time with more urgency and need. He practically devours you as his lips crush yours. His kiss is all tongue and teeth, while his hand is now groping your breast shamelessly.
You moan into him as you slowly lean back till you lay on the couch. You slowly spread your legs for him. Peter’s lips are still yours all the while that he is slowly grinding his hips on your clothes wetness. You moan at the way his growing hardness presses against you.
“I’m really wet,” you manage to say when he briefly pulls away just to take off his sweater. Your hand instinctively grazes at his lean body, feeling the deep ridges of his hard abdominal muscles. God, who would have thought that Peter is this hot?
“Well, that’s a good thing,” he smiles cheekily at you as he slowly rubs you through your legging, making you moan out lewdly. “Oh fuck, you’re practically leaking through the legging, Y/N.” You bite down on your lower lips as Peter continues to rub you, sending you into a haze of pleasure. 
“Peter…” you moan out his name for the first time, which only makes him more excited. His dexterous fingers leave you momentarily to pull down on your leggings. You almost whine out loud of course, but then only your moan manages to come out of your lips when his long, calloused fingers meet your bare, wet, sensitive flesh. 
“Oh fuck. You’re practically dripping,” he comments shakily. You can only reply with a mewling sound as you slowly grind yourself on his fingers. 
“Don’t stop,” you mewls, and Peter assures you that he won’t before he plunges a finger in you. Seeing how you react so positively at this, he inserts another one before he slowly plunges them in and out of you. The soft squelching sound fills the silent apartment, save for your panting and his breathing. The pressure that has been building up at the pit of your stomach has grown stronger and tighter, till it snaps like a rubber band. Your release hits you hard as your body convulses and spasms around his digits. Peter can only smile.
“That was really…sexy,” he manages to say. 
You stare up at him with half hooded eyes, lips quirk into a satisfying smile. “Yeah…yeah, it was…” Peter gazes down at you before he leans in to kiss you again. This time it’s your turn to please him.
You palm him through his jeans, stroking him and rubbing him till his breath shakily. Your fingers quickly unbutton his jeans then you slowly slide them down till you have his hard, pulsating length right in your hand. Peter moans lowly in his chest as you begin to stroke him. He instinctively grinds himself in your palm, savoring the way your soft hand feels on his hot, velvety, hardness. 
“Want you to do something,” you murmur as you continue to stroke him. “Why don’t you web me up and fuck me?” The words just seem to leave your lips without much thought. At this point, your brain is on autopilot. The more Peter is touching you, the more your brains just think with your pussy. 
You don’t have to tell him twice because you suddenly find your arms over your head, completely restrained by his web. You bite down on your lips as you stare up at him. You can see the glint in his eyes before his mouth covers yours again, kissing you. Then you can feel him dragging the head of his cock and lining himself up at your entrance.
You both moan in unison when he enters you. Peters struggles a bit by the way you wall clamps around him oh so tightly. The torturous tightness of your pussy almost makes him cum then and there. “Oh, fuck,” he gasps as you’re too trying to adjust to his size. Who would have thought that he can be this thick?!
After a few moments, you urge him to move, and he complies. He moves slowly at first, savoring the warm, tightness of your body, then he quickens his movements. Peter angles his body in a way that surely makes you see and stare at every thrust. He shifts you into a different position each time, first on your side, then on your stomach, and each time you feel like all of the air in your lungs is being fucked right out of you. It’s not long till your reach orgasms again. And this time, he has you on your hands and knees while he’s balls deep in you. 
“I’m so close, Peter,” you whimper out loud as he bucks his hips forward a few more times. Then your release hits you like a tidal wave crashing against the rock. You gasp and your body convulses. Your toe curls tightly as your fingers are clutching onto the fabric of your couch. Peter reaches his own release not too long after, spending himself all over your lower back. Both of you just lay there, breathing heavily in silence. 
“So…” you start, but you find Peter stroking your thigh in a lazy motion, pricking your skin with goosebumps.
“Let’s shower first, then I’ll explain later,” he says as he gets up and offers you his hand. You narrow your eyes at him before you gladly take it.
“Maybe, after dinner too?”
Peter laughs as he pulls you into the bathroom. “Sure, I’ll stay for dinner.”
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captains-simp · 8 months ago
can you do a fic where reader unintentionally breaks one of the rules by accident so she has to be punished but the punishment is being ignored by BOTH wanda AND nat and reader is uncomfortable with being ignored because it makes her feel invisible and like she's a ghost so like this is what happens, reader breaks a rule in front of wanda and nat but reader doesn't realize she broke a rule but wanda and nat punish reader without telling reader first, and they punish her by not acknowledging her presence and stuff then reader just breaks and starts crying and stuff, she's really upset until nat and wanda cave in and see what's wrong with reader because they didnt know that reader didnt realize she broke a rule and her punishment was being ignored by them
also nat is dom, wanda is switch (like wanda is sub to nat but dom to reader) and reader is sub also nat, wanda and reader are in a poly dom/sub relationship and dating
Oh my god is this ✨smut with a developed storyline✨?
Wanda Maximoff & Natasha Romanoff ~ 3rd Wheel
Warnings: debatable toxic traits, feelings of abandonment and unlove, fingering, praise, oral and hints of overstimulation
2.4k words
[ masterlist ]
Buy me a coffee ☕
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You giggled as Sam made stupid sound effects every time he paused in telling his story. You were pretty sure the story wasn’t true but hearing him tell it was entertaining enough. He put his hand on your forearm as he laughed at his own comeback to some apparently ‘very real’ character in the story and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. That was until your other arm was grabbed and pulled you to your feet. 
“It’s late, we should go.” Natasha said curtly. You nodded and said goodbye to Sam with a tight hug and followed after the Russian as Wanda joined her at her side. 
“How did your meeting go?” You teased the redheads. Officially, what you had just attended was a party. Unofficially, it was a chance for Natasha and Wanda to gather more intel for a future mission that they had been working on for months. Tony, to no one’s surprise, was more than happy to help by hosting the party and it was just like any other to everyone else. You had missed your girlfriend’s company at first, but had eventually started socializing with the others and the night had flown by. 
When you were met with silence you assumed you didn’t hear either of their responses over the music so you sped up your steps slightly to stick close by. Once you got to the car you knew they were in a bad mood. It was one thing when one of them was mad but both of them was a whole other storm. Not that it was always bad. Sometimes they would take that anger out on you in the bedroom and you had secretly been dying to be fucked like that for a while. 
You tried to make conversation a few times, telling the pair about Sam’s story and how it was probably about as real as fairies but they still didn’t respond. Of course, you had no idea that these things were just making them madder and that Wanda and Natasha were communicating silently most of the time, discussing the meeting as they ignored you. You gave up eventually and gazed out the window as you fiddled with the fabric of your dress. 
Once you were home things only seemed to get worse. “I made dinner before we left.” You said as you looked under the grill to find that the three served plates were still fine and put them on the counter. You had cooked before getting ready because you knew your girlfriends were busy and were going to be hungry when they got home. You glanced at the two women to see Natasha undoing her girlfriend’s zipper and placing a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. You smiled at the tender site. 
“Hey, where’s my kiss?” You teased as Natasha started towards the bedroom but shouldered right past you. You looked to Wanda but she didn’t spare you a glance either as she strolled through the apartment to your shared bedroom. You watched them go with a dry mouth and dragged yourself to the bathroom where you struggled to undo the zipper of your dress before finally succeeding after five minutes of struggling and sore arms. One of the redheads usually did it for you before you could even think to ask.  
You stepped into the shower and tried to focus on the feeling of the hot water running down your body, hoping it would distract you from the dull ache near your heart. It didn’t work. You wondered if you had done anything to annoy them at the party but could think of nothing. With a disgruntled sigh, you turned off the water and stepped out of the safety of the shower. You quickly dried off and tiptoed to your now-empty bedroom to change into your pajamas. 
When you went back into the kitchen you found only one of the plates was left. You glanced over at the living area to see Wanda and Natasha curled up together on the couch under a blanket as they watched TV and ate the food you made. They could have at least warmed mine up. You grumbled to yourself as you put it in the microwave and made yourself a drink. You trudged over to the couch but Wanda extended her legs to cover the free space just as you were about to sit down. You looked up at them both but their eyes were still glued to the TV. 
You sat down tentatively on the armchair closest to the couch and started taking small bites of your food. You weren’t paying attention to the screen at all. Instead, your eyes kept flickering to the two redheads curled up on the couch together. They looked so warm and tender laying together. You wished so desperately you could be with them, but instead you just felt like an outsider. That had always been a big insecurity for you. Wanda and Natasha were both Avengers and you were just a normal citizen. You often wondered if you ever felt like a burden, the weak part of their relationship. You could never understand their lives the way they could, you could only watch. Usually, you would voice your concerns and insecurities to them and they would assure you to no end that they loved you more than anything. However speaking had gotten you nowhere that night, so you kept it to yourself. 
You sat in the living room for hours. You wanted to go to bed so badly. You were utterly exhausted and your eyes were starting to hurt from the lights in the room you wanted to be shielded from. But you were determined not to go until the other two did. You wanted to be curled up between them both like you always were. You wanted to feel safe and secure and most of all loved. 
Finally, Natasha turned off the television and stretched out like a cat on the couch before standing and making her way to the bedroom, leading Wanda by the hand. You put your uneaten plate of food on the side to deal with the next day, too tired to even think about it at that moment. The pair instantly dropped down into bed and Natasha held Wanda tightly as she rested her head on the Russian’s chest. You gazed down at them longingly but forced yourself into bed besides them. You reached out your hand to tug weakly on their shirts, desperate for any kind of acknowledgement but received none. You withdrew your hand and held it up to your chest as you watched the pair. How long had they been craving time to themselves? 
You slowly got out from under the covers and left the room without feeling their usual fond gazes on your back. You lingered in the hallway before glancing back and saw Natasha tracing circles on Wanda’s back. You gulped back tears and made your way to the spare bedroom where you slept alone for the first time in months. 
You didn’t get up until lunch the next day. You didn’t feel like doing anything, especially not facing your girlfriend. You wanted to stay out of their way to give them the alone time they so clearly needed.
When you had finally dragged yourself out of bed and into the hallway you froze. Wanda’s moans could be heard clearly from your bedroom followed by sharp cries of Natasha’s name. You stood rooted to the spot as the pain in your chest grew worse. Since they had so keenly invited you into their relationship. The pair had never once done anything sexual without you. At first you had been flattered and insisted that you were okay if they wanted to do things by themselves every once in a while but eventually you had grown used to how things were. You had grown used to being included in everything. 
Numbly, you made yourself a hot chocolate in hopes of it raising your spirits. Not long after you had finished, your girlfriends came wandering into the kitchen with a new glow. 
“Do you want a drink?” You piped up, you could at least be helpful. Wanda grabbed something from the fridge as Natasha took out a glass from the cupboard and spun around to kiss her girlfriend on the lips with a soft giggle. Wanda smiled against her and hummed when Natasha’s tongue teased the Sokovian’s lower lip. 
“I love you.” Natasha hummed and Wanda smiled with a blush as she said the words back. 
“I- I love you too.” You added and took a desperate step towards them both, holding out your hands to them but they separated and started to stroll back into the living room. You watched on as tears sprung to your eyes. They didn’t say it back. They always said it back. “Please.” You whispered though you may have well have been talking to a wall. You whimpered quietly and weakly made your way to the guest room where you closed the door and fell down onto the bed, not being able to stop the tears streaming down your face. You curled up on yourself and hugged your duvet as close to your body as possible, needing something to cling onto like a lifeline. 
You didn’t hear the door open through your muffled weeping. You did feel the gentle pair of hands on your waist and the dip in the bed either side of you. Your head shot up and you looked between the pair in panic, fearing they were going to tell you to go elsewhere for the day or even forever. Wanda shushed you softly and held your dampened cheeks in her hands. 
“It’s okay, honey.” Wanda cooed and you whimpered as you tried to enjoy what you assumed was the last time she would hold you. “We’re not going anywhere and neither are you.” You peered at her cautiously and then Natasha who nodded gently. 
“We’re sorry, baby. Sam was getting a little too handsy last night and you didn’t seem to notice.” Natasha explained carefully. You remembered the brief moment he had touched your waist and frowned at the memory. 
“And you know letting people touch what isn’t theirs is breaking a rule.” You nodded slowly as Wanda added on.
“So your punishment was being ignored by us so you could learn but we took it too far.” Natasha admitted.
“And we never told you what was happening. We’re so sorry we made you feel this way, sweetie. We love you so much.” Wanda said as she kissed you softly on the lips as Natasha lay down behind you and wrapped her arms protectively around your waist. 
“So so much.” She added. 
“Promise?” You asked and Wanda lay down to join you and wipe your tears away. 
“Let us show you.” Natasha whispered against your neck and you nodded as she rolled you gently onto your back and began planting soft kisses along your neck, occasionally lingering on patches of skin to suck dark bruises into them. Wanda titled your head towards you and kissed you slowly, cherishing the taste of you and wanting to reclaim all that she could. 
Natasha’s hands started to wander down your stomach and landed at the hem of your sweatpants that she easily surpassed along with your panties. You gasped when you felt her fingers run along your folds and up to your clit. You bucked your hips and moaned against Wanda when she applied some pressure, all while the Sokovian started to retrace her girlfriend’s steps by running her hands across your breasts. Her thumbs brushed against your hardened nipples and she hummed against you. 
Natasha finally pushed two fingers past your folds and relished in the slick that coated them instantly. She curled them gently inside you and withdrew to start about making a consistent pace that had you melting beneath them both. 
“That’s it, sweetie.” Wanda assured in the most loving tone you had ever heard from her. 
“Taking me so well. Our best girl.” Natasha hummed and withdrew her fingers. You whined softly but shushed when Natasha brought her fingers up to Wanda’s lips and slid them inside. The Sokovian hummed in delight around Natasha’s fingers, eagerly licking her slender digits before retreating to start down your body, determined to gain an unfiltered taste. 
Wanda pulled your sweatpants and panties off completely and kissed up your thighs softly, taking her time in treasuring you just as Natasha had done with your neck. She gleamed at the sight before her and didn’t hesitate to lick a long strip between your folds. You mewled in Natasha’s hold as Wanda moaned against you. “Always so sweet.” She dipped her tongue inside of you and you clenched around her muscle with a gasp.
“That’s it, you’re doing so good for us.” Natasha praised softly as she started to rub your clit with her free hand. You bucked against both their movements, feeling beautifully overwhelmed by it all. Wanda’s tongue flicked inside you and you moaned loudly into the air, tempting Natasha to quieten you with a kiss while your other girlfriend continued to work between your legs that were beginning to shake. 
“Please.” You whined as you felt your high approaching. The pair smiled at one another as they continued to please you. 
“I can feel you clenching my tongue.” Wanda mused.
“Go ahead and cum for us, baby.” You did as you were told without a second’s delay. You moaned loudly into the air as you shuddered against the bed and came undone on Wanda’s tongue. The pair helped you ride out your high and into another orgasm relentlessly. They didn’t let up, making you cum again and once more, leaving you feeling utterly exhausted and overworked. 
“That’s it, darling. You did so good for us.” Wanda praised as she fell down besides you and they both held you protectively. 
“We love you.” Natasha muttered softly and you smiled.
“I love you both too.” You hummed, enjoying the warmth of your girlfriends’ comfort.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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ficnacs · a month ago
Hey babe! Can i request something for benedict bridgerton? I feel like we need more of him
I was thinking the prompt 27. Be honest, are you cheating on me?
You choose who says it, love me some angst all the time. Like maybe there's a rumor running around the ton
Happy ending tho! We like suffering but not that much
Rumor has it
Summary: A nasty rumor about your husband’s supposed infidelity has been circulating the ton. With the help of your gracious in laws, you get the courage to confront him about this rumor head on.
Word count: 1.8k
authors note: Angst with a happy ending??? Have you read my mind?
Tumblr media
You first heard it from Cressida Cowper. She was always looking for gossip and a rumor to run so you brushed it off, ignoring the off hand comment.
But then it came up again on your walk to the market.
“Have you heard, apparently Benedict Bridgerton was caught leaving a studio that belongs to a former lover.” Your ears piqued up at the sound of the comment. Back turned so it would be certain they couldn’t see your face.
“Oh yes. I heard he has gone there at least three times a week.” Another lady chimed in.
“His poor wife. Do you think we ought to tell her?” The first lady asked.
“She will find out on her own. In some way or another.” The two women giggled amongst themselves before walking away.
Your grip tightened on the basket you were holding. You took three deep breaths to calm yourself, trying not to get too emotional in public.
It is just a silly rumor.
Benedict has been nothing but loyal and loving to you throughout your many months of marriage. But you remembered the words of older women and ladies from the balls you attended. How men can get unsatisfied. How the flame can quickly burn out. How women must find ways to constantly make the men come crawling back to them.
Sure Benedict has been working longer hours, but the job of an artist can be very taxing. Then again, he did tell you of the women he has entangled with before he met you.
Is it possible that he went back to them?
You thought back to small moments when he had to suddenly leave the house, arrive home so late at night you fell asleep in your chair waiting for him.
But that couldn’t mean what everyone thought it meant. There must be a perfectly reasonable explanation behind all of this.
Shaking your head, you rushed home. Palms started to sweat and your heart racing as your mind played over the words of the ladies over and over again.
Upon arriving home, you shut the door more loudly than you intended to. Bread and fruit almost fell out of the basket as you stumbled away from the entrance.
You noticed the quiet atmosphere of the house immediately. It was unusual to open the front door and not hear the clatter and sound coming from Benedict's pacing and work.
But the only noise you heard was the ticking of the old grandfather clock in the drawing room amongst the large murals and painting your husband painted himself.
The kitchen did little to take your mind off things. Once the food was properly stocked away, you knew there was only one place you could go to help ease your mind: The Bridgerton residence.
The familiar white pillars and lively house never failed to ease your mind from worry or self-doubt.
“Y/n. It is wonderful to see you.” Upon your entry, Mrs. Bridgeton walked swiftly down the stairs to greet you.
“It is lovely to see you as well Mrs. Bridgerton.” The older woman pulled you into a long embrace.
“We are family. Feel free to call me Violet dear.” You smiled widely as she led you through the hall corridor where tea was magically already prepared.
“Eloise, Hyacinth! Y/n is here, where are your manners and greet our guest.” Hyacinth came running into the room and collided into your torso, clearly excited to see you.
“Y/n, would you like to hear my new piece? I’ve been working on it forever.”
“It is all she ever talks about.” The older Bridgerton daughter came strolling into the room, swinging her arms by her side.
“It is lovely to see you Eloise. And I’d be delighted to hear your playing Hyacinth.” The young girl's eyes lit up as she quickly scurried into the piano bench to start playing the light sonata.
“To what do we own this impromptu visit? Not that we aren’t happy to see you of course.” Violet reassured you.
“Surely Benedict hasn’t bored you already with passions?” Eloise questioned.
“Not at all. There is another matter that I wish to discuss.” You made sure to lower your voice so the young children didn’t hear.
“There is an awful rummer circling the ton that I am afraid might be true.” You paused, leaving the two women in suspense.
“That Benedict has not been faithful.” You spoke so quietly you were afraid you had to repeat yourself.
But judging by the expression of concern the two women, they heard you just fine.
“I know my son y/n. These awful rumors that the ton is spreading are just a horrid attempt for gossip and it is unfortunate they are choosing you as the subject of these lies.” You nodded slowly, allowing the words of your mother in law to settle in your brain and accept them as the truth.
“I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this.” Eloise, the most practically of the Bridgertons said with confidence. “Don’t let your worries cloud your judgment y/n.”
You appreciated the support from your in-laws. It was a blessing you never took for granted that your husband's family loved you as much as you did.
After a delicious tea and polite chatter, it was time to go home. Waving goodbye, you opened the door to your house, expecting to see Benedict painting, but alas, he was still nowhere to be found.
Your face scrunched in disappointment, but you remembered the words of Violet and Eloise. Benedict was not a man of adultery or dishonesty. He would never betray you.
So you waited. The clock went from 5pm to 6, and from 6 to 7 and from 7 to 8, and before you knew it, the streets of the ton were all empty. You ate your dinner alone and watched the clock tick further and further into the night.
But you were determined to not let sleep get the best of you. Even if he didn’t come till sunrise, you were going to sit down on this chair and wait until Benedict arrived home.
3:46 am. That was the time. 3:46 am.
Far too late of a time for you to be up and out of your bed, but you kept your word and hadn’t let the temptation of a soft mattress and fluffy pillow seduce you.
The second the clock ticked to 3:47, the door clicked open and the familiar footsteps of Benedict came pacing through the door
“Hello darling.” Your voice was oddly calm and almost monotone.
The footsteps immediately came to a halt, and Benedict walked quickly into the drawing room to see his wife curled up on the couch staring back at him.
“Y/n? How are you still up this late at night?”
“I could ask the very same of you. Almost every night you arrive home after I fall asleep, and each morning, you leave the house so fast and spend almost the entire day doing god knows what.” Here it comes. “Be honest, are you cheating on me?”
Your husband's face was first one of shock, then offense, and finally landed on sympathy.
“Y/n… how could you ever think of that of me.” He walked closer to you. “When I made those vows to you on our wedding day, I swore to uphold every single one of them. And I still do to this day.”
“Then where do you go each day and each night? Why do you not lay beside me and keep me company like you did so long ago? Do I now bore you?”
He didn’t have to lie with a woman for him to betray you. What if he was wandering off to the parties at the academy or the bohemian escapades hosted by Henry Granville? You understood the occasional night out, but every night?
“Come with me.” Benedict pulled his arms through the sleeve of his jacket.
“Come with me. There is something I must show you.”
You were about to protest. It was far too late for you to be wandering the streets. But Benedict seemed persistent, and if this was going to give you the clarity you needed. So be it.
The cool night air touched your skin as you walked the cobblestone streets of London. Benedict was walking with such a strong sense of urgency, you practically ran to keep up with him.
After a few minutes of trying to keep up with Benedict's speed walking, you arrived in front of what appeared to be a small studio.  
“Open the door.” Your husband reached into his jacket pocket and retrieved a metal key that he handed to you.
Taking it from his grasp, you inserted it through the keyhole and turned it gently.
Inside, it was too dark for you to make out what it was.
Benedict lit a match and started to light the number of candles that were scattered throughout the room.
When each candle was lit, you started to make out the objects that littered the studio.
Paintings. Not just any paintings, paintings of you. Of you asleep, cooking, reading, in motion, laughing, out in the park. There were easily over 10 paintings in the room. All either painted or over half way painted.  
You always knew Benedict was a talented artist., But this took your breath away like it was the first time you saw paint on a canvas.
You walked closer to them, looking carefully at the careful brush strokes and delicate details. Each wisp of your hair was perfectly placed and the colors and you could tell great thought was put into the lighting and colors.
“Benedict this is…” What words could do what he did justice?
“I wanted it to be a surprise. I never intended for you to suspect I was being unfaithful.” A sharp feeling of guilt riddled through you.
“I’m sorry that I was spending too much time away from you. I just wanted to do something special.” You took his hand in your and squeezed it.
“This is beyond anything I ever expected. You worked so hard, and I apologize for ever doubting you.” You pulled him into a long and much needed embrace. “I cannot thank you enough for this. I do not deserve you.”
“Don’t say that. I should have been better with managing my time. I should have been more mindful.”
You touched the side of his face with your hand.
“I love you.” You meant it now more than ever. You meant it when you said it the first time, the day of your wedding, and every day after, but this time it was different.
Another branch in the tree of your love has grown. A new door in your relationship has been unlocked. And it meant everything.
“I love you too.”
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hanqu0kka · 7 months ago
Sorry, I Love You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Han Jisung x F!reader
Genre: just tooth-rotting fluff, best friends to lovers
Summary: Jisung knew that being in love with his best friend was a bad idea. It was cliché, but he'd rather suffer in silence than risk losing what you both had. However, everything suddenly changes thanks to one date that went wrong.
Warning: some swearing
Words: 2k
Author's Note: Hey sweeties, how you doing? Here’s another story, I hope you like it! English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any grammar errors. Let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
"Oh, come on! Just confess already," Minho argued, turning the bag of chips in his mouth.
"You don't get it. I can't do this," Jisung sighed loudly. "She's my best friend."
“Who you've been in love with for years.” Minho offered the package in his hands to Jisung, but he declined.
Jisung felt too sick to think about eating. Just the thought that you were right now on a date with a boy from your class was enough to make his stomach twist in an unpleasant way.
"It doesn't matter. The last thing I want is to screw up what we both have. She's too important for me to let this happen.”
Minho rolled his eyes, "Wow, you're so dramatic. I feel as if I'm in those stupid teenage movies where the protagonists love each other, but instead of talking about their feelings, they prefer to do all that drama."
Jisung scoffs bitterly, "Yeah, sure! She certainly loves me, that's why she's with another guy right now."
"She's with another guy 'cause you're too much of a coward to say how you really feel," Minho stated, ignoring the death glare he received from his friend. "You know I'm right."
"Whatever." Jisung ran his hands through his hair and dropped his head in a gesture of defeat. "It's already too late."
Suddenly, Jisung's cell phone started ringing, echoing loudly through the room. His heart involuntarily sped up when he saw your name flashing on the screen. A million questions ran through his mind at that moment. Why are you calling him? Are you okay? Has something happened? If that idiot had done something to you...
"Aren't you going to answer?" Minho's voice suddenly snapped him out of his thoughts.
He gripped the phone tighter and accepted the call.
"Hello? Y/n are you okay?”
“Um… Hi, Sung. Are you busy?" Jisung could clearly hear the hesitation in your voice.
“No, I'm not busy at all. Go ahead."
"I thought we were going to see that movie," Minho whispered, offended. Jisung kicked his friend's leg.
“Can you pick me up? I think it's going to start snowing and…” Before you could finish, Jisung was already on his feet, looking for his car keys.
“Of course. I'm on my way. Send me your location over message. Stay in a warm place while you wait for me, okay?”
"Okay. Thanks, Sung."
Jisung ended the call, quickly putting on his shoes.
Minho looked at his friend, confused, "Is everything alright? What happened?"
"I don't know. She didn't sound good.”
"Do you think that guy did something to her?"
"For his own sake, I hope not." Jisung pulled on his sweatshirt and raced towards the door, waving at Minho.
"Take care of her." He heard his friend yell.
While parking the car, Jisung noticed he knew that place. The street was crowded with people strolling calmly, admiring the Christmas decorations in the shop windows. The weather was colder than he expected. He could see his breath condensing right in front of his eyes.
He was walking toward the cozy restaurant that you two usually frequent, when he saw some kids playing in the snow that had started to fall. He smiled happily. But his smile grew even more when he saw you standing near a bench, catching the snowflakes with your hands.
"I thought I told you to wait for me in a warm place." Jisung laughed when he saw you jump in fright.
"You scared me, you idiot!" You exclaimed, bringing your hands to your chest.
"I'm really sorry, my lady," He smirked, bowing his head.
"No, you don't." You rolled your eyes but stopped as soon as you saw what he was wearing. ”Jisung! Are you only wearing this thin sweatshirt?”
He chuckled awkwardly, "Oh, yeah. I didn't know it was this cold."
"What do I do with you?" You sighed, pretending to be disappointed.
You unrolled your scarf and stood on your tiptoes to wrap it around Jisung's neck. He stared at you in surprise, his round eyes wide.
"N-no, you don't need to do this," he stuttered. "You'll get cold.”
"Nah, you need it more than me. Your nose is redder than Rudolph the reindeer's." You giggled, making Jisung's cheeks blush.
"Thanks." He muttered, feeling extremely shy all of a sudden.
Jisung hoped you couldn't hear how fast his heart was beating.
"It's nothing." You took his hand, dragging him down the street. "Now let's get down to business. Ice cream!"
"What?" He shouted in a high-pitched voice. "Now? In this weather?”
"Why not? It's always a good time for ice cream, my dear Watson.”
"Good to know I'm friends with a psychopath."
"Keep teasing me and you're going to be my first victim."
After buying the ice cream, with many protests from Jisung, you decided to walk through a nearby park. All the time, Jisung watches you closely. You looked good, but he knew you better than that.
“So…” He began cautiously. "How was your date?"
"He didn't show up." You said indifferently without taking your eyes off the path.
"What? He stood you up?” He shouted, attracting the attention of a few people passing by.
“Do you want to put this on the news? I don't think Australia has heard you yet.”
"Sorry." He mumbled. “I can't believe that jerk stood you up like that. If I ever see this boy again..."
Jisung clenched his fists in an attempt to contain the rage he was feeling. He didn't understand how anyone could be this insensitive with someone, let alone with someone like you.
"It's okay. It's not worth it."
Jisung stopped abruptly in front of you, blocking your way. He held your shoulders and stared deeply into your eyes. It seemed he was looking straight into your soul. He could have sworn he saw your breathing quicken.
“Are you sure you're okay? You know that dumbass doesn't deserve you, right?”
“I'm fine, Sung. I swear."
“And…” He said, waving his hand in a gesture that showed his displeasure with your answer.
“And… I want more ice cream!” You tried to walk away, but he stopped you, forcing you to remain still.
"Y/n!" Jisung whined, "You know he doesn't deserve you, right?"
"Well, maybe he has a reason for not showing up." You said, trying your best not to show your sadness.
"What are you trying to say?"
"Maybe he just noticed that I'm not that worth it."
You freed yourself from his grip and started walking in the direction you came. You were no longer in the mood to explore the park. The snow was falling more heavily, and the cold was becoming unbearable, not to mention that you didn't have the strength to face the pity in Jisung's eyes.
You heard it before you felt something cold hit you in the back, making all the air leave your lungs. You turned slowly, trying to process what had happened. It all made sense when you saw Jisung standing there, with an air of indignation, holding a snowball in his hands. He looked like an angry squirrel.
“Aah! How you dare say something like that?” He asked indignantly. “Have you lost your mind? Do you want me to call the asylum to come and get you?”
“Stop being dramatic, I…” Before you could finish, another snowball hit your face. "HAN JISUNG!"
"Oh my God! Sorry, did I hurt you? It wasn't supposed to hit you in the face, I swear. You know my aim is horrible. Y/n? Y/n, please, sorry!” Jisung begged when you started getting closer to him with fury in your eyes.
Maybe he really would be your first victim.
Wasting no time, Jisung starts running desperately. He thought you were the cutest doll that had ever set foot in this world, but when you were angry… You looked exactly like Annabelle.
"I'm sorry!" He yelled.
Jisung believed he was a good runner, but he found out running in the snow wasn't for everyone when he tripped over the roots of a tree hidden by the snow. In the distance, he could hear your cute laugh, causing those damn butterflies to start flying in his stomach.
Well, maybe falling wasn't all that bad after all, he thought.
You approached him, still laughing, "I call this karma."
"Haha, very funny." He grunted.
"Come on, let me help you."
He took your hands, but when you pulled him up, he got up with too much force making you lose your balance. Instinctively, Jisung grabbed your waist and pressed your body against his.
His cheeks, a little red because of the cold, got even redder when he noticed your faces were inches apart.
You two stood there, lost in each other's eyes. Up that close, you could smell his strong cologne that always makes you feel a bit dizzy, see the little mole on his cheek and all his perfect imperfections. Your gaze suddenly fell on his lips.
Carefully, you placed your lips on his. Almost instantly, he was kissing you back. His lips were soft against yours, moving gently and slowly. His hands moved from your waist to your face, cupping your cheeks.
Everything felt perfect until you noticed you were kissing your best friend.
You quickly pulled away. Your heart was beating wildly in your chest, and all you could think about was how you had screwed up everything.
“Sung… I-I…” You felt so lost that you could barely form a single sentence. “Sorry. I shouldn't have…”
"You kissed me." He whispered, stunned.
"I'm sorry…"
"You kissed me." He repeated.
"Oh my God, you kissed me!"
Unable to control all the happiness he was feeling, Jisung squeezed your body against him and spin you around, making you gasp. He was smiling so much that his cheeks hurt, but he didn't think he'd ever be able to stop smiling. His best friend, the girl he was head over heels, had kissed him. If he could, he would be setting off fireworks right now.
"I'm so happy," Jisung said, pulling you down. But he suddenly frowns, "Wait, that means you like me too, right? Or... Oh God, I got it all wrong, didn't I?"
You stared at him, stunned, "You like me?"
He nodded sheepishly, not trusting his words at that moment. Jisung wishes the ground would swallow him up, like in Alice in Wonderland. How could he think you would like him? Stupid, stupid, stupid!
"Are you serious? You're not saying that because you feel sorry for me, right? You know, for what happened on the date."
"What? No, of course not." He said without missing a beat. "You're everything to me y/n. You have always been by my side, supporting me and making me a better man. You're the kindest, bravest, funniest, and beautiful person I know. Damn, I think I'm in love with you. No, scratch that. I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with you."
You blushed deeply, with a big smile on your face.
"I love you too, Jisung. I wanted to tell you, but I..."
"You were afraid of ruining what we had," he added.
"Exactly. A little cliché, isn't it?”
"Just a little." He grimaced, making you both laugh. "Minho was right. We just complicated everything in the end."
"I think I just went on this date to distract myself, you know?" You said, absently playing with his fingers. “I think that's why I got so hurt when he didn't show up. I got frustrated. I just wanted to get over my feelings for you, but in the end, there I was, calling you like a fool 'cause I didn't know what else to do.”
"Hey, look at me." He cupped your cheeks tenderly. “It's okay now. I think I have to thank that guy for not showing up. He has no idea what he lost.”
Jisung brought your foreheads together, slowly rubbing his nose against yours.
"Can I call you mine now?" You whispered, afraid to break the moment.
"I've always been yours, baby."
Jisung leaned towards you, but you gently pushed him away.
"That was super cliché." You said, making him roll his eyes.
"Come on. I know you loved it."
"Yeah, I totally did."
"Can I get a kiss now?"
“Um, let me think… Sure.”
You grip his shirt tightly, pulling him close to you before pressing your lips on his in a passionate kiss. Jisung smiled into the kiss, happy to finally have the girl of his dreams in his arms.
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ira-hydrangea · 5 months ago
Can i request yandere (ace, duece, trey, idia, neige) with kuudere reader always picks them up when theyre jealous
A yandere with a kuudere? Interesting pairs. Sorry, this takes too long 😅. Enjoy~
Tumblr media
Ace Trapolla
It's a miracle, many people thought. Ace is a trouble maker and you are the typical Ice Queen. Always so quiet and indifferent about everything. Heck! They even though you didn't have any emotions. But soon they will see a different side of you.
It's a sports festival today. And a guest is welcome inside the NRC. Since Ace is a a part of the Basketball club, it's no wonder he also participated in basketball tournaments.
You watch from the bench how Ace secured a winning position by throwing the ball at 3 points zone. Of course, you are proud of your boyfriend. The only issue? A flock of bugs around him.
"You are so cool!" "Where did you learn to play like that?" "Can I get your number?" A flock of girls starts to swarm Ace around. You let it be because you think that Ace deserves this attention until this one girl decides to push her limit.
"Oh no! You are hurt! Are you okay?" She said while playing with that cute innocent eyes. "Huh? I'm not even realize that..."
"Here! You can circle your arms around me and I will help you to go to the infirmary." That is the last straw for you.
You calmly stroll to Ace before picking him up like a princess and walking away.
"Hey! Who do you think you are! EEK!"
You just send the cold glare her ways and said with a very chilling voice. "His lover. Did you have a problem?"
"NO! I mean! Please continue..."
You left with a huff. Didn't even aware on the very red face and crazed eyes that Ace have.
'Ah~ My sweet queen is jealous. How cute~' Ace thought while trying to calm down his rapid heart and put out a usual act.
Maybe he should make you jealous often so you can be more dependent on him.
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
You and Deuce are on the date in town. Just chilling and walking around. Enjoy the day.
Until this one particular girl just starts to walk in towards Deuce with a map in her hands.
"Hey~ So I'm a tourist here and I'm kinda lost. Mind helping me a little bit here?" The girl ask.
You didn't mind any of it until you notice a weird setup. The girl is standing between you and Deuce. She even dares to press her shoulder to Deuce. Forgot that You is even there.
Deuce's reaction is also didn't help. He was just bashful and try his hard to move away from her but each time this girl just move even closer.
You accidentally release some cold aura and look at this girl with the fiercest glare ever. This trick seems to work. The girl turns back and almost cry seeing your expression.
You move even closer to her and she closes her eyes. Think that you going to hit her but you just move past her and pick Deuce like a princess before cooly walkout from there.
Deuce's face turn very red at this but he did not reject this either. He may or may not have already planned this.
Who knows that with some random girl help, he can turn you into this jealous girlfriend. He can't wait to try more tricks.
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
There is this one rare opportunity, where you got a chance to visit his bakery. And unluckily, that day is so packed with customers that you decide to lend a hand.
"Oh... She comes again.' Said one of Trey siblings.
"Who?" You ask. He just points at one girl in a cute dress talking with Trey.
"That girl always come whatever big brother come home. I mean it is pretty obvious, she tries to hit on him. I wonder why big brother never noticed this before..."
You stood in silence while watching the interaction. You are clearly annoyed with this display. What with this situation?
When you feel that your jealousy can not be controlled anymore. You just pick Trey up and bring him to the kitchen.
"Hey! How rude, you peasants! Didn't you know I'm still talking with h-EEP!"
"Apologies dear customer. But our bakery is still packed with other customers and my darling help can be used in the kitchen. Now excuse me..."
The girl didn't dare to say any word after you let out the word darling.
After Trey is been put down in the Kitchen. He chuckles.
"I see someone is jealous~" he tease.
"Hmph!" You just turn your head and go back to baking. Trey then hug you from behind.
"Apologies my love~ I didn't mean to make you feel jealous. Although this side of yours is very cute. You wouldn't mind showing this often to me, right?"
Tumblr media
Your date is usually spent time playing games in Idia rooms. Away from crowd and worries.
I think the only thing that can make you jealous is if Idia spends so much time in front of his computer while you sit with a bag of chips on your side.
You stare at Idia that still playing the gacha game on his computer. Soon you got bored and look at your phone. Try to find something to do until an erupted cheer can be heard.
"YES! I FINALLY GOT HER!!" Idia shouts excitingly. Curious, you look at his big computer and find one female character and her name in there that read 'Yae Miko'
Idia is still in his land. Didn't even notice your hardened eyes. Although you didn't show any emotions, with a twitch in your eyes, everyone can say something is wrong with you.
Can't take it anymore, you just stand up and stand behind Idia and wait until he noticed you. That didn't take long.
With that confirmation, you pick him like a sack of potatoes and throw him to the bed before capturing him in your hug.
Idia's hair burst to pink and he can see your expression. 'They are pouting! So cute~'. Idia thought while looking at you still with your face planted to his chest.
Didn't want to miss this opportunity, Idia slowly stroke your hair and enjoyed this environment.
How he wish this could occure everyday...
Tumblr media
Neige Le Blance.
Let be clear here. Everyone knows that you and Neige are a couple.
And everyone supports it. They even have their fandom about you and Neige as a couple. People said that you are looking like some ice queen while the kind prince Neige manage to melt your heart and make it his own.
So when you both are on the date. They try to respectfully give you both the space needed but sometimes the excitement overflows them and this gives you both hard situation.
Neige tries to get away from the crowd of fans that notice him. Not forget to look after you from this horde of humans. Oh, believe him. He tries to disperse the crowd using his charm but nothing worked. The crowd just got crazier.
You can't take it anymore. First, because their scream is so loud. Two, they disturbing your date and third, a few of them didn't know boundaries.
So you do something every partner do to their lovers. You pick them up and run like you on your way to your honeymoon.
This makes a funny chase between you and the crowd. Most of them are excited about seeing the popular couple and try to bless their eyes with these rare displays.
While you are busy trying to get away, Neige smile a little at this display and hides his face to the crook of your neck.
'That idea to make my fans destroy this date is worked.'
Yep. He enjoyed this and calmly inhale your scent. Now everyone in this world knows that you are his~
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greycaelum · 3 months ago
I really liked your Clouds and Mochi Series, especially the trigger. :) <3 How Will Reader react when she found out about Kouki’s cutting classes and Saika punching her classmates? Shaksbs I kept reading your works! I really love it, grey-chi ❤️😍
Thank you for visiting to!!! Glad you like it and that's so sweet of you 🥺(≧▽≦)
Trigger was just a scenario if Suguru was there as an uncle so, Kouki and Saika being mischievous in school is... just slightly true.
But if you take a look at Megumi, the 6 years old boy raised by Satoru... You know where this is heading.
Tumblr media
You look at your two kids sitting beside you in front of the guidance counselor. In front of you are the kids your daughter beat up. And behind is Kouki's teacher who reported his absences in class.
Strange though, in his quizzes every week he always shows you his papers, some are perfect while some are around 3-2 mistakes only. That's why it never occurred to you, he skips classes.
The counselor started filling you in with your children's offenses. You listened intently and humming to yourself.
Then the door burst open, Satoru casually strolled in with hands in his pockets and jumped when he turned to the side, the three boys with bandages on their faces "Oh! That looks great, did you do this Cat?"
"Satoru," you warned him.
"Leave it to me Hon, I'm an expert at this." Satoru gave you a thumbs up and started talking to the counselor about Kouki and Saika's behavior in school. "Why did you punch them Cat?"
"They keep calling me a witch because my hair is different," Saika gave the boys a stinky eyes.
"Because it's true!" One of the boys shouted back and pointed at Kouki who is sitting expressionless. "He's a witch too!"
"Saying someone is a witch is easy. I could also say that you're a witch," you answered back to the kid.
"Mrs. Gojo I don't think that you should lay a hand in this matter, it's just a child's play," the woman pass you a warning look but you smiled and shook it off.
"So you think I should sit here and listen to my children be insulted Ma'am? This is not a child's play. Clearly this is the fruit of parents failing to teach their children how to respect others. How long have they been calling you that Sai, Kou?" You turned to your kids, Kouki evaded his eyes but Saika frowned.
"Since the start of school."
Your ear rang. That's more or less seven months already.
"Kou?" You called out to your son who didn't have any intentions of ever saying anything. "Please call the parents of these kids. We will pay the medical bills or whatever it is but I won't let my children be ridiculed for being different. We didn't raise our children to be insulted like this."
Satoru on the sidelines sighed. The counselor promised to call you back tomorrow so you can discuss it thoroughly with the kids parents. As for Kouki he will be given few tests to prove he wasn't cheating during the quiz.
"Saika, it was still wrong to punch someone." Surely you want to protect your kids but you cannot condone their rash actions, to think that because others hurt them they also have the right to hurt someone isn't acceptable.
"They called Kiku-nii a witch. I'm not apologizing. We're even." Saika huffs and turned away.
Your eyes widen in warning and look at your daughter with a tight smile making her bite her lower lips.
"Hey buddies, what do you think you have to say for calling my kids witch?" Satoru stretch his limbs and cross his arms. "Hmmm?" He probe to the three boys who hung their heads low.
"Well they apologized now Cat."
"I'm sorry," Saika crosses her arms. "But the next time you call me a witch I'm still gonna punch you."
Since nothing else is left, you ushered your kids out but Kouki went back.
"The next time you touch my sister, I'm gonna break your arms."
Tumblr media
On the way home Satoru urged the four of you to get ice cream to 'cool down'. Sitting on the living room while watching another disney movie you listen to Satoru teaching the kids.
"Next time Cat, you should aim in their crotc—Ouch! Hon!" Satoru whined holding his forehead that you flicked.
"Kou, anything to say why you didn't tell me about it sweetheart?"
"It's not a big deal Ma." The mochi shrugs. "I just don't want to waste my energy."
Your heart dropped, your son isn't going to tell you about it anymore. Kids needs there space and you know you can't be there forever. Then at least, you want them to understand how much you love them.
"Come here," you called your kids, pulling them in your arms and hugging them tight. Stroking their beautiful long artic hair. The same arctic locks they inherited from their father.
"No matter what they say, you're not witches. Do you understand? Because you're different doesn't mean you're alone. And just because everyone thinks the same thing, it doesn't mean they're right."
Tumblr media
"So why did you let them bully you Kikufuku? I think I thought you very well how to use self-defense," Satoru flicked his son's nose after losing another round against him.
"That's tiring Pa," Kouki brush his shirt and took his stance to attack his father. "I don't have to prove myself to every person I meet."
"Hmmm, fair point. But that doesn't mean you should also get trampled along the way." Satoru blocked his son's kick aimed to his father's groin. "Hey! How could I give you another sibling if you kick me there? You nasty gremlin!"
Kouki cheekily grinned. Aiming on Satoru crotch just like how he often tell Saika.
"No one is protecting you unless you protect yourself first. Your Mama and I cannot protect you and Saika forever," Satoru sighed and caught his son's leg, hanging the mochi upside down making their eyes meet.
"They can bully me all they want, they're just wasting their time because I don't care. I know myself better."
"Even if it means having no friends?" Satoru raises his brows. "Seriously how old are you? You sound like a middle-aged uncle. No matter how strong you are, you will someday also need a friend." Satoru sets him tumbling down the floor.
"But Pa, friends come naturally. I don't need to find one. If they come, then they'll come." Kouki grits his teeth after failing to land a kick on his father. "How do I even know if they're my best friend?"
"Papa, I told you Kiku-nii has a girlfriend!" Saika screeched from the sideline, flapping her limbs against the floor. Catching her breath after losing three rounds straight against Satoru.
"Time will tell you who that friend will be. A friend that's more than enough compared to a million."
Tumblr media
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touyasdoll · 11 months ago
Okay, but why the heck do people think that Izu would be a sub!????? Like dude!???? If anything, I can guarantee you that he can and WILL Detroit smash your pussy. And I BET that he has fucking many kinks and just imagining the riding his thigh is gjghjftujkouhmll mmmmmmmmmmm like gimme moreeeee, and I think he is a big TEASE like he will tease you until you are a mess and only then when you are whispering for him, is when he will touch you and also, he would knowingly go as slow as he can to tease you, like no getting faster and slowly thrusting in and out.
AHHH YES! Anon, I whole-heartedly agree with you. I’m convinced that sweet, innocent ‘Zuku is actually a fucking terror in bed & that’s a hill that I’ll die on 💚
NSFW, Minors DNI
A Break
Pairing: Izuku x reader
Genre: smut
Warnings: smut, nsfw, minors dni, orgasm control, teasing, bdsm dynamics, thigh-riding, praise, daddy kink, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
“Hey, baby,” Izuku smiled as you breezed through the door to his office. “What’re you doin’ here?”
“I remembered you said that you’d have to stay late tonight,” you strolled up beside him at his desk, where he was hunched over various files and loose sheets of paper, and placed a hand on his shoulder. “So I just thought that maybe I’d come and join you for dinner here. Figured we could order something in and you could take a little break.” You leaned down, kissing him sweetly. “You look pretty exhausted, hon.”
He sighed, leaning back in his office chair as he looked you over with a tired smile, “I am, a little bit.” He swiveled in his chair, sitting upright and reaching out to place his large hands behind your thighs, guiding you closer to him. “A break does sounds nice..”
"For dinner," you placed your other hand on his opposite shoulder, quirking an eyebrow when his hands began to traverse up the back of your thighs, creeping beneath the hem of your dress. "What're you hungry for?"
He chuckled, a deep and sensuous rumble in his chest that sent a shiver up your spine. His hands cupped just below your ass, suddenly yanking you toward him, throwing you off your balance until you came to rest securely on his thigh.
He leaned in, pressing his lips to the shell of your ear as he took one cheek in each hand, squeezing as he pulled your hips towards him, guiding you into grinding against his thigh, "I'm absolutely starving for a taste of you right now, baby."
"'Zuku," you sigh, taking your lip between your teeth.
"Ah, you know that's not my name, babygirl," his breath fanned over your cheek just before his lips pressed to your jawline, "but I'm willing to overlook it if you'll be a good girl and grind that pretty little pussy on me."
"Yes, Daddy," you mewled, happily doing as you were told.
You never could resist him for long and this was exactly why. The pleasure. That addictive sensation building between your thighs, spurred on by the delicious friction of your clothed cunt rocking against his flexed, muscular thigh.
He sat back and let you roll your hips to your heart's content, allowing you to chase your ultimate high while he cooed words of praise.
"Look at my good girl."
"Behaving so well for Daddy."
"You look so pretty when you're about to cum, baby."
But then came the pain. The pain of disappointment as he stilled your hips, stopping you just short of where you so desperately wanted to be. The peak that he never let you fully ascend on the first try.
You whined, tossing your head back as your fingers clenched around his shoulders.
"Something wrong, darling?" His voice was deceptively sweet, a sadistic habit of his by your standards.
He knew full well what was wrong, as he always did each time you did this song and dance. One that you knew nearly every routine too, but yet it never bored you. You never grew tired of going through each motion, eagerly bounding towards the next, because for all the suffering his tortuous teasing brought you, it always brought you far more pleasure in the end.
"Need you, Daddy," you whined, running a hand over his pecs, pleading with watering eyes. "Please, wanna cum. Need to."
"Need to?" His eyebrows jumped, his smile as gentle as ever. "I don't know about that, sweetheart." He placed his hands beneath your thighs, effortlessly lifting you onto his desk, standing between your parted legs. "I'll tell you what though," you watched as he dragged a finger up your torso, between your breasts, "I do feel like making you cum on my cock tonight. So, I'll make you a deal." His finger curled under your chin, bidding you to look up at him and you could see his green eyes glinting with devious intention. "No more whining."
You frowned, but he only smirked in reply.
"No whining," he repeated, a smug smile on his face as he retracted his hand to work himself out of his hero costume, peeling it down to reveal his scarred torso.
His hardened cock sprang free as the fabric dipped below his hips, taking the boxers he wore with it as your eyes ogled the beads of precum seeping from his tip.
You had to remind yourself not to whimper as your mouth fell open, his eyes regarding you expectantly, as if he knew you were about to fail the very first trial.
"I promise, Daddy," you spread your legs further, leaning back on your elbows as he stepped closer to you. "No more.”
Your chest heaved in anticipation, your breath hitching in your throat as he leaned over you, capturing your lips and letting out a low groan as his cock rubbed against your soaking panties.
“That’s my good girl,” he growled, two fingers hooking into your panties to tug them aside, allowing his throbbing tip to slip between your folds, but only barely.
You cried out, moaning as your eyes trained on his thick cock, slowly pushing into you. For a moment, you thought maybe he might actually sink all of himself inside, but he withheld.
He drew his hips back, dragging the bulbous head of his cock back along your walls as it came out of you with a sinfully wet noise.
You screwed your lips shut, closing your eyes as you willed yourself to remain quiet. To withhold the needy words piling up in your throat.
“You like that, babygirl?” Two hands skimmed along your sides, taking your dress up and over your breasts as you felt the familiar stretch between your thighs once more.
His hips thrust forward unexpectedly as his massive hands pulled down the cups of your bra to palm your breasts, drawing a sharp gasp from you.
“Love it, Daddy,” you whispered, your voice soft and quiet as you balled your hands into fists, squirming beneath him.
He gazed down at you, one corner of his lips pitched up in a crooked grin as he raked his eyes over your exposed frame, “You can still tell me how much you want it,” he pushed in a little deeper, stopping at about the halfway point. “I just don’t wanna hear you complain about me taking my time with you. It feels good, doesn’t it, baby?”
He began thrusting at a slow, steady pace, never fully sheathing himself inside you. Slow and shallow was all that you he offered you, but it was enough to have you babbling anyway.
“F-feels so good,” you cooed, eyes locked with his as your mouth fell open, ushering moan after moan past your lips.
“You want more?” He slid his hands behind your back, pulling you closer so he could hold you in his arms as his lips moved against yours, drowning out your sinful noises with his heated kiss.
“Always,” you spoke breathlessly between kisses, “Always want more of you, Daddy.”
He groaned, taking your bottom lip between his teeth. As much as he loved to draw out these moments with you, he was quickly losing his resolve.
Each gasping breath. Every contraction of your walls around the head of his dick. The way you were looking at him, so obedient despite how desperately you clearly wanted more.
He wanted to give it to you, to really give it to you.
“Oh, fuck,” you threw your head back, arms encircling his neck as the pressure in your belly began to build in earnest. “Daddy, I-I think I’m gonna cum.”
The broken sob that heaved from your chest was the last straw.
Calloused hands seized your hips, digging in to your supple skin as he finally thrust all of his length inside you.
“Did Daddy say you could cum yet?” He held himself there, fighting the feral need to impale you until you were screaming his name. The tears pricking your eyes only made it that much harder to hang on.
“No,” you sighed, clenching your eyes shut, aiding a single tear in its descent over your cheek.
“Fuck, you’re doing so good for me, baby,” he wiped the tear away, cupping your face with both hands now as he pulled his hips back at a glacial pace, until he’d completely removed himself from your core.
His mouth hovered just over yours, catching every shaky breath you expelled and the moans that accompanied them. He could still feel you clenching around nothing as he rutted his length between your folds. It had him nearly fit to burst, seeing how needy you were, how badly you wanted to suck him back into you.
For a moment, he contemplated just finishing himself off there. Splattering your pretty tits with his cum and watching it drip down your torso, into that sweet cunt of yours for him to lick clean.
But instead, he tucked that idea away. He’d come back to it when he was feeling a little more patient, because all he wanted right now was to barrage your cervix until your pussy milked him dry.
In one fluid motion, he lined his cock up with your dripping hole and snapped into you, immediately setting a relentless pace.
You could feel the smirk on his lips as you cried out against them, grasping onto him for dear life as you keened louder and louder, hoping the outpouring of cries would lessen the need to come undone.
“Cum for me,” he growled, finally taking mercy as he captured your lips in a proper kiss, his hands dropping away from your face to come to rest on your lower back as he felt his release fast approaching.
He swallowed the strangled moan you let out as you finally let go, pulling away only to hear your wanton cries as tears streamed over your cheeks. Your fucked out face almost giving him a greater sense of satisfaction than the way your walls spasmed around him as he painted them white with his hot, thick ropes of cum.
“Thank you, baby,” he smiled softly, resting his forehead against yours as you both floated back down, collecting your breath. “I needed that.”
“Mm, anytime, love,” you laughed quietly, pressing a kiss to his lips. “But now you definitely owe me dinner.”
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minniepetals · 11 months ago
Rose & Thorns: 09
Tumblr media
— summary: a lone rose, a little broken, until Jungkook came along and the two of you saved each other. and in doing so, Jungkook showed you a world where he shared with his six other mates.
— pairing: dragon!bts x reader
— genre: fluff / slight angst / poly!au / fantasy!au / dragon!au
— word count: 8.3k
— warnings: none
╰ part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10
Tumblr media
"Hi there."
Just two single words are uttered from your lips and Jungkook is reminded of everything that has happened from the very first moment you spoke those exact first words to him.
He remembered those eyes of yours, so lost, so lonely, yet still having that kindness within to try and reach out a hand in order to ease his pain even if it meant just a small dose. Little did you know you'd end up as a true keeper of the dragons, lover to the seven princes of the East Sky and Mountains. But knowing the rewards, in the end, had never been anything you were seeking for at the time, and his heart warmed at the single reminder of how truly kind your heart is. After all, before you could even come to that moment of happiness with them all, you had to face serious consequences all because of that kind heart of yours.
Looking back on it, Jungkook only wished he could have dealt with it all in a better sense. If he were there for you like you were always for him, if he had gotten to his lovers a little sooner to make them see that nothing about you had been false, if he had been there through your pains and tears, maybe you could have reached that dream of freedom and happiness so much quicker.
"Jungkook?" Yet no matter what he thought, you were always there gracing him a sweet smile with such precious eyes that he knew he would forever hold dearly to.
"Back from taking care of the little whelps?" He asked, driving his thoughts away from the memories in order to look at what was in front of him instead. Jungkook knew he couldn't keep dwelling on the past no matter how much it had hurt him. Because here you were, lips curled into a brighter smile and he knew then that no matter what he thought, you'd never blame him for anything.
But perhaps that was what was hurting him even more.
You walked into the castle, feet having light bounces to them with a basket full of laundry. "I'm fairly certain Namjoon will hold an apprentice ceremony for Haeun soon. Who do you suppose her mentor will be?"
He grabbed you by the arm to pull you back in front of him before you could walk right past him without a second thought, surprising you just a bit.
"I'm sure Namjoon will make a wise decision on that but," the young dragon drew both his hands to hold you firmly by the shoulders as he expressed a disappointed face, "don't you think you're forgetting about someone else first?"
You giggled under his adorable pout. "Don't you have to get ready for the afternoon hunting patrol soon?" You reminded him, causing him to let out a grunt.
"Why is it that Taehyung and Seokjin are the ones to have you by their sides every day? Why can't it be me?"
"Kook," you laugh, "you know your hyungs would never let me go out there to support the patrols. For one, it can be dangerous especially for a simple human like me, and two, I don't have a clue on what to do during a patrol."
He sighed, allowing his hands to drop by his side again. "It's unfair. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a warrior."
"Don't say that. The clan has both you and Hoseok to keep us protected and that is something I would never want to take away from you."
"I know. I just want to spend more time with you" He looked up to meet your gaze again. "But for now this will do." Without any warning, he leaned in to give you a quick kiss to your lips, causing your cheeks to brighten in an instant as he strolled away with a giggle, knowing exactly what your expression would show without even looking.
You were too adorable for your own good.
"Have you ever had scented candles before?"
On one of the rarer days when you were free from your duties and didn't have the little whelps demanding for your attention almost every second you turned your head and Seokjin was well on his own, you accompanied Jimin in the lonely dungeons as he made his rounds as head of the guards, making small talks ever so often.
There weren't many prisoners locked up for their bad deeds just as the time you spent there a prisoner yourself so you knew Jimin often got lonely making his rounds all alone each time. Taking that into consideration, you weren't going to let the opportunity of your free time be spent doing nothing.
"Scented candles?" You tilted your head slightly to the side with innocent eyes that always got him every time and Jimin chuckled lightly after dropping his clipboard on a table from finishing his rounds with you by his side and turning to elsewhere. "I've heard of them before but they don't necessarily exist around here do they?"
"They don't but there are tales of the scented candles being of great help to be of comfort for anyone in need." Your eyes widened at his words, feeling quite intrigued, and when Jimin turned back around with a few things in hand, your breath hitches. "The first person that came into mind was you when I heard about them," he told you with bright eyes smiling as he brought them on over towards the table at the center of the room. You followed him curiously, rounding yourself to stand beside him as he displayed the candles for you. "So I had one of our traveler dragons to bring them back when they had the time."
"Jimin..." You felt so touched by his kind thoughts for you you almost didn't know what to say towards the sweet gesture. But when he graced you with a tender smile upon your gaze on him, you were sure he understood your thankfulness towards him.
"If only we had these at the time when you were our prisoner." His face fell with slight dejection but you were quick to shake your head lightly.
"Having you to help me then was more than enough, Jimin, I promise. Then again," thinking back to that time, you giggled upon the memories, "would you guys have really wasted such precious things on me at the time?"
He sighed. "I'm glad we can joke about it now but looking back at it, we were so horribly rude to you I can't believe I let my emotions get the best of me."
"You were just worried for the little one."
He chuckled upon your words with a tousle to your hair. "I don't think Jungkook would appreciate someone smaller than him calling him the little one."
You gave him a pout. "And why not? You do it to him all the time."
"Because I'm his hyung. Though he does often tease me about it from time to time." You giggled knowingly, already picturing their small bickering when it came to the two of them and their banters. Having seen that, Jimin smiled from where he stood beside you and brought his hand behind your head in order to pull you close and place a sweet kiss on your forehead, surprising you and making your cheeks flare up at the sudden gesture without warning. He found it cute how you had yet to get used to their kisses whether unexpected or not but returned his eyes to the candles despite the shocking state you were still in.
"Shall we try one of them?"
With his question, you blinked in a daze before shaking your head to return to the subject, and with your cheeks still slightly flushed, your eyes darted back to the candles laying on the table. "There are so many different kinds," you observed with a slightly opened mouth of astonishment to which Jimin found adorable.
"I didn't know what kind of scent you'd prefer so I got the dragon to get a couple different kinds."
"Lots of them are flowery scents," you beamed under the lowlights of the dungeon as you went on to pick up the candles in order to observe them up close. Pulling them up close to your nose, you waft at them in order to get a sense of how each of them smelt, your expressions clearly pleased each time you got a new scent to try as Jimin simply stood there watching you, happiness blooming in his chest at just the sight of you so content. "They all smell so great even without it lit up."
Your face fell with furrowed brows as you stared at each of the candles, having a hard time choosing which one to try first and Jimin let out a laugh. "You're so cute," he said. "We can try every one of them now if you still have time to spare."
"I have all the time to spare!" You exclaimed almost a little too happy for someone who had come in the dungeons declaring the desire to help. But he knew that was just the way you were and for that alone, Jimin wasn't at all dissatisfied by it.
"Well then, since you're having a hard time choosing which one to try first, just close your eyes and choose."
"Good idea!"
Upon Jimin's suggestion, you quickly closed your eyes and hovered your hand over the candles, blindly searching over each one before you finally settled with the one to the far right. With that, you opened your eyes again and held that one up.
"Lavender," the dragon beside you stated.
"Lavender's wonderful!" You were quick to say with your eyes lighting up at the chosen one. "It helps relieve stress and anxiety," you let him know and his brows furrowed a little at your words.
"Are you having trouble, little one?" He asked, concerned.
"Oh no, not me," you quickly said with a shake of your head. "I want to share this with Namjoon because I know being a leader to a clan isn't always the easiest. He comes home later than every one of us after all and most times I'm already asleep by then. I haven't seen him around lately so I'm a little worried."
His eyes softened at your innocent kindness that never seemed to ever leave your heart no matter what and for that alone, Jimin almost believed that he was falling in love all over again. "We're so lucky to have you by our side."
You looked up at him and gave him a humble shake of your head. "It's the other way around," you smiled. "Do you think he'll appreciate it? Oh, but you got these for me as gifts."
"Don't worry, it's always best to share gifts like these with each other," he said while gently stroking your head. "I know Namjoon will be more than happy to receive this."
"Then shall we also choose candles for the others as well? I think it would be really incredible to build a storage room for scented candles so that whenever one of us needs it, we can always—"
"Before that."
Innocently, you looked up from the candles to meet Jimin's gaze only to have your lips captured in a sweet kiss, leaving your breath to hitch and your eyes to widen as you froze right there at the unexpected kiss.
Jimin leaned away just enough to give you some space with a chuckle. "Your reactions will always please me."
"But," his brows furrowing slightly, he brought his hand over to slowly swipe his thumb along his lip as you simply stood there, staring at those plump lips of his, not knowing what to do, "I want more, little one."
"J.." Your cheeks brightened even more as your eyes were quick to avert to the ground upon meeting his eyes, causing him to let out another throaty chuckle.
"I love you."
He found it amusing in the way your face only seemed to flush even more each time he did and said something. Your eyes were shaking, not knowing where to look, and he was sure your head was swarming with thoughts of how to respond to him. Surely you were panicking upon whether to return those sweet three words or not and it brought a tug at the corner of his lips.
"Well?" He raised a brow, waiting for your permission.
You bit your lip, still contemplating, but Jimin went on to take the lavender-scented candle away from your grasp to place it back onto the table as he inched towards you in a sly manner.
"I..." You opened your mouth shyly.
"Yes?" He urged you on.
"I-I..." You stepped back out of panic but he followed right away. "Well..um..."
Bravely, you looked up to meet his eyes head-on and Jimin smirked, satisfied with that. But still, he waited to hear your words and despite how slow you were with it, hearing it made him happy nonetheless.
"I love you too." You told him and he smiled, letting his hand trail down your face in a gentle possessive manner before leaning in and pressing his sweet lips to your own.
It's a gentle kiss like the gentleman he is and not long after your thoughts are filled with him and him alone.
"I can't wait to become an apprentice! I just know prince Namjoon will choose the perfect one for me!"
You giggled fondly at the little dragoness who sat beside you helping you with your duties as the two of you fold the blankets for the whelps together. "But before that, you will have to let him know what you want to be first, right?"
"Ah," she said, almost as if she had forgotten about the beginning steps first.
"Well?" You urged her on. "What would you like to be as part of the clan?"
She looked away thinking, her hands coming down to a stop on top of the white blanket that laid on her lap, her thoughts going on to stray away to the different duties every dragon has as a member of the clan.
"Unnie how did you choose what you wanted to do?" She asked you instead of answering, her decisions still unclear.
"Well," you started, ready to help her to try and decide, "I chose to be both Seokjin's underling and helping out with the whelps because I love helping. I guess it was easy to decide because, for one, I enjoy taking care of the whelps' needs, and two, I'm used to the herbs and remedies as I've often had to learn them myself without relying on others to help me heal when I needed it. Plus it comes in handy when the princes need to be tended to."
"You don't like just watching on the sideline and would rather be of help, huh?"
You nodded with a smile. "Tending to them makes me feel useful. I can protect them in that sense while they help to protect the clan as warriors themselves. I'd hate to just stand back and watch them in pain, not knowing how to help them. It'd feel worse than anything"
Haeun broke into a beaming smile at your answer. "Unnie, that sounds just like you."
You chuckled at her words and went on to tousle her hair. "You'll find your purpose one day soon. Take your time, no one is rushing you."
"Oh!" She let out a cute little gasp. "What if I worked as a caretaker as well? That way I can be of more help here in the roosts!"
"That sounds—"
The two of you turned at the voice to find Taehyung walking up with a slightly displeased expression as he handed little Kihyun to Haeun before shamelessly pulling you against his chest right in front of the kids.
"T-Taehyung!" You quickly gasped and were ready to push him away at the unexpected gesture. Only he wasn't going to let you go.
"You already spend too much time with my princess, you can't keep taking her away from me. I'm supposed to be the one who spends more time with her than anyone else, Haeun!"
You couldn't believe this was the reason for his refusal of Haeun's help but rather than taking him seriously, the dragoness let out an exasperated sigh as she stood from her spot with Kihyun in hand before purposely sticking her tongue out at the prince. "Sucks to be you then, my prince, because unnie likes me more than you anyways!"
He let out a dramatic gasp with the grip around you only tightening. "How dare you say such lies."
Yet she made no comebacks and simply ran away before Taehyung could scold her anymore.
You giggled at their little banter and turned around to face your lover with a sigh. "I would appreciate it if you kept the affections to a minimum in front of the little ones."
"Why should I? Those little dragons are already trying to steal you away. I'm just marking my territory so they know not to steal someone else's mate, especially one that belongs to a prince."
"You know they're just playing around."
"That's what they'd like you to think, those mischievous little brats."
You burst out laughing at how ridiculous he was, jealous of the little dragons and even having quite the serious pout plastered upon his face. You didn't know what to expect walking into the relationship but even so, everything had been so well you were glad to be able to laugh and smile along their sides no matter how many times you'd get flustered by the things they did.
Frowning at you for not taking him seriously, Taehyung grabbed a hold of your face in both his large palms and brought himself right in front of you, making your laughter cease almost instantly.
"Is it fun making me jealous?" The prince asked with a raised brow, suddenly giving you a deadpanned look you weren't sure what to think. "Hm, princess?"
Your eyes panned away from his out of panic, already afraid to be caught by the poor little dragons in case they stumbled upon the two of you. "Tae—"
"I'm right in front of you yet you're focusing on something else?"
"If the whelps catch us like this, I—" He brought your face forcibly back to face him again with a displeased expression that is quick to bring your voice quiet all over again. "Tae..." Seeing him like that was a little surprising to you. After all, despite the many months spent in the dragon clan, there was still so much you had yet to know of including how the princes would act as your lovers, and now that you were with them, it still felt a little unbelievable they would feel such love and possessiveness over you.
Maybe that was just the nature of dragons. Just as you've heard stories of them being quite possessive with their treasures, perhaps mating was just as if not more important.
Your faces were so close you were sure Taehyung could feel the heat of your cheeks against his palm. It made you even shyer so you looked away, not brave enough to keep eye contact for much longer, and just for that, he let out a knowing chuckle.
"You're so cute." His voice was low, quiet. "I don't want anyone else to see this side to you, princess. You're ours after all, aren't you?"
You ignored his words in an attempt to hide your embarrassment. "Don't you think, um...you're being a little too brave doing this right here?"
"I'm sure Haeun's got us covered."
"That's not—!" You grunted. "We can't let her watch the whelps all alone, you know that."
"Eh," he shrugged, not caring one bit, "she's a good kid. She'll take care of it. In the meantime—"
You were quick to gasp and pushed Taehyung away as soon as you heard the young voice calling your name. "Do you need something, Minho?" You asked, turning around as the little one ran up to you while you both ignored the cry of agony and frustration falling out of Taehyung's lips as he leaned back into one of the beds of the whelps, holding his face against his palm at the missed opportunity that was now ripped away from him.
"Noona I wanna play with you!" The little dragon exclaimed with a bright innocent grin plastered on his face but Taehyung knew it was anything but. As if to provoke the prince further, he grabbed ahold of your hands and dragged you off, not even sparing Taehyung a single glance, knowing fully well what he had just done.
"Namjoon!" He saw you quick on your little feet as you ran up to him with a beaming smile that was just enough to slowly ease the weights resting on his shoulders. But he knew it wouldn't last forever despite wanting to keep seeing that precious smile of yours even if it meant for just one whole night, dreading for the time that was coming. "I was just looking around for you!"
He gave you a tender smile as he drew his hand along your face, stroking it gently. "Did you need me for something, dear one?"
"Mhm!" You took his hand, ready to run off. "Come here, I—"
But Namjoon pulled you back to stand right before him again, he himself not having moved one inch despite you just about to drag him away. "Can it wait?" He said, causing your smile to fall with a slight concern.
"Oh. Are you busy?"
He hated doing that to you. "I was just about to have Yoongi call for a clan meeting."
"Ah," you said, nodding. "Then I will wait for you in—"
"I want you to attend the meeting."
That took you by surprise as your eyes widened a little, totally unaware that Namjoon would ask you to attend a clan meeting. Usually, he would have all the princes and his most trusted dragons together for a meeting first before letting the rest know of any news that would be important to announce. You've never attended any meetings before and there hadn't been one for a while so surely the things he had to discuss had to be important, right? So why would he ask you to attend?
Seeing the confusion written on your face, Namjoon began to explain. "You're our Keeper now, remember?" He said, reminding you of the ceremony that had taken place just a few weeks ago. "Must I keep reminding you that you are now very important to the dragon clans?"
"Well..." They've mentioned that but you have yet to know what exactly that title meant for you. "I haven't exactly done much, have I?"
"I know," he nodded, understanding. "Truthfully none of us truly understands how a human would prepare for this role but I need you to begin seeing this title as your new duty. I know you have the whelps to take care of and also work alongside Seokjin but being a Keeper will begin to take up the majority of your time now. I need you to be prepared for anything, Y/N."
"I..." The serious gaze he held for you made you understand how crucial it was but still, you couldn't find the answer as to why. "I don't understand."
Namjoon nodded again. "It is best to let everyone know first before you ask your questions." He took your hand and began leading you towards the one room you hadn't exactly been to before; the meeting hall. "But just know that from now on, the Keeper will be attending every meeting that is to be held."
Knowing your questions would be answered soon, you gave him a nod. "Okay."
The meeting hall was a grand hall that laid a large table right in the middle with twelve chairs surrounding it all together. Seeing it up close and personal itself, you could understand just how serious the meeting was going to be. Even Taehyung himself who had already taken his place towards one of the ends held a grim expression.
But upon seeing you walk in with Namjoon at your side, his face lit up just the slightest bit.
"You look tense," he joked as if trying to ease your nerves with his little jokes. "It's alright, princess," the dragon assured you with a soft smile as he held his hand out to offer you a seat beside him. You easily took his hand, allowing him to guide you to the chair beside him as the others began to file in.
Hoseok took his place on your other side with a grin. "First time here?" He asked almost flirtatiously and made you let out a giggle.
Not long after the meeting began.
"The three clans have gotten news of me declaring Y/N as Keeper of the Dragons." You could feel all eyes turning to you at the report that left Namjoon's lips and just for that, you felt a weird feeling drop within your stomach but you weren't sure exactly what you were supposed to feel.
Was it a good thing? Or not?
Weren't the Clans all connected in one way or another despite them ruling their own skies and mountains? Questions swarmed in your head and you were suddenly realizing just how much you didn't know about lots of things that were important to the clan.
Sensing your confusion, Namjoon began to explain. "There are four main clans. The East, the West, the North, and the South. The other clans that exist are the smaller clans that protect other areas that are not covered by the four major clans. The warriors live protecting our territories in order to maintain the lands that were given to us from the first beginning wars many years ago. We are allowed to go to war with any smaller clan to gain land if we wish to do so, but none of us are allowed to attack any of the major clans so that no one clan becomes one over the other and dictates the rest."
"Hence that's where gaining a Keeper poses a problem, doesn't it, my prince?"
You turned your head at the warrior that had spoken. "It..does?"
He sent you a conflicted expression. "Us major clans may not be allowed to attack the others to maintain order but there are other ways to gain power and look slightly better than the rest."
"And one way by doing that is having our ancestor warriors accept a Keeper into one of the clans," another warrior added.
You were posing a problem as a Keeper already? Just by existing? Did that mean you'd have to leave in order to not cause more problems and potentially be the reason the clans may go to war?
Seeing those worried brows furrowing, Seokjin turned back to Namjoon. "The clans have given you their answers, I am sure. What did they say?"
With Seokjin's question, the attention returned to the high prince once again.
"They will accept the Keeper as long as we grant them the permission to use her in the case of any major wars."
Jungkook abruptly stood up in protest. "No!" He said in a thunderous tone with a face filled with rage at the thought of even bringing you to the wars. "I will not allow anyone to use Y/N in any way shape or form even if it comes to our own wars."
"But the Keeper has her powers to protect herself and the ones beside her."
"Y/N doesn't know how to use her powers yet," he was quick to dismiss the thought.
Meanwhile, you look at Hoseok and Taehyung beside you with confusion at this so-called power of yours. You really possessed powers now? And as if reading your thoughts, the two of them gave you a silent nod both firmly to let you know that all of this was real.
"She can learn."
"And she will."
"Whether she learns it well or not does not mean I will let anyone take advantage of her and put her life at risk. Y/N's already gone through so much, you can't just expect her to suddenly be thrown into the middle of our clan's problems."
But you were the root of the problem so it only made sense. And you were sure you weren't the only one thinking that as you looked around the room, noticing the hesitation in the warrior's expressions as some of them felt conflicted on whether to voice their true opinion on the matter or not since they all knew you were the lover of the princes.
Sighing silently with worry, you spared a glance towards Namjoon who seemed to be the one in the most conflicted position. After all, as leader of the East Clan, he had to consider both sides to the problem while also needing to take in the other clan's words without dismissing it so easily.
As you sat there while the debate continued on, you realized that the only way the clan could have accepted you at all was to become a Keeper. That was the only position available to you as a human in order to be someone not only the East Clan could trust but the rest of the clans as well. Which also meant that this was Namjoon's way of protecting you. Because as Keeper, you were given the power to protect not just the people around you but yourself as well.
"Hyung." Jungkook turned back to Namjoon, wanting the leader to declare the words of declining the other clan's orders but you knew it wasn't going to be that easy of a decision.
The room fell silent again as the youngest of the prince addressed the leader who sat tall in his seat at the end of the table. His gaze remained grim with both his hands clasped together in front of him with silent thoughts swarming in his head.
It remained that way for a while, the room waiting for Namjoon to speak.
He closed his eyes for a second before sitting back tall against his seat and looking up to rest his gaze right on you. Your heart skipped a beat, not knowing what he was going to ask of you or if he had come up with a decision, and whatever it was, you knew you had to be prepared.
"Y/N," he called, voice uttered in a low octave.
"Yes?" You were almost too afraid of what his next words were going to be but this was Namjoon you were talking about. You knew you could trust him with your whole life. The two of you went through danger together, helped each other up, carried one another, and made it out alive in the end. You knew more than anyone that he wouldn't purposely lead you to danger. After all, even though he had hated you then, he still protected you from that great fall because he knew you were special to Jungkook.
If there was anyone you could trust, it would be Namjoon.
"The wars that the dragon clans may involve themselves in can be quite brutal," he told you. "There will be enemy dragons far more dangerous than the ones that had attacked both you and Seokjin. You have to, however, be rest assured that our own warriors are far stronger than you can ever imagine. I will do all that I can to negotiate with the other three clans but be prepared to know that you may be needed in one of the wars in the future."
He held a hand up to silence Jungkook without ever diverting his gaze from you. "No dragon that belongs to the clans, whether that of the major clans or the smaller ones, will ever dare to harm you. Every dragon knows not to try and harm a Keeper who lives to protect them. So if and when the wars ever come, will you give your complete trust to us in due time just as the clans will do the same with you?"
Seeing that complete resolve in Namjoon's eyes which hides no lies upon his vow to keep you from harm's way, you knew your answer.
"More than anything, I will entrust my life to the clans."
Proud with your reply, Namjoon let himself give you a faint smile in return.
"This will mean the clans will want to meet her, won't they?" Jimin spoke up upon the possibility and returning to his serious expression once again, Namjoon gave a nod.
"The Keeper has much to learn then."
"That's right."
Customs and courtesies along with the history of the Clans and their origins. Adding along with your training as a Keeper, the need to protect the dragon clans. You had much to do but you knew running away from it wasn't going to happen so you sat there with a resolved look in your eyes, letting the dragons know that you were going to do it all if it meant protecting them.
They smiled knowingly, proud to have you as their Keeper.
"Can't sleep?"
Namjoon's eyes turned tender upon the sight of you joining him out on the balcony later that night. He held out a hand for you to take and you gladly accepted it with no protest, allowing him to bring you forward and wrap his arms around you to keep you warm from the night breeze.
It remained silent for a while with the two of you just basking in each other's warmth, comfortable with just the sound of the crickets chirping under the night sky filled with the light of the twinkling stars.
"I'm sorry," he whispered a moment later and you turned to look up at him with confusion.
"For what?"
"When I gave you the title as Keeper of the Dragons, I should have asked you about it all first instead of just deciding it all on my own," he told you with a grim expression resting on his face. "Now you're going to have to face some challenges that you weren't prepared for."
His voice was soft against the wind, but you could hear the guilt and heavy stress weighing against him, letting you know that he had been worrying about you with all of this now going on. The other three clans weren't going to give in to his negotiations that easily but Namjoon would be working hard just for the sake of you and for that you knew all you wanted to do at that moment was to ease his burdens.
"It's okay," you told him softly as you leaned against his chest to let him understand that you weren't blaming him for any of it. "You gave me a place in your clan and that is more than enough."
"Being a Keeper is not going to be easy on you. Whether it was the only title I could give you as a human or not, this will only make things harder on you."
You chuckled a little at those words. "You know more than anyone nothing has been easy for me in the first place."
"Exactly." He let out a sigh as his arms around you tightened with worry. "This isn't exactly helping."
"As a Keeper, no one can hurt me, right?"
"You're going to have to learn to defend and use your powers first."
"Mhm," you nodded. "And I will."
"I know you will Y/N, and I trust you with all that I have," he acknowledged without any doubt. "I know that despite the situation you're suddenly placed in, the burdens you will have to face as a Keeper, you won't let any of that get to you and will do all that you can do for the clan. But," he gave you a squeeze, holding you tighter as if to silently tell you how afraid he was knowing he had no choice but to send you away as a leader who had to make the best decisions for everyone, "truthfully I wanted to agree with Jungkook and straight-up refuse the thought of even involving you in any future wars. The little one knows you best. He's seen through it all, feels the most guilty out of any of us for not being able to protect you as well as we should have. And I know you don't blame him, none of us does, he was after all the one who fought so hard for your life. But because he had to go through that, Jungkook will be the one to suffer the most when we have to send you off to fight."
You understood that. You understood the fact that Jungkook's heart was so big he wanted to protect everyone he could with his power. He was there beside you, always feeling helpless he couldn't do much to help you in your situation knowing he had been less powerful than the rest of his hyungs, but even then, you would never blame him because none of it was his fault.
He was a kind, gentle, and loving dragon who refused to let any of his lovers get hurt. But you understood where Namjoon was coming from and knew this wasn't going to be easy at all.
"I will tell you this though," you looked up at the leader whose eyes were already on yours with a firm resolve in his eyes. "As the leader of the Eastern Clan and as your lover, I will not let anything happen to you no matter what we will face in the future. So can you place your faith in me and do your part knowing I will be standing right beside you in all of this?"
"Namjoon..." Dealing with the Clans and potentially needing to be used in some of the future wars would not be easy, you knew, but you also knew that you weren't going to be alone. So you gave him a firm nod, knowing more than anyone that you could trust him. "Of course."
He leaned in to place a kiss on your head. "That's all I need to hear."
The days grew longer and longer as you took your duties off as Seokjin's assistance and the caretaker of the whelps in order to begin your training as the true Keeper of the Dragons.
You were given a teacher who taught you the history of the Clans and common customs and courtesies to prepare you for the meeting of the other three clans and had to face a challenge in trying to understand how the previous Keeper had lived.
None of it was easy, knowing you would be alone throughout most of it because the dragons themselves had no idea of how to train someone with a position they've never had to face. So you spent most of your time in the large library mostly to yourself with lessons after lessons on the history of the Clans and the first Keeper of the Dragons.
Given the ability to wield the power to physically protect someone while having no idea how to use or control it was hard for a beginner like you, but you knew you couldn't give up so easily because this was now your duty. You couldn't let your clan down nor disappoint anyone.
Everyone believed in you, it was your duty to show them that you were capable of this position without any doubt.
If the other three clans blindly trusted in you to the point of potentially asking you for aid in future wars then you could not let them see you as a weak and vulnerable human who would make excuses on how hard it was. You had to prove yourself to everyone.
Not just your princes, not just your clan nor the other three clans, but to yourself as well.
You were going to face this head-on, knowing it was your duty to protect the dragons now as Keeper of the Dragons.
You quickly shook your head as you headed back to the private chambers after another long day of studying. With a big smile plastered on your face, you knew you couldn't let them worry over you so much.
"I'm perfect!" You said to Yoongi who held on to a skeptical expression.
"Well that's true but," he held his hand up to stroke your hair with eyes that didn't blindly believe you so easily, "you know it's okay to say when you're tired, right? You have it very rough right now, after all. We can all see it."
"Well I'm a little tired," you admitted sheepishly, knowing you couldn't hide anything from them as he brought you in to hold you in his arms soon after. "But it's been going well, I promise."
"I don't doubt that." Seokjin came up from behind you to place a kiss on your head. When you looked up at him, his eyes were just as concerned as Yoongi's. "I know you're a smart girl who is stronger than anyone I've ever met, however, you must remember to not push yourself too hard."
"You often go to the extremes for others, that's why we're so worried, princess," Taehyung said.
"If it becomes too difficult to face this all on your own, you have to tell us," Jimin chimed in. "Preparing for battles is not easy but doing this as a Keeper is something beyond our own imaginations. We may not understand some things but we're right here for you, okay?"
"Once you're done with the first steps of knowing how to defend and use your powers as a Keeper, the next step is learning how we fight our wars."
"I'm sorry," Namjoon said after Hoseok, looking the most worried out of them all since he was the one to have given you the title. "This is a lot more than I thought it'd be."
"I promise I'm alright," you said with sincerity at their concern for you. You hated seeing them like that but you knew it was coming from a good place. "Learning to protect the Clans is a privilege. I'm honored to be a Keeper. I won't let you down."
You turned to the sound of the last prince to speak and saw the way he stood a bit further from the rest of you, an unsettling uneasiness clear on his face as his brows furrowed while he refused to look at you at first. It was silent for a moment as you waited for Jungkook to speak.
When he finally managed to look up and meet your face, you could see how much this was affecting him and felt your heart drop at just the sight alone. Jungkook was so worried about you.
He held his hand out, eyes averting from yours again but still, you took it without hesitation, letting the youngest prince have his way with pulling you into his strong arms. You couldn't see it from where you stood just seconds ago but now that you were in his arms, you could feel the way he was trembling slightly as he held you.
"'Please," he whispered as he let his cheek rest against your head, "if it's too hard you have to let us know. You can't lie to us no matter what. If you don't want to do this anymore then just say the word and we'll take care of it. But I know that is not something you'd ever do because you are much too noble for that so please...please don't push yourself too hard for any of our sakes. If you go too far you'll hurt yourself. So this time, this time I won't let you get too far. I promise I'll uphold my words and protect you. So please rely on me. Okay?"
You knew to some extent that Jungkook worried the most out of everyone but hearing those words coming out of his mouth, feeling the slight trembling of his body, you knew how scared he was right now. So worried, so afraid.
He loved you so much so you knew you couldn't do something that would make him think you were only going to make things harder for yourself.
You stepped back just enough to face him again where you reached up to hold his face in your hand. His eyes were filled with so much grief you wished you could just take all those worries away in a blink of an eye. But it wasn't going to be that easy. Despite that, however, you knew you had to do something to ease the pain even if it meant a small dose.
"I promise, Jungkook. I won't go too far this time."
"Good." He said and buried his face against the crook of your neck, his breath shaky as he let out a sigh. "Good."
"How about this?" Witnessing that moment between the two of you, Namjoon spoke up. "You should take a break tomorrow. You've been working non-stop these past few weeks after all."
"Hm?" You turned to Namjoon with a slight confusion while Jungkook remained in your arms, refusing to let you go anytime soon. "But—"
"The clan haven't seen you in a while since you've been buried in the library almost every day since your training started. I'm sure they've missed you."
"That's right," Taehyung let out a sigh at just the reminder of the little whelps demanding him questions after questions on when they were ever going to see you again. "You know more than anyone how much those little whelps love you. They've been asking for you since the day you started your training and Haeun isn't making things any easier. She's gotten so grumpy I can't keep handling all of them on my own."
You laughed lightly upon the mention of the little ones, already picturing them complaining to Taehyung and bouncing around him for answers about you.
"Everyone knows you're working so hard right now," Yoongi stated with a firm nod. "You should take tomorrow to catch up on things and take things easy. They've all missed you."
"I suppose a day wouldn't hurt."
"Then it's settled." With that, Namjoon gave you a faint smile as he walked up to both you and Jungkook, giving you a kiss to your head before gently patting Jungkook's head. He looked up, still slightly upset about this whole thing. "Y/N's going to be okay," the leader vowed firmly. "Everyone's looking out for her."
"Mhm," you nodded with a smile. "So don't worry too much, okay?"
He took a moment to stare at the kind smile you gave him and seeing how sincere you both were, Jungkook began to look relieved as his face relaxed for the first time in a while. "Okay," he sighed with a small smile of his own. "I'm proud of you."
Your heart blossomed with love.
Two weeks later, you were to leave to meet the three clans of the North, South, and West.
Dressed in formal wear, you took a deep breath as you stared out at the view of the horizon from the mountain top, knowing this would be the first time you would be leaving the mountain and being gone for a while.
"Are you ready?" You turned at the voice of Hoseok who stood tall beside Namjoon as the two of them would be the ones to accompany you on the journey. Behind them stood the rest of the princes and the clan to bid their farewells and wait for your return. Scanning the crowd, you could see some faces of worry and decided to give them all your usual kind smile.
"I have Namjoon and Hoseok with me, you can all stop looking at me like I'm already going out for war," you said with a small laugh to lighten the dampened mood. "I will be alright," you give them the vow with confidence in order to ensure that they did not have to worry too much.
It seemed to have worked since many of their faces began to lighten up again.
"We will be waiting for your return."
"Please stay safe."
"Send word if anything goes wrong. We'll be ready for anything."
You laughed again. "You all worry too much."
"For good reason." Seokjin walked up looking slightly grumpy. "We're sending our Keeper away after all."
"They won't do anything to me, I'm just going to be meeting them so that they will know who the Keeper is," you reminded him.
"I'm surprised you can be so calm." Truthfully despite Jimin's words, you were quite worried but you knew you couldn't show that now. It wouldn't be the best thing to do knowing the clan themselves were already concerned. "You're so brave, little one."
"Mhm," you nodded at his words with a confident grin. "So trust me a little more, hm?"
"Stay safe, princess," Taehyung told you as he gently tousled your hair.
"I will."
Meeting both Namjoon and Hoseok's gaze, there seemed to be some sort of a silent conversation going on as Yoongi met their gazes before he turned to you with a small smile. "We'll be waiting for you."
"Mhm," you smiled.
"I love you," Jungkook whispered before turning to Namjoon and Hoseok. "You too," he said. "Be careful out there."
"Of course," Hoseok nodded.
"Shall we go? We must reach the Southern Clan before the sun sets." Upon those words of Namjoon's the clan tensed up again along with an odd feeling dropping along your stomach. But you knew you had to do this whether it was scary or not. It was important to the future of the clans after all.
Once both Namjoon and Hoseok transformed into their respective dragon forms, you gave the clan a formal bow of respect. "I shall return in time."
With that, you climbed onto Hoseok's back and the two of them took off riding into the sky, leaving the Eastern Dragon Clan behind.
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rayofsunas · a year ago
s/o trying on the boys clothes.
Tumblr media
A/n: I hope everyone’s day is going alright, as good as these days can be :( this was requested by an anon. thank you so much for your cute idea anon! also can I just say, I love scaramouche’s hat so much? it’s so pretty!?!?! sorry childe’s is so short, I don’t have much exposure to him ngl. these could be read as g/n, but I did have a female reader in mind, it’s more noticeable in xiao’s.
Summary: s/o trying on the boys clothes.
Parings: Scaramouche/Reader, Childe/Reader, Xiao/Reader
Warnings: fluff, swearing
Word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knew the minute you put his hat on he’d be angered to see you wearing it. But how could you not, when it was just sitting on the back of the wooden chair, begging to be worn.
Your lover had abandoned it for once, but you assumed he hadn’t gone far if he’d left it behind. It was like a signature of his, he never left without it.
If he wasn’t here, he wouldn’t notice you wearing it, so it wouldn’t hurt anybody if you tried it on for just a few minutes. The curiosity was getting the better of you, and before you knew it, you were padding across the room to pick up the hat.
It slipped easily on your head, but you quickly noticed how heavy it was, the weight of the two ornamental accessories weighing it down significantly.
“Jeez, Scara... how do you wear this?” You muttered to yourself, approaching a mirror in your bedroom. You stared at your reflection for quite a while, appreciating and admiring the small intricate designs and details on the top of the hat. It was truly beautiful.
A nervousness bubbled in your stomach when you saw your lover come into view in the mirror, his eyes pointed in a heavy glare.
“What do you think you’re doing,” It wasn’t a question, more like a statement. One that could have held malice behind it if you were someone else.
Despite being nervous, you gulped and confidently announced, “Hello Scara.”
“Take that off.” You weren’t shocked by his demand, not at all.
“But it’s so pretty,” you whined. Scaramouche’s eyes rolled as he strolled forward, standing behind you with a finger on his chin. He was so close you could practically feel the best emitting off of his body; he was... irked.
“It’s design isn’t pretty.” He stated harshly.
“Hmm, I suppose you’re right because it’s not on your head! Here.” You whipped the hat off at the speed of light and were quick to plop it on top of navy hair.
The ornaments continued to jingle even when the hat was secure on his head and you were left staring at an unreadable face.
“Better...” you whispered shyly. “You look like a King now.”
He stayed silent for a long time, it makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward under his gaze.
“Considering you like it so much. Maybe we should have one made for you...” he said thoughtfully, easing away all of your nervousness with just one unusual thoughtful comment. Your face heated up, burning like Jueyun Chili’s, you were excited.
“Really?! You would do that for me! Aw you’re so sweet Scara-”
“Only because I don’t want mine stolen all of the time.”
You frowned, but you would take the previous statement as a compliment. He wanted to match with you, that’s what you decided to conclude.
“Two-faced bastard... just let me have this moment, okay?!”
A rare smile formed on his pale face. “Aw, is someone upset?” You glared.
“Don’t whine like a baby; you’ll get yours in due time.”
You eventually did get your custom hat, designed to accommodate you perfectly. You wore it out of your house proudly, despite passing by travelers commenting on how odd it looked on you due to you looking “normal”. It didn’t bother you, you’d continue to wear it and strut it like a peacock with beautiful feathers. Let’s just say if Scaramouche hears anybody saying that to you, death. 🔪🙂
Tumblr media
Childe LOVES that he caught you wearing his grey jacket, he could not thank the Archons enough, that he got to see such an image this morning. It was a great start to his day. 
“Oh, you’re wearing my jacket, how cute of you, girlie.” He continued to say as you walked through the streets of Liyue. Ever since you had stepped out of your house this morning, and Childe had spotted you wearing his jacket he hadn’t been able to let go of the flirtatious and prideful comments. 
“I didn’t have anything else.” You admitted, kicking rocks at your feet.
His tongue clicked, mockingly. “If you wanted to wear my clothes sweetheart, all you had to was ask!” A long arm gracefully slipped around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side. You huffed. 
“It’s not like that, I didn’t have time to wash any suitable clothes this morning-”
He only hummed with the shake of his head. “It’s okay, we’ll keep this secret between us.”
“It’s not, ugh whatever...”
You truthfully hadn’t had any suitable clothes left to run to Liyue Harbor in and hadn’t had time to wash them at the river near your home. Hence the reason you were wearing his jacket. You should’ve known he would not be able to drop it as soon as you stepped into his line of vision. 
Although the teasing was annoying, especially so early in the morning after already starting your day stressing about what to wear, you did like the warmth the grey jacket gave you, and you probably would consider wearing it again. 
Tumblr media
“Please, Xiao, please.” You whined, begging at your knees in front of your husband, hands cupped together in a pray-like form. 
The pale man tried to get you to stand, but you would not, “I do not see why you want to wear my clothes.” He exclaimed, standing tall above you.
“Because, they’re pretty, are they not?” 
He stayed silent, clearly thinking. “I’ve never associated them with the word pretty.” 
You hummed, eyes glistening with false tears, he concluded. You sure did know how to get your way. Without much thought as to what he was saying, the man suddenly mumbled, “Fine, if you must.” 
You cheered excitedly and loudly as if you had won a battle. Xiao watched with curiosity, as you abruptly stood, leaned in to kiss his cheek, and then ran off towards his wardrobe in the corner of the room. 
You whipped the wardrobe open as if you were starving and began stifling through his clothes. Most articles were similar to his everyday attire, you could see signature teals, purples, and golds; immediately you gravitated towards one of his sleeveless shirts, although this one was a faded gold, with a light purple collar and intricate white detailing closer to the bottom.
Despite your husband still in the room, completely tinted pink from your previous cheek kiss, you threw your top off and began slipping his shirt on. It fit weirdly since you had breasts, kind of snug, you thought. You had to adjust it a few times, but you loved it. It was quite comfortable, almost like a tank top.
“What do you think?” You asked, turning around to face the Adepti. 
He stared. Eventually, he spoke up after seeing your awaiting gaze. “You look beautiful, darling.”
You felt your face heating up, glad he liked how it looked on you, despite being extremely tight up top. 
“Can I wear this more often?”
“I’m not sure-”
“Please.” You whined once again. 
He just could not say no to that look on your face. If he let you get your way more often though, you just might end up with his closet as your own...
Tumblr media
1.16.21, rayofsunas
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out of my league - knj | 01
Tumblr media
you were out of my league. got my heartbeat racing. if i die, don't wake me, cause you are more than just a dream - out of my league, fitz and the tantrums
✹ summary- Kim Namjoon was never supposed to find out about your years-long hopeless crush on him. And he most definitely was not supposed to find out about it in front of all your coworkers in a company-wide meeting.
✹ rating- explicit/18+/nsfw
✹ pairing- kim namjoon x reader
✹ word count- 6.6k
✹ genre- angst, smut, comedy
✹ chapter warnings- swearing, descriptions of sex, sexual content, namjoon being a sexy flirt, jungkook being a himbo, awkward conversations, jimin being a protective bff
✹ a/n- hello and welcome to this fic thats lived in my google docs for almost a year now. without @ladyartemesia @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen and @chimoona, i would never have posted it. i truly owe so much of my brainstorming and creativity to their incredible brains and thoughts and ideas. i love them very much! i hope you enjoy this first chapter! please feel free to message me, talk to me abt anything!! im always here to chat. ILY!
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon was never supposed to find out this way.
You planned to confess your undying, unerring love for your coworker at a better time, a classier place. You would wear a dress that highlighted your features, hair cascading down your back, makeup done to perfection and spritzed with expensive perfume. You’d confess, he’d confess right back, and you’d live happily ever after.
You’d also dreamt that Kim Namjoon would have the slightest inkling of who you are before he finds out about your year long crush. He might know you as the mousy girl in the office who doesn’t talk and doesn’t contribute much other than some crunched numbers and apparently the best coffee brewer in the office. But you’d prefer he knows you well—your favorite colors and movies and foods, what makes you happy and sad; things future husbands should know.
You very much did not think it would happen in a company wide conference, full of over five hundred suit-wearing executives. You did not think it would be done by the office bully, Chungha, who carefully takes over the mic and speaks the words clearly as she presents awards of recognition.
“Congratulations to Kim Namjoon for 5 years with the company, over $4 million in revenue, and the object of ____’s lust and affection. I’m sure you two will have the happy life she’s written in her journal about. Make sure you celebrate with her today!”
The room is silent, so silent you could have heard a pin drop from a mile away. Your face is cherry red and you wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole. Your heart feels like someone has ripped it in half and you stare in horror at the girl smirking at the front. Is this what it feels like to be backstabbed? Namjoon looks perplexed—confusion written on his face as he gestures around to no one in particular like he’s saying ‘what the fuck was that?’
Awkward coughing and clapping begins and Namjoon stands to receive his award, a fine wooden fountain pen, and chances a glance around the room. He easily spots you, with your wide, frightened face. His look remains passive, not hinting what he’s thinking behind those stormy eyes, before he turns and sits back down at the table with his buddies from his department.
You seriously contemplate quitting your job. You could find a new one easily, right? Just stand up and tell your boss you quit and you’re out of there before Namjoon ever sees you again and you’ll never have to face the mean girl who’s ratting you out.
As much as the idea rolls through your head, you know you won’t do it. You love your job, love the security and finances it provides you, and you love to look at Kim Namjoon, all day every day.
You don’t understand where things went wrong.
( one month ago )
It’s 9:03 am. You finish brewing the coffee in the small staff kitchen and sigh at the aroma of the freshly ground beans. Coffee is your favorite meal, favorite time of day, favorite snack, and preferred beverage. You drink it constantly. You’re known as “coffee girl” at work, mostly because no one really bothers to get to know you beyond that. You drink coffee like it’s a devoted religion. You could drink a cup right before bed and still sleep like a baby. It was, put simply, your drink.
The office workers deem you to be the one to make the pots of coffee every morning, claiming you were the ‘best’. You didn’t mind—you preferred to make your own coffee regardless—but you believe your coworkers are trying to pass off the twenty-minute job to someone lower in the office hierarchy. And you were one step above the interns.
The coffee machine chimes to let you know it’s hot, and it’s ready for you. You eagerly pour a mug, a large one, and smile as the waft of freshly ground beans (by you, of course) fills your senses.
You nearly knock the cup out of your hand as Kim Namjoon strolls into the office, eyes set on the coffee.
You feel your throat swell up, like he’s an allergen and you’re caught without an epi-pen. Butterflies swirl in your stomach and you can’t stop staring at him. He pays you no mind, tired yet determined to pour a cup of coffee and get back to his office.
You stand in the small kitchen, clutching your coffee like a lifeline, and pray to god you don’t do something stupid.
Namjoon pours his mug, and you watch his muscular hands grip the coffee pot. He pours a hefty amount of cream and sugar into his cup—it appears even perfect male specimens have their faults. 
Your eyes dance on his face before they tango down his body. You wonder what he looks like in the morning, crawling out of bed with mussed hair and a sleepy smile painted on his face. He’d look at you and tell you you’re the most beautiful girl and kiss you deeply despite morning breath. Maybe he’d take you to the shower to press you against the tile as he fuc-
“Oh!” it startles Namjoon to see you, and the coffee in his hand swishes violently. “Didn’t see you there. Sorry!”
Your heart melts. He’s the picture of kindness and politeness. You recognize it’s been a few seconds and you still haven’t replied.
“It’s fine!”
“Great coffee, by the way,” he smiles. His teeth nearly knock you out cold with their brilliance. “Have a good day.”
He turns and exits the room without so much as a glance back at you. Your knees feel weak.
Kim Namjoon talked to you. He complimented you. He told you to have a good day. It’s the best and most significant conversation you’ve had with your secret crush.
You definitely file that away for another day when you need to reminisce on his compliment, and you scurry out of the kitchen towards your desk.
Park Jimin is waiting dutifully at your desk when you arrive, a smug smile still slapped over your features as you sip at your coffee. Namjoon spoke to you today—how lovely.
Jimin quirks an eyebrow. 
“What’s got you so perky this morning?” 
You’re normally quiet and passive, avoiding eye contact or any semblance of emotion on your face.
You look up at the blonde bespectacled boy. Park Jimin is the closest thing to a best friend in the company. He’s who you spend time with at lunch, see on weekends, and text often. You suppose he’s the closest thing to a best friend you have in your entire life.
You send him a smirk and lean in close to whisper. “Namjoon said hi to me today!”
Jimin sends you a pitiful look and pats your shoulder. Your best friend is well aware of your secret crush and while he thinks Namjoon is a nice guy, he thinks your crush is a little hopeless. He’s the most popular guy in the office, often has dates lined up every weekend. Jimin hears the way he and his friends talk in the break room. The man is definitely not hurting for female attention.
“Oh, honey,” he sighs, unenthusiastically. “That’s great.” He can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness over how excited you’re getting from a simple ‘hello’ from a coworker.
“I know, right? Anyway, lunch today?” You ask as you settle down into your cubicle.
Jimin pushes his glasses up his face and nods. “Of course! That’s why I came by this morning. I wanted to let you know that Jungkook from marketing will join us.”
You make a face, disgust etched in the lines creasing your forehead. 
Jungkook is well known in the company. He’s a loudmouth, a player, a clown, and everyone’s favorite comedian. He’s just not your favorite.
“Don’t be rude,” Jimin admonishes at your grimace. “He asked to join and well—he’s cute. I can’t say no to him.”
“Oh Christ, Jimin,” you groan. “Not you too! Don’t tell me you have the hots for the serial fuckboy?”
He blushes lightly and shrugs. “Maybe I do! Be nice to him today or I’ll eat all your chocolate ice cream I know you have at home.”
You stick your tongue out, petulantly. “Fine, now let me get to work or else Seokjin will be up my ass.”
Jimin smiles and kisses your cheek before he scurries away, back to human resources.
It feels as if barely any time has passed. You’re working hard, running calculations and updating spreadsheets. You have an eye for numbers, and losing yourself in an equation is just another day for you. You’re shaken from your cheerful place by a vibration from your phone, and a text alert popping on the lit screen.
jimin 12:01 pm- it’s lunchtime!! you better get your butt out here!
You smile and text back an affirmative reply, then move to grab your lunch from the company fridge. Gliding down the steps leading to the fresh outdoors, you meet Jimin at the lunch tables in the grass.
Jimin is sitting with Jungkook. You can recognize your best friend by his hair and glasses, and Jungkook by his obnoxious laughter.
“Hi,” you murmur as you sit down and open up the brown bag lunch you’ve brought.
“Hi!” Jimin is excited to see you, and just a pinch over eager to be sitting next to Jungkook.
“You know Jungkook, right?” Jimin asks, a harsh look in his eyes that reminds you to be on your best behavior.
You nod as you pull out a bag of grapes. “Oh, yeah, hey,” you smile. “I’ve seen you around.”
Jungkook delivers you a signature smirk and you feel yourself roll your eyes internally. “Yeah, you’re Coffee Girl, right?”
You pout and glare down at your brown bag lunch. Will you ever become more than just Coffee Girl?
“Yeah, I suppose that’s me.”
Jimin clears his throat to dismiss any awkwardness. 
“So, Jungkook, I hear you like working out? ___ likes to work out too. She drags me to the gym sometimes. Maybe we could all meet up sometime?” You don’t miss the hopeful lilt in his voice. Jungkook does.
“Oh, yeah?” He narrows a sexy look at you, rather—a look he thinks is sexy that you find off-putting. “What do you do at the gym? Little cardio sets with 5 pound weights?”
What an asshole.
“Sometimes,” you state as you take a bite of the homemade salad you handcrafted last night. “Most of the time I’m lifting heavy. I can bench 275 and deadlift 300.”
Jungkook looks taken back. “What, really?” He sounds breathless. “You lift more than Namjoon-hyung.”
At the sound of the love of your life’s name, you pause. Your face heats quickly and Jungkook smirks. Of course, he recognizes this and not Jimin’s obvious flirting.
“Why are you blushing?” He asks. “Did I say something?”
You’re quick to dismiss things. “Um--no. I just um,” you’re grasping at straws. “I’m hot.”
Jimin is trying not to laugh, hiding his mouth behind a petite hand.
Jungkook tilts his head. “It’s not even sunny today.”
You gulp. “Yeah, I must be hot. With a fever. M-malaria… probably.”
Jungkook snorts. 
“You have malaria? Bummer.” He picks at his nails. “I thought for a moment you had a thing for Namjoon.”
“No!” The retort is quick, too quick for normal conversation, and it gives you away.
“Aha!” Jungkook points an accusing finger at you. “You have the hots for him, don’t you?”
Your features melt, and Jimin tries to assuage the situation. “Jungkook, please don’t tell anyone,” he pleads.
Jungkook smiles at you. “That’s so cute. It’s like a little nerdy freshman crushing on the senior class president.”
You bury your head in your hands, suddenly unable to stomach any food.
“Jungkook,” Jimin’s tone becomes more firm, authoritative. “I’m asking you this as a friend. Please, don’t say anything.”
Jungkook holds his hands up to prove his innocence and waves his proverbial white flag. 
“Secret is safe with me,” he promises. “But it’s cute. I know him really well, you know. I could try to hook you two up.”
You blanch, unsure if you want Jungkook saying anything about you to the man of your dreams. 
“I’m good, but thanks,” you offer meekly. “I’m not feeling well. I’m going to head back to work, okay?”
Jimin frowns, knowing you’re feeling like a cornered animal, and nods. “Feel better, babe,” he sighs.
Jungkook watches as you leave and turns to Jimin. “Man, he’s way out of her league.”
Jimin slaps the boy in the chest. “Be nice, asshole, that’s my best friend.”
Jungkook promises to be nice, and Jimin is blissfully unaware that others are listening and that the man beside him is easy to persuade.
( present day )
The company-wide meeting adjourns soon after what is likely to be the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever lived through.
You’re grabbing at your things and trying to run out of the room, desperate to get out before anyone sees you or talks to you or laughs at you.
A hand grabs at the coattails of your suit jacket and you’re pulled backwards with a yelp. You turn to seek your captor and find the concerned face of your best friend, Jimin.
“Are you okay? What the fuck just happened?”
Jimin’s concern makes it all real. Until now you could pretend you were in a fugue state, totally dissociated from reality. Now, you realize that everyone in the entire company is aware of your crush on Kim Namjoon.
You can feel your bottom lip wobble, tears threatening to spill. Jimin murmurs an ‘oh shit’ and drags you out of the large room and into the nearest bathroom. He pushes you to sit against the sink and passes you toilet paper to dab at your eyes.
“I don’t know how she found out!” you cry. “God, I feel so stupid and embarrassed.”
It incenses Jimin. He’s holding it back to ensure you’re okay, but in reality, it’s an HR nightmare waiting to happen. He’ll find who did it and punish them accordingly.
They will suffer. 
“It’s okay, babe,” he pulls you into a hug. “Everyone will forget about it soon. They’ll think it’s just a lame office joke, okay?”
You nod, feeling the slightest bit comforted by his words. 
“How could she find out, Jiminie?” You ask with a sniffle. “You’re the only person who knows.”
Jimin sighs and shakes his head.
“I don’t know, but they’re dead. I haven’t told any-... oh, my god,” Jimin stops suddenly. You look up at him to catch what he’s thinking.
He growls and balls his fists. 
“Jungkook knew.”
You let out a sob and bawl your eyes out into the tissue you’re holding. Jimin holds you tighter while he conjures up a hundred different ways to hurt someone and make it look like an accident.
“Don’t worry,” Jimin sighs, trying to comfort both you and himself. “I’m HR. I have to handle this. I’ll make sure they get what they deserve.”
You feel a sting of pain for Jimin. He’s been hopelessly doting on the man who spilled the beans for a few months now, even got to take him on a few dates. It was still nothing serious, but Jimin was clearly smitten.
“I’m sorry you have to do that, Chim,” you whisper. “I know how you feel about him.”
“Yeah, well,” he swallows thickly. “You’re more important than any asshole.”
Jimin holds you tight for a few minutes longer, before you clean yourself up and steel yourself. Ignore everyone, Jimin encourages. Just get to work, he says. Then you can go home and we’ll drink wine and forget about it all, he promises.
You replay his words in his head like a prayer as you walk down the corridors and towards your office. Everyone in the hallways stops to stare at you. They lean towards their friends and whisper. You hear snippets of their gossip, like “Namjoon” and “out of her league”. It drives the sharp blade lodged in your chest even further. It threatens to collapse your lungs and break your ribs.
You make it to your desk safe and sound and bury yourself in work and forcibly ignore the gawking and the stares. 
Just make it home. Just get through the day. You’re almost there.
You could do this.
Tumblr media
You nearly make it the entire day before running into the one person you didn’t want to see, Kim Namjoon.
At the end of the day, you’re taking the stairs down to the parking garage instead of the elevator. The elevator is too busy, too many people, and you’re trying to avoid the stares and giggles at your expense. The stairs are always deserted and you figure it’s your safest bet.
You can nearly hear the wine calling your name at home. A delicate glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some chocolate ice cream and a good cry—it sounds like the best and only way to unwind after the worst day you’ve ever had in your life.
The chanting of your name gets louder and you wonder if you’ve finally lost your mind—if you’re actually hearing your wine bottles all the way at home talking to you.
No, wait. The voice is real, and coming from behind you. You turn around to face who’s calling you and nearly faint at the sight.
Kim Namjoon stands on the landing above you, one strip of stairs between you.
“Hey!” He seems glad he’s caught you. “I’ve been calling your name for a minute.”
You swallow and search for an answer. 
“Sorry, I’m-.. I guess I’m just a little out of it today.”
Namjoon grimaces. 
“Yeah, about that…” he begins as he takes the steps down to be on equal ground as you. Your heart is spinning wildly. He’s so close to you. He’s talking to you. On any other day you’d be erupting towards the sky like a firework. But today isn’t any other day.
“I feel like I should apologize,” he states. “I don’t know what happened. I didn’t plan it or anything.”
Damn him and his kindness. Damn him and his cute, awkward smile.
“No, no,” you assure. “I know you didn’t. You don’t have to apologize.”
It’s hard to make eye contact with the man. You want to, know it’s important in intense conversations like this, but the thought of him seeing you—really seeing you makes you ache inside.
“It was a really shitty prank,” he begins. “I’m sure you don’t even know who I am, let alone have a crush on me.”
For the millionth time that day, your face heats to a near boil. You stammer and you’re sure you’ve blown any chance at even thinking about a date with Namjoon.
“Oh, uh, right,” you seek an answer, beg your brain to pick something to say that doesn’t make you sound stupid. “I do.”
“You do what?” He’s confused and you widen your eyes at what just left your mouth.
“I do know you! I mean, I do have a crush on you! Oh, fuck,” you shove your face into your hands. “Please, ignore that. I need to go. Sorry!” You don’t give him a chance to reply, you book it out of the stairway as fast as your heels will take you.
Today was the worst day you’ve suffered through in your life.
Tumblr media
The next few days aren’t much better.
Not only are you “coffee girl”, you’re now also sarcastically called “Namjoon’s girl”. As much as you hate your initial title, you’d prefer it to the new one they throw at you as you walk by.
Jimin rats out Jungkook and Chungha to the bosses. They get two weeks probation and they have to write you apology letters if they wish to keep their permanent files clean of any reprimands. It’s a slap on the wrist, and everyone involved knows it. Jimin is furious and wants the boss to reconsider. You tell him not to push it. You’d rather this be over and everyone to forget it even happened. Jimin unwillingly agrees.
You’re working at your desk, earphones shoved in your ears to diffuse the gossip in the room, when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn and are greeted with the face of Judas Iscariot himself, Jeon Jungkook.
“Hi,” he sounds sheepish, cheeks reddening.
You narrow your eyes at him, sharper than steel. “What the fuck do you want?”
He winces, knowing he deserved that. “Well, I just wanted to apologize. I know they told me to write you a letter, but it seems too impersonal…”. 
You can’t believe Jungkook is sucking his ego up and actually coming to you to apologize. You thought he’d for sure be the one to cop out and send a shitty letter.
He continues. 
“I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry that all went down. I didn’t mean to tell her. She got me drunk and said she saw me eating lunch with you and Jimin. I think she was jealous or something and it slipped out. I know that’s not an excuse. I fucked up your trust and Jimin’s trust. But I just wanted you to know I didn’t do it to be an asshole. She sort of duped me.”
You pause as you take in the man’s apology. He didn’t have to come to you in person. He could have easily taken the shitty route and half-assed a letter to you. But he didn't, and he owned up to his mistake. God dammit.
“I appreciate your apology, Jungkook,” you sigh and you see his body visibly relax. “I’m still mad, but I guess the anger is at her for doing it in the first place. I’m sorry she tricked you.”
He breathes a sigh of relief and kneels down beside you. “I’m really happy you believe me. I was worried you were going to kick me in the nuts.
“I won’t lie, I thought about it.”
He smiles with you, and you feel like this is the restart of a friendship. “I definitely deserved it.”
You shrug and smile. “Jimin would kill me for hurting you. He might even kill me for thinking about hurting you.”
Jungkook’s smile drops at the name of your best friend. Yikes. Looks like there’s still trouble in paradise.
“I think you’d be in similar company with Jimin right now. He’s not speaking to me.”
You let out a breath through your nose. “Yeah, he’s a little protective of me.”
“For good reason,” he admits. “You’re like a cute little flower. A cute nerdy flower.”
“Jungkook,” you warn. “I just forgave you after I was humiliated in front of the entire company. I’d be careful with calling me nerdy right now.”
“Fuck, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”
It’s hard to stay mad at the boy, no matter how much you dislike his reputation around the office. The fact that he humbled himself enough to seek you out and apologize is proof enough to you of his character.
“It’s okay, Jungkook. I forgive you,” you smile. “Thank you for apologizing.”
He rubs the back of his neck anxiously as his cheeks flare red.
“Yeah, it felt pretty shitty to just… do anything else. Plus, you seem really cool.”
“You seem great, too, Jungkook.”
He smiles and pulls you in for a hug, catching you off guard. For the fuckboy type, he’s surprisingly sensitive and soft. You like that about him.
“I’ll see you around, okay?” He says as he pulls away from you.
“Maybe you should apologize to Jimin, too?” 
His smile drops, but he nods anyway. “Yeah, maybe I’ll go find him now.”
“Good luck,” you offer with a pat on his shoulder.
With a sad smile, he turns and heads down the hallway towards the HR department. You pray Jimin shows mercy to the handsome boy.
Tumblr media
A few weeks go by, and you’re sure that everyone has forgotten about you and your most embarrassing moment to date. You make the coffee, you calculate the numbers, everyone ignores you. Things return to relative normalcy.
Until it doesn't. The moment you think you're safe is the moment your guard comes down and everything falls apart around you.
It's when you're in the staff kitchen, grinding fresh beans to brew a second pot of coffee, that it happens.
The kitchen is fuller than usual. You normally try to wait until the lunchtime crowd dwindles and leaves to make your second pot, but you're so desperate for the caffeine that you can't find it in you to care.
You trudge into the kitchen with your handy coffee mug clutched in your tired hands and head towards the cupboards to grind up the beans.
There's a few groups of coworkers lingering in the room, and as your grinder whirs the beans around into a powder, you chance a look around to see who's among the crowd.
Your eyes flick immediately to where a hearty laugh erupts. It makes your heart still in your throat. Namjoon sits with his usual crowd of friends, hand gripping a homemade sandwich while the other assists him in telling his story to his friends. He pays you no mind—why would he?—and you can't help but stare at the way his dark brown hair lays perfectly against his forehead, and his eyes crinkle so cutely at the edges when he smiles.
You nearly forget about the coffee grounds—you're snapped out of your Namjoon-induced trance when suddenly a woman's laugh echoes around the room.
"Look at her," the voice states.
You peer up and see a girl you vaguely recognize. Is she from Marketing? Or perhaps Sales? You’re not sure, but she’s staring at you with a sneer.
“She’s so weirdly obsessed with Namjoon. It’s so creepy.”
Your face turns cherry red and you’re sure your lungs stop functioning. The air your body needs to breathe freezes and your chest aches. 
Namjoon turns to look at the girl before he looks and sees you grasping your coffee grounds tightly.
“Chungha was right—it’s so weird. Namjoon, you should talk to HR about this!”
Namjoon turns back to the gossiping coworker and frowns. “Can you leave it alone? She wasn’t even doing anything.”
The girl huffs and crosses her arms over her chest and looks back at Namjoon.
“How can you stand to be in the same room as her? She clearly thinks she has a chance with you.”
Her words come out like a bite. She punctuates her point with a harsh laugh and the group around her mumbles and chuckles in agreement.
You’re desperately grabbing at anything you can, wanting to leave as quickly as possible before you’re embarrassed further.
“Well, she does!” Namjoon replies loudly, annoyance written in his features. “I was actually going to ask her to dinner this weekend in private, but since everyone is so fucking interested in my love life, I have to do it publicly.”
The room falls silent, and your favorite mug falls out from your hands and shatters on the floor. All sets of eyes stare at you while yours widen with disbelief—you don't even care that you’re standing in a pool of old coffee and shattered ceramic. 
Namjoon stands and heads over to you, bending down to pick up the shards of your coffee mug. You take a few stunted breaths to kneel and help. 
His eyes peer into yours. They’re warm—a chocolate brown color that makes you feel safe.  
“What do you say?” He asks with a smile so gentle it nearly breaks your heart. “Will you let me take you out this weekend?” 
You’re gaping like a fish and the surrounding room is silent—bated breath waiting for your reply. 
“Yes, I would l-love that.” 
His smile turns even brighter, and he stands to throw the broken mug away. 
“I’ll email you the details, okay?”
Your head nods dumbly without thinking. His eyes sparkle as he smiles at you, and he extends his hand down to you to assist you off the floor. As your hand slips into his, you can’t help but feel how soft and strong he feels. You wonder what his hand would feel like caressing your face, smoothing down the expanse of your bare back, running down the length of your body.
The thoughts shake out of you as he winks and kisses your hand gently, causing the gossiping coworker to grunt her disapproval and for murmurs of shock to echo around the room.
“I’ll talk to you later, doll.” Namjoon winks at you before he grabs his sandwich and leaves the room, gesturing to his crew to follow along.
The place on your hand felt warm where his lips once lingered. You no longer cared about the angry glares from the rest of your coworkers. Your heart beats wildly in your chest, and you leave the kitchen nearly floating on cloud nine.
Tumblr media
Email from: Kim Namjoon
Sent: 3:06 pm
Subject: Hey good lookin ;)
Just wanted to see how you are! I’m sorry about what happened at lunchtime. That was super petty and uncalled for. I really wanted to ask you out, and I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much by doing it in front of everyone.
I was wondering if you’d like to go out this Friday night after work? Say around 7? If you send me your address, I’ll pick you up.
Let me know!
Xoxo, Joon
You’re sure if you weren’t sitting in your tiny cubicle, you’d be screaming your lungs out.
The second the notification of the email came through, direct from the man of your desires himself, your body froze.
You re-read the message, over and over and over.  
The winky emoji, the xoxo, the nickname ‘joon’. It’s all so much and makes the grin on your face threaten to split your lips in half.
Your fingers press the “FWD” button and you quickly send the message to Jimin, before you stand demurely, attempting to give off an air of professional confidence. You need to talk to Jimin, now.
As soon as you’re out of the eyesight of suspicious coworkers, you bolt down the hallway towards Human Resources. Your high heels click loudly on the tiled floor, but the sound doesn’t even register in your mind. All you can think about is Namjoon, the email, the press of his lips on your hand, the way his smile made you feel as if you could fly.  
The door to HR swings open with your tight grip around the doorknob, and you open your mouth to call to Jimin, the lone employee, when you’re startled by the sight ahead of you.
Jimin sits on the edge of his expansive desk with his arms thrown around Jungkook’s neck and is clearly engaged in a deep, sensual kiss. At the sound of the door opening, they quickly break apart, with matching cherry red blushes on their cheeks and mused hair.
“Oh, shit,” you gasp. 
The men are silent and you can’t help but giggle after a moment passes. “I’ll take it you two made up?”
Jungkook flashes you a dopey grin, one that gives you an answer, while Jimin smirks haughtily.
“Jungkook and I were just discussing, umm… his 401k.”
Jungkook looks at the blonde boy for a moment, confused, before he gets it. “Yeah! Totally. Retirement. Love to t-talk about it?”
You laugh out loud and walk towards the couple.
“I’m sure it was a titillating discussion,” you tease. “I have good news though, if it’s okay to interrupt this retirement planning session.”
Jimin nods and Jungkook rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly. “I guess I should leave?”
“It’s okay,” you smile. “I trust you.”
Jungkook smiles as if he’s just won the lottery. He looks between you and Jimin, face pure and excited like a puppy.
“What’s up?” Jimin asks as he moves to sit down at his desk.
“I forwarded you an email. Read it.”
Jimin nods and logs on to his posh computer, scrolling and clicking before narrowing his eyes and reading.
“Oh, my god.” Jimin’s face is shocked—it's written all over his features. “Namjoon asked you out?!”
Jungkook’s child-like grin turns into one of shock himself. He runs around to stand behind Jimin, eyes seeking over the words of the email.
“Well, hot damn,” Jungkook whistles. “He asked her out.”
Jimin exchanges a look with Jungkook, one that you’re not sure you can read. It quickly slips your mind, however, as you’re more focused on the task at hand.
“Can you come over tonight after work and help me pick out something to wear?” You ask excitedly.
Jimin smiles at you, a touch of sadness in his eyes, before he nods.
“Of course, babe,” he assures. “We’ll make sure you look nice and hot for the date with Mr. Kim.”
“Thank you!” You squeal as you wrap your arms around your best friend. He hugs you back before you scurry out of the office and back to your cubicle, itching to reply to the message.
Jimin sighs as the door to his office closes behind you.
“Kook, please don’t tell me he’s going to break her heart. He’s asking her out to make himself feel better about this, isn’t he?” 
Jungkook slips his hand into Jimin’s and squeezes. 
“I’ll find out, baby.”
Jimin smiles and nods appreciatively at the boy, before leaning up and kissing him.
Jungkook smiles against his lips, and is determined to ensure the young HR specialist never hates him again, even if he has to go behind his hyung’s back to ensure his new boyfriend’s happiness.
Tumblr media
Jungkook has one mission now, and that’s ensuring Namjoon takes you on the greatest date known to man.
He grills Jimin with questions about what you like over dinner one night. Jimin finds it endearing that Jungkook is so eager to rectify his mistakes, but he still can’t help but worry that Namjoon is doing this to save face—not because he actually likes you.
“So, what does she like doing?” Jungkook asks as he spins his pasta around his chopsticks idly.
Jimin smiles as he takes a bite of the ramen Jungkook has thoughtfully prepared for their stay-at-home date.  
“I’ve told you already! She’s easy to figure out.” Jimin pats Jungkook’s hand gently. “She loves cooking and baking, working out, daydreaming about Namjoon.” 
“Cooking, hm,” Jungkook looks thoughtful as he takes a bite. “I think Namjoon can work with that. I’ll let him know!”
Jimin tries to hide the anxiety brewing in his stomach. He’s had to plaster on a fake smile for you while you tried on different outfits, wondering which will be the one to finally convince Namjoon he is the one for you. It’s hard to fake it around his boyfriend, too—but something tugs in his stomach that flares the cynical side of him.
Namjoon went from not knowing of your existence, to watching you get publicly embarrassed in a matter of minutes. While Namjoon isn’t a terrible guy, Jimin knows he doesn’t like anything to tarnish the gentleman reputation he’s built in the office. And as much as Jimin likes him, and surely likes his friend Jungkook, he can’t help but feel skeptical.
Jungkook hurriedly pulls out his phone and types away, letting his elder friend know of what he’s found out. Jimin swallows his food, and his pride, and hopes to god his growing cynicism is wrong.
Tumblr media
Friday comes slower than you’d like. You wake up every day during the week, one day closer, and your eagerness hits peak levels. Namjoon sees you in the hallways during the week and winks at you, hands shoved in his tight slacks that make you salivate.  
He emails you again Thursday afternoon, confirming things and getting your address. You reply in nanoseconds, uncaring how overeager you come off. 
By the time your alarm clock rings on Friday morning, you’ve already been awake for 4 hours.
All you can do is daydream about the date, the way his hand fits into yours, the warmth of his eyes when he smiles at you.
It’s what fuels you through work.
You hope to god the numbers you’re attempting to work during the day come out right, because your mind is elsewhere for more than most of the day. There isn’t enough coffee in the world, but also your body feels as if you’ve overdosed on caffeine already.
The clock eeks towards 5:00 pm and you’re bolting out the door at 4:56 to head home and get ready for your date.
Jimin attempts to meet you before you leave, but your desk is cold and empty by the time he gets there.  
He sighs and heads back towards his office to gather his things, waving bye to various coworkers as they file out of the corporate building.
He turns the corner towards his office but stops in his tracks as he sees Namjoon’s back to him, phone pressed to his ear.
“Baby, I’ll come over later tonight, okay?” Namjoon speaks into the phone.
Jimin feels his heart fall into the pit of his stomach. He retreats and hides behind a wall, ear carefully peeled to listen to the tall man’s conversation.
“I’m going on this date with that chick from work,” he sighs. “It won’t last more than a few hours. Poor girl has a crush on me and you know the usual assholes won’t leave her alone.”
Jimin bites his lip and clenches his fist. Namjoon thinks he means well, but he knows his suspicions have been confirmed, and he’s torn inside. He wants to tell you, to warn you not to get too invested in the man, but he also has no interest in popping the bubble you’ve been in since the day he asked you out.
Jimin lets it simmer for now. He decides he’ll monitor Namjoon and cut things off if it appears the man strings you along for fun.
Namjoon finishes his phone call with a promise to see whoever is on the other end of the phone later that night, and Jimin quickly pulls out his phone and fakes a conversation with no one when he hears the man approach.
“Oh, Kookie,” Jimin giggles, leaning against the wall casually. “I can’t wait to see you tonight, either, babe.”
Namjoon walks towards Jimin and makes eye contact with the HR specialist.
“Bye, Kook! See you tonight, baby.” Jimin finishes up the fake phone call as Namjoon arrives next to him, and he plasters on his best fake smile.
“Congrats on you and Jungkook,” he speaks sincerely.
Jimin hates how nice he is, hates that he’s a nice guy who gets too wrapped up in his own good looks and reputation.
“Thanks, Namjoon,” Jimin smiles uneasily. “You too! Have fun on your date tonight.”
Namjoon’s face lights up and Jimin desperately wishes he could go back in time to 30 seconds ago, before he heard the conversation, and believe that Namjoon truly wanted to date you.
“Thanks, should be fun, huh?” He winks and nudges Jimin, before he waves a goodbye and continues out the door.
Jimin pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials the number of his boyfriend.
“Hey, baby. We’ve got a problem.”
Tumblr media
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jasmineteaandhoney · a year ago
Bumping into your abusive ex
Warnings: swearing, mentions of abuse
Characters: Akaashi, Tendou, Kuroo, Atsumu
Akaashi Keiji:
You and Akaashi are spending the afternoon in a cozy cafe that you frequent often. Sharing a couch that’s tucked away in the back, you each have your nose stuck in a book
You’re not sure what makes you look up, but you immediately regret it once your eyes meet your ex’s, a nauseating smirk playing on his lips 
Your body tenses and Akaashi looks over to you when he senses your discomfort
“Hun?” he questions. Upon receiving no response, he follows your gaze, spotting an unfamiliar man making his way toward the two of you
“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets you in a sickeningly sweet voice 
You hadn’t told Akaashi about your ex yet, but it doesn’t take him long to put the pieces together, your body now completely rigid next to his own
Without his own realizing, Akaashi stands up, moving so that his body shields yours protectively
“What? You’re not going to say hi to an old friend?” your ex asks, craning his neck so that he could peek at you from around Akaashi’s frame
At this, Akaashi sticks his hand out, firmly pushing the other man back. “I think you should leave,” he warns in a low voice
Your breath catches in your throat, scared of your ex’s reaction, but he only chuckles. “Whatever, we’ll catch up another time, then,” he says before walking off
Akaashi turns to face you, your eyes wide as you watch the retreating figure cautiously
“Let’s get out of here,” he says, reaching out his hand to you. You nod at him, taking his hand and letting him lead you out of the cafe
Later that night, you decide to finally tell him about the past that you’d been bottling up. He holds you tightly, promising that he’ll never let anything like that happen to you again
Tendou Satori: 
Tendou had been asking to see a new movie that came out recently, so when the weekend rolled around you finally agreed to go 
Once the two of you arrive, you put Tendou in charge of getting snacks while you wait in line for tickets. You still hadn’t met up with him though, so he decides to go check up on you because the movie is starting soon
He finally spots you standing off to the side, talking with some guy. As he gets closer, Tendou can see that you’re on edge, a nervous expression dominating your features 
When he reaches you, he slings an arm around your shoulder. “Who’s this?” Tendou asks, interrupting whatever your ex had been saying 
“Her ex,” he answers smugly, “Who are you?” 
Tendou’s expression quickly contorts into something fearsome as he recalls the stories you’d told him about your ex
The fire in his eyes actually makes the other man take a step back, though he tries his best to conceal his intimidation
“Tendou-” you call to him when you feel his arm slip from around your shoulder, but it’s too late 
He grabs your ex by the collar, roughly slamming him into the nearest wall, drawing the attention of several movie goers 
“I swear to god, if you ever even look at her again I’ll fucking kill you,” he spits, his tone a dangerous one
“Tendou, please, let’s just go see the movie. People are watching.” He looks around before stepping away from your ex, letting go of his collar 
Without a second glance at your ex, his arm returns around your shoulder, guiding you toward the theater
“You okay?” he inquires, his earlier tone replaced by a gentle one. You hum an answer and lean into him, knowing that you’re safe now
Kuroo Tetsuro:
After deciding to take a walk to enjoy the weather, you and Kuroo were now strolling down a busy street near your home, hand in hand
You’re telling him a story, your features animated, laughing as you recount something funny your friend did the other day
Abruptly, you stop in your tracks, words catching in your throat. He keeps walking at first, not noticing you’ve stopped, but your tightening grip on his hand pulls him back
“What’s wrong?” there’s a little laugh in his voice, not yet realizing the gravity of the situation. His smile falters, however, when he sees the terrified look in your eye 
“Hey, doll. Long time, no see,” a voice from his left grabs his attention, his eyebrows furrowing as he wonders who exactly they’re talking to
By now, your hand is almost crushing his, but that’s the least of his worries
“I usually go by Kuroo,” he responds coolly, though the stranger is clearly directing his words at you, “And I don’t think we’ve met.”
“Oh, (Y/N) hasn’t told you about me before? How hurtful. I thought we had something special.” 
Kuroo looks down at you to gauge your reaction, but you refuse to meet his eye, instead staring at the ground
As he looks back to your ex, a scowl takes over his features, finally beginning to understand the situation
“I guess it wasn’t as special as you thought then,” Kuroo returns dismissively, “C’mon, baby.” He grabs your hand, pulling you away from your ex
“I’ll see you around, (Y/N),” he calls out as the two of you walk away. “No. You won’t,” Kuroo throws over his shoulder. 
Once you’re a safe distance away, you apologize to your boyfriend meekly. “No reason to be sorry,” he tells you, refraining from prying about what just happened. He knows you’ll tell him in your own time, “let’s go home.” 
Miya Atsumu: 
Making his way down the grocery store aisles, Atsumu searches for the items that you’d sent him off to find
When he finally locates them, he heads back to where he last left you, confused when he sees some guy with his fingers wrapped around your wrist
“P-Please let go,” he hears your small voice, long strides quickly bringing him closer to you
“I’ll give you one chance to take your fucking hands off of her,” he growls, wedging himself in between you and the strange man 
“Hey, bro,” your ex laughs, putting his hands up in the air, “I was just saying hello.” 
From the way you’re clutching the back of his t-shirt, he knows exactly who’s standing in front of him, memories of the night you told him about your ex flooding his mind 
“Right,” Atsumu seethes, “And I’m just telling you to get the hell out of my sight.”
“The fuck did you just say to me?” 
Your boyfriend harshly pushes your ex and he stumbles backwards, “is that more clear?” 
“Hey!” a voice interrupts the thick tension, “What are you doing? Let’s go.” 
Your ex turns his head to look at his friend standing at the end of the aisle. “Forget it, not even worth it,” he mumbles, walking away. 
Once he’s gone, Atsumu’s face softens as he turns to you and pulls you into a hug, not at all concerned about the people giving you both weird looks
“You’re okay,” he coos when he feels the slight tremble of your body, “I’m here. I’ve got you.” 
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taegularities · a year ago
definition of love | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: “Burn yourself into my memory until I can’t escape you.”
When the gorgeous student from your literature class starts showing interest in you, you discover that there's much more to him than his know-it-all facade. But is this realization enough to get through your insecurities and secrets?
pairing: Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: college!au, romance, e2f2l, angst, a lot of fluff, smut
warnings: past minor character death, mentions of alcohol abuse, mentions of unhealthy coping mechanisms, kissing/making out, explicit sexual content, oral sex (f. & m. receiving), vaginal fingering, kinda handjob, breast play, unprotected sex (the reader is on the pill - use protection, people), vaginal sex, sexual tension, ass grabbing, lots of flirting, pining, light swearing, taehyung is a book nerd!!
word count: 10.5k
a/n: HELLO! this fic is part of the “Golden Gift Event” (hosted by @btsgoldnetwork​) - and is a gift for my lovely valentine @sunkissedjk​​! HAPPY LOVE DAY! you were so sweet all the time we “talked” and i’m kinda happy you gave me so much freedom :’D and i hope you like the end product! also, a huge thank you to my awesome beta readers @taetaesbaebaepsae​​, @unoriginal-username15432​​ & @voiceswithoutlips​​ (who also made this BEAUTIFUL banner for me, i loooove you!!!) - oh and: i listened to “Sea” on repeat while writing this - spot the reference ;) - OKAY, THEN LET’S DIVE IN!
Tumblr media
You wondered where all your impressive motivation that you’d harboured had suddenly vanished, leaving nothing in its wake but the lingering feelings of sorrow.
It felt like a pressing eternity since you’d been able to focus on one thing for longer than two endless minutes. All you were yearning for was your warm bed, for hiding yourself under your comforting sheets, your shelter that felt miles away as you sat on your seat.
You were looking out the window, zoned out as always, as you gazed into the grey sky, the approaching rain clearly evident in the way the world growled outside. Last night had tired you; after a recurring fight between your mother and you, you had decided to grab the still full box of chocolate ice cream that you’d bought a day before and withdraw to your room. It was exhausting. You always visited for one weekend a month and each time made you regret it, not long after your arrival.
Now you were feeling the toll that the sleepless nights were taking on you and you asked yourself if the following night would be easier, calmer; you wished nothing more than to fall asleep to the soothing sound of the rain, hoping that it would serve as the perfect lullaby like it always did.
“Miss Y/L/N, what are your thoughts on these arguments?” The sharp voice of your literature teacher pulled you out of your daydreams, and you turned your tired eyes to her as she pushed her glasses up her little, cute button nose.
You vaguely remembered her talking about the aspects of the relationship between Pip and Estella and how many readers didn’t interpret their love as actual love, but more as sexual tension that builds up to a point where they are ultimately forced to fall for each other.
“I don’t think I agree. Pip was already infatuated with her when they were kids. So unless they were attracted to each other in that way as children, which I strongly doubt, I’d still say it was pure love,” you finally said, trying to somehow talk around the topic until she was satisfied. She always was, though. You may have zoned out a million times, but you read so much in your free time that it’d given you the title of one of her best students by now.
“Ah, that’s good, I like that! So, basically, what you are saying is- oh, yes, Mister Kim?”
You lazily looked over to the mentioned man. Taehyung was the epitome of a perfect person. On the surface, he had everything that seemed sufficient enough to let him meet your parents. He was incredibly witty, top of his classes - which was probably the most prominent reason why he was so popular on campus - and had the looks of a god.
It didn’t seem to faze you, though. Not that you didn’t see his eye-catching and unexplainable beauty; not that you didn’t get jealous over his brain and the way he wrapped all the teachers around his finger. But something about him edged you - it might’ve been his attitude of strolling around the building as if he knew he owned it. Or maybe it was about your arguments that you had in this class particularly, although you hadn’t shared too many yet.
But each time you talked about literature, the class could be sure to hear some counter-arguments from the oh-so-glorious and super smart Kim Taehyung. You also hadn’t failed to notice that it was mostly you who he’d rile up (on purpose?) each time. There was almost no escape from him when you spoke up and, even now, you rolled your eyes.
“I just wanted to remark that it might be true that Pip loved her wholeheartedly, but what is it really that Estella felt for him? I don’t necessarily think it was love, or any kind of real affectionate feeling, for that matter,” he said, his gaze boring holes into you, not leaving you once.
You put your arm over your chair as you scoffed at him. “So, you’re saying... Dickens wrote a whole romantic novel about love, only for his readers to think all of it was one-sided?”
“Who knows about his real intentions while he was writing it? Literature can be interpreted in various ways - and my interpretation is that she clearly didn’t possess the same intense ability to feel passion as Pip did.”
You saw your teacher, along with some of your classmates, nod, growing ashamed in your seat as you felt your sense of logic begin to falter at his words. He could see that you were getting nervous, unsure about what to say, but his merciless and confident glance didn’t break, didn’t give you the chance to collect yourself.
“Well, you are right in that. Literature can indeed be perceived in various ways, so I can’t say that either of you are particularly wrong. Though, I might admit that Estella’s behaviour towards Pip was questionable at times - especially at the end of the novel. But I don’t want to ruin the book for those who still have to or want to read the ending.” Miss Park’s tone grew relaxed with each word, indicating that the lesson was finally coming to its end. You were already stuffing your books into your back bag as she said her last words and told you she’d sent out an email with the instructions for the next assignment.
Soon after, you felt a figure approach - and when you lifted your head, you were surprised to see that it was Taehyung, standing tall above you as he cleared his throat. “Your perspective to that was interesting.”
Sighing, you stood, putting your bag over your shoulder as you smiled softly. “Was it now?”
“Definitely. Aren’t such discussions there to get to know other points of views, too?”
He was probably right, but you didn’t quite feel like talking to him about this right now; just… something about his tone and expression felt off, and it made his words seem empty - as if he knew he was right. It was as if the things he said were not as genuine as he wanted them to come across.
And when you didn’t answer, he started chewing on his lower lip, wondering if he had said something you hadn’t wanted to hear. “Do you want to grab some tea?”
At his surprising offer your eyes widened a little, and you fumbled with the strap of your bag, only hesitating for a split second before you answered, “I don’t really drink tea that much. And I have some things to do today before my roommate gets back, so…”
You walked past him, making your way to the door before you felt him catch up to you within moments. He tapped your shoulder lightly, in an effort to somehow draw an explanation out of you as to why you were constantly so irritated by him. It wasn’t as if he had never noticed - he knew exactly how much you didn’t want to interact with him, and that was exactly why he wanted to get to know you even more.
Apparently, it was true that human beings always want the one thing they can’t possibly have, forced to push themselves to a limit that ultimately means their doom, if they don’t reach the goals that seem to be so far away anyway.
And right now, he felt like you were miles away, although only a hand’s difference separated the two of you. After all the times that girls had asked him out, shyly inviting him to dinner or arcades with the hungry expression that he had deciphered right away, you were still reluctant to even look at him out of your own will.
It bothered him. He wanted you to notice him. Months had passed now since you had first met in this class, yet you didn’t seem to care about initiating a conversation with him at all.
Why not?
“Y/N,” his deep guttural voice started, his eyes trying to decode your stern and tired expression intently, “do you remember the trip that’s planned for the end of next week?”
You didn’t. In all honesty, you had completely forgotten about the trip to that one historical sight, and you couldn’t even entirely recall why you were travelling all the way there. You thought you remembered the teacher telling you that she’d once written a book about star-crossed lovers from opposing social ranks who lived in a small castle.
Now that you thought about it, pieces of her explanation started coming back to you and you wondered why you had never read the story although it did sound intriguing somehow. According to your professor, the girl was a poor servant of the boy, a prince who’d fall in love with her as the story progressed - but as unfortunate circumstances separated both of them, they united after death, at a time when the castle had long been destroyed and the forest around it had withered.
As enthusiastic as she was, she was eager to show her students where she had gotten the inspiration from, claiming that she had played on the place’s grounds when she’d been little. It wasn’t even a historical sight per se, but more a destroyed building that had stood there a long, long time ago and that no one particularly cared about now.
You had completely forgotten about that. Nevertheless, you nodded. “Ah, yeah. What about that?”
“I was thinking - as I found our argument somewhat interesting… what if we both read professor Park’s book and talked about our perspectives to the couple’s love when we’re done? Like, on the day of the trip or something,” he suggested, almost running into an open door.
You chuckled a little before you contained yourself again. Not that you had much free time to indulge in a book, but you wouldn’t let Taehyung win yet again; there was a deep and urgent need in you to finally wipe this arrogant smirk off his face and if that wasn’t the perfect opportunity, then what was?
“Sure,” you answered; and the next thing you saw was his face lighting up, his mouth twitching until it finally turned upwards to form a boxy grin. “I’ll read it.”
He licked his lips before he clapped his hands once. “Perfect. So, when you’re done, just tell me!” And before you could counter with anything, he patted you on your back and left your side, his hands in the pockets of his pants as you watched him walk away.
Tumblr media
Since you had made this spontaneous deal with Taehyung, it seemed as if he was everywhere you set foot to. He walked past your classes while you waited for them to start or coincidentally sat only one or two tables away on a campus as large as yours, starting a conversation in one way or another each time, without an exception.
“Have you read it yet?”
“How much have you read already?”
“Should I give you a spoiler?”
“Will you go out with me? - For tea, I mean…”
The worst part was that you somehow seemed to enjoy it. You didn’t know him that well, and you were sure he would be able to get on your nerves easily if you just let him close enough. But the way he’d always smile at you and ask for your opinion on specific things was sometimes, somehow, endearing - maybe it was the fact that he actually cared about your mind and what went through it that had you hooked.
And when you saw him walk towards you as you settled in your seat in the travelling bus, you turned your gaze to the dirty window quickly, suppressing a smile as you acted oblivious to the fact that he had sat down right next to you.
“Morning,” he said, his voice unusually close. You turned to face him and saw him winking at you in the most flirty way you had seen a college student do. You greeted him with a quick nod and smile, not even bothering to ask why he wasn’t sitting with his usual friends.
“So, I’m assuming you’ve finished the book?” he finally asked, stretching his legs under the seat in front of him.
You told him yes, you had, two days ago in fact, and that you had liked the whole story as it was, except the ending which had surprisingly thrown you off guard a little - to which his eyebrows furrowed. Just as you had expected.
“What, you don’t like the aspect of them reuniting as ghosts and living - or dying? - the rest of their existence at that place?” he inquired, apparently not realising why all of this sounded so ridiculous - at least to you.
You sighed. “It’s not necessarily that. I didn’t like that they have to roam the Earth - like, not even the planet, but that one specific place, for the rest of their being. Even if you loved someone this much, would you want to spend an eternity with each other at one spot, no one else to talk to, no children, no nothing?”
“I get your point. But didn’t the girl wait for him all these years to finally be with him after he dies? Didn’t she stay in the afterlife to meet him again, because that’s what her soul demanded of her? I gathered that she would’ve found peace immediately, if she hadn’t longed for him.”
And as always, Taehyung left you speechless. You tried hard to think of a witty remark, but came up blank. After a while, you opted to drift away from the competition between you two, and instead, focus on agreeing with him, expanding his hypothesis further. “Yeah, maybe you could assume that they found their peace and satisfaction right after meeting. We don’t know what happens after the book ends.”
He looked taken aback for some reason. Instead of nodding, as one would expect when someone supported their thoughts, he licked his lips again, apparently a fixed habit of his as you had gotten to know over the past few days. “... You’re right. Might as well ask Miss Park about it.”
You smiled at him, assuming that the topic had now ended, but it seemed to occupy his mind more than you’d thought. “Novels about love are so often so complex, don’t you think? All the interpretations that authors leave open are… fascinating.”
“That’s an important quality of an author - be ambiguous, but not too much. Having freedom to analyze the story is something a lot of readers appreciate.”
Taehyung shifted in his seat a little, so he could face you properly. He fumbled with his fingers, seemingly a nervous tick he had when he started to bloom, enthusiastic about a topic that he was interested in; it was so endearing to look at, and you felt your heart skip a beat. “I just don’t understand why we need sadness so much to be able to theorize about these things. Why can’t we readers hope for a happy ending without witnessing the characters go through such tough times?”
You hadn’t noticed that exactly, as you’d always found space to come up with theories even in happy stories. But still, you understood what he meant. “Where there is hope, there is always hardship. The balance of the world.”
This time, it was him who didn’t know what to answer. Less because he felt beaten by you, but more because your words went straight to his heart. It felt like a motto to live by; he could almost see in your eyes that you weren’t scared of the hardships that you encountered in life, that you dived into them without fearing the pain that might appear.
His literature-student-brain was smoking as he looked at you, analyzing you like he did it with his beloved books. Knowing that you had strengths he didn’t know about yet, he felt more and more drawn to you, the urge to get to know you growing stronger.
He wanted to be able to read your soul that glowed more imminent and brighter to him with each word you stuttered.
Tumblr media
The sun was blazing and shining onto you relentlessly. You’d known how worn-down the whole place would be, but you hadn’t figured that everything would be roofless, the castle shattered to its grounds. How was it even possible to destroy a whole complex like this to its complete indecipherability?
After walking for a while in the growing noon heat, you soon noticed that Taehyung hadn’t left your side for some time now. It would’ve almost been creepy, if you had felt uncomfortable at all; in fact, that he stuck to you like glue, somehow made you feel giddy, nervous, stomach churning until you couldn’t hide the smile anymore.
“Is there anything you want to say to me?”
He shook his head, pointed a finger to your teacher instead. “Listen to what she has to say. She’s the lecturer, not me.”
Your lecturer wasn’t even talking about significant historical facts. You remembered that this day wasn’t even in any way important for your final exams and that professor Park had dragged you here for the sole purpose of promoting the book you had already bought and read.
And at some point, as you found yourself distracted by your own disruptive thoughts, mind wandering to your mother and how she had been doing this morning when you’d called her, you felt someone tug at your arm. But you didn’t need to guess twice to know who it was.
Taehyung dragged you away from the crowd that was your class, putting a finger to his lips to shush you. That was weird. It was definitely weird, right? “What do you think you’re doing, Taehyung?” you almost whispered as your eyes moved frantically, looking into the direction you were walking to somehow find out where he was intending to go.
“Just want to show you something that fits Miss Park’s book perfectly,” he said, not bothering to lower the tone of his voice at all. You disappeared behind a wall, now out of your classmates’ eyes who had long moved forwards, exploring the sight that wasn’t one at all.
It took you two minutes of gazing at broken walls, modern graffiti and inscripted promises by various wanderers to get to a spot where Taehyung finally halted his movements, head moving around as if he was looking for something. You were finally under a roof that shielded you from the heat and you leaned against the cold wall to breathe in deeply.
When Taehyung’s eyes finally settled on what he was seeking, he walked towards it without hesitation. He stretched out his arm to touch what was written there, not visible for you where you were standing. You saw a smile creep up his face as he ran his fingers along the bricks, relishing in whatever feeling was taking over his heart right now.
You were about to ask when he eventually spoke up. “It says ‘No matter who or what tries to keep us apart, I will always find you - even in death.’ Sounds exactly like the story about the lovers, doesn’t it?”
Pushing yourself off the wall, you stepped closer, inspecting the sentence yourself before you smiled. “Seems as if Miss Park has some fans.”
“Do you think these people read her book?”
“Definitely. I feel like this abandoned place can otherwise only be found, if someone lives nearby and stumbles across it, like Miss Park did. And she mentioned this exact castle - or what’s left of it - in her author’s note.”
He inhaled and exhaled deeply before he looked at you. “I believe that people like these define love. Believing in each other so much that they fight for their love, even after they’re gone.”
“I’m not sure if wanting to love someone even in death is the only indicator for true love… or the definition of it.” You raised your hand, too, touched the inscription exactly where Taehyung’s hand had been a moment ago.
He raised an eyebrow at you, licking his lips again. “Yeah? Well, what is then?”
You laughed at his question. You weren’t sure; you hadn’t experienced love in its truest form yet and couldn’t quite express what it meant or could mean to you. The only type of affection you’d ever felt was that from your parents, but after your father’s death, even that had vanished.
“I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I find out.”
“You’ve never loved anyone before?” he asked, a surprised look taking over his beautiful face.
“Not in that sense, no… I think,” you muttered, lost in the words that were written on the bricks. The sentence Taehyung had read to you wasn’t the only one here. There were several things you could spot and most of them seemed to relate to each other.
We’re tragic, but not doomed.
Burn yourself into my memory until I can’t escape you.
These were only some of various confessions that made your heart flutter. Despite the fact that you didn’t exactly have an idea of how to define love, you could feel that the passion this couple - or these couples - had shared, or still shared, was intense, deep, fierce. Somehow, you felt the energy seeping through the ink as you touched it gently, careful not to smear it - then again, you figured it had dried enough to stay here for a while.
By now, Taehyung had walked up and stopped next to you; as his arm grazed yours, your breath hitched slightly, and you widened your eyes at your own reaction. This proximity shouldn’t have made you this nervous, right? It was Taehyung. Taehyung from your literature class, the college genius and arrogant smartass who-
“I shouldn’t write these words down. They will never do you justice,” he read aloud, now directly behind you, and you felt his warm breath against your face. And as your heart threatened to burst any second, you suddenly stepped away, away from the lovers’ words, away from the wall, away from him.
You didn’t get very far; before you could put a safe distance between him and yourself, he grabbed your wrist, yanking you back to him. You gasped at his ministrations, suddenly hyper aware of how alone you both were right now. He was leaning against the wall now, not letting his grip on you loose as he stared into the deepest depths of your eyes.
“Breathe, Y/N,” he said before a grin decorated his face. You hadn’t realized you were even holding your breath, and exhaled deeply. “What if I told you that I finished this book weeks ago?”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Whatever you’d thought he would tell you or do to you, it wasn’t this - this was a tad more disappointing. “You did?”
He nodded as he brought your hand to his chest, pulling you in just a little, but too much for your racing heart. “I love talking to you about these things,” he admitted, suddenly bringing his lips closer to your ear as he whispered his next words, “and frankly, all our other classmates are idiots.”
You chuckled nervously. “And I’m not?”
“You? No way,” he said, looking at your profile, “breathe.”
He pulled back again and released your hand, making you automatically take a few steps back nervously - but to no avail. Soon, he had you in his grip again, twirling you around to press you into the wall with a gentle, soft force. His thumb came up to ghost over your jaw, and his touch caused a strange pressure in your stomach that had you on the brink of losing your mind. This should’ve all been weird - why did you like it so much?
“Hmm?” he hummed, not removing his eyes from your mouth as his fingers wandered to your lower lip.
“What are you doing?” Your breathing was uneven, and you struggled to focus - he noticed that, trying his hardest not to break out into a proud smirk.
He had found you interesting for so long now, had wanted to get close to you, pined over you for months, and now that he was touching you, he knew he had waited for this since he had heard you speak in class for the first time. Unlike some of his friends, who’d praised your physical features on multiple occasions, he was first and foremost impressed by your mind.
There was no doubt that you were beautiful; but he felt attracted to your brain, your attitude, your personality, the whole of you.
“Tell me to stop.”
“What?” you asked, unable to think, trying your hardest to not sink to your knees.
“This,” he murmured as he came a little closer, the other hand that was not on your face, settling on your bare arm, “tell me to stop.”
You tried - but you couldn’t. You didn’t want to. No words could be uttered, no words escaped you; not even the plea to finally kiss you, and you felt like he knew all of this. In his deep, dark, sparkling and hooded eyes you could clearly see that he knew what he was doing.
“You can’t.” It was a statement - not a question. You didn’t answer. “Then go out with me.”
His words hit you unexpectedly, a warm and dizzying feeling building up in your chest, and you tried so hard not to falter. To not give in. To not have him deal with your struggles and your life.
But you did. You did falter.
“Okay,” you repeated, nodding slightly as his eyes shot up to meet yours.
Then, suddenly, embarrassingly, he let go, walking a few steps back to eye your flabbergasted state. “Okay. Great. Now, let’s go back to the group before they report us as missing.”
You took a strand of your hair between your fingers, currently unable to look at him directly. “How did you find this specific spot, anyway?”
“Was roaming the place a little in our break and figured you’d like it.”
As you walked back to your classmates, soon finding them and realizing that literally no one had missed you, you chuckled slightly at the fact that yes - you had liked it. All of it.
And it made you nervous.
Tumblr media
Albeit his invitation to go out with him, he didn’t mention the upcoming date for the whole of the following week and you grew more and more tense with each time you saw him pass by you or approach you to talk about something random. It was almost as if he tried to put you on edge, having your stomach turn and churn every time he talked to you about anything but the date.
There were some conversations about other books you both liked - or disliked - and hobbies that you hadn’t known the other was talented in. Apparently, Taehyung was into photography; not much of a surprise, given the fact that he had the word cultivated written clearly on his forehead. He told you that he liked to take pictures of landscapes and cities, but beside that, he also loved capturing random moments with his friends and loved ones.
“I can schedule a photoshoot with you sometime, if you want,” he offered, having you all flustered, because you’d never been someone who enjoyed her pictures being taken much.
“I’m not sure. I’m not good at poses,” you answered as you took a bite of your dry sandwich.
He shook his head, clearly not impressed by your lame argument. “That’s what I’m here for. I’d tell you what to do and you’d just have to look good, that’s all. And that you do everyday.”
Your skin tingled at his comments, and you noticed how much of a routine these remarks had become. He’d compliment you whenever he could, while you struggled to find out if he was flirting or just simply being nice to you. But then again, he had asked you out - and despite that, you still hadn’t forgotten the short, intense moment that had occured at the ruins days ago.
In fact, you often stared at your ceiling at night, unable to fall asleep, much to your chagrin. A lot of times when you closed your eyes, you dreamed of back then and of what more could’ve happened, always waking up when he’d finally press his full, beautiful lips on yours. In your dreams, he tasted sweet, intoxicating, like spring and hope.
But in reality, you hadn’t even settled for a day to meet up to do whatever he wanted to do. At least until now, until he turned to you. 
“You agreed to go out with me,” he simply declared, his voice deep and almost nonchalant, as if he was just casually mentioning some side fact; it wasn’t like you’d been waiting for this all week as you hung out with him everyday.
“Yeah. I suppose I did.”
“So, I waited before telling you this - but an amusement park is opening up tonight and I’d like to take you there. If you like things like these, I mean.”
“Tonight, you say? Sure.” You gave him a beautiful smile before you looked down to your lunch again, trying not to show how the heat was creeping up your face, how flustered you’d gotten - but he could tell.
He could always tell.
Tumblr media
The crowd was insane - you were surprised that you hadn’t known about the opening of this amusement park until Taehyung had mentioned it, as there were so many guests that you hardly found a spot to stand. It was difficult to even get a ticket to a ride, and as you stood in the various lines, you talked about how loud it was here, both agreeing that, were the activities not as much fun as they were, you would’ve probably gone to grab some dinner in a random restaurant nearby.
One hour later and you found yourself sitting on a bench; he was patting your back to calm you down after your idiotic ass had decided to eat a hot dog right before the most dangerous of all rides that turned and swirled and made, as it’d felt, a hundred loops.
“I told you not to eat until we’re done, Y/N,” Taehyung said, laughing as he watched your pale face, you leaning back, eyes closed in misery. He stood, tugging at your hand and you looked up at him. “I’ll bring you home.”
“No, I-” you started, but you were quickly interrupted when you felt your phone vibrate between your palms. As you looked at the name, you almost didn’t pick up, rolling your eyes before stuffing the phone into your bag again; only to rethink your choice for a moment, apologizing to Taehyung and taking it out again to answer.
“Hi, Mom.” You stood up to walk away from Taehyung a bit - if this was going to turn into some kind of messy drama, you didn’t want him to be in a proximity close enough to witness your whole conversation. “What’s up? How are you?”
She didn’t answer for a second, and you wondered if she was even still there before she cleared her throat dramatically. Her voice was hoarse, used, tired, drowning in the drunken state that she was obviously in. “Y/N.”
“Mom. What’s wrong?”
“I need something from you,” she said, and your heart started to thump against your chest as you awaited her request, fearing that she was falling ill again.
“I used up all my reservoir of the alcohol I had. Please, I can barely move without the world spinning. Can you come here and bring me some more? I need to just - pass out for today.”
You swallowed hard, not believing that she would call you just to ask if you could poison her with some more of her drug; to ask you to drive for one hour and a half, just to throw you out again after potential harsh words.
“No,” you answered firmly - you wouldn’t give in to her bullshit, not this time.
“What do you mean by no, you brat?” She was getting angry; you could hear it in the way her words became blurred, almost indecipherable, but you didn’t care.
“I won’t fucking bring you your goddamn alcohol. Go to bed and sleep, drink some water and calm yourself down!” you almost yelled, growing impatient, too, your heart racing in your chest as your blood pressure heightened.
You heard her gasp sharply before she stuttered until she could finally form a coherent sentence. “You fucking bitch. I didn’t raise you to talk back like that!”
You looked over your shoulder. Taehyung raised his head, smiling at you before he saw the concern in your face and putting his phone back into his pockets as he stood up to walk up to you. Meanwhile, your mother was still uttering obscene insults at you, words that you should’ve been used to by now. But it was different in this moment.
This evening had passed with so much laughter and giggles, excessive amounts of adrenaline and growing feelings - you couldn’t understand what you’d done to deserve this; why it was so hard for her to just let you live for once.
When a wet drop landed on your bare collarbone, you realized that you had started crying, the goddamn tears streaming down your face, although you had tried to contain yourself so hard. You felt Taehyung’s hand on your back, patting it again, but differently this time than a few minutes ago. You inhaled a deep breath as you spoke into your phone, interrupting your raging mother who just wouldn’t stop.
“I can’t talk right now, Mom. I’m busy.”
“Wha- are you crying now? What the fuck are you crying for, you-”
You hung up. That was honestly all you could and would take, and you’d heard enough. You dried your tears quickly, getting yourself together as you cleared your throat and looked at Taehyung’s worried and silent face. You gave him a reassuring smile before you said, “you’re right. I should probably head home.”
He just nodded, putting a comforting arm softly around your shoulders as he walked beside you. Approaching your home, you were tempted to tell him to just go home, that he didn’t need to accompany you all the way - but something told you that he wouldn’t listen to you anyway. And as minutes passed, your mind shifted back to your mother.
You were wondering if she was okay. Being this drunk was dangerous, especially for someone like her who drowned her sorrows and pain in that deadly liquid almost every night, not knowing how else to cope with your father’s death - even after all the years that had passed.
But you couldn’t leave her alone; you couldn’t drive all the way over to her either. You didn’t have the time.
You took out your phone again, sniffing as you hastily scrolled down to find the number of one of your highschool friends. You knew she still lived near your house and could help you out. It didn’t need a lot of long-stretched words; you pleaded with her to stay the night and take care of your mother - she knew she was always welcome at your house, and unlike yourself, she would never hear a single bad word uttered out of your mother’s mouth that was targeted at her.
Taehyung was still holding you without saying anything. He didn’t know what. Ask you what was wrong? He could, but if you’d wanted to, then you would’ve spoken up already, right? No - he could cheer you up. Or at least try to.
“Do you want me to come up with you? We could watch something, or just talk,” he suggested, his voice hesitant and his words careful.
Swimming in your misery, you had almost forgotten what joy he had brought you today. Almost forgotten how genuine his touch on your shoulder, his expression of concern was. And as you found yourself overwhelmed with hate yet affection for your mother, something in you snapped enough to admit that Taehyung was all you wanted with you at this moment.
“You can. I mean, I - you don’t have to, I’d be fine, but… if you want to, you can.”
He grinned at you - that one boxy grin that always reached his dreamy eyes, brightening up the darkest of nights. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to.”
He let you go, brushed his fingers through his dark, soft hair as you entered your dorm room. You figured it was late enough for your early bird of a roommate to have fallen asleep, so you tried not to be too loud as you came in, bringing Taehyung a glass of water, and then - surprisingly brave of you - deciding to settle in your room to have your privacy, without risking to wake up your friend in the next room.
You both settled on your bed, crawling under your thin blanket, despite the pressing heat. You had put a pizza in the oven that you were chewing on now, watching a Disney movie on your laptop that laid on your lap while Taehyung contemplated whether it was okay to pull you close to him or not. It had been so easy a week ago; brushing the skin of your face with his fingers and muttering tempting words to you felt difficult now, although there was nothing more that he wanted than to enclose you in his embrace, be your shelter in a moment like this.
Despite his usual confidence, you couldn’t understand what was holding him back now. Although you hadn’t known each other properly until two weeks ago, he felt like an intimate person in your life, consuming more and more of your thoughts as the days went by and having you look forward to the next day when you could, again, spend lunch time with him and talk to him about the most random aspects of the universe and beyond.
And when nothing happened for the next thirty minutes, you shifted, getting closer to him as you put your head on his shoulder. You didn’t see the smile appear widely on his ethereal face. Didn’t hear the way his heart hammered against his ribs violently until the sound consumed his ears. You didn’t know about the effect you had on him.
His arm snaked around your shoulders and his fingers gently settled on your bare arm. When he noticed that you didn’t protest, he dug his nails deeper into your flesh, making you breathe out sharply as he pulled you closer to him. You felt his lips ghosting over your hair, and yourself dozing off slightly.
At some point you just sat there, watching, but not watching the movie, the pictures becoming blurred motions in front of your eyes. His fingers had found your arm, stroking it until you felt relaxed enough to close your eyes and calm your breath that had somehow fastened; on one hand stressed because of the thought that revolved around your mother, and on the other hand growing nervous as you inhaled the soft cinnamon scent of the man who was holding you gently, carefully.
When you woke up - apparently you had eventually fallen asleep - your head was resting on his chest; he was still here, still beside you. He had placed your laptop on the night table and pulled the blanket over both of you, holding you tightly, making sure you didn’t fall apart - not tonight.
You shifted a little, carefully sitting up and noticing that you were still wearing your dress. As you fumbled with the hem of it to pull it down a bit, you heard him groan softly, and as you looked down at him, he had opened his eyes and was rubbing them with the back of his hand.
“Hey, are you okay?” He sat up instantly, looking at your tired face while your hands tried to smoothen your hair until you reckoned you didn’t look like a scarecrow anymore.
“I am,” you answered, putting the strap of your dress back onto your shoulder, “why didn’t you go home? Sleeping in jeans must be terrible.”
He shrugged, putting a strand of hair out of your face as he yawned into his other hand. “I didn’t want to leave you alone like this.”
You nodded, smiling at him gratefully. That’s what you’d thought. It was incredible that he was fond of you enough to stay the night, to look out for you, to make sure you didn’t slip again, didn’t cry all night. You didn’t know if it was your exhaustion or affection towards him, but the next words came out easily.
“Can we do that again?”
You didn’t have to spell it out; he knew. He knew and consequently opened his arms for you to settle into him again, pulling you both down, heads falling onto the big pillow as you pressed your torso against his chest.
Although you were fairly tired, you felt like you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anymore. Not now that you knew he was this close, his heart against yours, his opal eyes sunk in yours; there was no way you’d miss even a moment of him staring at you like this.
“Are you really okay?” he asked, his breath warm against your face as his hand grazed your back. “You got me worried today.”
You swallowed before you answered, hesitant at first, “I think I’m fine. Just concerned. Mom has this drinking habit, and I’ve tried to deal with her, but I’m just… tired.”
He nodded in affirmation as if he knew exactly what your mother was going through. “Maybe you need to sit down with her when she’s sober and talk through it all.”
“She’s never sober.” You briefly closed your eyes when he brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, grazing over your cheeks slightly before he brought his hand to the nape of your neck.
“One day she will be. She’s your mother, and she loves you. There will definitely come a time when she’ll be willing to talk. Just ask her.” He was whispering by now, and you had a hard time to even comprehend what he was saying, your mind way too focused on his scent, on his eyes, on his subtle touches.
“...Yeah,” you said, eyes wandering down his nose and cheeks until they settled on his beautiful, parted lips.
“Y/N?” he murmured, his fingers still caressing the skin on your neck as he pulled you in closer, just a little, almost not noticeable.
“I just want you to know… that I’m here. Anytime.”
Anytime. Your breath became unsteady, everything in you longing for him to finally press his lips against yours, your skin lighting up where he touched you. And when the tips of your noses finally met, his mouth almost on yours, you closed your eyes, welcoming the moment that was about to come, in three, two, one…
And then you were kissing.
He kissed you tenderly, softly, almost as if he was memorizing each second your lips moved against his. As his fingers traced the skin on your neck, the heat in your cheeks, the fabric of your clothes, you wondered how you’d managed to hold yourself back this long, how you’d gone without tasting the sweetness of the tongue that was making its way through to meet yours.
You wrapped your leg around his waist, your dress sliding up as his grip on you tightened. Your nails bore themselves into his shoulder blades and you were almost scared you were hurting him before he let out a small whimper. No, he was enjoying it.
You felt him and yourself grow needy slowly, the kiss becoming harder, faster, your whole body moving against each other as you moaned quietly. Then, suddenly, he rolled over you, his hands settling on each side of your head as he hovered above you, your mouths still not getting enough of the passion that was flowing through you like electricity.
Almost absent mindedly, he pulled the straps of your dress down again, just stopping for a moment as he gauged your reaction. And when he was sure you were okay with this, he leaned in to kiss you again while his hand hooked your leg around him, stroking the flesh up to your thighs.
He softly nibbled at your lower lip as he indulged in your little sounds, eager to give himself to you completely. He couldn’t get enough of this thought - the girl he had been pining over for months was now under him, her hands pulling up his shirt, kissing him like she was desperate for him.
He let you take off his shirt, impatient, tongue and teeth crashing against yours again as soon as his torso was bare. He slid your dress even higher, bringing it up to your breasts before he lifted you up a little in order to pull it over your head in a smooth motion.
“I’ll help you cheer up,” Taehyung declared as he pulled away, and you laughed, a hearty, soft, beautiful laugh that forced him to join, his heart racing at the sight of you laying there, endearing, beautiful, just perfect.
“Do that,” you said, pulling his face to yours again and tracing his lower lip with your tongue. He pressed his hips against yours, and by now you could clearly feel the hardness against your core. You reached down to open his pants, teasingly slow until he gently pulled your hands away to do it himself.
Slipping out of his jeans, his fingers reached your back, fumbling with your bra until he opened and then threw it aside. Only in your underpants now, you both grinded against each other, you arching your back and him moving his hips as he kissed your neck, nibbling on your sensitive skin and then smoothing it with his delicate tongue.
His hands cupped one of your soft breasts, massaging it while he moved his mouth to your other nipple, sucking and licking it as you became a moaning mess under him. You didn’t care about the fact that it could’ve woken up your roommate; she’d only meet you the next morning and wiggle her eyebrows suggestively.
You tried to pull his shorts down, seeking release, seeking anything more than just the feeling of him through your clothes. He smiled against your skin and helped you to get out of them, finding the way you were struggling to concentrate somehow adorable. In one unexpected movement he freed you of your damp panties too, leaning back as he speechlessly eyed your whole body.
“You’re…” he started, only to trail off as he got caught in the perfect, endless dream that was you.
“I am..?”
“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
You chuckled, wrapping your legs around him again to pull him closer, his length pressing against your clit, and you let out a shaky breath. “I don’t think so. But I’ll gladly let you think that.”
He smiled, but instead of giving in to kiss you, he moved his body down, leaving a trail of wet kisses on your torso as he went, until he reached your mons pubis. He spread your legs slowly yet hungrily, bringing his face close enough that you could feel him breathing against your wetness.
He leaned forward, only touching your cunt with the tip of his tongue to tease you a little. And when you grabbed his hair impatiently, pushing him into you, he laughed, causing you to giggle with him; but he soon silenced you by licking a hot stripe against your aching core, sinking into you right after as if you were his last meal on earth.
One of his hands released the thigh he was holding to circle your clit slowly with his fingers, a stark contrast to how intensely he was eating you out just inches away from your sensitive bud. And then, he switched, looking at your lustful expression as he sunk two fingers into you, moving them in and out at a delicate pace while his lips sucked on your bundle of nerves. All of this while never leaving you out of his sight.
“Taehy-” you started, but then he crooked his fingers, hitting a spot that sent you into an almost spiritual state. And then, you laughed. “I was trying to speak here…”
“Tell me to stop,” he said, repeating the exact same words he had uttered to you just a week ago. His deep voice and moans against your cunt sent vibrations through your body, and you took a shaky breath before you finally let go, grabbing the sheets under you as you sat up.
He watched your movements intently, letting you push him down onto his back, straddle his legs and grab his cock. You swept your hair to one side as you began stroking his hardness, mouth coming down to lick at the leaking tip, drawing beautiful moans out of him as he threw his head back in sheer pleasure.
He was a little too big to fit him into your mouth wholly; but when you wrapped your lips around him and took him in deeper, your hand took care of everything that your mouth wouldn’t take - and seemingly, this trick did it for him, too.
Sucking his cock was heavenly; not just for him, but also for you. You relished in the sounds that were escaping his throat, his uncontrolled movements that had him on edge, the way his hand sank into your hair tightly, lightly tugging at it.
God, his voice was so deep. He was so beautiful, so perfect.
You continued sucking him to the point he became louder, and eventually, he whined, “stop, stop, stop! Y/N, no more.”
You knew why. His legs had started trembling, his breath was hitched and his cock twitched in your mouth - he was close, but he didn’t want to finish just yet. So instead of keeping up your ministrations, you sat up straight, shifting your body, so you could align your entrance with his throbbing, reddened cock. You rubbed yourself against him for maximum effect until he gripped your waist to still you.
"Do it," he ordered, his hooded eyes darkened beyond belief. You lifted yourself, grabbing his cock as you slowly pressed the tip into you your opening before you sank down on him, carefully, trying to adjust to his length that was just right to not hurt you.
He let out a breathy moan, his hands still on your waist as he tried hard not to thrust up, giving you the chance to settle enough to start whenever you felt ready. He filled you up perfectly - the stretch was breathtaking, every inch that entered you sending shivers down your spine as you looked down to him.
Then, you started to move your hips, starting at a slow and passionate pace that had him close his eyes, his gaze leaving your body for the first time since you had sat down on him. You drowned in the way he was feeling peak ecstatic, enjoying every second he spent with you, every touch you provided him with.
And then his hands wandered up your body, first to your breasts to squeeze them, then snaking around you to settle on your back and pull you down to him. He opened his eyes again, looking at you, your lips brushing against each other's, but not quite kissing yet. You both moaned into the other's mouth, and you whimpered when you felt his hips thrust up to meet your movements, filling you up deeply, entirely.
For a while, the room was filled with lewd and lustful sounds as he picked up the pace, fucking you harder, faster, nibbling at the shell of your ear as goosebumps formed on your arms, his large hands grabbing your ass firmly and stretching out the cheeks deliciously. Then, he sat up, dragging you with him, and you immediately wrapped your legs around him again, half expecting that he was going to push you onto your back to continue like that.
But he didn't - instead, he stopped for a moment, glancing into your tired eyes. Sweat trickled down his temple, and you wiped his damp hair out of his forehead before resting your hand on his cheek that he leaned into. You both didn't exchange a lot of words; the way you looked at each other and the close proximity between you said more than you both could've through spoken actions.
Taehyung kissed you again, just for a second, almost chaste as his fingers explored the skin of your back, coming up to your hair. He pulled you in, almost as if hugging you - or hugging you indeed? -, making your head rest on his shoulder.
You bit into it when you felt him start to move again; now that you both were sitting up, his cock was inside you completely, reaching the perfect spot over and over again as you melted into him. He left open mouthed kisses on your neck, his tongue flicking over the blossoming marks that were already becoming visible, pulling you impossibly close to him.
“Taehyung,” you whispered into his ear, lost at words, just his name on your tongue, the passion burning up your body inside and outside. His pelvic bone rubbing against your clit, his perfect, planned thrusts, his hands on your body, the sounds he breathed right into your ear - everything added together and multiplied with the passion between you by a thousand brought you so close to your release that you dug your nails into his flesh again, leaving new bruises that had him whine in pleasure.
“Y/N,” he called, and you looked at him, all your light make-up surely ruined under your eyes. He swiped at it with his thumb, licking his lips as he put his forehead against yours. “You can let go, baby.”
You could let go - of everything, you thought. Of the negative thoughts, your worries, the hate, the insecurities. Of everything that kept you up at night, everything that ever brought tears in your eyes. You noticed that you had let go of most of these things since Taehyung had suddenly entered your life, although he had always been here, in your reach, in front of your eyes.
Then, he did push you down, your back hitting the mattress as he raised your legs higher, continuing to fuck into you in an almost merciless speed now. Your breaths melded as he came closer, your sounds becoming one, his hair grazing your forehead as he called your name, told you how perfect and gorgeous you were, how he had waited for this moment.
“I’ll take care of you, Y/N,” he told you, setting you on fire with each glance his dreamy eyes gave you, completely lost in you. The expression was almost not one of someone who’d started to get to know you just some time ago; it was of someone who had always admired you from far away. Someone who would look at you and get mesmerized by you, someone who would read a book and wonder what your thoughts about it would be. 
And as he reached down to massage your clit, everything in you exploded like a supernova within seconds as you arched your back and pressed your head against the soft pillow, giving him easy access to your neck.
He whispered more promises into your skin, ones that made you believe him, trust him. Maybe it was the fact that he was one of the brightest souls you had ever met, or maybe it was his ability to feel emotions more intense and realer than anyone else you knew - but you believed every word he said.
As he went on for a few more thrusts, chasing his own high, you held onto these vows, your mind empty, heart thumping and swelling at the thought of this man sticking by your side. How did it only take you two weeks to become this infatuated with him? Was it because you had, despite his seeming arrogance, always admired his intellect, his confidence, his quietness and humility in class, although he could’ve used his popularity in various ways?
Whatever it was - your mind was too occupied to figure this out right now. You felt him come undone with a deep moan, your name on his tongue as his hot cum shot through you. He tried his best not to collapse on you and shifted his weight on his elbows, looking at you as his eyes softened, the lustful darkness becoming a burning ember, liquid velvet, a tempestuous ocean whose gentle waves seemed to carry you away.
“You’re so beautiful,” you told him, your fingers touching his panting mouth softly. You pulled him in for a kiss, one that he put all his affection in, showing you just how special you were.
And as he pulled away, he chuckled a little, bumping his nose against yours. “Have you seen yourself?”
You rolled your eyes. There was no way you were looking anyhow good right now; your hair was disheveled, your make-up smeared and your skin all sweaty. “You’re blinded.”
“Blinded by what?” He grinned at you. He knew what you meant, but he wanted to hear you say it.
What was it? Love? No, not yet.
“By the fact that you like me,” you said, half confidently, half scared that he might stand up and leave awkwardly. And he did, in fact, not answer anything, only smiled at you. You furrowed your eyebrows. “Taehyung?”
“Yeah?” He kept grinning as he pulled out, groaning slightly and laying down beside you. His breathing had steadied a little and he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you. He brought his mouth to your hair to give you a kiss before he asked again, “yeah? What is it?”
“Are you not going to say anything? It’s kinda… awkward for me.”
He laughed, giving your body a squeeze as he closed his eyes. “I do like you. I thought I made this very clear in the last few hours since we arrived here.”
“I think you might have,” you said, smiling into his chest.
Was this the definition of what characters felt in romantic novels?
Tumblr media
A month and a half later
Taehyung was waiting for you outside. The big, old building in the shady, weird neighbourhood hadn’t scared him off - rather than that, he’d insisted even more to stay here and wait until you were done with what you had come here for.
It had taken so many conversations, phone calls and convincing words to encourage you to finally drive over here to talk to the mess that your mother was, and now you’d obliged, realizing that there would come a day when you would not be able to make things right anymore.
When you left the shabby complex, still not familiar with the new place your mother had decided to settle in, Taehyung was reading a short novel, one that had come out not long ago. And when you opened the door, he smiled widely, noticing how your expression was not demotivated and grumpy at all - instead, you looked like you were happy, despite the redness in your eyes.
“How did it go?” he asked immediately, closing the book and intertwining his long fingers with yours.
“Surprisingly well. She was sober,” you said, grinning, heart swelling at the thought that you had finally sorted everything out with her, “she was sober, Tae. And she said, she’ll go to rehab and try to get better. She even told me she loved me!”
You felt your eyes sting again and brought your fingers up to wipe away a tear before it could escape to roll down your cheek. At the sight of you, Taehyung’s chest heated up, and he remembered how this happiness was the reason he had put his heart in your palms, ready to let you do whatever you deemed fit with it.
“I’m so happy to hear that, baby. I told you it’s worth a try,” he said, bringing your knuckles to his lips to press soft kisses on them. “I’m so, so glad you’re happy.”
“I am. I really am.”
“You know what’s left now?”
You raised your eyebrow in question before he answered. “Introducing your boyfriend to your mom.”
“Patience, grasshoper. She just started to like me again!”
He slapped your forehead, and you flinched, although you had barely felt it. “She’s always loved you, you idiot. What is it with you still not understanding the concept of love?”
You smiled. The everlasting joke had never died between you; he’d always tease you about this, although he knew how full your heart was for everyone around you, how much you loved your mother, what you felt for him.
And he deserved your affection, too. In the last two months, he had shown you nothing but support, kindness and passion. Yes, admittedly, you were still kind of in your honeymoon phase, but the way he handled you and your outbursts gave you the feeling he was the person that’d stick with you.
He proved this not only with small gestures, lovely surprises and sweet promises that he kept, but also with every conversation you’d have about your past, the death of your father, the hell you had gone through after that. Taehyung just… always seemed to know what to say.
You tried to give him all that back, but always felt like it would never do his gracious heart justice. And while you both had not yet used the word love, especially given the fact how early in your relationship you were, a feeling very similar to this seemed to always linger on your tongues. It almost felt like the beginning of it, the start of falling into the depths of what authors described on their pages, in their words and in their metaphors.
“I knew it would work out. I was sitting here and hoping all the time to not see you come out depressed,” Taehyung said, sighing.
“Sounds like you,” you told him, booping his nose to make him smile, “but I do feel like it’s going to be hard. We have a rocky path ahead of us.”
Then, he laughed, remembering words you had once said to him, only to give them back to you now as reassurance. “Where there is hope, there is always hardship.”
You laughed and then you knew for sure.
This was definitely the definition of what felt like love.
Tumblr media
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Cat and Mouse Game - Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Title: Cat and Mouse Game Pairing: Fred x fem!reader Warnings: NSFW, mentions of masturbation, semi-public sex, fingerfucking, unprotected sex A/N: I have a lot of feelings about Fred Weasley and very few of them are innocent. This is like 95% filth with some fluff thrown in at the end because I love Fred Weasley and he’s my only source of serotonin.
Tags: @tonksichu​
They’ve been playing the same game of cat and mouse since their Hogwarts days. They’d take turns leaving flirty notes for the other to find, grabbing the other’s hand under the table at dinner, pulling the other into a dark corridor for a few minutes of stolen kisses. Not much has changed between them since then, although their games are far less innocent.
“Mail’s here!” Verity calls from somewhere in the shop.
Fred doesn’t move a muscle, his focus completely taken up by the potion he’s stirring in front of him. He and George have been working on a new product for weeks, a candy infused with truth serum that only lasts for one question – the perfect addition to any game of truth or dare. They had planned on launching it next week, but they’re still having problems getting the formula of the truth serum just right.
“For fucks sake,” he mutters to himself when a puff of black smoke rises out of the cauldron. “Too much dandelion root.” He shoves himself away from his desk, stalking over to the sink so he can start over again. He’s so focused on scrubbing that he doesn’t hear George come in.
“Not going well, eh?” George asks, chuckling when Fred drops the cauldron, clearly startled by his brother’s sudden presence.
“I’m going to make you wear a bell for Merlin’s sake. You scared the shit out of me,” Fred groans, picking the cauldron back up. He rinses it one more time before stalking back to his desk. He’s about to start working again, when he notices that George is still standing in front of him. “Did you need something? Or are you just gonna stand there to annoy me?”
George smiles at his brother. Partially because he finds his frustrated demeanor amusing, but mostly because it’ll annoy Fred further. “Oh, I just popped in to bring you your mail.”
Fred rolls his eyes, getting back to work. “Just put it in the tray, I’ll get to it later.” He gestures lazily to the incoming work tray on the corner of his desk, which has started to pile up. He’s going over his notes so he can adjust the amount of dandelion root for the fifth time, when George shoves a letter into his line of vision.
“Actually, dear brother of mine I think you’ll notice that this particular letter requires your immediate attention,” George snickers. He drops the letter on the desk, and with a waggle of his fingers he’s gone.
Fred had only gotten a glimpse of the envelope, but as soon as George has closed the door behind him he pushes his work aside to pick it up. He recognized Y/N’s delicate writing immediately, he had become quite familiar with it during their time together at school.
In fact, he’s been waiting for this letter for the past three weeks. That’s how it is with them. One of them is the aggressor while the other waits for the next letter, waits for the details of their next meeting. It had been Fred’s turn to wait, and wait he had. Most nights he found himself laying in bed, hand around his hard cock thinking about the things he and Y/N had gotten up to during their last rendezvous.
That’s the one thing he truly misses about his days back in school, how easy it was for him to force her hand when he was tired of waiting. He knew her too well, knew how to get under her skin. Whenever he missed the feeling of her hand in his, or when he had nearly forgotten what the inside of her mouth tastes like it was all too easy to get her to make her move. All it took was some innocent flirting during breakfast, usually with Angelina Johnson, and by lunch time there would be a note in Y/N’s delicate scrawl detailing their next meeting time and place on his pillow.
But now he truly has to wait for Y/N to need him. They had gone longer than three weeks before, but that had been during the war, when it was too dangerous to play their game. Fred knows that he could always break their little game, he could owl her any day and have her in his bed that night, but he enjoys the chase, it’s part of the fun.
His mind wanders as his fingers tear at the envelope, wondering which of their games Y/N had chosen for them, silently hoping she had chosen his favorite.
Sometimes their game was romantic. They’d meet at a fancy muggle restaurant, all dressed up. Fred would wine and dine her for hours before he’d take her back to his. Their sex was always slow and intimate. Fred would make sure she could feel all of him and wouldn’t stop until his name was dripping from her lips as she came. He’d kiss her slowly as he came insider her, wanting to feel as close to her as possible.
Other times, their game was quick and dirty. They’d meet at a hotel room in London and from the second the door was shut behind them they were all over each other. They’d both be naked in a matter of minutes, their hands roaming each other’s bodies and Fred’s mouth leaving marks on her wherever he can. Their sex was quick and hard, both of them usually on their lunch breaks. Often they came together, and Fred’s lips wouldn’t leave her skin until they were back on the bustling streets of London and parting ways to go back to their lives.
Fred’s favorite game by far was the perfect mix of the others. They’d meet at a muggle club, just a few minutes apart from each other. Fred would arrive first and grab a drink from the bar before settling at a table. When Y/N would enter they’d lock eyes, and the game would truly begin. Y/N would spend the evening doing as she pleases: drinking, dancing, and most importantly, flirting. Fred would watch her from his spot, jealousy and arousal building up in his stomach. He’d let her push it and just as some unsuspecting muggle is trying to get her to leave with him, Fred would swoop in and remind her just who she belongs too. Their first round is quick and dirty, usually in the toilets of whatever club they happen to be at. Then he’d apperate them back to hers, and they’d spend the rest of the evening tangled in the sheets of her bed, kissing softly as he ruined her.
Fred fumbles with the envelope as he pulls the piece of parchment out, too excited to be careful. A grin spreads across his face as he eyes scan over the few words written down. She had chosen his favorite game, and he couldn’t wait to play.
Malibu. Tonight. 10:30.
Y/N stands in front of her open closet in nothing but a dressing gown, nervous butterflies in her stomach as she contemplates what to wear. Upscale muggle clubs are not her usual stomping ground and she wants to look perfect, so she’s at a loss for what to wear.
Of course, she could have picked one of their other games. She had plenty of dresses she felt confident in that would have been perfect for a night at a muggle restaurant, but it had already been three weeks since she’d seen Fred last, and she didn’t want to wait any longer for a reservation to open up. A lunch time meet up would have been perfect as well, since her and Fred managed to get naked in under 10 seconds her clothes wouldn’t matter, but she needed longer than an hour with him.
Plus, this particular game is Fred’s favorite, and she needs him nice and riled up for the night she has planned. They’ve only played out this game two other times, but both times Y/N was barely able to walk the next day.
She decides to go with something white, for a few different reasons. For one, Y/N had bought a white silk dress that hugs her curves perfectly last weekend and seeing her in something new and tight will rile Fred up even more.
But mostly, she knows that seeing her in white awakens something carnal in Fred. Y/N had once made the mistake of wearing a brand new set of matching white bra and panties to one of their meetings, and after Fred had ripped her panties off he fucked her hard, growling in her ear about how innocent she looked in white, but that they both knew what a dirty slut she was for him. He had made her cum so many times that she cried from the overstimulation, the only downside was that she had to replace her ruined panties and they had been quite expensive.
Y/N grabs the new white dress out of her closet, a shiver running down her spine at the memory. Three weeks is far too long to go without having Fred both in her bed and just in her life generally. She makes a mental note not to wait that long next time as she heads over to her dresser. She opens the top drawer, trying to decide which pair of panties would really get Fred going.
“Well, if I’m being honest with myself,” Y/N thinks out loud, quietly. With a wicked smile she slams the drawer shut. “No panties it is.”
Fred is already nursing a whiskey sour at a table when Y/N strolls into the main room of the club. Their eyes lock across the crowded room, and after sending her a sly wink his eyes trail down her body.
“Holy hell,” he groans, the grip he has on his glass tightening. He can already feel himself getting hard in his trousers just from the outfit Y/N is wearing alone. Fred can tell by the way the lights reflect off of it that the tight piece of fabric clinging to her every curve is made out of silk, his absolute favorite. The fact that it’s white drives him even crazier and he quickly downs his drink, needing to calm himself down.
From where Y/N is standing at the bar Fred has the perfect view of her bum. He absent mindedly signals for a waitress to bring him another drink, his eyes trained on Y/N. Fred has to stifle a groan when her dress rides up the back of her thighs as she leans forward to shout her order to the bartender. He’s fully hard in his trousers now as he thinks about how badly he wants to feel those thighs wrapped around his head.
Just as a waitress sets another drink down on Fred’s table a young man with tousled blonde hair comes up behind Y/N, blocking his view.
He takes a sip of his drink. “Let the games begin.”
Y/N feels someone come up behind her, and a moment later she can feel them press up against her. “You come here alone?”
She smiles to herself before turning to the stranger. There’s no doubt that he’s attractive, and Y/N knows that she had positioned herself directly in Fred’s line of sight, so she knows that he’s watching their exchange.
“I did actually,” she drawls, her hand running down the length of the glass the bartender had just set in front on her. “Was hoping to find someone that piques my interest here.”
The man’s eyes follow the languid movement of her hand on her glass for a moment, before he looks into her eyes with a smirk. “Oh really? Any luck so far?”
Y/N takes a sip of her drink, willing herself to keep her eyes on the man in front of her instead of searching for Fred’s. The alcohol burns her throat as arousal begins to build in her stomach. She knows Fred is out there, watching her intently as she flirts with someone who isn’t him. But they both know who she’ll be going home with, and that though alone has her pussy aching.
“I think so,” Y/N responds, her voice dripping with arousal. It’s not due to the man standing in front of her, but he doesn’t need to know that. She looks him up and down, taking notice of his strong hands and long legs. She nods to herself, almost saying ‘yeah, he’ll do.’ She downs the rest of her drink quickly and slaps some muggle money down on the bar. “Care to dance?”
Fred’s eyes are trained on the dance floor, his second drink abandoned on the table next to him.  He’s too focused on Y/N, watching her hips sway to the beat of whatever muggle song is playing. Her back is pressed up against the front of the bloke that approached her at the bar, and his hands are gripping her hips. They’ve been dancing like that for at least 30 minutes and Fred feels like he hasn’t even blinked, he’s too entranced by Y/N.
His cock has been aching in his trousers for what feels like hours, and his stomach is a pit full of arousal and jealousy. On one hand he finds Y/N’s actions downright dirty, and he knows he’ll be thinking of how good she looks tonight next time he’s alone in bed and desperate for her touch. On the other hand, he wants to be the one dancing behind her, gripping her hips so tightly he leaves bruises to remind her of him for days after.
Fred clenches his fist, his eyes trailing up Y/N’s body to her face to try and calm himself down. They’ve only been at it for 45 minutes and Fred already wants to storm over and claim Y/N. The first time they had played this particular game Y/N had been shy, and Fred had watched her flirt with a few different guys before she had settled on the dance floor with one. He watched her with him for the better part of two hours before he intervened, no longer able to stand the fact that it wasn’t his hands gripping her bum.
The second time Y/N was bolder. She had spent only 30 minutes at the bar talking to a bloke before they moved to the dance floor. Fred had managed to watch for over an hour that time before his hands ached to touch her and he sent the muggle man Y/N had been with away.
When he first entered the club that evening he had planned on waiting longer. Y/N had made him wait three weeks, and he planned on punishing her by making her wait for him. But now that he’s standing there, watching her move in that sinful white dress against someone who isn’t him he can barely stop himself from stomping over there and taking her right in the middle of the dance floor.
Usually he can contain himself. She’s always driven him mad, but he enjoys their little game too much to break the rules. He loves the uncertainty of the chase, it’s what had drawn him in all those years ago at Hogwarts. Not knowing what the next note would contain, not knowing how long she would make him wait, not knowing what wicked plans she had made for them. Y/N was just as unpredictable as Fred and that usually drove him crazy in a good way. But now, as Fred watches her grind up against some stranger he would give anything to know what’s going on in her mind. Fred isn’t sure if it’s because it’s been three weeks since he last saw her or because she looks absolutely ethereal tonight but he’s ready to end their game early and take his woman home.
Luckily for Fred the song Y/N and her partner had been dancing to fades into another, and the pair head back towards the bar. Fred adjusts himself in his trousers so his arousal isn’t so obvious, before he throws some money on his table.
“Time to end this game.”
A light line of sweat has begun to drip down Y/N’s back and she can feel the wetness of her pussy coating her thighs. Her and Darren, she had managed to remember to at least ask the name of the poor bloke she planned on blue balling, had been dancing right in the middle of the dance floor where Y/N knew Fred could see. She could feel his gaze on her as she moved her hips to the beat which did nothing but heighten her arousal.
“So, what are you drinking?” Darren asks as they reach the bar once again. Y/N had suggested they get another drink, needing to take a break from Fred’s stare.
Y/N can smell Fred before she feels him. He’s always smelled the same, like cinnamon, fireworks and something Y/N can only describe as home. She’s about to respond to the question when she feels someone press up against her back. Fred grabs her hips tightly and Y/N has to bite her lip to keep from moaning.
“Actually, I think she’s had enough to drink,” Fred answers for her as he pulls her even tighter against his chest. His voice sends waves of pleasure through Y/N’s body, and she tries to subtly rub her thighs together to try and get some relief on her aching pussy.
Darren glares at Fred, and if Y/N wasn’t so turned on she probably would have laughed. “Oi, mate, d’you mind? We’re having a good time together.”
Y/N can feel Fred’s chest rumble against her back as he laughs, clearly unphased by what Darren had said. She feels Fred lean down, and a shiver runs down her spine as his lips lightly caress her earlobe.
“Is that true, baby? Were you having a good time with him?” Fred whispers in Y/N’s ear before he begins to press light kisses to the side of her neck.
“I was, yes,” she admits, with a nod, her voice shaking with arousal.
Darren looks like he’s about to tell Fred off, but Fred’s lips stop their movements on her neck so he can whisper in her ear again. “But what about me, baby? Are you ready to have a good time with me?”
Y/N is barely able to nod before Fred is spinning her in his arms and kissing her deeply. She can hear Darren say something rude as he stalks off, but her mind is too full of Fred to register it. Fred trails one of his hands down to Y/N’s bum, giving it a tight squeeze, and when she parts her lips to let out a soft moan he takes the opportunity to lick into her mouth.
When Fred breaks their kiss a few moments later Y/N is breathless, her cheeks tinted pink. She chases after his lips, desperate for more but Fred grabs her chin. Her eyes flick up to meet his gaze, and a tingle of pleasure runs through her pussy at how dark Fred’s eyes are.
“You drive me so fucking crazy, Y/N,” he growls into her ear. “You show up here in this,” he pauses so his fingers can tug at the bottom hem of her dress before he continues. “Knowing that I can’t touch you.” Fred trails off for a moment, letting his lips press slow kisses up and down the column of her throat. “Such a naughty girl, aren’t you?”
Y/N lets out a whine, letting her head fall back so Fred’s lips have more skin to kiss. “Just wanted to look pretty for you is all,” she gasps. Fred’s mouth had found her sweet spot and started to slowly suck at it.
Fred hums against her neck, his hands wrapping around her waist. He pulls her body flush against his, slowly rolling his hips forward so Y/N can feel his hard cock press up against her. “You look so pretty baby. And so, fucking dirty. Grinding against some random bloke while I watch, putting on a show for me.”
Y/N is soaking wet at this point, Fred’s words and actions only turning her on further. She pulls his face away from her neck, unable to contain herself anymore. She presses their lips together messily, moaning as Fred’s soft lips move with hers. Their kiss is uncoordinated, but Y/N doesn’t care. “Need you, Freddie. Need you so bad,” she whines into his mouth.
Fred kisses her for a moment longer before he forces himself to pull away. Y/N’s mouth is intoxicating, and he could spend hours just standing there and kissing her. But his cock is aching and Y/N needs him and he can’t deny her anything.
In the blink of an eye Fred has lead them away from the bar and is pushing Y/N up against the closed door of the women’s toilets. He presses their lips together hungrily as he grabs her thigh, hitching it around his waist to give him access to her core.
Y/N moans into Fred’s mouth as they kiss, his right hand gripping her thigh tightly while the other trails up her other leg towards her pussy. A smirk forms on her lips as Fred’s hand inches closer to where she needs him most, knowing that he’s about to discover her little secret.
“You dirty little slut,” Fred growls as he breaks their kiss. He had planned on teasing Y/N by softly rubbing her clit through her panties, but when he finally reached her folds he was met with her dripping entrance. He rubs her exposed clit with his thumb, causing Y/N to let out a long whine. “Look at you. Trying to fool everyone in your little white dress. Pretending you’re so innocent while your pussy is bare, anyone able to get a glance.”
Y/N is barely able to speak, her breath coming out in hard pants as Fred toys with her clit, his index finger beginning to slowly circle her entrance, just barely letting the tip of his finger enter her heat. She opens her mouth to respond, but a moan comes out instead as Fred finally lets his index finger sink fully into her.
“Is that what you were hoping for? Hm?” Fred asks as he curls his finger, smiling when Y/N clenches around him. “Hoping someone else would get a flash of your sweet pussy? Hoping someone else would notice and get a turn with you before me?”
Y/N shakes her head wildly, her mouth running dry as Fred adds another finger. Her fingers dig into Fred’s shoulders to try and steady herself as his thumb starts to rub her clit harder. “N-no,” she manages to stutter out a few seconds later when she remembers how to speak. “Did it for you. Only for you. Only want you.”
Fred buries his face in Y/N’s neck to hide the blush that has started to tint his cheeks. Even though they’ve never defined their relationship Fred knows that Y/N doesn’t see anyone else while they’re apart and he doesn’t either. But hearing that she only wants him makes him want to say things he’s felt since he was 15 years old. So he presses kisses into the hot skin of her neck instead, because it’s not appropriate to tell someone you love them for the first time while you fingerfuck them in the bathroom of a club.
“’M close,” Y/N breaths, one of her hands leaving Fred’s shoulder to tangle in the hair at the base of his neck. She can feel her climax approaching quickly, and with one more curl of Fred’s fingers against her sweet spot she’s tumbling over the edge, Fred’s name falling from her mouth.
Fred fingers continue their movements, his touch much lighter and slower to help her through her climax. When Y/N’s breathing has somewhat returned to normal Fred slowly removes his fingers and presses one more kiss to her neck so he can look at her face. Her cheeks are flushed red and her lips are swollen.
“God you’re so beautiful,” Fred whispers, kissing her deeply once again. He pulls away a moment later, pressing their foreheads together. He’s painfully aware of how hard he is in his trousers and he grinds against Y/N’s bum, trying to get some kind of relief.
Y/N giggles at Fred’s actions, bumping their foreheads together lightly. “You gonna take me home and fuck me? Or should I go find that bloke from earlier and see if he’ll give it to me?” she teases.
Without another word Fred is gripping her tightly and apperating them away.
As soon as they land in Y/N’s flat Fred reattaches their lips, keeping it slow and intimate. Now that the rushed part of their evening is over Fred wants to take his time with her. He moves them to her bedroom slowly, Y/N’s fingers working at the buttons of his shirt.
They reach her bed just as Y/N has worked the last button of Fred’s shirt, and he breaks their kiss so he can lightly push her back onto the bed. He rids himself of his shirt before he crawls over Y/N and reattaches their lips in a heated kiss. He grabs one of her knees and pulls her legs apart, settling in between them.
“Take this off,” Fred demands, his hands tugging at the hem of her dress. “ I wanna see all of you.” As Y/N takes of her dress Fred fumbles with his belt, quickly undoing it before moving on to his trousers. He falls back onto the bed so he can kick the rest of his clothing off, his cock finally getting some relief from its tight confines.
Before Fred can crawl back on top of Y/N she’s straddling his waist. She acts as if she’s going to kiss him, but at the last second she turns her attention to his neck and starts peppering kisses along the exposed skin.
Fred’s hands come up and grip Y/N’s hips tightly. “You’re such a tease.”
Y/N laughs into Fred’s neck as she kisses it, causing Fred to chuckle as well. While there are many parts of a healthy sex life Fred loves and enjoys, kissing is certainly in his top 3; which Y/N is fully aware of. They had once spent over an hour in one of Hogwarts’ secret passageways with Y/N pressed up against the wall as their lips moved together. It was one of the first times they had met in secret, and Fred still gets butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about it. Which he does far more often than he’d like to admit.
Fred lets her kiss and suck at his neck for a few moments longer before he flips them over, causing Y/N to squeal both in delight and surprise. Fred bites at her shoulder momentarily before he starts to peck her lips several times.
“I was gonna ride you ya know,” Y/N says with a soft laugh in between kisses. Fred laughs as well, one of his hands coming up to cup Y/N’s cheek while the other starts to massage one of her breasts, his thumb teasing her nipple. “Fuck, Freddie. Feels so good,” she moans.
Fred pulls away from her slightly so he can look Y/N in the eyes. “You do look exceptionally pretty when you sit on my cock, my love.” Fred pauses, his thumb rubbing her cheek as a pink blush spreads across it. “But tonight, I want- no I need.” Fred’s sentence is cut short as Y/N grabs him by the neck and brings their lips together.
She kisses him slow, letting Fred take the lead and lick into her mouth. Y/N doesn’t need Fred to finish his sentence, she already knows what he was trying to say, because she feels the same way. After an evening full of teasing and putting on a show for each other there’s nothing either of them want more than to be close to one and other.
“Please, Freddie,” Y/N begs as Fred’s fingers begin to pinch at her other nipple.
Without another word Fred hitches Y/N’s left leg up on his hip and lines himself up with her entrance. He pushes in slowly with a roll of his hips, both of them letting out low moans. Fred doesn’t stop moving until he’s fully buried inside her, his lips coming up to suck at the skin just below her earlobe.
“Feel so good, baby. Always feel so good. Oh God-,” Fred’s words cut off with a groan as Y/N clenches around him. Fred rests his forehead against hers so he can look her in the eyes. He pulls out of Y/N halfway before he pushes back in, slowly starting to fuck her. “God I love you.”
Before Fred has a chance to regret what he’s said Y/N is kissing him hungrily, her hips moving to meet Fred’s thrusts. She breaks their kiss to let out a whine as Fred’s thumb starts to rub slow circles on her clit in time with his thrusts.
“Merlin that feels good,” she breaths, tilting her chin up to kiss Fred briefly. “Not gonna last much longer,” she moans.
Fred speeds up his thrusts as he hitches Y/N’s leg higher on his hip so that he’s hitting her sweet spot with every thrust. “Me either, love. Come for me baby.”
With a few more thrusts, Y/N is coming, her toes curling and nails scratching down Fred’s back from the pleasure as she moans his name. Her walls spasm and clench against Fred’s cock, helping him to reach his climax. Her moans are cut off by Fred kissing her deeply as he reaches his own high, emptying himself into Y/N.
Fred slows his thrusts down, helping them both come down from their highs, his mouth still moving against Y/N’s softly. After a few final thrusts he slowly pulls out, and rolls onto his back, his hands gripping Y/N’s waist so that she rolls with him and their kiss doesn’t break.
They just lay there kissing for a few minutes, Y/N’s hands tangled in Fred’s hair while his hands rub circles on her hips. Y/N pulls away first, her breathing heavy and her cheeks flushed red. Fred smiles at her and brings one of his hands up to stroke her hair.
They sit there for a few moments in silence, just looking at each other. Fred feels like his heart is about to beat out of his chest as he studies Y/N’s familiar features. After tonight he’s more sure than he’s ever been, he doesn’t want to spend another moment with out her in his life.
“I meant what I said, you know,” Fred says quietly, not wanting to disturb their peaceful moment.
Y/N kisses him briefly. “That I look pretty sitting on your cock? ‘Cause I’ve known that for ages,” she teases.
“Well yes I did mean that,” Fred says with a chuckle before kissing her again. “But that’s not what I was talking about. And it’s okay if you-”
He’s about to say something else, when Y/N lurches forward to kiss him. “I love you too you idiot. Always have.”
When Y/N wakes up the next morning and turns over she’s disappointed that Fred isn’t in bed next to her. While they never usually spent the night together, last night had been different and she had fallen asleep last night dreaming of what round three would consist of in the morning.
Y/N is halfway through cursing Fred out in her head when she notices an envelope sitting on the pillow Fred’s head had been cradled against only a few hours ago. She grabs it, letting her finger trace over her name written in Fred’s messy scrawl on the outside before she tears it open.
My flat. Tonight, tomorrow, the day after that and every single day for the rest of forever. 6 pm.
Love you forever and always.
Y/N scans her eyes over the words several times, letting Fred’s message sink in. She smiles to herself as she falls back against her pillows, her hear swelling with more love than she ever thought possible. “Game over.”
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glowingbadger · 11 months ago
First “I love you” with Dima, Claude, Ashe, Sylvain, Yuri, and Felix pls? 🥰🥰🥰
Awwww cute cute cute~
FE3H Love Confessions x GN Reader
SFW ~ fluff ~
Dimitri: He's not able to withstand holding in his feelings for very long. The moment he realizes that he's fallen for you (likely needing to be prodded by Ingrid and Sylvain to fully understand it himself), he finds he's completely unable to compose himself around you. He stammers and blushes his way through the most mundane interactions. Finally, it all comes rushing out of him one day. He's been so strange lately that you make a point to visit him in his quarters to privately sort out whatever's going on. But the more you question him, the more he attempts to draw inward, until finally he blurts out, "It's- it's because I am in love with you-" he says it with a look of desperation in his eye, "I'm sorry, I simply cannot bear to keep it from you any longer." Of course, it's so like him to see his own feelings for you as something that would cause you distress- has this foolish man even considered that you could feel every bit as strongly about him? When you tell him as much, he's speechless, and pulls you close with his arms so tight around you that you struggle to breathe.
Claude: He's definitely the type to initiate a bit of a flirtation, perhaps even courting you for some time before busting out the "L word." Claude is open and flippant about signs of affection; he'll unabashedly flatter you about everything- the shine in your eyes, your adorable laugh, dimples, freckles- anything and everything unique about you. Still, he takes so long to make any sort of serious statement of his feelings that you may start to wonder if this whole... thing that you have going on is a mere diversion for him. But Claude knows the moment he realizes he's well and truly fallen for you that he needs to tell you in a way that will make the truth of his intentions clear- no jokes, no cool lines, only the rare and honest truth. To that end, one night he invites you on a stroll around the grounds surrounding the Monastery, eventually leading you to a hill where you can see the sunset to the West- but he turns you to face Eastward beside him, "As soon as we're able, I was hoping... well, that you'd come to Almyra with me," he turns to you and brings one of your hands to his lips, "I love you, Y/N. I want you to see more of where I come from."
Ashe: Ashe knew he was in love with you VERY early on. What caused it to really hit him and take root in his mind though, was a moment when he happened to be re-reading an old knight's tale, and suddenly, the romance between the lead characters feels completely different. Grand gestures and self-sacrifice for the other's sake don't feel nearly as fantastical or exaggerated as they had when he was young. Now, they feel... entirely understandable. He could see himself easily giving any and everything to keep you safe, going to any grandiose lengths to ensure your happiness. But Ashe holds onto this feeling for some time, careful not to ever pressure or overwhelm you- until he eventually finds that same book once more and lends it to you, saying he hopes you like it as much as he did, and to be sure to let him know your thoughts. And once you do read through the tale, you reach the passage where the brave Knight performs a bold soliloquy declaring his love for his fair maiden- but what catches your eye here is a note in Ashe's familiar handwriting: I've struggled to find the words to tell you my feelings for so long, but then I realized that this tale illustrates how dearly I care for you more than anything I could think of. I love you, Y/N, and I swear to protect and cherish you for all of my life.
Sylvain: He doesn't realize his own feelings for quite some time. You'd gotten close to him as friends gradually over time, convincing yourself that you were guarding your heart as carefully as one should around such a notorious flirt. And yet, the mutual attraction and affection grow underneath the surface, despite you both. For a time, he's always by your side, even turning down invitations to tea or dancing in town in favor of spending time with you. Then, he very suddenly starts to grow distant- he spends less and less time with you, and eventually seems to be actively avoiding you in favor of other 'pleasurable company.' You put on a brave face for a little while, but eventually, his cold behavior is too conspicuous to ignore. Surprisingly, you find him alone at the training grounds. The moment he sees you though, he puts on a careful smile and assures you he was just finishing up. As he passes you, you grab onto his sleeve and bluntly ask him why he's acting this way. Naturally, he tries to deflect at first, but things quickly escalate until you've raised you voice, demanding to know what's going on, until he finally faces you and says, "I'm in love with you, okay?? And I'm only going to end up hurting you- so just let me do what's best for you and leave you alone!"
Yuri: Falling for you is something that surprises him more than anything, and causes him to have to rethink a lot about how he'd pictured the rest of his life. The whole of the Abyss seems brighter when you're around, and he comes up with excuses to keep you near time and time again. He's of course every bit as flirty with you as he is with anyone else. In fact, he's careful to make sure that's the case. He won't risk his feelings getting out of hand, or letting slip any information outside of his control. But it becomes harder and harder every day to keep what he feels for you inside, and it's the smallest things that hint at his true feelings- the unusual softness in his voice when he speaks to you, how he goes out of his way to seek out opportunities to touch you. And then, one night he comes back to his quarters quite late from a "meeting"- and the sight of you waiting there for him, clearly worried and relieved to see him back safe- it's too much for his heart to contain. He leans close and places a feather-light kiss to your lips, then murmurs, "I love you, Y/N. I'll always make it home if you're here to welcome me."
Felix: Oh this poor boy. It's going to take something dramatic to get him to confess, and it's likely he doesn't even realize how he feels for you until he hears himself say it. If anything, he's irritated by the way his heart lurches when he sees you, the way his mind strays towards you the moment he fails to keep himself busy. It's an infuriating distraction, and his impulse is to stifle it as much as possible. But then, you're injured or sick one day, and something in him just snaps. He demands to be let into the infirmary to check on you, and he's by your side in an instant. He's so obvious that everyone else clearly knows how he feels for you already, and when it's clear your condition is by no means life threatening, he's left to watch over you alone for a time. Felix wears his concern plainly on his face as he scolds you for not being more careful and not taking care of yourself. That night, as you drift to sleep on your cot, you distantly hear him say, "I won't let anything happen to you ever again. I... I love you... I need you to be okay..."
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solemnly-mischievous · 11 months ago
rivalry (d.m. x reader)
You and Draco Malfoy have a rocky relationship, at best. It'd be better to describe it as a rivalry. But all it takes is a bit of fire from your end to finally make him snap.
(AKA: I just really wanted to write an enemies-to-lovers trope for my first fic.)
A/N: Hi! First fic. Hope you like it. :)
Contains: Degradation, slight edging, d/s elements, slight dub-con (but not really; full consent is clearly given), light humiliation
Word count: 3.9K
Normally, Defense Against the Dark Arts would be your favorite class. The spells you learn are fun and useful; Professor Lupin is always a plus, and most importantly, you’re good at the subject—so bloody good, you’ve bested even Hermione and Harry multiple times.
But lately, you’ve been finding yourself dreading the lessons. So much, in fact, that you were half-considering asking Hermione to hex you just to get out of your afternoon class.
Why? It’s a pretty easy answer when you got down to it.
Draco Malfoy.
You’d had an ongoing rivalry with the git since third grade. He’s been terrorizing you and your friends, mostly because of Harry, but along the way the two of you had begun building a personal vendetta.
(He probably hasn’t quite yet forgiven you for hexing him so badly he’d had to stay in the Infirmary for weeks, and you certainly haven’t forgiven him for causing your friends so much grief over the years.)
This year, you’d thought you could try your best to avoid him, with your upcoming N.E.W.T.s and all. But DADA had other plans.
Professor Lupin had begun experimenting with mixing up partners for class—it was, after all, a very hands-on class—and had apparently decided that cross-house interaction would build bonds and skill. His exact words were, “If they’re your friend, you’re gonna go easier on them. In the real world, you never know who you’re fighting with—or against.”
So he’d randomized the name list. You, being Gryffindor, knew immediately you wouldn’t be with any of your closest friends—but you hoped that perhaps you’d be paired with Cedric, or Luna, or anyone but—
“Your partner is Draco Malfoy,” Professor Lupin informed you when he got to your name, and you immediately make to protest.
“Her?” a voice came just as you complained “Not him”, and the students parted to reveal Draco himself, glaring daggers at you and Lupin.
“Yes, her,” Lupin replied, unruffled. “Now, pair up, everyone. We’re practicing Stunning today.”
That day, you’d fucking limped out of the classroom. Not to say Draco had gotten it easier—he could barely stand after you Disarmed, Stunned, and hit him with a nasty stinger hex just for the sake of it. (You’d gotten detention, but it was worth it.)
Today’s your second class with Malfoy, and you’ve never wanted more to be able to commit violent actions in your life.
“Please,” you whisper to Hermione as your group enter the DADA classroom. “Just one hex. I won’t even go to Pomfrey. No witnesses. You could just Petrify me, if that’s more to your liking.”
She sighs. “I’m not going to Petrify you.”
“’Mione,” you say, scandalized. “I thought we were friends.”
“Pair up, everyone,” Lupin calls out. Your friends shuffle away and you close your eyes, already getting a headache from the thought of—
“Well, well.” That fucking smarmy voice. “If it isn’t Potter’s little friend.”
“If it isn’t Daddy’s boy,” you snap, opening your eyes and glaring at Malfoy, who already has his wand out. “Bugger off, Malfoy.”
“Afraid I can’t do that.” Draco’s eyes narrow. Clearly, he’s as displeased with the situation as you are. “What are we doing today, then? Can’t wait to knock you down a few notches. Star of the class, my—”
“Patronuses!” Professor Lupin announces from across the room, and your heart soars—Patronuses, you could do that. Harry, months earlier, had taught you how to perfect a corporeal form in exchange for tips on his Astronomy essay. He isn’t here today—maybe you could be the only one in the class to do it.
Lupin continues, “Yes, the Patronus—an essential in the world of Defense magic. We’ll be starting with just the simple basics of it. A strong flick of the wand, and the words ‘Expecto Patronum!’. Say it with me, everyone.”
You chorus the words obediently along with the class, Malfoy’s snort of derision not going unnoticed.
“Good. Good, good, now—the key to the Patronus is to think of a happy memory. It has to be strong. Remember, Dementors feed on misery—it’s the only way to keep them away. Now, go practice. I’ll be walking around to see if there’s any problems.”
“Expecto Patronom,” Malfoy repeats in a mocking voice once the classroom starts filling with the chants of fellow students. “Doesn’t Potter know how to do that one? Heard he can do a deer. Pretty weak animal if you ask me—”
“A stag,” you correct. “And it’s Patronum, not Patronom.”
He glares at you again. “Think you’re so smart, don’t you?”
“Certainly smarter than you are.” You glance at him. “Though that’s not saying much, is it?”
You give Fred Weasley, who’d circled around to hear the conversation, a not-discreet fist-bump.
“Alright then.” Malfoy spits out your last name, trying to provoke you. “Let’s see you do it.”
“You try,” you suggest, hiding your smirk. “Unless you’re too scared.”
Draco grits his teeth. Unwilling to back down from a challenge, he brandishes his wand. “Expecto Patronum!”
A thin, wispy light appears at the end of his wand—weak, but clearly visible. Classmates around you murmur as they notice it, and Professor Lupin beams as he sees Draco’s doing. “Very good, Draco! A fantastic start.”
Draco flicks his wand smugly and the Patronus charm dissipates. He smirks, shooting you an expectant look.
You take out your wand, feeling its familiar grip, and you close your eyes. You recall the memory of a weekend in Hogsmeade with your friends, drinking Butterbeer as you stroll through the snowy village, pointing out the shops and people. Unconsciously, you smile.
“Expecto Patronum!”
Light blazes so bright you can see it under closed eyes, and you open them to find a glowing golden retriever prancing out the end of your wand. It bounds around in the air joyfully, leaving a trail of light where it leaps, and circles the classroom, eventually coming back to you and wagging its tail.
Professor Lupin is grinning, utterly delighted as he takes in your Patronus. Calling your name, he exclaims, “That is phenomenal—you’ve learned fast. Very impressive job!”
You smile back, and your Patronus glows lighter in response. You quickly call it off, the light being a bit too much, and the rest of the class passes by in a haze of awed murmurs and classmates asking your advice on their spellwork. You become so preoccupied, you don’t even notice Draco’s unrelenting stare on your back.
The class ends fast, the bell tolling to signify the start of what would be a study period for you. As students trail out of the classroom, chattering happily, Professor Lupin calls you over.
“Listen, I want you to know that what you did today was truly impressive,” he says, seriously. “I assume Harry laid out the groundwork, yes?”
You nod. He smiles. “You and Harry both are very accomplished students, then. But truly—I doubt many Aurors could’ve managed what you did today.”
“Thank you, Professor.” Your words are sincere.
“My pleasure.” Professor Lupin shoots you an apologetic look. “Now, I’m terribly sorry, but I have off-grounds business to attend to—would you mind setting the classroom to rights? I’m afraid I had to push the desks and chairs back for our class, but I don’t have time to put them back. I’ll write you a note, if you—”
“Oh, no, Professor, don’t worry, it’s a study period. I’d be glad to help.”
“Thank you,” he says, relieved, already heading out the door. “Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow, then. I’ll bring chocolate to compensate!”
“Goodbye, Professor!” you call, and he echoes it, and then he’s gone. You look around the classroom, seeing all the desks in the back, and you crack your knuckles. Time to get to work.
“Well. Quite the teacher’s pet, aren’t we?”
Merlin’s fucking beard.
“Bloody hell, Malfoy,” you mutter, turning around to find him leaning against the classroom doorframe. His blond hair glints silver in the sunlight, and his entire outline—his uniform, his stance, his dark gaze—is just… honestly, unfairly attractive.
So maybe your first impression of Draco Malfoy, years ago, wasn’t that he was a self-entitled git. Maybe, just maybe, you’d thought he was the prettiest boy you’d ever seen.
And maybe that feeling never went away.
Not that you’d let him know that.
“What are you doing here?”
“Study period.” He starts walking towards you, shutting the door behind him. “Couldn’t help but be curious as to what Lupin wanted with you.”
“What’s it to you?” you snap. Malfoy doesn’t reply.
“Why do you insist on being so difficult?” he asks instead, and you blink.
“Me?” you splutter. “Difficult? Fat lot of sense that makes, with you fucking insulting me at every move I make—”
“As I recall, our first interaction was you hexing me in third-year.” Malfoy sounds amused.
“You pushed Harry into the lake,” you snap at him. “You bloody well deserved it.”
Draco laughs. “Good times.”
“Malfoy, what the bloody hell are you doing here?”
“You’ve got quite a mouth.”
“My mouth is also capable of jinxing you three ways to Friday, so I suggest you leave me alone, yeah?” Your fingers twitch towards your wand in preparation, and he only looks on with derision.
“I’m just frightened,” Malfoy sneers. You barely notice him slipping off his rings, pocketing them. “Potter taught you that Patronus charm, didn’t he?”
“What’s it to you?”
“Nothin’. Just wondering what else he taught you.” A vengeful mood seems to have taken Draco. “You seem to hang out with him an awful lot.”
“It’s called having friends,” you snap right back. He looks as though he’s about to retort, but you push on. “Unfamiliar with the concept? Wouldn’t be surprised. Crabbe and Goyle don’t seem like the best conversationalists, are they? Just a couple of goons. Wonder why you don’t have better friends. Friends you can actually talk to who operate with more than one braincell.”
“Maybe it’s because no one wants to be near you,” you continue, years of pent up frustration spilling out in a vitriolic spiel. “Because you’re a miserable bastard who doesn’t know how to be happy, aren’t you? You drive everyone away and then you go after more because you’re lonely and sad and fucking pathetic—”
“Shut up,” Malfoy repeats with a vehemence.
“—and it’s too fucking late to repair the damage you’ve done—”
“Shut up,” Malfoy snarls, and you stare into his narrowed eyes.
“Fucking make me,” you snap back, and he lunges.
You’re pinned against the wall of the classroom, Malfoy’s wand to your throat and a hand fisting your robes to render you immobile. Draco flicks his wand, ever-so-slightly, and you hear the classroom door lock with a wordless spell.
“Malfoy,” you whisper, but he cuts you off.
“Shut the fuck up or I swear you’ll bloody regret it,” he hisses.
“Draco,” you begin, and he curses.
“Fuck it.”
Gripping your robes, he leans in and kisses you.
It’s rough and demanding and you think he’s trying to hurt you, with how much his teeth scrape against your bottom lip and bite down gently, but you’re not pulling away, he’s not pulling away, and you find yourself leaning into the kiss, arching up to meet him—
He breaks away and looks at you, smirking.
“If I’d known that’s what it would take for you to shut your bloody mouth, I’d have done it years ago.”
“Let me go, Malfoy,” you say shakily, but even as he loosens his grip slightly, you show no sign of moving.
“If you’d wanted to leave you’d have Stunned me long ago,” he states, truthfully. Your wand is fully in reach. You know how to do wordless spells. And yet you let him kiss you.
“Shut up,” you grumble, still not moving.
“I think, perhaps,” Draco murmurs, glancing down at your body, “you’re enjoying this.”
“No,” you argue, and his wand digs into your neck—not enough to hurt but enough to register.
“Shh,” Draco hushes, almost condescendingly. “Be quiet, now. That’s a good girl.”
Involuntarily, you shudder at his words. They made your legs weak, and you fight off the urge to audibly whimper—what the hell’s gotten into you?
Maybe he won’t notice. Maybe he hasn’t noticed.
Of fucking course he notices.
“Oh?” The shit-eating smirk on his face is enough to make you glare absolute daggers at him. “Don’t give me that. You shivered. You liked it.”
“Shut up,” you say again, with no real strength.
“Don’t you want to be my good girl, sweetheart?” he teases cruelly, and you have to close your eyes to fight off the blush. It doesn’t work, and your face grows hot with embarrassment and arousal.
“Dear me,” Draco says mockingly. “What happened to the spitfire from minutes ago, hm? Still feeling like saying those words to me? Still feeling like being bad?”
Inadvertently, you shake your head.
“Who’s pathetic now?” he mocks, grinning, letting his wand trail a cold path down your neck, over your collarbone, until it rests on the top button of your uniform. “May I?”
The question sounds mocking, but he meets your gaze and you know he’s honestly asking for permission. And you give it to him, nodding, even as your blush deepens. Draco undoes your buttons, one by one, with tiny flicks of his wand, until your shirt is fully unbuttoned and you’re exposed to his gaze.
Draco shoves his wand into his belt and pushes your bra out of the way with an almost laughable urgency, getting a full, appreciative look at your breasts. “So fucking pretty,” he murmurs. “Shame they belong to such a fucking headache, hm?”
You grumble some sort of an insult, and Draco pinches a nipple, which shuts you up effectively. “That’s what I thought.”
His hands trail down to your skirt, and instead of undoing the button he leans down and scoops the fabric up. “Here, be good and useful and hold this for me.”
The indifferent praise and the degradation combined has you obeying immediately, hoisting your skirt up and baring yourself to him, which only adds to an eddying swirl of shame and arousal pooling in your gut. Draco looks at you, stares, really, and it’s with a predatory grin that he reaches over to caress you through your panties.
“Soaked,” he observes, sounding both amused and satisfied. “You always get off this much to being treated like a right slut, then?”
“Draco,” you whine, bucking your hips up into his almost phantom touch. “Come on.”
“Is that how we ask nicely?” Oh, this bloody git. You’ll never be able to look at him again—he’s going to be so fucking smug around you.
When you don’t answer, he withdraws his touch completely, and you make a sound of protest. “No, no, please.”
“Go on.”
“Please touch me,” you try, but it’s hard to focus when you’re so goddamn wet you’re soaking through your panties.
“Not quite,” Draco muses. He’s palming himself through his trousers, and the sight turns you on impossibly more. “Come on, then—convince me.”
“Draco, please touch me,” you beg. One of your hands drift down to your panties but he slaps it away immediately, shooting you a warning look. “Please!”
“Touch you where?” He wants you to say it.
“Touch my cunt, please, Draco, fuck, I’m so wet it hurts,” you beg, and it’s true—you’re aching with arousal, and if he doesn’t touch you within the next few seconds you think you really just might combust. “Please, please touch me, I’ll be good, I’ll do whatever you want, just touch me.”
“If only the school could see you now,” he sneers, but even he seems to break his self-control and he tugs your panties down harshly, all but ripping them off. “Baring yourself to me and begging to be touched like a whore.”
“I’m not—oh,” you gasp, his fingers pressing into your cunt immediately and his thumb working on your clit, sending waves of pleasure so potent you almost double over. His fingers are long and thin, which is why he can press two in without preamble, and the stretch is barely noticeable.
“You’re not what? A whore?” Draco laughs. “Please. Look at yourself.”
“’m not,” you insist, but you clench around his fingers at his words and he raises an eyebrow.
“I think you’re lying.” He presses a third finger in and you whine, little sounds of pleasure escaping your lips as he works you open. “Quieter, now, or I’ll have to gag you.”
You bite your lip, and Draco thumbs your clit as a reward and incentive. “Now, tell me what you are. Be truthful, or I won’t fuck you. I’ll leave, leave you here with your shirt hanging open and your skirt up, the doors wide open. Maybe the next bloke who stumbles in might help you.”
Your eyes widen—he wouldn’t. But his gaze is dead serious. “Say it.”
“I’m a whore,” you breathe, and he thrusts his fingers into you, hitting that right spot. “Draco!”
“Say it louder,” he orders, angling his fingers and curling them.
“I’m a whore,” you moan out, bucking your hips upwards—you’re close, you’re so close. “Draco, I—”
He stops moving, and his other hand pinches your clit harshly. “No.”
You let out a gasp of shock and hurt, reeling from the denial and pleasure. “But—”
“You’re not fucking coming until I say so,” Draco hisses, undoing his belt and pushing his trousers down. “And I’m not saying so until I properly fuck you into a bloody wreck.”
His cock is already hard, and he positions himself right at your entrance. You can feel him, his tip pressed against your wetness, but not pushing in. “Draco—”
“I think,” he muses, and you want to scream, “one day I’ll drag you into a broom closet. Fuck your throat so hard you won’t be able to talk for the day. You’ll look pretty, don’t you think?”
“Or I’ll bring you back to my dorm, so I can fuck you until you’re screaming yourself hoarse,” Draco says thoughtfully. “Your dorm works. So long as I can ruin you.”
“Because it’s just so—” and he pushes into you in one swift movement, fucking into you immediately with a fast and rough rhythm, “—fucking nice to see you being a slut for me.”
“Fuck!” You grind your hips along with his rhythm, feeling the tightness of your cunt around his cock, and you clench as he hits your sweet spot with the right angle, almost shaking with the pleasure that it gives you.
Draco groans your name, fucking you brutally as he chases his own release, already pent-up from the teasing and the sight of your wrecked state. “’m gonna come on your tits, would you like that? Get it all fucking messy, maybe get some into your mouth, get you fucking ruined?”
“Please, please, fuck, please let me come,” you plead him, feeling your impending orgasm barrel towards you—you couldn’t last, you can’t fucking last—
“Fucking hold it,” Draco snaps. “Hold it like a good fucking girl, you understand?”
You let out a mournful sound, but you nod—yes, I’ll be good, I’ll be good, please—
“Salazar, I’m fucking close,” Malfoy breathes into your ear, his voice rough and strained. “You feel so good, love, so bloody tight.”
“Please,” you whimper, not even sure what you’re pleading for at this point. Draco exhales shakily and curses, pulling out and pushing you to your knees with such a force that you drop down, your skirt being the only padding.
“Wh—?” you try to ask, but Draco is already pumping his cock and then he’s coming all over your face, some of it dripping down to paint your breasts as he’d promised. Draco leans down to gather some release on a finger and pushes it into your mouth, eyes darkening as you suck and swallow around it.
“Good girl,” he praises, and you almost come right there.
“Draco, please,” you beg, still on your knees and still absolutely fucking desperate for release that he’s been denying you for the past half hour. “Please let me—”
“Alright, spread your legs, c’mon,” Draco guides, and you obey and then he’s there, thumb rubbing steady circles around your clit and two fingers pushing inside you once more. You whine and grind into his fingers, his touch, hips following his movement as he pushes you closer—closer—
“Fuck!” you sob as he senses your impending orgasm and stills his hand. “No—no, why?”
You sound like a petulant child and Draco laughs at you, and it’s an unfair move and a mean sound but it somehow turns you on even more. “I’m just messing, sweetheart.”
Fuck you, you badly want to say, but somehow you feel like that won’t get you what you want.
Draco starts moving again, his fingers gaining speed, and the sound of them pumping in and out of your soaked cunt sounds delightfully dirty. You’re quickly pushed to the edge again, and amidst your pleasure you eye Draco distrustfully.
“Please,” you whisper, and he smirks at you.
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”
And he thumbs your clit and you’re coming, gasping with the pleasure and shaking as he eases you through it. His fingers don’t stop moving, even after your orgasm has faded, and you squirm in discomfort as he overstimulates you.
“Promise me you won’t be a bloody pain again,” Draco levels at you, and you want to glare back but his fingers curl inside of you and you yelp with pleasure and pain. “Promise me, or I’ll keep going.”
“I—I won’t be a pain,” you mumble, trying to squeeze your thighs together to get rid of his touch, but he perseveres, flicking your clit mercilessly.
“Say you’ll be good.”
“I’ll be good,” you manage, so close to sobbing from the frustration. “Please, Draco, I’ll be good, be good for you, please stop.”
He relents and you feel him draw his hand back. You close your eyes and you hear him tug his trousers back on, buckling his belt. You feel strangely empty without him—without his fingers, his cock, his touch.
Draco produces a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the sweat, drool, and cum off your face, helping you button your shirt back up as well. “You alright?”
“Never better,” you reply, opening your eyes to see him staring at you in concern, all traces of the cruel tease earlier gone. Outside, the sun is setting, casting orange hues into the classroom, and you suddenly remember. “I—oh, bloody hell, I have to arrange the desks for Lupin—”
“I’ll do it. Stay here.”
Draco stands up and takes out his wand, flicking it twice in quick succession. A wordless spell. As you watch, the desks and chairs slide back to where they used to be, neatly arranging themselves in rows.
You’re impressed as he comes back. “What spell is—hey!”
He’s flicked his wand once more and torn your panties clean off your legs.
“Draco—what in Merlin—”
“A souvenir.” Malfoy smirks, stuffing your soaked panties into the pocket of his trousers. “And payment for the desks.”
“You’re a bloody prick,” you say, leaning your head back against the wall.
“Careful now, love. Remember what you promised.” Draco’s tone is playful, but warning. “I’m a man of my word, so you should choose yours carefully. Next time I won’t be as gentle.”
Caught off-guard, you can only nod obediently, which seems to please him. But you can’t promise you won’t slip back into old habits the very next day. Whatever the case, one thing was clear—there would almost certainly be a next time.
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the-last-kenobi · 11 months ago
If you’re still taking requests (feel no pressure to do this) 14 with Obi-wan and a knight Anakin because that sounds very much like him
A fluff prompt!! I’m so excited, thank you! 🤍
From this various prompts list.
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Obi-Wan Kenobi had not slept in three nights, and his Lineage was not happy about it.
Ahsoka and Anakin watched with narrowed eyes from a balcony as the Jedi Master mingled with the crowd, smiling softly at anyone who engaged his attention, keeping close to the side of Chancellor Palpatine and Vice Chair Mas Amedda.
For a man who was running on very little sleep and hardly any sustenance, Obi-Wan was managing to maintain the image of the perfect Jedi — civil, humble, charming, wise. Power concealed just below the surface.
Every so often, Palpatine would draw the Jedi deeper into some conversation or other, or pat him on the shoulder in a strangely paternal fashion.
“Why does he keep doing that?” Ahsoka hissed to her Master. “Master Kenobi hates strangers touching him!”
“The Chancellor isn’t a stranger,” Anakin said defensively. But he watched again as Palpatine settled a hand on his former Master’s arm and saw the slight tension creasing Obi-Wan’s forehead, and had to concede that Obi-Wan was feeling uncomfortable. “But yeah. I don’t think the Chancellor knows, he wouldn’t do it if he did. He’s probably just too used to working with me instead. We’re more like friends.”
Ahsoka raised her eyebrows. “And would he have let you go home by now? We were supposed to be able to leave almost two hours ago.”
Anakin sighed. He leaned on the railing, absentmindedly picking at a carved design in the metal with his mech hand, creating a small clicking noise. He scanned the room again, searching for unlikely threats, and then returned his gaze to his Master and his friend, still penned in the center of a colorful crowd all waiting for attention. To see and be seen. Vultures.
Obi-Wan had more patience for this sort of thing, it was true, but it was apparent to those who knew him well — to Anakin — that he was run ragged. That every new face turning in his direction, awed and pettily delighted by meeting both the Supreme Chancellor and a High Jedi General, was another weight on his shoulders.
Anakin glanced over at his Padawan. Ahsoka’s eyes lit up as she saw the look in his eyes.
“How do you wanna do this?” she asked, tapping her fingers excitedly on the banister. “I know you like explosions, but if you set something off, Master Obi-Wan will definitely have to flee with the Chancellor to safety and then he’ll be gone for ages.”
“You’re right, Snips,” Anakin said, and a smirk pulled at his lips. He ruffled his hair proudly, ignoring Ahsoka’s eye roll, and said, “So I’ll take a leaf from Obi-Wan’s book. I’ll just go right down there and use my words.”
Anakin beamed.
Ahsoka looked as if she suddenly preferred an explosion.
“Yes, hi, hello, excuse me, coming through, yep, pardon me, just walking here,” Anakin threw scattered, inane apologies in every direction as he plowed a path right through the entire gala.
Ahsoka trailed in his wake, smiling awkwardly at the people who scattered with startled looks and scowling ferociously at those who dared look cross.
Obi-Wan spotted them first. He was deep in conversation with a representative from the Core, but his blue eyes flickered to them briefly and his smile became slightly taut; he raised one of his hands in what might have passed for a wave but was, to his Padawans, a clear signal to turn around.
Anakin disregarded this subtle warning immediately.
He strolled directly up to Obi-Wan, bowed slightly, and put a hand on the Master’s shoulder, smiling blindingly at the representative. “Good evening. I’m afraid it’s time for Master Kenobi to depart. The Jedi thank you for your time.”
The representative raised her eyebrows but said nothing.
Palpatine, on the other hand, suddenly popped up right beside them, a wide smile on his grandfatherly face. “Anakin, Knight Skywalker, how good to see you! I thought you’d gone home hours ago, why, surely you need your rest after that last campaign.”
Anakin kept a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder. Ahsoka shifted to stand behind them, smiling a little too widely, the points of her teeth glinting, at anyone who looked at them askance.
“We had quite the victory,” Anakin agreed. He preened slightly. But — “And you’re right, Chancellor, we do need our rest. General Kenobi has served very well, and we’re all eager to rest and prepare for our next deployment.”
Palpatine’s smile widened still further. “Ah, yes. General Kenobi is an incredible public servant, he’s such a delight to have at events such as these.”
This time it was Anakin who tensed slightly. Ahsoka sidled up surreptitiously and linked her arm with Master Obi-Wan’s, flanking him between them, drawn up as tall as she could make herself.
Anakin looked intently at Palpatine, trying to communicate to his friend that now was not the time for politics. He’d thought this would be easy, but the Chancellor seemed determined to keep Kenobi with him all evening. The crowd had begun to disperse, realizing they weren’t going to be receiving any attention for awhile, but they milled about nearby, clearly listening in.
“I—” Obi-Wan began, but Anakin decided to risk his Master’s wrath and just cut him right off.
“And he and I are always happy to be invited by such gracious hosts!” he blurted out quickly. “But sadly, we will have to wait for another invitation before we get the chance to enjoy one another’s company. We really do have to be going.”
Palpatine studied him for a moment.
Go on, Anakin urged him silently. Please. Come on. You know we want to leave.
The silence dragged.
“Master Kenobi,” Palpatine said warmly, turning to Obi-Wan, and Anakin felt a wave of relief. “What do you say? Shall we… let you out of your duties for the sake of your valiant friends?”
Oh, what the fuck?
It had the ring of a joke but was worded like a trap. And Anakin could see, in slow-motion, the flicker of resignation and bitterness deep in Obi-Wan’s blue eyes, just behind the friendly smile, and knew what was about to happen if he didn’t do something about it.
Anakin let out a loud laugh and clapped Obi-Wan on the shoulder again. “Sorry, everyone. We’re on a time crunch, we have to get back in time for dessert.”
Ahsoka laughed, too, and clung a little tighter to Obi-Wan’s arm.
Obi-Wan looked somewhere between confused and horror struck.
Palpatine’s smile froze.
Anakin chuckled and waved at the surrounding crowd, shrugging in a you-know-how-it-is sort of way. “Hey, he promised us milkshakes. General I may be, but I still demand my old Master fulfill his promises of unhealthy desserts.”
“Hey, I think out of everyone, I deserve milkshakes the most!” Ahsoka interjected, her tone teasing.
A few of the politicians shot her amused smiles. Ordinarily she would have bristled, but in this instance she just shot them knowing, conspiratorial looks, like a child deliberately making mischief. There was a ripple of laughter.
“I don’t know about that,” Anakin said. “I think I definitely took out the most droids.”
“Riiiight,” said Ashoka. “After I took out the battlement. By myself.”
They ribbed back and forth. The gala was eating it up, their faces amused and indulgent, intrigued by the display of youthful frivolity and friendship the Jedi were giving them. Obi-Wan was still pinned between them, rooted helplessly to the spot.
Anakin looked back at the Chancellor, expecting a smile.
Instead he got a blank expression — which quickly turned into a loud bark of laughter and a grandfatherly grin. He clapped his hands to gain the attention of the crowd and said, “Oh, I believe our brave Hero and his friends have earned themselves a night out for something as innocent and delightful as milkshakes, don’t you say?”
The crowd laughed and nodded; there was scattered applause, and it was done.
Anakin winked at the Chancellor and then turned on the spot, he and Ahsoka striding out the room with Obi-Wan trapped in the middle, waving and bowing at anyone who smiled in their direction.
The three of them escaped out of the ballroom, down the flight of stairs, and out onto the grand balcony overlooking the landing platform, where their ship was waiting in the semi-darkness of the Coruscant night.
Anakin and Ahsoka turned at the same time to look at Obi-Wan, each of them still holding on to one of the Master’s arms.
There was a long silence.
Obi-Wan stared tiredly down at the speeder for a very long time.
Anakin looked at his Padawan nervously.
But then Obi-Wan’s lips twitched beneath his beard, and then he chuckled, and then he burst into uproarious laughter. The sound was infectious; relieved and excited, the other two clung to him and laughed, all of them half-leaning on the railing, cackling like idiots.
They laughed until they ran out of breath, and then laughed a little more.
After a long while, Obi-Wan disentangled his arms from their controlling grips but immediately settled them back, one on Anakin’s shoulder and the other resting on Ahsoka’s back. “I think,” he said, “I promised you milkshakes. Dex’s?”
“Oh, I definitely remember you saying that!” Ahsoka said. “Dex’s is great.”
“Yeah, and you also definitely said you’d pay,” Anakin wheedled.
“No,” Obi-Wan said firmly.
“Awww. Worth a shot,” Anakin whispered to his Padawan.
Obi-Wan smiled. “I said I’d pay for Ahsoka’s. You, my Knighted former Padawan, can pay for your own dessert.”
Ahsoka cheered. Anakin groaned. They strolled off into the night, ambling without haste or urgency or fear, connected by light touches of the hands and arms, and by something deeper and unseen and familial.
There would be time for the war and politics later.
Right now, they were late for dessert.
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loyenne · 4 months ago
🗒 where you seem to look how i remember
full name 〃 levi ackerman
methods 〃 modern au, surgeon levi, wealthy reader, college friends to strangers to something close to lovers, mention of alcohol, cuddling, literal sleeping together
word count 〃2.6k
Tumblr media
levi feels as though he could honest to god collapse from the sheer relief of finishing yet another week of overtime at the hospital. he has been approved the entire weekend (with promises of monday as well, if the workload can be managed by his colleges).
two days. levi stands outside of the hospital, watching the throes of traffic slow down and wonders what he'll do with all of that free time. maybe he'll sleep through the rest of his evening, and well into saturday morning. a bakery opened a few blocks away from his apartment that levi hadn't visited yet, and now would be the perfect time to do so. the crowd that would have surely surfaced from the grand opening would have thinned, and he wouldn't have to deal with long wait times.
either way, levi will make sure that his two days off will be blissful and perfectly quiet. he will finally be able to relax, something he hadn't done in who knows how long. the light switches from green to red, and people walk across the street in a pack. levi does not follow after them just yet. the first thing he'll do when he gets home is take a long, hot shower, order takeout and eat it on the couch (something that isn't normally allowed yet feels necessary to do in times like these).
he is halfway through sighing with relief when he sees something out of the corner of his eye. he turns his head to get a better look at...whatever it had been, but to his surprise, had vanished completely.
perhaps he is even more tired than he thought.
a sharp whistle and then the unmistakable sound of his name quickly tells him that he is wrong. it catches over the sound of cars, and the footsteps of other tired nightlife workers and the crowd quickly learns to walk around him.
levi squeezes his eyes shut and desperately hopes that the noise he hadn't heard was something his mind had concocted when he passed out from the stress of his job.
"levi-kun! look at you" you say, jogging up to him in your heels, waving obnoxiously at him like he might not know who you are. "all dressed up in your little suit and tie. oh, wow, even your hair is different!"
"l/n" is all he manages to say as he stares at the woman who had held his heart all through college, and hadn't even known it "what are you doing here?"
"oh, me? just taking a little stroll through the neighborhood" and although levi feels as though he has grown in the years after university, you have certainly grown much more. you don't look as childish, a certain air of maturity but he can still see the pieces of you that refused to eat certain vegetables and the you that levi had to forcefully pull from bed.
levi raises a brow, clearly calling bullshit. "a stroll through the tokyo business district?"
"yeah yeah" you shoot back, grinning widely, settling comfortably beside him. "say—how about dinner?"
he is more than aware of how bad this is. levi shuffles from foot to foot, not quite antsy, but thinking of his tea collection and warm bed; he's so close to having that perfect night.
"oh come onnn, levi, please?" you whine, grabbing onto his arm and smiling down at him sincerely and in such a way that makes his stomach toss and turn. "we haven't seen each other in five years, we'll be two buddies catching up! how great is that? nothing could go wrong"
so many things can go wrong with you around. levi knows that he doesn't have to say anything for you to know this. and he feels that even if he did, you would only get into a well-natured argument about it.
"fine" levi mutters, looking away, not bothering to see if you had followed behind him. and he need not worry, for you had practically plastered yourself to his side. he tried to think of this as a normal drinking outing after work with his colleagues, but with you in mind—found that he couldn't. five years apart, and being reminded again of his pathetic crush on someone clearly out of his league.
for once, you are finally silent. levi does not bother to fill in the gaps of your faltering. besides, what would he even say to someone he hadn't seen in so long? and why are you being so familiar with him, despite this? he counts himself lucky that the aroma of the restaurant blocks out the scent of the perfume that your wearing. he's happy that he doesn't haven't to commit this too to memory. the less time with you the better—levi is going to make this dinner as quick as possible, an hour or two at the most and then get back to his night of rest and relaxation.
"so, whatcha been up to all this time levi?" you asked from across the table, smiling in the low lighting, the first he had heard from you since entering the cramped restaurant.
"work" levi answers bluntly before taking a long swig of beer. he's more than happy to admit that he's grateful for you for paying.
you too take a sip of your beer, something that makes him raise an eyebrow in suspicion. in college, you had been adamant against alcholic beverages of all kind, and confessed in silence to him one night that your family had a history of addiction and was deathly afraid of becoming next. after another sip (which you also mimic doing) levi decides that maybe people change. he knows he has.
"no hobbies? girlfriend? what about a cute kitty cat?"
levi shakes his head. "seriously?" you pout, crossing your arms over your chest. "nothing? jeez, what have you been doing all this time?"
"work." and then when you stare at him, clearly wanting an explanation he gives you one. "too busy. i'm working 50 hours a week, sometimes 70 depending on the time of year—for some reason, i tend to have a lot of emergencies around new years"
"eh?!" you cry, hands flying up to cover your mouth. "levi, you work 70 hours a week?? that's not good for you!"
"not always" he mutters weakly, vaguely looking around for the waitress before you start to lecture him on the importance of self-care. again.
luckily for him, he does arrive, and right before you can open your mouth, placing two large bowls of ramen in front of each of you. he remains silent as he begins his meal, idly daydreaming of his apartment, the warm shower, and of the best sleep of his entire life. he finds himself easily distracted by you (somethings never change, he guesses), watching as you polish off the rest of your beer in small sips before starting in on your ramen.
"how's the little brat?" levi says, trying to make conversation. right before the steady stream of conversation from you stopped, you had mentioned taking in eren yeager, your deceased older sister's child.
you brighten immediately. "he's a little cutie pie! here, lemme just—" whipping out your phone, you show him pictures of a kid who is most certainly not a little cutie pie. you swipe to a final photo of him, you and another kid with blond hair. "that's armin, isn't he just adorable? that's the kid eren has an obvious crush on. i keep tellin him to go for it, but he always tells me to stay out of his business, little weasel" despite that, you laugh aloud, before putting your phone away and digging in.
levi nods along, even though he no idea what your talking about, just glad to hear your voice. watching you talk about things that clearly excited you always made him happy, and he is only more aware of this now. he is saddened to know he'll have to let this go when you leave at the end of the night.
there's a sudden bump against his leg and levi has to steel himself so that he doesn't jolt in surprise. you had accidentally kicked him under the table whilst launching into another story of eren's childhood or of your wild anecdotes at the bookstore where you worked part-time and more as a hobby than a need to put food on the table for your nephew. he doesn't move his foot away, and neither do you.
he realizes way too late that you're a lightweight. you had somehow managed to drink five tall glasses of beer, and you're more in the quiet, somber stage of your drunkenness than the rowdy girl he had known from before—pushing the remaining noodles around in your bowl.
"i think we should call it night now" levi says quietly, standing from his seat and gathering his coat. you stumble from yours too, clumsy, and it makes him smile.
"i-i'll walk you home!"
"you can barely walk yourself" levi snaps with no real heat
"what kind of a senpai would i be if i didn't do this for you?" you ask, slurring the words slightly and then standing foolishly in the completely wrong direction.
"i'm older than you" levi mutters, eyebrows furrowing with a glare before grabbing your shoulder and tugging you along to the nearest train station. "and your too drunk to be trusted to walk home without falling into traffic, so you're coming home with me, okay?"
"waaa!" you wail, tipping so that all of your weight falls onto him, sighing happily. "come on leviiiiii, wanna see your house. do you still have that weirdly neat tea obsession???"
"it's not an obsession" he defends "i just like tea"
the subway is—thankfully—quiet this time of night (12:08 am) and there are few patrons boarding the same car as them, and therefore, fewer people to witness you in all your giddy drunken stupor. you are no longer quiet and mulling over things, staring down into a drink. levi had been foolish to think the worst of it was over so soon.
"i really do like what you did with your hair..." you mumble, playing with the longer strands, eyes wide in awe. "so pretty"
"you said that already," levi says, indulging you in conversation for reasons beyond him.
"it's because you look so good" and then you comically stiffen, going rock-solid (even your face looks frozen) "i mean your hair! its y-your hair that looks...so good. not you. blegh."
levi cuts you a look over his shoulder before sighing and pulling you out of the seat (which is when you decide to become dead weight—how convenient) and pushing you onto the platform. you splutter out a laugh, and then a louder one when levi trips over a step and nearly falls.
"keep laughing and i'll push you into a dumpster and let the trash lie with trash" he threatens, and thinks he might make good on his promise when you chortle out another laugh, poking him on the cheek and telling him he's cute when he's angry. he continues tugging you along, and naturally you fall silent, humming a tune.
"d'you want yer hand back?" you ask suddenly, squeezing his palm with yours and smiling at him, mouth pulling up in a loopy grin.
"no..." levi says slowly, stretching out his fingers before curling them around yours once more—pointedly ignoring your pleased smile. "this is okay"
you reply with a grin and another squeeze, which levi finds himself returning without a second thought. he tells himself that he won't dwell on that particular choice, and that it was something he had done because he was merely exhausted. you go silent again, taking in the decor of the place he guesses, but as long as you don't disturb the neighbors with your loud giggling—he doesn't care too much what it is your thinking about.
he finally detaches himself away from your hand to unlock the door, missing the warmth and heat immediately.
"i'm sorry if i ruined your night" you mumble suddenly, staring down at your heels in the genkan. levi nearly bumps his head into the wall with how fast he looks up. you aren't an apologetic person—in fact, you would rather kiss the bathroom floor in the subway than admit you were wrong about something.
"why?" he says shortly, staring at you.
no answer, just a shrug of your shoulders and the faintest hint of your bottom hint wobbling. levi realizes that under no circumstances does he want you crying, so he wheedles you into the kitchen to drink some water. he makes you drink another glass after that and then his mind spirals when he thinks of where you'll have to sleep. your head had bumped against the low ceiling (why are you so fucking tall?) so he automatically knows the couch is out. which, really only leaves one option.
"i'm going to wash up. don't touch anything l/n" levi excuses himself, slow steps at first, and then practically dashing to get to the bathroom. he has to calm down in front of the mirror while he splashes cold water on his face and tells himself that it doesn't matter that he has to share a bed with you. after all, your are both adults. you can handle this maturely.
levi takes another deep breath before cracking the door open. "come brush your teeth with this spare toothbrush"
you nod, clearly tired, and push beside him in the bathroom. brushing his teeth beside one of japan's most influential rising ceo's is a little weird, especially since he's seen you cry your heart over disney movies before. but maybe, seeing the you that you were then and comparing her to the one that sleepily brushes her teeth next to him is more daunting than he thought.
he hands you the biggest set of pj's he owns, which ends up only being a loose t-shirt (you can't even get the pants around your hips and levi feels extremely guilty for thinking of that in a sexual way). but then when he turns the lights out...your still sitting on the bed, quite unsure of what to do.
"i miss you"
levi chokes on air.
"you used to sigh and roll your eyes after everything i said, like everyone does" you mumbled, laying down (but clearly not comfortable) "but i knew you didn't really hate me. it was nice to know that at least one person didn't hate me"
people fear you. they admire, some praise but a lot of them judge. a lot, you confess quietly, used to say really mean things to you and you had to pretend that it didn't bother you. levi shuffles forward a bit, tugging you into his arms. you latch on almost immediately, arms winding around his waist and burying your face into his chest. its a bit weird cuddling in his too-small bed, but after a while, it becomes normal.
"i will always be here for you," levi says, and it's almost a confession
you lift your head from his neck, staring into his eyes, searching for something. levi wonders if you found it. you crane your head a bit higher, still staring at him and then you press a soft kiss against his lips, done so quickly he can't really process it until you cuddle back into him, sound asleep.
maybe, levi thinks, in the morning, when your both sober, you'll talk about it—and maybe, he'll get to kiss you properly.
Tumblr media
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“know your place...foolish girl”
Tumblr media
pairing: ryomen sukuna x female reader
cw: tattoo artist sukuna, fluff, mentions of death, enemies to lovers, long fic, fluff, angst, language, slut shaming, nsfw (praise, jaw grabbing, nipple sucking, female receiving oral, unprotected sex, breeding, pet names, sir kink, finger sucking) 
word count: 14,400+
a/n: please don’t ask how i wrote this, it took like four days and I just had this urge to keep adding the points I wanted to add. posting this on ao3 later on tonight as well, so here’s the link to that. 
summary: in which one terrible meeting with sukuna leads you to be pushed into an unusual relationship with one another, with you both starting out hating one another, could you both really be friends?
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Tumblr media
Birds circled around the area; the gloomy storms ready to cascade down onto the pavement. The need for a coffee fix was evident as you walked towards your favourite café, shouting through the phone at your friend, Yui who needed you once again. You didn’t care for her next want, instead barging through the doors of the place, a warm breath of air hitting you as you smelt the crushed coffee and appetising deserts lined up in front of you. Waiting in line as you continued to hear her ramble, “I’ll think about it.”
“I’ll take that as a yes, I’ll send you the address.” You rolled your eyes as you hanged up to order your coffee, she was never close to you. But when she needed something she’d always end up calling you. This time for company to get her first tattoo, she was a sweet girl, but could be a pain when in need.
Quickly ordering you waited to get your coffee, scrolling through the text message as she sent the time for later on tonight and the address in the inner parts of the city. It was an area you hadn’t been too, google maps wasn’t helping to get a true sense of the place. You tried zooming in as you shuffled backwards for others to wait for their coffee, instead meeting someone’s back. Apologising you stood still trying to zoom in as you moved away from the guy, he glared at you, watching how you squinted into your phone.
“Watch where you’re going?” He scowls as he barges past you, hitting your elbow as you finally lock eyes with the man.
His blushed pink hair would almost make him seem sweet, but the tattoos that adorned his arms and went right up to his neck gave an intimidating essence. His eyes flashed with a sadistic glee as he raised an eyebrow at you. “Sorry.” You mutter as you grab your coffee, seeing the fury of wind bashing against the trees as it looked like a scene out there.
He didn’t say anymore leaving to go into the weather, you didn’t question the mysterious man as you went back to your own coffee and phone. The outside of the tattoo place looked decent, somewhere where the ditsy girl you called your friend would definitely never go. But what could you do, you texted saying you’d meet her as you went out into the wind, a cold breath almost pushing you back inside as you took steady steps. Walking past the coffee shop, you saw the same guy from prior, tugging at his pink hair as drank his coffee. He looked pissed at whoever he was talking too, you didn’t pay any attention to him as you walked past him.
The wind had other plans, as he felt himself being dragged by the wind pushing right into you, coffee spilling on your clothes as this time you were the one to scowl at him. “What the fuck?”
“You talking to me.” His eyes flicked to your now brown stained shirt as the wind had seemed to calm down at the second you both touched.
You gave a glare as you didn’t know how to react to something like that, “you could apologise.” It was a mutter, but he heard you well enough to give you a look of disgust.
“Know your place.” He moved closer, almost towering on top of you as he came right up into your face in an unamused manner, “foolish girl.”
Your eyes widened as you had been keeping in a harsh breath, he left you standing there in silence, coffee staining into your skin and clothes as you finally let out a deep breath. You watched the pink haired boy leave without an apology as a fear ran down your spine at this man.
Shaking your head as you made the strenuous walk towards your apartment to find clothes that you could quickly wear before you met Yui. The multiple texts you’d gotten as you put your clothes to wash, different tattoo ideas she wanted, you ignored it as you put on semi decent clothes. The flash of the time being shown on your bedside table as you ran out of your apartment right to where you both had decided to meet.
The wind had calmed down a lot more as the brisk hues of yellows and reds began setting downwards, seeing her waiting on the road where the tattoo place was. She gave you a gleam as she grabbed your hand, almost dragging you into the place. Open brick cascaded down the walls as designs scattered against it, every design was intricate, beautiful even. You both began looking at the designs as you saw someone come down from the upstairs area, the stairs open as a man with black hair arrived.
“Hello ladies, how can I help you?” His hair reached to right down his back, partially up as stray strands adorned his face. Tattoos scoured his exposed arms as you saw a significant one run down his neck to meet another one of his tattoos.
He was attractive, a sense of mystery behind those black eyes of his. Yui spoke of her appointment as you continued looking around, scrolling through a collection of tattoos on the desk. You found some designs that you liked; you had never thought of getting a tattoo but seeing all the intricate designs that brought so much passion made your heart almost burst. “Those are Sukuna’s designs.”
A white-haired man came strolling past the desk, crystal blue eyes that brought so much depth as you traced the designs with your fingers. “They’re nice.”
“You getting any?” The man asked as Yui had started filling out some forms by your side.
You shake your head going back to look at the details of each one, “Sukuna should be down any minute.” The black-haired man spoke as both him and the white-haired man left to see some other clients that had come through the doors.
Yui looked more giddy than usual, those wide eyes as she eagerly paced beside you. “Ryo.” She whines as she sees someone she recognised; you didn’t turn to meet the man as you continued staring at Sukuna’s work.
“I told you not to call me that.” The man scowls behind you, the voice felt so familiar as if you had heard it before. You start to turn around to meet the man  when you feel him almost shout to you, “this the friend then?”
“Yeah, she loves your work.” You meet the man’s gaze as both of you stare at one another, with wide eyes and unsettling confusion.
You hadn’t realised but the white-haired man had come back and had been witnessing the two of you stare at one another. “Sukuna, that isn’t your ex-fuck is it….awkward.”
“Fuck off Satoru.” His eyes scanned back at you as Yui looked between the two of you in confusion, “what? Come here to make me pay for your washing.”
“What is wrong with you? I didn’t even say anything.” You retort back eyes lazily gazing his own, you could see his tattoos more clearly, the two lines on both his wrists and upper arms, the circles on his shoulders as you could just see the start of it.
“You’re here for some reason, I should be the one making you pay for my spilt coffee.” He grumbles back moving away from your friend and closer to your own body.
You watched him move his fingers to your jaw, hatred boiling up in your skin at his touch, “you’re blaming me for the winds action, what are you 5?”
“God…both of you are giving me a migraine.” A blonde arrived carrying what looked like sliced bread  as he looked at Sukuna and you. He had been watching the performance, seeing how both of you had become frustrated in a matter of seconds.
“Whatever, come on, let’s get your tattoo over and done with.” He muttered to Yui who was still confused.
You grabbed her arm making her stop as she stared right back at you, being an airhead really must be tough for her. “Who is that guy?”
“My boyfriend, I told you about him, remember?” You blinked a couple times in confusion as you repeated the word in your head. She had spoken about a boyfriend, but you assumed she meant someone cute like her and not a man covered in tattoos with a sadistic stupid grin.
You nodded letting her go as you leaned against the counter looking at Satoru and the blond, “is he always an ass or is it a special occasion.”
“He’s an ass to us, don't worry about him.” Satoru’s words were reassuring as the blond started wanting to know your relationship with his co-worker.
You nod as you wait in the reception, there had really been no reason for you to even go with your friend. She had left to get her stupid tattoo with her stupid boyfriend and now here you were on your own trying to act like you had stuff going in your life. The two having begun to talk between one another before you saw the black-haired man come back with his client. “Is Sukuna still in there?”
“Yeah knowing him he’s getting something other than money in return.” Satoru scoffed as he went to grab some of the sliced bread that the blond had been holding. The black-haired man stared at you in confusion before asking what occurred as he had heard shouting before. “Sukuna got all bitchy again, they know each other.”
“Oh you two fucked?”
“Not that it’s any of your business but no we didn’t fuck, he spilt coffee on me this morning.” You retorted as you crossed your arms not meeting the gazes of the three men. 
Satoru looked at his two friends as he gave a smirk to them both, “I’m surprised he didn’t make you pay for the coffee.”
“Just the coffee, if she wasn’t attractive he’d make her pay for being in the same proximity as her.” The black-haired man spoke as you watched the three men chuckle, disregarding their comment on your attractiveness. You rolled your eyes as you heard him speak again, “I’m Geto, that’s Satoru and Nanami, what’s yours then?”
“Y/n.” You had sat down on one of the couches in the waiting area, after the introductions an influx of customers who came in for their own bookings. Satoru waved goodbye as Nanami and Geto seemed to be pushed with clients into the respective areas. 
All three had their own intricate tattoos and designs, Nanami with a whole sleeve across his arm that went write up to his neck. You had seen how the couple open buttons in his shirt allowed wisps of black to be shown. Geto and the scattered tattoos across his arms and Satoru with his own mix and matches tattoos of different colours and shapes. You flicked through the booklet again, eyes scoring against Sukuna’s work. For such an arrogant piece of shit his work really was divine.
You heard Yui come out with Sukuna, dishevelled hair as Sukuna wiped her lipstick from his mouth. He glared at you as you refused to meet his eyes, the urge to punch him in his stupid face being prevalent. “Y/n, look isn’t it so cute.”
She showed you her thigh where the rose was, Sukuna looking at it with a roll of his eyes. It was nothing like the intricate designs you had seen in the booklet. You may not have known the man, but it just didn’t look like something he’d enjoy doing. She pulled her skirt back down; you could almost smell sex on her as she went up to Sukuna. He had told her what to use before she gave him a long kiss. You tried to not watch them kiss but it was a whole show to watch, his hand gripping her ass as he kissed back, saliva dripping from their mouths. 
Looking anywhere but at them, you put the booklet back onto the main desk before hearing her say a goodbye to her Ryo. “I told you not to call me that,” there was no teasing manner in his words, he was dead serious, hating how his name sounded on the whores mouth.
“Ryo told me he spilled coffee on you this morning, I’ll make him apologise to you tomorrow.” You gave her a blank look as you both walked through the night sky.
“Tomorrow?” You questioned not knowing what was even occurring the next day.
She raised an eyebrow as she spoke, “Nobara, she invited all of us to her apartment, remember?” The memory of the dyed haired girl came alight, the three of you had been talking in a lecture when she told you both to come to her housewarming. She had been so excited to show you how she decorated the place and to show you everything she bought but you hadn’t been paying attention. Instead nodding at her words instead, “I invited Ryo to come with me.”
“Oh great, an afternoon seeing that dickhead's face.” You scowled, kicking the pebble into the pavement as you tried to not whine but you hated the man and you most certainly knew he hated you.
She brought her hands to her chest trying to gain warmth through the cold weather, “don’t be like that, he means a lot to me.”
“Yeah being told off for saying his name sure shows how much he cares for.” Maybe you were still pissed about what occurred this morning, he hadn’t even apologised for something so small. But your friend was too unaware to realise what you saw, a demon reincarnated.
You both parted ways as you walked the stretch to your apartment, you knew Yui was sweet, but her lack of awareness was sometimes frustrating. You had heard the moans come from the small area, heard how everybody seemed to find it normal and what could you do. Nothing, you stared blankly at the wall in your apartment, the bland cream walls encasing nothing but the sadness of uni life. Nobara was sweet enough to invite you and you knew you’d just have to ignore that bastard instead.
The next day passed without much interruption, sorting out uni work before getting ready for her little get together. You didn’t know who else was going, having spent most of your time with your other friends but the idea of having to see Sukuna made you cringe. Looking at your outfit, a casual look, not expecting anything big to occur. You made the walk towards her apartment bringing some wine with you as a gift as you finally found the tower of apartments.
Walking into the elevator you were about to press the button when you heard a giddy laugh telling you to keep the door open. “Omg Y/n, you look super cute.” The whine of her voice made you stare right back at her, so innocent but the man she had been pulling on making her look nothing more than his toy.
“Thanks.” You mutter refusing to meet Sukuna’s eyes, his arms tattoos on show as he wore a black shirt, most of the buttons undone to show his distinctive marked chest. He rolled his sleeves as you pressed the button to the floor as she rambled on about her day.
You watched her grab his hand, moving closer to his side as he looked lazily down at her. He really was a fucking cunt, with that sadistic smirk and taunting eyes. “…Ryo was telling me Satoru was interested in you.”
“That’s nice.” You muttered not wanting to have a conversation about the men you had met last night.
Sukuna finally looked at you, eyebrows raised as he looked up from the ground. His light brown eyes gazing up and down your body as he stared almost indecisively at you. She stood firm against him whining for him to apologise about yesterday, but he didn’t seem to care as he stared at you with those dull eyes of his.
“I don’t care if he apologises or not.” You finally mutter as you felt suffocated by the sheer pressure of his gaze. It was a longing and you felt uncomfortable under his eyes, she had barely noticed the significant glare he was giving to you as she flaunted herself to him. At least she had something going for her with those looks of her, her unawareness and ditsiness catched men’s eyes but the way Sukuna dismissed her flaunts made you wonder why he even bothered with her.
The door opened as you quickly stepped out, not wanting to be near either of them as you walked towards Nobara’s apartment. Knocking as her bright face emerged engulphing you in a hug, “come in, come in.”
“I got you this.” You pass her the wine as she takes it, seeing Sukuna and Yui come in, her mouth in a gawk as she eyes the pink haired man up and down.
She puts the wine down as she gives a hug to your friend, “and who is this?”
Sukuna looked to the side not wanting to speak as he scoured around the room for someone he would recognise, his eyes meeting your mutual friend Megumi’s. He gave a nod at the black-haired boy who began walking towards the four of you, “this is my boy…”
Before she could finish Megumi interrupted, arm across your shoulder with a grin, “y/n with other friends.” You rolled your eyes as he went over to Sukuna, giving him a pat on the shoulder, “and Sukuna, what you doing here? Work run out of ink, you gonna start sucking our bloods.”
“Real funny.” Sukuna’s voice was unamused as Megumi almost dragged him away from you all.
Nobara had left as you saw Yui look isolated and alone, it was weird, a new emotion you hadn’t seen as you patted her back lightly. “Let’s get a drink.”
She nodded as you took her hand moving her past others that you knew and towards where a pile of beverages were. You had to hand it to Nobara the apartment did look good, it fit her aesthetic perfectly and you could only wish for your apartment to feel homely. Looking back on your own, it wasn’t a home, it was just a convenient place to live for your university studies.
Yui began rambling about something, almost glad she wasn’t paying attention to her boyfriend who had been talking with Megumi on the balcony. You could see eyes fawn over him, not understanding how people could find him attractive. Your skin crawled as you looked at him one last time before listening to her as she spoke for the next half an hour. Sukuna came towards you both after a while and that’s when disaster struck…once again.
“I’m leaving.” He was blunt with his words as you stared at the pair's interaction.
She looked at him with soft eyes, “but you promised you’d stay longer than an hour.” You looked over to Sukuna waiting to hear what he’d say as he needed a good excuse to be a shit date for this gathering.
“Okay, and? I’m a working adult. I have shit going on.” He seemed almost tense, hand gripping his phone as his eyes flashed with a worry before a glare back at you.
She disregarded his words as she continued to whine, “we can sneak off if you want…”
“Fucking hell I don’t want to sleep with you.” He tried to speak calmly but others had heard what was occurring in the kitchen. Jaw clenched as if something really bad was happening and he needed to be there.
You rolled your eyes at the unnecessarily loud comment touching your friends shoulder to reassure her, “come on let’s go back to mine.”
Sukuna glared, not bothering to give her a goodbye as you explained to Nobara the issue before giving her a farewell. You took her back to yours as soon as she hit the couch she was out like a light. You didn’t understand how someone as pretty as her could get with someone as disgusting as Sukuna. Those stupid eyes, so intimidating and closed off to the rest of the world. You shook your head trying to not think of the devilish man as you went into your room, falling into your own slumber.
It had been a few days since the incident occurred, going to a lecture with her as she still spoke highly of Sukuna. Explaining how he had had other plans and how he apologised, it was a lie of course and you knew it. You had caught a glimpse of the multiple read messages that she had sent to him, no reply back as either he was being a cunt or something else had been occurring in his private life that he didn’t want to tell her.
She had been trying to persuade you to come back to the tattoo store, bribing you with Satoru’s number even though you had no need for the white haired man's number. She signed in defeat as you left your separate ways from the lecture.
The week continued on like this, her talking highly of Sukuna but the now unopened messages being a sign that he truly did not care. You tried to not look too long on the messages but the way you’d see her sometimes stare at her phone almost manifesting his response. It went on like this, her ignorance as it seemed she sent more than 10 messages a day in the past week. You didn’t question it, not wanting to be involved in a relationship you didn’t care for.
Having Saturday to yourself, the coffee-stained shirt is still soaking after a week due to not having bothered to actually clean it properly. Stupid Sukuna! You rubbed at your eyes wanting a relaxing evening after the studying you had done in the library most of the day. Finally getting into the blankets you sat cozied up in the covers as you put an anime on to watch.
You had only gained peace for less than 10 minutes before your phone was blaring, startling you in an instant. Your hand reached for your phone as you saw Yui’s name flash up, answering it tiredly, “hey what’s up?”
“Y/n.” Sukuna’s voice soothed out on the line, hearing your name from his mouth sending a shiver, “your stupid friend is drunk and at my place, fucking get her or I’m leaving her outside.”
“Wait? Sukuna yo…you can’t just leave her outside, and I don’t even have a car…”
He quickly interrupts, “I don’t care, we…I don’t need her right now.”
“You’re a real class a cunt.” You shout through the phone, he was cheating clearly, his misspoken words making you realise he was an even bigger jerk than you realised. Seeing the address in the chat as he had hanged up on you after you called him a cunt. It was more than a 20-minute walk and you refused to walk there, getting an uber seemed like your best bet, you didn’t understand why he didn’t let her scream or shout at him. He had been caught out and now she could see the real Sukuna that you saw.
The drive taking less than 5 minutes you told the driver to wait as you went up to his apartment, the area was nice. Almost too nice for a man with an attitude and mouth like his own, finally finding the door, you saw how it was slightly open as you heard shouting coming from within. Opening the door, you were met with Sukuna and Yui but another figure with a glum look and the exact same face as Sukuna.
“Took you long enough.” Sukuna scowled as you saw your friend in tears, instantly rushing inside to comfort her.
You glared at the boy before what seemed to be his twin or younger brother spoke up, “just make them leave Sukuna.” He didn’t seem as fuelled with anger when his brother spoke of it, but a fury flashed through your insides, tissues seemed to scatter his apartment as you finally got a look of it all.
It was a shock, pretty even something that you craved to live in, the aesthetic, the way the whole room was filled with so much comfort and warmth. Too bad a psychotic loser like Sukuna lived there. “Yo…you can’t just call my friends us..and make…make them come and get me. I…I’m not a child.” Tears flooded her face as you looked up at Sukuna ready to give him a piece of your mind.
“You really are an ass, how fucking dare you treat her like that, when all she ever fucking does is talk about how you’re such a sweet guy. I’m fucking glad she’s realised just how much of a twat you are.” His brother almost felt startled at what he was hearing looking at Sukuna for any indication of what you were talking about.
Sukuna instead grabbed your wrist pulling you towards what looked to be his kitchen, a pizza box on the side as the place was moderately tidy. “You don’t fucking get it do you?”
“What are…” He interrupted his finger on your mouth forcing you to shut up and listen to him.
You wafted his finger away waiting to hear his next words, “that guy over there is my twin, our grandfather died last Sunday.” Realisation hit you as you realised that was why he had been so tense, so on edge at Nobara’s get together. You put your hand to his shoulder to comfort him but stopped yourself waiting for him to continue, “your pathetic friend barged in here drunk and started calling us the pathetic ones.”
“I didn’t know, I’m sorry.” You whispered out almost feeling bad for the man.
He continued not meeting your gaze as he leant against the cabinet, eyes down, for a man with limited emotions he found it hard to express his next words without feeling somewhat sad. “I explained what happened to her and she told both of us to grow a pair and told my brother to stop crying like a twat, she can talk all the shit she likes about me. But about the people I fucking care about, I need the bitch gone now.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll take her now.” She wasn’t even that drunk, you could see it in her eyes, the glint of sympathy she wanted as she barged past you and clinged her arms on Sukuna’s neck. He pushed her away as she tried to go back onto him, embarrassment setting in for yourself.
“Come on daddy, let me take your mind off of your stupid gran…” His blood boiled as he pushed her away once more, you took the step between them, gripping her arm as you dragged her out.
You pulled her towards the door, looking at Sukuna’s twin who looked sad, they looked similar, but the distinct lack of piercings made him look even more vulnerable. “I’m so sorry for your loss.” You bowed your head before leaving with your idiotic friend.
“God Y/n, always ruining the fun.” She belted out as you both walked into the elevator.
“How disrespectful can you get; I know he’s an ass but to be so disrespectful to the dead.” You crossed your arms pissed at having been dragged into this fiasco as you looked at her almost gleeful expression.
She looked at herself in the mirror across from you both as you signed, “I don’t care, I was horny, and who cares, you said it yourself my boyfriends a cunt.”
“Ex-boyfriend.” You muttered under your breath.
“He can’t resist getting his dick wet, he’ll come back.” She spoke with a confidence you hadn’t seen before, as if her whole ditsy façade was to just gain popularity and attention. You didn’t look at her as you both walked toward the uber, making her split the cost of it all as you dropped her off, you hated it.
Hated how she sent an air kiss as she left, almost happy at the chaos she created. You knew what you had to do and that was to ignore her in lectures and hopefully never had to meet Sukuna ever again.
It seemed to be working, you’d sit beside Megumi in lectures now, a sadness in her eyes as you’d be the one ignoring her. Maybe it was because her comments didn’t sit right with you or maybe it was a way to leave a friend you didn’t care for. You hadn’t met Sukuna at all the week that followed the occurrence, you were glad to never have to see him again.
Walking into the coffee shop for your latest fix of caffeine, a storm has come across the horizon. An eeriness to the grey skies. You had gotten a bus further into town wanting to go to your fav route coffee store one far away from the likes of Sukuna. Eyes flicking at your drink you sat at a table pulling out your laptop to do some work as the grey skies slowly became a mist of darkness.
Time had caught onto you as you found yourself ushered outside at closing time rain pouring as you realised just how late it was and how the last bus had already left Bringing your phone as you stood under the shelter of the café, you went to get an uber when you felt a gust of wind and as a figure barged into you. “Fucking shitty ass rain.” It was a recognisable voice as you turned and met Sukuna, pink hair draped down across his face, as his coat barely covered him as he draped it across his shoulders. “For fucks sake it had to be you I met.”
“Fuck off, I was here first you came to me.” You scowled watching the rain pour as you went on the app to get you an Uber as quick as you could.
Sukuna’s eyes flashed to your phone, trickles of water on it as he stared at your screen, “I’ll give you a lift home, I don’t like being in debt to people.”
“You’re not though.” You mutter still looking down at your phone as you stared at the prices.
“You got rid of Yui,  I owe you.”
You didn’t understand his logic as it made no sense at all, “whatever you don’t owe me, and she isn’t my friend.”
He didn’t question it as he brought his car keys out, gesturing for you to follow as you did. It wasn’t like he was going to kill you and if Megumi was friends with him what was the harm in getting a free lift.. Even with his loud obnoxious almost suffocating presence in the rain it almost felt like the two of you could be civil.
He opened your door as you slipped inside the car, feeling the warm black leather seats as he chucked his coat to the back. The shirt he wore right across his skin as you stared at his tattoos, “it’s rude to stare.”
“Shut up.” You muttered looking out at the weather. It was gruesome and wild, and you could already see the evident traffic up ahead.
One hand stayed lazily on the steering wheel as he tapped on it as the other rested on the gear stick, he cleared his throat before finally speaking, “why did you stop being friends with her then?”
“Realised she was a bitch; I don’t want those types of people around me.” You continued to stare out of the window, looking up at the black sky, stars trickling through the rain.
He didn’t say anymore a tense atmosphere as you finally met his gaze again, his fingers tapping lightly to a song you didn’t know that was playing on the radio. “Why did you date her?” He moved forward as his jaw clenched checking his mirrors to see if he could go through a side street bypassing the traffic.
“I never did.” He muttered, still looking for a way out.
You rolled your eyes as you continued, “I might dislike her, but she spoke about you as if you were the best boyfriend in the world and now here you are acting like you never dated her.”
“God Y/n can you shut the fuck up?” You were startled by his words as he quickly went past the traffic indicator right as he turned into a side street making sure to not get caught in an uncomfortable situation again. “I never asked her out, it was a one-night stand, but she fucking kept coming to the tattoo place, and Nanami and Geto were getting pissed she said she’d leave only if I dated her and fucked her regularly.”
You were almost disgusting by the proposition, his agreement on it to make her go away and her own for making such a revolting idea. “You…you…” Unaware of what to say you trailed off as you refused to look back at him.
“Put your address in here.” He tossed his phone into your lap, easily unfolded as you put your address in without even questioning it. Putting his phone back up on the stand in his car, he continued, “why would a prissy girl like you ever become friends with someone like her?”
“She needed my help  studying.” You muttered not knowing how else to respond, it was true that you both had met out of convenience to one another. His finger motion on the wheel matched the rhythm of the song that currently played as you didn’t elaborate.
He turned to see what you were doing, how you stared out into the darkness all alone with nothing but an empty lonely apartment. “God you must be fun at parties.”
“Cut the crap Sukuna, what the fuck are you doing this for?”
“What’s this?” He gestured as he had seen you meet his gaze.
You rolled your eyes hating how he made you elaborate, “asking questions, offering me a lift home. What do you want? Sex? A good little cunt for you to fill, I knew I was right abou…”
“Y/n.” Your name felt piercingly loud against the inside of the car, “why do you always think the worst of me?”
“Because you’ve been an ass since day fucking one, gosh get off your high horse Sukuna nobody gives a fuck about this persona you have if you’re just going to act like a dick half the time.” Your words stung him as his jaw clenched pissed at how freely you spoke about his life.
“You’re giving me advice on persona’s; I knew from the first time you walked into the tattoo place that you hated Yui. Don’t talk to me about personas when you acted like you wanted to choke her to death.”
His words were filled with truth and malice as you looked down, “I…I did hate her…I do hate her.”
He didn’t expect your response, but your next words filled him with another emotion, “I was jealous, okay? She was so pretty to me, she could’ve had anyone, and she picked you, the guy who didn’t give a fuck about her. I hated her for it, hated how she got men left right and centre when all I got were guys interested in sex rather than a relationship.” You took a heavy breath as you couldn’t stop your rambling, couldn’t stop the freshly watered eyes from cascading down your face, “so yes Sukuna I fucking hate her, she is everything I’m not, everything a man wants.”
Sukuna didn’t know what to say as he put his car in park, grabbing your face in his hands as he forced you to look at him. “I know you don’t like me; I hate you as much as you fucking hate me. But you’re more than just a fuck to someone out there. Maybe it’s the guilt and grief I'm going through for not being around for my granddad as much but she is the opposite of you and was a cunt. You’re worth a whole lot more than her.”
You tried to turn away to stop staring into his eyes, his calloused hands gripped onto your face as you could feel just how intricate his fingers were. His grip tight as you felt his heavy breath against your own, “take me home.”
He let go in an instant not meeting your gaze as he drove in silence, it was too quiet for your liking. He stopped tapping the wheel as you just stared outside, watching how the rain pattered away against the roof. The arrival to your apartment complex seemed much faster as you looked at the gloomy elevator that would take you to your gloomy apartment. “What? Not going to invite me inside?”
“What do you think?” You muttered opening the door as you stepped into the rain.
You heard his own side open as he slipped out of the car, “well if you really want me too.” Rolling your eyes and not wanting to be around him you found yourself being followed by the boy, his eyes looking around the place. It was pretty, too pretty for someone like you, he watched you fumble to open your apartment. He expected to see your personality residue onto the walls but instead was met with nothing but a cream-coloured walls and the basic necessities. “What, you still moving in or something?”
You drop your stuff and take your shoes off ignoring his comment as you went straight to the kitchen. He quickly followed eyes widening to be met with another plainness, affectionless room. “Seriously why are you here?” You say getting some leftover food out of the fridge to warm up.
“I owe you.” He scratches the back of his head as he looks at the food.
You point at your food before speaking  again, “get two  plates.” He nodded eagerly as you pointed to where the plates were as you warmed it up on the stove. “You don’t owe me anything, you have me a lift home remember.”
“I owe you for my comment.” He doesn’t meet your gaze grabbing the two plates and putting them on the counter. “Your place, it's not very you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You question crossing your arms as you stared at the man.
He looked around seeing nothing of any value to you, “it’s not you, it’s just very plain and dull.”
“I’m plain and dull.” You bring the food over portioning it into the plates as you watch Sukuna look for forks to eat it with. If he had walked into this place without knowing it was yours he’d have thought it was a showroom.
You move and take your plate as you both go into the lounge right in front of the TV. “Yeah not with that mouth of yours.”
“Shut up.” You scowled sitting on the side of the couch as he sat on the other, you moved to put something on the TV as he watched you happily put on an anime that he recognised. He was surprised you had even let him step foot in your home but there really wasn’t anything to see of importance that he could mock.
He watched you eat and watch anime, so this is how you spent your days, uni, hanging out with friends, revising, eating and watching anime. “Y/n.”
“Yeah.” You muttered just as you put more food in your mouth.
“Why did you let me inside?”
You finally looked at him, plate empty as he put it on the table, you met his gaze, “we both hate each other, it’s not like i’ll ever have to see you again after this, and you said it yourself you owed me.”
“No, there’s something else, is it about what I said earlier.” He asked as you finally looked at him directly in the eyes.
You didn’t know how to reply as you stared at him softly, “I…I think you should leave.”
“For fucks sake, just tell me, like you said you won’t have to see me ever again after this.” His eyes looked up and down across your body. How you seemed so small when isolated, how that big mouth of yours that he wanted to shut up so badly. Had finally fallen silent.
You tried to think of an answer, but came to nothing, “I thought…that I was doing this to make me feel better, like I was getting back at her but instead I’m just being something I hate. I’m sorry, okay?”
“It’s fine, I’d have done the same, guess we’re both dicks then.” You stifle a laugh as you look at him with wide eyes.
“Maybe you’re not that bad.”
“I’m surprised I did call you a fool.”
“Foolish puppet actually.”
He chuckles as he looks at you his lip turning upwards as he looked at the anime, “you know I thought the beast titan was Erwins dad for a solid three months.”
“What? Erwin and Zeke are like 10 years apart.” You chuckle as you pause the episode on one of the many gory scenes, “let me guess you didn’t know who the female titan was either.”
“Of course I didn’t, do I look like I read manga?” He mused out putting his arm around the couch as he watched you on your knees face him. You seemed joyful talking about anime with him, as for what seemed like hours the two of you spoke about different anime’s and stuff you both enjoyed.
“…you can’t be serious you got an anime tattoo.” You had moved closer to him; his arm touched your side as you begged for him to show you.
He turned around lifting his shirt up as it remained up to his neck. That’s when you saw the cascades of different colours and pictures around his back, the hunter x hunter phantom troupe spider being under his shoulder as you moved your finger to trace it. “Number four really.”
“Don’t lie and say you aren’t another whore for Hisoka.” His skin shivers as you trace each leg, the intricacy of all his tattoos making your mind go wild. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as you had initially thought, maybe there was something more to him.
He put his shirt down as he turned to meet your eyes again you had moved closer and without realising his face was only a mere centimetres away from your own. “Sorry.” You whisper moving backwards a big in a shuffle.
“Don’t worry about it, ever thought about it then?”
“Thought about what?”
He gestured to his arm and chest tattoos as you shrugged, “maybe, but I’m indecisive it’d have to be something I really liked.”
“Well Satoru was telling me you liked my designs.” Your eyes widened at how you have been practically exposed by Satoru.
He chuckles tilting his head back as you could see his neck tattoos more, “I could always give you one.”
“You sure you wouldn’t want to give me a flower one instead.” You teased as he rolled his eyes coming closer to your body.
“I know exactly where I’d put it.” His finger grazed to your exposed arm, skimming up and down before moving up to your shoulder and down to just where your neck was.
Your breath hitched as his finger skimmed past the material nearly divulging into where your two breasts met. He watched how you gave a flushed look before smirking, removing his hand, “it’s late, pass me your phone.”
“W…why?” You spoke already, grabbing it to give to him.
“So you can have my number, we should hang out again.” His fingers typed into the new contact, easily writing his name and number as he passed back the phone.
You nodded as you walked with him towards the door, he grabbed his stuff before you saw him wave goodbye before leaving. You leant against the door as you grabbed your phone seeing his stupid name with the skull emoji, quickly typing about how you enjoyed tonight you threw your phone to the side as you felt a feeling you hated entirely.
It had been a week since both you and Sukuna had met again, but the multiple texts you both sent one another had been divulging into some sort of feeling of friendship. You had invited him to your best friends birthday celebration after feeling that both of you had somewhat become friends. He seemed happy to come along a clear contrast to when he had been made to go to the housewarming a couple weeks back.
He met you outside your apartment, seeing how you came out in a thin red dress, it was short, but you looked amazing. He had worn a similar outfit that he wore weeks prior the difference being the shirt looked a lot tighter and there had been a couple more unbuttons undone. A metal necklace cascaded down his neck brushing back and forth against the air and his skin and rings embodied his veined fingers. He watched you happily skip into the car; he couldn’t help but smile but as soon as you stepped inside the dickhead in him came out. “Sure this is a birthday party and not a strip club.”
“Aww you think I could become a stripper.” You pout as you look at the mirror putting more lipgloss on too sooth your lips. He rolled his eyes reversing out as he looked behind you both, arm on your seat as you couldn’t help but stare at his chest with the black lines and his arms that had their own.
He hadn’t noticed your staring instead moving right out and making you put the destination into his phone, “how long are you staying till?”
“However long you want.” You say typing the destination before going into his camera, “your cameras better.”
You took a couple pictures as you sent them to yourself choosing which one was the best one before putting his phone back on the grip. “She’s your friend.”
“I thought you didn’t like stuff like this.”
“What makes you say that?” His arm was lazily against the wheel as he moved it at every turn.
You shrugged before answering, “it’s a uni party, you don’t seem like the type to go to ones.”
“Just because I didn’t go to shitty uni doesn’t mean I won’t fit in, idiot.”
You rolled your eyes as you looked back on the road, his other hand scratching  his jaw. “Megumi should be there if you don’t want to be aroun…”
“I'm going with you, why would I leave you?” He didn’t meet your gaze; he already knew that if did see those wide eyes and that tiny dress one more time he wouldn’t be able to help himself take you in the car.
You nodded not saying anymore as he began rambling about some client that wanted the ugliest tattoo possible, “why did you just tell him to fuck off?”
“What makes you think I didn’t, I don’t do shitty tattoos.” His grip tightened against the wheel as he turned to see what you were doing. Your dress having ridden up as your thighs were on show, he stared at them before meeting the road gaze again.
You nodded as you increased the volume on the song that was playing, “what’s a shitty tattoo to you?”
“Flowers, girly shit.”
“You literally named one thing.” You roll your eyes as he watches you change the song from his phone, your chest on top of his arm on the gear stick as he was able to see how pretty your tits sat in the dress.
He looked down before shaking his head to look outside the windows, “flowers are shitty, any shitty type of animal.”
“What so if I asked for a dolphin you wouldn’t give me one?” He raised an eyebrow as you continued, “oh come on dolphins could be a look.”
“No they wouldn’t, they look shitty and you don’t even like dolphins.”
You shrugged leaning back in your seat, “and how would you know?”
“Because I know you, come on.” He had parked without you realising as you both got out of the car. He saw the tall high rise of buildings; it was similar to your own complex but with a lot more emotion that he’d never seen from yours.
He watched you grab his sleeve to tug him along as he stood behind you, watching how your thighs moved through the thin fabric. It was almost a blessing to have to look down at you as the ability to see how your tits perked up made his head run wild. “So what’s her name again?”
“Maki, and no she already has a boyfriend.” You stepped into the elevator, as he rolled his eyes at your comment.
“I didn’t want to fuck your best friend anyway.” He muttered as he leant against the railing, eyes flashing to how perfect you looked all dolled up in that outfit. He licked his lips as he continued, “not every girl I see I want to fuck.”
“That is true, you haven’t tried to fuck me.” He didn’t know why he almost felt sad by your comment, there of course had been a reason for not having tried to fuck you but it was stupid and pushed aside.
You both walked out as his hand moved to your back guiding you in a direction even he didn’t know about. “I swear it’s on this floor.”
“You got us lost basically,” you signed as you grabbed your phone pushing Maki’s number as you heard her scream through the phone. Sukuna gave a side eye as you elbowed his side to not be a cunt for once.
“Yeah 5th floor, number 511.” Sukuna grabbed your hand as he had seen that door, forcing you to follow as even with his tight grip. You had expected his hands to feel calloused against your own, but a burst of warmth filled you as you followed him. He knocked on the door as Maki instantly opened grabbing you into a hug, “and who is this?”
“This is Sukuna, I invited him.” You say as she lets go of you, her hair up and a giddy smile at the drink she was holding.
You handed her her present before she came up to Sukuna, “I heard you were a dick by Megumi.”
“Maki you can…”
“No it's true, where is the twat anyway?” Sukuna muttered as Maki hadn’t bothered to apologise instead unwrapping her present happily.
“By the balcony, probably.” He nodded but didn’t leave to go find him, instead sticking your side.
You met his gaze as you didn’t understand why he hadn’t left to mingle or find someone to hook up with, “not going to find Megumi.”
“I said I wouldn’t leave your side.” You nod as he continued, “come on let’s get a drink.”
He dragged you to where the drinks were, passing you a cup as he filled it with some alcohol, he saw Megumi come up towards you both, already partially drunk. “Y/n, Sukuna…together in the same room, I must be dying.”
“Real funny, I don’t see you with anybody.” Sukuna mused as he took a large sip of his drink.
Megumi rolled his eyes planting his arm across your shoulder seeing how tense Sukuna became in a matter of seconds, “go on how did you end up here then?”
“We’re friends.”
“You called him a dickhead two weeks ago.”
You chuckled at your past, his eyebrow raised wanting to hear an explanation of the comment, “that’s because he is one.” You moved to his face, your hand out as you squished his cheeks with one hand, “aren’t you?”
“You better answer her.” Megumi spoke, trying to suppress a laugh at how the big old mighty Sukuna was getting his face squished by you.
Sukuna rolled his eyes as you continued squishing his face, your warmth in your fingers making his ears prick a red colour, “yeah…I am.”
“Good boy.” You giggled letting go of him as Megumi began pouring more alcohol in both your drinks. It seemed like the party would have nothing except drinking and couples making out, you didn’t care seeing how much fun Maki was having with her boyfriend.
You and Sukuna had moved to the couch after Megumi had gotten distracted by Maki’s god, he was probably on the ground letting her dog sleep on him. Sukuna’s voice ringed in your ear as the loud music had made it hard for you both to speak normally, “you were right?”
“Is the Sukuna admitting I was right?” You teased taking a large slip as the strap of your dress had fallen off your shoulder due to having been bumped into by a lot of people.
“Oh shut it.” He didn’t continue with his words, instead moving closer to you, maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was just how beautiful you looked. His eyes gazed across your body, as he moved his hand to re-adjust your strap. His fingers gazing right where your arm was, “a tattoo right there.”
“I’ll have to get one there then.” You replied instantly back to him hoping he’d get the hint.
He nodded his hand tracing your skin, “I’ll give you a good tattoo, make it ruin you.” He didn’t know what he was saying, feeling you move closer to him as if you were just about to meet his lips.
“WHAT THE FUCK?” It was a shout from the doorway as you saw Yui almost jump right on you with her devilish claws. Both you and Sukuna became startled by the action as you both jumped abruptly away from one another.
Maki had come as she stood between the three of you, confusion setting in as she realised just how bad the situation was. “Yui what the fuck?”
“Why are you shouting at me, she’s the one trying to make out with my boyfriend?” The music seemed to settle into quietness as everybody began staring at the scene, you didn’t know what to say. They weren’t dating you knew that but were you really just about to kiss him, the man you had hated those weeks ago, would you have let him do more to you.
You shook your head as you were about to speak but got interrupted, “we aren’t fucking dating, god there really is nothing up there, we were never dating and you’re just a fucking bitch who sleeps around.”
“So you admit that you just wanted to fuck me.” You and Maki stared at one another as you watched what Sukuna would say next.
“Yeah, worst sex I’ve had in a while though.” Your eyes widened at the comment as you tried to suppress a laugh before she stared at you.
Her eyes flicked with rage at how you laughed at his comment, “you hated him, how could you be such a shit friend?”
“We were never friends, you tried to use me to come with you to errands and help you with shit, that’s not being friends.” You mutter crossing your arms as Maki almost looked like she was ready to fight Yui for her fake comments.
Yui looked between the three of you ready to punch you right in your face, “I fucking hate you, he’s going to realise just how boring and selfish you are, and he’ll drop you just like he did too me. You wanna know why you haven’t had a boyfriend in a whilst…it’s because every single one of them found out how dull and boring you are. He’ll see it, he’ll see how you’re a fucking cunt that just gets used for guy’s dicks.”
She stormed out of the apartment, as you let out a heavy breath. You needed fresh air as you left the silence of the room going past everybody and into Maki’s room. Knowing she had a balcony that attached to her window. Crawling out of it as you leant against the railing you saw the bright lights of the city cascade out into the sky. Cold air hitting your body as you thought about her comments, every insecurity you had had was true, you heard the window open as Sukuna stepped outside.
“You’re going to get cold, dumbass.” You don’t laugh at his comment, instead leaning  further into the balcony. “You don’t believe what she said right, she’s a fucking cunt and her words were lies Y/n.”
“You don’t understand.” You continued staring at the colourful patterns of the stars, all so pretty. He moved closer resting his shoulders against your own as he could almost see you shiver.
He met your eyeline, watching how you stared up into the dark sky, he knew you saw more than the dark. He could see it in your eyes the way you stared at the sky with such lust to explore its secrets, “explain to me then.”
“You’re you…and I’m me, I’m used to guys getting their dicks wet to me, and you use others to get your own…”
You trailed off not wanting to hear his next words, “you really are still a cunt, listen to me, Yui lied, you and I both know she’s a fucking cunt so why the fuck do you believe it.”
“Because you fucking slept with her.” You didn’t know why you shouted the comment out, it was unnecessary and made no actual sense at all.
Sukuna stayed silent, pink hair almost dropping down to his face in a type of misery, “so what you want me to fuck tou and then leave you, you want to be another one-night stand, is that all you see me as.”
“No…” you had no other words as you both stared at one another in silence, his eyes flicking across to your lips. As he moved closer, face almost touching one another’s as you heard his heavy breath against your own, mouths almost touching.
He looked down as his hands had gripped your sides ready to bring your mouth to his own, “I don’t want you to be another one-night stand.”
“Because you mean a lo…”  He got interrupted by the sound of a loud crash occurring inside, “fuck that’s Megumi.”
“We need to check on him.” Your minty breath hit his face as you spoke worried for your friend, you were the first to apart away; he had wished to feel your tender lips on his own but instead was now left out in the dark.
He watched you leave as you went to go check on Megumi, taking a sharp breath as he followed you. You both ended up finding Megumi with the dog wrapped around him, “he’s cuddling the fucking dog.”
“Sorry I need a picture of this.” You spoke fiddly as you brought your phone out taking different angled photos of Megumi being cuddled by Maki’s dog.
Sukuna rolled his eyes before he nudged Megumi with his food, “we’re gonna have to take him home.”
You nodded as you and Sukuna brought him up, his arms on both your shoulders as he stirred, “you two are such nice people:”
“Yeah yeah.” You muttered as you helped him towards Sukuna’s, both putting him in the back as Megumi looked like he was about to fall asleep again.
“I’ll take him to mine, after I drop you back home.” You nod as you both spent the rest of the car journey in silence, not talking about the earlier occurrence of you both nearly kissing twice.
The ride had been quick as you were met with the dull buildings once more, Sukuna watched how you said a simple goodbye, his hand grabbing your wrist to stop you. “Come round the tattoo shop at 8pm.”
“Why?” you questioned as his touch sent a shiver down your spine.
“Just come shitty woman.” You nodded as he let go of your hand watching you walk into your apartment.
“You really…why did you scream?” Megumi voice startled him as she shouted a fuck at hearing Megumi talk, “anyway, you really like her don’t you.”
“Is it that obvious.”
Megumi nodded leaning back in his seat, “you’re a dick to everybody it’s weird seeing you be nice to someone.”
“I’m not a dick to everybody.” Sukuna spoke as he started driving towards his apartments
Megumi rolled his eyes as he looked out of the window, “don’t hurt her.”
“I wouldn’t.” Sukuna mutters as he looks down knowing tomorrow would be the day he told you the absolute truth.
The next day came quicker than expected as you had a couple lectures occurring and some other crap to get onto. Before you even knew it 8pm had arrived as you found yourself walking the same street you had walked a couple weeks back. The same bricks and neon sign outside the place that made the place give off the vibe of a tattoo shop.
Walking inside as the bell indicated a customer had come, it seemed that they had had their influx in customers as Satoru seemed to be annoying Nanami who had ice on his head and Geto tapped away at the counter. “Y/n.” Satoru shouted as he bolted up and met you, “you never came back.”
“Yeah some stuff happened, you know where Sukuna is?” You question as all three of them became silent, probably not understanding why you would need the man you had been cussing out a few weeks ago.
“Sukuna.” Geto hesitantly shouted out as he looked at you, “you’re not going to kick him are you,”
“What? No!” You mutter as you see the pink haired man come down shirtless, his tattoos all on show as you got a glimpse of every single one perfectly resting across his body. “Y/n, you’re early.”
He checked his watch seeing the time being 7:50, as you gave him a small smile, “so what did you need me for?”
“To give you a tattoo idiot.” He spoke it as of you were the one who had been the dumb one in the situation.
The three men stared at you both as you stepped towards him, bodies too close for what they’d class as enemies. “Is anybody going to explain this?” Satoru muttered.
Sukuna rolled his eyes as he waited for your response, you didn’t think he’d actually be the one to give you your first tattoo, but you nodded never less. “Okay, but if you mess up I will stab you’ll
“If you’re into that, I don’t judge.” He chuckles as you jab your elbow into his chest, “give her the forms.”
Geto nodded as he passed you the forms you needed to fill out all three wanting to hear how the two of you had somehow become close, “don’t you three have plans?”
That’s when they realised why he had booked you in so late, all three had prior engagements and it’d leave you and him alone to your own devices. Satoru signed as he wanted to hear more but ended being dragged out by Nanami before Geto followed just as you handed the forms back to Sukuna
He remained shirtless as he took you to the back, locking the door of the reception to make sure nobody came in. He patted the seat gesturing for you to sit down as you looked hesitantly between the needles and the seat, “what you want to sit on my lap, will that make you feel better?”
“Shut up.” You muttered as you went to the black chair, instead feeling his grip on your wrist.
“What? Scared I’ll bite,” you hated how he teased you and instead of dismissing it and getting flushed you found yourself sitting right on his thigh, you could almost feel like much muscle he had under his joggers as your hand stayed on your own thighs.
He smirked seeing you shift your weight easily, “look at you, finally listening for once.”
“I listen.”
“No you don’t, now what are you thinking?” He passes the book with many designs from his coworkers scattering each page. You instantly went to his page, looking at all the intricate details of different types before you saw the designs of dragons as it breathed out fire. He watched you stare at it, finger gliding across it as he moved your hair to the side, head on your shoulder as he spoke, “you want a dragon.”
You nodded eagerly at the small design, as he put the book down and looked at you with soft eyes, “where do you want it?” You point to the top of your arm, the arm he had touched last night, the arm that still had his finger ingrained into your skin. His eyes flicked to your arm; you wore a long sleeve shirt as he knew you’d have to take it off to get right up to the top of your arm.
“This is a ploy to get me naked isn’t it.” You teased as you lifted your shirt above your head, Sukuna trying to say a word as now the two of you were shirtless in front of one another.
He tried to hide his smirk as he got the stencil ready for your arm, he knew it’d hurt, knew you’d want to grab onto something so why not grab onto him. “If I wanted to see you naked I wouldn’t do it here.”
Your eyes widened feeling the rubbing alcohol on your arm drip down to your wrist, “which one was your first?”
You changed the subject as he rubbed the area before grabbing the stencil that was to the side of you both, “the one on my finger.”
His other hand had moved the stencil up to your arm whilst your fingers grabbed his hand seeing the skull right on the edge of his right hand. “It’s pretty.”
“Yeah my parents hit me so hard after I got it done.” You chuckled lightly feeling his move his hand away from you, sad at his quick movement as you played with your own fingers. You felt the stencil being pulled away from your arm as you could see the small outline of a dragon and its fire across your arm. “Like it?”
You nodded eagerly as you watched him prepare the equipment you didn’t know what he was doing but admired each concentrated move that he had. Eyes widening when he looked up at you with a smirk having noticed your continuous looks at him, “don’t worry, it won’t hurt and if it does, tough.”
“And I thought you were going to be encouraging.” You mumble as you stare at your arm, the blue marks making your insides almost cave in at how scared you actually were.
He chuckled lightly just as he finished ready to start on the outline, he was almost glad it was just an outline with no shading knowing in an instant you’d be in much more pain. “You’ll be fine, I would tell you to hold my shirt but…you could always hold onto my thigh?”
“Just start.” You fidgeted on his thigh, legs swinging as you began hearing a low hum of a needle, feeling some other liquid go across the lines. He looked directly at you nodding to make sure you knew it was about to occur.
Your hands stayed on your lap as you felt the first mark take place, pain instantly rushing to that one spot as you grabbed his thigh, just close to where his crotch was. He dismissed how your hand was so close yet so far away from his cock instead asking if you were okay, after seeing you nod, he continued as the pain began to subdue. You couldn’t lie and say your eyes hadn’t begun watering because they had. You wiped it away with your other hand as you felt Sukuna move onto the fire part. You could never understand how he’d gone through the pain of all of his tattoos, the ones across his arm and chest, his fingers and back and most likely having some on his legs as well.
You watched how he’d occasionally look back at your gaze, see if you were doing fine with pain. Always giving him a reassuring look back to make sure he knew that you could handle it, you felt him finally relax as he the low hum stopped, your hand still on his thigh as he smiled at the design. He grabbed his phone from the side taking a picture of it before passing it for you to see yourself.
The small intricate details had done on the dragon was perfect, the way he had started to put stuff away whilst you still sat on him and the way you could still see your photos from last night in the corner. He hadn’t deleted them , kept them for some unknown reason and you definitely were not going to ask him why he still had the images.
“Let me dress it and bandage it for you.” You nodded but he remained still as you stared at the image, “I need you to get up, dumbass.”
“Sorry.” You mutter standing up and sitting on the actual chair, eyes staring at the details of it all. You had a tattoo and not just that it was a tattoo that Sukuna had designed and placed on you. It was something he was proud of, he watched you stare at his phone, probably unaware that it was on you and not just a picture.
Signing he grabbed the dressing and bandages, standing up to start wrapping it around your arm, you felt startled when his cold fingertips touched your arm. Putting his phone down as you saw the cling film around you, a redness coming from the tattoo, as he began telling you what to do every night and giving you some leaflet on it. “…don’t worry though I’ll text you to make sure you remember.”
“I’ll remember.” You put your shirt back on as you whined the comment out.
“I’ll text you to make sure you remember.” He repeats already knowing that you’d become too lazy to even bother to change the dressing every night.
“So mean.” You pout as he takes you back to the front, leaning against the counter as the dark sky stood out for the both of you to see, “so how much is it?”
You had already gotten your credit card out ready to pay for it, but his hand stopped you, “It’s free.”
“What? No, take the card.” You almost push your money onto him not wanting to take something for free. He takes the card before putting it right back into your arm, almost chucking it at you as he did, “Sukuna please just take it.”
“I will never talk to you again if you don’t take it.”
“Okay.” You both glared at one another in silence waiting for one of you to crack, it just had to be you, however.
“I hate you.”
He crossed his arms smirking as he came round to the front leaning against the counter, “no you don’t.”
“Yes I do.” He cocks his head to the side, you watch as each of his muscles tense up as he looks down to you, his face coming closer and closer each time. Hand moving to hold the side of your face, as you looked up at him.
“You can pay me back another way.” He whispers softly as his lips brushed against your own, feeling a hungry need to kiss him, his other hand had moved to your waist ready to bring you closer to him.
You felt his hot breath hit your lips, the way he licked his lips with a hunger, your face moving closer as he moved his hands moved to his shoulders to meet his eyeline. He felt pushed against the counter as he leant against it watching how you moved one of your fingers to his jaw caressing his face as you looked down between his eyes and mouth. Before finally moving your finger, mouth ready to kiss his own before both being startled by the buzz of the door opening.
“Sukuna.” It was a voice you had recognised prior, as you turned to be met with Sukuna’s twin brother.
Sukuna looked between you and his brother, signing at how this had been the third time he had been cockblocked. All he wanted to do was kiss you, was to take you out, call you his but it felt like the universe had had other plans.
You stood between the two of them as his twin stared at you, “Mum said to come and drop this off.” He showed a bag with what looked like some old clothes, you didn’t question it instead smiling at the boy. “You’re the girl from a couple weeks back.”
“Hi, yeah I’m Y/n.” You put your hand out as his twin takes it, Sukuna rolling his eyes as he grabbed the old clothes, he looked between the clothes before finding what he was looking for. It was something you recognised, as you let go of the boy's hand.
“Itadori.” You nodded as the boy looked confused as the two of you stared at the old shirt, he eyes you up and down almost admiring how you looked so sweet and sexy at the same time.
“I told you I had it,” Sukuna chuckled as he showed you the old retro Pokémon shirt he owned, it was old, something a 13-year-old wore and not a grown ass man. You had remembered a conversation the two of you had had earlier on last week where he had rambled on about how he loved Pokémon and had the biggest crush on Jessie which you never understood.
“It’s still a lame character to simp over.” He had been pointing to the destroyed Jessie as Itadori felt uncomfortable invading on a private moment between the two of you.
“Anyway, nice to meet you, Sukuna suck a dick, later.” He walked back out of the store as Sukuna gave him the finger before turning back to you, he knew the moment had been ruined but a hungry need had erupted at how he needed to have you. He had seen how Itadori had stared and watched the closeness of you both, had looked you up and down, looked at what was his with a look of hunger.
Sukuna, grabbed his shirt quickly putting it on before grabbing the bag and your hand in his other, “where are we going?”
You questioned as he locked the place up before grabbing your wrist once more and dragging you to his car. “Back to mine.”
“Wh…” He had thrown the bag in the car and pushed your back against the door, hands trapping you as he moved closer and closer to you, making you seem ever so small to him. He smirked as he interrupted, hand grabbing your jaw as he gave you a sadistic grin.
“Nobody looks at what’s mine and sweetheart…you’re now mine.” Your breath hitched as his other hand grabbed your waist arching you into the car as his lips found its way onto your own.
The kiss he had craved for so long occurred in a matter of seconds, your hands moving to his hair as you tugged at the pink locks. Your moans making his head spin as his tongue divulged into your own, gliding back and forth with your own, he brought your body even closer to his own. Mouths craving one another as you had gotten the kiss you had only dreamt about. Saliva dripped down your jaw as he let go off, thumb wiping it away as he looked at you with almost hungry eyes.
“I’m taking you back to mine and making every single fucking person know that you’re mine, okay baby.” He hand moved to your jaw grabbing a hold of it as he was waiting for an answer, waiting to hear the yes he craved.
“Okay Sakun…”
“Try again.” He moved your mouth to skim past his lips again, already seeing how much you craved to feel his lips once more as you tried to reach his own.
You took a sharp breath as you spoke to give him the power he wanted, “yes sir.”
“Good girl, get in the car.” His words were quick as you found yourself quickly entering not knowing what had gotten between the two of you as soon as he stepped inside the car, his hand rested on your thigh as he quickly drove out to get to his apartment.
A quick - most likely over the speed limit - journey later, his hand on your back made your insiders quiver at the sensation of what was to occur. Once you both began walking past the elevator, the tense atmosphere you both had gone through in the elevator having not helped, you found yourself finally getting the confidence to speak.
“Are we…”
He interrupted you as he finally unlocked the door, pushing you through as you felt yourself pressed against the inside of his apartment. His lips moving across your neck as he spoke the words you had needed to hear from the beginning, “you aren’t some fuck, you’re mine.”
“I…I don’t want to disappoint you.” You breathed out after thinking hard, his lips left your neck as he looked into those deep eyes of yours. Pools of lust and love cascading down as he couldn’t help but bring his two hands to cup your face.
“You would never disappoint me baby, after I’m done stuffing you full of me, I’ll prove to you just how much you mean to me.” His voice was a quiet whisper as he kissed you once again, your hands quickly kissing him back as he continued to press you against the door. Hands roaming your body as he brought comfort and love to every part of you.
His lips left your own as he kissed down your neck, hands moving to your thighs to bring you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Watching how you arched your neck for him, as he bit and sucked at your neck wary to not harm your arm as he walked towards his room.
Pushing you in as he threw you onto the bed, taking his shirt off as his arms moved to the side of your body. A predator ready to hunt down his prey, his hand went under your chin making you look up at him as he spoke, “I’m going to make you call me yours by the end of the night, sweetheart, make that pretty cunt drip with me in you.”
He smoothed your hair before moving his hands to your side, watching you nod at his actions. His fingers moving your shirt above your head. Even if you had been exposed to him previously, it felt a lot more intimate now, his hungry eyes wanting to encase every essence of you. “So pretty.” He mumbled as he unhooked your bra letting your tits perk up to the exposed air.
He watched how your face became flushed, as his hands roamed across his chest and stomach, leaving soft kisses down your body as your fingers outlined his tattoos. “Sir…I want you,” your whine made Sukuna look up, his mouth had salivated your nipples as a trail of spit led from his bottom lip to your hard nipple.
“Keep begging,” his words were harsh as he went back to sucking on your nipples, a need for his hardened cock to divulge right into your wet slick filled cunt made you frustrated.
“Pleas…sir,” you moaned as he bit at your nipple, watching how you arch your back into his skin, “I need you.”
“Stupid slut, can’t live without my cock, right?” He swirled his tongue against your nipple as his hands had moved your jeans down, eyes fixated on the way your pretty cunt had been covered.
“I can…’t.” Your whines filled his apartment as he moved his mouth across your stomach, feeling how your hands had moved into his hair, tugging at the strands to go lower. His teeth gripped the fabric as he pulled it down instantly seeing the slick having dampened your underwear. He pulled it away, chucking it onto his desk as his mouth instantly met your clit, spreading your legs to beside his body.
Licking and sucking at the folds that divulged into your cunt, your moans filled the room as one of his hands began kneading at your breasts, mouth covered in slick. “Mo…more.”
He listened to your babbling whines, moving his tongue right into your cunt, his other hands moving to your clit as he rubbed circles with his thumb. You arched your back as soon as you felt his tongue glide through your warm cunt, he could taste the coating of slick run down his tongue mixing with his saliva. It wasn’t common for Sukuna to go down on girls, he knew most of his one-night stands had been ones of getting sucked off and then fucking them. He couldn’t tell you the last time he had gone down on a girl, but the way you gripped at his hair, pushed him further. He knew you would be the only girl he’d ever go down on, with your swollen clit and folds that were encased in slick.
How could he not resist?
His tongue continued to lap inside your cunt, your moans for his tongue to go deeper as the bridge of his nose touched his fingers, he moved his slick covered fingers across your nipples before sticking his fingers right into your warm mouth. You easily took the two fingers sucking and wrapping your tongue around them. Sukuna knew why he was eating you out, he wanted you to feel pleasure, he wanted you to know you had his undivided attention, that he was the only man to make you feel good.
You felt a knot in your stomach already feeling cum start to gush down right into his mouth, he could sense it as his tongue movement became faster, rougher even, your moaning making his ever-growing cock become painfully hard. “Cum in my mouth.” He mumbled through his licks, on command white gushed from your cunt as he mouth was coated in a wet white liquid.
He looked up at you as his mouth remained near your cunt, his fingers moved from mouth as he licked his lips wiping the rest of the cum on his arm as he watched your dazed expression. He moved up, kneeling between your spread legs as he moved down to capture your lips, you could taste yourself on his mouth, his mouth sucking at your tongue as he moved his mouth down your neck. Giving a long lick across your jaw and down to your collarbone, “want me to stuff you now baby, make you full.”
“Ye…yes sir.” He couldn’t help but admire your expression, the way your eyes were eager as your hands moved to his joggers, already seeing his hard cunt ready for you. Mouth watering as he pulled his joggers away, his muscled thighs that could crush you in an instant between your dripping cunt as his bulge was more evident.
He couldn’t help but stop and stare as he took his boxers off, seeing how pretty you looked with the dishevelled her and look of admiration. The girl he had spilt coffee on was underneath him, begging to be filled with his cock. He couldn’t help but feel cock as his cock was in his hands, pumping his hand lazily around it before moving it across your clit and slick. “Please…put it in me.”
He smirked at your whines before aligning his cock right into your core, he brought both your legs up between his arms and chest as he stayed between your spread legs. “You want to be my good girl.”
“Ye…yes I’ll be your good girl,” at the sound of this his cock instantly pushed into your cunt, “Agh S…ir.”
Your breathing had become heavy as he groaned at the feeling of your cunt, “so tight, pretty girl.”
His hands had moved onto the bed as he encased your face, each thrust making you moan, your hands on his back, scratching against his many tattoos as he brought his face closer to your own. “You’re so fucking perfect.”
His words hit you as you looked into his eyes, love pooling from them as you kissed him slowly, each thrust becoming softer and slower as he kept a steady rhythm as you finally spoke the words he had needed to hear. “I…like you Sukuna.”
“Ryo, call me Ryo.” He whispered as he kissed your jaw, each thrust making you whine into his ear as something in your heart felt full at his allowance to let you call him a name he had been adamant against, he continued with more comforting words of, “you’re everything to me.”
His words were comforting, he would never understand why he had been such a cunt to you at the beginning. But being deep inside of you, the trust you had for him as both your foreheads touched, his eyes flashing with love against your own. It must have been fate that brought you both together on that windy night, he didn’t know what else it could be.
The full moon shone through the window, each thrust sending you a shock of love and comfort as he could feel how your legs twitched beside his own. He kissed you one last time feeling your second orgasm come through as he sloppily continued to fuck you, he saw how tears welled up in your eyes. He wiped them with his hand kissing your cheek as your hands remained around his body as he rode his own orgasm out. Your cunt stuffed and filled with his cum as he kept his cock inside of you, looking into your eyes, head resting against your chest. As he heard your heavy breathing one of your hands moving to caress his pink hair as you both stayed like this.
He would never know how this moment occurred, but he did know that the prettiest most annoying girl he had ever met was underneath him and he finally understood what paradise really was like.
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