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#oh we have a tag for cursed rwby
rwbybutincorrect · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
ok you asked so here is the horribly cursed picture :3 
i drew another picture to celebrate! havesome cake. the cake is the quotes. enjoy the quocake! bon apatite! 
thank you for the support and for the horrible cursedness! we will continue supplying you all with extremely funny quotes and very badly drawn milestone illustrations <333
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dascarecrow · 6 months ago
Dating Advice II
Oscar: *Approaching JNR* Hey guys. 
Jaune: Hey Oscar what’s up? 
Oscar: *A bit nervous, rubs the back of his head* Well Jaune... You know how to talk to girls right? 
Jaune: *a bit confused* I... guess? What’s this about? 
Oscar: *still nervous* Well... I was hoping you could help me. See there’s this girl I like and I was hoping you could help me talk to her. 
Jaune: Now when you say like do you mean “I like your hair” like or do you mean “I’d love to go out with you” like? 
Oscar: *bashful* The second one. 
Nora: Oh my gosh! You’ve got a crush! Oh that is wonderful! Who is it? Who is it? Wait it’s not Neon is it? Ugh that girl lives to drive people mad. 
Oscar: Uh no it’s not Neon.  
Nora: Then who? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!  
Jaune: Nora! *gently pulls Nora back* So who is this girl anyways Oscar? 
Oscar: *bashful and nervous* I’d... rather not say. I don’t want to set things up that might not happen. 
Jaune: *very understanding* Alright. Well you’re in luck. The Arc family has a bevy of secrets and knowledge. And I think I can share some of it with you. 
Oscar: *completely earnest* I know. That’s why I came to you. You’re an expert when it comes to girls. 
Jaune: *flattered* Well I wouldn’t say expert. *places his hand with his index finger pointing on his chin and flashes a confident grin* Though it wouldn’t be inaccurate.  
Nora: *whispering to Ren* I wouldn’t say expert either. And it would be accurate. 
Ren nods his head without a change in expression. 
Jaune: Here’s what you need to do Oscar. Women like confidence. Just go up to them like you know what you want and they’ll respond. 
Nora: *still whispering* Yeah with biting commentary. 
Oscar: Confidence huh? Well the thing is I can’t even get near this girl without freaking out. I don’t know if I can just go up to her like that. 
Jaune: You get nervous huh? Don’t worry, happens to the best of us. 
Nora: *still, still whispering* How would he know? *no longer whispering* Okay that’s enough of that. *Pushes past Jaune* Don’t listen to Jaune. He got shot down at Beacon all the time and couldn’t see a girl crushing on him when it was lit up with a neon sign. 
Jaune: Nora! Not in front of Oscar! And I didn’t get show down all the time! It was just Weiss being... Weiss. 
Oscar: Wait you went after Weiss? 
Jaune: *now embarrassed* See what you’ve done now? Ahem. I attempted to court Weiss and she was not receptive to my advances. She chose to pursue someone else and I accepted with grace and dignity. 
Nora: After she turned you down flat for like the thirtieth time. Look ignore him. Take advice about girls from an actual one. Be direct, okay? Don’t dance around or try to hide it form her. Just go right up to her and lay everything on the table. Leave no doubt about how you feel about her. 
Oscar: *doubtful* And what if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if I wind up ruining something good because I push too strong? 
Nora: *a bit saddened now* Then... at least you both know what’s going on and can figure out where to go from there. Even if she doesn’t feel the same way at least you’ll know whether or not there’s a future there. *looks at Ren, who looks away* Trust me it’s better having everything in the open instead of just dancing around trying to see what might happen if you wait. 
Oscar: *uncertain* Any advice Ren? 
Ren looks up, a bit confused. 
Ren: You’re asking me for advice because...? 
Oscar: Well you and Nora... I don’t actually know what you two are right now but you’ve both gotten your feelings out in the open. You’ve made whatever this is work for you. I just want to know how you were able to say it. 
Ren: *feeling uncertain* Okay then. I don’t think I’m the best source of advice for this sort of thing. I’ve spent most of my life mastering my emotions so they won’t rule me. *gaining confidence* But if I were to give you advice it would be to try and determine how this girl would feel before you say anything. It’s easier when you know how someone else feels to say what you have to say to them. And you should also determine if what you want to say is something that they should hear. You could give them an undue burden or you could be giving them a source of comfort in difficult times. Just be mindful is what I’m saying. 
Oscar, Jaune and Nora look at him in awe.
Ren: What? 
Jaune: Nothing. That was just... incredibly profound. Way better than my advice. 
Nora: Yeah. How are you so good at this? 
Ren: It’s not that difficult. When you look with your heart you see things rightly. You can see the things truly matter and should be done. So look with your heart Oscar and you won’t be led astray. 
Oscar (smiling): Thanks Ren. That’s actually very helpful. Okay I’m going to go try that. 
Jaune: That’s the spirit. Go for it Oscar! 
Oscar: Right. 
Ruby: Hey guys! 
Oscar: *internally* Oh Dust. 
Team RWBY walks up to them. 
Ruby: What are you guys up to? 
Oscar: Well... 
Nora (grinning): Oscar here is crushing on someone! 
Ruby: Wait really? 
Nora: Yep. It’s so adorable. He’s so shy that he can’t even go near her without freezing up. 
Ruby: *excited* Oh my gosh! *gets in Oscar’s space* Oooh who is she? Is it love at first sight? How long have you known her? What made you fall for her? Details Oscar! 
Oscar: *in crisis mode of the inside* Well it’s not that big of a deal. 
Ruby: Not a big deal? Oscar you have a crush on someone. That is a tremendous deal! So tell us about her. Is it someone we know? 
Oscar: ‘You have no idea’. Well she’s someone that I’ve known for a while. She’s... amazing really. Being around her I don’t feel like the next life of Ozma, I just feel like me. As for what she’s like... well *starts smiling* there just aren’t enough words. 
Ruby: *smiling widely* Oooooooh! You make her sound so wonderful! Stop being so mysterious about it! 
Oscar: Er... well... I... 
Jaune: Okay give him some breathing room. This actually might be an opportunity for us. Would any of you be willing to help Oscar? 
Oscar: *starting to panic* Wait what? 
Jaune: If you’re having trouble going near this girl then maybe you just need to practice talking to someone so you know what to say to her. Now any volunteers? 
Ruby: I’ll do it! 
Oscar: *goes wide eyed* You will? 
Ruby: *oblivious to Oscar’s panic* Sure. Might be nice getting to hear romantic things from a boy. Light knows Dad made sure I never got the chance back in Patch. Besides this’ll help you out. So *grabs Oscar’s hands in her own and lifts them up* what do you want to say to her? 
Ozpin: I honestly can’t tell if the Brothers above are blessing you or cursing you right now? 
Oscar: ‘I lean strongly into curse’. 
Oscar looks at Ruby, entranced by her gleaming eyes and gentle smile. 
Oscar: Well no turning back. The first time I ever saw you I was entranced. My whole life had been in chaos and then I saw you and none of that mattered. I saw your eyes and I knew that I would never see anything else so beautiful. And then I got to know you. I saw you for all that you are. Your strength, your wisdom, your resolve. Nothing would ever turn you from the fight to save us all. As I’ve gone on this journey you are the most amazing thing I have seen. Somewhere along the way things changed for me. I don’t know if it was the first moment I saw you or one of the many incredible things you’ve done. You’ve gained my heart and soul ever and eternally for as long as I live this life. You are special beyond measure. Ephemeral. And for all of that... I have fallen in love with you.  
Everyone looks in awe and wonder at Oscar for the words he’s just spoken. 
Ruby: *touched in her very soul* Oh Oscar. That was beautiful.  
Oscar: *emotions all over the place* Y-you really think that was good. I just... spoke from the heart.  
Ruby: It really was wonderful! You better be careful! If you keep talking like that I just might have to fall for you myself! 
Oscar: ‘By the Brothers above!’ 
Ozpin: Alright Oscar this is your chance. Just tell her that you meant those words for her and you will find victory. 
Oscar: I... I’m glad that you liked what I said Ruby. It really does help to know I can say the right thing. 
Ruby: Of course. Well we’re going to go over the mission board. Tag along if you want but I’m guessing you still have to think over what to say to this mystery girl. 
Team RWBY walks away as Oscar watches Ruby. 
Ozpin: I try not to be too condemning or judging of the souls I reincarnate in but I can honestly say that was one of the biggest shows of foolishness and cowardice I have ever seen. 
Oscar: ‘What was I supposed to do? Confess to her in front of everyone?’ 
Ozpin: Of course. You just had the perfect setup to reveal your feelings to her and walked away from it. 
Jaune: Wow. Just wow Oscar. I mean where did all of that come from anyways? 
Oscar: *not fully tuned in* Just something that’s on my mind a lot. I had a lot of time to put the words together. 
Jaune: Well you know what to say. Now we just have to get you to the point you can say it to this girl. *leans in and whispers* Don’t suppose you could give me some pointers? 
Oscar: Another time. I think I’ll see what the mission board has available. *walks away* 
Ozpin: What are you actually planning to do? 
Oscar: Find the hardest wall I can and hit my head against it until I either forget his whole thing or I’m so dazed that talking to Ruby seems like a good idea. 
Ozpin: Believe it or not this actually isn’t the worst luck we’ve had with romance in our lives. 
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compassroserwby · a month ago
Hey hey @idance2silence! Thank you so much for all of your asks! To not get them confused or spread them out we’ve gathered all of them, and all of our answers in a single post!
We hope they’re to your satisfaction!
Tumblr media
Oh that would be so fun! If you do decide to write anything on the topic, please let us know. We'd love to take a look at it!! We know we're a blog dedicated to this theory (and the subsequent theories that can extend from it) but we also know we're not the first to mention it as a possibility. We haven't gone too deep into the tag, but if you're looking for inspiration you could always check out Ao3 for "Ruby Rose" and "Reincarnation" to see if anyone else has similar ideas.
And thank you!!! We spend a lot of time speculating and piecing together as much textual evidence as we can find. We're looking forward to posting more of the metas we have planned in the future! Thank you for being here!
Tumblr media
Of course it's cool if you share them here!!! We love to hear more thoughts about it!!! While Ruby did split herself into two in the Atlas training scene, it wasn't the first time we've seen her do so. I believe the earliest we saw it happen was in the v4 character short?
Tumblr media
However, the scene in Atlas is the first time she mentions doing so consciously and she only brings it up because Oscar points it out. Which is probably significant given how much talk about semblances seems to happen around him. (Plus, the fact that their souls seem to be tied to the same fate, which we mentioned in the first reincarnation analysis, but will be getting back to in coming essays!)
Tumblr media
“Have you... always been able to do that?”
Tumblr media
“I don’t know. I don’t normally think it through that much.”
We do also see Penny breakdown her semblance on a scientific level that Ruby didn't understand until that point, despite having used the exact technique on her teammates in the past. Like with Nora in v4 and Weiss in v6.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It would be very cool if she had a way to either reach out to or separate herself from past incarnations. We have an idea about how it will probably happen in canon if this theory is right, courtesy of RWBY chibi...
Tumblr media
...But further analysis on that will have to wait for another meta. 🤭 Lastly, although as fun as a Ruby clone would be, I would worry for Oz and Oscar respectively. They can barely keep up with one of her, couldn't imagine them trying to handle two or more. 🤣
Tumblr media
Yup, yup, aaaaand yup!
There’s a lot of excuses to come up for with this: the writers didn’t do their research, Yang has heard so many stories from others she’s ‘created’ the memories, Ruby feels how the neglect of Tai has affected her sister and projects the hurt and loneliness of that onto the image of a woman she shouldn’t be able to remember.
But all those excuses neglect a single important thing: Storytelling. Storytelling is the overarching most important thing in animation. It’s emphasised in character design, in lighting, in composition. Storytelling is the most important part of the process and it is always prioritised over everything—even science.
Some good examples of this in RWBY are that Yang’s winter design is vastly based on how children in the north (Canada, nordic countries) are dressed in order to emphasise her emotional immaturity in vol 7-8. Another example would be how the characters are shown to be draped in their emotional darkness when this is the case, thus using lighting and value composition to tell us what the characters are feeling and how they act on those emotions:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(When Oz shows sympathy towards the other (light) vs when he talks about his curse (dark))
Or using sigils to show that one person is in the subtext of the conversation even when they’re not present:
Tumblr media
(Qrow and Ruby talking about Oz and the relic of Creation showing up, not because this is actually about the relic of creation, but because Oz is fighting on the side of creation and because the sigil looks a lot like his and Oscar’s—a human-made sun).
Tumblr media
So storytelling is something that animation theoretically should prioritise above all else, and storytelling is something the creators have shown again and again and again that they prioritise. Which means they weren’t just being lazy with ages or chose that age because it seemed neat and dramatic. They put Ruby in that age category because we were supposed to question the impossibility of her ability to remember. Because she can’t.
Plus, if you look closely at Yang’s conversation with Blake when she tells her about Summer, everything is in gold and green:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And whenever Yang specifically mentions Summer she’s framed by a bookshelf, something often used to signify Oz’ memories or his stories. Because Yang’s impression of the events is nothing more than a story. She’s trapped in Oz’ reality because he thought that was what was best for the girls, because that was how they would best be protected, growing up, away from Salem and her wrath.
So you’re right. They shouldn’t remember, and they don’t remember. Not the real events, just how adult men have decided they should remember for their own good.
“🎡 here I go again 🎡 I'm thinking about Jinn and how Ruby asked what Ozpin was hiding from them. If this reincarnation thing is cannon (which to me it is) there's only 2 reasons it didn't come up. 1. Someone in the group knows about it, and therefore Ozpin isn't hiding it from them 2. Ozpin doesn't know
If it's the first one, then who would know? * Qrow - I could see Qrow being aware and choosing not to tell Ruby. Like Summer knew and told her team towards the end (since it seems like Raven knows) or Ozpin told team STRQ to protect Summer because of it * Ruby - this is less likely, since Ozpin wouldn't know that she realized it and would be still attempting to "hide" it from her
If it's the second one, there's a lot to look at further. How does Ozpin not know? Maybe the gods wanted to protect the Rose from Salem, choosing to throw him in as a diversion. Keep Salem distracted. In his mind she is just a silver eyed warrior, and all silver eyed warriors act like that.
Overall, I think the most likely case is that Qrow knew and therefore Ozpin wasn't hiding it from "them" since Qrow is included in that "them" and given his reaction it seemed like the information was entirely new to him. What are the odds that Qrow just believed Oz was a distraction to keep the Rose safe, and Jinn revealed to him that Oz was actually Salems ex? That would be wild. Maybe that's why he assumed Oz wasn't purely on their side anymore, because in his mind Oz still has some connection to Salem. Maybe that's too far, I don't know. This is fun to think about 💖”
Ok, so! First of Oz definitely knows.
(Ps. We’re distinguishing on this blog between Ozpin and Oz, in the sense that Ozpin is “the soul who originally inhabited the body at Beacon, much like Oscar is the one who originally inhabits the body now” and Oz is “the overall personality of the countless lifetimes, originating in and defined by ‘Ozma’ as the mould of who is chosen to succeed him).
We can see this because his every priority is Ruby; because he makes frequent, if not constant, reference to her even when he should be talking about something completely different; because almost all his songs are in some way about her.
We can see this because even Oscar’s actions are defined by the long, loooooong history that Oz and Roses share.
And it makes sense, doesn’t it? If Roses are Oz’ guides to make the right decision, if you’re immortal and you keep running into these women who all look the same, sound the same, fight the same, and have the same semblance (which would then imply having the same soul), you’d eventually put two and two together and get ‘it’s the same person’.
If you pay attention to the Warrior in the Woods, Oz isn’t particularly perturbed in that story, either, that she’s dead. He just grabs her weapon and walks back to humanity. Because he knows she’ll pop up again.
So Oz knows, and his priorities are absolutely always Roses (and in this case Ruby), and I promise we’ll get back to that in an analysis real soon so it doesn’t just come across as claims on our part.
Salem also knows: her threats to him in vol 3 are very specific to the kind of villain trope where they target their enemy’s most precious person.
Tumblr media
“A smaller, more honest soul. It’s true that a simple spark can ignite hope, breathe fire into the hearts of the weary. The ability to derive strength from hope is undoubtedly mankind’s greatest attribute, which is why I will focus all of my power to snuff it out.”
“So you send your guardians, your huntsmen and huntresses, and when they fail and you turn to your smaller soul know that you sent her to the same pitiful demise.”
Tumblr media
“Why do you keep coming back?”
For two women so opposite each other in everything, as Ruby and Salem are, it would be weird if the person standing between them, the man in love with Love, wouldn’t cause someone like Salem, who owns her partner for eternity, to wish more than anything but to destroy her adversary.
Not because the gods chose her.
But because it’s personal.
So Oz knows, and Salem knows.
And given the events that happened up until Ruby’s incarnation, Qrow probably knows too. Given what he told Ruby in vol 7, it’s doubtful that he was there when she died (unlike Raven), but Bad Luck Charm and the fact that he places his drinks on top of Summer Rose in the photo he has of STRQ would imply that he in some sense blames himself for what happens.
Tumblr media
Besides that, if a child that looks exactly like Summer was suddenly arranged to live with Tai and Yang right after her death, it would make sense to put two and two together.
And he has always been instrumental in Oz’ plans to keep her safe and moving on the right path—It was even Qrow that Oz got to manipulate her to go to Mistral back in vol 3. Much to Tai’s displeasure.
(Which would also imply that Oz has more say in Ruby’s future and fate, what is good for her, than Tai—another point in favour of the fact that Oz is more like her family across lifetimes, than the people raising her would be).
Tumblr media
On the topic of Qrow questioning Oz’ loyalties? Hmm… given the brutal way we saw him suffer and die I don’t think that’s the case. There is something to be said about Oz’ dedication to the world vs his dedication to Roses—that he probably prioritises the latter far more than the former—and that’s why Raven left. Tai says she fights for whatever cause she deems worthy, and if she found that her ‘leader’ was more focused on protecting an individual over the world, while claiming the opposite, then that could be the central reason why she had enough. And given Oz’ reply to the God of Creation, that he doesn’t care about the world if his loved ones aren’t in it, that would prove Raven right.
And maybe THAT would be where he would be most centrally conflicted over Oz’ loyalties.
As for the Jinn line, there’s also the fact that Ruby specifics Ozpin when she asks her question.
“What is Ozpin hiding from us?”
Which means she’s including Oscar in the ‘us’, so that anything Oscar knows/‘remembers’ would not be something Oz was hiding from their group, and given that his central emotional motivation in vol 7 was jealousy of Oz and Ruby’s history (the fact she ‘chose’ Oz ‘over’ Oscar—without understanding that Ruby always does what she thinks is right), and he didn’t have those memories then, he would already have known when Ruby asked her question.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plus! As we mentioned in the second reincarnation analysis: we do actually see a Rose.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jinn just doesn’t tell the mains that she’s a Rose. And as we’ve already mentioned: Jinn is biased. She picks and chooses how she depicts the truth so that she’s still within the boundaries of the question, but in a way that benefits her agenda.
And in this case that agenda would be: that the spirits care about Roses more than they probably should.
We have four examples of this:
— Jinn helps Ruby with her silver eyes in vol 6 — Jinn doesn’t like that Cinder is using her power against Ruby specifically in vol 8 — Ambrosius goes out of his way to warn Ruby about the portal when he didn’t need to in vol 8 — and the spirit in the Relic of Choice shows Oz a crossroads that will bring him pain and anguish, but shows the Rose in that story a crossroads that will bring her joy and happiness (this is from the Indecisive King fairy tale)
Tumblr media
So Jinn avoids telling Ruby about her Reincarnation directly, while also showing it to her so she’s still within the bounds of the question.
And why would she do that? Because Ruby’s Rose history is one that causes her extreme anguish and despair. We want to analyse this scene properly, at another time, but safe to say, it’s something that Salem knows how to trigger and it’s a massive scar on Ruby’s soul
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you pay close attention to the sigils on the floor here, all we see are sun sigils and Oz’ sigil (no relic of creation, no summer sigil). Ruby might think she’s grieving Summer, but whatever happened to her and Oz in the past must’ve caused her so much anguish that it’s still an open wound in her soul.
So the reason Jinn doesn’t show Ruby that Oz is hiding her past from her is both one of semantics and one of personal bias, she cares about Ruby, and she doesn’t want to hurt her. She’s protecting her as best she can.
If nothing else, what Ambrosius showed us is that semantics matter greatly with the spirits, because they too are their own persons, and they care for people or dislike them in turn.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oz and Oscar had to severely help Ruby prep her question to Ambrosius in that scene, and in the scene with Jinn she was angry and unprepared, so she didn’t get the full story as she wanted it.
And that’s why we didn’t get the full story either.
Thank you for all your asks! We’re all so thrilled that you find this theory interesting and worth thought!!
If you find any interesting fics or write some yourself, please do send us a link so we can post it on the blog!!
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greekletters · 8 months ago
Chapters: 1/2 Fandom: RWBY Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Blake Belladonna/Weiss Schnee Characters: Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee Additional Tags: One Shot, Weiss Schnee Needs a Hug, Alternate Universe - College/University
Hey everyone! At the suggestion of my friend, @dedicatedseeker I decided I wanted to get back in the writing scene a bit and use Schnee Week as my entrance. 
I know this technically doesn’t count as a multiship for day 3, but a little monos is always good. I also have some more content coming for later this week, so stay tuned! thanks for swinging by, as always. 
I will post the fic under a cut as well, for those that don’t like to use AO3. 
Schnee Week Day 3: Weiss Multiship
“Are you sure that you’re okay staying here over the winter break by yourself?” Blake asks, the tone of concern clear in her voice. “You can always come to my house for the holidays. My parents said they would love to have you.”
As Weiss looks up from her book, at her college dorm mate, she can see the sincerity in her expression. 
“Thank you, Blake. And while the offer is greatly appreciated, I think I’d rather spend the time here. Get a head start on reading for next semester.” 
After a few seconds of silence, Weiss refocuses her attention to Blake, who was now continuing to pack up her things for the next few weeks. If she was being honest with herself, she didn’t want to spend a few days away from Blake, much less weeks. Since they had started college two years ago, they had been roommates, and best friends. And not that she’d ever admit it to anyone, but Weiss had always wished there had been more behind the occasional fleeting touch, or the small moments that the two of them had shared. 
“Only if you’re sure.” Letting out a small sigh before answering, Weiss decides to give up on reading and closes her book. 
“You know me, I’m always sure.” Standing up, Weiss leans against the bed frame. “And it’s important that you spend time with your family. Without me following you around all winter break.”
“You don’t follow me around. If anything, I’m the one that follows you. I only go to the library for study sessions because you go. Or to group lunches at the cafeteria. And I definitely only do tutoring once a week because you make me do it.” The look on Blake’s face shifting from sincere to unamused. 
“Doubtful. You are a self motivated and respectable person. And not nearly as socially introverted as you would like to believe, Blake Belladonna. Now, it’s time for dinner, if you would like to go eat with me one last time before you leave in the morning.” If Weiss said she was happy to be eating dinner with Blake for the last time in a while, it would be a lie. 
“Of course.” Blake smiles and the breath inside of her chest hitches before she grabs her bag and leads the way to the dining hall. 
The following morning, Weiss tries to stay out of Blake’s way as she rushes back and forth across the dorm. Trying to make sure she doesn’t forget anything. She tries to ward off the impending loneliness by immersing herself in a textbook of business ethics. 
“A-Alright. I think I’m ready to go.” Blake tosses her bag over her shoulder and turns to face Weiss one last time. “Last chance. You sure you don’t want to go with me?” 
Yes. It’s all she can think as she looks at her. Yes, she wanted to go with her. 
“I’m sure. Go.” Weiss brushes her hand in Blake’s direction, as if to shoo her out the door. 
When Blake turns around and opens the door to leave, she stops in the doorway. Quickly, she turns back around and walks over to the edge of Weiss’ bed. 
“Stand up. Please.” When all she gets in response is a quirked eyebrow and a look of hesitation, Blake rolls her eyes and motions with her hands. “Just get up.”
Begrudgingly, Weiss closes her book and sets it aside before swinging her legs off the edge of her bed and standing up, coming face to face with Blake. Well, she would if she were taller. 
“And why am I standing?” 
Without an audible answer, Blake wraps both of her arms around Weiss and pulls her into a tight hug. It takes a few seconds for the tension to fall from Weiss’ body before finally relaxing. She’s sure her heart is racing, and just hopes that Blake can’t feel it. But just as quickly as it began, the hug ends and Blake steps back and retreats to the door once again. 
“Call me if you need anything. Or change your mind. Or just… anything, okay?”
“Blake, you’re going home for winter break, not going off to war. And you’ve stayed here with me and sacrificed enough of your break already. Everyone else went home a week ago.”
“I know, but-“
“No but, just go spend time with your family.”
Sighing one last time, as if in final defeat, Blake nods her head and pulls the backpack up onto her shoulder one more time. She turns and looks into the room and gives Weiss a small wave before pulling the door closed behind her. 
The first few days were easy for Weiss to trick herself into believing weren’t bad. Like she was thoroughly enjoying the alone time. Having the dorm to herself was a nice change of pace. She was used to spending a majority of every day with another person, and now it was sudden silence. But after those few days, and all she had were texts from Blake and her other friends, Weiss was beginning to realize how deafening the silence was. 
Christmas had come and gone. She had received gifts from home already. Most of them just impersonal things like gift cards or money. Which was fine, she expected nothing more of them. And she had thought nothing more of it, until she received a message from Blake. 
~ hey, are you busy?
no, I’m not. something wrong?
~ oh, no. are you in the dorm?
yes. where else would I be?
~ I don’t know. you are a human, so you have to eat some time. 
ha, ha. did you need something in particular, or just concerned as to whether or not I’ve eaten?
~ I do care whether or not you’re eating, but your Christmas present is at the campus post office and they close at five, so they need you to go pick it up. please.
fine. I’ll throw on something warm and go get it. I told you not to get me anything. 
~ and clearly I don’t know how to listen. 
The walk to the campus post office wasn’t too long. About ten minutes each way. But it was cold outside, since it was winter. So when Weiss arrives, only to find out there’s nothing waiting for her, she sends a scathing message back to Blake. Mostly reprimanding her for wasting her time, as well as making her go out into the cold. Mumbling short curses under her breath as she makes her way back through the dorm hallways, she rounds the corner of the last hall. Stopping short, she notices a light coming from beneath the door. And she remembered making sure to turn off the light before she left. Was someone in her room? No one else was still there from the floor. So if someone was in her room, who was it? Carefully, Weiss reaches out and twists the doorknob and pushes the door open, ready to either run or fight. But once she can see into the room, there’s no reason for either of those things.  
“Oh hi. You walked back faster than I thought.” Blake is standing, tangled in a mess of Christmas lights, in the middle of the room. Some of the lights had been strung neatly along the railing of their beds, and had gotten progressively worse as they went along. “I knew you would walk back faster because you would be mad that I tricked you into going to pick up something that wasn’t there.”
“What exactly are you doing? And why are you here?” Weiss’ voice is softer than she expected as she looks at the lights and then back to Blake. 
“Yeah um, I can explain.”
“Please do.” Crossing her arms over her chest, Weiss shifts her weight back onto one foot. 
Blake opens her mouth to speak a few times, each time falling back as though she’s trying to find the right way to start. Eventually, she sighs heavily and when she looks up, Weiss can’t help but look back into amber eyes. 
“Well. I wanted you to come with me.” As soon as she sees Weiss roll her eyes, Blake finds a little more resolve to keep going. “But you told me to go without you, so I did. And the entire time I’ve been gone, all I’ve done is think about you being here. I’ve wondered what book you’re taking notes from. If you’ve been putting enough marshmallows in your hot chocolate when it snows. I’ve been thinking a lot about how you didn’t want to come with me.”
In the brief pause, Weiss sees something in Blake’s eyes that normally isn’t there. Sadness? The thought of causing her sadness wasn’t something Weiss wanted to know if she could bare. 
“I told you it was okay-“
“I want to stay with you.”
“Blake, what are you talking-“
“For the past two years, I’ve spent a lot of my time with you. Admiring from afar. Going to study sessions at the library, sitting through meals in the cafeteria dealing with Nora and Yang throwing food in our hair, helping tutor other students because it was something that I knew you enjoyed. And I didn’t know how to tell you what I felt without sacrificing our friendship.”
She’s pretty sure that her heart is beating in her throat and her arms and legs feel absolutely numb as she feels the blood rushing in her ears, as she listens to Blake keep talking. 
“And I know that you didn’t want to go with me. But I want to stay here with you.” Blake fumbles with the lights that are wrapped around her arms and hands as Weiss takes a few steps closer to her. “I had wanted to put the lights up and surprise you and I had this whole speech planned about how I was going to tell you that I wanted to be more than what we are, friends.”
Without saying anything, Weiss reaches out and begins to untangle the lights from Blake’s arms, her hands shaking slightly. Letting them fall to the floor, piece by piece. 
“But apparently, I’m not very good at hanging up lights. Nor am I very quick at it.” And when Blake looks down into her eyes and speaks softly, Weiss can feel her heart melt in her chest. Weiss reaches up to pull their foreheads to rest against one another, as Blake whispers into the small space between them. “Do you want to stay with me?” 
“I would like that very much.” 
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yellowmagicalgirl · a year ago
Fic Writer Tag Game
tagged by @im-the-king-of-the-ocean​ feels like I just did something very similar to this very recently but I’ll do it again I guess. This time I’m gonna include Fanfiction.Net, though, just so I can give different answers. That being said, I’m only going to link to the AO3 version of the fic
These days, it’s almost all Tales of Arcadia, but my AO3 also has some Miraculous Ladybug, SPOP, and RWBY as well as a crossover with The Hunger Games. In addition to the above, my FFN also has some PMMM, Tai Chi Chasers, Sailor Moon, iZombie, Harry Potter and Voltron Legendary Defender in there.
Number of Fics: 98 on FFN, but only 60 of them ever got transferred to AO3.
Fic I Spent the Most Time on: I know I said I was torn between two fics last time, but honestly? I spent hours looking up the effects of PTSD, solitary confinement, and various forms of torture for the Juliet Dies; Life Continues fics. There’s a reason why when I finally publish Juliet Survives in This I’m gonna contain two disclaimers: one for the Dead Dove Do Not Eat and another for the fact that I’m using magic and the fact that Claire’s not entirely human anymore just so I can find a way to make it so that Claire has a good reason for not being any worse off. The other fic I was writing I only did some research before going, “nah I’m bastardizing Arthurian legend”
Fic I Spent the Least Time on: *looks at old writing and cringes* Raked over Crimson Waves, probably...
Longest Fic: Every Ghost in Me is the longest fic I’ve ever written at a proud 10,188 words... and somehow it’s a oneshot.
Shortest Fic: For actual fics, it’s A Shop Infested on AO3 and Arme Harry on FFN. Though, A Shop Infested is also the shortest English actual fic on FFN for me as well (yes, I have one (1) fic written in German.) However, this doesn’t count my poetry. On AO3 it’s Isn't It Ironic? On FFN it’s In My Arms.
Most Hits: On AO3, it’s I Bet You Kiss Your Knuckles (Right Before They Touch My Cheek) with its 1741 hits. On FFN, it’s Dare, which has 15,174 hits. Though, for comparison, Dare was written in 2015; I Bet You Kiss Your Knuckles (Right Before They Touch My Cheek) only has 348 hits on FFN.
Most Kudos: I Bet You Kiss Your Knuckles (Right Before They Touch My Cheek)
Most Comments: On AO3 my collab with Tuna, Birds, Bees, and Blood Magic, has the most comments, but Juliet Dies in This has the most threads. On FFN, it’s still Dare.
Most Bookmarks: Birds, Bees, and Blood Magic holds this title on AO3. The closest similar thing we have on FFN is favorites, so that title goes to Picked the Wrong Girl.
Total Word Count: On AO3, my net word count is 82,299. On FFN, I had to break out excel, and my net word count would be approximately 136,615 words. Approximately because I can’t separate the fic from the author’s note.
Favorite Fic I Wrote: You can’t make me choose... but it’s probably one of those jlaire hurt/comfort fics I’ve written. Or for that matter, the LadyNoir hurt/comfort fics I used to write when it comes to FFN even though I decided not to move them off of AO3... wait a second. I have a type. Oh no I have a type when writing and shipping and that type is the person who’s associated with light and goodness comforts the person who’s associated with darkness. I mean I’ve written outside of this type many a time but let’s face it so many of my shippy hurt comfort fics more or less boil down to this description.... how did I not realize this before.
Fic you Want to Rewrite or Expand on: I will never actually finish it but every so often I still want to go and give With the Distance Amplified a proper ending. Other than that, I kind of want to go and expand upon I Bet You Kiss Your Knuckles (Right Before They Touch My Cheek) despite the fact that I don’t want to have to watch ML canon to do so properly... oh, and also? I really need to finish the 3Below interlude to Juliet Dies; Life Continues.
Share a bit of a WIP or Story Idea you’re Planning on: so earlier today I posted a Krexie ficlet... I need to do some more editing so that the fic makes me nearly cry as much as the ficlet did and write all the other scenes because the fic is much more than just the kiss but here is the kiss from Krel’s POV:
There is a very full bowl of cat food, and multiple bowls of water. Krel follows Archie, and he finds Douxie, sitting on the floor, curled in a blanket, back to the door. Archie meows and runs away. Douxie doesn’t look up, and so Krel walks around him. Douxie’s head is bowed, and he is typing frantically at his phone, and then erasing what he wrote. There are tear tracks on his face, though they are hard to see, when most of the tears probably crawled into the cracks. Krel kneels in front of him, trying to see what Douxie is typing. The movement catches Douxie’s attention, and he startles. The blanket falls away from Douxie as he scrambles to his feet.
Normally, his reflexes are better. Not so clumsy. Not almost falling over his own long, cracked limbs. Krel reaches out to help Douxie stabilize himself, but Douxie uses a wall instead.
Douxie rips his earbuds from his ears, and for a second Krel can hear a woman singing from the earbuds before Douxie silences the music he was listening to. Douxie takes a breath. It is wet and shaking.
“Krel, why are you here?” Douxie wraps his arms around himself, and Krel isn’t sure if Douxie is cold from wearing a sleeveless shirt or just uncomfortable.
“I saw your text; I worried.”
“I’m sorry.”
Krel takes a large step towards Douxie; Douxie takes a small step back.
“Douxie, you, we’re gonna break the curse, you’re going to –“
“I’m going to die today,” Douxie whispers, looking at his own feet. Krel looks past the soft shorts Douxie is wearing to Douxie’s ankles. They have been taken over by cracks, and they’re advancing.
They are out of time. Douxie is out of time. Krel feels his lower lip start to tremble, and he tries to make it stop.
“You, you should probably go,” Douxie says like he doesn’t mean it. “I don’t… I’m not going to make you watch me die.”
“I’m not going to make you…” Krel can’t bring himself to say the word “die”, like saying it aloud will make it true. And that’s silly, that’s superstition, that’s not scientific, but every scientific way Krel has tried to save Douxie hasn’t worked. “I’m not leaving you alone; I don’t think you want to be alone right now.”
“Then can you-“ Douxie breaks off into a coughing fit. “Can you hold me? If that’s okay?”
Embrace your mistakes, like Mother would have said if she were not dead.
Krel takes another step towards Douxie, and Douxie does not step away, rather, he leans into Krel, unwrapping his arms from his own torso. They take one, two, three steps backward, to where the blanket lays abandoned on the floor. They sink to the ground, arms around each other. Krel cannot save Douxie, but he can make sure that Douxie is comfortable. Douxie clings to Krel with a surprising amount of strength. Krel ignores the urge to wrap his fingers around Douxie’s neck, just so he can keep track of Douxie’s pulse. Krel cards his fingers through Douxie’s hair instead. His other arm wraps around Douxie’s torso and his hand rests on Douxie’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry,” Krel says, hating how his voice sounds when he’s about to cry.
“It’s not your fault, all of you did your best,” Douxie says, voice choked and so very scared. Krel feels his shirt starting to grow damp. “I don’t want to die; I wish we had more time.”
“Me too,” Krel says. A tear slips down his cheek, and he tightens his grip around Douxie’s torso, like he can keep Douxie from slipping away.
Douxie jerks, and Krel fears Douxie might be convulsing, but he’s just pushing himself up so he can look Krel in the eye. “Krel, I…” Douxie coughs, turning away, and when he turns back his glowing eyes are so much dimmer. “I love you.”
Douxie goes slack in Krel’s arms, closing his eyes. Krel presses his lips against Douxie’s and hopes.
A couple tears escape Krel’s eyes as he tries not to think of how he still doesn’t know for sure if he loves Douxie the way the curse wants him too, if he’s too late and he should have kissed or at least told Douxie sooner instead of waiting.
Krel closes his eyes. Douxie’s lips are chapped or cracked or maybe both, but they are still. Passive. Krel exhales through his nose; Douxie’s lips feel dead.
Krel is about to pull away, but then Douxie starts kissing him back. And it isn’t much, just a firm press that wasn’t there before, but it is enough to convince Krel that maybe it isn’t too late.
Tagging (for the record your participation is optional): @clairekatswritingcorner, @fieryartemispublications, @mambo-no-5, @dork-empress, @brothebro, and @akozuheiwa
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succubusted · a year ago
someone remembered that I exist so here we are LMAO (tagged by @parasite-core)
Nicknames: mainly just Khi, though I'm open to any new ones. I've also gone by Knight and Zilla a few places. Wolfy is an ancient one nowadays only used by my mother.
Zodiac: Aries ♈
Height: 5'10"
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 🐍🐍🐍
Last Thing I Googled: "ff14 faded orchestrion roll"
Song Stuck In My Head: "Hero" from RWBY V7
Follower to Following Ratio: uhhhh, 262 to 864. I recently purged a bunch of inactives.
Amount of Sleep: varies. often wake up just fine with 5 hours, but only if I don't HAVE to be awake.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 4
Dream Job: ideally? nothing. no gods, no managers. free to chase wild hares to my heart's content. if I had to choose, though, transcriptionist or reference librarian.
Wearing: gray and blue baseball tee and red boxers
Favorite Songs: presently
"Diving Bell" - Starset
"Oh, Raven (Sing Me A Happy Song)" - Unlike Pluto
"Mirror Mirror" - mili
"Cirice" - Ghost
"Jee Veerey" - Bloodywood
Random Fact: I seem to unintentionally curse former employers, the severity of which depends on how poorly I was treated.
Aesthetic: broken-in, loose flannel, a single exposed shoulder; mud-caked boots lying on their sides; books on every surface; black lipstick, wild hair, stormy eyes
ah now to tag people....... I don't interact with a lot of people here, or in general, I don't think I even know 17 people here! this'll have to do: @jonsoki @synisterchess @maidenofghosts @joshunya
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miki-13 · 2 years ago
Gen:LOCK episode 4: Training Daze liveblog
Let’s do this thing.
- Okay, so it’s called Belgrade.
- God, I haven’t had school days in... (checks date) literal years.
- Dat ass.
- And that is why I don’t call top bunk.
- That pose.
- Cammie is me (at least in this scenario) XD
- Cheap shots vs. cheaper shots
- We’ve got this whole team of soldiers/combatants in their twenties, and then the hacker minor.
- Cammie is feeling the heat.
- Everyone is feeling the heat.
- Protect the brain- easier said than done.
- All right, so they have a limit for how long they can gen:LOCK. How long is it though? And how long do they need to recharge before they can try again? Does trauma or injury change how they might be compatible?
- Oh sweet they got armor on the mecha now.
- Overclocking is kind of confusing but it eats at uptime because of modifications?
- In conclusion: I want one of those suits. Preferably the gorgeous green color that Cammie has.
- Kiznaiver vibes intensifying.
- So there was a reason to recruit teens/young adults with attitude.
- Kazu, team cook.
- Oh boy.
- “So all this time I was giving you space, I was also working on about fifty different opening lines.” I feel you, man.
- “Damn, I didn’t think about what I wanted to say after ‘hey’.” I feel you, man- again.
- “Sensei-chan.” That’s fucking adorable.
- Good points all around.
- Oh this hurts my heart, but in all the right ways.  Chase didn’t know if he was gonna make it and didn’t want to put Miranda through losing him twice, and Miranda has the right to move on and get her life back together. I feel for them both and I just want them to reach a compromise or collaboration. And it’s wonderful to see them talking about this maturely.
- Oh no, his mom and sister died :(
- ... ouch.
- “Keep moving forward.” STAB ME IN THE HEART WHY DON’T YOU
- Also shipper-on-deck.
- Oh I feel you, Cammie. I’ve twisted my ankle multiple times because the boots I used to wear had high heels.
- Good Miles Luna.
- Also phasing hug.
- Right, he could get in trouble for this.
- She can do the splits?!
- Literally just said that, Kazu. Also if she’s tight, then I wonder what she’s like loose.
- ... that sounded less dirty in my head.
- Different drinking ages.
- SAO vibes intensifying.
- Ooh wow, she does look nice.
- Shipping intensifies.
- “What were you born as?” “You will never know.” Perfect answer, 11/10
- “Are you joking? We do this all day long.” Yeah...
- Pirating intensifies.
- Okay I accidentally saw them cosplaying RWBY on the rwby tags, but I still don’t know if I’m yelling because it’s simultaneously too soon, that they actually had the balls to show it off, or because I just want Volume 7 to come out. I don’t remember being this stir-crazy after any hiatus.
- Uh oh.
- “Cammie, we have got to work on your cursing.” I think she sounds fine.
- XD
- So the Union’s trying to pull another New York.
- Kazu makes a good point.
- “Do you even listen?” “When I want to, yeah.” Same.
- Ah right, they have a limit for how long they can use the mechas.
- Ooh, nice eye animation.
- Okay, bullets ricocheting hot.
- Those landings XD
- Jesus Kazu XD
- Damn those are smooth movements.
- Ooh, camouflage.
- Ha ha.
- That moment when you try not to hit people because despite your disconnect, you don’t have it in you to kill fellow humans.
- ... oops. And there goes the globe.
- Leeroy Jenkins! But yeah, collateral damage is a no-no.
- Also genre-savvy titles.
- Yooo, here we go.
- Getting Knightmare frame vibes here- also the zombie walk is unsettling.
- Aaaand those are arms!
- And Kazu picks up the cars.
- Christ almighty, that’s a creepy fucking mecha O__O;;;
- Damn this is smooth fighting
- And then it yeets away.
- Aw, Yasmine sounds so relieved :)
- “What the hell was that anyhow?!” We’d all love to know that.
- Aw, it’s the end already.
Well, I’m definitely eager for next episode now.
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lovelydisneysky · 3 years ago
RWBY 5x03 liveblog
Okay so are we gonna see if Weiss is okay this week? Well let's find out, here goes!
Eyyyyyyy it's my boy Sun!
So there's a piece of paper with the words 'Adam Taurus' and 'the leader of' following each other and being does everyone find out what happened with Sienna?
Ghira needs reading glasses huh
That lil Belladonna family huddle which Sun tries to get in on, oh dear
"You got this" bless him, he's just being supportive, there's no need to look at him like that!
Ooooohhhh that bit of paper was his speech oh okay
"Adam Taurus has plans to overthrow the current leader of the White Fang" oh so they don't know it's already happened
So if Volumes 1 to 3 took place over 1-2 months, Volume 4 took place after 6-8 months, and this attack is going to take place in about 2 months time, before the beginning of the autumn semester, has it nearly been a year since the events of Volume 1?
*applauds Ghira* .........oh well that didn't last long
"Traitor!" oh boy
"If you truly, truly want to help your people, now is the time to support Adam, not the Belladonnas" Ilia you're great okay but no just no
Oscar's probably not been in the room for that long yet he already has people staring at him and rambling at him, poor boy
Also I love how Ruby's looking at Oscar with excitement, Nora as if he's the cutest small thing ever, Ren in confusion, and Jaune as if he's in deep thought
RNJR jumping back in embarrassment bless them all
Oh boy many Ruby/Oscar shippers are gonna be making a million gifsets of that look
Okay but round of applause to Aaron cos he's still speaking as Oscar but with the slight accent and intonation of Ozpin and he does that so well I'm amazed
"It's good to see you children still have your sense of humour" yeah especially after all the shit they've gone through
"It's all my fault" awwww no Ozpin
"I'm cursed" *gets hit by Fitzsimmons vibes from that line*
"For thousands of years, I have walked the surface of Remnant, living, dying and reincarnating in the body of a like-minded soul" WAIT WHAT COOL
"This curse was bestown upon me by the gods, because I failed to stop Salem in the past" ALL THIS NEW INFORMATION ABOUT OZPIN I'M LIVING
Oh hey so are we gonna find out who this girl is?
"Your sister isn't in Mistral anymore" hmmmmmmm?
Oh yeah Ironwood did do that oh that makes sense
"We were stuck at a dead end, but now we just take little cute boy Ozpin to Lionheart and have him set things straight!" "Please don't call me that" PWAHAHAHA
"You can only fight so long as you have Crescent Rose" oooooo linking to the Yang short I see
"Mr Arc. I'm glad to hear you've improved but sorry to say you have yet to unlock your semblance" HOW COULD I ALMOST FORGET WE HAVE THAT YET TO HAPPEN PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN SOON?
Tag yourself, I'm Ruby reacting to Oscar's/Ozpin's flip
Okay but something I just thought of: if Ozpin/Oscar is training them, does that mean Jaune won't need to use Pyrrha's video? Will he still use it? Will Ozpin find out he used it? Will they actually talk about what happened with Pyrrha? Will Jaune try to blame Ozpin for what happened? Damn my old worn Arkos heart
Ooooooo her name is Vernal!
Okay so that was a good episode!
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2nerdzz · 4 years ago
Well damn, I'm offline for about three hours and somehow shit hit the fan again. (For new members of the FNDM this happens almost every hiatus.)
I don't really know how to say this...
I scrolled through the tag for about 3-4 minutes and saw nothing but hate for the CRWBY and the show in general for "queer baiting".
Guys, this show has 3 maybe 4 canon romances. Taiyang x Raven, Taiyang x Summer, Jaune x Pyrrha, and possibly (I mean it's hard to say it's not canon at this point, but it's only been very heavily hinted at, not super romancey) Ren x Nora. And all these romances are either completely off screen or very minor plots in the overall story. Romance is clearly in the backseat of this show.
I'm sure several of you who have read my song analysis are wondering "But Nerdz aren't you mad too, they basically made BMBLB not about the bees."
No I'm not mad, think back to previous soundtracks, there have been several songs that were meant for something other than what the FNDM thought it was for (ex. All of Our Days, Cold). Also, why would they want a song confirming the bees in a volume where they had no interaction with one another?
We've been told there will be LGBT characters and to be patient, this song, even though as much as I want it to be about the bees, doesn't mean that it is.
Please keep in mind guys that the characters all have different goals, specifically Yang and Blake who are focusing more on their families than themselves.
And about the whole screening process for the album, the CRWBY is already busy working on volume 5, making sure it's as perfect as it can be for us. We don't know what the process for releasing the soundtrack is, or how much time the have during these hiatuses to do such things. We all know about the stories of CRWBY working 24/7 to get the show out to us, and that's just the show, not the merch like the soundtrack or shirts, or anything else.
Their job is to work on the show, not the soundtrack or anything else RWBY related.
And you know what, what if Jeff didn't know how the FNDM would react to BMBLB? Maybe he just thought, "oh this is a neat song the FNDM will love!" Maybe he should have given Miles and Kerry a heads up about it, but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
Please keep that in mind guys, we all just see the what they want us to see, and nothing more.
You can be mad about this.
You can curse the CRWBY all you want.
But at the end of the day they're trying to give us a show we love.
I myself am a bumbleby shipper, but I'm not letting this ruin my love for the show. It will take time for Blake and Yang to reunite, and fix their relationship. This song which we all assumed was about bumbleby could be something entirely different.
But we won't know that until later.
So please please please guys, calm down. Chances are we'll hear more about it at RTX with how massive this got. But keep in mind we may or may not get answers.
RWBY has been planned out for multiple seasons, and we finished 'season 1' with volume 3. So it will take time for us to even get close to possible romances with the girls, something we've been told countless times.
I'm sorry if my rambling doesn't make much sense. So I'll end it here.
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animocity · 4 years ago
tagged by @lowkey-avenger
still don’t know why you follow my trash account lmao, but thanks bro
rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.
1. nicknames: Q, and old man (don’t ask lol)
2. gender: ? What’s that???
3. star sign: scorpio
4. height: 5'7″
5. time: 7:13 pm
6. birthday: Nov 15th
7. favorite bands: fob, panic!, Dorothy
8. favorite solo artists: lady gaga, Melanie Martinez, dodie, Lana Del Rey
9. song stuck in my head: The “I” in Lie by Patrick Stump, and Summer Bummer by Lana Del Rey
10. last movie I watched: Get Out (that shit was so fucking good, oh my god)
11. last show I watched: teen wolf
12. when did I create my blog: two years ago I think
13. what do I post: hp, good ol’ memes, and basically anything else I tagged lol
14. last thing I googled: “clandestine”
15. do you have any other blogs: I have like 20+ side blogs but I never use ‘em
16. do you get asks: sometimes, but more would be hella tight
17. why did you choose your url: I wanted a simple url lol
18. following: 97 cursed blogs
19. followers: 213, it seems so small compared to my 1.3k on ig (not that I’m complaining)
20. favorite colors: green and purple
21. average hours of sleep: 10 or 11
22. lucky number: 7, 6, and 9 (I have a thing w numbers and hate having 6 in front of 7 when I’m talking abt my faves)
23. instruments: clarinet, sax, and a lil but of violin
24. what am I wearing: shorts and the t shirt I always wear when I dye or bleach my hair
25. how many blankets do I sleep with: two
26. dream job: forensic chemist
27. dream trip: seattle, only bc I wanna move there
28. favorite food: hot cheetos, spaghetti, and pizza
29. nationality: mexican american
30. favorite song right now: The “I” in Lie, Summer Bummer, Million Reasons, Bad Liar
tagging: @maplehoofkisses, @awsumsomethingperson, @ginnnywecsley, @harrystylescouk, @ass-tria, @call-me-tears, @estrelladda, @fandom-rivergem, @fakesiriusblack, @grxvityboy, @igotlostincapetown, @killemwithsass, @macncharlie, @manners-potter, @nonbinarydavid, @obsessed-and-phallen, @rwby-nerd, @shiverssivan, @siriuslyharry, @themindoflaeela, @themoonoversoho, @thekingofstupidity,
I have no idea how many ppl I tagged but oh well. I tagged all the ppl I know from memory who I think follow me back? Anyways, y'all obviously don’t have to do this, and maybe if no body I tagged does this we can all just pretend this never happened lmao
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knightofbalance-13 · 4 years ago
I could reblog directly from the blog myself but A. I’m sure eh blocked it and B. that’s where I do my professional work. This is my personal work and opinion SOLELY.
So let’s take a look at this particular den of snakes shall we?
Wait so this guy is kob and the others? That A. explains why I never seen him before.
Cut the crap Sokuma, you’ve known me long enough to know what my speech pattern is like and I made no effort to hide that, I used Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the post which I do all the damn time, it’s all the same problems I’ve said before and in the very first post I outright SAID it was me (
Funny thing is, your post and the post that image is from are suspiciously close together, especially since you don’t reblog stuff from him normally. Almost as if you were the anon who posted that. 
B. Why he uses kob and the others’ claims of “manipulation of facts” and yet never provides any proof beyond their word. (Remember this is one of the people who called people nazi’s for simply disagreeing with his points and don’t get me started on the other memebers of this brigade.)
Okay, how about this for proof: The conetxt in which you are referring to me calling people nazis is an out of context post where Nazis were used as a stand in for a group with an irrational hatred who would insist their main voice is right even as said voice is getting soundly beaten, ( Guess you just gave me proof as if I didn’t have any already.
PS. None of you ever give proof about what you are saying other than your word: Guess that means literally EVERYTHING you say is worthless.
Literally manipulated facts on what a Rwby reviewer said and when multiple people shown him proof of otherwise decided the whole fanbase were idiots despite them trying to explain to him and not wanting any drama.
Yeah, me linking to the proof of his manipulations, getting ganged up on by guys who constantly just waved me away saying “lol salty fan” over and over and calling ME a Nazi directly and seriously as well as a dogfucker, cancer, retarded ect. Yeah that was manipulating the facts, showing me proof and avoiding drama.
PS. You are a fan of FMF ergo, by your own logic of “he’s a fan therefore he’sd a blind fanboy”, your word is worthless.
Mageknight stated that yang needed to be beaten! because she “disrespected” tai which was never seen and literally going to that degree in itself is signs of a mentally unstable person besides him stating to “rub glass on himself to emulate a child.”
Ah yes, the thing here is that: @mageknight14 is NOT a memeber of Team CRTQ. Team CRTQ is made up of myself and three other people who can reveal themselves if they so choose. Mageknight doesn’t even know this exists.
Also, you say that what I said isn’t worth anything without proof and yet you fail to provide said proof so again, by your own logic, this is worthless.
which is the most unchild like behavior but also just creepy, this guy wants you to take his criticism of the rwde tag seriously yet yells, curses people out for no reasom, calls them nazi’s for just disagreeing, stated characters needed to be beaten, hurt etc, has literally evaded people’s blocks to try and talk to them, on his first encounter with people decided to talk about them on another site and listed their full user names to strangers, has yet to apologize and pretends to be different people even once having an argument with himself to try and sound smart.
Oh boy, more proof you manipulate the facts!
1. So who said that? Me or Mageknight? You uh, kind of fumbled taht up a bit.
2. Once again, you take the quote out of context, I said was rubbing my face on glass like a child, intentionally acting childish because it’s my form of ultimate disrespect: I’m npot even using brain power to insult you. The way you pharsed it makes itseem like I was rubbing my junk on a window. Nice try.
3. Already addressed the Nazi point.
4. That was sarcasm in response to a post by RWDE criticism where he thought that Taiyang should be punished, thus show ing you how ridiculous that was.
5. But by your logic, I was doing teh right thing because tehy could see for themselves whether or not i was right.
6. And you suicide baited me. Waiting for that apology.
7. And all of this is said...without proof meaning by your own logic, you fail.
His friend mageknight is violent, rash, has poked fun at people’s hardships, someone in the rwde tag once stated they didn’t care for certain rwby related this because of sexual harassment issues, this person told mageknight this in confidence in which knight blance than used this against her in a jest!
Ah yes, in confidence...on a public reblog...where she called him a pedophile and an abuser...seriously...even as mageknight14 was yelling at her that he was a victuim of that. (
Ten out of ten failed fact manipulation.
and he not only supported it but egged it on and when a friend of theirs approched them to state their sadness and disappointment mageknight retaliated in violence and I’m also sure these people are the same person because they’re never on at the same timespan yet if mageknight tags kob in something he springs online in seconds, then mysteriously when called out on this tthe times one would be on seemed to increase, as did the many spelling errors they share.
And you and I often trade blows with in minutes of each other and we share the same spelling mistakes: By your logic, WE’RE teh same person!
also, no proof. Again.
these people are a menace! including team-crtq
Unliek the people who suicide baited me TWICE, caused my friend to break down to me,deleted their accounts to say their sucidial when they were just caught lying, manipulate facts and so many more things. Yes, you all are SO much better than me (Sarcasm).
Don’t reblog from them, teir harassers, assholes, literally manipulators, more mean spirited then they claim this tag is and constant liars.
Yeah, projecting much?
Now how about you stop before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.
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pinkie-whitelloon · 4 years ago
just found out this particular tag game was the one thing I was forgetting the other day, oh well. Shoutout to @gt104 from tagging me, though I’m way too self-conscious to not put them under a read more.
Name - it’s a secret m’guy
Nickname - the reason i don’t do these is because i am a paranoid person and i fear someone is going to doxx me if they know something as simple as my name.
Gender - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (honestly if someone said ‘do you wanna a be a guy?’ i would be like ‘ok lmao’, i’m proud of my big feminine assets obviously but i just don’t... care i guess?)
Astrology Sign - *vibrates*
Height - 5′7″ (i wanna grow more tbh, i’m above most persons because my people are small people but i know a guy who is fifteen and who is like 5′10′’ so?? not fair???)
Sexual Orientation - at this point i’m starting to believe that i’m attracted to muscles, i don’t know tbh. but i think we can all agree muscles are nice, no matter who has them
Hogwarts House - look the only movie i have ever seen of harry potter is the one with the chess pieces, and i call it that because i always catch that movie in that specific part. it is like i’m cursed to not see the movies in their full length (i did see the voldemort vs harry one tho, and the big snake thing). but with my second-hand knowledge gained through hours wasted in tumblr, i think i would be hufflepuff or- or the other one that i don’t remember rn
Favorite Color - i don’t know lol
Favorite Animal - pangolins are nice, but i really like dinosaurs
Average Hours of Sleep - 8 when it is summer, 3-5 in most school days
Cat or Dog Person - dogs, mostly, but that is because the family’s cat peed on everything that was mine (including my sketchbooks and my bed) but cats in general are good
Favorite Fictional Characters - from rwby (yang, jaune and ruby), from mp100 (reigen, mob)
Number of Blankets I Sleep With - one. it is summer, let me be.
Favorite Singer/ Bands - i listen to a variety of things, so i’m not clear on this one. there are groups where i only like one song
Dream Trip - Mars lmao, i just wanna know what is out there y’know, probably red rocks but don’t let the dream die okay
Dream Job - i just wanna be and for the money to come in through my door magically every month. but if all else fails i would become an art teacher
When Was this Blog Created - dunno
Current number of Followers - i never check, but i think it is in the hundreds? how many are bots, dead or deactivated tho
When Did Your Blog Hit Its Peak - i’m not sure, do i even have a peak or it is only a weird flow that i never notice?
What Made You Get a Tumblr - pacific rim, then i stopped using tumblr, but then i came back thanks to the frozen discourse™
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havcolyte · 2 years ago
RWBY Vol6Ep3 Info Dump? Theories? Lore? World Building? Eh, Read yourselves
So spoilers if you haven’t watched it. On my like 3rd viewing, and looking for various World of Remnants to Build off on. Things that I wanna get out of the way first. (All speculation and have NOT been officially confirmed)(Also I like theory Crafting, may do more if I feel like it)(I'm covering quite a bit of topic. I'll List them in the Tags or something) +++++++++++++++++++++
OZMA'S FIRST REINCARNATION AND MAIDENS Ozma’s first reincarnation is the Old Wizard story from one of the WoR about Maidens- O.Wizard and the first Reincarnation looks the same- I’m paraphrasing but, Ozpin mentioned that their Souls are combined when convincing Oscar. For me that means that for them to be one in the same, it makes sense for Personalities and their Mindset to be somewhat similar. Since I figure if you put a madman like Tyrian(Just pulling an extreme example of what a madman is like) and Ozma's nature...they would not mix well and would clash. Like all the time. So I'm going with the assumption that Souls, mindset etc needs to be of somewhat similar tones.
- Why I think the first Reincarnation is the Old Wizard. They started that short-intro with him an almost broken man. Keep in mind that before that, Ozma had a, disagreement is putting it lightly, with his Lover and Mother of his Children, Salem. That disagreement brought about a fight between them that resulted in the Death of Ozma. Off-screen death's imply that the Children also died. So we remember a man who has lost everything. It'll be a wonder if he didn't find somewhat of similar tones. So Ozma's soul would reincarnate of someone who has lost everything or is weebit mentally drained.
- So Maiden's WoR story. I'm pulling out of Harry Potter Head canon that Magical users have an extended (not immortal) lifespans since Albus was like past a 100 Years, and that's without the Sorcerer's Stone that Nicholas Flamel has (which made a cameo in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald btw. Uhh Spoilers? Sorry.). Anyway, Story was that O.Wizard was staying in that hut in isolation for centuries. I mean heck if someone lost their children, wife, kingdom and lose all purpose, and you'd stay alone too for awhile. O.Wizard became bitter and didn't care for a lot. Now go watch the WoRemnant about maidens, Okay, back? Sweet. 
- So I'm one of the peeps who believe that Ozma's and Salem's kids actually died during their battle. Dark, I know. But eh, Collateral happens regardless. They just happen to pay the price due to proximity. Anyway, So O.Wizard bitter, alone. Gets his purpose build back up by these 4 Sisters. I'm fully going to say random citizens of the world. Who happen to want to help people. O.Wizard gets reminded of his purpose by the God of Light, gets motivation from the Sisters, and figures, If such Kind Souls can exist, maybe they humanity does have a chance. Gifts his powers to the 4 Sisters/Maidens. (and some voodoo that when they die their powers goes to the one they thinking about) (Which btw still exploitable by 'bad' people, like what if you get killed by an enemy and starts cursing their name as you die...Rant for another time. Anyway.)
- So running on the theory that Magic helps extend life, s'why O.Wizard lived so long. O.Wizard now has a 'regular', by Remnant standards at least, lifespan. Second and Third reincarnation of Ozma is seen him still trying to, uhh walk straight? I'm putting that as, He realized that reincarnation is or has become a common thing when he dies. He realizes that its a Curse, as he Ozpin put it. It settles down in his head that, he WILL be reincarnated, he WILL have to Unite Humanity to be Judged? (wtf is Ozma's purpose. Help Salem, Unite Humanity, Bring the Gods back to Judge them? Damn you God of Light, what you want. and dammit Ozma, Can you at least Listen before saying Yes?! Pyrrha Nikos Parallel when she accepted Ozpin's idea waay back in season 2)... Uhh Anyway, so he gets kinda down on his dumps starts drinking and whateves before finding the strength in him to get back into his mission. This is his Third Reincarnation as seen in the episode.
- Total theory with NO current evidence to support. So I figure during his second or third reincarnation Ozma met people wielding the powers he granted the Sisters/Maidens. I wanna say that lifted his spirits and kept him going. +++++++++++++++++++++ SILVER EYES STUFF
- So anyone notices his Third Reincarnation, the one with his Wife and Kids, That his Kids have SILVER EYES?! Right, so back to speculating. I'm going by each Reincarnation that Ozma retains whatever magic he has left that he didn't give to the Maidens. If we go by the World during the time of the Two Brother Gods, Everyone can wield Magic. It was gifted to them. But I'm gonna doubt that they continued to Gift every single Generation of people. No, I'm thinking they gifted a group or the first generation of people. They had kids, and so on and the Line of Magic continued to pass on. (Pureblood Harry Potter stuff comes to mind too. THE BLOODLINE!? Anyway.)
- So Ozma's Third Reincarnation had a family and, I'm going by visual indications, that his Kids inherited 'something'. We've never really seen what Silver Eyes could do. Other than Ruby freezing Dragon Grimm..or burning's Cinder's Left side and arm out....Eh it does something only those who have that trait can do. And apparently Salem's group, Hazel specifically, mention that they have been dealt with before. (IT'S SUMMER ROSE! The only other Silver Eyed person we've seen so far!) (Well Dead...But she exists!)
- So when Ozpin or Oscar mention meeting Ruby, their first response is 'You have Silver Eyes' or something. For the former, I think it's Ozma just realizing that his bloodline still lives on. (The one that had magic at least) And for Oscar...Well, farmboy meets older cute older girl and notices her oh so Captivating Eyes. (Not really a shipper in this sense, just trying to figure out why he, on his circumstances would notice this trait)
- ..Yeah not much Silver Eyes stuff, just that it was a magic Bloodline trait that passes on abilities. Those with Silver Eyes would have the most concentration in their genetics/bloodline to use more abilities, and it shows more when their Eyes are Silver. (Totally getting a Shirou/EMIYA vibe from the Fate-Type/Moon Series when he uses his Magecraft. The more he uses it, the more the side effects turn his eyes the same shade of Silver.) (Also not getting into that, I could, but not here.) +++++++++++++++++++++
FAUNAS AND WHY THEY EXIST....AND THE WORLD OF REMNANT? - Okay right of the bat, I'm gonna say it. Salem did not get lonely and there are Animals around since she was the last of Humanity./shuddersWas watching RWBY Rewind and that creepy theory came up. (Never again.)
- That out of the way, So back to World of Remnant stuff. The Brother Gods, together created the First Civilization. (Not related to Assassin's Creed in any way) I'm going on the off-handed comment that the God of Darkness when he was assaulted by the army that Salem brought.  "My own Gift to them. Used against me."
- So creation isn't an exclusive ability. Since God of Dark brought Ozma back...and the whole back and forth of dying and not dying in front of Salem thing (Which if you've seen someone you love die, multiple times in the span of like minutes, I'm gonna be upset too)
- The Brother Gods were/are? at odds with each other during the First Civilization. One made stuff during the day. Then at night, the other just stomped it out. Very obvious but Dark God made Grimm. Light God made Humans.
- Then one day, blah blah blah, they decided on balance. To create something together. That is the First Civilization. One who which everyone could wield Magic. (See Silver Eye stuff above about magic bloodlines if you skipped to here. Why you would do that, I don't know. Anyway.)
- Life, Death, Balance. etc etc. And they Brother Gods lived on the world with the First Civilization. Respecting each other's domain and the Rules they set about the World.
- Kinda obvious that people would flock to the God of Light. I mean, hey. God of Darkness with Grimm spewing about doesn't exactly scream worship. or at least Safe worship. So people would flock and worship the God of Light.
- So when Salem came about and spoke about her plight with Ozma's death, he brought him back on her request.
- Ooo did God of Light get mad about balance and stuff. God of Dark was like, "Bro, This my first follower. Why you gotta diss in my home Bro." (I totally do not mean any offense, and I don't even know that accent. Just watched TV and stuff. And I also found that to be a hilarious exchange.)
- God of Light be like "Dude...She came to me first, Bro" Then "..Bro..Sorry man. Let me fix that" and then proceeds to destroy Ozma...again..In Front of Salem. (Yikes.)
-The Brother Gods are accepting that the Humanity they created,  the First Civilization is their best works together. A humanity that could wield Magic.
- Fast forward to Salem bringing the army together, facing the Gods. And lost. See quote about God of Dark gifting Magic.
- Also fast forward to God of Light Speaking to Ozma in that Between the Realms place. From here I believe that the God of Light recreated Humanity. With an addition of the Faunas. Yeah, that's it. That's how Faunas are made.
- Still here? Well. More Speculation then. Ozma was not reincarnated immediately. Nah. Given the time unknown time between Salem wandering around with Grimm and seeing Humanity tell tales about the 'Witch'. I believe that the God of Light recreated Humanity and the Faunas. After some time, he decided to bring back Ozma about the new task about judging Humanity again. Without the aid of the God of Darkness, Magic could not be spread as wide. (Oooo maybe God of Light blessed people with Silver eyes too?! That came to mind as I was typing this. Anyway.) +++++++++++++++++++++
AURA, SEMBLANCE & DUST - Soo...World of Remnant went all Super Smash or Thanos Snap. Whichever. See above about Faunas and Remnant. - So humanity is living in a world populated with Grimm as well. How they fight? Well no magic. Basic weapons...What else...
- Oh right. The destroyed bodies, the ashes of the First Civilization. You know, the one that could wield Magic. Oh what happened to them...They turned to...Dust...
- Ahh all in good fun of World Building. That bit about Dust being people. Total Speculation....Tho it makes sense as a kind of Fossil Fuels tho....Oh what do you run on? Dead Dinosaurs from ages past. What about you. Oh you know, Dead people from the last Civilization. (Idea from RWBY Rewind about this particular snippet)
- Anyway, So Humanity had to survive. and all they had from the God of Light was just themselves...So they did good. They weaponize themselves. Aura is the manifestation of their Souls. Semblance is their expression of self. - Not much there actually. A lot of it y'll could read of the RWBY wiki I think. (I could expand but I won't for now) +++++++++++++++++++++
THE KING OF VALE AND THE RELICS - So...How did the King of Vale Unite the warring continents/faction. Oh by utterly annihilating them.
- Hmm how did one person do that? Could he have High Aura reserves like a certain Blonde Knight or a Broken Semblance that affects any and All weapons that can be magnetized.
- Oh i got it. How bout the Relic of Choice as a Crown and the Relic of Destruction as a weapon.
- Yikes.
- So Relic of Destruction is kind of self-explanatory. But Choice. My thoughts are that it can take away, influence or seize control of Freewill. Taking away their 'Choice'
-Sounds like a total Telepathic Control or something from DC or Marvel Comics.
- So the King of Vale got 'Crowned', hehehe. And his weapon of choice is one that can wipe out an army in a Swing. (I mean what else can it do. If we go by the Concept of Destruction, then it can do waay more things.)
- With the powers of the two Relics combined, the Academies of Remnant were made, blah blah blah, etc etc. Current RWBY World. +++++++++++++++++++++
Made this just to get all the theories in my head out. 
It's not even close to all the head canons, theories I'd come up with.
But I'll do it again, when motivation comes again.
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knightofbalance-13 · 4 years ago
it’s that kob and his boyfriend think they can’t(I think they’re the same person there’s so much proof) have consequences to their actions, kob makes a post shitting on people on another website? He gets mad when people do the same but doesn’t learn from it.
Hey uh, mind explaining how? Because if you’re talking about that like YEAR OLD reddit post, I haven’t done that. Go check, it’s all been here.
And here’s the thing: I NEVER talk about you people without a prompt. Either you criticize and I debunk or you people mock me behind my back and I call you out on it fuckwads. That’s all.
Plus, I haven’t been insulting you all behind your backs nor have I told any of you to kill yourselves UNLIKE you.
He makes post calling people stupid, cursing, calling them nazi’s and he’s doing this as. We. Speak. Then gets mad when people rightfully insult him after being insulted, double standards.
You have implied mental retardation, threatened me with suicide baiting, I’m a casual swearer, that’s you warping my words.
And speakaing of double standards: You can attack and berate and insult and threaten and mock creators all you want but god forbid someone criticizes YOU. because that’s what this is: A bunch of whiny bitchs who want to shut up the guy making the observations.
I usually think of myself lower than other people but I am confident in saying I am a better person than all of you.
Bitches at people for relying on mob mentality literally gathers idiots who host bad criticism and force people into believing them.
Dude, I have CALLED OUT my friends for acting like you! @mageknight14 @tumblezwei and @ula-star can attest to that! I brought them together because I was sick of being dogpiled by your bullshit and wanted some comradery ads well as get together different people to each hold each other back.
See, here’s the thing: If not for people like Mage and @phoenix-theurge I would be WORSE to you people! They hold me BACK. By all rights, convince me to cut ties: I’ll gladly burn myself if it means torching the rest of you. (Metaphor for mutual destruction NOT actual burning people.)
And when have I ever forced you to do jackshit? Because I criticize you? Well, guess you’ve been forcing CRWBY to do what you want for longer, harsher and for stupider reasons. SO no high ground for you here.
And I won’t even start on how he pretends he’s a different person on rwby fan and argues with himself to try and debunk and make himself look good, has bouts of literal insanity (like rubbing broken glass on his face), makes more blogs to harass the people who blocked him, literally stalking people and so on.
Actually no, that was me showing just how close minded you people were that all I had to do was pander to you and spout shit you like to get you dipshits to eat it up. And it worked.
Oh so ypu people have been stalking me too huh? Like how you -people saw my Kathleen post despite BLOCKING you. Keep talking about double standards.
Then he wonders why no one will listen to him.
Newsflash: No one listens to you either dipshit. And unlike you, I still have my honor and my intergrity.
This all over a cartoon, If I had the power I’d turn him over to the clinically insane hospital because he needs help and to stay off the rwde tag because not only is his judgment never sound. (For a guy who says 8 disproved “ ” ) he never has any proof beyond his word, how bout a link that’s not several years old bud?
No no no no, this is not over RWBY.
This is over the people behind RWBY and the fans who surround it and have been changed for the better because of it. You’d destroy all of them, hurt them and make them miserable just to sate your hate boner. Unlike you, I don’t do that: I hate a certain anime with more hatred than any of you could muster put together and I have talked about it....once? That’s because I know it has made people happy and I must be thankful for that. Yet you have spent years bitching and whining about a show you apparently like just to tear the creators down. You dipshits are no better than those NGE fans who sent Hideaki Anno detah threats over the ending of NGE and if RWBY decides to pull an End Of Evangelion I’ll be pissed beyond all rational thought but you will deserve it.
He’s literally a danger to mental health he almost caused one of my friends into suicide over a CARTOON! A FUCKING CARTOON and he’s already cause several to delete, he’s poison and so are his shitty friends.
Dude, I have never once told your friend to commit suicide, mocked them behind their back, say they’re a terrible person, imply mental retardation, twist their words ect. AKA everything you people have done to me and I haven’t offed myself but some criticism and one potshot is enough to puysh them? Says more about them then me.
Also, epsilon beta didn’t delete her blog because of me. It was because she was caught lying nd tried playing the victim card only for a friend of mine who hates this type of drama to call them out. Oh and how they said I accused them of pedophila despite my post being tagged to show otherwise? THEY did that to Mage and were serious. I don’t care how much they’ve suffered, my friend was breaking down yelling that he survived that shit as well and she continued.
People abusing free speech
Like how people spead lies, suicide bait, attack, harass, threaten and bully? AKA RWDE’s MMO?
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