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#oh well

having bangs and being lazy means that everyday is a bad hair day

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Final take on human Aine!

I’m extremely happy with it. Now I just have to hope I can find my way to a version of her Sheevra form that I’m fully content with. Maybe find a brush for her hair bc drawing all those leaves was a pain ._.

Aine is, as always, my mc for @parkerlyn

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thank you for the tag, @seawhisperer! 💕

top 9 of 2020

  • first row: discovering different places of my scenic home country.
  • second row: mark me down as ✨basic✨. i just like to take photos of the sky, you know? and cherries. i love cherries.
  • third row: some hiking, some views, some sea *sighs in adriatic*.

tagging anyone who’d like to do this!

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me: i should watch something new there’s a bunch of shows/movies I’ve been meaning to watch

ALSO me: let’s watch gravity falls for the 32nd time

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a fun lil story in which sophie and the gang drive to michigan for a basketball game. no one asked for this lmao oops to the requests i have in my inbox

wordcount: 2k


Originally posted by obi-kin

“Why do you always sing the breakup songs so loud in the car?”

Sophie paused her Spotify, midway through the chorus of All Too Well (and honestly, how dare he), and raised her eyebrows. “Huh?”

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My new favorite thing that’s happened in DA:O:

Loghain: There is a strength in you unlike anything I’ve seen since Maric died. I yield.

Mallory Cousland, who spent the entire duel stunning him and then running to the other end of the room to shoot him in the back, and struck the final blow with a very unsportsmanlike kick to the groin: 😶😶😶😶

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Threw 2 ½ months of being sober out the damn window yeHAW

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Live is short and i wish there was a way i could tell my best friend that i want to spend more time together with him, as much time as possible without having it come out as creepy…

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you ever have someone you love sm and you know they’re hurting and you think “all i want is to wrap my arms around you and give you a really tight hug and tell you everything will be alright, but we’re not…like that, we’re not close in that way both physically and spiritually and we’ll probably never be” and it makes you :((

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Oh that is why I have severe anxiety actually! Not knowing. Not having any control. It’s horrifying. I stay awake at night wondering how much more of my future I have left. It has become a kind of obsession and I have had to go into therapy for my fear and obsession of the future because it triggered my anxiety so bad.

Thankfully, in recent years I have gotten MUCH better. Change and the future still can stress me out, but I know I have a good support system and back up plans. I just hope everyone else out there worrying about their future right now can find peace of mind for a bit so they can have a nice day.

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missing semi eita

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