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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Netflix! Jaskier is canonically a damsel in distress who does always need Geralt to save him from monsters but he’s also unhinged in the sense that he: 1) shit talked a bunch of elves while they were talking about killing him (and he even said crap to them in Elder! their own language! the balls he has!), 2) was completely willing to let Yennefer die after she threatened him (fair enough), 3) his first “wish” was for Valdo Marx to die of apoplexy and 4) he has no real self-preservation once someone has caught his eye (see: his first meeting with Geralt) 

Jaskier has literally only lived this long out of sheer luck and, occasionally, Geralt saving his arse and that’s what makes his whole character so goddamn funny to watch on screen and we really need more content that goes into that I think

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I think I should’ve kept this for art and made a personal one.

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15, 22, 25

15. Personality Description

Coffee entusiast, pizza connoisseur and local bog witch, looking to discover if the hokey cokey really *is* what it’s all…

22. Description of crush

No crush, I’m happily partnered to my handsome boyfriend of nearly 5 years. Unless you mean celebrity crush, in which case Henry Cavil with a moustache is beautiful beyond words…

25. Role Model

The assistant manager at my first job in a pub was amazing. He was loud, confident, and camper than a row of pink bell tents in Brighton. Most importantly for me though, he was an out and proud gay man, and people bloody loved him. He was pretty much what I needed as a shy, unsure 17 year old. I still aim for a similar unapologetic and authentic self, and have tried to be the kind of positive gay role model for others like he was for me

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“Right? Maybe this is a job for Elon Musk. Surely he can solve it. How do we get in contact with him?” Licking the drops off her fingers and cone, Chloe leaned on an elbow and chuckled.

“So. You and Silas, huh?” She stated more than asked, referencing the clear flirtation Chloe had seen on Instagram between the pair. She may not be on the social media much, but she saw enough to know her friend was definitely not sharing everything. “When to I get to meet the boy, hmm? You two being kosher?” she teased.


Ivy paused, the spoon still hanging out of her mouth almost as if she’d been caught sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar. Ivy finished her bite and smiled guiltily; she didn’t intentionally hide things from people, but it seemed to be turning into quite the unfortunate pattern. 


Weeell,” she began, fiddling with the frayed end of the towel they sat on, distracting herself from the evergrowing glow appearing on her cheeks. “We started dating a couple months ago… it was weird, totally unexpected. We fell hard, and we fell fast… We almost got there,” she shook her head, laughing at their miserable luck, “a few times… but something always happens and ends up getting in the way." 

Ivy was happy to go into every detail about her relationship with Silas; it helped her feel close to him, even though they’d spent the last week apart. She went into their first kiss, their first date, how he had been the one to say he wanted to wait for their first time so it was special, their road trip and how a cop caught them making out half-naked on the hood of his car… it wasn’t a dull retelling, that was for sure, but neither was their relationship. “Oh, and by the way,” she grimaced, burying her face in her hands, and awaiting Chloe’s reaction to the juiciest detail of her story, “did I mention he’s Zac’s cousin?” 

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Where did i drag Lily in? I was talking about her fans and how all they see is the outside of this person and nothing else. There’s nothing wrong with wishing her good things on her birthday, everyone should get good wishes on their birthday and feel special. I was just saying that it’s kinda sad that all her fans only see one side of her and don’t know the other, which is fine because she only displays her looks.🤗

And Armie’s gorgeous smile is bad because….?🥵🥵

The next time you jump from one side to the other, and scroll through our blogs, please read carefully. 😘

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i am thinking about, right, like a fairy tale land, where things operate on fairy tale rules. you know the ones. everyone in this fairy tale land knows them too, and Expects Things.

and there’s a young man–youngest of seven brothers, actually, who were themselves the offspring of a seventh son. we all know what that means. he knows what that means. his parents, when a seventh son was born in their humble farmhouse, sure did know what that meant (and perhaps, shortly after he was born, neighbors and townsfolk and gentry and wizards and perhaps-royalty-in-disguise visited, and gave them gifts, until their farmhouse was not so humble, because it’s always good to get on the good side of someone you know is going far).

so the boy was special, and everyone knew he was special. and his brothers were not wicked, of course, but they knew he was different, knew he would be great. knew what that meant for them.

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