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#oh well here i am
allofthefeelings · 2 years ago
What a nice morning to think about Avengers 2.0 attempting an escape room.
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notbecauseofvictories · a year ago
I started reading North and South, and while I think the adaptation did a good job of demonstrating how Margaret is quiet and stilted and yes, a little bit haughty, it did not adequately communicate how deeply and immediately into it Thornton is.
#from the bookshelf#they meet when margaret and her father are looking for rooms and the scene proceeds thusly#MARGARET: Oh this is the man my father is meant to tutor. He is very large and rough-looking but that's right for a man in trade.#I will make small talk with him until father returns because I am a genteel lady and that is what is expected of me.#THORNTON: what is this VISION OF WOMANLINESS why is she so COLD and ALOOF I am ashamed just sitting here listening to her talk#and also unexpectedly I am into that? I am angry about being into that and also ashamed and oh god it's suddenly very warm in this room.#he then spends the ENTIRE REST OF THE BOOK convinced he is not good enough for her and progressively ashamed/aroused by this#this is a man who wants to be dommed very badly#(not that margaret's much better; she is most attracted to thornton when he's at the party wordlessly confident and self-assured#among the other manufacturers#she genuinely thinks ''whenever he's at our place he seems so jittery and uncertain and plaintive it's unappealing''#like. meg. maggie. margaret. do you think.....there might be a reason for that? hmm? maybe?)#also the proposal scene is more satisfying in the bbc adaptation#even though in the book thornton's response to margaret's refusal of him is to announce that's all well and good#but he's going to continue to be in love with her#which incidentally OUTRAGES margaret; after he's gone she tells herself that a gentleman has never threatened her like that#as a final note#gaskill's decision to write the higgins' dialogue in dialect is a personal affront to me and possibly god#north and south
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forineffablereasons · 2 years ago
wonder if aziraphale has ever used the “you’ll wake up having just had a dream of whatever it is you like best” on crowley. like he falls asleep on the sofa in the shop and aziraphale lets him nap for a while until it starts to look like crowley might be having a nightmare, then aziraphale sits next to him on the sofa and gives him a dream about “whatever he likes best” to remember when he wakes up. 
crowley always wakes up from moments like that a little soft and a little disoriented, reaching for aziraphale’s hands before he’s come fully awake, hanging on a little. “angel,” crowley mumbles. “angel, i thought i was--” but then he opens his eyes and stops himself from finishing whatever he was going to say, and releases aziraphale’s hands, and aziraphale just smiles and pats crowley’s shoulder and doesn’t ask what it was crowley dreamed about. 
and then armageddon doesn’t happen, and the next time crowley has a nightmare on aziraphale’s sofa, aziraphale is taken aback by how fast crowley falls into it--gasping, writhing, as if in pain, hands clenching. he sits next to crowley and tells him, “you’re dreaming, you’re dreaming about what you would like best,” and snaps his fingers to perform the miracle, and crowley is bolting upright, grabbing aziraphale’s hands, still gasping, still trying to catch his breath. 
“angel,” he says. “angel, i thought i was--”
and just as aziraphale thinks he ought to pull himself away, he decides, quite unexpectedly, not to. things are different now, after everything they’ve been through. “what did you think?” he asks softly. he doesn’t let crowley’s hands go. 
crowley stares at him. stares at their hands, stares at aziraphale again. “i thought i was--here,” he says.
“you are here,” aziraphale answers, his chest going warm and full. 
“i dreamt i was with you, here,” crowley says, pressingly, as if aziraphale isn’t quite getting it.
“you are here, with me,” aziraphale assures him. what you like best, that’s what aziraphale had said, wasn’t it? that is the miracle he performed, isn’t it? his heart his pounding; in crowley’s hold, his hands are sweating. does that mean--?
“i dreamt i was with you, here,” crowley says, “and you were--”
he falters. his brow furrows. he leans in ever so slightly; his gaze drops to aziraphale’s mouth. 
no, aziraphale realises, all of a sudden. the miracle wasn’t whatever crowley likes best. it was whatever crowley would like best. 
“oh,” aziraphale says. “oh, well. well, i am with you, here. and i--i would.” 
“you--you would?”
and oh, yes, aziraphale would. he would have done it a thousand times already, given half the chance. and here it was: a whole, shining chance. 
aziraphale’s hands were still caught in crowley’s, which made it easy to lean in and, so gently it might not even be happening at first, so gently crowley could have moved away and still been entirely safe, aziraphale kisses him. 
crowley does not move away. instead he leans into it, tightens his hands around aziraphale’s and leans in, parts his lips and leans in. 
they kiss, and kiss, and kiss, until they can’t be kissing anymore, until they’re smiling too hard to be kissing anymore, and crowley leans his forehead against aziraphale’s and giggles. 
“you know,” he says, “that was better than i dreamt it.” 
“oh,” aziraphale says innocently, before dissolving into giggles himself. “did you dream about it? fancy that.” 
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flo-n-flon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let’s fly.
[ID1: digital drawing of Michael Bunrham from the thighs up standing with her hands behind her back. She is dressed in a red uniform with black trousers.and silver and gold chips. Her long braids are pulled from her face, with a few braids falling over her shoulders. Her right eyebrow is quirked defiantly and an a faint smile streches her lips. In the background, yellow sparks are flying over the Discovery’s distinctive disk. A sky full of stars can be seen behind. End ID]
[ID2: close-up of the same picture, focused on Michael’s face. End ID]
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randomaumemes · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cody Christian AU: You convince him to answer boyfriend tag questions 
You're staying at his family’s place for over the weekend and you just come across those questions randomly, thinking that it might be fun to go over them with him. So you end up sitting together in his parents living room, discussing the questions and talking about a lot of things that happened in your relationship. 
Holy shit I didn’t think I’d make another Cody AU even longer than those I already posted, but oh well. Here I am. I hope you enjoy this one still, even if it’s been a while. :) 
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5sospank · 2 years ago
couldn’t forget you - luke one shot
Word Count: 9,996
Rating: NSFW
Keywords: fluff, bestfriend!luke, smut
Summary: You and Luke were best friends growing up. But, when he got whisked away into a world of fame, you were left behind. Your families always remained close, so when a beach weekend gets planned, you and Luke reunite.
A/N: wow this is so long and i’ve had this concept in my head for so long. enjoy you guys this is the first piece i’ve actually written and finished since maybe 2015? :) 
Wherever Luke was found, you were usually somewhere nearby. You had known him since he had first taken the shape of a lanky preteen boy. In the brief months before high school began, the Hemmings family moved into the house that had gone up for sale next to yours. Luke had been equipped with knobby knees, an intense love for music, and a mildly awkward disposition that you had instantly found endearing.
Over the course of high school, the two of you had become practically inseparable. Your families grew close, you ranted to one another about the latest trials and tribulations of adolescence, and wasted away hours at the local pizza shop just talking. It was easy and effortless friendship. When you looked back fondly on your teenage years, Luke made an appearance in most of your memories. He was there for everything.
Until he wasn’t. Until his hobby of music skyrocketed into a full time, chart-topping, award-winning career. To be honest, growing up, you had never taken his garage band too seriously. They had inevitably improved after years of practice, but it took you by surprise when your best friend was sucked into a world of fame, money, and world tours. Suddenly, the person you had by your side as a constant was ripped away.
You presumed that was why your mother and Mrs. Hemmings had taken it upon themselves to plan a joint reunion trip. Your family had freed up a weekend in the summer to rent a house on the beach, and by some stroke of luck, Luke’s band had just announced their temporary hiatus. You hadn’t seen him in years. However, that was going to change, as the Hemmings would be joining you under the same roof for two whole days.
The thought of seeing Luke again after so many years left you slightly uneasy. The two of you rarely communicated anymore. You had become a facet of his past life; one deemed as excruciatingly normal and anything but exciting. The only time you heard from Luke was through DM to send you birthday wishes. Other than that, you only saw his face plastered on posters and magazines, heard his voice on the radio, saw him on your social media feeds. It was as if he had become some sort of unattainable fictional person. It was like you never really knew him at all.
You didn’t wholly reject the idea of the reunion trip, though. You had gotten off of work and were looking forward to a few days spent on the heavenly private beach. The house your mother and Mrs. Hemmings rented was rather large. It boasted a good number of bedrooms with lavish views, marble bathrooms and private balconies. The decor was light and airy, illuminated by the natural light that poured in through an extensive amount of floor-to-ceiling windows. It was beautiful, but you assumed that Luke had been part of the house-selection process.
You arrived before the Hemmings with your family quickly in tow. You picked the first bedroom you stumbled into, greeted by a massive bed with a fluffy white comforter and a skylight overhead. With a contented sigh, you dropped your bags in the corner by the door. The atmosphere surrounding was peaceful despite your impending nerves.
It was going to be a long weekend.
Your family had settled into the house with ease. The Hemmings had apparently hit traffic on the way there, which bought you some time to mentally prepare yourself. You ate lunch with your parents, listened to your mother complain about forgetting her collection of magazines at home, and unpacked some of your things.
The temperature outside had begun to cool down once you went out back to explore the beach. The sand was white and clean beneath your feet. You slid a pair of sunglasses onto the bridge of your nose, staring out at the ocean. It was endlessly blue and somehow calm despite the wind. The occasional curl of a wave released a calming sound onto the shore, reaching your toes and tickling your skin with sea mist. With such a hectic schedule, you hadn’t felt peace like this in a while. It was nice.
You had eagerly taken a seat in the sand when you heard him. His tone was deeper, nearly unfamiliar, but you couldn’t forget that voice. Not when you spent four years with him every single day.
“Long time no see.”
You looked up to see his figure looming overhead. He bent at the knees to sit beside you without invitation, his brow furrowed from the bright sun. He looked so different, somehow. Luke had grown up; it was evident in the slight beard that dotted his jaw, the absence of his old lip ring, the curly length of his hair. His shoulders were more broad, lined with muscle and strength. You had seen him in pictures but they surely did not do his physical presence justice. His mere physicality alone made you uneasy, shy.
“Luke,” You said his name awkwardly. “Hey.”
He let out a dry laugh. It exuded a wave of confidence - another new addition to his adult persona. “How’ve you been? Good, I hope?”
“Yeah, I’ve been doing well. I’m not a world-famous rockstar or anything of the sort, but still doing okay.” You managed to joke as you looked out toward the ocean.
“Good to hear.” Luke laughed again, softer this time. His eyes were studying you, drinking in the sight of you before him. He seemed to be in the same state of disbelief that you were experiencing.
A small silence occurred between you. It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as you thought it would be. Years had gone by and your worlds had changed, but something about Luke’s presence had stayed the same. His demeanor was still calm and gentle. You could see it in the way his eyes were looking at you curiously, hesitantly, as if he wanted to ask you one million questions but was simply biting his tongue.
Instead, he asked, “Why don’t we find some beers?”
You had agreed, obviously, after greeting his family. His mother gushed over your beauty and congratulated you on your career, your new apartment, on making it into the real world. These accomplishments were much smaller than Luke’s record-breaking success, but still, the little victories counted in your normal world.
It was past five o’clock, which was the perfect time for a happy hour. You and Luke were already a few drinks deep out of pure anxiousness. He was sat at the outside bar across from you, beginning to ramble about his latest tour that had ended in Japan. You had never even thought of reaching foreign countries like that, but with the way Luke spoke about it, you suddenly respected how well-traveled he was. He had developed a certain knowledge of the world that you could only dream of attaining.
“What about you, though? What have you been up to?” Luke questioned after a moment. “My mom mentioned you got a new job.”
You shook your head and averted your gaze. “It’s nothing compared to what you’ve been up to, Luke.”
He frowned subtly. “My job and my life probably aren’t the most normal, but I’m still me, you know.”
The tone of his voice caused you to meet his stare again. He looked sad, almost wistful. The thought of how different your lives were suddenly struck you. You were aware of why the two of you had lost touch. Maybe Luke thought he was still the same, but you doubted it just slightly.
“Yeah, I got a new job. I moved into my own apartment,” you said softly. “I’ll be in debt forever from college, but it was worth it.”
A faint smile made its way onto Luke’s features. “I saw some of your photos on Facebook. Seems like you had fun.”
You raised your eyebrows. It was surprising to know Luke had made the effort to keep up with your life, even if it was just browsing through your drunken party photos from your days in college. Part of you was also slightly embarrassed about that, but your cheeks flushed with a pleasant warmth. The two of you were growing more comfortable with one another.
“Yeah, I could say the same for you. Except I see your photos in magazines,” you replied wrly. “You’re a big shot party guy now, huh?”
With that, Luke rolled his eyes and let out a scoff. He had a reluctant grin on his features, pulling at the ends of his mouths, lighting up his face. He looked handsome and you couldn’t believe the sentiment had even crossed your mind.
“You partied your way through college for four years, I drank Los Angeles dry.” Luke took a swig of his beer. “We’re not so different, actually. You’ll realize that at some point this weekend.”
As fitting as it was, you and Luke were slightly tipsy for family dinner. Your parents were not very receptive to your current state, although it was probably due to how quiet you were. You and Luke had avoided conversation during the meal as much as you possibly could. Instead, you both forked down a homemade chicken dish and listened as your mothers spoke about how time really flies.
You took it upon yourself to initiate clean up, clearing the table. You were alone in the kitchen beginning to load up the dishwasher when Luke appeared in the doorway. You studied his frame while tidying up, noting the way a simple black tee shirt hugged his biceps so tightly, tucked perfectly into the thick leather belt he wore. He was well-dressed and looked expensive; even for a lowkey beach weekend. Those ripped jeans and band tees from your high school days were probably thrown away as soon as Luke got himself a publicist.
You initially didn’t notice it, but Luke was watching you, too. His eyes followed your every move, following the way you quietly shuffled around the kitchen. Your families’ voices could be heard distantly from the dining room. It was faint background noise to your thoughts. They immediately grew frantic when you finally felt his gaze on you. It didn’t seem curious and gentle like before. It was heavier.
“Need any help?” Luke questioned to break the silence. He licked his lips absently.
You swallowed. “No, I think I’m about done in here. Thanks, though.”
He crossed his arms over his chest. He was all the way across the kitchen, but somehow, he felt too close. You were wrangling with the sensation of familiarity but also the contradiction that was there; the new layers to Luke. His appearance, his maturity, his demeanor. His presence instilled that same comfort in you, yet it also awakened a new sense of uncertainty. The combination of uncharted feelings left you wary to be under the same roof as him.
“Our parents are thinking about going over downtown, just to walk around a bit,” Luke stated. “They want to know if we’ll be joining them.”
You set up the dishwasher and turned it on. When you turned to face Luke, you pulled your hair back from your face and sighed. “Do you want to join them?”
“Not entirely,” he said. “But I’ll go wherever you go.”
His words made you smile, only slightly. You didn’t want to show the involuntary joy they brought you.
“I don’t think I’ll be going. Not in the mood for more family bonding.” You admitted with a breathless laugh.
“Me too. I’ll stay back with you.” Luke declared. He left the room to inform your families that the two of you would be staying home, alone, together.
Just like that, you grew nervous again. Your palms were warm with sweat and there was a hollow sensation in your stomach. You couldn’t decide if it was butterflies or not, but you definitely would not admit that, either.
You had to remind yourself; it was just Luke.
Once you had the place to yourselves, you excused yourself to go take a shower and sort some of your belongings out. While you were walking down the hallway to your bedroom, you noticed who had conveniently picked the room next to yours. Luke.
You peaked in, noting his expensive luggage and the clothes that were already sprawled out over the bed. Clearly he hadn’t ditched his messy habits over the years.
After your shower, you brushed out your wet hair and slipped into a tank top and cotton shorts. It was nearing half past eight and you weren’t feeling tired just yet. Your head was slightly hazy from your evening drinks, but you were still on edge knowing that somewhere in the big house was Luke and only Luke. You attempted to convince yourself that your nerves were only due to the fact that you hadn’t seen him in a while.
You stepped down the stairs and into the main living room, only to see that he was sitting outside by the pool by himself, scrolling through his phone. The lighting out there on the deck was dim, a small contrast to the dark sky above. You had planned on switching on the television and curling up on the couch, but instead, you moved in Luke’s direction.
You slid open the glass patio door. The sudden noise seemed to startle Luke, but he only turned around to look at you. A small smile was on his face. You noticed he had changed into a pair of shorts and an old cutoff. A large bottle was placed on the table before him, as well as two empty glasses.
You looked away quickly.
“I was going to ask if you wanted to come out here and maybe get drunk, but you found me.”
“I didn’t peg you as a wine-drinker.” You stated.
“I stay in a lot of hotels. Complimentary bottles of wine are a thing, apparently.” Luke shrugged. “I acquired the taste.”
It was a bottle of Pinot. It didn’t look too expensive, which meant that he had probably dug it out of the house’s wine collection in the kitchen. You couldn’t turn down the offer, which is why you poured yourself a glass first, then took a sip. Luke followed suit.
You sat comfortably in the quiet for a few moments. The ocean could be heard in the distance, as well as the cicadas and crickets nearby. The pool looked serene before you, illuminated in the night.
“Remember when we used to go pool hopping?” Luke asked suddenly. “Mrs. Walters caught us every single time, without fail.”
“She never called the police, though.” You pointed out and smiled fondly.
“She loved you,” Luke rolled his eyes dramatically. “She never would’ve call the cops on you.”
You took a sip of your wine and laughed, the memories of summers with Luke as teenagers flooding your mind. You two would be out late every night, traipsing through your neighborhood with stolen alcohol from your parents and cheap snacks from the corner store. Pool hopping was something you often did in the warmer months since neither one of you had your own pool. Mrs. Walters’ house was the most common destination out of the pure thrill of getting caught. However, you had used to watch her grandchildren, so she never took it upon herself to get you in trouble.
You finished your glass of wine and poured yourself another, setting it on the table. “Remember that time she caught us skinny dipping?”
Luke laughed loudly, the noise immediately making you grin. He ran his hands through his hair and placed his now empty glass in front of him. The motion made you stare at him a little longer, at the pleasant way his hair fell back into his face. The wine left your face warm.
“That was the last time we ever went pool hopping.” Luke said.
“With good reason.” You defended. “That was kind of embarrassing.”
Luke leaned forward in his chair, and you were acutely aware of how close the two of you were sat. “Let’s go now.”
“Pool hopping? Where?”
“No,” Luke grinned. “Skinny dipping.”
You shook your head instantly. “Absolutely not.”
“Why not? Just for old time’s sake.”
“Old time’s sake?” You repeated incredulously. “We’re already here with our families on a reunion trip. Isn’t that doing enough for old time’s sake?”
He was already standing up, slugging back the rest of his second glass of wine. You watched him wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, a new expression overtaking his features. He was challenging you, clearly.
“Okay, be lame. The Y/N I knew five years ago would totally do it, though.”
“Maybe because it was five years ago.” You muttered, although your words were too quiet for him to hear.
You watched, internally panicking, as Luke pulled his shirt over his head in one swift motion. He glanced at you lazily. His hands hovered daringly at the waistband of his shorts. The smirk on his face diminished once he saw your stare rake over his torso, seeing the toned muscles and curvature of his body. His body looked much different this time around.
“Come on,” he urged temptingly. “I won’t look.”
You let out a laugh of disbelief. That’s exactly what he had once said to you in high school. The both of you knew that he had looked, though.
Reluctantly, you finished the rest of your wine, needing the liquid courage. Luke watched you all the while. His eyes were hooded from the alcohol, his hair disheveled and cheeks flushed. By how light you felt, you presumed you looked the same.
“Fine.” You stood up.
Luke let out a whoop of some sort. His laughter filled the space between the two of you, continuing as he pulled his shorts down so that he was left in his boxers. He had told you he wouldn’t look at you, and this time, he wasn’t. However, you didn’t stop yourself from watching him slide off his briefs.
When he caught your line of view, neither one of you said anything.
Instead, you peeled off your tank top, leaving your chest completely bare. The cool night air nipped at your skin through the blanket of humidity surrounding. Instinctively, you moved to conceal your chest, but stopped yourself. You were skinny dipping, after all.
Luke was walking toward the pool while you continued undressing. His skin appeared milky in the dim lighting of the deck. You watched the muscles ripple in his back as he jumped in, disturbing the still surface of the water. When he came up for air, his wet hair was pushed off his face and he was noticeably taking in the sight of you approaching the edge of the pool. So much for not looking.
You stood at the pool’s edge, looking into the water as Luke drew closer. It was quiet as you pulled your shorts down your thighs, leaving you fully naked. You didn’t dare look at Luke. You didn’t want to draw attention to the way he watched you undress and slip into the water a bit more gracefully than he had. It was cooler than expected, riddling your body with goosebumps. You slicked your hair off of your forehead and wiped at your eyes, finally meeting Luke’s.
“If someone told me at the beginning of this summer that I would be skinny dipping with Luke Hemmings again, I wouldn’t believe them.” You stated.
“Same here.” Luke chuckled halfheartedly. He didn’t appear as confident as before. The water was sobering, somehow. Now, he was a bit quieter, a bit struck by the way you looked under the night sky in nothing but your skin. He wondered where the sudden attraction was coming from.
The two of you fell silent again. Skinny dipping was not nearly as riveting as it was when you two were kids, trying not to get noticed by neighbors. Now, the exuberant atmosphere was instead replaced with a thick layer of tension. Only the gentle splashing of water was heard, and your proximity was absently growing closer.
“I missed you a lot when you left, you know,” You heard yourself say, or maybe the happy hour drinks and wine was saying it. “It was like you weren’t just mine anymore, when you were gone. You were the whole world’s.”
Luke frowned. His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, and he stood up in the water so that his chest was visible. Water droplets slid down his collarbones. “Yeah, it was sudden. We didn’t expect overnight success like that, but I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch.”
“It’s understandable.” You replied.
Luke looked down at you, where you were crouched in the water so that it was level with your neck, concealing yourself. There was only a few feet that separated you both. “I missed you too. A lot more than you think, probably.”
Your eyes were locked on his. For some reason, there was a lump in your throat. That was all you had wanted to hear for the past few years. Those words were part of the reason why you had agreed to the reunion trip in the first place. You were clinging to the slight trace of hope that Luke missed you just as much as you had missed him.
There was no thought to your movement when you stood up, took a small step toward Luke in the shallow end of the pool. Your chest was exposed and your body grew cold but you could barely register the sensation. You were consumed by your subliminary thoughts of him, of his confession, of the way he looked standing in the water before you.
His eyes involuntarily dropped from yours to your body, to the way your chest was bare and rapidly rising and falling with your nervous breaths. He felt his blood rushing in his ears, the heat in his cheeks and neck. You welcomed his proximity when he stepped closer to you, lips parted and eyes locking back with yours.
And he kissed you. It was gentle and hesitant, as if he didn’t fully commit to the action - his body commanded it. You leaned up into him, your hands on his jaw, and pressed your lips back to his. His mouth began to move against yours slowly, ever so slowly, tasting you. You felt his hands find your waist and pull you against him, your body flush against his beneath the water. With this new movement, his palms slid up and over the curves of your skin, pushing your wet hair out of your face.
Luke gradually backed you up against the wall of the pool. It became evident that he wanted to remove any inch of space between the two of you. His tongue traced against yours, licked into your mouth. The pace of your kisses began to increase. However, you slowed him down, running your hands down the ridges of his abdomen, lingering then pulling away.
“I really missed you,” you whispered, dumbfounded. “Good night, Luke.”
You slept very restlessly that night. After leaving Luke in the pool, you wrapped a towel around your body and went inside, ditching him to clean up the wine and get himself dressed. You didn’t have ill intentions. You simply did not want to get carried away with a kiss end up doing something the two of you could possibly regret. So you did what Luke physically couldn’t do, and you put a stop to things before they could get too heated.
However, trying to achieve a good night’s sleep with him in the room next door after a kiss like that proved to be difficult. You envisioned the flush on his cheeks, the look in his eyes. They’d held an expression you had never seen on Luke before. For years, you knew him better than you knew yourself, but you never saw the side of him that was tainted by lust.
The ragged breaths he had expelled, the tightened grip of his fingers on your hip, the solidity of his body against yours without the interruption of any layers of clothing; the moment was playing on an infinite loop in your mind. You wondered if he was feeling the same. You wondered if he was wide awake, thinking of you, too.
When morning came, your anxiousness returned. The exhilaration of the night before had come and gone. It was replaced with doubt and worry, the possibility that Luke didn’t entirely want that to happen and maybe he was drunk. You pondered if he would forget all about it, that he maybe had a girl back in LA waiting for him. You weighed every negative outcome of your actions. You couldn’t help it.
You were tying on a bikini when you heard a knock on your door. Briefly, you thought it would be your mother, waking you for the family beach day she had been looking forward to. However, it was Luke.
His hair was messy and deep circles ringed his eyes. He was already in swim shorts with a pair of sunglasses tucked into the waistband. He had opted out of a shirt, apparently.
“Hi,” You breathed out. “What’s up?”
“What’s up?” Luke immediately raised his brow, surprise etched into his features. “You left your clothes from last night out there. I’m returning them.”
You tore your gaze from his and looked at the crumpled mess of your tank top and shorts that you had left on the pool deck. “Did -”
“I grabbed them before our parents came home,” He interrupted. “Wouldn’t want them to see that, would we?”
You chuckled lowly, uncomfortably. “About last night, Luke...I’m sorry. Maybe we shouldn’t have...if you have a girlfriend or something, or if -”
“Don’t be sorry.” Luke interjected softly. He stepped into your room, looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was around. “I wouldn’t have been naked in a pool with you if I had a girlfriend.”
“Okay,” You nodded, looked up at him. “Okay, I guess.”
He laughed at your flustered state of being. His eyes wrinkled at the sides and his smile was genuine, faint hair lining his cheeks and jaw. The two of you were so close, you could feel his breaths hit your face. His stare had dropped down to your mouth, tempted, wanting. You remained where you were.
It took you by surprise when he kissed you. You had known it was coming, but for him to lean down and press his lips to yours gently was unexpected. His kiss was tender, short but lingering. It held promise.
“Come on,” He murmured once he pulled away. “Let’s enjoy the beach.”
Family beach day was quite the production. Your parents had set up chairs in front of the water, stocked a cooler with waters and booze, stuck an umbrella in the sand. You were steps away from the house, but everything you needed was already right in front of you.
The sun beat down on your head from above. It was almost unbearably hot on the shore. There was a lack of breeze that day and the air felt dry around you. Nonetheless, it was still beautiful in front of the ocean, and you actually enjoyed being with your parents and Luke’s family. It had been a long time since you all spent a few interrupted hours together.
You weren’t mentally present, though. You indulged in the small talk and a cold Corona, but that was all you had to offer. Your mind was elsewhere. It was still out by the pool with Luke, with his lean stature and eyes boring into your own. You were still dwelling on earlier that morning, on the kiss he left you that insinuated there would be more to come.
It was as if you were in a state of awe. It was difficult to believe you were here for a weekend with Luke Hemmings, former childhood best friend, current superstar dripping in fame. As teenagers, of course you had thought about what it would be like to kiss him. He was your everything. That was why you never dared to taint your friendship.
You decided to get up and head over to the deck. Your mind was swimming and it was a great time to put sunscreen on, you decided. The sun was too strong and you could feel your skin beginning to burn. Plus, you were tired of listening to your parents ask Luke about all the countries he had been to, all the tours he had done. You were happy for him but grew tired of the forced conversation.
As you dug through a bag filled with different numbers of SPF, you noticed Luke stand and begin to make his way toward you. His stature was tall and his shoulders were broad, sunglasses now perched on the bridge of his nose. You looked away and started applying some sunscreen to your arms.
“Getting tired of family beach day already?” Luke questioned. He appeared bemused, watching you dot some sunscreen onto your cheeks.
“Something like that.”
He hummed, then sat down on the chair in front of you. You tried not to look at him because it was too overwhelming. His body had changed so much. He wasn’t the lanky boy from next door anymore. He had grown into himself, become a man.
“Did you just come over here to watch me put on sunscreen?” You joked after a moment, quirking an eyebrow.
A crooked smile grew on his mouth. “No, not really. I can help, though. If you want.”
“Luke,” You said his name disapprovingly. It came across with a roll of your eyes.
“C’mere, let me.” He extended his hands outward, reaching for the bottle of sunscreen.
You looked over at the beach. “Our families are right there.”
“So? I’m just helping a friend out,” Luke teased dramatically. “Their backs are to us anyway.”
You had no chance to protest anymore. Luke already had leaned forward and snatched the bottle from your grip, nudging you to move toward where he was sitting before you. You looked down at him, unsure.
“Turn around,” He urged softly.
You did as he said, glancing at your family uneasily. You could only see the backs of their heads. No one was paying attention.
You heard Luke squeeze the lotion into his hand, followed by the cold sensation of the liquid on your lower back. The large expanse of his hands smoothed it into your skin, rubbing it in, feeling the ridges of your spine beneath his fingers. You swallowed thickly.
“You’ve got a tattoo?” Luke tapped the side of your hip, where ink stuck out just above the waist of your bikini bottoms.
“Don’t look at it,” You practically whined, forgetting the image was even there. “I was stupid. Drunk with my friends, sophomore year.”
You craned your neck to look at Luke do exactly what you had asked him not to. He pulled the spandex material down just slightly, examining the design that you had chosen from a big book at the tattoo shop. Luke’s fingers traced the small lines, leaving goosebumps in their wake.
“Wow,” He mused. “Can’t believe I didn’t notice it last night.”
You rolled your eyes once more at the sarcasm that dripped from his words. You moved to turn around and face him, but he stopped you, his grip holding you in place. His touch left your waist for a moment, then moved toward the curve of your behind.
You looked toward your parents again. “Luke.”
“Really?” You hissed, both at him and because of the sensation of the cold sunscreen on your ass. You stepped forward slightly.
“Like I said, I’m just helping you out.” He stated, but his words were muffled by his low laughter.
He rubbed the liquid in, not skipping over a single centimeter of your skin. His touch was slow and pointed as if he was savoring every moment of this. Soon, your heartbeat was beginning to race.
His touch crept back up, feeling the arch of your back and the curves of your waist. He pulled you down into his lap and you were like putty in his hands. You were past the point of protest, simply wrapped around his finger as you slid down and sat on his thighs. You were turned sideways, your eyes clouded as they looked down and met his.
“Can’t forget your shoulders,” Luke murmured. “Don’t want those to burn.”
His voice was just above a whisper. It brought chills down your spine. All you could do was nod, stare at him like a deer in headlights.
You watch his every move. He took his bottom lip between his teeth as he poured more sunscreen into his hand, then rubbed his palms together. His gaze flickered back up to meet yours.
“Turn,” He urged, and you had to tear your eyes away again.
You turned so that your back was to him once more. His touch was felt on your shoulder blades, kneading and gliding slowly. He dipped his fingers beneath the string of your bikini and for a moment you were thinking he would pull the knot loose. Instead, he continued his journey on your upper back, rubbing and feeling the warmth of your skin.
His grasp was on the nape of your neck when he was finished. It curled, and he nudged you to look at him. His stare was so intense, all you were able to do was stare back. You shared the silence of the moment, you in his lap, his hand on your neck, lingering.
He knew exactly what he was doing. It was working, every second of it. You had melted into a puddle before him. You would do whatever he said when he looked at you like that, when he touched you like that. It was like magic.
He leaned up and kissed you deeply. You were lost in the gesture, disregarding any past doubt and worry. You didn’t care if your family was right there. You wanted to feel his lips move against yours in that same way forever.
Luke’s tongue delved into your mouth. His hands were on your face now, keeping you close to him, kissing and kissing and kissing. You wanted to turn to straddle his lap, but you stopped yourself, knowing that would be the point of no return.
Once his breathing started to become slightly staggered, Luke forced himself to pull back. His chest was rising and falling heavily and his expression was strained.
“You’re going to have to finish with the rest of the sunscreen yourself,” He said. “Otherwise, family beach day will end a bit early.”
Exhaustion weighed your body down, made your muscles heavy with tire. The sun always drained you, no matter how long or how short you stayed in it. However, that day, you had been out on the beach practically until dinner. It was the only thing keeping you from going inside and letting Luke do whatever he pleased with you.
Now, it was after dinner and everyone was heading to sleep early. Your father had dozed on the sofa while watching TV and you had excused yourself to your room to get ready for bed. It was quiet and peaceful in the house with the air conditioning on high. It felt like your favorite kind of summer night.
You disappeared into your bathroom to wash all the sand out of your hair. The room was extravagant, with beautiful tile and marble detail. It was a level of lavish that you could only dream of. It was equipped with a gorgeous jacuzzi, twin sinks, and an oceanfront view. It was dark outside, but you could still make out the water in the distance.
You decided to run yourself a bath to soak and relax. You sat in a towel as the jacuzzi filled, then foamed with the bubble wash you added to the hot water. Once it was prepared, you slipped in, allowing your body to completely ease.
You rested your head against the wall, looking out the window, thinking about how you ended up here in the first place. It was insane to reflect on the past twenty four hours. Seeing Luke and his family, being on the beautiful beach, staying in the gorgeous house. That alone was enough to shake you. However, the mere thought of your interaction with Luke - his body, your body, the kisses and the tension - was what was truly racking your brain. You couldn’t fathom that you had seen Luke, your old best friend, in such a way.
The opening of your bathroom door startled you from thought. It was him, in his gray sweats and white wife-beater. A light sunburn tainted his cheeks and nose. His hair was tucked behind one ear and he was looking at you with a small smile.
“Did you forget how to knock?” You questioned, your voice caught in your throat.
“I knocked on the bedroom door.” He explained.
“Oh. Well, yeah, I’m taking a bath.” You managed to get out.
Luke entered the bathroom fully and closed the door behind him. A towel was in his hand. “I know. I heard the water running.”
You shifted in the water, sitting up a bit. The bubbles concealed your skin. “You...want to join me?” You offered, but your voice was weak and that same unsettling feeling grew in the pit of your stomach again. It was like you were out on the pool deck, with his eyes seeing through you, seeing all of you.
He didn’t say anything in reply, only hummed. You watched as he crossed the bathroom in one stride, placing his towel close to the jacuzzi. He lifted his tank top over his head, ditching it and tossing it to the floor. He slid his sweatpants down, revealing himself to you fully, knowing that your eyes were on him. It still made your stomach churn.
You moved over in the jacuzzi, although when he got in, there wasn’t much room to work with anyway. The water rose slightly with his weight. He let his head rest back against the tub, his leg against yours.
“Do you always listen to depressing music like this?” Luke questioned after a moment, referring to the slow songs coming from your phone across the room.
You laughed, splashed him a little. “What would you rather me put on? Your latest album?”
“Honestly, yeah.” Luke grinned.
You rolled your eyes. The both of you lulled into a silence, and you spoke up again. “I can’t believe I’m here. With you, in this really nice house. It’s so weird. I haven’t seen you since we were eighteen and now...we’re in a jacuzzi.”
“Jacuzzi is one of the main reasons I picked the house. Actually, this was supposed to be my room this weekend, but you got here first, obviously.” Luke said casually, stretching his arms out across the top of the tub.
“What? You picked the house?” You questioned in surprise, looking him in the eye.
He nodded. “I mean...the weekend’s on me.”
“You mean what?” You repeated. You sat up straight, brow furrowed.
“The weekend was my idea, Y/N. I thought of it a while ago, months ago when the band scheduled a hiatus.” Luke spoke, softer now. “My mom was telling me she had been talking with yours. I just wanted to see you again.”
You blinked. You had been under the impression that your families had planned this on their own, that Luke had been roped into this the same way that you had. To think that he had organized and paid for the trip on his own shocked you. To think that you even crossed his mind over the last few months left you somewhat speechless.
“Why do you look so surprised?” Luke wondered. He sat up, too, raking a hand through his hair and over his jaw.
“I thought...I don’t know, I didn’t think you would’ve thought of this, I figured it was our parents.” You stammered. “I thought you forgot about me.”
Luke shook his head, his brow furrowed this time. You noted the disagreement in his gaze. “I never would’ve forgot you, you know that. I told you, remember? I told you, I missed you more than you think.”
You didn’t know what to say in return. You were still slightly awestruck that he had planned this weekend, that he had missed you to the point where he rented out a house on the beach just to see you again. Meanwhile, you had gone on the past few years accepting his birthday wishes, seeing his life, thinking that you were just a small facet of the old him. Maybe you meant more.
He was studying your expression when you looked at him again. Part of him was bemused, but the other part of him was slightly nervous. He knew you missed him, but he didn’t know if it was of the same measure as he missed you. Time had passed and things were definitely different, but he still thought about you constantly.
“Say something.” Luke spoke after a moment.
You didn’t know what to offer him. He was awaiting a thank you, maybe, but you couldn’t bring yourself to speak. Instead, you were overcome with the urge to kiss him, to wipe the expectant look off of his face, to finally feel his skin beneath your touch. He went to such an extent to see you, and all you could think of was how you wanted his lips on yours.
You leaned forward in the jacuzzi. Some of the water splashed over the edge, but you didn’t care. You moved onto Luke’s lap feeling his naked skin beneath you as you were perched over him. You tilted his head to look up at you as you admired the beauty of his face, the pink of his ample lips and the light of his irises.
You leaned down to kiss him, welcoming his taste. His hands rose to your waist beneath the bubbles, his thighs supporting your weight. His tongue rolled over yours and swiped over your bottom lip deliciously. You entangled your fingers in his hair, pulling gently, needing him closer.  He was so different, so different.
He let out a pent-up breath once your mouths parted, his eyes blinking open wildly. He was looking at you with a certain hunger that stopped time. It was slow-motion and still when his gaze dropped from yours to your lips, then to your chest as he pulled away from you. He allowed the silence to speak as he lifted his hands from your waist, up your arms, moving the soap and bubbles over your skin. He let his palms glide over your breasts as he stared, taking you in, admiring you before him as your chests heaved.
“It’s like meeting you for the first time all over again.” He murmured, almost to himself.
He was right. You kissed him again, feeling his words and the disbelief on his tongue, the disbelief that he was seeing you like this. You let him bite down on your lip, pull back, then pull you in again. His hands were everywhere, feeling, touching, exploring. You were hesitant when your touch gravitated from his jaw to his chest, lower and lower.
He pulled away when your fingertips ghosted at his navel. “Let’s dry off.”
You nodded, entranced. He stood up and extended his hand, letting you taking it, helping you out of the jacuzzi. You were quiet as he wrapped his towel around his waist, then snagged yours.
“C’mere.” Luke said softly.
You leaned into him, allowing him to wrap a towel around your body. He let his weight rest against the sink as he rubbed the material over your skin, staring as you then moved to dry yourself off. You looked at him, took in the sight of his tall figure and broad stature leaning back and looking right at you, too. His lips were darker and his cheeks were more flushed, an obvious tent having formed in the towel he was wearing.
“I didn’t think I ever crossed your mind.” You found yourself saying. You wrapped the towel around your body.
“You were the best thing in my life for four years,” Luke replied. “You cross my mind often, actually.”
He pulled you closer to him so that you were virtually flush against his front. You pushed his hair up and out of his face, letting your knuckles drag across his cheek fondly. “I always wondered what it would be like to kiss you.”
Luke grinned, visibly pleased, then kissed your neck, your collarbone, your chest. “The amount of times I’ve imagined this, pictured don’t know.”
“No need to imagine anymore.” You stated breathlessly.
Luke looked at you, his touch falling down your arm until his fingers wrapped around your wrist. “Let me show you what I’ve imagined.”
You stared at him, feeling his breaths fanning over your face. Those words and that tone. His voice was gravelly, the confession falling from his tongue with such weight and power. It hung in the air between you; a declaration and a cliffhanger all in one. You could practically see the way he was turning you over in his mind, thinking of all the ways he wanted to have you. The lust created a bubble around you both - nothing else mattered.
Luke’s touch was burning into your skin like an iron imprint, and you wanted it to remain forever. He shifted, moving so that you were both walking into the bedroom. It was dimly lit, crisp and untouched, but once he sat you on the foot of the bed, you knew what was coming. All attention was devoted to you.
He leaned down at an angle to kiss you again, his tongue melting against yours, the kiss wet and sensual. You allowed him to savor the action, your taste and your lips, as he moved his fingers to where your towel was wrapped. He pulled the makeshift knot open, nudging you to lay down before him as he pulled back and let his stare rake down your exposed skin shamelessly.
“Your body,” he whispered. “You’re gorgeous. So pretty.”
You felt as if you were on display for him. In a way, you were. It was as if he was trying to memorize the moment, his hands tracing the curve of your hips, the swell of your breasts. You normally felt a small shred of insecurity in times like these. Being fully naked in front of someone with nothing to hide was something that was terrifying and amazing all in once. With Luke and the way he was looking at you, you felt beautiful. You were beautiful.
He dragged his fingers down your torso, over your hips, landing them on your knees. Goosebumps rose in his wake and a shiver travelled up your spine. He then bent down on the floor before the bed, his head visible between your legs. He separated your thighs, hiking them up over your shoulders. The darkness in his stare was something so foreign to you, something you never could have pictured before. It made your stomach flip.
“This okay for you?” Luke breathed, unable to take his eyes off of you. His fingers were pressed into your hipbones.
“It’s okay, it’s good.” You mumbled almost frantically. You were shaking just slightly with raw anticipation.
Luke didn’t say anything else. He leaned forward, pressed his tongue against your center eagerly, bringing you instant relief. You caved into him as he began to move his mouth against your slit, dragging his tongue up and down as slowly as humanly possible.
“Luke,” You breathed out his name, your thighs instantly tightening and twitching over his shoulders.
He took this as easy encouragement, increasing the pace of his motions, the pressure of his grip on your hips. His eyes were shut and his hair hung into his face as he focused on pleasuring you, savoring your taste and the quiet noises that left your throat.
You tried not to let much escape your lips due to the fact that your families were under the same roof. If you were alone, you were certain you would’ve been screaming at the intense level of satisfaction. Luke knew exactly what he was doing - that you were certain of. He kept your weight pinned down with his hands as he moved his tongue in circles around your clit, burying his face between your legs.
His eyes looked up to you on occasion, to gauge your reaction, to see how inundated you were in the pleasure. He flattened his tongue against your center again, slowing almost to a stop, then continued his movements. He could have sent you over the edge right then and there, but instead took his grip from your waist and slipped a finger inside you, then two.
You were writhing with pleasure, biting down on nothing to keep from yelling out. Luke could hear you panting, hear his name leave your lips over and over again as he worked to make you feel good. His fingers pumped in and out of you rhythmically as his tongue kept at your clit. He curled them at the knuckle, feeling your walls contract around him, noting the way your back was arching involuntarily.
He lifted his head for a spare moment to stare at your, continuing the rigor of his fingers. “Look at me when you come.” He told you in undertone, voice almost broken.
You couldn’t react in the moment. Your head was thrown back against the mattress, legs squeezing around his head as he returned his tongue to your slit. Your eyes were rolling back as he increased the motion of his fingers, adding a third digit, curling again.
Like clockwork, you felt your body shake with unadulterated pleasure. You were thrown over the edge, lifting your head to look down at Luke as you came. His eyes watched you throughout the entirety of your orgasm, his tongue tasting every inch of you.
Soon, your breathing slowed and your muscles relaxed. Luke craned his neck to get a better look at you, taking his fingers into his mouth, tasting you. You stared at him in a daze. His lips wrapped around his fingers, painted a darker pink.
Your body was exhausted from the orgasm. It had been so long since you felt something like that. Still, the way Luke looked so primal and animalistic was making you stir. He was at his feet again, towel dropped, towering body in its purest form for you.
“Luke,” You said his name again. “C’mere.”
You didn’t need to say it. He was already on top of you, laying you down on the bed again. You could feel his erection flush against the inside of your thigh. He ignored it, focused on kissing you. The necklace he wore dragged over your skin as he hovered over you.
You wrapped your arms around him, nails scratching over skin. He kissed you slowly, as if he could have done so forever. You let him pepper his lips down your neck and over the hollow of your throat. His hair tickled at your face, and when he lifted his head, you couldn’t look away from his beauty.
“Let me feel you,” You mumbled, your touch travelling south. You wrapped your hand around his cock, feeling how he was practically aching.
He inhaled sharply once you squeezed and began stroking. It was taking everything for him not to collapse on top of you as you jerked him off, twisting at his head, watching his reaction to your movements.
“Hard as a rock for you,” he admitted lowly, facial features tense. “Fuck.”
“Can I taste?” You asked tentatively. Your voice didn’t sound like your own in the dim quiet of the room. It was strained, yet eager.
“Mm,” Luke hummed. “Wanna feel your pretty mouth.”
You looked up at him once he sat upright. His long legs were outstretched on the mattress as his arms supported his weight. He watched you, stroking himself a few times while you shifted before him. His dick stood straight and flushed at the tip, enticing.
You laid on your stomach before him, running your tongue along the underside of his shaft, building moisture. You wrapped your lips around his head and sucked harshly, looking up at him beneath your lashes. He winced at the sensitive feeling, his abdomen muscles clenching and jaw tensing. You could tell he wanted to curse but was trying to keep quiet.
You moved your mouth lower down his length, feeling his tip hit the back of your throat as you struggled to take it all. Luke’s hand flew to your head, keeping you there for a moment as he took his bottom lip between his teeth.
“Shit, take it, baby,” He drawled out. His tone was wrecked.
He moved your hair out of your face as you came back up for air and then licked his shaft again. You developed a rhythm, hollowing your cheeks and sucking his tip, stroking what you couldn’t fit. Luke’s head was thrown back in pleasure, his biceps flexing as he moved to lean back on his elbows. He was so lost, so hyperfocused on how you were making him feel.
You moved down to his balls, taking each in your mouth one at a time. You looked at him all the while, seeing how his eyes rolled as you sucked, then released. He was gripping the comforter so hard his knuckles were white. When you moved back to his dick, he shook his head.
“I’m about to come, we have to stop,” He breathed out through gritted teeth. “Okay, fuck.”
You couldn’t help the small prideful smile that toyed at your lips. He sat for a moment, catching his breath before looking to you again. When he met your smirk, you knew that he was enjoying himself clearly. You wondered how many times he truly did think of that moment.
“Wanna be inside you,” Luke muttered. He sat up, pulling you toward him for a kiss. “You want that?”
“Yeah, I do,” You breathed.
Luke turned so that his weight was hovering over you again, his eyes scanning over your body. He was so immersed in the moment, in the chemistry between the two of you, and it made you wonder how long he had been thinking of you. Did he always feel this way? You certainly didn’t, but something changed when he sat down with you on the beach yesterday. It was a new kind of connection. There was the Luke you knew for all of those years, and the Luke that was there before you. It was an intense and lovely combination.
Luke brushed your hair back and out of your face, moving so that he was situated between your legs. There was a brief moment where he met your eyes and you could see that this was different for him. There was a history and there was a present, and he had hoped for that.
Luke lined himself up with your entrance and pushed. Your walls constricted around him, adjusting to his girth, and that familiar pressure resonated inside you again. You and Luke sighed in sync, both in relief and out of pleasure. He bottomed out, slowly, feeling all of you and you feeling every inch of him.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” Luke muttered, his lips at your ear.
You braced yourself when he pulled out, then thrusted forward again, his hips against yours. You reveled in the feeling; the warmth of his body on top of yours, the pressure building in your stomach, the breathless noises Luke was making at your ear. You had never felt such pleasure and peace at once.
You wrapped your legs around Luke’s frame as he started moving into you quicker, deeper. The new angle hit you and you moaned out quietly, making an acute effort to silence yourself as much as possible. Luke lifted his head to look at you as he pushed in and out, in and out. You could only lock eyes as he fucked into you, lulling you into a stage of pleasure.
His brow was furrowed and his mouth was agape as he propped himself up over you. You could tell that he was already far gone, with small beads of sweat gathering around his hairline. Still, although he was immersed in the euphoria of it all, he leaned down, his lips brushing over yours. “Always been so beautiful.”
You moved your hands from his back to his face, cupping his jaw. His pace slowed again with this new position and your lips met, body jolting each time Luke bottomed out. He let his tongue drag over yours slowly. The kiss was sloppy but somehow flawless. The both of you had never been that close to someone, limbs completely intertwined, attached yet separate.
He dropped his lips to the crook of your neck, letting his face stay buried in your skin as he started up his pace again. You laid back, eyes rolling as he fucked into you more pointedly, hitting your g-spot with the thrust of his hips.
“Fuck, Luke, don’t stop,” You breathed out, your hands at each side of your head on the mattress.
“How’s it feel?” Luke mumbled, lifting his head again, eyes low as they watched your face contort into an expression of pleasure.
“So good,” You exhaled, teeth clenching when he thrusted forward abruptly.
You were suddenly surprised when you felt Luke’s hand on top of yours, fingers interlocked as he continued moving inside of you. He held onto you, his light eyes still trained on yours. He looked so pretty like that.
“Gonna come soon,” He told you, lips against your neck again. “You gonna come with me?”
“Mm,” You could only hum in reply.
Luke’s steady pace was building you up, sweat prickling up on your skin. You could feel every inch of him as he fucked in and out, lips dancing over your collarbone, eyes occasionally looking to you curiously. He cared. He wanted you to feel good, to feel like he did in that moment.
A low grunt emitted from his throat told you that he was getting close. The sounds that left him only fueled your arousal, and you held him tight against you as he worked to reach both of your highs. He moved his weight to his elbows, practically laying on top of you as his hips moved forward with every thrust. The new proximity made your body shiver, and soon, you were moaning quietly into Luke’s shoulder, thrown over the edge.
“That’s it,” Luke praised in undertone. His words were slightly broken as he felt you come around his length, your body writhing beneath his.
He leaned up once he felt his orgasm approach. You were panting, a heaving mess of limbs beneath him as he pulled out of you, stroking himself until his come painted your torso. His jaw contracted and his brow furrowed, a short whimper exiting his lips as he came, your name falling from his tongue.
Once his breathing returned to its normal pace, he let himself lay beside you for a moment. His cheeks were flushed, heartbeat erratic in his chest, but he was contented. You could sense this by the way he turned to look at you, tilting your head to look at him with his fingertips.
“I fell in love with you, back then. I never forgot you.” He said. “Things may be different now, but that will always stay the same.”
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trashrichie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
albert: if you can do the fortnite default dance very aggressively as a duet then please date me amen race: 
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sslarrysettingsail · 3 years ago
So basically...
Way back in the day I did one of my little video analysis posts on the One Direction UStream video which you can find here and I suggested something in that video that seems to have possibly come up again. So just to clarify here is what was said in that video...
UStream October 30th 2012 (X)
Louis: (To Harry) “You went to Turkey before, didn’t ya?” 
Harry: “I went to Turkey the week before bootcamp.”
Niall: (Clearly knowing something happened in Turkey that was a big deal) “What happened in Turkey Harry? What happened in Turkey? 
Louis: (Also clearly knowing something happened in Turkey that was a big deal) “Ask Harry about Turkey.”
Liam: (Poor Liam) “I don’t know what happened in Turkey.”
Harry: “Turkey was good. I played a lot of volleyball. I met a German family and started learning how to score in German.”
Louis: “He learned how to score a German is what he is saying.”
Just watch it; it’s funny. Niall is cracking up, Louis is just staring at Harry, Harry looks a little embarrassed and is trying not to smile. Even Scott Mills realizes what is up and moves on from the subject.
So, basically something happened there that the others were teasing him about.  And if we go by what Louis said then something happened with an actual German. Gotta love Louis.
Fast forward to last night...
Oberhausen Concert March 24th 2018 (X)
Harry: “Basically my German numbers...when I was a child, I think about fifteen years old I went on holiday with my family as fifteen year old people do and I made friends with a German boy and his brother and we played volleyball every day, so I just know the numbers really and I think maybe, “Your serve.”
So, Harry was definitely referring to the same story, right? I mean that much is obvious. But this time he adds, “I made friends with a German boy and his brother.” He didn’t say, “I made friends with two German boys.” He specifically referenced one of them as if they had more importance. And that person was German. And that person was a boy.
So...I feel like we might now know what happened in Turkey. Obviously we don’t know EXACTLY what happened, but something obviously did that was of some sort of significance. Something that he felt the need to share with the other boys at the time. Something that Louis certainly didn’t forget (or Niall for that matter). 
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